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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  May 7, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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it was the least worst option available and jane was our aid in getting it passed. it worked overnight. it was revitalized and two years. my only issue is that for many years ago, it is not a net benefit to the city, it is not a net benefit to the city. you probably should have been closed to new applicants years ago, and finally, i see the board of supervisors is getting ready to close to new applicants and i'm glad that you have the power to do that finally. i also want to say i am pleased that we have people like sam dennison in our neighbourhood yotocan do the heavy lifting. [captioner switch]]
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>> thank you for everyone's hard work on this. the hearing is filed. okay. madam clerk, are there any other items for us today. >> there's no further business. our meeting is adjourned. thank yo
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♪ ank yo >> not only did the total death on our streets from traffic collisions decrease dramatically in 2017, pedestrian deaths did as well. since 2013, fewer pedestrians have been killed on our streets. this is really good news. you know, no one wants to see the accidents on the side of the road, no one wants to experience going to a crime scene on the road knowing your loved one has been hit by a car or sadly tragically killed. this is about bringing that number of 20 from 2017 down to zero. we don't want another death on
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our streets because of human error, because of anything that we can avoid. if we change our behavior, we change our roads and we do a better job here in the city and county of san francisco. >> my ask of the public, number one be aware of your surrounding, be aware of the law, be aware of the street signals and crosswalks and try to work within the laws designed to keep you safe. look at where we were and look at where we are. this vision will be a reality. >> we all have to remember that all of us, all of us every single day, no matter how you get to work, school, wherever you go, all of us are always pedestrians. this impacts all of us. >> school starts again on monday, so i hope as you are reporting today you will encourage people to slow down, to be mindful, to recognize that you're going to have more cars on the street on monday. we're going to have more kids on
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bikes, more kids walking. please, be slow, be safe and be mindful. >> i just want to urge everyone at the sound of my voice to make some corrections. if you operate a motor vehicle, think about it, think about the person standing on the corner. think about how fast you're driving. think about the stop sign you're about to come to. just think. and just doing so, you'll help someone live another day. i guarantee that. i guarantee that. it.
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>> shop & dine in the 49 promotes local businesses and challenges resident to do their shop & dine in the 49 within the 49 square miles of san francisco by supporting local services in the neighborhood we help san francisco remain unique successful and vibrant so we're will you shop & dine in the 49 chinatown has to be one the best unique shopping areas in san francisco that is color fulfill and safe each vegetation and
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seafood and find everything in chinatown the walk shop in chinatown welcome to jason dessert i'm the fifth generation of candy in san francisco still that serves 2000 district in the chinatown in the past it was the tradition and my family was the royal chef in the pot pals that's why we learned this stuff and moved from here to have dragon candy i want people to know that is art we will explain a walk and they can't walk in and out it is different techniques from stir frying to smoking to steaming and they do show of. >> beer a royalty for the age berry up to now not people know
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that especially the toughest they think this is - i really appreciate they love this art. >> from the cantonese to the hypomania and we have hot pots we have all of the cuisines of china in our chinatown you don't have to go far. >> small business is important to our neighborhood because if we really make a lot of people lives better more people get a job here not just a big firm. >> you don't have to go anywhere else we have pocketed of great neighborhoods haul have all have their own uniqueness. >> san francisco has to all w
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did you know that many buildings in san francisco are not bolted to the foundation on today's episode we'll learn how the option to bolt our foundation in an earthquake. >> hi, everybody welcome to another episode of stay safe i'm the director of earthquake safety in the city and county of san francisco i'm joined by a friend matt. >> thank you thanks for being with us we're in a garage but at the el cap center south of market in san francisco what we've done a simulated the garage to show you what it is like to make the improvements and reduce the reflexes of
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earthquake we're looking at foundation bolts what do they do. >> the foundation bolts are one of the strengthening system they hold the lowest piece of wood onto the foundation that prevents the allows from sliding during an earthquake that is a bolt over the original construction and these are typically put in along the foundation to secure the house to the foundation one of the things we'll show you many types of bolts let's go outside and show the vufrdz we're outside the epic center in downtown san francisco we'll show 3 different types of bolts we have a e poxy anchor. >> it is a type of anchor that is adhesive and this is a rod
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we'll embed both the awe hey that embeds it into the foundation that will flip over a big square washer so it secured the mud sell to the foundation we'll need to big drill luckily we have peter from the company that will help us drill the first hole. >> so, now we have the hole drilled i'll stick the bolt in and e post-office box it. >> that wouldn't be a bad idea but the dust will prevent the e post-office box from bonding we need to clean the hole out first. >> so, now we have properly cleaned hole what's the next step. >> the next step to use e
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post-office box 2 consultants that mixes this together and get them into tubes and put a notice he will into the hole and put the e post-office box slowly and have a hole with e post-office box. >> now it is important to worm or remember when you bolt our own foundation you have to go to 9 department of building inspection and get a permit before you start what should we look at next what i did next bolt. >> a couple of anchors that expand and we can try to next that will take a hole that hole is drilled slightly larger marathon the anchor size for the e post-office box to flow around the anchor and at expansion is going into the hole the same
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dinning room we'll switch tamet so, now we have the second hole drilled what next. >> this is the anchor and this one has hard and steel threads that cuts their way into the concrete it is a ti ton anchor with the same large square so similar this didn't require e post-office box. >> that's correct you don't needed for the e post-office box to adhere overnight it will stick more easily.
