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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  February 22, 2018 7:00am-8:01am PST

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history month. my god you are not sick today, are you? i feel g.i started with black history month to give me a past. i am in the back because i am black. ain't nothing wrong. tell your mom i am doing it for her.
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the black population is going down. whooo! ♪ but i want to know. ♪ i want to know. ♪ who's in control. ♪ right here in san francisco. hey, sit down, y'all. you're going to hear what i got to say. ♪ i just thought i'd do that to open you up and loosen you up. i been doing it for what? let's go back in history, chief. chief scott, i am going to tell you things they have not in this history here. you sitting in that seat. only one that's been here is marshall over there.
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in the history going way back to the shooting and killing. and in 2007 when newsome was here and the force was out of control ill can -- killing us black folks all over here. and she had to resign from the p.l.a. and i know what she had to say. it's racist. you might hear what i want to say. in black history. history. ♪ and black history. hee, hee, we got nothing. hee. ♪ hee. listen, may ed lee rest in peace. but i'm here to talk about the pimps on the streets. i know a lot of you all can't understand what i am up here talking about, but this is free speech. hold up, captain. i'm in your arena, but you better ask somebody, hey, there's a memo out, chief.
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and memo eight got a memo and it ain't been opened yet from my do dossier of the city by the bay. and black history, chief. i tell you what they have not. because you come from the same city, right? gascon he was the chief before you, but listen, i got a story to tell. i got three seconds. my name is ace and i'm on the case. whooo! right on time. >> okay. any other comments, songs, solos, performances? spoken word -- >> related to budget? >> an i got something to say. >> is it on the budget? >> here is what is on the budget. >> you're right. let it go, sister. >> so anyway, i'm talking about my son, even though i am going
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to do public comment, too, but i'm not going to sing. i don't come here to sing. i mean, if you can listen to him, you can listen to me. my birthday is coming up on the 14th, february 14th, and it is not a good day. 14 is when my son was murdered. i'm still asking for justice for my son, and his murder and his murders to come to -- for him to be arrested. i like to use the overhead. these are the perpetrators that murdered my son. thomas hannibal, paris moffett, jason thomas, anthony carter, and marcus carter. these guys are still out there running the street, except for one of them. these names are just not pulled out of a hat. these are on any son's case. even mayor gavin newsome said
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it. they know who killed my son. the police know who killed my son, so when are we going to get justice for my son? when am i going to get help? every year i come here. every wednesday i come here. i look on the board just to see if this place is going to be open today. and if you are not here, i like to where you're going to go. so i can be there. and i'm saying this now and i'm stepping up now because i'm not going to be able to be here next week, so maybe i will speak twice. i still need justice for my son. he was a 17-year-old boy. murdered in the streets of san francisco where all other murders are p hahhing, and nothing is happening to these people of color. and and i keep saying if i was a white woman or if my son was a white boy, would his case be solved? i still ask that. and i'm not singing about it.
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i'm not happy about it. this is not about a budget. this is about a mother that's coming here every weekend with my grandchildren asking for justice for her son. i have other grandchildren. yes, i do. but i will never forget this one. i never forget this boy right here. he didn't deserve to die. he didn't deserve to be shot down in the street like a dog, and nobody's doing anything about it. and then when i come here, i get told i only have so many minutes. i only have this, but you can get up here and you can laugh at everybody else. but when i get up here, i get pushed off. so now from now on i'll just keep talking. what are you going to do? arrest me? i have nothing else. i'm going to keep asking for justice for my son.
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i'm never going to stop. i need help. i need these posters out there. i will talk in public comment also. >> any other public comment? on or off the budget? hearing none, public comment is now closed. okay. so the motion to i a prove the budget was made by commissioner melara, seconded by commissioner mazzucco. is that correct, secretary kilshaw? okay. all in favor? any opposed? motion carries. director, you have our approval on the budget. thank you so much for being here. all right. next item, secretary kilshaw.
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>> item five, discussion and possible action to approve draft revised department general order 3.01. written communication system for purposes of engaging in the meet and confer process with the police officers association. discussion and possible action. >> commissioners, now, we have already discussed at length this particular d.g.o. and its revisions as you will recall. we did not vote on it because it had not been posted the requisite amount of day. it has now been posted the requisite amount of days, but if there is further comment or xhe on it, i think -- further comment or question on that, that is now. >> i would move to pass the matter based on our prior conversations. >> second. >> okay. moved by commissioner mazzucco. seconded by commissioner marshall. public comment.
