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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  March 10, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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comment. but i think if i'm not mistaken the b. l.a. made the report but i wanted to give her an opportunity to just to reiterate the details found in her report and also supervisor fewer has one question based on your report. >> so this is an appropriation of $2.5 million. these funds were identified in the city's audit from 16-17 and unassigned or surplus funds that had not been allocated to use in the budget. the expenditures would go towards 41,000 hours of temporary public service aid staffing in the department of public works that would be signed largely to the commercial corridor program as far as we understand from talking to the department. there would be funds set aside to extend a grant with non-profit t.l. clean and then
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about $660,000 from materials, equipment and supplies. and because it is a supplemental appropriation we consider a policy matter. >> thank you. supervisor fewer. >> yes, just for classification, supervisor kim, is that this money would actually go to cleaning in the commercial corridors program or is it going to be allocated to the tenderloin development grant. >> thank you for that clarifying question. we did not want to micro manage public works and where they dedicated these resources so we wanted it based on data. it is largely in commercial corridors. but it is not limited to commercial corridors and this additional street cleaning funds would not be limited just to the tenderloin, it would be city wide. >> how would these funds be appropriated throughout the city? >> the street cleaners and equipment would be dedicated to
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public works who would deploy it as needed based on where the questions would be made throughout the city. again, i think we have an amazing public works department and i believe one of our strongest department heads is muhammad nuru at public works. i believe he needs more resources. by allocating him more manual street cleaners and more equipment, like the h-vac, super vacuum cleaner, we can provide the incredibly hard-working men and women of the department more resources to address all of the calls that we're getting through out the city. if committee members would like to specifically investment in certain corridors i am open to that. i know that there's a lot of need in all three of the districts that represented today and so i'm happy to have that discussion. thank you. >> thank you. >> let's go ahead and public
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hadn't. you have two minutes to speak. there's a time erer under the microphone. you will hear a soft chime indicating you have 30 seconds remaining on your two minutes. thank you and the floor is yours. >> good morning supervisors. i'm tracy everyline. i represent 1300 parcels and district 6 who are part of the central market and civic center cbds. in total, those private property owners pay with their own money, not city money but special assessments. over half a million dollars to help the city clean these areas. so our staff augment what public works does and it's grueling work even on a good day. i've worked in this area for over 10 years and it has never needed more cleaning and
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maintenance support than it does right now. it has never been so unsanitary. in both districts, on top of what public works does, we remove 20,000 pounds of litter every month. we pressure wash 26,000 linear feet of sidewalks every month and we're currently picking up an average of 5,000 needles a month. the last four months it has varied from 4500 a month to 6500 a month. the c.b.d.s are effective and efficient but our budget and our hours can only do so much. so we implore you to fund more cleaning and maintenance through public works and also through the c.b.d.s by matching our private funds. we have to turn things around now and we have to do it together. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, at this
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point i just remind you we have a number of people that need to speak to hold your applause so we can make you are every person has an opportunity to speak. i see working people in this room we want people to go back to work in timely manner so we want to get this done as quickly as possible. and, efficiently. >> good morning my name is brandon cox i'm the senior director of operations with the light house for the blind and visually impaired and a certified orientation and mobility specialist for the blind. we own a commercial building over at 1155 market just across the plaza and we're happy to be there and we are able to provide more services and more outreach to the community. however, i am here on behalf of our blind staff. and the blind residents of ccsf who daily, enter into public-health risk as they walk through the streets of san francisco. many of the individuals that we serve now can no longer wear open-toed shoes in the city because they're stepping in
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human feces, urine and we had an employee who came up the elevator who had a needle sticking inside of her flip-flop. it did not stick her thankfully. also, a concern for guide dogs who provide an important service to individuals who are blind. now guide dogs are now at risk of stepping on needles and many other very hazardous materials. so we fully support anything that will increase the public-health safety of this area. especially in civic center where it's already been determined that there is public-health hazards there. we appreciate the work of public works and appreciate you supervisor kim for your work on this. >> good morning. i'm here with my family and we clean the streets and you would be surprised what we pick up. it's not only little trash when you think of street clean you
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think of trash. we big up needles, we call in lots of feces and it's a lot of kids that go to school. it's just unsafe. yeah, the more people the more better. we do need a lot of people out there. i appreciate this. i don't want to hold you up. >> no problem. thank you for your testimony. come on down everyone. you have two minutes. everyone has two minutes. >> and i just want to say thank you for all the hard work you do every day for everyone that does clean our streets. thank you. >> good morning, i work for hunters point family. i also do out there on the streets we're picking up a ton of needles every morning and feces. even the homeless, they they are grateful we're cleaning up and they're trying to clean up where they're staying. it is a hazard for the children to come out when there's needles on the ground. and it is a big health issue and
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much needed out here. >> thank you. >> next speaker please. >> good afternoon. good morning. my name is marcus bailey, i am a supervisor for one of the supervisors fortin der loin clean up crew and i just want to say ma'am, you took the exact words out of my mouth. the amounts of trash, needles and feces that i see that those two ladies right there see every day is not only embarrassing to a resident, i grew up in san francisco, bay view hunters point, it's embarrassing that i have to call san francisco my city when come to a place like tenderloin, just that small area on every block. this morning alone, in three hours and 45 minutes, just on my side alone, i got a call in about 15 different areas of feces. horrible feces, not dog feces.
