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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  May 2, 2018 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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i approve and i'm asking that you would join us in approving phase 2. which will give us, as linda said, the great opportunities, housing, the jobs, the businesses, that can come forth out of this. and, yes, there has been a mountain of despair with the toxic waste. there is still concern. i had a mother who suffered miscarriag miscarriages. i had ten miscarriages, lost six boys, four girls. so i'm concerned about that, but i'm also looking at the opportunity and the hope that this has for the community and the city. and out of a mountain of despair is a stone of hope and that hope is this redevelopment. and i pray that you will join us
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in approving phase 2. thank you. >> president hillis: thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners, tom, executive director of livable city. we saw a lot of information about the hunters point shipyard phase 2 plan, there is a lot to like about it, emulating thei e walkable neighborhoods, saving the fantastic buildings out there. the whole bulldoze and everything new, this was new redevelopment. and this is preserving a lot of the distinguished buildings out there. but i'm here to talk about the part of the plan that didn't get much coverage and that's the candlestick point portion. a lot of the hunters point, that's in the future. if you read the paper, 5,000 units of housing that were going
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to be built on the phase 2, the hunters point portion have been delayed indefinitely. i want to take you back to the earlier part of the meeting, housing, where do we build more housing? in the city, i think the answer is looking again at the candlestick portion, particularly the retail centre. they didn't show a lot of images about that, maybe they're embarrassed about it, and maybe they should be, because unlike this. there is a center, it's regional, automobile oriented retail, mostly single story that is going to occupy the candlestick portion. i look at the city's neetdz today, the retail needs in the city and think that should be housing. you need to ask the developer to say, that idea that was always dumb idea, is a lot dumber now.
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we have a mall on market street, and not one single tenant. maybe we're ok and we can focus on the real needs of the city which is housing. the other thing i want to talk about is 3rd street. it's been a while since the planning department has been out to talk to the bayview as a whole. but we're out there every year because we talk to the neighbors about planning and zoning. there is interest in revitalizing 3rd street. to have the recenter of the neighborhood to be 3rd street. to have locally owned businesses that are neighborhood serving. we feel like this retail, there is a lot of concern that the retail is going to kick 3rd street in the teeth again. by building all this competing retail, you're undermining one of the key paints of the bayview plan, before we looked at the
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redevelopment portion. if you go back to the bayview plan, the one that is in the general plan you'll see that the vision was retail spine, retail center on 3rd street next to the light rail and walkable. go ahead and approve it today, the shipyard piece, but [bell ringing] -- see if we can -- >> president hillis: next speaker, please. >> commissioners, i want to acknowledge the other trades here today. we tend to sit in the back of the bus, so there are folks from the plumbing trades, from the pipe fitters and painters, the ironworkers and the carpenters, just wave from the back, folks. thank you. we have been supporters of this project for a long, long while. i personally papered hundreds and hundreds of door knobs in
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san francisco with proposition g back in 2008 and we continue in support of it. i want to remind you of the history of mission bay, when it was first approved in the early 90s, at that time no one conceived of ucsf becoming part of that project. later it became an integral part of it. no one conseefceived of the warrior's arena. all of those things are serving the city of san francisco well. that is what you're seeing here today. when the 49ers departed for santa clara and we might want to feel grateful for that, given their relationship with the city of santa clara. i think we all wondered what would happen with the site in the shipyard to which the -- how much the stadium was originally
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planned to be built in replacement for the one that was to be torn down at candlestick. what you're seeing before you today is reimaging of the shipyard site and i agree, with regard to the excitement behind the reuse of the historic buildings. we look forward to working on this for the city. we ask you to approve the items before you today. >> president hillis: thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. my name is eloise patten. i'm a native of bayview hunters point and the chair on the cac, the legacy committee for the shipyard and the committee for the southeast facilities, so i'm deeply ingrained in the community. i want to encourage you to improve the project. one of the things unique about this is all of the improvements
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that have undergone for this phase. we're going to have increase of 10 acres of green space, which bayview needs, we don't have enough green space. they're going to have soft and hard shells. there is no other project in san francisco that will afford small businesseses the opportunity to actually set up in a brick-and-mortar, which is sorely needed. and the cherry on top of the cake is the increase in workforce development opportunities for people within the community, but the thing is, it's not just construction. over the years, we've been fighting about construction jobs, which is great, we need it and we need our brothers and sisters in labor to help us, but at the end of the day, permanent jobs for people that live in the area is ultimately very important. that has also increased. there is no good reason not to approve this plan today.
