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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  May 17, 2018 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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wrong consultant. they approach the methods are really quite sample, and -- >> supervisor kim: so i'm going to ask you a question to continue your time. >> of course. >> supervisor kim: so it would be great if you could first of all finish your sentence, but i would like to know what years you worked on hunters point and what caused you to move forward and blow the whistle as is the term. and then, finally, could you talk a little bit about the cu culture or motivation behind why this happens, and do you think this is widespread in tetratech, and do you think this extends to other federal workers where they get a fixed sum contract and so they're trying to cut costs as much as possible and increase profits for their administration and stakeholders. >> you've got it.
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there are instances of workers being jailed and find. you can go to the nrc website, nuclear regulatory commission website. i apologize for using acronyms, old habits. i can't speak to somebody's motivation. it's hard to believe that somebody's given you data and they've internally deceived you. you have a tendency, and people like myself with a scientific background, we tend to trust each other and what they say. so once you have proven yourself to be dishonest, then, you have to question absolutely everything that you've been given. you can't accept anything. i mean, you're going to have to educate yourselves, you're going to have to get your own consultant who you trust and who can explain these things to you. >> supervisor kim: can i ask you, so there's a -- this is where i have a hard time seeing. there's a tetratech and a
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subsidiary? >> yes. large companies will break into divisions -- >> supervisor kim: e.c. >> e.c. -- >> supervisor kim: should we be concerned about tetratech as an entire institution or just asubsidary? >> if i did this, i wouldn't be in business. i'd be completely fired and would have lost all my contracts with the federal government. >> supervisor kim: but why hasn't that happened in this case? as an observer, i'm not asking you as an actual worker, but in your observation, why hasn't that happened yet? >> i really don't know. i mean, it's -- >> supervisor kim: okay. i don't want to ask you to hypothesize. could you just tell us what years you worked on this project and what you observed spefld that led you to -- specifically that led you to blow the whistle on this? >> it was after i was sent
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initially that first report that tetratech did in 2012. someone sent that to me, and i said, well, this is nonsense. so after that, i was contacted by some people, and people would ask me, what is your opinion of this, and you have two sides that are really impacted, that we worked at, treasure island and hunters point. you're seeing just wholesale fraud in the data stream that's coming across, and so as -- to me, that would be, you know, grounds for taking and, you know, saying -- not just saying what's your opinion of data, give me the data. give me all the data. i want the raw data, and i'm going to look at absolutely everything you've done. not just the radiological side, but the chemical side, as well, because radiological is
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relatively easy to detect, measure, and quantify, and the risks are based on human exposure to radiation. the chemical part, that's difficult. and if you were willing to wholesale cheat on something that's easy or relatively easy to prove, then what did you do with the rest of it? that would be my position. [applause] >> supervisor kim: thank you. >> he was involved in the -- >> supervisor kim: i think. you have to speak at the mic, but did you want to say something? >> yes. i think you might want to ask them about parcel a and the scanning that has been talked about. they were both personally involved in it. >> supervisor kim: i will ask that question of the next gentleman. just give him an opportunity to speak. you get that one minute, and then, if you could answer that, that would be great. >> burt bowers is my name. i was the former occupation
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safety expert. my total time there from beginning to end was just short of ten years. january the 13, 2011, that was a significant day for me because that was the day i got forceablely removed from hunters point with the instructions i could call the nrc, i could call the e.p.a., i could call whoever, but while i was at it -- at the blink in my office, you get the blink off my project. here it is -- what's today? may the 15 -- okay, 14, 2018. i did my due diligence, going through the channels to get reporting requirements done to the regulators to accommodate the investigators, and to try to get a remedy to the wrongs that were taking place. with all due respect -- with all due respect to the
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representatives for the navy, for the nrc, for the e.p.a., osha, the state of california -- i've never been invited in to discuss what happened? >> supervisor kim: could you talk about your personal involvement. >> personal involvement with regards to -- >> supervisor kim: as explained by your attorney. >> on parcel a. >> when i first arrived on hunters point -- >> parcel a and building 322. >> for parcel a, when i first arrived at hunters point, working for new world, i was tasked with another health physics or rad safety technician to service building 322. it used to exist in the bowels of the site. it had since been moved to the front entrance going into hunters point, and 322 was then