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hopefully on d.g.o. 3.01. oh lord, it better be 3.01. >> what the hell is going on? putting me under arrest for public comment? >> please forgive me. don't arrest me. i can't breathe. come on now. don't do that to me. this is black history month. excuse me, and excuse me. if i'm out of order, excuse me. i am going to two or three -- >> do you have a comment on dgo3.01? begin now. >> as long as i get a chance for public comment? >> that is next. >> thank you. >> 3.01. hearing none, public comment is now closed. commissioners, it's been moved by mazzucco. seconded by marshall. i'm sorry.
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commission commission commission commission commission commissioner hirsch has a comment. >> there is a word that bothers me in the document and i want to suggest we change it. on page 6, it says when a bulletin substantially modifies a general order, it goes on and will be submitted to the police commission. i don't like the word substantially. i don't think that is the intent of the charter. a bulletin is not supposed to be able to substantially modify a general order or modify an order at all. to me if we take the word substantially out and it will come to the commission, and i would prefer that. i don't know what substantially mean, and it is open to abowusa. i would make a motion to amend this document by deleting that word substantially. >> you have to make a motion -- you have to ask the maker of the motion to accept your amendment.
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>> well, if we're following robert's rules of order, i don't actually. >> what i will do at this point in time is move to amend my motion to eliminate the word substantially as described by commissioner hirsch. that is a very good catch on his part. there should be no modification. i move based on that with that change. >> i will second it again. >> yes. >> all set. you two good? okay. >> we're god. >> all right. and i don't have to go back to public comment now, do i? okay. all in favor? any opposed? okay. with that modification, d.g.o. 3.01 is approved by this commission and proceeds to the meet and confer process as outlined on the agenda item. next agenda item. >> item six, general public
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comment. the public is welcome to address the commission regarding items that do not appear on tonight's agenda but that are within the subject matter jurisdiction. speakers shall address to the remarks to the commission as a whole and not to department or dpa personnel. under police commission rules of order, during public comment, rather police or dpa personnel nor commissioners are required to respond to questions presented by the public but may provide a brief response. individual commissioners and police and dpa personnel should refrain, however, from entering into any debates or discussion with speakers during public comment. please limit your comments to three minutes. >> an actually, this is not a comment, but i will. i came here speaking as an african-american, black, negro, and i am a little upset. slow down. my intentions were good and hopefully you have the power, mr. chairman, to allow me an extra minute.
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you have the power to do that. no, you can do that. a lot of you are looking over here. and allow me for black history month. i'm going to say something good because i want to let you all be aware i am doing the black month in city hall by the bay so our community knows who is here and who is who in city hall. is that okay with you? see, see, chief, i came up here, two things, to be kind of uplifting because you doing a hell of a good job, boss. and we already know in the paper because i read. it's gone and now the feds is gone and the state is watching over you all. you dealing with issues here and this sister right here, unsolved case, and dealing with all this stuff, but i am up here something up here. and one, two, three, four, and commend for black history month. i have to waste my time and two minutes is up, but the bottom line is, number one, i would like to file a complaint against
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this department, chief. because i'm upset now. give me an extra minute. of corruption. racism. and probably don't know what the hell is going on here. marshall and you supposed to be -- i'm coming to your office. i wouldn't be coming up here. then i got to deal with -- i'm a senior. but what your officers have done, chief, and here at city hall. it's a bomb buster. i'm not going to release it yet. this the most scandalous thing happened to a black man in black history month that the law enforcement are involved with, the police, the sheriffs, public defender. who was else involved in here? all your police department, and gaston, and the scandal, and hold up.
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it's in the memo. everybody going to want to know what's in that memo. it's going to be the biggest scandal here in the city with the police department on the same day when the state say they going to come and take it away and the feds take it away. the oversight, chief. chief scott, i am going to tell you a thing they have not. the history. you got a brother over there, marshall, you sitting back there. hold up, mother. you going to have to talk, black history month. you been there through the shootings and the experience and i have the pictures of the chiefs there, and sit back and you sit back like you don't want to be part. you a part of them. hold up. the commissioner, she done switched over here to the sheriff's department trying to defend the sheriff over there. . >> can you please? i'm tired, too. it's done.
