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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  April 11, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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urban public spaces. i served under agnus on the redevelopment agency and was involved in the financing and design for glenn gardens. i served under graham as the director of real estate for the board of san francisco and was behind strategy to redevelop the ferry building in pier 1. i served under ed lee on the treasure island development authority primarily because it's my background in building housing and particular affordable housing. in the last three years we finally are starting construction at treasure island. after 15 years of trying to get the plan we now are starting forward, we are building the roadways, we have deemed a geo technical work that's needed. our seawall
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plan, our response has become the model for the bay area. our plan for the island, how to grow over the next few years was recognized by the preventing climate initiative and received an award for that. we have 300 acres out of 500 acres that will be open space. i think our input over the last three years has made a plan a better plan so that it is going to be more bikable, it's going to be walkable and it is going to be accessible by transit. so i would say that the challenges that are ahead of us in these next few years is really making sure that 2,000 of the units are going to be affordable. we have started on the first two
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parcels, ccbc as well as with mercy housing. so we have started the affordable housing for the island and we are looking to find the resources to build 2,000 units of housing there. i wanted to thank you forki forki forki forking -- for consideration. sgl -- >> commissioner safai: any questions? none. we are so thank ful to have qualified members like yourself. any public comments come forward? seeing none public comments closed. i think it's your turn commissioner stefani.
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>> commissioner stefani: i'd like to make a motion to the treasure island development board and amending the rejection language from the emotion. >> commissioner safai: a positive recommendation. >> commissioner stefani: to the full board, yes. >> commissioner safai: we can do that without objection. thank you. >> clerk somera: item number 13 is for reappointment of paul -- >> commissioner safai: i'm sorry. that was my mistake. item number 12. sorry. >> clerk somera: a motion to approve or reject the nomination for linda richardson. >> commissioner safai: sorry commissioner richardson. i was scrolling down too quickly.
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>> thank you. good afternoon. congratulations on the italian heritage. a great day for san francisco. i am linda richardson. i wanted to gratitude for allowing many me -- me to serve. i want to thank the board of supervisors for always helping us with the development of treasure island and the other islands. a little background, i have an extensive background in land use, planning, transportation,
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sustainable development over two decades. i was privileged to serve on the san francisco planning commission. a lot of the projects that you see today in the city i had the privilege of implementing policy and making sure those projects were implemented on time and according to the rules and policy that the board of supervisors have laid out. i also served on the bay conservation development commission, a state agency. i was honored to be appointed by the governor of california. we oversee the nine bay area counties. that experience there, members of the board of supervisors, were also a part of that body. i served on the commission of the environment. it was insturmental to
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developing san francisco up to date. i coauthored the adjusted policy for the city and county of san francisco. i have the privilege for 18 and a half years for serving as a chair of the land use, planning and transportation for the san francisco bay point, project area committee on that, the san francisco development agency and just to mention 18 and a half years utilizing city agencies and to date the point is an owe merging community. we have pride and are happy to develop that part of san francisco. on the water front i was important in initiating, going to the port of san francisco to establish
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the development. i live in the point in the indian basin. i have volunteered to be part of the development of that area and part of the india basin task force. i want to invoke the mayor -- the memory of mayor lee here today for the members of the rules committee and those watching at home. the day that mayor lee died one of the action items on his agenda we had summoned all city agencies and all stake holders to his office to talk about the development of treasure island. he said that in 2018 he would move things even further. that's the kind of thing we are talking about. treasure island is a jewel to san francisco. their developments are points of
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destination will attract millions, not only in the bay area in the united states, but throughout the world. everything you wait a minuted to know about sea level rise, new technologies, we are deal being -- dealing with that in treasure island. we have experts from all over the world. in terms of development you should be proud, supervisors that we have already won the platinum, lead platinum, which is the highest level of sustainable development. i have the honor of serving with my fellow commissioners you just heard about. together we bring decades and decades of experience to that island. we are tackling workforce development. i know that supervisor safai, this is one
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area of your concern in your city to ensure that your residents also have opportunity. well, as treasure island you can recommend them. after we develop the island we are reaching all to all the districts in san francisco. the treasure island belongs to san francisco but, again, i'm going to invoke mayor lee. this jewel, this development belongs to the entire bay area and beyond. in terms of infrastructure we are moving in trying to make sure that the geology and the clean up of the island are going according to the plan that we have in place. we have outstanding staff.