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thank you for listening to me. >> president hillis: thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> it's good to see you, i'm dr. honey cut, chair of the cac for the shipyard. i want you to know that the cac has reviewed and approved these plans. we have been in many, many meetings looking at various aspects of this. trust me when i tell you that. the plan is improved. i'm going to give you a couple of examples that we're excited about. there is a 0-160 ami for individuals and we really like the range of that affordability for folks who have no money. there is housing that is going to be available. for those who have resources there will be housing available for them as well. they have front loaded the
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affordable housing which has made it better for us in the community because then we don't have as much of the gentryification and an example of that is the alice griffith development. ification and an exf that is the alice griffith development. all you have to do is talk to the folks in the housing. one man told me he was so happy to be in housing, he found out it was available, he moved in, he said it was like going to heaven. i'm serious. this is how it impacts working class people, happy to be in housing that is new and out of dilapidated housing. the cac is excited about the new steam school coming to the neighborhood, made available because five point took commercial square footage away to dedicate to this educational
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institution. so we're very excited about that. because of course we want quality education for our young people. often times they're not receiving what they need in our typical schools, this is an advanced school for young people. this will be significant improvements to the plan, to the concept plan and we urge you to approve this plan. thank you very much. >> president hillis: thank you, doctor. any additional public comment on this item? you want to talk on this. go ahead. welcome. >> thank you very much, commissioners, my name is alex, i'm the manager of public policy for the san francisco chamber of commerce and we're here today to express support for the general plan amendment. we believe the project has done extensive community outreach and we're supportive of the updated master plan that adds new educational uses, commercial
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uses which really reflect the changing nature of the retail industry, so we're very supportive of the plan and hope you approve it. thank you very much. >> president hillis: thank you. any additional public comment? seeing none, we close public comment. commissioner moore. >> commissioner moore: it's amazing to see what 12 years can do. thank you for everybody speaking so supervisored about the changes -- informed about the changes. it is amazing to look at the plan of what it was and what it is. it is a great benefit of a plan to produce something that really presents the pulse on where we are today. i have to hand it to everybody that worked on it, the cac and cac assistant have a lot to do with how the plans changed. i have to hand it to planning on having a team that has been the
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same group of people attending to it over the years, which is an incredible strength in having institutional memory and follow through. i congratulate everybody. i think it's necessary to point out the wise leadership of five point because it was their great success in the implementation of phase 1, you see quality of commitment. you see a wise look at the larger issues, not just little things. i believe that the addition of a new set of eyes is incredibly important because i believe that the plan has -- in a general way and general vision of making it a more san francisco-like neighborhood. the previous plan from my eyes, and i'm careful not to get too heavily involved in the design, this plan is much more like a
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real san francisco neighborhood. the simple move of extending street grades with equitable views and participation of the bay, that comes as a natural scripture of how a good neighborhood works. i think it's essential. and do a simple geometry that is basically the strength of all of san francisco. let's be honest about that. the revisioning is one. las taking cues from -- also taking cues from successful plan of pier 70 is phenomenal. i looked at the quality of the historic buildings and i'm blown away by how simply reusing the buildings already assigned ideas of how to reuse them is adding strewning the plan, which -- strength to the plan which will take it out of the idea this is
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a new development, or expansion of the city. i'm so happy to see this plan. i'm so happy that also the attention to open space is sensitive. it deals with the real challenge of sea level rise. so artificially propping up buildings, pulling them back, you have a natural ability to deal with sea level rise without it becoming a sweat to your investment and how you live there. so all in all, i think the ideas are great. following briefly up, i think he hits the nail on the head, we agree on the maturing of the plan over the years, including how he observed and stated the changes in mission bay. i did talk with mr. about the concerns about hanging candlestick point on the idea of a retail center, knowing from across the country that retail