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>> and so, now it is good to go is that it. >> that's it. >> the third anchor is a universal foundation plate when you don't have room above our foundation to drill from the
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top. >> so, now we have our foundation plate and the tightened screw a couple of ways to take care of a foundation what's the best. >> the best one depends on what your house is like and our contractors experience they're sometimes considered the cadillac anchor and triplely instead of not witting for the e post-office box this is essentially to use when you don't have the overhead for the foundation it really depends on the contractor and engineering what they prefer. >> talking to a qualified professional and see what
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good afternoon. this is the historic preservation committee. the commission does not -- please silence your mobile devices that may sound off. when speaking before the commission, if you care to, state your name for the record. i would like to take roll at this time. [ roll call ] >> commissioners, first on your agenda is general public comment. at this time, members of the public may address the commission within the subject
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matter of the commission september agenda items with respect to agenda items. your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when the item is reached in the meeting. each member of the public may address the commission up to 3 minutes. >> does anybody wish to comment on a nonaend a item? if so, please come forward. hearing none, we'll close public comment. >> that will place us under department matters. director's announcement. >> good afternoon. no formal report from the director this afternoon. eye would be happy to forward any questions you have for the next hearing. >> item two, review of past events of the planning commission and announcements. >> department staff just a few items to share with you this week. one is your recommendations regarding the pending districts for central soma area plan will be heard at the planning commission on may 10th, next
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week. and as you know, the planning commission evaluates those proposed designations based on several factors related to bay area regional transit, any potential amendments to the general plan that may have to occur, along with a few other sort of broader policy findings, but we will certainly keep you posted on any comments they have and forward them to you before we transmit those recommendations to the board of supervisors with the full package. also, i passed out some -- the section from the budget and finance committee meeting, a report on cultural districts. this is related to the pending cultural district legislation response ored by supervisor ronen.
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tomorrow, they are having a general discussion about next year's budget. i wanted to keep abreast of the information regarding the proposed legislation and the planning department mayor's office of housing, oewd commission will be there in attendance should the committee have any questions. we understand that the legislation is still being revised by several members of the community, a working group in the various city departments. we don't have any -- we don't have any revised language to show you just yet, but once we did, it will be brought forward to this commission. i also wanted to bring to your attention, as you may have seen in the paper, the full board did pass the resolution establishing the lgbtq and leather cultural district located in the south of
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market neighborhood. this has been under revision for, i would say, almost a year, but this final resolution, the department's reviewed it. we think it looks fantastic. and as you can see towards the end, there are further duties or asks of this commission in your work-related to cultural heritage work and to support these districts as they move forward, which hinges on the passing of that legislation i spoke about. i wanted you to have a copy of what was passed in case you have questions. our cultural heritage specialist is happy to present or give you or the assets committee an update on that information at any time. and then finally, as you're aware, we, along with the arts
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commission, filed a joint request for rehearing for the c of a related to the pioneer monument. we forwarded a copy of the joint brief we submitted, and we understand that the hearing will be scheduled at the board appeals on june 13th. so we'll keep you posted on that outcome. that concludes my comments unless you have any questions. >> i just wanted to make a quick comment. i thought that was a -- the response letter was just very well researched and thought out. i was just very impressed with the depth of understanding of what is a very complex and complicated web of rules and things. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> we can move on? >> very good. that will place us under commission matters. president reports and announcements. >> i don't have a formal report today, but i would like to, for members of the public and commissioners, inform you that we had a request to continue
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item 9, the 3333 california street. so when we take that up, it may well be continued. >> commissioners, item 4 consideration of adoption draft minutes. >> any comments on the minutes? >> at this time, we'll take public comment on the draft minutes for april 18th, 2018. does any member wish to comment on the minutes? seeing and hearing none, we'll close public comment. do we have a motion to adopt them. >> i so move. >> second. >> thank you commissioners. there's nothing further, there's a motion that has been saided to adopt -- seconded to adopt the minutes. on that motion, commissioners. [ roll call ] >> so moved commissioners. motion passes unanimously 7-0 and places us on item 5. commission comments and
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questions. >> that will place us end the regular calendar. the conserve ace district, this is for your initiation of a change in designation. >> if i could have the powerpoint up on the screen, please? good afternoon, commissioners. i'm department staff. item before you today is to initiate and recommend article 11 designation of the mint-mission conservation district and the change of article 11 designation of properties within the district as part of the central soma area plan. the mint mission conservation district was identified through the survey and is compriseds of industrial commercial and residential hotel properties constructed between 1906 and 1930. this district is a rare