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next. next speaker please. i'll schedule you time at the next meeting. next meeting. you're wasting my time, too. call the sheriffs please. call the sheriff's office, please. get them up here. next speaker please. can you wait over there? next speaker please. >> marshall, you wouldn't have done that, would you? i know you wouldn't have done that, boss man.
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>> okay. i just wanted to bring up some more things about my son and show some pictures. i would like to use the overhead again. la last time i brought up these names, and i do want to show these names again. i'm still waiting for my inspector to call me. i have not heard from him to tell me what's going on with my son's case. he has all these names of the perpetrators that murdered my son. i'm asking for something like this be put on the buses or put at the bus barns or somewhere,
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wherever when they was murdered and this is something they did before and to happen for not just my son, but all other unsolved homicides, but right now i am here concerning my son. and also i need you to know my son went to school. saint dominick's catholic school. he graduated from there. and went to gateway high. he was a good boy. he wasn't in trouble because i wouldn't allow it. but all of my protection couldn't save him. everything i did, tuition, school payments, couldn't save h him. so i'm living without a child. my only son.
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i'm still asking for closure for my only son. the perpetrators are still running the street. i say i forgive them, but i still want justice. i want them to go to jail and think about what they've done. they're walking around and having families. i'm just not fighting for my child. there's other families and mothers and fathers up there that's lost their children, and none of these cases are solved. you got former mayor saying i know who killed your son. the d.a. know who killed her son. the police know who killed her son. you put this in the paper be u you do not -- paper, but you do nothing about it, so it's a slap in the face to me. i'm bringing this because i want you to see this is what i feel. people ask me, why do you carry those pictures? because i want you to see how i feel. i wouldn't wish this on the
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perpetrator's mother. this is what i have to deal with. this is life. this is real life. i'm not singing to you. this is real life. so help me. >> further public comment? good evening. >> good evening, commissioners and chief scott. tammy bryant, district five. i just came tonight to just make a few general comments. i am still really disappointed about the tasers vote. i think this is not a good step to take, and i want to say i have also still been having good incidents or observations with the police officers. i really do see a change in culture. i have seen people being pulled over where they were getting veriage tated and it was -- getting very agitated and a black man and pulled over by the federal building and he was
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really antagonistic and yet the officers maintained their cool. and i do look at anything a traffic stop or anything because they can always escalate, so i want to commend the chief and police department because i do see the changes. and just again, i just feel that the taser, i know it's a done deal and been voted on, but i just think it wouldn't be necessary as much as you step up the other processes and methodologies that you are implementing. and i also want to make a pitch that i am understanding that we do need some new cars for our officers. and thank you. >> thank you. further public comment. seeing none, public comment is now closed. ceremony kilshaw, may i have the next line item please. >> item seven is public comment on all matters pertaining to item 9 below, closed session, including public comment on vote whether to hold item nine in closed session.
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>> secretary, for my own edification, will we be asserting the attorney-client privilege in closed session? i don't believe so. >> not tonight. >> members of the public, we are about to go into closed session to consider some personnel matters. to do that, we are going to take a vote to whether or not we should do so. and we ask for your comment with regard to whether or not we should go into closed session. so any public comments on the fact we are about to go into a closed session? seeing none, public comment is now closed. next line item. >> item eight, vote on whether to hold item nine in closed session. san francisco administrative code section 67.10, action. >> i move that we hold the item
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in closed session. >> second. >> moved by commissioner melara. seconded by commissioner marshall. all in favor? any opposed? thank you, ladies and gentlemen. members of the public, we are ump back on the record in open session and you still have a quorum. >> next line item. >> vote to elect whether to discussion item 9. code section 67.12 a action. >> i vote not to disclose. >> all in favor. any opposed. all right. that motion carries nondisclosure carries. next line item.
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>> 11 adjournment. action item. >> all in favor. all right. thank you, members of the commission, we are now adjourned. >> this lodge is home to some of the best fly casting pools in the world. these shallow concrete pools don't have fish. this is just a place where people come to practice their fly casting technique.
