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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  May 15, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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populations. the group educates the public about the role of the food security and public health and advocates for policies and programs that improve food security. current members of the fstf include community-based organizations and government agencies, addressing hunger in san francisco. so, this legislation would allow the critical work of the task force to continue. the proposal would also increase the number of members by five. one employee from the department of homelessness and support i have housing and four representatives of community organization. it would also stream line a task force appointment process and allow city department heads to directly appoint the members. finally, the ordinance would extend the sunset date of the
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task force to july 21. i want to thank my cosponsor, supervisor ronen and fewer. and i would like to thank paula jones from the department of public health. and ann quinton from the meals on wheels who continue advocacy and leadership on this issue. the second item i'm introducing is for the appropriation and expenditures of district 7, 8 and 10, participatory budgeting projects. this is actually the fifth year of implementing the participatory program. they secured 550,000 for projects, 250,000 related to vision zero, improving the safety of these seven streets.
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these projects include pedestrian safety improvements. the reason i'm introducing this is the appropriation of 800,000 in which 300,000 is for the quality of life projects in my district. this year more than 2200 district 7 residents cast more than 24,000 votes. i will not go through all the projects, but wanted to highlight a few. things like sunnyside elementary will install updated play structure that will be accessible also to children with special needs. the park will receive funding for beautification. the rehabilitation center will be hosting a music and dance performance series on their site. one of the unexpected positive
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outcomes of the program is that the interest of the d-7 residents in this whole thing around being prepared for in the case of disasters. a year ago, one of the community was awarded a grant that funded training for 15 new block champions to purchase emergency supply bins, solar panels, cb training radios and training first aid and cpr. this year, there were five different neighborhoods that applied for similar things. and i believe three of them did get funded. so this funding has been really good for our district in terms of having the community really participate embracing their --
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having the voice weigh into how we spend small part of the city money. and i know that district 8 and 10 will the implement d their program this year. and their allocations are included in this ordinance. i don't know if at this point if supervisor cohen or sheehy would like to say anything. >> supervisor sheehy: sure, i want to thank supervisor yee for doing this, for carrying this for us. i want to thank you for your great example -- well, through the chair, because i found this to be a very robust process and we've been following your leadership and template in how this works. i know my constituents, i want take a lot of time, but we funded a number of 11 outstanding projects. we had over 5,000 votes. so next year i'd recommend to my colleagues to look into this, because i found my constituents -- we funded
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projects similar to what you were funding, but the part that i was tremendously heartened by is the number of projects in which people ask for funding where they would do the work. so it was like if you give us the money, we'll do the work of the planting or the cleaning. all these projects where they're putting their own efforts as volunteers into it. it's a great way to build community and great way to allow people to participate in the budgeting process. again, thank you, supervisor. >> supervisor yee: i was going to invite supervisor cohen if she wanted to make comments. >> supervisor cohen: thank you for the opportunity. i will comment, but comment in my roll call section. >> thank you. >> supervisor yee: the rest i submit. >> president breed: before we move on with roll call for introductions, i want to go back to items 22 and 23.
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and mr. bruce, i think -- did he leave? ok, well maybe not. >> clerk: he must have stepped out. >> president breed: let's go back to roll call for introduction. we can vote on it without him here. we'll hold off and continue with roll call for introduction. >> clerk: you're next. >> president breed: submit. >> clerk: supervisor cohen. >> supervisor cohen: i want to talk about the legislation that supervisor yee discussed. he introduced legislation for participatory budgeting. the residents of district 10 and i are excited to move forward for the next steps. hundreds of community members voted on various projects that would they would like to see implemented in the community.
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and the projects range from placing neighborhood trash bins to improving pedestrian safety measures. here are a few that i would like to highlight. first, which has been very well received, restoration of the 29-year-old mural on 3rd. a second very popular item that was voted on was good fatherhood day. which is a community event that provides an opportunity to strengthen father and child relationships. another is youth explosion which as a youth-led organization will include music, dance and spoken word. beautification of the mclaren park outdoor education center and that is shared by supervisor safai and supervisor ronen and myself. so i'm excited about this particular item. and finally, a computer programming class for the youth.