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centers are failing. he was very clear to me that is an idea which is being carefully reexamined and not having the entire success of this part of the development hang on what is already a dated idea. so really thinking about candidate, more about the innovation district which can change over time, without committing today what it will be today, is a response to my very question. so i'm comfortable that the general geometry, the disposition and what we're having here today, has my full support, fully approvable and i want to thank you and congratulations to all and everybody who has held this together without despairing and bringing it forward today so we can approve it. >> commissioner koppel: it's a treat to see where this project began and where it is today. it has been through, i don't
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know how many hearings, a lot of commissions and boards along the way. to the people that want to speed up the process and get things done as soon as possible, what we get from more time is better projects. and this is going to be a destination part of san francisco when it's done. i can't say more highly of what the developer has done on phase one and they're still delivering what they promised on phase 2. when you see mike here, that means the developer is committed to using all trades. all of the trades from san francisco will be building this project. what that means is there is more career pathways for san francisco residents. more career pathways for city-build graduates. these people will be getting paid a wage that might enable them to stay in san francisco. the 94214 has a lot of residents that are already in the trades.
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they have a lot of businesses that are in the construction industry. so it's just crazy to see where this part of town has come, even with the loss of one of our favorite sports teams, it is still blossoming and has a long way to go. we're going to keep investing with the five point investing. >> commissioner fong: i'm happy to have participated and followed this project for a number of years. the port commissioner while here, honored to participate in the vote. and so make a motion to approve. can we do them together? >> president hillis: we can. >> commissioner fong: motion to approve 14, a, b, c, d, thank you. >> seeing nothing further, there is a motion to recommend to the board of supervisors approval of the general plan amendments, the
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planning code amendments, findings for the redevelopment plan consistent with the general plan, as well as approval of the design for development documents. on that motion, fong aye, johnson aye, moore aye. richards aye. president aye. that motion passes unanimous. 6-0. [applause] >> president hillis: thank you all, congratulations. >> clerk: item 15 for 2016-001738. 1140-1150 -- excuse me those persons exiting the chambers, please do so quietly, we have additional business to attend to. this is conditional use authorization.
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good afternoon, president hillis and members of the commission, doug vu, staff. it's a quick for conditional use authorization for demolition of existing 75,625 square foot industrial building and the new construction of a 6 to 7 story, 65 feet tall, and 427,936 mixed
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use building, containing 6427 square feet of ground floor retail sales through six units that would have accessory dwelling use and up to 361, 91 bedroom, and four three-bedroom units. the project includes a mid block public pedally connecting harrison and alan streets. 29,815 square feet of usable space. a basement for 170 off-street parking spaces. and also three car share spaces and two vehicle parking spaces. also the project provides 372 class one bicycle parking spaces. and 48 class 2 bicycle spaces
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combined with street scape improvements. as part of the project, the existing brick wall along place and the north and east lot lines will be retained. under the previsions of the conditional use authorization for a major development requesting a height bonus in the western soma, the project is requesting exceptions from the planning code requirements for rear yard, permitted obstructions, dwelling unit exposure, off-street parking, off-street freight loading, measurement of height, height limits for narrow streets and alley. the department is supportive of the exceptions that are described in the findings of the draft motion. it's located in the south of market neighborhood within the west soma mixed use district which is comprised of low scale pdr uses that is intended to
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support light industrial, wholesale distribution, general commercial and neighborhood serving retail and personal service activities. while also protecting the existing housing and encouraging the development of housing at a scale and density that is compatible with the neighborhood. the immediately surrounding properties are housing to the north and west. a small mixed use building and hardware store in the north. industrial and small office buildings to the south. and an industrial building currently occupied by fedex to the east. nearby landmarks of the project include the victoria park, one block east. san francisco hall of justice, one block to the southeast and the u.s. court of appeals and social security administration buildings three blocks north. since the packet was published, the department received nine additional letters supporting the project, including the