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we've led all the milestones to where we are today. in a nutshell i'm here and asking -- i'd be honored to continue to do what i continue to do on treasure island knowing that we have the full support of you, the board of supervisors to help to move the implementation of the treasure island and with your blessings we will continue to make this development something that you all will be very proud of. so thank you so much for your time. i'll answer questions. >> commissioner safai: any questions for commissioner richardson? >> commissioner yee: no but i just want to make a comment about all three reappointments. it's amazing. it seems like it was only yesterday when they
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came before the committee to get appointed. so welcome back. >> thank you. >> commissioner safai: any members of the public wish to comment please come forward. >> good afternoon, superrise -- supervisors. i'm here to support the reappointment of linda richardson. you have three fantastic candidates that bring their life experiences and background and stellar credentials including linda richardson as president of adr continental group, a full servicewomen-owned company. she has expertise in land use planning, workforce training and as a board member of the african-american chamber of commerce and on the southeast alliance for environmental justice she has really brought an important voice to the table. i hope you will approve for reappointment. thank you.
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>> commissioner safai: thank you. any other public comments? seeing none it's closed. thank you commissioner richardson for all your commitment to serve again sand your wonderful qualifications. so can we entertain a motion? i think it's your turn commissioner yee. >> commissioner yee: sure. i'd like to make a motion to amend -- approving to state that we support for approving the mayor's nomination for reappointment of linda richardson and pass it on the committee with a positive recommendation to the full board. >> commissioner safai: without objection, thank you. congratulations. please call item number 13. >> clerk somera: item number 13 is a motion to approve or reject the nomination of paul giusti term ending april 28th, 2022. >> commissioner safai: thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors.
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thank you for the opportunity to be here today. my name is paul giusti. i'm the affairs manager here in san francisco and have been here for 41 years. i had not considered one of my qualifications to mention one of them but i guess considering an earlier item today before the committee i guess i better mention that i'm also a first generation italian american, both my parents immigrated from italy and i'm also a second generation employee for recology here with sunset scavenger. the first 17 years of my career with suns sunset scavenger was working the routes in san francisco. in the 90s i came into management and served in various xmcapacities d the last 7 years as the community government relations manager. my time gave me a lot
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of experience in labor, in working with labor and that is one of the most exciting things i think about serving on treasure island as a commissioner there is for me to see the building that's going on in the island, that will be going on and the opportunities there are for job training and job placement. i've been a short time commissioner and had have not had a lot of experience on the commission so far. some of the items we have dealt with in any short time there included approving the arts, $50 million arts and improving the marina. thank you. >> commissioner safai: thank you, commissioner. any questions for him? seeing none any members of the public wish to comment on this item, please forward of seeing
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none public comments closed. thank you for your commitment, service and wonderful qualifications. whose turn is it? supervisor stefani? >> commissioner stefani: i'd like to move this item forward. >> commissioner safai: thank you. we can do that. item number 14. >> clerk somera: there's three seats and three applicants with william hank trout with drawing his name from consideration. >> commissioner safai: thank you. so we have one person with drawing their application. i
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think margaret graft please come forward. >> my name is margaret graft. i have been a resident of san francisco for over 55 years. still live in the same house in the same district in which i started here. as you are aware i'm a registered nurse and also on attorney. i'm retired from both. i have had a father who believed very sincerely in giving back to the community you lived in. as such i followed in his footsteps and have been in numerous organizations as a volunteer giving time, energy and what talent i had to where i
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was. i served at the golden state museum. i started out with thepta. after the pta came what we used to call the recreation center for the handicapped which is now of course the janet palmroy. i worked with children with cerebral palsy. i have been most recently on the committee that wrote the resilient sunset preparedness guide. this was our guide for the sunset district when there was an emergency, a disaster for local residents so they know how to get ready, what to do before, during and after. i have very