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now all of these projects will be great assets inside district 10 and i want to thank you for your support for the legislation. colleagues, i'd like to switch gears a little bit to a little more somber note. i'd like to close today's meeting in the memory of commissioner julius m turman, who passed away this past sunday may 14th. as a trial attorney, counselor and police commissioner, he brought inspiration to every part of his tenure. he grew and led san francisco's office where his practice focus on a broad range of labor and employment matters including litigation, single plaintiff class action and collective action. he provided a full range of counseling services, including in relation to trade secrets,
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unfair competition, covenants not to compete and the employment relationship from hiring agreement management and issues and termination throughout self jurisdictions across this country. this is a professional side that we did not know about him, but one thing we did know that was evident in his board service on the police commission, he was a brilliant attorney with strong convictions and was fearless and he demonstrated his fearlessness during trying and difficult times. for the last seven years, julius was a member of the san francisco police commission. he served as its president for the last two years before his resignation ended his tenure earlier this month. he conducted hundreds of discipline hearings and enforced several administrative rules and statutes and dealt with every allegation defense and position associated with administrative
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employment law. julyious was a strong voice on critical matters, including his opposition to tasers. inviting the department of justice cops office to assess the policies and procedures of the san francisco police department. helping to write and revise the rules on the use of force policy and working on body worn camera policy among many other accomplishments. both his professional and practical abilities are enhanced by his outside interests. julius received his doctorate from the university of michigan and was committed to the lgbtq right rights. i know there are others who might want to say a few words, but, colleagues, i ask again we're able to acknowledge the
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life and legacy of our friend and our commissioner julius turman, madame president, i'll turn the board over to you. >> president breed: i'd like to propose that we do it on behalf of the entire board. without objection, we'll do it on behalf of the entire board of supervisors. and i just want to add that commissioner turman was a good person who deeply cared about the city and county of san francisco and justice for the residents of this city. he was a really incredible advocate on the police commission for the police reforms, but he also treated everyone with respect and worked closely with the community to address many of those issues. he was often times the person i would reach out to and have lengthy conversations with about just a clearer understanding of how to implement those reforms
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and how long is it taking and why is it taking so long? and giving me a better understanding of exactly what it takes to really roll up your sleeves and commit the time necessary to implement something so important. he was a great commissioner. he was a great person. really a funny person. and to know him toys love him. -- is to love him and it comes as a shock to all of us to lose such an incredible person at this time, at the height of some of the challenges that we continue to face with the police department. and i know how close you and commissioner turman were, supervisor cohen. and so i know this is really hard for you and so many of his close family and friends. and so i just want to send my condolences to all of this is close family and friends at this time. and also turn it over to supervisor sheehy, who i know would like to say a few words as well.
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>> supervisor sheehy: yes. i want to salute julius turman for his tremendous courage. as you look at his life, this is someone that was absolutely fearless. he first came on my radar when he took on the races in the castro, which i still think is a problem. as a community we've been so reluctant to acknowledge, yet he was absolutely fearless in taking on that challenge. and i really am in awe of his work on the police commission. you know, any of us who have had interactions with the police department knows several, very, very fine officers there, but there is institutional structureses that remain challenging to people all across the city. and his unwavering commitment to addressing those issues without fear, with total courage, is an example for all of us who live
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in the city to never be daunted, never be afraid, and to always be fighting to make a difference. it is a tremendous loss for everyone in the city, certainly for the lgbtq community, but i really want to acknowledge the loss that my colleague supervisor cohen and president breed, but he will be sorely missed. >> supervisor cohen, back over to you. >> supervisor cohen: i just wanted to add a personal touch. this is a tremendous loss for the city family. i want to acknowledge the turman family and recognize his brother, who flew into town and i want to extend the most heart felt -- heart filled words of appreciation and gratitude for the family that loaned julius to us and did a lot of hard work.