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human feces. i got a call there was a toilet abandon toilet and a pile of feces next to it. this is the norm. we've become used to this. we even joke about it so we don't stress out and make ourselves sad. i live in bay view and work with an awesome community. older and younger people. we get the awesome experience of waking up in the morning getting past that tiredness to say let's go head and teach people how to have a culture of cleaning and supporting and teaching other people to do the same thing. so the tenderloin clean up crew, saturday and sunday is needed because monday and tuesday, it's horrible. nobody is out there saturday and sunday doing what we're doing. and that's not a prideful statement it's a urgent statement. it's much needed. thank you very much.
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>> arty gilbert. our hours that we work are from 5:00 until 9:00 from monday to friday. and we accumulate over 300 needles daily. at least up to 25 or more feces calls to d.p.w. control. as well call in for a lot of debris and we've been encountering increasing trash. so for monday to friday, when we complete on friday, when we ex back on monday, it's triple what we had to deal with prior to monday. because we're not there on saturday and sunday. if it's a team clean crew on the weekend, we can't really tell when it comes to monday. so we believe it's very urgent because what happens when we do pick up a lot of needles, collect a lot of needles as well as report a lot of the feces and debris and increase of trash, it
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provides a safe place for the community. and last but not least, we are helping reconstruct the community. the culture of the community because now business owners as well as the homeless is taken pride and what we do and giving us support in a sense. and it's constantly growing and it would be very important if we continue to support the clean crew. thank you, very much. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good morning. i'm the workforce analyst for the tenderloin clean program. we need to expand our workforce and expand the hours. from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. monday through friday it's not enough. we do a lot of damage. we can do a lot more. we need to expand our workforce and our hours. you should have this packet. this is a visual to show you guys what is going on in tenderloin. there's needles, people using out in public in the open in
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front of children and their families. the tenderloin is doing a great job with taking control of the safe passages and we want to walk their children down to the salvation army. and even the boys and girl's club. there's a lot of effort in the tenderloin and i'm sure there's a lot of efforts in the other neighborhoods in the city. to promote a clean, safe and healthy neighborhood for the families and the children that have to walk through there every day. the monitors are leaving at 9:00 a.m. and i'm there 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and i see a big difference in the work they do and the work the c.b.d. does and just the efforts that people are put north to try and clean the streets. we have people trying to do their own efforts. they come to my office at 369 search street and ask for equipment and help and bags. even the homeless, like one of our cleaners said, she has some of the homeless folks asking for bags and brooms just to help out in the efforts of cleaning their own area. there is an event. there is a need to clean the
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streets. if we can get that to the 5 million focused and kept with the street cleaning for other programs like ours, it would make a big difference for the city to be clean, safe and healthy for everybody else. >> thank you. >> good morning supervisors. i am the representative of ballet based on market street. cleanliness is an on going issue for or organization and constituents. we are an arts and cultural institution and destination point for children, young people, families and adults across the bay area. we have a significant foot traffic each year. 55,000 plus visits and our weekly classes alone that doesn't include our training program students, our teen attitudes or renters that provide services for children. we have proud privileged and delighted to invite a broad
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community into our space including children, young people and their families but we're really concerned about exposing them to a lack of cleanliness, including drug paraphernalia and waste and other things that represent a health hazard to these children. additionally there are a negative revenue implications on our programs with students choosing alternative locations for their dance, fitness and learning experiences. so this funding and pilot program will help revice the area and support us and other local organizations. thank you. >> next speaker. >> good morning supervisors. my name erik fisher i am the chief financial officer for community housing partnership. i am representing c.h.p. gale gillman. she sends her regrets she cannot be here. she's attending the housing california conference in sacramento today. specifically gale has given me a letter to read.
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dear supervisors, community housing partnership strongly supports the proposed ordinance to allot two and a half million dollars for street and sidewalk cleaning in district 6. chp's mission is to help homelessness people become self-sufficient. the majority of c.h.p. supporting housing building which house 1400 formerly homeless individuals are in district 6. the residents have expressed concerns about the escalating safety issues around their buildings and including the presence of needles, waste and other public-health concerns. while we applaud and appreciate this success of the pit stop program, we need to ensure that more action is being taken to continue improving the health and safety of our community. this ordinance will increase the number of street teams that employ homeless people to clean our streets, increase the public toilets available and coordinate on going efforts. we strongly urge the board of supervisors to support the public-health of district 6 patrons and residents and adopt this ordinance. that's from gale.