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staged at a corner of inez in the day that the site was operational. when new world was returned on contract to hunters point after a brief shutdown of activities through tetratech, one of the first jobs that came up was myself and another rad safety technician would go in and do a characterization survey of building 322. one thing that we found that was unusual inside that building where there were different layers of floor tiles, probably four to fife different layers of floor tiles throughout the entire interior of that building. if you look at history, back in the day when that facility, that site was operational, any -- any other facility nationwide just like it, if you had a radio active spill, a lot of times, you would
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decontaminate, and then, you would put another layer of tiles over the original tiles to prevent anything that was fixed from becoming loose over time to control it. but it was obviously to us, it was suspect that you have five different layers of tiles as such. so we reported it to the navy. we were asked if we could remove or separate the tiles to see what was underneath, but they were glued down with something that was better than gorilla glue. finally, the decision was made we would scrape them all up, survey the floor underneath. the material, the tiles, they were labeled as radio active and asbestos containing tiles, and they were properly disposed off-site. after that, we surveyed the floor, the building, did not find any other anomalies, and tetratech came in and demolished the building, as well. >> supervisor kim: there's a very long line of people behind you. i'm going to ask a special stu
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case which still exists today as such. >> supervisor cohen: okay. thank you. >> supervisor fewer: just one question. >> supervisor kim: supervisor fewer? >> supervisor fewer: yes. gentlemen, i have one question. in your opinion, should parcel a be retested? >> supervisor kim: i'm sorry. you'll have to come back up to the microphone. >> supervisor cohen: the answer was absolutely. >> supervisor fewer: first, in your opinion, is parcel a completely safe for people to be living there?
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>> the answer is i don't know because it hasn't been properly tested. >> supervisor fewer: so in your opinion, i just want to get on the record, should parcel a be retested? >> yes. emphatically, yes. >> yes. >> supervisor fewer: thank you very much. >> supervisor cohen: all right, folks, we're going to go back to our regular public comment format. i just want to remind you, you'll hear a soft chime indicating 30 seconds remaining on your time to talk. madam, the floor is yours. >> my name is leeann pitman. i'm a resident of bayview-hunters point. i lived there for a decade and was president of the tenant's association. i've dealt with a lot of residents and children. this is my grandson that i have custody of and have been raising since birth, and we suffer from asthma and a lot of respiratory issues.
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we catch pneumonia very quickly to a sickness or due to a cold. we're in the hospital much of the time. i think due to all of the toxins up there in the bayview, this is my generation of off spring of my family that has been affected, not only myself as aid grandmother, but my son, which is to carry on my name has been affected, and i'm concerned about -- [inaudible] >> thank you, ma'am. [inaudible] >> thank you. >> thank you. your time expired.
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>> i think it's a shame that on this very, very critical meeting or hearing that we are given just one minute. it's a shame while you supervisors are asking questions, some of which are relevant, but 99% are not relevant. let me remind you that depleted uranium was tested on hunters point. now, i ask you, does this city have the liability, having killed so many infants, children, those with compromised health, that this mickey mouse today has been brought here today, the hearing, when we have been writing with articles of empirical data, shame on supervisors, shame on you. for amy brownell to come here and lie, all of you, parcel a
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still has high levels of radio activity. [inaudible] >> thank you. thank you. >> shame on you, supervisors. shame on you. >> supervisor cohen: yes. thank you. next speaker. >> my name is regina mitchell. i've been in the bayview for over 65 years. thank you because the department of public health doesn't know what they're talking about. i'm a product of uterine cancer. thank god i'm still here, but i had a 20 month old granddaughter that was diagnosed september 2014 to die thanksgiving morning 2015 from liver cancer. she lived at 2 navy road, which is right by the fence for the shipyard, so all you people can talk the talk but you're not
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walking the talk. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. bradley angel, green action for health and environmental justice. in my one minute, i want to bring two issues to your attention why we need real community oversight. one, we don't trust the government. from city hall, from ocii, to san francisco department of public health, to state and federal agencies, they all met starting 1.5 years behind closed doors in this building with no minutes being taken, with lennar, and that's what's going on, a mad rush to build rich people's homes and a cover up of the truth. second, mr. manzanilla from e.p.a. seemed to have no other recollection of contracts with tetratech. well, region nine e.p.a., his boss, whose husband works for tetratech gave an $85 million
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grant to tetratech in october when they knew about all this corruption to work on the navajo nation. so the navajo people and bayview hunters -- [inaudible] >> thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. [applause] >> i'm here for treasure island. i want to let you know that treasure island's a super fund site, but the people of treasure island, they live right on top of the pollution. you guys violated hud, the tenant landlord and state law, the tenant landlord disclosure laws, treasure island, what you you guys going to do about the tenants on treasure island? we've been -- i talked to the board of supervisors and gave
