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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  May 2, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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so this audit will talk about the available services within the department of public health but it will also talk about many of the partnering non-profit organizations, like institute familia, all my family, those living in group homes, those in our criminal justice system and in our hospital system, what are the available services, what is the level of service and what type of services are available to those particularly dealing with chronic illness and mental health disorders on our streets. the rest i submit but we are asking for a hearing to review the performance audit of the department of public health and behavioral health services in particular. and then later on we will come back to another thing i'm co-sponsoring with president breed. the rest i submit.
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>> thank you, supervisor, you would like to be referred at the end? >> supervisor safai: i will speak at the end. >> supervisor sheehy? >> supervisor sheehy: i want to salute supervisor kim for the compton and [inaudible] district she has done preserving the culture in our community. i see this as an additional move to really preserve the history and culture of the castro neighborhood and highlight the structures and sites important to the history of the l.g.b.t. community. it's no wonder that the castro is known worldwide for being a center of the l.g.b.t.q. community for half a century. it's a beacon of hope. people come to san francisco to the castro seeking, safety, acceptance and a family they
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create of their own. with the creation of the castro l.g.b.t.q., i hope to protect this enclave from the many challenges through the rapidly changing community, so the castro could be the heart of the l.g.b.t.q. movement as it progresses well into the future. and the rest i submit. >> thank you. madam president? >> president breed: thank you, assembly bill 2888. this bill introduced by assembly member phil tang, under the current law only immediate family and law enforcement are covered, this bill would expand those eligible to file a restraining order to co-workers, employees of secondary and postsecondary schools. a gun restraining order for a
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person who shows to pose a danger. we know the federal government isn't taking action on these issues but fortunately our state law makers have heard the calls from their constituents. in the chambers, you have seen students from lewell high school. these movements are changing the narrative and bills like 2888 are coming from the voices of those who want change. we have seen over 500 workplace homicides each year and 2014-2017 there were over 1300 mass shootings. as a city we could only legislation a fraction but supporting our legislators who have the power to approve bills like ab 2888 is essential to moving the needle on this issue. san francisco is celebrating small business week may 14th-19th, concludes shopping
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and dining in merchant corridors may 19th, this year, obviously. joint effort lead by the san francisco council of district merchants, shop and dine and office of small business. i'm pleased to sponsor this year's legislation that authorizes waiving the public work fees for temporary work occupancy permits to support 15 merchant corridors throughout our city. this is the 12th year the board of supervisors has sponsored the ordinance. the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor. supervisor tang. >> supervisor tang: thank you, i submit legislation to amend home s.f. today i am joined by co-sponsor supervisor safai trying to make changes to the program that would be temporary in nature through running through january 1st 2020 so that we could encourage more project sponsors to take advantage of home s.f.
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such as programs like the state density bonus law which say lot more generous but doesn't come with all the different requirements that home s.f. requires here in san francisco. and so we have made a number of changes such as creating three different tiers for affordability requirements as well as ensuring a quicker time line for planning commission consideration of the projects. i think it's important we spend a long time trying to craft a very balanced piece of legislation that reflects a lot of what we believe here in san francisco and i hate to see so many of these projects are opting for a state density bonus law instead because it is far more generous. so with that, i also have a resolution, recognizing may 6-12th as acoustic neuroma awareness week. this was brought to my
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attention by former legislative aide john lau, he will be at the board next week, i believe to speak on this item. with that, i submit. >> thank you, supervisor. supervisor yee you submit? madam president? >> president breed: i'm introducing a resolution to approve the renovation of the tennis center clubhouse in golden gate park as well as to accept a $24 million grant to make this possible. the tennis center is located in district 5 and has been serving my constituents as well as the entire city and county of san francisco for over 100 years. the grant which generously donated through the san francisco parks alliance and the $3 million already approved by our recreation and parks commission will help facilitate improvements through the 124-year-old tennis center including a 7500 square foot clubhouse, 17 new u.s. tennis
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association standard tennis courts and the city's first dedicated pickle ball court. the new clubhouse will also have dedicated ping pong tables for indoor recreation, i'm sure mayor lee would have loved that. and importantly this renovation will support the expansion of the tennis and learning center. the tennis and learning center has developed a strong partnership with hamilton recreation center and rosa parks elementary school which i attended. through these partnerships local students have received one-on-one tutoring, additional parent engagement and tennis instruction. this new facility will serve middle school students throughout the city where they can receive over 10 hours of personalized tutoring and five hours of tennis instruction every single week. additionally the new lighting on all of the courts will allow for an additional 20,000 hours of play time each year.