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also, ms. gillman has shared with me she has worked and lived in the tenderloin area for 25 years and she believes the conditions are at their worst condition that she's seen in that period of time. thank you. >> next speaker. >> good morning. my name is christie and i'm the chief programs officer at community housing partnership. i'm compelled to be here today on bow half of our residents and staff over a 1,000 that work and call the tenderloin home. the heart of our city. it is critical that these dollars be approved to help clean and fix our streets and sidewalks which will afford the thousands of people in this neighborhood a clean and safe space. last week i had the privilege of bringing my 9-year-old to work with me. as we were walking into the office, we were just talking about the neighborhood, what she might see, what she might experience, and i reminded her to be careful where she steps. and i said do you remember why
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and she said yes, because not everyone has a bathroom. and that is coming from a 9-year-old who cannot walk safely down a street without potentially walking into something, whether it's a needle, human waste, and we have thousands of families that live here every day and they cannot let their children out in front of their buildings to play and it's a true strategy. our hope is to see more pit stops for public works to get more dollars so they can continue to do the amazing work that they do. i urge this committee to approve the $2.5 million to help alleviate this issue. thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hello, good morning, my name is jenny and i am a resident. this is a very important issue to me because i am a parent and last week i came in and let you guys know how my 3-year-old knows how to avoid feces and needles on the street and how even some of our neighbors don't
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let their children out and how many families that i've spoken to online through my mom's group are really thinking about moving from the city because of the streets and given the article comparing our streets with third world nations last week i believe. there's one other thing that i wanted to share which is my experience with my own dog. who did get meth poisoning from walking on the streets. and it was two e.r. visits and hoping that he would not pass away, but fortunately he did survive. it is really something that is a crisis and it would really urge you to approve this money so it's safe for our families to walk on the streets. thank you. >> next speaker. >> good morning supervisors. i walked over here from my office in haze valley and had to do a little bit of tip toeing on
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the way over here. what i'm actually really surprised we haven't seen and i think we've heard very compelling reasoning from other members of the public on why this needs to be funded is -- i'm shocked that we haven't seen someone from s.f. travel here. i mean, it's really -- i'm at a loss for words and sort of describing and in the basic things that we have to deal with. just even walking over two days ago to the library. there's just human waste everywhere. we've already heard about all the needles and it's just something that we have become callous to. we have to explain to our children why people are having mental crisis out in the public. we have to explain to our children why there's human waste all over the place. we've seen the consequences of it in san diego already. and it just, the pace keeps continuing. this is an extraordinary wealthy
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city. we need to be able to do this. if not for help the people who are immediately surrounded by this stuff who are living on the streets or who are living in these communities, at the very least for our own self respect to be able so we don't have to deal with right-wing newspapers talking about how san francisco can't keep its streets clean. this is an imperative and i hope you guys will support it. thank you. >> next speaker. >> my name is james and i have lived in the western partisans 2002. and it's actually gotten so bad that all of my neighbors are joining together to form a community benefit district and i have decided to chair bring tag to our neighborhood. it's because the city has been lacking taking care of our neighborhood that this is needed. but as it sits right now, if there's actually funds that can help clean up an area, it should be immediate. we're coming up on the summer
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season to wash away the piss and urine out on the streets. to wash away all the shit that's out there. while i've lived in the western part of seem a a lot of families have made it their homes. i have kids on my street who play every single day. chalk out lines, hopscotch and yet there's needles right next to t i've heard of parents take away a needle from a kid because the kid thinks it's a marker and pulls off the cap. i've heard from other kids who actually tell me it's a toy. and the parents have to say, it's not a toy. watch out. this seems like a health emergency right now. and it is shocking to me that we're actually having this discussion and there's actually money available and that the idea to even wait is even a question. i urge you to put this into and make it a possibility immediately because we can't wait. you mentioned it there.