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personal conscious to the department of ageing and alzheimer's disease and dementia. every morning i wake up ai like at the face of alzheimer's disease. my husband has it. we've been dealing with it for 6 years. i know that horror. every night i go to bed i deal with dementia. i deal with hallucinations, pathe whol gamut. i have served -- i was asked to be part of a focus group for the dignity fund. when there i learned something, this is a group of people coming from various areas in san francisco with some very angry voices at that focus group. the angry voices said i can't get
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the information i need to know where to go or how to take care of my ageing parent, my husband, my wife. there needs to be a better dispersement and the feeling our residents have. i have no know how to take care of my ageing parent, my mother-in-law, my husband, my wife. there needs to be a better dispersement. we are
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failing our residents about this. more recently i have taken part as a research subject up at uc san francisco in langlely porter because the research project involved how to help caretakers who are dealing with patients with dementia. it is a depression that settles in and it needs to be addressed. we, again, are failing our citizens in this area. those are my beliefs. those are my thoughts. strictly mine. they are areas in which i hope to work with on this advisory council. thank you very much. you've been kind. it's late in the day. your attention is great. i am grateful for that. i'd be happy to answer any
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questions as best i can. >> commissioner safai: any members of the committee wish to ask any questions? no. seeing none we'll have public comment. thank you for your patience. today is a long day. thank you for waiting. >> good afternoon, supervisors. thank you for your time. here on behalf of the supervisor to voice our strong support of margaret graft to the advisory counsel. she has the professional background and personal experience that will be well for this role. as a nurse and attorney she has a diverse and technical skill set that will be an asset to the advisory council. she's a seen you're and a care giver and understands the challenges and opportunities we have. she's very involved in the community that she's a part of including as a resident of the sunset district. as she mentioned she participated in the drafting in the sunset plan, a plan for residents to prepare themselves for disaster.
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>> commissioner safai: any additional questions? any public comments? seeing none public comments closed. do we go there all of the -- right. mrs. elinore lurie please come forward. >> thank you, supervisors for having me. i'm seeking reappointment to the advisory council to the commission on ageing for a 2-year term ending in march 2020. i am serving as first vice president currently to advisory council and also as representative from the advisory council to the dignity fund. i
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did research for the elderly and i've had over 20 years of service on to the board of community agencies including twice as president of a community living campaign. i have tried to make things work more smoothly and better. as you probably know it's required by administration on ageing money to oversee units on ageing which here is the department of ageing and adult services and to advise the decision making body, the commissioner on ageing. we visit nutrition sites, reprove the annual plan and we monitor pending and to some extent federal legislation which
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affects our constituents. my interest in particular at this time is to continue work on the dignity fund and to help it get really established so that we meet more people with more services in san francisco. also to continue advocating such as the built environment and traffic. i'm here on behalf of people with disabilities. i'll be glad to answer questions. i know it's late and i can talk more but you may wish me tot to talk more. >> commissioner safai: any members of the committee have
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any questions? seeing none. thank you for your commitment to serve again. any members of the public withish to comment -- wish to comment come forward? seeing none public comments closed. our third application, mr. william hank trout with drew his nomination due to health issues. so we appreciate him applying. we wish him all the best. entertain a motion? >> commissioner stefani: can i say something briefly. i just want to thank elevator -- for serving for district 2. my father actually died of dementia and it's tough knowing what to do next especially when you don't live as close as you would
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like to. just going through that i met with some family members about the closure of that unit or the transfer of some of the patients and just hearing from the families. there's just so many heartbreaking stories. i do agree that there's a lot more we could be doing. i really want to follow up with both of you on this subject because i really want to be dedicated to it and i lock look -- look forward. with that i'd like to move both of these applicants forward with positive recommendation. >> commissioner safai: supervisor yee? >> commissioner yee: i also want to make a comment. i'm glad you two are interested in being -- continuing to be on this committee. i want to say that the issues that you're addressing are issues that i've been trying to push forth for