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leather and lgbtq cultural district that were provided to you a few minutes ago. after analyzing all as peskin of the project -- aspects of the project, they find that the project is on balance, consistent with the policies of the general plan and the western soma community plan, because it is located in the zoning district that permits residential use, it will add 371 dwelling units to the housing stock. it's in appropriate mass, scale for the subject block and the identified light industrial and residential historic district. it's also compatible with the existing broader character of south of market. in addition to activate the block and create a pedestrian-friendly environment, the project will include significant street scape improvements, including a new mid block public pedally through
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the development that will improve access and safety. and finally the project complies with the first source housing program and will pay the appropriate impact fees. based upon these findings and those described in the draft motion, department staff recommends approval of the conditional use authorization with conditions. this concludes my presentation, but before the project sponsor addresses the commission, kate hartley, the director of the mayor's housing and community development is here and would like to explain how the project is complying with the inclusion affordable housing program. >> thank you and good afternoon. kate hartley. i just want to give you a little background on the affordable housing component of this development. so a few years ago my department approached the owners of the property called south beach marina apartments, also in district 6, about a mile away
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from 1140 harrison. this is a 414-unit development that was financed in the 1980s with tax exempt bonds and unlike our current housing program, in those days the affordability restrictions expired when the mortgage expired. so at south beach marina that meant that in 2015 the affordability restrictions for 101 units at the property were going to expire and what that meant, if it did in fact happen, was that 101 households were at serious risk of displacement, because rents overnight were going to go between $500 a month best case scenario, to $3,000. we want to thank the ownership of south beach marina apartment, because they were under no legal
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obligation to even engage with us. for cooperating and listening to our concerns and their representative drew fitzgerald was creative in coming up with a solution. the owners of the marina, it's a teachers pension fund in florida and so that also is a very compelling story about the need to do good asset management for retired teachers in florida. so we reached an agreement that we would protect permanently the affordability of south beach marina 101 units in exchange for an inclusion credit and the credit was sized based upon the value of not converting the south beach marina apartments from affordable to market rate, which the owner was allowed to do. and then we put in the agreement that the use of the credits had to assume 33% affordabilitied requirement for the project where the credits would be
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placed, which is the highest inclusion percentage. we think this is a great deal. we're thrilled that this will enable the residents of the south beach marine apartments to stay in our city. and again, we thank the owners of south beach marina and we're really hoping for your approval of the project, because it's a great agreement for affordable housing. thank you. >> president hillis: thank you. project sponsor? >> thank you. good afternoon, commissioners. i'm here today representing the hanover company, we're the developers of 1140 harrison. >> president hillis: can you go to the computer? >> i'm here today with john ennis of the architects, he'll
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be presenting with me today and steve vettel, who can answer question was the commission as well. i'm going to spend a few minutes with a quick overview of the project history. again a few attributes and then i'll turn it over to john to walk you through the building design. i want to start as kate hartley just acknowledged we're here because approximately three years ago, the residents of south beach marine apartments, some of whom i believe are here today, pushed the building ownership and city to find a way to save their homes. and the result of that effort was a historic agreement spearheaded by supervisor jane kim and the mayor's office of housing to allow the florida state board of administration to prepay future affordable housing fees by keeping those 101 units permanently affordable. and so we are equally thrilled to be here today to present the first project along with our
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partners in florida that helps lock in the affordable housing. and that project is 1140 harrison. so eight city blocks away from south beach marina, you can see highlighted there is the project on harrison between 7th and 8th. so the existing site is the former home of the german motor collision center. the collision center, the building is now vacant, the collision center moved last year. the owners of the business, are the same family who owns the property and this is not a case of repair business being displaced, but rather this is a story of a business that needed -- that outgrew its building, needed to expand in san francisco, and has moved their business to two new locations within the city, and they have expanded their footprint and employment base.