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it's appalling to me as long as i've been what the tourists must think. i thank you for your time. >> next speaker. >> good. my name is karla and i am the executive director of west bay phillipino multi service center. we have been serving the community for 50 years and we've been serving youth and families in the south of market. currently we serve around 85 youth and families and i want to thank supervisor kim for taking this matter seriously. it's not just a matter of cleanliness, safety or health but it's also what message are we send are our young people about their values. all of our kids live in the neighborhood and walk through dog feces, human feces, and needles and know the difference between all of them and that is not normal. a lot of our kids are about to go into sum her the months come up and they're out in the
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streets and i just want to go back to what other people were saying, this is not normal and i want to make sure we don't normalize this and we create more value for the environment that our kids are growing up in. thank you. >> next speaker. >> morning supervisors matt haney tenderloin resident and school board member. it's good to see you all chair cohen, supervisor stefani and fewer and kim. thank you so much for your leadership on this critical issue. i think it's easy to make light of this or make it seem like sort of a joke but what you've heard here today i think reflects how serious this is for people who experience this every day. it is not an issue of just how things look. it's actually an issue of basic human rights, dignity to have a safe and clean neighborhood and there's a couple things i wanted to highlight. you've heard about the impact this has on children and on families specifically. and i hope that we can look at the ways in which we can target
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our street cleaning so that we are creating safe and clean routes to recreation centers, to schools, and looking where our children are and making sure that they're able to access places that they travel regular low in a safe and clean way. i also can give testment that it really does matter when the folks who are behind me here from d.p.w. work longer hours. we see the difference in our neighborhood. if they're not there on the weekend, the weekend looks completely different than it does during the week so they're doing incredible work. i think we just need to have their back. we need to give them this urge ant support they need to have those resources and last thing i wanted to say is that the neighborhood that we're talking about here are not just about ensuring safe and clean streets for our residents, it's about the people who visit and work there. please, i hope you will approval and thank you for the consideration. >> thank you, next speaker. >> good morning. i'm christina rutter and i'm the assistant administrative director of san francisco ballet
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school. and i'm a native of san francisco and i have studied or worked in the civic center area for 19 years. my role at the ballet school is to ensure the well-being of our 500 children and 300 adult students who attend chances weekly. we're at 455 franklin street at foul ton. across from the opera house and one of our community partners the boy and girl's club. the ballet building is open 350 days per year and the school is in session nearly 300 days per year. children ages 4-18 travel from all over the bay area and the final portion of the travel is through the civic center to get to our building. every morning the front steps of ballet are occupied by overnight campers and covered in cardboard, crash often needles and feces. the community district has been instrumental in making these overnight campers, getting them to move along and removing debris to the city trash cans.
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due to the north station being stretched the officers are unable to be helpful and enforcing the campers and drug use so we rely increasingly on the resources of the community benefit direct to help us with this. our youngest students attend classes on the weekend and we've heard on saturday and sundays and we've heard from families that they feel unsafe bringing their children to the ballet and to the civic center area. we ask you to fully support the efforts proposed today. thank you. >> next speaker. >> good morning. members of the budget committee my name is robert cane and i will give my support for the streets and sidewalk cleaning enhancement project. i am the property manager of a 418-unit residential building known as 1190 mission at trinity place located on the corner of eighth and mission. i have worked for four and a half years. the cleanliness of the streets in that area or lack there of has gotten worse and especially in the last year. the northwest corner of
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eighth and mission has become injection sites for local drug addicts as well as sellers. every day they lounge along the sidewalk against the building and injecting themselves and each other needles and leaving their crash and using needles behind. we often have perspective residents who call us from their cars to cancel their scheduled tours. because of the drug activity, trash and filth in the immediate area which they witness on their way here. the perspective residents should take part to visit an apartment, have to walk through civic center station stepping over unconscious people with needles sticking out of their arms. our proposition by drug dealers if they want rock or h as they emerge from the station at the corners of eighth and market. if and when these perspective residents make it to the building for a tour, i am often met with unnerving questions and comments such as what the heck is going on in this city? is this a safe area? the streets are disgusting.
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as someone born and raised in the city, it saddens me. i ask the $2.5 million get approved and thank you for your time. >> thank you, next speaker. >> good morning supervisors. my name is sean halladay and i'm the property manager for 1188 mission at trinity place. 440 unit residential community located next to roberts. i completely agree with his testimony. we're invested in the success of mid market civic center and soma over the long-term and the poor condition of our streets and sidewalks is a imagine are impediment to that goal. i can also offer my thoughts as a resident of this area. i live on the corner of post and leven worth and work for my daily commute. i love where i live. but the streets need help. and the past year i've walked oust my residents to see 30 needles in a tree planters. i've watched trash pile high on
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the side of the streets. i've seen firefighters dumping bleach where a stabbing victim bled on the sidewalk only to see the stain for weeks after. i've seen the children in my neighborhood play witness to all of this and more. i've also seen members of public works, central market, community benefit district working hard to push back against these problems. i might walk to work this morning i passed a young women wearing her yellow public works uniform. she was cleaning the sidewalk in front of the compass children's center. she's picking up cans and wrappers and removed needles that could injury someone. she was making a difference. but she needs help. right now, can you make a difference for her and for everyone who lives and works in the special city. i am asking you fund the street and sidewalk project and this appropriation will not solve our city's problems but it can and will make a impact on our quality of life. please do your part to help keep
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san francisco great. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker. >> hi there. my name is sean. i apologize. to me i strongly support this measure for two reasons. one before i retired i was a manager of a commercial building. i also lived in the city. to me there are people who you have a public rest rooms they'll use. it some people just don't give a darn. to me the common area a building or street and people don't have, i would say stubbornness or they don't care about the common area to keep a clean waste et cetera. to me this is a major thing. you can't teach people commonsense, how to keep people like this.