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meaning our kids and families will have more access and time to play in a safe and clean space year round. i would like to thank my colleagues who are sponsoring this legislation along with my co-sponsoring this legislation today, including supervisor safai, supervisor fewer, supervisor tang and supervisor stefani, and i would like to thank the san francisco parks alliance and tennis coalition, parks and rec department for listening to our community's needs for this site and this project, i've seen the plans for it, it looks absolutely amazing. and will be a shining jewel in golden gate park. i also, especially, want to thank all the dedicated people who raise the funds for this particular project to make this
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possible. and with that i would like to offer the floor to supervisor safai to talk about this particular item before i move onto my second item. >> supervisor safai: thank you, president breed. you thanked everyone and went over the history of the project, it's phenomenal. let me say to have a $24 million private foundation gift from multiple individuals to help promote a sport you literally can play until the day you die. i'm a life long tennis player, i'm an enthusiast. my grandfather played tennis until he was 96 years old. he brought me on the court when i was five and a half, in the freezing cold in the northeast and taught me how to play tennis and those lessons have stayed with me until this day. there are so many different things i want to hand onto my children but i'm so excited they are already at 6 and 7
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years old tennis enthusiasts. we have a wonderful coach in our neighborhood, coach joe. president breed, you met him just recently. he is a wonderful, wonderful coach. but i would just say in the context of this tennis center, this allows for the expansion of children and families to have access to a very, very valuable sport. and it's one thing to have a tennis court in your neighborhood, which we are very excited that the department of recreation and parks has done work all over the city resurfacing but to have programming and have individuals that will be teaching young people in after-school settings and summer settings. i can tell you, we went through the process with our children and they are very limited. not as many as you would imagine opportunities for children in this city. so to have a focused center, which by the way will have a center court, ability to have
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championship games and tournaments, which is something unique that we don't have already. this is going to be a phenomenal, phenomenal asset for the city of san francisco. so i want to commend rec and park director phil ginsberg, the friends of the san francisco tennis center, supervisor fewer, tang, and leadership of supervisor and president breed on this wonderful, wonderful asset we will be handing down for generations to come, hopefully for the next 100 years in this city. i'm a proud co-sponsor of this and really i'm excited to see this implemented. thank you. >> president breed: thank you, supervisor safai. the second item i wanted to talk briefly, as supervisor peskin already touched on was the bond to fund needed improvements to our sea wall. as this body's representative on the capital planning committee, i have been deeply involved in the planning and discussion for this bond. now, i know that most people may not enjoy spending money on
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something that you can't actually see. we have huge weeds in our city from homelessness, housing and public safety, but sometime dollars it's the infrastructure we can't see that makes all the other things possible, that makes daily life in our city possible, the role of the embarcadero sea wall. our precious waterfront in downtown san francisco are regional and even state wide significant. this bond is critical to begin the work of making sure that the sea wall protects us not only from sea level rise but from the significant earthquake we know will come one day. it's scary to think of what could happen if we don't get this done. we only have to look at the devastation of things like the super storm sandy and new york
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or hurricane katrina in new orleans to know that there could be devastating impacts if we don't think about infrastructure in a responsible way and get the job done. so i'm looking forward to placing this on the november ballot and making sure that we get it passed by voters, so we could get the important work of the sea wall done to protect our infrastructure for years to come. and with that, colleagues, the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, madam president. supervisor cohen? thank you. supervisor fewer? > supervisor fewer: yes. thank you very much. i just wanted to speak a little about the golden gate park tennis center and how thrilled i am to be sponsoring with president london breed on this legislation. this will serve seniors and pickle ball players living in my district, district 1. this will be the first dedicated pickle ball court and
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will increase access through online reservations and new design will create a larger community. i want to thank everyone who was a part of this, because i know this was a huge endeavor and also this is a gift, i think, to the city and county of san francisco. thank you. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor. supervisor kim? >> supervisor kim: thank you, today is the first day of asian pacific islander month. face the challenge of securing legal information and support because of language barriers. there are many small property owners doing their best to follow the laws in san francisco about owning and renting but finding an attorney who understands complicated tenant housing laws and working for your best interest isn't always easy especially when
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english isn't your first language. when you are trying to do the right thing and following the law, language shouldn't be an obstacle to your path. a few years ago the city initiated a program for small business owners being sued for accessibility violations under the americans with disability act. corridors of mom and pop owners in san francisco, mostly non-english speaking didn't understand why they were being sued and didn't know how to find affordable legal help and what financial assistance was available to support compliance with laws, which of course we want all our members of our city to abide by. i have been approached by members in the community who want to do the same thing for small property owners. they want to continue to rent their property on the housing market while following the law to be an honest landlord but don't want to incur liability and high cost that result when there's a conflict between
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landlord and tenants, especially when they have difficulty understanding the rules but similar to the situation with a.d.a., most non-english speaking property owners tell me they don't understand what they are doing wrong and need help when it comes to being a responsible and reasonable landlord. they need help when it comes to using legislation drafted a few years ago, that allows them to build accessory dwelling unit or help and support legalizing these units if they have them already in place. to save tenants the grief and stress of conflicts with landlords who want to do the right thing we could save our rent board of situations we can't arrive at positively but we can help our community so these conflicts don't start. both helping the tenants and landlords. i have asked the city attorney's office to create a program.