7:25 am
ith was built in the 1930's and ever since, people have been coming here to get back to nature. every year, the world championship of fly casting is held in san francisco and visitors from all over the globe travel to be here. >> we are here with phil, general manage of san francisco rec and parks department at the anglers lodge. what do you think about this? >> it is spectacular, travis from oregon, taught me a snake roll and a space cast. >> there are people from all over the world come to san francisco and say this is the place to be. >> yeah. it's amazing, we have teams from all over the world here today and they are thrilled. >> i flew from ireland to be here. and been practicing since for
7:26 am
the competition. all the best casters in the world come here. my fellow countryman came in first place and james is on the current team and he is the head man. >> it's unique. will not see anything like it where you go to compete in the world. competitions in ireland, scotland, norway, japan, russia each year, the facilities here in the park are second to none. there is no complex in the world that can touch it. >> i'm here with bob, and he has kindly agreed to tell me everything i need to know about casting. i'm going to suit up and next, we're in the water. >> what any gentleman should do. golden gate angling has free lessons the second saturday of
7:27 am
every month. we have equipment show up on the 9:30 on the second saturday of every month and we'll teach them to fly cast. >> ok. we are in the water. >> let me acquaint you with the fly rod. >> nice to meet you. >> this is the lower grip and the upper grip. this is a reel and a fly line. we are going to use the flex of this rod to fling away. exactly as you moved your hands. >> that's it? >> that's it. >> i'm a natural. >> push both arms forward and snap the lower hand into your tummy. push forward. >> i did gave it a try and had great time but i might need some more practice. i met someone else with real fly casting skills. her name is donna and she is an international fly casting
7:28 am
champion. >> i have competed in the casting ponds in golden gate park in san francisco. i have been to japan and norway for fly casting competition. i spend my weekends here at the club and at the casting pond. it's a great place to learn and have fun. on a season day like this, it was the perfect spot to be. i find fly casting very relaxing and also at the same time very challenging sport. takes me out into the nature. almost like drawing art in the air. and then i can make these beautiful loops out there. >> even though people from across the globe come here to compete, it's still a place where locals in the know relax and enjoy some rely unique
7:29 am
scenery. until next time, get out and play!
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>> chair nuru: good morning. i'll call to order the trans bay joint powers authority board meeting for february 8th, 2018. >> director kim will not be present because of a scheduling conflict. (roll call) mr. chairman, you have a quorum. item three is communications, i'm not aware of any. item four, board of directors new or old business.
7:31 am
>> i'll make this short -- my old friend from high school said he knew how to straighten out the millennium tower so i would announce it. you let the rest sink and then drill those piles. i talked to mark about that, he said yeah, that's been talked about. but i did promise my friend i would pass on his great idea. >> okay. that's it for communications. item four, board of directors new under old. >> chair nuru: good morning directors. >> everybody is eager to jump in. (laughter) >> item five executive director. >> good morning directors. on january 24th, voted to place measure three on the june ballot for this year. the measure will increase the
7:32 am
total on toll bridges, excludeing the golden gate bridge, $3 gradually by 2025. as importantly, $5 million in annual operations for the transit center. if passed by the voters, the money could be available as soon as january 2019. on june 12th we submitted our application for the rail capital program, including the request for $275 million for the construction of the downtown expansion. the capital program provides grants from the greenhouse gas fund for projects. this is a five year program updated every two years and provides $2.4 billion in grants
7:33 am
over five years. the approved project list is expected to be published end of april this year. in regards to the real operation study we completed in october 2017, the peer review of the real operations report and it includes evaluations of operation materials from the study and value engineering study on behalf of the property owner. they're composed of senior managers with substantial rail operation management with commuter and inner city rail lines, including jacobs, less elliot group and port authority of new york and new jersey. the purpose is to inform key policy makers regarding the operational advantages of having three tracks versus two track
7:34 am
system. the peer review committee held meetings with caltrain, high speed rail and group representative on january 25th and 26th. the peer review is expected to be completed in march of this year. the presentation of the results will be presented in april to the board. and at the april board meeting it is expected the final supplemental environment document will be presented for consideration. at this time i would like to have the efforts for the transit center. >> morning erica elliot. i'm here to present the retail update for the month. want you to see if you could page 2, so we have extreme interest as usual, moving along.