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i hate to see people and other people don't give a darn. to me this is a major thing to keep our city going at a great city. people live here and tourists because people don't give a darn. some people have to keep it clean. take care. >> thank you, very much. next speaker. >> hello. my name is sabrina brown. i've been a resident of lower knob hill for five years. i can speak on behalf of myself, friends and my boss who is the owner of a small business in soma when i say we support this appropriation. the condition of our surrounding streets is disgusting. i live at post and leven worth and work near 6 and market. on my 12-minute walk to work in the morning, i can't even count on one hand the number of piles of human feces i have to work around. used needle are a common sight for me and as someone mentioned
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i'm almost used to it. besides the every changing smells. i realize there are issues causing the current state of the streets in the tenderloin and surrounding areas that needs to be addressed and in the meantime i can testify to the fact that more needs to be done in cleaning the sidewalks. >> thank you, next speaker. >> good afternoon. my name is susan. i am the corridor manager with the central market community benefit district. i walked through the streets eight hours a day and i walk through around trash, debris and feces. our staff picks up all these items and tries to remove as much as possible. also, with the help of the public works. i've also worked with sfpd. been very blessed to have a couple officers that have trucks that have come out and removed truck loads of the debris to help out to get this stuff off
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the streets. i am encouraging this to pass not only for the beautification of san francisco but for our heath. i would like to quote a university infectious disease expert at the university of california dr. lee riley. and he had warned that once feces matters drys, it can be airborn. releasing potential. >> dan: dangerous viruses such as the rota virus. we inhale this and we take it home to our family members, our children and our grandchildren. i have a brand new grand child at home. i don't ever want to bring anything home to him that will harm him or to anybody's else family. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker please. >> good morning. thank you. she's part of my team. my name is juan. i work for street plus and the service provider in the city.
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ybcdb civic center. i think everyone has made their point here so mine is simple. this is a no-brainer. it's a mathematical equasion. i'm from puerto rico. it's called a third world country by some people. i've never seen stuff like that. i was there after the hurricanes and it did not look like this. this is a city, i get to walk 5s impressive. it is impressive. i got to say, i'm embarrassed. that's what i am. i wouldn't tell anyone from my city to come here and my city is one of the rough cities in puerto rico. this was one of my favorite cities. i go to the bay in 2002 with the coast guard and i always wanted to work here. i go to work here 15 years later and i go my goodness. i say wow, this is horrible. but hey, i'm part of the cleaning crew so please put that money to use. thank you. >> thank you, are there any
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other members of the public. come on up. >> hi. my name is kate i'm from the san francisco symphony i'm the director of front of house services. i want to thank supervisor kim for this initiative. we're pardon me of the war memorial performing arts center campus with the opera, ballet and opera house and millions of people come every year. and we are desperate to have a safe and clean environment for those that are getting off of public transportation. and getting to our building. it's critical for us to continue and to combat some of these issues, we've started a free shuttle for patrons with the opera and ballet. they can get a ride from the bart. we get so many complaints that don't want to come to our building because of this state of the streets. and we are in deep support of this to take effect as soon as possible. i want to thank public works for all the efforts that they have
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done. this will support them so much in making major change. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good morning. i live in the heart of all of this ugly smells, toxic to the point that it made my health a little bad these last six months. because i have breathing problems. i'm asking that we get more cleaners for the weekend instead of getting a bunch of bags to put the little stuff in there. i'm asking for the support for more cleaning on the weekend because no one is there to really do a lot of cleaning on the weekend. and the fact that there is a school on the front side of me, which is ellis, and there's a school on the other side of me which is levin worth. i'm asking that more help comes
11:37 pm