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i have also asked to create a program to provide rebates or funds to small property owners who want to legalize or build an accessory dwelling unit on their property in san francisco but have been discouraged by the potential front end costs of building or legalizing these units. we also want to understand how additional property taxes that incur when their house grows in value due to the new additional dwelling unit can impact their property value and construction costs. i'm putting forward a new legal resources and educational program connecting residents with legal education, information counseling and mediation services in multiple language such as chinese and spanish. no one should be afraid to advance and enforce their rights because they can't find help in their language and
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these two new programs will support small property owners in the city trying to help address the need for more housing by both putting up properties on the market and legalizing or building additional units in their backyards. thank you very much, and the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor kim. madam president, that concludes the introduction of new business. >> president breed: thank you, madam clerk. please read public comment. >> clerk: at this time the public may address the entire board of supervisors for up to two minutes on items within the subject matter jurisdiction on the board to include 37-43. public comment is not allowed when an item has been previously subject to public comment pursuant to the board's rules direct your remarks to the board as a whole, not to the individual members of the board and not to the audience. speakers using interpretation assistance will be allowed twice the amount of time to testify and if you would like to display a document on the
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overhead projector please state such to sfgovtv and when you would like to remove it to return to the live meeting. >> president breed: first speaker, please. >> then he began to rebuke the cities which most of his mighty works had been done because they did not repent. woe to you, the mighty works which were done in you had been done in sydon they would have been done long ago in sack cloth. they never heard and saw what jesus said and did. and you capernaum.
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we have a land filled with churches, there are still many churches that still preach the word of god so we have been exalted to heaven. think about that, mike pence came into our city. i thank god for mike pence and the n.r.a. and for guns and the constitution and shame on you folks. you need to get saved. i sometimes think about that, if even one of you got saved it would cause an earthquake in san francisco, it really would. it goes on a new capernaum would go to hell, if the mighty works which were done in you had been done in sodom it would have remained until this day but i say to you it shall be more tolerable for the land of sodom of the day of judgment than you, so christ will resurrect the people that were killed with fire and brimstone and they didn't know much about
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god compared to those who heard christ. now we have churches filled with homosexuals. certainly, jesus is coming back. we kicked a guy out of our church for committing adultery, it wasn't that we hated him. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> i don't think jesus would approve of those comments, personally. my name is amy fairway. founder of -- there's been talk of had looming earthquake. what would we do if there was an earthquake and 3,000 were displaced. we could create 150 20-person transitional villages throughout the city on under utilize land with license agreement, structure and on site support services.