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so if you look at the building, you can see on the three pictures on the left is what is basically a one-story unremarkable stucco facade, but on the three pictures to the right is the existing brick facade of the original building which definitely had influence on the design that john will get into. really quickly, the project is 371 units over 6600 square feet of ground floor commercial space. we are western mixed use general and conforming to the standards with no major variance. we're seeking 170 spaces vehicle parking, including three car share which is ratio of 4.6 and over double of the bicycle spaces. unit mix, we have a range of
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studios through three bedrooms at 112 units to the acre. on the context, this is a view looking at the north in our neighborhood. we have three distinct groups of neighbors. we have the neighbors who back up to the wall. we have the brush neighborhood, a mix of residents with businesses in a quiet cul-de-sac. we have the berwick and heron which is eclectic mix. heron arts and mr. s leather. we've been meeting with all of the neighborhoods over two years, and the common thread, they all had unique feedback. but the common thread was preserving the brick wall which we are doing on three of our four sides of the building. and that which has a big influence on the architecture.
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due to the wall safe, we need to excavate the entire site for the geotechnical conditions of the site. and we have to build that space, where it's parking or not. so we're seeking the ratio along with the neighbors. and i believe with that, we talked about affordability, but we're here for questions. as far as community input, in addition to the neighbors, we've been meeting with community groups. we're pleased to be one of the first projects to work the new leather cultural district and we're pleased they're welcoming us into the neighborhood with project support. with that, i will turn it over to john.
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>> the slide on the rest of the plan and the image below represent a previous design that was brought to planning as the lpa submittal. it did not feature a mid block break and the design of the building was out of context with the neighborhood. and the soma district. that was around 2016 and 17. we came with a plan introducing a mid block break that connected the fulsome neighbors to the harrison neighbors and presented a design. we worked on the modern type of building that you see there on the lower right, didn't seem to reflect the neighborhood. the building should be more in context with the warehouse and the industrial style of soma, so
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introduced stone based masonry and some large format openings, more appropriate of a warehouse style building. the plan featured here, the yellow shows units. the blue are ground level commercial spaces with accessory residential and the red represent common areas. the mid block break is 30 feet wide and it connects these two neighborhoods and all these people, which are all right now disparate and unconnected and we feel our project with the mid block break is going to serve to connect all these different neighbors and new neighbors. this shows design features. this is the entrance on harrison to the mid block break. so it's very wide, welcoming. it's 30 feet wide, well lit. that will be open. there is a large industrial
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sculpture gate that will be maintained by the management, open in the morning, closed in the evening. this should be a very welcoming gesture. if you were to walk through the gate, now you're in the mid block break looking toward harrison and we're go to lushly landscape it and have court yards onto the mid block break expanding the access to the sky and light and air. if you turn to the north and continue down on this, we talked a lot with staff on the design. we have privacy screens that allow the tenants on the left of the image to have a courtyard. it is also accessible to the mid block break and we've done the privacy in a sculpture way. you can see down beyond the opening in the existing building to fulsome street. we'll continue down.
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as you were to continue walking done the mid block break. we have stoop units that access the mid lock break. we put all the leasing offices, the main entrance is off the mid block break. we really took a lot of time to create like a three, or four-foot space on top of the parking garage. to allow full tree planting. we want to create the image that you're walking not on top of the parking garage, but down a city street. so if you were to continue down to the end of the mid block break and look back, as you're approaching the project from folsom street, we're taking away the door now, that will be open in perpetuity. so it's very inviting experience
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at the end of this currently dead end alley. if you're to walk around the approach the building -- i'll finish this slide and i'll be done. >> you have 30 seconds. >> we transition the architecture on the berwick alley to break down, more bay windows, the size of the windows go down and you can see where we're saving the existing building. the graffiti is something that is there now and highly respected piece of graffiti that is never painted over and we want to save that. we're here for questions. >> thank you. so we will open this up for public comment. i have a number of speaker cards. [reading of names] you can come
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up in any order. go ahead, sir, if you want to come forward. >> if your name has been called, feel free to approach. >> good afternoon. my name is david, i'm on the board of the san francisco bay area leather alliance and i've been active with the group that is working to establish the leather and lgbtq cultural district in soma. the mission of our group includes the goal of creating an atmosphere of safety, creativity, vitality and prosperity for present and future neighborhood participants, organizations, institutions and commercial activity within the district. i'm pleased to note that the developers of the 1140 harrison project have listened and responded to our needs and concerns and agreed to help us achieve those goals to make sure that their new residents are informed about the nature of our community and help them to be open to its rich diversity and
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appreciative of its unique flavor and culture. we know that building new housing is essential to meet the needs of the many people who want to live in san francisco. it is our hope you will approve this conditional use authorization request and help improve our city. >> president hillis: thank you, sir. next speaker, please. >> good day. i am the president of the san francisco bay area leather alliance as well as the president of the girls of leather, i'm active participant in the development of the leather cultural district. both on the governance and the legislation committee. i'm here on behalf of the leather and cultural lgbtq district. the district was formed with a vision to enjoy and commemorate and protect those rooted in the leather district and its diverse and marginalized people.