7:35 am
go to the next page. you'll see where we are in our progress in getting towards the 11 stores open second quarter. we are scheduled for 11 by the end -- 13 by the end of this quarter. we have 11 already and it's february. so we are ahead of schedule. great news. in terms of the actual interest, getting varied interest in all categories and using that interest and the inquiries from the web site to go through our merchandising plan to appropriately place each tenant's used to match what the board approved last year. one note that i think you all might be really interested in knowing, of the inquiries that we have, over 75% are local.
7:36 am
we continue our -- our action items, we continue to speak with tenants, tour them through the spaces, receive their work letters, analyze them with the help of lincoln properties to make sure they fit mechanically in the spaces identified. work through tenant work letters to get to the spaces to mechanically compensate for rierm requirements and then price that out and keep within our budget we have identified for landlord's work and tenant improvement dollars and we are on budget. any questions? >> chair nuru: i guess i have one question, this might be for mark. since we're paying for the build out, how does it work into negotiations when a new tenant
7:37 am
comes in? >> it's part of the -- what we intend to do is provide certain allowance, depending on the tenant, what their uses are and what their capabilities are and we've provided a rough budget but we think each space is required for improvements and building improvements. we'll pay 100% of improvements. that's part of the negotiations. >> capturing some of the money put up for that? >> we expect to get higher rents paying for more improvements. and less improvements, lower rents. the retailers can provide up front money versus paying the lease. >> i'm assuming there's a
7:38 am
formula for that? >> sure. how that works for example we have a tenant interested in a space that it was originally designed for a restaurant and they don't require any venting. that expense that we supply goes towards -- takes out of that and into the rest of the bucket so to speak. if another tenant needs a shaft or cooking or something like that, that would cost extra, it's paid for. so depending on the space, the tenant physical requirements for that space and type of tenant it is, we stay within our budget for landlord's work, which is what mark was saying and then if it's for a restaurant, a certain ti above the landlord's work, if it's not a restaurant, we don't give them the restaurant ti, we give them less. >> i see.
7:39 am
director nuru, each has different needs and we're going to capture the total costs through the rent or -- >> chair nuru: i understand that. but we're putting up a lot of money and trying to make money. i don't want to give away everything. >> no, no, we're not -- no. >> it's not given as incentive. it's by need. >> if we had it our way, we'd have them pay all the improvements, but that's not practical. and we are sorting applications from bay residents who want to sit on the committee. application deadlines are february 20th and applications are on our web site. that concludes my report. >> chair nuru: questions from the board? next item. >> item six, citizen advisory
7:40 am
update. we have bruce with us. >> good morning chair nuru, directors, i'm the chair of the citizens advisory committee. my comments are focused in the following areas today, first on the staff report, we continue to encourage the san francisco planning department to work with the key stakeholders and decision makers to move forward with the process leading to a decision on the preferred alignment of the downtown extension as part of the study for a host of reasons that we shared at previous board meetings. we were pleased to hear that mayor ferrell will receive a briefing and look forward to hearing back. regarding construction update, we had with the substantial completion date now pushed out to june 1st, we see a
7:41 am
significant risk with the implementation of full bus operation by mid june. with that said, we heard at our meeting that ac transit and other operators are working closely with the project team to get on site as soon as possible to ensure training can occur prior to achieving substantial completion of the center. and we wanted to note, the project team fully agreed that employee and operator safety as always comes first and no early training would be scheduled if there were any risks. we do understand based on how training progresses, implementation of full bus operations could be pushed out. we were also pleased to see that the aec is holding. we had discussion in regards to how that is being managed as we know that scheduled delays intuitively lead to overruns. it was explained that those are
7:42 am
covered as we know many of the bid packages awarded were higher dollar amounts at premiums than the estimates. moving on to faulcilities and retail update. we provided feedback on our concerns of readiness of passenger signage, status of bus departures and information of that sort. this was identified as a risk unless appropriate work-arounds could be identified and we ask for a presentation at our next meeting of the status of pop-up readiness. we were interested in forecast, types of pop-ups planned, locations, next steps, etc cetera. on several slides we requested additional clarity and month to month completion dates. the project team agreed and committed to communicate status
7:43 am
and schedule. and on the slide -- i just noticed on the report, this morning, that changes were made from tuesday to really focus in on the cumulative progress as retail is being brought on. the last item i wanted to share with you was regarding -- a follow-up on the cac item we have been tracking closely, the integrated planning efforts to address and support issues associated with the potential homelessness population that could be attracted to the center. at our meeting december 5th, 2017, the staff facilitated a multi agency panel discussion of coordinated response to quality of life issues in the trans bay neighborhood. this was done in response to request to understand the
7:44 am
proactive approach being planned to provide support services to the potential homeless population that could be attracted to the transit center, a premier public facility and neighborhoods around the center. this started about 18 months early with the request to have detailed plans presented prior to the opening of the center, specifically procedures and protocol in the center and surrounding neighborhoods focused on safety, security and availability of supportive services. there was significant interest from the neighboring building tenants. representatives from mission bay and others attended the meeting. members of the panel from the department of homelessness and
7:45 am
supportive housing. captain fong from sfpd. we thank them for attending, presenting and for their commitment. the presentation focused on each department outlining procedures. first describing the three levels of support within the center, ambassadors, security and sfpd officers. as additional assistance is needed, the transit personnel will work with other agencies, in most cases department of supportive housing, sfpd and others as appropriate. they will follow current procedures and protocol to handle situations on a case by case basis as they do city-wide. various examples on the effectiveness of how they're working together to support at-risk residents.