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we could do that. how much did the city spend for d.p.w. and s.f.d. to shuffle homeless individuals from block to block. the answer $30 million. what if we invested $30 million into 150 20-person transitional villages with all those amenities. what if we had community integrated response? this could prepare us for what we would do in the event of an earthquake, i don't know if any of the supervisors know this, raise your hand if you do, there's a rockefeller foundation report, the resiliency cities. in it, we say we would create villages to respond to an earthquake with community integrated support and services. and so let's be forward-thinking. the people in this room, many of you are responsible for
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making mark farrell our mayor. let's remember that mark farrell just moved people and took away their tents without having a place to go. everybody in this room is accountable. everybody in this city is accountable for what's happening on our streets. we can do better. we can say this is a crisis and we have one-to-one support for safe organized spaces for everyone on the street. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> hi. good afternoon, supervisors, once again thank you for having me here in the building of the people at city hall. supervisors of san francisco, my name is thomas stollmar. too many people -- too many people on the earth. too few who hold the oak door open and nod to the passing
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stranger as the passing god. look from the stars and you will see where to this hungry fungus man has spread his drab compactions, for his ease in grace is petrified as fruit is on a scab. famished, men will push and fight like beasts. no grandeur then, no high design epic dream. this is not fancy, this is death-bed true. those are the words of the poet max eastman and i remind you all of where you live and what the purpose of this city is and
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i thank you for following through on that purpose. and i would like to offer and propose the creation of quality of living advisory board in this city because we know the quality of living has gone down the toilet for those who work for a living, not just rich people like ms. feinstein or someone who lives in the village. i'm a carpenter, thank you very much. >> president breed: -- >> clerk: thank you for your comment, sir. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, robert elliott lewis. happy mayday. this is the start of may, and may is among many things, mental health month, i wear lime green because it's sort of the color that our state mental health agencies have designated as our color the way yellow for the troops, red for aids and green for mental health and as we proceed with mental health
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groups and as more discussions are had on our conservative bill sb 35 i hope you will have a public hearing dedicated to this. when you talk about taking away people's civil liberties it's a serious thing and i think the public should have a chance to weigh in, i will personally weigh in individually to the supervisors with ideas to approve this legislation, i think it's going to go forward and it looks like it might, i think it can be improved and made more humane, i hope you will listen, a delegation i will bring from the mental health community. it's a serious thing and yet there are heartbreaking cases on the street. people clearly gravely disabled and falling through the cracks who do need help and i understand the desire to help these people but i think there's a right way to do it and a better way to do it and we aren't quite there yet with
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what's been proposed so i hope you consider this public hearing on sb 1045 and i hope you will be willing to meet with me and my delegation. thank you so much for your time, i'm finishing before my time is up. thanks, bye. >> clerk: thank you, kindly. next speaker, please? >> good afternoon, my name is anan [inaudible], i ask for support on 180 420 regarding the police m.o.u. i want to thank supervisors fewer and ronen for introducing and the full board for supporting it. we urged the city to take a bold negotiating stance with the p.o.a. city proposal number 22 is a bold but reasonable proposition. it is supported by chief scott. it is supported by the a.c.l.u.
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it would help expedite the unanimously supported d.o.j. recommendations. if you pass this resolution today, let me be clear it has to be passed today to fit within the window of arbitration it would make clear to the arbitration board chair this contract isn't just about dollars and cents. it's about safety, it's improving and modernizing policing in the city. p.o.a. leadership is upset these negotiations haven't been business as usual in its may bulletin it engages in typical divisive rhetoric, cherry picking facts and arguments they haven't challenged the d.o.j. recommendations. this further divides police and community and another example of our concerns that in the absence of a contract term, like city proposal number 22, the p.o.a. would have free reign to block, delay or weaken the recommendations.
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please pass this. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors, my name is julian gross, i'm a san francisco resident and attorney with policy link working with no justice, no deal coalition. i also want to urge you to support the resolution pertaining to the police contract negotiations. i wanted to speak briefly on a legal point that's come up in some of the public communications around this. this is a question whether proposal number 22 is any tension with state law or normal labor practices. the city recommendation 22, city's proposal coming from this administration with the support of the board, we hope is that simply the p.o.a. agree in the future to meet and confer over policy changes that come out of policy reform process to implement the d.o.j. recommendations but they waive their right to take those
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changes to a closed door arbitration process where they won't have final control what policies they want. the concept that as part of voluntary labor agreement, a union could agree, as well establish and there are a couple instances in the current contract, nobody would be forcing the p.o.a., it's not with labor law, it's something they have done before or even in the current contract, i just want to really support the city or urge you to support the team in the city in, as my predecessor said keeping in mind this isn't just about dollars and cents this is about a reasonable proposal from the city and it really is going to validate the incredible amount of work put in the d.o.j. reforms to preserve the city's ability to enact them thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please.