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he was funny, witty, charming, great taste in wine, fashion, food. all the makings of a great friend. he was loyal, generous. he is just such a tremendous loss. and words cannot even begin to express my grief. thank you for honoring julius, colleagues, i appreciate it. >> thank you, supervisor. cohen con -- >> president breed: yes, thank you. >> clerk: supervisor fewer. >> supervisor fewer: colleagues, today, i'm introducing an amendment for the november ballot to establish a cannabis commission to oversee the department of cannabis. with the legalization of cannabis, we have an entire industry coming out of the shadows and a whole set of laws and new regulations. this past year, we have discussed om and regulation to
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regulate adult use cannabis sales. it's essential these regulations are implemented in a fair and equitable way and stakeholders are represented ensuring transparency and account bt to the public. as this industry continues to grow and we face the possibility of generating additional revenue from a local cannabis tax, we need to have a body in place to oversee that process and make sure that communities and stakeholders are represented. this commission will have seats for a diverse set of stakeholders appointed by both the mayor and the board of supervisors. i hope i can count on your support for the new commission. thank you. >> clerk: thank you. supervisor peskin? >> supervisor peskin: submit. >> clerk: supervisor ronen. >> supervisor ronen: i would like to be added as cosponsor to the legislation banning plastic straws. the rest i submit. >> clerk: no other names on the
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roster, that includes the introduction of new business. >> president breed: thank you, madame clerk, please read public comment. >> clerk: at this time, the public may address the board of supervisors on items within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board to include the april 10, 2018 board meeting minutes and item 26 and 27 without reference to committee calendar. public comment is not allowed on something that has had public comment satisfied. please direct your comments to the board as a whole and not individual members of the board, nor to the audience. speakers using intrerms will be allowed twice the amount of time to testify and if you would like to place a document on projector, just place it on the screen.
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>> [inaudible] san francisco here, but i'm -- [inaudible] the commission -- [inaudible] [speaking foreign language]
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[speaking foreign language] good afternoon. as you know, my name, i am here today to tell to our people, happy holy ramadan. i am here to tell you one billion muslim people around the world doesn't eat for 18 hours
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every day. for our religion, they don't eat, they don't drink. 18 hours. i would like to tell you i am very happy to give my good happiness to our friend. not only that and the real people and all the people working in the restaurant in valencia street. besides that, the owner of the new coffee shop in my building. he decided to give all the people who live in my building 20% off. that also good action to see and
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happy ramadan for him and his family. god bless all of you. thank you very much and happy ramadan for all. >> miss cross? >> i am going to bring to your attention some need for additional thinking on this matter of homelessness and the structure and the processes of homelessness. as you know, in san francisco, as you know while every new generation of people thinks well, we're going to have the report that will end homelessness in san francisco. instead, we get more homeless. and it isn't practical. i've identified a couple of places. i can't maybe talk about all of them at this point, but i want
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to say there is an absence of fair administrative hearings for other problems in the city. there always seems to be someplace that offers a fair administrative hearing, but we don't get that for the homeless. the homeless are ordered to do this, ordered to do that. you're on the streets if you don't do what we say. now that does make for a civil society and i would like to have this matter addressed by the mayor's office and this office in a rational way and rational way is not something that you have a lot of series of people talking for two minutes. there may be some people that don't talk at all. there are other people that have special ideas. and they ought to be respected so they can be developed in a meaningful way. i'm in a situation in which i've tried for year and a half to get a fair administrative hearing.
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and -- [bell ringing] -- and what the people do administering, they say, well, you take what we have for the policy decision 26 years ago. otherwise, we don't talk to you. and we don't make any progress on things that need to be decided in an original way for this era. my name is nancy cross. i'm presently at next door shelter. and i would be glad to hear -- [bell ringing] >> clerk: thank you, miss cross. thank you. next speaker, please.