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the last few years. i started with my own district when we only had one service provider serving seniors and now we have six in my district. i want to -- i hope that you'll work closely with my office because there's two issues that i'm trying to highlight and maybe hopefully we can address. one of them being that how can the city promote employment opportunities for those -- not only though with disabilities but also for those that are older. we are finding that older people want to work but they are not finding the opportunities. the second issue that i'm working on and hopefully you'll be interested in participating in this work group or task force or whatever
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i want to call it to look at reversing that pattern that we have seen in the city in terms of what we are losing, in terms of -- whether it's residential care facilities for elderly or it's skilled nursing bids or any of these that we are losing. i'm really interested in looking at policies where we can start reversing a pattern. we don't want our seniors -- we don't want our elders to -- because they can't take care of themselves or they need help to continue having to move out of the county. so hopefully you'll work with us. >> commissioner safai: okay. supervisor stefani want to just fix that? so -- >> commissioner stefani: moving forward, seat one and mark to seat five on the ageing advisory council. >> commissioner safai: do we have to say that we are counting mr. william trout?
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no. >> commissioner safai: we can do that without objection. thank you. mad dam clerk, back to the item we skipped, item number 6. >> clerk somera: yes.
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. >> the california department of justice has found that the original language in article 16 does not provide explicit enough authorization for the office of cannabis to receive access to a person's criminal history information. this ordinance would address that. finally, i would like to request a consideration of a couple of amendments to the legislation pending before you. these amendments further refine the language around receipt and review of conviction history and seek to reconcile the
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intent of the equity workforce provisio provisions housed in article 15 with your most recent changes to the fair chance ordinance. we should all be aware that an equity incubator does not qualify as an equity applicant, but satisfies the criteria. among those are the arrest or conviction of a cannabis related offense. an employer may inquire about convictions for decriminalized activities when the question is necessary to satisfy the requirements of the equity program, meaning the employer may ask this question when intended to confer a benefit, i.e., employment under the benefit program. so with that said, i'm happy to walk you through these benefits line by line if necessary to ensure that everybody is familiar and comfortable with them with the hope that you will move these out of committee today. i have been informed that they are not substantive.
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>> supervisor safai: is that correct, city attorney shen? >> that is correct, chair safai. >> supervisor safai: okay. >> supervisor yee: i request that we don't go line by line. >> that's fine. >> supervisor safai: supervisor stefani, did you have a question? so i think that pretty much is the gist of it. so the question that i have in terms of the equity incubator is why is that called out in particular? >> what is called out about the equity incubator is they are authorized to ask about decriminalized conviction histories with the intent of conferring a benefit of employment to somebody under the equity program, so it is he he -- it's a very narrow rec
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reconciliation there. >> supervisor safai: okay. okay. supervisor yee? okay. any members of the public wish to comment on this item, please come forward. seeing none, public comment's closed. we'll call you back up if we have any other questions, director elliott. >> supervisor yee: i'd like to make a motion to amend the administrative code to authorize the director of the office of cannabis to access summary criminal history information to perform permit and licensing duties and pass it out with a positive recommendation to the full board. >> supervisor safai: we can do that without objection. thank you. madam clerk, please call the next item on the agenda. i believe that's item number 15. >> clerk: item number 15 is a hearing to consider appointing one member term ending february 28, 2019 and two members' terms
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ending february 19, 2020 to the balboa park station advisory committee. there are three seats and four applicants with one, rezwana christie withdrawing her name from consideration. >> supervisor safai: right. and then my appointee was not able to make it today, nellie selander, so if we could continue that to the call of the chair. you're okay with appointing? okay. yeah, it's my chair so maybe we don't need to -- but let's hear from the person that's actually here, mr. vigil. for seat number three. >> yeah. it's for seat number three. my name is vigil.