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remaining enclave of these building types. the district is notable as it a survivor of the extensive redevelopment of soma in the late 20th century during which much of the buildings dating to the period when the area was served as the industrial center was raised. the district was identified through the serv -- survey. it was post 1906 earthquake and fire reconstruction. this slide includes a map of the resources survey area. existing historic resources are in red, orange, and black and eligible resources identified through survey efforts are green and blue. the conservation district is located in the northwest corner of the study area. listed to the right are the outcomes of the survey efforts. 31 are eligible for the california register.
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26 proposedded for a rating. the survey and historic statement was adopted on march 16th, 2016. in 2018, the commission recommended designation of three individual article 10 landmarks and one article 10 landmark district identified through the soma survey efforts. they include the pullman hotel, hotel utah, and iron workers ion none 77, and the warehouse district. the hpc recommended the change in article 11 designation of the 26 buildings noted on the slide. the mint mission conservation district includes 22 properties. the majority of which are not currently rated under article 11 or classified as category 5 or unrated buildings. one property is eligible for designation as a category one significant building and 15 as category 4 or contributory.
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3 designated as categories 1 and 2 significant and three category 5 unrated buildings will be located in the district. dpr forms included in your park et cetera provide photographs and an overview of the properties. please note in your case report and resolution the candy factory at 54 mint street was identified as an unrated building. this currently is designated category 1. that designation will not change. an updated resolution has been prepared for the commissioners and for the public and for public review. the candy factory are remain category 1. i have a copy of the resolution for the commissioners and it's also provided for the public's review. as mentioned, the district is compriscomprised of small and mm properties constructed between 1906 and 1930. the buildings reflect the evolution of land use patterns of the neighborhood dating to the 19th century. the district embodies the
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function of the blocks south of market street which served as a transition zone along market street and the industrial uses to the south. the land use was replicated during the reconstruction following the 1906 earthquake and fire. the industrial and commercial buildings included in the district range in size from multi size warehouses such as the candy factory to 966 mission neighboring two story commercial structures. the district's buildings are smooth finished stucco or brick with some stucco and concrete. industrial buildings commonly feature cornices, flat facades, ornament and punch window openings. three residential hotels property type one common in soma are located in the district and include the 1915 chronicle hotel notable for brick work and tiles and the piedmont in 1907.
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they featured storefronts and cornices. detail along the motifs and relief panels are found on the district's multi story buildings. the third residential hotel located in the mint mission conservation district is the 1907 oak wood hotel at 40 to 48 5th street. it's the only building category one. building is eligible for category one designation are mormon humidity al in scale and are corner properties and feature elaborate ornamenttation or architectural detail. the district also includes three currently designated category one or two significant buildings. much the 1916 remedial loan association and the 1907 california casket company. both pictures here the and candy
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factory is featured on an earlier slide. similar to category one, the properties proposed for category four ratings feature range of ornamentation from the carpet and drapery building featuring and 980 mission street to the modest character of the supply company located at 972 mission street. category four properties possess a high level of architectural detail and decoration but are located mid block, possess less ornate ornamentation. throughout the development of central soma survey, outreach efforts were connected beginning with the launch of the survey web page in 2014. this was followed by public
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presentations during 2014 and 2015. most recently a public mailing notifying them of this hearing were sent out april 12th. staff provided technical assistance regarding the benefits including transferable development rights, the mill's act and use of the california historic building code and the responsibilities of designations such as the permit to alter as well as how the protections help fulfill policies outlined in the plan. in closing, the designation of the district fulfills policies included in the plan to recognize and protect the cultural resources. the policies include supporting the preservation of the resources, protecting significant heritage properties through designations to article 10 of the planning code and supporting the preservation that reflect the legacy of the
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neighborhood f approved, a number of benefits are tied to designation, including eligibility for a transferable development rights, the mills act, and california historic building code. responsibilities tied to designation include the requirements and review process associated with permits to anotherrer. the department determines they might the eligibility requirements for conservation district designation and the properties meet the requirements for change in designation, from not rated under article 11 or unrated category 5 to categories 1, significant through category 4, contributory is wanted. staff recommends each initiate the designation and the change in article 11 designation of properties within the mint mission conservation district. this concludes my presentation and i'm happy to answer any questions. >> thank you. commissioners, questions? >> i just have one quick question. it's just out of curiosity.