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we are pleased to support the project. we've been in conversation with hanover about its plans to replace the vacant auto repair place with a new mixed use building. we understand that plans include rental units, ground floor commercial space and preservation of existing portion of the brick wall fronting the berwick place and hallen street. they've been engaged in ongoing discussions with the hanover company. the hanover company understands the historical importance of south of market neighborhood and we look forward to it. we would like to thank the hanover company of the generous support of the vision. i'm pleased to support the leather lgbtq district and strongly urge the approval 0 the 1140 harrison street project.
3:41 am
thank you. >> president hillis: thank you. >> good afternoon, i live in affordable unit at south beach marine apartments. i'm here on behalf of 100 residents who live in south beach marine apartments. although many of the tenants could not attend today, i would like the residents here to stand up and would like to submit a petition requesting your approval of the 1140 harrison street project. the south beach marine ownership has been working with jane kim and mayor's office of housing to save our affordable housing units. this resulted in a historic agreement that ensures affordability of over 100 units. building ownership intends to use the credits to meet the affordable housing requirement for the 1140 harrison street
3:42 am
project. this project is proposing the addition of 371 new rental units to san francisco's housing stock while also protecting existing affordable housing and preventing the displacement of san francisco families. the only way for the families who live in the units to have housing security and for the units to continue to be affordable forever is for this deal to be approved. please vote in favor of 1140 harrison street in saving our affordable housing. thank you. >> president hillis: thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello. my name is... i live in south beach marine apartments with my parents for 17 years, i'm renting one unit and my parents live in a different unit. we both rent below market rate units. i'm here in strong support of the project because it will allow us to keep our affordable housing. especially, i'm a small business owner and if i have to move, it will destroy not only my
3:43 am
business, but i cannot afford to live in san francisco. my parents are in late 70s, my mom with alzheimer's, so if they had to move into a place, even if the city finds a unit for them, it will destroy my mother, she cannot adapt. it's extremely important for me to stay in the unit that is familiar. i'm asking you to approve the project. >> president hillis: thank you. >> hi, good afternoon, i'm one of the residents of south beach marina apartments. i'm a working mother raising two kids in san francisco, trying to, as a working mother, i struggle with serious student loans as well as affordable childcare within san francisco. so being able to reside at south
3:44 am
marine beach aapartments has been essential to allowing my family to remain. and i really am appreciative for being able to raise my kids in a city like san francisco, so i would like to be able to stay here. the community within south beach marine apartments is amazing. it has been like a second family for my children. they see maria and they love them, they're like additional family. so it's really nice to have an apartment complex like that within san francisco that has such a good community feel. so approving the 1140 harrison project will be essential to maintain that community in south beach, so i'm in favor to support the project. >> president hillis: next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, president and
3:45 am
members of the planning commission. thank you for allowing me to speak today. i'm a union carpenter and live in san francisco, speaking in support of the 1140 harrison street project. this project will allow carpenter like myself to continue to live in the city of san francisco and continue my career moving toward retirement which is very important to me. it will help me provide the necessary -- with the necessary income to provide for my family. i strongly support this. i'm in complete support of this development and ask that you move forward with the project, please. >> president hillis: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, president, fellow commissioners. i'm field representative with carpenters local 22. i'd like to thank you for the opportunity to allow me to speak this afternoon on behalf of our 3500 members. i'm here to voice our support for the proposed development at
3:46 am
1140 harrison street that will ensure creation of carpentry trade construction opportunities. the hanover company has committed to working with our membership in carpentry trade contractors and subcontractors on this project. the project we understand is the direct result of extensive community outreach and is supported by both the langston and hall am street neighbors. they intend to transport the site to a vibrant pedestrian-friendly mixed use development adding 371 rental units to san francisco's housing stock. we applaud plans to meet with the project's affordable housing requirements through preservation of over 100 affordable units at the south beach marina apartments and preventing the displacement of san francisco families. we support the proposal requesting 170 parking spaces
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with conditional use which is significantly lower than the most recently approved residential developments in the neighborhood. with the hanover's company commitment to the san francisco workers, the carpenter's union, we strongly encourage you to support the project. >> president hillis: thank you. next speaker, please. >> commissioners, member of the audience, good afternoon. my name is robert. my house is immediately adjacent to the northern property line of the proposed development at 1140 harrison. i'm speaking to you on behalf of jerry wolf, who has been engaged with hanover since the inception of the project. because of jerry's extensive involvement with the project and the neighborhood at large, i've come to call him the mayor of brush and hallam streets.