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i'm currently attending ccsf, and i will come back to pursue my dream school, u.c. berkeley. a mentor of mine has been rekindling that dream of mine, so i'll be back in june. i'm here because i've used this station for my entire life, and i part of my life i didn't use it for is because as a toddler, i was very energyizetic, and ay mom will say, i still am. i would love to bring my point of view to the table and have a discussion around violence. a few months ago, me and a staff from the youth commission were going to our homes which we both live in district 11 and we noticed that there was one man about to fight three teenagers.
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there's no security in balboa park station that i can see. it's a very very insecure place. i bring a lot to the table when it comes to youth issue. as a youth commissioner, i'm working on two resolutions with the youth commission all around youth, and if you pass our staff, you'd know that i'm very, very passionate of the work that i do, and i'm very -- i take it very personal. i take my work very personal, and i make sure that i get stuff done, and that is something that i want to bring to this committee, is making -- bringing someone who's young, who's lived in the district since they was three, who's used this station to go to school or to go to work and you know for their every day lives, and who also loved youth advocacy, and that is something that i want to bring here and something that i want to be able to provide to my
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community, and it's something that i believe is being mentored to me through d-11's office. they've encouraged me to be a big advocate in my community, making sure that i get appointed here, make sure i bring that skill that i love and am mentoring in and acquiring to the table, not just for me but also for young people in the district. thank you. >> supervisor safai: thank you, javier. any questions for javier? seeing none, i think we'll bring up the next person, mr. jason chommanard. >> i am applying for the bicycle interest and pedestrian seat. i want to first thank supervisor yee for nominating me, supervisor safai for scheduling the item and supervisor stefani for considering my application. i want to be on the cac because
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there are many projects being proposed in the area and it is important for city agencies to hear the opinions of neighbors who use the station regularly. for nearly 20 years, i've lived in sunnyside which is one of the neighborhoods served by balboa park. i went to middle school and high school down the street at denman and high school. i bike to balboa, passing by the station every day. when i was going to u.c. berkeley, i biked to the b.a.r.t. station, and took the richmond station train to get to school. over the years i haven't seen many changes to the routing hub but after attending a few meetings, i'm excited for the projects that are in the pipeline. some of the projects i'm excited about are the new m dropoff which is in desperate need of a knew design that prioritizes pedestrian safety,
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adding more passenger dropoff zones on different streets so people don't have to use the bus zones to drop off passengers which slows down the buses and also redesign of the station and plaza. this community advisory council serves an important role in informing agencies about design projects for stations that they're thinking about implementing for the balboa park area. when agencies do not seek input from the community, they will often make design chases that are not in the best interest of the people who use the station. an example of this was in the december meeting when dpw added a barrier at the northwest corner of generva and san jose which forces people to walk outside of the crosswalk in order to avoid an unnecessary long-term. at that meeting everyone had pretty much negative comments to dpw about that change. i hope to continue to
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contribute to making the station safer, more usable and efficient for neighbors if appointed. thank you again for your consideration. >> supervisor safai: thank you. any members of the public wish to comment on these items, please come forward. seeing none, public comment -- >> chelsea approximated uellard from supervisor stefani's office. i definitely want to express important on behalf of supervisor fewer for him. he's a balboa high school student, city college student, has lived in the area for a long, long time, is very interested in transportation policy, and supervisor fewer feels that he would serve the community well, particularly the interests of pedestrians and bicyclists on this advisory board. thank you. >> supervisor safai: thank