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>> i believe that's voluntary access to resources beneficial as long as they don't lead to rent seeking in the form of mandatory course requirements for landlords to attend and pay for, or landlord licensing which may be, i believe, something that senator in sacramentos are trying to cobble together. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, my name is father john, director of saint james e episcopal church. i'm here to urge your unanimous support urging the arbitration board to incorporate city proposal number 22 in the m.o.u. between the city and county of san francisco and san francisco police officers association. proposal 22 is necessary to
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ensure timely implementation of the u.s. department of justice recommendation for reform of the s.f.p.d. these reforms are universally endorsed by city leaders and enjoy wide spread public support. the only barrier to implementation has been the p.o.a. the fact sergeant tony montoya was sued for police brutality in the travis hall case and disciplined by the police commission after he was accused of covering up beating of a handcuffed suspect tells us everything we need to know. they aren't even trying to look like they care about it. while p.o.a. president martin halloran laments they should have worked things out with
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contract negotiations, i support you for a more transparent process. police union contracts should not be matters for back room deals behind closed doors. police officers are public employees subject to democratic oversight and accountability. at least they should be. please unanimously support city proposal number 22 to ensure meaningful police reform accountability and public safety. no justice, no deal. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> it might be informative for you supervisors to remind you while making police contract. insulted the former close friend mayor mark farrell because he insulted them by daring to link their pay raise to a concession aimed at
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getting a minimal degree of cooperation from them in the s.f.p.d. reform process. when chief scott dared to tell the truth about proposition h calling their scheme to overturn the commission's policy on tasers in favor of a far looser standard, the antithesis of collaborative reform called for by obama's d.o.j., they insulted him by calling him an abject failure, someone without a mind of his own who had been played like a cheap fiddle. then police commission president suzy loftis in a slick public relations campaign. when she dared to speak out about racism they insulted and attacked officers for yolanda
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williams. when officers did their duty and reported acts of misconduct that they witnessed they insulted them by labeling them snitches. when she backed a mild non binding resolution on the need to address police relations on communities of color they insulted supervisor cohen by telling her, you must have lost your mind. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> hi, my name is lauren. i was born and raised here in san francisco. my dad and my grandparents were born and raised in chinatown. i'm a resident of district 3. supervisor peskin, i called your office yesterday and asked if you were supporting this resolution, city proposal 22
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and i was told you have no public opinion. i hope you vote yes on it. i want to urge all of you to support this resolution. i have deep roots in san francisco and i have been out to rallies where we have been supporting the families of people who have been killed by police, like mario woods, alex, lopez, i have seen the pain of the friends and family of these people and i really believe if the police had been implementing these reforms that these young men would not have been killed. i've been to police commission meetings with the p.o.a. is clearly against the reforms. it really breaks my heart to see that. so i hope you support this resolution. sorry, this is the first time i've been to a board of supervisors meeting. i'm just learning to use my voice. so i want to know that i could
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be heard. i also wanted to speak out against the sweeps of the tent encampments. sorry. that's also broken my heart. i went out to, oh my gosh, sorry, i'm really nervous. i went out to fisherman bryant wednesday morning and, sorry. [sobbing] >> clerk: it's okay. just breathe. >> help for real solutions and not just sweeping them out of their tents and giving them nowhere to go. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. thank you. next speaker, please? >> [speaking in spanish]
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>> hi, i'm margaret thatcher and i will be translating, i'm daisy martin with [inaudible] action. >> [speaking spanish] >> what's just happened in the community is causing a lot of frustration in the community. >> [speaking spanish] >> [through interpreter:] and i think that every institution needs a reform. >> [speaking spanish] >> [through interpreter:] i've seen as a catholic there's been reforms in my religion. and the purpose of a surgeon is to save life and know how to use their instrument. >> [speaking spanish]
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>> [through interpreter:] every institution needs to know its instruments and how to use them. and so i want there to be changes in the laws. the reform is necessary that we have been asking for. and all the changes are necessary, they aren't equal. so in our community we are supporting these reforms. thank you.