towards the upper part of the jungle which is the tenderloin but more of the port owe potties too. anything that would be in an emergency situation. i'm getting to the point, i can't come out of my house in the morning. it's really effecting my health. thank you. >> thank you for your comment. >> next speaker, please. >> i'm andrew robinson the executive director of the community benefit district. we cover the historic hill and trance bay transit center area with over 10,000 residents and almost 100,000 office workers that come in every day. this funding is critically important as i'm sure you've heard. c.b.d.s have picked up hundreds of thousands of pounds of trash and that's on top of the good work that d.p.w. is already doing. the help is needed now and i hope that you can support this measure. thank you. >> are there any other members of the public that would like to
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comment. come on up to speak. don't wait in the last minute. hurry. >> good morning supervisors. my name is michael, i'm a food delivery driver here in the city. i would make quite eye few deliveries around here in the city. and no doubt in my mind half of deliveries are to residents who are afraid to step out of their apartments because of what is happening in the streets. and i really feel bad for these residents because especially at night, you do know what you will step on or what will happen to you. i just hope that these streets can get clean as soon as possible. and children can actually walk safely in the streets again. and yeah. that's all. >> thank you, michael. >> all right, ladies and gentlemen, last call anyone else? seeing no member of the public. public comment is closed. supervisor kim, before we go back to you, supervisor stefani has a question she wants to direct to the mayor's office. >> yes, this is for the mayor's
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budget office. obviously this is say huge need in the city. i agree with this and i am just wondering, i've already communicated my budget priorities in terms of this being high. i wanted to know what the mayor's budget commitment is to addressing this issue? >> sure. thank you supervisor stefani. i just wanted to say thank you to supervisor kim. we agree this is a critical issue and we also agree that mrf the department of public works do an amazing job. under mayor lee there was an additional amount of funding added for street cleaning, several millions of dollars over the past many and even this board through the process has prioritized street cleaning so it's definitely something that has been on our radar as a need and couldn't agree more that we have to do more in this area. i think that right now we received the department submission on february 21st and we're actively working with the department to review but in my initial discussions with mayor farrell, this is a very, very
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high priority for him and i do believe we will be funding more street cleaning resources in the budget. i would caution for you is just when we approve a supplemental appropriation in the middle of the year we're doing it at a time when we're not considering the trade offs so right now our office is in the initial stages of reviewing all of those things together and street cleaning is and will be a priority in the budget. this committee will get a chance to see is it a level the mayor appropriated going to be enough or should more be appropriated on top of that? >> thank you. >> supervisor kim. >> thank you. i just want to thank all the members of the public for coming out to speak today. and acknowledge that this board and the mayor has long prioritized increasing resources. again, i just want to thank all of our community benefit districts. i want to thank the bay view family hunters point family foundation and public works because you really do amazing work and often thank less work.
11:41 pm
but it's one that we all here in the city depend so much on. i know that ultimately it's not really a question about whether we need to fund more resources street cleaning but the concern that this budget committee has is about the appropriateness of supplemental appropriation mid year in the process and so i just want to remind our committee that this board regularly votes for budget supplemental unanimously and i thought i would go through a few that i was able to find during my time on the board supervisors. in january of 2012, supervisors wiener compose and aloke introduced $1.8 million supplemental for reductions in h.i.v. care and treatment. that supplemental because passed by this board and signed by the mayor. also, that very year, the mayor, with supervisor chew, wiener, ferel, cohen and myself, supported one million dollar supplemental appropriation to go
11:42 pm
towards small businesses because we want to support small businesses during the recession. in january of 2014, supervisor farrell introduced a $1.3 million supplemental to double on the homeless outreach team staffers and number of beds that they had access to and in september of 2014, supervisors -- by the way, that supplemental passed via this board and assigned by the mayor and in september of 2014. supervisor compost introduced a $1.2 million supplemental for lawyers for unaccompanied use because we had a crisis that we were finding unaccompanied youth that were crossing the border due it violence in their homes and were coming to cities like san francisco and needed the support of legal council. this board supported that supplemental and then in november of 2016, supervisor compost introduced 2 million-dollar supplemental for right to council and deportation cases by then supervisor fewer carried in 2017 after he departed.