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>> i come to you no matter what i do, i always find myself in a position where i'm always advocating for the most vulnerable people who are being violated by the city of san francisco. no matter what your skin color, i'm always in a position where i got to speak up for them and myself. now, here today i'm going to show you a side of me on how i take care of business when i'm in front of a judge, particularly a federal district court judge. for example, this document here, sf -- this document here is from nancy pelosi. this document here explains all the detailed part as follows, epa and state regulation agencies work together to formulate a workplace. and also tetra tech, it's a conspiracy to deprive minorities of their civil rights pertaining
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to living conditions and due process and their health and safety. you deliberately contaminate that land and it's been like that for the past 40 years, ok? you explain that you want to spend -- you have spent a million -- over a billion dollars in federal funds over the past 40 years, now you want to spend an additional $36 million to clean up the area and you want to do it in a speedy manner. the document also says that -- [bell ringing] -- she wants to commend the federal prosecutors for getting two of the people who were involved in operations, where hundreds of people were involved. i object to that on the grounds that these prosecutors failed to incorporate law where if you deprive a person of their civil rights, based on depriving civil rights under the color law, you
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should not be fined more than $10,000 cash money, shall not serve a prison term -- [bell ringing] >> clerk: thank you. next speaker, please. i'm executive director of library users association the day of tomorrow on thursday, the budget and finance committee is going to meet and hear the budget of the library among others. we ask them as well as you to confirm when it comes to your
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turn, to not fund privacy threatening rfid. many folks have been opposed to this for basically privacy reasons. there are also health reasons that people have. here is a letter sent to the library by electronic frontier foundation and the american civil liberties union for northern california. i would like to read you some of those things, supervisor sheehy and peskin, you might be interested. instead of talking while i'm speaking. after some introductory material, both have opposed and continue to oppose the use of rfid technology in libraries because of its significant privacy and free speech concerns. we highlighted the extensive research findings about privacy risks in our previous correspondence with the library and during our engagement with
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the rfid library commission. the freedom commit has urged libraries to recognize the risks since 2006. we're unaware of any significant changes -- [bell ringing] -- to systems that would emilrate these concerns. we're surprised the library is revisiting this issue, particularly in the current political climate. i'll go onto the conclusion. they strongly urge san francisco to abandon this imprudent plan to consider the use of hfid technology in our libraries. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. >> supervisor sheehy and i were talking about rfid. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor peskin. next speaker, please.
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>> good evening -- >> direct your comments into the microphone. >> good evening, everybody. so today i'm here to point your attention to a very important matter that is very important to us. we are cab drivers, 400 of us,
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$250,000. i'm going to talk about the administration was working for ed lee, not for taxi drivers. taxi medallions. more than 600 medallions will go back. we are -- do not allow us to make these. we do not make money. taxi business is over. there is no demand for taxi.
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public choice is über and lyft. my two daughters are in college, i don't have money to pay their college fees. i sold my house last year, if you want to see the documentation, i'll show you. i cannot make the medallion payments. life is better in india, but life is worse in san francisco for taxi drivers. so, please, do the buyback program as soon as possible and front the money back to us as soon as possible, thank you so much. >> clerk: next speaker, please. >> hi i'll continue with my cab driver friends, one more thing. how long this injustice is going to continue? are your punching bag because
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which don't have clout. only five or six people come and there are 400 drivers hurting day in and day out. i'm behind on two mortgages, i'm behind on the taxi loan, but you refuse to do anything. why? because i have no power, no political clout. you saw that food truck. how many families are involved with them? one or two. we have 400 families and nobody gives a damn about it. it's a question, you should question your conscience. this has to change, otherwise what is going to happen, we'll be on the streets. this is a sanctuary city, i know that. and why do cab drivers fit in? because with you guys refuse to do anything. it was not my responsibility. you sold me the me dallion on the good faith of san francisco and this is the good faith you're talking about? i'm 60 years old, keep on
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working, i only go home to sleep. and then i cover my motel with parking and come back at the morning in 6:00. do you think this is what i deserve after serving the city for 30 years? you should return my money and do something to give me a free me dallion for the compensation you cost me. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm a taxi driver, same as my friends. we've known them since 1996. i'm the same, struggling. i put all my money in my medallion, i bought it for $250,000. i get kicked out from my apartment, me and my newborn
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baby. i lost three or four times in this city hall. you know, come on. $250,000 and those guys free medallions, 40,000. you know, i don't mind über and lyft serve the city. just be fair to us. we came to this country, you know, i have -- i lived -- i lost my dad when i was 15 -- 11 years old. you know, i lived hardship. and now you know, i'm suffering the same. with five children. i buy them the best whatever i have, i give them, but come on, i can't make it. we stayed with a family for
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almost over two weeks and i have papers just as a shelter. after 22 years, they do that to us? [bell ringing] i say shame. it's unacceptable. that's wrong. that's dishonest from the city to do to us that way. and we pleasing you, we have faith in you. a friend of mine, he said you're wasting your time, don't go to the city. look, there are people sleeping in the streets. if they're right, come on, you know? that's wrong, you know? we need help. we come to you. we knock on the -- [bell ringing] >> clerk: thank you for your comments. thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm also a taxi driver 24
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years. i expected my income would go up, but after you know, 18 years of driving, i invested to buy this medallion which was guaranteed by city of san francisco that i'll make money and i'm a legal cab driver. and they steal my income. but now i cannot make money and i cannot get another job. i can do something else, i'm 50 years old. i have energy, can do something else, but i cannot do anything else because i would like you guys to help us and bring our case into the agenda. and i'm sure that lot more drivers will show up. they cannot come because we're here three hours.