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>> clerk: [speaking spanish] >> good afternoon, supervisors, i'm margaret stafford part of the no justice, no deal coalition, i will speak briefly because you have heard other people talk about this but i'm here to include my support for city proposal 22 to include police reform in the memorandum of understanding that's currently being negotiated. i agree with the american public health association which sees police violence as a public health issue which impacts the well-being of communities and ensuring police reform is crucial for ensuring both community well-being and trust in the police. so i hope that you all will join together in supporting city proposal 22, thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon supervisors,
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my name is stephen schmid, i'm here on item 40, the proposed resolution regarding the early day statute in city hall. i urge one of you, if not all of you to oppose the resolution. if you read the resolution, you will note there's no allegation of fact or law whereby a rehearing before the board of appeals should be undertaken. a lot of you are fellow attorneys and you appreciate the distinction between judiciary and legislative branch. i see this proposed resolution as an intervention by the legislative branch improperly into a function that has been duly assigned to the quasi judicial body, the board of appeals. the charter has established a commission to address these issues and the commission has
4:42 pm
acted fairly after a full hearing of all the fact. it has just argued the proposed resolution has no facts or law whereby, this body should intervene into a decision of the board of appeals. it's protected by california civil code section 857. it's against the law to destroy any piece of art, but most certainly a piece of public art that's been here for over 100 years been here longer than any of us, or this building or anything else in this historic district. it's a perversion of art to destroy art, thank you very much for your toim and attention. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please.
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>> [speaking spanish]
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[speaking spanish] >> [through interpreter:]
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i will be translating. good afternoon, thank you for giving me the opportunity to support the proposals from supervisor sandra fewer. my name is luis [inaudible], cousin of [inaudible] pat. it's a shame that i have to be here to fight so that the police do their job. all of us families who are traumatized by the damage created by s.f.p.d. supervisors, do not be part of the problem. the police is destroying families. when we call them they should be helping us, not killing us. we have a lot of fear and it is a shame that in a sanctuary city this is the result. to not allow supervisors, that the s.f.p.o.a. interfere in the process of reform.
4:46 pm
supervisors, uphold the reform process of s.f.p.d. and now i will provide my own comments. >> clerk: [speaking spanish] >> i also am in support of supervisor fewer proposal number 22. it hasn't even been a week since as a member of justice luis pat and the brother of [inaudible] pat we held a 24-hour vigil outside the hall of injustice at 850 bryan in remembrance of people killed by police with absolutely no accountability. these 24 killings have happened in the context of scandal, of racist, homophobic, misogynist
4:47 pm
police force that also exhibits bigotry against the extremely poor just like lewis congrapat. it's the smallest request to ask the supervisors to ensure that s.f.p.o.a. doesn't interfere in the reform process. this is a strengthening of the democratic processes, put into place when you decided that the police commission and s.f.p.d. has specific rules. so once again, i ask you to support supervisor fewer's proposal 22. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, i'm father smith from faith in action. my family and i have lived in the mission and i've been a priest there for many years.
4:48 pm
i want to speak on supervisor fewer's resolution regarding the m.o.u. with the p.o.a. contract negotiations must be different. they come decades after rogue police officers have brutalized and killed many young people of color. the p.o.a. leadership has not only defended but actually emboldened these rogue officers. so this contract needs to be negotiated differently. more transparently for sure but also with an eye to expediting reform as this resolution proposes. it's been two years since the city committed itself to the reforms proposed by the d.o.j. but we are not seeing these reforms on the streets. after the police killings of alex nieto, lopez, mario woods, jessica williams, luis
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congrapat, after these horrific killings we were assured the d.o.j. reforms would end these nightmares that we could turn the page, no more young families torn apart, no more moms and dads in tears but just this january, o'neill, was killed by a rookie cop who just completed all the updated training at the academy and just a few weeks ago luis adolfo was killed by 99 police bullets by ten officers in the mission. all the promised reforms, we're not seeing them on the streets. this is the largest context of these negotiations and it requires a different approach this time. the p.o.a. must agree to cooperate with, rather than block the d.o.j.'s reforms or pay a price. [buzzer] >> clerk: thank you, kindly, for your comments. next speaker, please.
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>> good afternoon, honorable supervisors, frank martin delegate san francisco labor council. i rise under item 39 for the purpose of informing the board and requesting appropriate action regarding the extent and the degree of the problem we are having with the association and some of its leaders. in that regard i have referenced in the past letters that were sent to our labor council by the p.o.a. i have one such letter. >> clerk: sfgtv, please. thank you. >> this was a letter sent june 2009 raising concerns regarding the decision made by the san francisco labor council in regard to sf8.