11:43 pm
these are just a few of the supplemental appropriations i was able to find that this board has supported including members of this committee mid year. and so again, i understand going outside the budget process, i too also want to make sure that we are keeping within the budget process as much as possible. but my ask is coming because we have unspent dollars in 2017. when we're hearing the cries of our residents today, i just feel that every single dollar needs to be allocated giving as much support and resources so the men and women that work hard to keep the streets clean and safe for our families, our children, and our seniors. our office began this process in november of 2017 and i understand some of the assertions about concerning politics and this budget cycle but we did start working on this in november. and we did this because we were listening, continuing to listen to the cries of our merchants
11:44 pm
and residents and our families and our commitment was if there were any additional money unspent in the first six months we would work and fight to dedicate it towards street cleaning. i think the reason is really the one that i mentioned earlier, if we dedicate these moneys today and early march, we can have these street cleaners out on the streets by april and may and if we contract through our non-profit services even faster. but if we wait until july 23rd or when this board passes the budget for next year, we won't see those additional services until september at the earliest and i just think that we cannot wait. i want to remind community members that we have set this process a dent every single year. members of this board introduced supplementals and we vote on them and it's questionable how much of a crisis or emergency each one of those were. i think most notely the small business revolving loan fund yet that passed this board
11:45 pm
unanimously and was signed by the mayor. i just ask this committee, i'm pleaing to consider this if you feel it's something you need more time with, that you would like more consideration, i would just ask this committee to pass this supplemental pre pration without recommendation so we can center it heard at the full board. and i really appreciate that you have been struggling over this decision. i know how difficult it is and i think listen to go your constituents reminds me our urgent it is. >> thank you supervisor kim and thank you for a very compelling and persuasive accounting of history. i also want to recognize the folks that are still here in the chamber that also came for testimony. i appreciate the feedback, particularly those from my own home district of bay view hunters point. also, ma lis a. appreciate you also for sharing the direction that the mayor is leaning
11:46 pm
towards. so this is a really important issue. i think that i hear it. the streets are dirty. i lev here in the city. i'm a native also. i think that it's not just in district 6, which we heard an overwhelming from the testimony from folks, not just downtown. it's not just the inner core but the outer ex trem tease on the west side of the city and the southeast side of the city. all over because we've been addressing issues frankly we've been addressing them peace meal. it's part of the problem. we address them by way of introducing supplementals. one of the things that to note is the supplemental being introduced today is a $2.5 million, which is more than what has supervisor kim out laid. she outlaid five supplementals in the ranging of the amount of 1.8 to $2.2 million. the other thing is we are in the middle of the budget cycle right
11:47 pm
now. the thing, the issue is not whether or not the streets are dirty or not. we all agree unanimously on that. but we have a process and we have to defer it back to the process and that process, yes, allows for emergency supplementals. so an example of an emergency supplemental request happened last week. ice was coming into our community and detaining and arresting people. we made an emergency supplemental allocation to law the public defender and non-profit the services they need to help defend these detainees. to me that measures up to the high strict standards of an emergency. this particular supplemental request does not quite reach that threshold. particularly because we have a commitment from the mayor's office to engage in this process to fund this level. so i'm going to have to pin it back on we're processing needs
11:48 pm
and default back to where the process lies. it's a chair of budget committee and supervisor kim has been a member of the committee and knows that internal struggle when it comes to supplementals to support supplementals or not to support. i will not support this supplemental. that means that we will continue to build a public and transparent budget forum where we will continue to do a deep dive on what we will be funding. we've already asked members of the board of supervisors to prioritize where their budget priorities lie. street cleaning needs to be a priority. i've heard from supervisor stefani already. i myself have listed a street cleaning as a budget priority. i think supervisor fewer has as well. it looks like we'll be able to have funding as we continue to go through this budget process. for us it's a matter of time. what is the most pro pr appropro
11:49 pm
do this. since we are in the beginning stages of the budget process, i think that we need to continue to build this transparent process. so that means that understanding how we can limit dumping and trashing furniture and mattresses on dead end streets is part of the conversation. being mapping out when we did our power washing, when we're doing our street sweeps, what is the operative timing for an afternoon swing shift? we need to do this right and we need to do it for everyone, not just a pre determined area. i want to make sure that i have indicate that this issue will be a board priority for the budget cycle. i also want to signal that we will have a full report on why our streets are as dirty as they are, why they've gotten to this
11:50 pm
terrible state. where and when have we under invested in these streets? the other thing that is important is we give a clear and public mandate to the mayor's office we want our streets cleaned and that they need to be cleaner. i have assurances as you have heard today from the budget director the mayor's budget should reflect that priority. and quite frankly, if he does not deliver, then we will resume the conversations here. we will make those funds available through the budget process. so i'm committed to this should you. i'm committed to cleaning our streets. and i will continue to work with the department of public works so we can hit the ground and running when we pass that budget. but as a chair of the committee i think it's irresponsible of me to support a one-off spending proposal while we're trying to build a holistic transparent
11:51 pm
priority-driven and balanced budget. one of which i want to note that our -- we just got word yesterday that our city is in good standing and the reason a large part of the reason why we're in good standing because we have a solid budget process, meaning we're passing balanced budgets annually and i'd like to continue in that respect. i'd like to move that we continue this item to the call of the chair with the commitment from me, that if the mayor does not deliver on the express promises for city wide street cleaning to our satisfaction, we will resume this conversation immediately in this committee and in this chamber. so i'd like to make a motion that we take item 8 and we call it file it to the call of the chair. >> thank you. >> supervisor stefani has
11:52 pm
seconds that. >> i have a comment. i had my name on the roster. >> i'm sorry, i didn't see. >> second was made, yes. >> thank you. again, i will always respect the budget committee members. i just have to really remind this committee that we do this almost every single year. and i just have to list all of these again and in 2002, $1.8 million for h.i.v. care and treatment. a crisis. but an on going crisis like our street cleaning. in 2002, $1 million for a recap tallization of our small business revolving loan fund. that i think is very questionable whether that was a crisis but this board unanimously, including you supervisor cohen. >> when was that passed? >> 20 2012. >> what time of the year? >> it was in march or april. the first one was january of 2012. the wiener compose alagi. $1.8 million for h.i.v. care and treatment was in january.