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you guys jane kim, and everybody, i gave you all the navy guys on their e-mail. i'm serious, what are you guys going to do about the people on treasure island, that's my question? are you goiuys going to get th off the island? two women in my building died, two different people died, so i'm asking you guys, what are you going to do -- [inaudible] >> thank you. >> hi. good afternoon. andre paterson. i'm a former tenant on super fund site treasure island. i have two cancerous tumors from treasure island. i'm still trying to find out why you ghiez have not been evacuating tenants off of treasure island. jane kim has got information from me. i tried to talk to her, and she
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shut the door in my face. i think 24e should have a moratorium, and get those people off of treasure island. >> thank. >> i feel for all the people on treasure island. now that i know about this, i care about it boit's ae not about me, it's about the kids. it's about the ones that's growing up. they going to be the future, but how can they be the future if they sick, if they diing away with cancer and all these other type of illness, so i'm counting on the supervisors to make a difference, make a difference. take a look at yourself and make that change. this is the only way i can give back to my community. that's why i do it, bayview-hunters point. mother's and fathers committee green action for environmental justice and help, we are the power, and power and the people, and the power and the people that won't stop. >> thank you. next speaker.
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>> hello. i'm steve teal. my family moved to bayview-hunters .2 years ago, and due to the levels of social environmental and economic justice had to get involved. i come to you as a member of brieth. spoke person's comments about the navy about parcel a residents being safe even though they're next to the super fund site kind of struck me as interesting. when i go to the hospital and have an x-ray, x-ray technician go behind a lead proof wall. the community is not at the table, be assured that the community will be on the menu. this is the time for justice, and i would encourage the navy to evan courage restore ative and -- encourage restore ative justice going forward.
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i would like to encourage that they increase the zero community residents today -- [inaudible] >> thank you. >> first things first, this only happened because this was a minority and low-income community. i'm a native to bayview-hunters point, member of san francisco board of education, lost both of my grandparents to cancer who lived at 32 west point road, which is right around the shipyard. like supervisor kim's point earlier, may not be a direct correlation, but you tell me what you think. so i just came up here to say this. actions as a result of this injustice will not stop with this hearing today. i know there's retesting coming forward to right some wrongs, but i want to be clear that we have already been in conversations with the city attorney's office, have talked to city torch dennis herrera -- attorney dennis herrera about
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possible litigation with tetratech. i'm going to make sure it happens as a community leader in bayview-hunters point. we will not let this go unpunished. >> thank you. next speaker. >> michelle pierce, bayview-hunters point community advocates. i want to start by saying i find it unacceptable the level of patriarchy and level of assumptio assumptions here. i can understand the data, kim, there are several residents in bayview-hunters point that can understand the data, and people will tell you since 2014, i have kbn asking to see the data and have it made available to community because i don't trust what government is saying to us. second point of contention is the fact that the community has known since 2013 that this
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stuff is bad. not 2012, and we have been asking for the removal of tetratech since then and what the navy did was they just let their contract die out, they never fired them. these are real issues. we need authority, auto nomy, and equity. supervisor cohen, you and i talked about this -- [inaudible] >> thank you. thank you for your comments. thank you. [applause] >> next speaker. >> honorable supervisors, i'm pa pastor aurelius walker. i am completely disturbed after reading three extensive articles in the chronicle newspaper about all of the scheming and trickery from tetratech. and let me just do this because of my time: with the last
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week's sentence of two former tetratech supervisors who pleaded guilty to falsifying records, that began when i read these articles, and i look at something like this, then, that began to restore my faith because i represent the tabernacle community, and the church. we built over 600 community housing, so hopefully, i believe that the supervisors will do their job and -- [inaudible] >> thank you. >> iris biblowicz, retired nurse. not exactly proud to be a nurse today. last year i was at a rally with green action to try to talk to people that were at lennar fife points center, potential buyers
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and residents of the new shipyard, and they would not let people of the green action talk to people. i did meet someone who said if i get cancer in five years, i'll sue. she had just bought a home in hunters shipyard. i do cervical cancer and breast cancer are dub willing the rates in other parts of the bay area, congested heart failure, diabetes and emphysema three times higher than the state. this is what the people in the bayview are dealing with, and the callous disregard for people has been infewurriating and we will fight back.