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he wanted to be here, but had travel plans that could not be changed. the neighbors through jerry have had open dialogue with hanover sin the beginning of hanover's involvement in the project. the design changed a few times over the last two years, and with each change, hanover reached out to discuss the design and any impact on hallam and brush streets. they balanced the alley connecting hallam street to harrison street by preserving the existing brick wall along the northern property line, which was important to the neighborhood. hanover introduced a large courtyard on the northern property line which along with the alley serve to reduce the massing next to the neighborhood. hanover incorporated open space on the 6th floor to further reduce the impact of height and
3:49 am
shadow. hanover made commitments to our hallam brush neighborhood reflected in an agreement with working hours, noise, construction access through hallam street. we've had a long and open dialogue to get to this point and hanover was very respectful, even accommodating to many of our concerns. thank you. >> president hillis: thank you. >> good afternoon, housing action coalition, happy to join the chorus in support today. 371 homes. the soma plan is making a lot of sense as kate hartley explained, the affordable housing is a creative solution. we really do appreciate the creativity. i'm going to jump in my notes, because a lot has been already said. one thing specifically impressed
3:50 am
with was the urban design related to that alley activation. thought that the architects and teams and neighbors got together and figured something out that as you can see, seems to be working for everybody which isn't always the situation unfortunately. so i ask that you approve the project and move it forward here today. >> president hillis: thank you. next speaker, please. hello, my wife owns the building at 176-180 langton street, had it for ten years. and it's really our little oasis in soma and we wanted to mention our support for this project, because all the work hanover has done to really retain the brick wall that is in the back of our property, there was a previous sdmrien that talked about having windows in a depressed area.des
3:51 am
windows in a depressed area. our tenants like it, we like it, we have children and obviously having 371 additional units in the neighborhood is going to be terrific, because our biggest problem is blight and homeless on our street. and the fact that so many people actually live in front of our door every day. we have to kind of step over homeless people and there are people shooting up with heroin and all kinds of other things. we're hoping that 371 additional houses in the neighborhood is going to get more attention to langton street and the environment around. hanover has done their part and we appreciate that and look forward to having them as a neighbor and addition to our community. >> president hillis: any additional public comment on this item? seeing none, we'll open it up for -- are you testifying on this? no. ok. thank you. we'll open up to commissioner
3:52 am
comment. >> commissioner moore: i think this is a wonderful project. i've seen it in previous iterations and i think it has matured to the extent that it really fits well into its context. working with the neighborhood has created great results, and normally we all have to fight hard for. it addresses the issue of affordability in an important way, a challenge i was unaware of and was shocked when i read through the back dpround of south beach and what is required for us to save that affordable housing building this one. i think it's a great move. i appreciate the mayor's office and really anticipating and creating a situation where that can be done. i hope this project comes online quickly. i think it is amazing to see a project of this size, that deals with court yards, alleyways, et cetera to make it fit well into the context and meet the various
3:53 am
conditions described in the presentation. i looked at the issue of bedrooms, now seeing rented out unit plans, i'm comfortable with that because the depth ratio on the rooms is exactly what we needed to be access to the bedrooms is close to windows, which makes it possible. i saw earlier iteration with the court yards, where they were too deep to get sufficient light into the corner units where you have two units. that has been changed. i find the project actually very interesting, comfortable and hope it can be built soon. it has my full support. >> president hillis: thank you. i would agree with most of the comments. are we facing this issue of separation of affordable units elsewhere?