7:46 am
if neighbors and agencies outside of the center see problems or identify issues, they're instructed to call or contact 311 or the sfpd and they'll respond which is current protocol. to ensure optimal response, each agency indicated they might need additional resources. the members had a robust debrief and follow up discussion on january 8, 2018. we were pleased with the direction of readiness of the center and protocol with the city departments however remain concerned about the potential impact of increased homeless population on neighborhoods adjacent to the center. these neighborhoods don't have the level of dedicated and coordinated resources that will be on site within the center and would face challenges responding to and assisting the homeless.
7:47 am
in light of the high profile nature of the public facility in one of the most or soon to be densely populated areas of the city, we're making the following recommendations to ensure engagement, clarity of protocol and expectations of stakeholder groups and city agencies. first, establish a committee to review plans and protocol and upon the opening of the center monitor effectiveness of the plans to ensure safety, security, quality of life services are being provided. at minimum one member from the staff, sfpd, department of homelessness, neighboring business should be members of
7:48 am
the committee, members of other constituent groups should be added as identified. second, part of the planning process review with the committee what specific types of services will and can be offered to those identified as homeless and others who are at risk. identify responsible organization, where they will be provided and established metrics. third, allocate resources from across associated city departments to be dedicated to this plan. commit these resources to a lockbox agreement. four, based on the evaluation of metrics and conditions, if additional resources are needed, they can be identified and submitted for approval as part of the next two year city budget cycle and last, once the center opens, the committee should meet at least twice a month to assess issues, performance and metrics and make necessary adjustments.
7:49 am
the cac is excited about the opening of the transit center. so much great work has been completed to this point. additional focus in this area is just another element to ensure that the center will be the premier transit facility and public aminutety. there is much discussion to whom it should be addressed and district six supervisor, supervisor kim with cc to mark farrell and all the associated departments who participated in the panel. this was done yesterday evening. as a cac we are not experts in this area and provide the recommendations only as a framework for consideration as an appropriate path forward. thank you for the opportunity to provide the update and happy to answer any questions.
7:50 am
>> chair nuru: board members? >> i have one. i know i haven't, but maybe staff has, seen the way that the terminal will funnel people and protect people from where the construction still maybe going on, how they'lling g get up to bus deck, has cac seen anything like that? >> we have not seen an update on the egress looks like as a center initially opens. >> i don't know maybe ac has but we're going to have to see that soon so we know how our passengers are going to get up there and relatedly, too, as far as i know, linda would know better, we're not going to have any all night service through
7:51 am
the terminal. they'll run until midnight. but there is a time that from ac transit standpoint, you could close the terminal down a few hours. security will still be there and maybe that's another coordination that needs to take place. a lot of facilities can use three or four hours of down time for various reasons and the hope would be maybe passengers will be all night station, that kind of thing. >> we're coordinating closely with operators on what needs are, what time they need the bus there and so forth so we can close areas off.