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you. any other -- >> hi. my name is could ily huffmakyl. i'm a youth commissioner, and i just want to say he's extremely passionate about the community he lives and goes to school in. i can't imagine another person taking these issues so seriously. we fully encourage jason to be appointed to this advisory committee. >> supervisor safai: thank you. any other members of the public wish to comment on this item, please come forward. seeing none, public comment's closed. supervisor yee? >> supervisor yee: yeah. i'd like to make a motion. actually, it's pretty exciting -- this is the first time i believe we've actually entertained a motion where all the candidates are young, which is really great for the city to see. >> supervisor safai: shows the good work we do. >> supervisor yee: so i'd like
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to make a motion to nominate nellie selander to seat two, javier vigil to seat three, and jason chommanard to seat any objecti objection -- seat six and pass it onto positive recommendation to the full board. >> supervisor safai: we can do that without objection. thank you for your nomination and we're excited to work with you guys. please call the last item. >> clerk: item number 16 is an ordinance amending the administrative code to repeal law enforcement data collection and report requirements associated with traffic stops, detentions and arrests. >> supervisor safai: great, and i think we have a member of -- officer connolly, the deputy chief michael connolly, and i know you've had professional standards and principle policing bureau. if you would come forward -- oh, leah christie iisti is goi
4:43 pm
speak first. >> okay. good afternoon supervisor safai and yee. i currently, administrative code 96(a) requires sfpd to collect data and author quarterly reports. starting july 2018 under assembly bill 953, law enforcement agencies throughout california will be mandated to collect stop data -- stop data and report the data to the california department of justice. ab 953's data collection for stops substantially duplicates chapter 96(a). the state chapter also requires law enforcement agencies to collect much more information for stops than currently
4:44 pm
required under 96(a). the d.o.j. has taken responsibility of showing an annual report of stop data collection that will provide you opportunities for cross comparison of law enforcement throughout california. however the d.o.j.'s first report will not be available until january 2020. the legislation before you does two things. first is reconciles the differences ab 953 and 96(a) for stop data collections. second we have circulated additional amendments that will require data for ab 953 to be reported on a quarterly basis to the mayor, the board of supervisors, police commission and the human rights commission. the frequency of reporting is imperative in identifying trends within san francisco for stop data. to achieve more frequent reporting than required by state law, sfpd will have to build a new reporting mechanism to issue quarterly reports for tap dat stop data. in order to provide sfpb to build this reporting system,
4:45 pm
the first semi annual report will be due may 2019, and there will include data collected under ab 953, and the second will be due in august 2019, and will include data from january to june 2019. each report thereafter will be on a quarterly basis with the first quarterly report due in november 2019. i would also like to clarify that reporting requirements for use of force are not changing and will continue to be reported on a quarterly basis. here today, i have deputy chief michael connolly who will provide additional details for stop data collection under ab 953 and further explain the timelines to build a new report to report ab 953 data more frequently. some documents that he will be going over have been provided beforehand, but he has extra copies, should you need them. i am happy to answer any questions that you have, and thank you for your time. >> supervisor safai: any members of the committee have
4:46 pm
any questions? seeing none, deputy chief connelly? >> could i have the overhead, please. great. in essence, what wasn't said here was that in the absence of conflicting data collection, we have to build systems to adhere to senate bill 953, so that's why you will have a lag time approximately 11 months where you'll be hearing what would normally be the # 6(a) quarterly report under the new format of 953 -- assembly bill 953. this illustration here on the screen just represented the two major obstacles that we have to overcome, and one of them is working with the state to see what their reporting mechanism is so that we can build out a more techno logically fluid system, much like we have today
4:47 pm
with the 96(a) reporting, which is reported to our smart phones. and then secondarily, we have to look at what the reporting mechanism looks like from the data that the state is collecting. i can entertain questions, and i have staff here to answer any questions that you may have. >> supervisor safai: my first question in terms of what they've put in this in terms of the first report being due, will you be able to meet that? sfl will we be able to build out a system and have it available to that? yes. >> supervisor safai: they asked for the first report to be sometime in 2019. are you able to do that? >> we're collecting data from july 1st, so the data goes directly to the state. they are responsible for the reporting, and then, we will grab the data back and create a report here for the mayor's office, the board of supervisors, police commission and human rights commission. >> supervisor safai: actually, i see in here the first quarterly report is due august