3:54 am
are we coming up with unique approaches to it? >> we have unique approaches to every expiring project and so far, so good, batting a thousand and i don't think we're going to be back with this particular model, but we're taking care of affordability, whether through permanent protections or long-term extended affordability. >> president hillis: how many units in total city-wide have this expiration? >> in the last four years, we have been working on about 450 units that expired. >> president hillis: thank you and appreciate the developers working with the city to fix this. i like the design, i like the site plan. the only thing, we talked about this, was just i would hope in the interim you would work with staff. because on the alleyway entry, it reads more like a rear entry than it is does to a public alley and that double floor
3:55 am
height, i don't know if it's because of the sieps there or the entry are one story, the back reads more like a double floor height where the mid block of that reads like that double floor height. that's a great tee feature. the overall site plan is perfect, i was just asking in the period of you designed, you work with staff on strengthening that as a public corridor and not just the entry to the public. >> commissioner richards: not to belabor the point, i like the unique way we're approaching stabling residents in the south beach marina apartments and i had the same question what else is coming our way to terms of expiring affordable. you answered that. i love the design, it breathes life into an area that doesn't have a lot of life. it's a little barren back there. i think incorporating into the
3:56 am
design of the building is a great and elegant way to have the old with the new. i want to call out this setback, however small, is really a great thing because we had a building in the mission that i absolutely hated where they kept the brick wall and pasted it onto the new building and it did not look like. i know mr. vettel had a project on 7th street that emulate this had saving and that was elegant. let's get the thing built. i move to approve. >> second. >> clerk: there is nothing further. a motion to approve the matter? fong aye, johnson aye, koppel aye, moore aye, richards aye. that motion passes unanimously, 6-0. commissioners that will place on item 16, 2016-000556 cua, 284
3:57 am
roosevelt way. this is conditional use authorization. >> good afternoon, planning staff. the project at 284 roosevelt proposes to legalize the tantamount to demolition of the existing single-family home, and to permit the construction of an three story over garage.
3:58 am
the commission must grant conditional use authorization for the department livings. -- demolition. in your e-mail from the commission secretary, is information regarding an agreement between the project sponsor and concerned neighbors regarding this project. i do have copies if you did not receive the e-mail. the sponsor met with the neighbors earlier this week and agreed to increase the third floor setback from 15 feet to 17 feet, to reduce the depth of the roof deck from 5-10 feet and confirmed that all will be clad in rustic siding. these changes are reflected in the plan. prior to the death of the previous owner and subsequent sale of 2011. and again in 2013.
3:59 am
and has remained vacant since that time. as the project moved into constucks in 2015, there were several neighbor complaints regarding the tantamount to demolition. both the planning in late 2015 and early 2016 requested suspension of all building permits. the present property owner and project sponsor purchased the subject property as abandoned and parkly frame -- partially framed project in 2017. the planning department has reviewed the design of the proposal and comments have been incorporated into the project design, including the revised options as of earlier this week. the department recommends approval of the project as
4:00 am
conditioned in provided motion and finds that the project is on balance consistent with the objectives and policies of the general plan. no tenants will be displaced as a result of the project. and the project will not result in net loss of dwelling units on the property and instead will provide two, two-family sized dwellings. that concludes my presentation. i'm available for questions. >> president hillis: thank you. project sponsor, welcome. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i'm one of the project owners at 284 roosevelt. like our planner just said, we bought the project last year, somebody had exceeded demo. so it was illegally demoed structure, but it was a single-family home. we worked with staff, residents in the neighborhood early, de