7:52 am
obviously the park is going to be closed. the bus station will be closed after midnight and service will be street level and we do have a plan showing how that will be, we'll bring that up at the next meeting. in general access would be up through the park. retail areas would be cordoned off. the areas west of free mount within the transit center would be closed. it would be a separation. we'll make sure it doesn't feel like a construction hall. it will be fully open and we
7:53 am
just cordoned off on sidewalks around. we'll present something next month. i want to thank bruce for his help with the homelessness situation. we are in close contact and coordination with the community benefit district in terms of how we're going to coordinate any issues once we open. >> the next item is for members of the public to address you on things not on the agenda. jim patrick. >> welcome. patrick and company, two issues that i want to call to your attention. number one, we focused on this homeless notion, which is an important notion. i rode in on the bart today with
7:54 am
a homeless person who i think was placed by the hospital, she had a lot of hospital stuff on her wrist and have you, we can receive homeless people into the transit center and need to have policies that deal with those people. kansas city sent someone on a greyhound bus to san francisco, what are we going to do? we should proactively try to address it. number two strategically i would like the board to agendize the peer review meeting going on. this is a strategic issue we need to jump on immediately. i'm glad mark reported on it but we need to be on top of that and immediately support it. what we don't want is for it to die in the committee some place. that's my hope. that's my fear. that's not my hope. it's my fear it will die in committee. we want to be out front, we want to be the leader on this and
7:55 am
have the mayor's office come in on it and approve it and get this in our eir and get moving on it. it needs leadership from the board and i think being more proactive with this, we'll achieve that leadership objective. everybody is looking at us to move forward on this. my recommendation agendize the peer group so we have a report and we know what the end result is and the position we'll take when it's complete. thank you. >> okay. that concludes members of the public that wanted to address you under that item. we can move into the regular calendar. item 8, construction update. >> good morning. ron and i will report on our monthly update. it's busy out there, still over 700 workers in all zones
7:56 am
throughout the entire area. in our usual graphic that we update monthly, you can see on the roof top, it is very active from the gray water basin from the east to the great lawn amp theater to the west on the roof top. a very different color from last month, the bus deck, you can see a lot of the purple color, what that is depicting is a lot of ceiling panels that will start going up. all the work above the ceilings is relatively complete. a lot of the areas have been cleared so the southwest, our subcontractor for that particular work can progress and that's throughout the entire area of the bus deck and when you move down to that lower line, it shows the exterior, the ground level as you look at the overhang above the ground level. and moving down to the second level, there's a lot of activity in that area, web core is
7:57 am
getting ready to turn over to turner projects for improvements. these are the facility improvements such as greyhound and amtrak and facilities at the east end. and the ground level continues to have a lot of site work. when you work below ground, that's finishes, smells like paint, a lot of those things happening in that area. and at the bottom level at the train box, continuing to show some of the concrete just being punched out, finished, surface finish type of element being finalized. getting a little more glandular, the roof top continues, landscaping in all areas. we have from the granite pavers throughout the entire area. when you move to the bus deck, not only is the ceiling in place, covers continue to be put in place.
7:58 am
elevators, escalators on the way, sidewalks, roadways, those elements are all working throughout the entire project. but then electrical is our most active. it's the most critical. it's our critical activity, pulling and terminating wire and distributing power throughout the facility is critical path now throughout the area. and of course gypson board throughout. you can have a peek at the art piece in that picture as it reflects on the glass floor. it was a neat night picture shot that showed that area. and on the right-hand side it shows the column covers going in on the grand hall is getting ready to -- it basically has protection over everything at this point. once they get the ceiling panels in, it will be close to done. moving down to the bus deck, that's one of the 27 large fans
7:59 am
that shows the ceiling grid, so there will be actual panels being put in place that goes fairly quick. the grid takes longer than the panels themselves. and bus deck getting ready for the next and final wave of testing for operating testing. we had a good meeting with the operators. the coo was there and the meeting team to go through what the criteria for testing, february 20th and march 13th date. i'll send out info for that. we had a good coming into agreement on conditions and next step, training going in april to ensure we keep all on track for that mid june date. when you move down to the ground level which this is at the east end by the muni bus plaza, there
8:00 am
was a lot of effort to get the north end done and now the south end is looking just about almost done. good progress on the eastern zone at the ground level and then moving to the western zone, it's all about sidewalk and curb, so that area, with the heavy emphasis with gordon ball and concrete north in that area, by possibly the next board meeting a lot of that will be poured out. we'll have a lot of pictures next month. condoets are in place. the final utility connections with happening on beall street. up on the park, the pathway in here is about


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