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and i have lost part of my income. this is a busy hour. that's why not a lot of cab drivers come to the meetings. they're so afraid they're going lose money, so all we're asking is to put our case in the agenda. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good evening. the issue is the same. taxi. and we're going to keep coming and keep asking. keep knocking on your door until you say yes, this is unfair practice. sfmta, and we're going to correct it. i hope and i really have a strong feeling that you guys are going to do it. you're intelligent, brave and you're not going to let down the san francisco taxi drivers who have served more than 20-30
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years. and we are getting graduated and we are graduating you to understand the taxi industry. we have heavily invested like $250,000 for us, it's a lifetime earning. that's not like something you can buy for $15,000 and put $5,000 in and then start doing the business. we should have done the same thing, we should not have invested $250,000. we need your help and we will keep coming. again and again. no matter how long the meeting goes. but today it's a little bit longer. i have to pay the parking also. and -- [bell ringing] -- i thank you for your time and i hope
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soon you will do something. thank you very much. before the next speaker, supervisor cohen. >> supervisor cohen: thank you very much, madame clerk, i'd like to go back to the roll call for introduction and introduce a hearing request on the taxi driver taxi medallion matter. >> thank you kindly. >> clerk: next member of the public. >> i took a survey at the san jose city council and on the second survey, don roca raised his hand and admitted that he chose not to participate in the survey and it's his right and you're right not to participate in the survey, but how many, can we have hands raised listen to george when he interviewed roger stone on coast to coast a couple of days ago. can we raise a right hand, please? well, roger stone is
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appropriately named and he wrote the making of a president, stone's rules, the roar on women, the bush crime family, j.f.k. and he truly is being used by god and these are amazing days we're living in. i never, ever thought that they would be like they are. but, you know i studied prophecy and i am convinced that president trump was elected seven years after the 7th trumpet began to sound in 2009. that's what i believe. i am certain there has only been nine presidents on sabbath years, kennedy, bush and trump. the sum of 1 through 7 is 28. and he wasn't the 28th president, bush the 8th. the sum of is through 8 is 36.
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he wasn't the 36th president. isn't it strange, he's the next president, the sum of 1 through 9 is a 45. we're on the schedule for the return of jesus christ. it's been 8090 days, the time the gentiles merged with the jubilee year, that's an impossibility but it happened, so it wasn't an impossibility. the almighty is almighty and he's going to raise the dead when jesus comes back. [bell ringing] >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> can you restart his time, please? >> thank you. tom gilberty, a week ago i
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referenced the 2008-09 financial collapse, our new modern wheeler dealer by bankers as signed by president clinton, a remedy, a gusher to banks, ineffective for the long term or our society. an image, an example of how we have to bring our government back home. closer to home. sacramento. the california public utilities commission, they've given us the über debacle. one blanket over our city. rent control. nailing us down. proposition 13, just last week somebody said let's reform that. one blanket uniform coverage fix
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for the state especially in the housing crisis as by sb 827 ain't going to do it. it's the wrong way completely. i would like to recall scott wiener right here and now, mostly because he said he's going to bring another version back again and then another version back again and each version is going to give the real estate industry a step up. [bell ringing] some new way to claim the property of the cities, of your neighborhood. if your neighborhood, if the neighbors in your neighborhood can't protect, can't devise a means for progressive healthy sustainable growth, then they should lose this. they should give it away to 827. i would like to recall scott wiener completely. give him a message, thank you. >> clerk: thank you.