4:48 pm
7, 2018. is that right, miss chisti? o [ inaudible ] >> supervisor safai: yeah, so when is it -- in your amendments here, when is the first report? i see a lot of different dates, beginning july 1, 2019, human rights commission, august 6, 2019. >> so the first report for the period from july 1st through december 31st, 2018 will be may 7th, 2019. >> supervisor safai: you guys based on what you guys have put up on the screen, will you be able to meet that? >> we believe so. >> supervisor safai: okay. that's it. that was my only question. >> to clarify your earlier question about the august 7, 2018, that's for the -- this is for the current report for 96(a), so the current data that we're collecting will expire after our last quarterly report for our local level august 7,
4:49 pm
2018. >> supervisor safai: great. okay. thank you. if we have any other questions, we'll call you back up. any members of the public wishing to comment on this item, please come forward. seeing none, public comment is closed. members of the committee have any questions or comments? seeing none, can we entertain a motion? >> supervisor yee: i'll go ahead and make this a motion to pass this on with a positive recommendation to the full board. you know, when i first read the title, i was shocked, not understanding why supervisor cohen was doing this, and when i got the explanation, it made a lot of sense. >> supervisor safai: thank you. >>commissioner stefani: i believe there were amendments. >> supervisor safai: do you have some amendments that you needed to talk through, miss chisti? >> i talked upon those amendments in my talking points. the amendments were the semiannual report, so the first
4:50 pm
two semi annual reports, and then quarterly thereafter. >> supervisor safai: so we would say then send to the full board, this ordinance as amended with positive recommendation. we can do that without objection. thank you. [ gavel ]. >> supervisor safai: any other matters before us today? >> clerk: that concludes our business for today. >> supervisor safai: thank you. we are adjourned.
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to shape the city's future. - thank you for considering a career with the city and county of san francisco. >> shop and dine the 49 promotes local businesses and changes san franciscans to do their shopping and dooipg within the 49 square miles by supporting local services within the neighborhood we help san francisco remain unique, successful and vibrant so where will you shop and dine the 49 hi in my mind a ms. medina .
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>> neighborhood in san francisco are also diverse and fascist as the people that inhabitable them we're in north beach about supervisor peskin will give us a tour and introduce is to what think of i i his favorite district 5 e 3 is in the northwest surrounded by the san francisco bay the district is the boosting chinatown oar embarcadero financial district fisherman's wharf exhibit no. north beach telegraph hill and part of union square. >> all of san francisco districts are remarkable i'm honored and delighted to
4:56 pm
represent really whereas with an the most intact district got chinatown, north beach fisherman's wharf russian hill and knob hill and the northwest waterfront some of the most wealthier and inning e impoverished people in san francisco obgyn siding it is ethically exists a bunch of tight-knit neighborhoods people know he each other by name a wonderful placed physically and socially to be all of the neighborhoods north beach and chinatown the i try to be out in the community as much as and i think, being a the cafe eating at the neighborhood lunch place people come up and talk to you, you never have time alone but really it is fun hi, i'm one the owners and is ceo of cafe trespassing in north beach
4:57 pm
many people refer to cafe trees as a the living room of north beach most of the clients are local and living up the hill come and meet with each other just the way the united states been since 1956 opposed by the grandfather a big people person people had people coming since the day we opened. >> it is of is first place on the west that that exposito 6 years ago but anyone was doing that starbuck's exists and it created a really welcoming pot. it is truly a legacy business but more importantly it really at the take care of their community my father from it was formally italy a fisherman and that town very rich in culture and music was a big part of it guitars and
4:58 pm
sank and combart in the evening that tradition they brought this to the cafe so many characters around here everything has incredible stories by famous folks last week the cafe that paul carr tennessee take care from the jefferson starship hung out the cafe are the famous poet lawrence william getty and jack herb man go hung out. >> they work worked at a play with the god fathers and photos he had his typewriter i wish i were here back there it there's a lot of moving parts the meeting spot rich in culture and artists and musicians epic people would talk with you and you'd get
4:59 pm
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