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the old mint is neither included in this district or the adjacent district. i forget the name of the adjacent district. is that because it's a landmark in and of itself and you typically don't include that? >> we could have included it. i mean, there are some buildings that are both article 10 and article 11. it just seemed to make sense to have the article 11 districts ring around the mint, but yeah, it could have gone both ways. >> it overlaps, so it doesn't really matter. >> commissioner johnck. >> i really appreciate the staff's efforts to detail your outreach efforts, particularly your -- i'm going to call them house calls. explain the benefits of these designations, and what's been the success rate of reception to that? have you been able to, you know, contact and actually speak personally with all of them?
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>> not all of them. notification and we've recently had several meetings with property owners. we had conference calls and in person meetings in the office, answering questions, once this process got underway. so we've had a got bit of contact with property owners and provided additional information on the benefits and requirements through -- and tdr program, mills act, and minor and major permits. >> that's terrific. great. thank you. >> commissioner matsuda. >> just a follow-up to that. we received in our packet this memo from mr. lee about some questions that he had specifically regarding the benefits. were you able to touch base with him. >> we met yesterday. >> great. then another question about the information contained in the case report. the second bullet on page 2 talks about the examination of
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134 parcels and of the 72 were not documented. then it says because they were vacant or not eligible. so what happens in the case of vacancy? >> in the case of a vacant property or vacant site? >> yeah. >> if they're located within a district, they would be under the per view of this commission for new development along with code requirements. however, if they're outside of any of the districts, the central soma plan controls who apply to that location. >> okay. that's what i wanted to know. thank you. >> commissioner johnck. >> on the subject of notification of the owner, if it's possible, i would really like to see what it was that you sent them that explained what was going on and the benefits and so forth. that does come up from time to time. i just would like to be up to
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date on what we're giving them. >> okay. >> thank you. if there are no further questions, we'll take public comment on this item. please come forward and you'll have three minutes. there's a warning buzzer 30 seconds before. >> good afternoon commission. so i represent a parcel of 3704035. it's right behind the old mint. my family has owned this building for over 40 years. my parents have passed away, but it is now owned by the three brothers. we would -- we also have a business we run out of the basement of the building, a security company. we have a vision that maybe ten years from now we might want to go up to match the surroundings buildings that are five stories, 12 stories tall. we don't want to have any restrictions. not to say we're going to do anything. we love our building, but we
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would like to have that opportunity to be exempt from this conservation district. i have a handout i would like to present to everyone. then that's it. thank you very much. thank you for having me here. this is very important, and i would love to talk to this gallon on the side and have her come -- gal on the side and have her come to our office and meet with her and talk separately. we're concerned about the property. >> can you tell us your address again? >> 444 jesse street. right behind the old mint off jesse street. >> all right. thank you. >> is it okay to hand this -- >> sure. >> thank you so much. i appreciate that. thank you so much. that's all i have. thank you. >> thank you.