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next speaker, please. and before you begin, sir, are there any other members of the public who would like to address the board of supervisors during general public comment, now is the opportunity, please step over to your right. >> thank you, madame clerk, president breed, ladies and gentlemen and the board, i'm involuntary psychiatric outpatient for going on 11 years. and scheduled to become homeless in less than four unless i get better or submit to control. supervisor fewer referred today to the police commission as the most important agency in the city government. well, what do the police do? um, they apprehend people and jail them for a few hours. they may in the process injure them, shoot them and possibly kill them. but none of that is intentional. meanwhile, we have the equivalent of a central american
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death squad patrolling the city in the form of city wide case management community focus. these are psychiatrists out of control, being paid through your budget over a million dollars a week, well over that. these people need a commission. we need a truth and reconciliation commission actually for these people. they are doing surgery which is prohibited by the laws of the state, i refer to you penal code 2670 and welfare institution code 5723.6.6. it's never to be administrated without the consent of the patient. and no -- [bell ringing] -- california appeals court called it worse than the disease is intended to treat. i'm permanently disabled from it. i'm not able to work because of it. you have taken my property and my liberty from me.
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madame clerk. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. >> president breed: thank you, are there any other members of the public who would like to provide public comment at this time? seeing none, public comment is closed. madame clerk, let's go back to the item number 22 and 23. we have held the hearing and the hearing is now closed. we have a proposed amended list. would someone like to make a motion? moved by supervisor safai, second by supervisor ronen. colleagues, can we take the amendment without objection? without objection, the amendment masseses passes. on the resuolution as amended, can i do same house, same call? same house, same call? without objection the resolution as amended is adopted unanimously. madame clerk, let's go to the items for adoption without reference to committee.
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>> items 26 and 27 are being considered today for adoption without committee reference. a single roll call vote can enact or you can have it severed and consider it separately. supervisor safai. >> supervisor safai: i'd like to sever item number 27. >> president breed: on the remaining item, item 26, can we take that same house, same call? without objection the resolution is adopted unanimously. madame clerk, please call item number 27. >> clerk: a motion to call in the rules committee pursuant to rule, the proposed ordinance. amending the administrative code to prohibit landlords from seeking rent increases on existing tenants due to increases in debt service and property tax that have resulted from a change in ownership. to hold the public hearing to consider the proposed ordinance.
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>> president breed: supervisor safai? >> supervisor safai: thank you, madame president. just wanted to let everyone know, spoken with supervisor fewer. we've set a special rules committee hearing for this friday. i was just looking at the date on my calendar, may 18, 10e 30 -- 10:30 a.m. and we'll send a committee report out to the full board for the following tuesday. so we've had a significant, significant backlog based on commission hearings and pieces of legislation that have been working their way through the file. so this was i felt leek a good solution -- like a good solution to ensure we hear this in the timely fashion. we will hear this again on friday, 10:30, special rules committee, sending it out to the full board the following tuesday. i guess we would -- do we have to reject item number 27?
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or amend it to have a special -- >> clerk: you can make a motion to table it. >> supervisor safai: i would make a motion to table but supervisor fewer wanted to say something first. >> supervisor fewer: thank you very much, i wanted to thank supervisor safai, the chair of the rules committee and the members of the rules committee, supervisors stefani and also yee for accommodating this special meeting to hear my ordinance. i'd like to make a motion actually to continue this item. >> supervisor safai: that's fine. >> president breed: you want to withdraw your motion? >> supervisor safai: that's fine. >> president breed: you'd like to continue it? >> supervisor fewer: yes, i'd like to continue it until the next meeting. >> president breed: ok. supervisor fewer has made a motion to continue this item one week which would be may 22,
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2018. is there a second? seconded by supervisor cohen. colleagues, can we do that without objection? this item is continued one week. madame clerk, the inmemoriams. >> today's meeting will be adjourned in memory of the followed beloved individuals on behalf of supervisor sheehy, for the late mr. phillip m. cortland and originating with supervisor cohen, but on the board of supervisors for the late former president of the commission, julius turman. >> clerk: that conclude our business for today. >> president breed: we are adjourned, thank you, colleagues.
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(>> and so first order will be item number 4, presentation from public works about the 201 # one road repaving and street safety bond program and possible action by the committee in response to such presentation.