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>> i just want to echo all of the concern that we've seen today and the kpexasperation. the r.a.b. is how you're going to get public accountability. if you don't have that, then all you have is too many people are no one really being accountable, and we are where we are today, i believe, because of that. i believe that we will get to a point where we'll solve the question on retesting. somebody will pay for it, and it is going to happen. but we should be talking about what's going to happen next? people live on parcel a. on treasure island, people live on treasure island, and the roads are dug up. the island is being teraformed as we speak, so we need to talk about what's going on next. >> thank you. next speaker, please.
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>> my name's darca morgan, and i'm a concerned parent of a couple of first graders that go to san francisco public charter school, and i want to thank you all for pushing for retesting of parcel a. i'm very concerned about the coverup throughout the shipyard and i'm glad that you're pursuing retesting through all the parcels. i think also citizens oversight committee is crucial to regain public trust. i'm a biologist, and i have a master's degree. i review government -- i review forest service documents about grazing and mining and timber sales. the level of public community oversight for a timber sale or a grazing
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andrews and andrews foundation, and i live in bayview. i want to bring to mind that to me, the bayview is the most toxic neighborhood in the city, and it's poison. and the government, meaning the -- the shipyard and supervisors, they bear a certain responsibility on that, and care very little on what happened in bayview because it was black. and because it was black, they left it in the condition that
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it was because poor people lived there. they didn't have nothing, and now, it's all of a sudden because somebody said they was doing some dirt out there, now everybody want to get involved and talking about what you going to do. you should have been doing it. >> thank you, terry. next speaker, please. >> my name is lloyd tivo. i grew up in bayview-hunters point, and to me, this is almost like when the military went to iraq and iran, they were supposed to built the water system back up, they were supposed to do the electrical. they didn't do anything, they paid people, and didn't do anything. i don't understand why nobody is in jail, because if the company was black, they would be in jail. the supervisors, you knew it before we knew it, and now we still talking about it. so the talking -- it's time to
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stop talking and do something. you guys all getting paid, so something should be happening. not wait for this agency and that agency 'cause it seems like nobody knows what they doing. and when they came up here -- everybody read a book today, and we had to listen to all that for four hours. now we get a chance to talk, and you tell us hey, you got 30 seconds. i know i got more than 30 seconds, but that's what it is. >> next speaker. >> i am here in solidarity with residents of bayview-hunters point. the developers and the city has treated black, latinos, samoan families as second class citizens. they were lied to not only by developers but the department of public health, who told
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residents that they were breathing the healthiest dirt and the healthiest air in san francisco. we demand justice for all impacted families in the neighborhood of bayview-hunters point, accountability from tetratech, the developers, the health department and everyone involved in the criminal poisoning of our communities and immediate halt to any other development of the hunters point shipyard. [applause] >> supervisors, tony kelly from p potrero hill we need to bring back the community advisory board. you need to bring that back. the navy disbanded it in 2009 and bring bought nothing close to that. you've heard people here that
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have the scientific expert sees who are on that r.a.b. second, this board in 2012 created the ocii and gave that board full land use authority full authority over the land areas and the shipyard. we need to bring the authority here, otherwise, we're telling the navy and dph and everybody that their only crime isset gooding caught. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi, supervisors. arthur finestein representing the sierra club. thank you for holding this hearing. it's sad that you have to hold this hearing. we concur with what everybody's saying how evil, really, this is. i guess what i would say now is when you start doing the testing, we've already seen that all these agencies are
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saying it's fine, even our own, and i would say don't trust any agency who's already told you that there's not a problem. and so when you start doing your testing, you need to hire your own consultants or get the city somehow to get money to hire consultants who are be be-holden to any of these other agencies, so a community group would be a good way of surprising that so that we are not having the same people who said it's okay telling us it's okay again. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> jason freed. i am a parcel a shipyard resident, have been so since 2015. i started looking at this parcel in 2014 when lennar first started selling units there. a lot of the things they were telling me about the shipyard was the same things they were telling me about parcel a. do not believe, do not trust what they're saying. fool me once, shame on me --