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>> any other memmer about of the public want to speak in come forward. >> i'm craig rice. i'm one of the unit owners in 6 mint, which is item listed as 6. just that i bought into the area two years ago. this is honestly the first i heard of it. much the mailing that went out on the 20th. any way, no real general concerns about the creation of the district, but i have two detailed questions as a property owner. so one would be one of the benefits are the tdrs. menhow transferable are those? to adjacent parcels within -- across the city? in other experiences, they don't have -- they can't transfer far and may be of limited benefit if the area is built out. i don't know if this is a question for commission or
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staff. other question is exterior improvements, the permit process for exterior improvements, we might have rooftop equipment, window replacements. i'm curious about the impact on routine permitting to exterior items that may be burned by the creation of the district. those are my questions. again, i don't know if that's for this commission or staff. >> we can ask -- after we finish public comment, we can ask staff to address your comments. any other member of the public wish to comment? please come forward. >> good afternoon commissioners. i'm representing supervisor jane kim's office. we would like to express our full support for this designation of the district. we do hear the concerns of the one property owner who took the time out of their day here to be here today. but we do feel that the historic
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preservation measures and part of the central soma plan are a necessary component of that plan and we're supportive of all of the designation that's are moving forward both today and the previous hearing and i think there might be a couple more in the future coming down the proverbial turnpike. we're supportive and we look forward to having the department reach out and explain as they have been in other areas the benefits as well as responsibilities of having that designation. so thank you. >> thank you. any other member of the public wish to speak to this item? seeing and hearing none, we'll close public comment. i wonder if you could just respond to the questions about the tdr process and how that would be applied. then maybe just a little bit about the permit process for alterations. you can describe the minor permit alter as well. >> i will point out i did
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francis mcmill inis in contact with -- mcmillan is in contact with them. [ stand by for change of captioner ]
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>> it's very frightening. so i am really supportive of the work that's been done to
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designate this area and encourage, of course, staff to continue communication with the property owners. i thank the property owners for accepting the responsibility. we're honored, ok. we're honored to have you. good. >> i want to add that being in a category for building, it doesn't prevent additions from being made though these buildings. it's possible to extend them. >> i move the resolution, but i don't have the resolution to initiate designation -- >> it's in our packet with the one change with the one buildinr what it was. it will continue to be a category 1 building. >> ok. i move the resolution to initiate designation of mission conservation district. >> yes, i just had a comment and
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asked mr. frye if he could confirm. whether these buildings are in the district or not, they're still resources under sequa and would need to have similar evaluations and assessments to any changes that occur. having them as part of the district provides other benefits that you wouldn't have otherwise. the t.d.r.s for this district are an immense benefit that other historic properties in our city may or may not have. that's a really a great benefit. >> that's correct. >> we have a motion and a second. >> i did not hear that, thank you. >> very good commissioners. there's a motion that has been second today' to adopt resolutio initiate. commission black. >> jonck. >> yes, highland,.
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>> so moved, commissioners, that passes 7-0. places us on item 7 for case number 17. 011-5755 at 1942 sutter street. this is a se certificate of appropriateness. >> good afternoon. the item before you is a request for certificate of appropriateness or horizontal addition and sod altercation at 1942 sutter street. contributor to the bush street cottage row landmark district. the two store over basement two-unit residents because designed in the italian eight style for the real estate associate in 1875. it's located in r.m.1. the proposed project includes the conversion of the basement level to habit able space with
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six feet at the first-storey of the rear of the east facing cottage row. with a new residential entrance to the existing second unit. extending the bay massing on the eastside up one-storey and installing a total of 16 new double hung wood windows on the east facade. all alterations are on a secondary facade. staff is determined that the proposed records compatible with the charter defining features of the subject building in the surrounding bush street cottage row landmark district. all aspects of the historic character of the building would be retained and no spaces would be removed. as all work is proposed on the secondary facade. today staff has not received any public comment in support or opposition to the project.
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staff recommends approval as it meets the secretary of the interior standards for rehabilitation with the following conditions -- that following the issuance of permit the project shall provide a timeline. during this phase of the construction the they will contact department staff to secretary site visit with the proposed demolition plans and determine whether stabilization programs shall be required to preserve the property. and the project sponsor shall complete a site visit with the staff prying to ak pansy in order to verify compliance with the improved project condition and conditions of approval. this concludes my presentation. the project sponsor and i are available to answer questions. thank you. >> thank you. commissioners, any questions? does any public -- >> you want to hear from the project sponsor? >> do you have questions?
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>> i'm mark english, i'm available to answer any questions you might have. >> great. that's what i thought. thank you. >> sorry. >> it's ok. >> so we'll take public comments on this item. does any member of the public wish to comment? if so, please, ex forward. seeing and hearing none we'll close public comment. >> i will make a motion to approve with the conditions stated. >> second. >> thank you commissioners on that motion to approve this matter with conditions as read into the record by staff on that motion commissioners black. >> yes. >> >> yes so moved. motion passes unanimously 7-0. and if i may through the chair, we're going to pull item 9 out of order for case number 2018-004346fed at 3333 california street. this was for your review and
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"commoditiescomment but we did a request to have this continued on may 16th. >> we have a request to continue this item? >> yes, we received essentially two requests. one was from the nominate or feeling that they would like some more time to be able to present to this commission on the proposed nomination, which we are amenable to and second director ram felt stronger he would like to be here during that deliberation of that nomination. given that the state commission hearing is not until the 17th, we have adequate time for this body to review it and forward those comments to the state commission before it is heard. >> thank you. so, commissioners, any comments? we'll take public comments