11:53 pm
the small business recap tallization revolving loan fund was i believe in march of 2012. in march of 2014 this board voted to give our homeless outreach team an additional $1.3 million. that also was voted by the board of supervisors. again crisis but an on going crisis like street cleaning, that was introduced by supervisor mark farrell in september of 2014, supervisor compose introduced two million dollars for lawyers for unaccompanied youth, that was a new crisis so i understand the distinction between on going crisis and new crisis and our right to council and deportation. i have to point out, i voted for expanding our rights to deportation, right to council and deportations last tuesday at the full board meeting but there's not been a single arrest or detention in san francisco. so we did that in advance as a preventative measure. but there has not yet been an arrest or detention in san francisco yet so if we're going
11:54 pm
to use that as our reason for not supporting this, then i think that we have to be thoughtful and careful about the facts. what is say crisis and what isn't a crisis? h.i.v. a crisis, is street cleaning a crisis? homelessness a crisis? yes. this board has consistently vowedded to add money to those things and i just don't understand why those items are distinct from street cleaning today. especially based on what we are hearing from our residents. if there are any extra dollars in the city, we should be dedicate particular t particulae things our residents are asking to. that's my final plea. we can do it again today. budget supplementals always happen between january and march because we have a sense of unspent dollars in december and it happens at the same time every year. and so, i just plea again with this committee to consider send north out to the full board for consideration and to give us an opportunity to spend the next couple of days working with all of to you make this something we
11:55 pm
can make happen by may of this year. not in september of this year. >> thank you. i still disagree and still hold with my findings. and to be fair, the public defender last week came with a host of non-profit workers. although there may not have been san francisco detainees, there was a long spirited conversation not only last week but also last year when the public defender was also coming for another budget supplemental is that they don't defend just san franciscoance, but anyone that is in custody. and that's a budgetary question we can have at another date. if we constantly allow supplementals, then why have a budget process at all? and i don't think that is a good enough, strong enough excuse or
11:56 pm
reason to continue to move forward. last year as i've done this year, i sent out a memo to everyone on the board of supervisors saying that budget supplementals will not be considered outside of the immigration supplemental. largely because immigration supplemental was introduced before the notification was sent out. so supplementals, i believe, kind of particularly during the budget sickel, are disrespectful to the budget process. this is a long going conversation. we have a commitment from the mayor to allocate the money so what we're talking about here ladies and gentlemen is a difference of a few months and times and service and that is questionable. we don't know how quickly d.p.w. will roll out money or how quickly not profit workers will roll the money out so it sounds like my sense is we're a little bit split on this.
11:57 pm
i would like to call on a roll call vote. >> can i respond to the non-profit services because i did talk to him. if it's not a hire and i give you hunter stanley foundation and he do that on ex pans immediately to include that and he did tell my office he can do that again immediately. i just have to say, we have supplemental appropriations for a reason because they're unspent dollars and our budget every single year and this is not a new appropriation, we've had one every single year i've been on the board and the board has passed the appropriation every single year i've been on the board, including with the vote. if i'm hearing we are no longer considering them because we do it all the time. and yes, sometimes they're for new crisis like deportation and ice and sometimes for on going
11:58 pm
crisis like our small business, h.i.v. and homeless outreach team. it's fine if we're saying this year we're going in a new direction but this board and members of this board that have been here since 2011 like myself, have supported them in the past. and they have not always been a new emergency. >> i've been the chair of this committee since last year and it was the same rules that i put in place last year that we're honoring today. roll call vote. >> on the motion made by supervisor cohen, seconds by supervisor stefani. fewer. >> no. >> stefani. >> aye. >> cohen. >> aye. >> there are two ayes one know. >> thank you, very much. this motion will be filed to the call of the chair and if again the mayor does not make good on promises we will deal with this immediately. >> for classification.
11:59 pm
>> continue to the call. thank you. is there any other business before this body? >> there's no further business. >> we're adjourned.
12:00 am
this meeting will come to order. >> commission (roll call) >> the second item is the minutes of the meeting of february 20, 2018. >> the comments are ready for approval. >> so moved. seconded. >> are there any corrections to the minutes? if not, then the minutes are before you for approval. all in favor please say "aye." all those opposed. the minutes have been approved. >> from was no comment comment. item three is director's report. >> good afternoon. yesterday we had a wonderful celebration, culmination of the