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fool me once, shame on them, fool me twice, shame on me, and that's what's going on with parcel a. if you need a reason to retest parcel a, stress levels of the residents of parcel a and the shipyard are very high, and you need to get island,
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gotten to know many people personally on the island, been to every r.a.b. meeting on the last four years. i know people living there who got sick there because theerp living between two high -- they were living between two highly toxic cleanup zones. i can tell you now that tetratech is active on treasure island despite what the navy have told you today. they have been active on treasure island since at least
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2006. they are there, have done testing of yerba buena island, clipper cove. as of the last two years, they come to the meetings. i think it's outrageous that the navy is saying oh, tetratech gave us such a poor reputation in san francisco -- [inaudible] >> thank you, ma'am. thank you. thank you. thank you for your comments. >> supervisor cohen: okay. thank you. next speaker. >> this is not just a matter of being negligent and an accident, it's serious and willful professional misconduct. it's a conspiracy from each and every company involved in this operation. i've seen numerous educational shows where witnesses of employees actually show where they're picking up soil samples and taking it to their
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supervisors and telling them that this soil is contaminated, and their on-line supervisors tell them to put that soil back and go get some soil from another location and test it and submit it. your main witnesses is the two people that's in prison. all you got to go to them and have you take them to the exact locations where they did the samples and further demonstrate that these people are not dealing in good faith and never had any intention on reaching a legal agreement on this matter. they're in violation of the rico act on discrimination. they claim they're a worldwide organization. you go to other locations where they're doing samples and tests for white neighborhoods, nobody -- >> thank you. [inaudible] >> thank you. next speaker. miss pierce? [inaudible] >> wow.
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>> good afternoon, supervisors. karen pierce. i'm a native san franciscan. my family lived on navy road on hunters point when i was born, and i am a current homeowner in hunters point. i'm also one of the founding members of the bayview-hunters point community advocates. i was on the r.a.b. until a year before it was shutdown. i have just two points to make. number one we're talking about 2014 to today. what about when we were having these same discussions in 2005? check the records for the r.a.b. number two, i was an employee of the national park service when the transfer of the presidio was made. there was never any hearing necessary for spots that were contaminated. they were cleaned up without anybody having to make a point
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of it. it was unfair to ask those gentlemen why they think this was allowed to occur. it's -- [inaudible] >> thank you. okay. next speaker, please. [applause] >> good afternoon. my name is laura raza, and i'm here from casa husta. i just want to say that it is unacceptable that our government agencies continue working with corporations that use our taxpayer dollars to cover up the destruction that they themselves created. this is a super fund site, and then, let's remind ourselves why are we here? we're talking about development, development for who? there's a whole vision about an ecogrid and a mixed use. this is not for the community
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that already lived there, so we are for development without displacement and development that is not at the cost of human health, and we want to see truly affordable housing for the people that have been historical historically affected by redevelopment, so we hope you take this into account moving forward. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening. supervisors. my name is maya, and i'm here today as a community advocate who has been working with the bayview community for the past two years, and i'm here to urge you that we have more information. i have been following green action meetings for about two years now, and i'm yet to see representatives of some of the regulatory agencies to come and converse with the community. i think part of the mistrust we have right now is exactly this lack of information but also
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this lack of contact between those agencies and the community that is on the ground, so i would urge you, i would urge each one of you to send representatives over there to speak to the community and speak to their fare as well as representatives from the navy e.p.a. to come over, engage with us constantly and work with us. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> for the navy and all of the people looking at me. my name is ace, who? and i've been on this case. some of those people out there, they don't want me all in this place, but it's no mystery, just check black history, whoooo. i've been working on a lot of good cases involved with some conspiracy, but what's going down, down in this town?