4:51 pm
i will be leaving copies for the board at the end of this presentation. the next item, we have a copy of the letter dated december 18th. excuse me. article in the journal regarding another decision made by the san francisco labor council. the letter speaks for itself. lastly, this was a letter or part of the p.o.a. out box that refers to the resolution that the association leaders had a problem with, i ask you to take a look at this.
4:52 pm
actually, we have police -- shouldn't cover police -- [buzzer] [mic cut off] >> clerk: thank you for your comments. thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is sandra dratler, i have lived in the richmond district for 30 years and reside in district 2. i love my city and want only the best for it for those who live and work here. within this desire i place police accountability and public safety as high priorities. i became aware of the no justice, no deal campaign through faith in action. i knew of the cops report when it was first requested and then issued. i was impressed with the common sense recommendations, areas where police could better serve the community while continuing
4:53 pm
to provide a safe workplace for themselves. i am dismayed to find that despite best efforts by police and community leaders claims of support by the p.o.a., little progress on implementation of the major reforms have been made. these concerns have evolved into a proposal made by the city to include in the p.o.a. contract language that addresses accountability. the proposal number 22 is an incremental change to current policy. the difference is that it is now contractual. part of the transparency we as citizens want as the city in our police force work together. i was present at the arbitration hearing when testimony of this proposal was heard. the resistance and disrespect coming from the p.o.a.'s side of the table toward chief scott and city contract negotiation
4:54 pm
team was palpable, the proposal represents an opportunity for the p.o.a. to show its good faith as important changes such as the cop's recommendations are moved forward. i ask your support in urging the arbitration board to incorporate city proposal number 22. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, john talbot, part of the chiefs working groups on the reform. i want to give a moment to give you an idea of where we are in the reform and to speak in favor of supervisor fewer's proposal. tomorrow's agenda for the review covers item 65-1, the s.f.p.d. doesn't sufficiently analyze office-citizen complaint reports -- that's the finding by the d.o.j. the answer that we are going to
4:55 pm
consider tomorrow is the s.f.p.d. should develop department [reading]
4:56 pm
asking for reasonableness but the reform process isn't moving quickly and the reasons for that have been previously stated. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. before the next speaker begins, i would just like to invite any other member of the public who would like to address the board during general public comment please prepare by coming to your right-hand side of the chamber. mr. gilberty. >> thank you. the overhead, please? >> clerk: sfgtv, thank you. >> we don't have a championship police department yet. we would like it. we're not there. october 27th, 2015, i submitted this plan. let's see if anything is
4:57 pm
appropriate. ben ellis act convictions, no fault cause evictions. reset long term resident rent. establish one city rent control for all and fourth, change, renters dividend. i changed that to landlord [inaudible] entering san francisco public bank renters could receive depending how long they live there percentage of the sales price. no obligation to move and new residential formula, let's put this a the mcdonald's property the city just bought. 30% open market open to the world. 10% 30-year resident/local zip code.
4:58 pm
15% 20 year resident. seniors. 20% teachers, fire, muni, city employees, water and 20% building for the community's specific needs. low income, affordable homes, veterans, graduated foster kids, disabled, section 8. would that be appropriate today? we can't do that. it can't be done. it can't happen. diversity or integration. which ones would you rather have? which one is healthier for the city? we can't do it, we have to do it, thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. >> thank you, madam clerk. president breed, ladies and gentlemen of the board, my name is winship hillier, involuntary psychiatric outpatient in this
4:59 pm
city. some eight years ago my brain was destroyed and i am, as a result, permanently disabled. and this was done without rational basis. it was done without a compelling state purpose. and it was done without any due process whereby i would have challenged the lack of rational basis to say nothing of a compelling state purpose. so this was done by an organization funded by your body. so tell me, how am i to regard you as other than thieves, criminals, liars, murderers, and rapists?
5:00 pm
and tell me, tell me more. i want to know how i am to regard your antics in this chamber, your attention to rules, procedure and the letter of the law when you turn around and fund at the rate of over $1 million a year citywide case management community focus, which has no respect for the law. and the blood of their crimes covers your hands. madam clerk. >> clerk: madam president. >> president breed: thank you. are there any other members of the public who would like to provide public comment at this time? seeing none, public comment is now closed. madam clerk, let's go to the item for adoption without reference to committee. >> clerk: items 37-43 are being considered for adoption, single roll call vote may enact these items or