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black population is going down. that's all i've got to say. my name is a-c-e, i'm on the case, and i want to introduce myself to you. >> next speaker, please. >> it's a hard act to follow. my name is gloria berry. i served 12 years in the navy. i was on board three ammunition ships which i can't confirm or deny were nuclear vessels. we did overhauls at the bayview-hunters point. over eight-nine years ago, i was blessed to get some facts from reverend christopher mohamed. he educated us a long, long time ago about these issues, and the board of supervisors ignored him. i think they labelled him at dust man or something, very disrespectful. but now, i call action on
9:46 am
supervisor cohen and kim. this is two of your districts, to -- even though you have the speakers, demanding action from them, i demand action from you to come up with an action plan and present us with it asap and to advocate for us to the main -- [inaudible] >> thank you. next speaker. >> my name is john wilkes. i'm a retired federal civil servant. i have about 30 years working on these issues both in san diego and long beach. i'd like to offer you some ideas. you're in uncharted waters, but after you've done the planning, the testing, the data gathering, the evaluation, you're going to get into remediation. i want to remind you that capping is not remediation.
9:47 am
please look at the entire site, whether there's paving there or not. now i want to draw your attention to another case, it's almost identical to this. it's the camp lejeune disaster, in 1953 to '87, 34 years of pollution that affected 350,000 people. i want to refer you to the agency you should appeal to. it's called the agency for toxic substance and disease registry. [inaudible] >> next speaker. >> good evening. my name is charles bonham. i'm an attorney. my office is in sausy office u. i have filed a $27 billion lawsuit on behalf of the bayview hunters residents.
9:48 am
i would ask you to go up to sacramento and task the attorney general to do a criminal investigation and fine tetratech and use the money to make people whole in bayview-hunters point. i would like you to hear from two of the plaintiffs. >> good evening. >> hold on. we're going to reset the time, give these individual women one minute. go ahead. >> good evening. >> speak into the mic. >> i would like to say thank you for holding this hearing, and mr. christopher, thank you so much. although you guys working down from the stairs of city hall, city hall is the house of the people. i don't understand why the nation of islam got kicked out of the stairs. i don't understand why, but i didn't ways, i would like to give you this miss malia. this says that air quality in this neighborhood of bayview-hunters point in the best air that we can breath and other parts of the state of
9:49 am
california. this is a lie, and this is signed by mitchell hass. you don't have this, but mrs. jane kim, she voted unanimous when she was appointed to -- >> thank you, ma'am, for your comments. [inaudible] >> supervisor cohen: i think your time is up, and we have to let the next woman speak. >> kathrin mohamed, and i work at the school right next to the shipyard. i've been there four years. i've recently been diagnosed with cancer. and i know it's been hard for my family the last few months as i'm dealing with my illness, but the hardest part is for my daughter to come and ask me,
9:50 am
mommy, are you going to die? and i don't know how to answer that. how do i answer that? and for the representative of the navy to come and tell us she would put our family there? our families are suffering. we still are suffering. we're not safe. >> this is just an example of the 40,000 people who live there who are suffering who need your help. >> sir, you've already talked, and so we can't -- >> good afternoon. i want to start by honoring the ohlone ancestors. i'm a community organizer with green action, and aside from the title, i'm in my 20's, and i worry a lot about what i'm going to tell my children and the future generations. so regardless of any title that you have, i ask you to please consider, we are going to have a lot of explaining to do to our future generations. and i don't care if you work fog the navy, i don't care who
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you work for, we need to do our best because we're talking about the lives of the future people who are yet to come. and those who are telling the truth, i honor you, those of you who are not, i encourage you to tell the truth because it's only a matter of time before the truth comes out. thank you. [applause] >> sir, i believe you've already spoken. >> yes. someone from the board said that at the end there would be some questions. >> supervisor cohen: i'm sorry. we're still in public comment at this time. >> okay. >> supervisor cohen: thank you very much. is there any member of the public that has not spoken that would like to speak or would like to go on the record? okay. supervisors tang -- >> supervisor tang: so public comment is now closed. supervisor cohen? >> supervisor cohen: wow. i'm just overwhelmed by the
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information today that was received. i want to thank the community that came out and told their story. thank you for not giving up on us members of the board of supervisors. we are awake and we're paying attention. i want to recognize the folks that presented, the navy, i think i still see here. i'm not sure if i'm overlooking anyone, but thank you for sticking all the way through this hearing. i want to recognize my staff that's been instrumental in helping us pull this together. one of the things that i'd like this body to consider is possibly having another hearing, maybe another update in september to make sure that we start to be a little bit more thoughtful and more methodical in our approach in how we're going to be overseeing the work plan as well as the information that's out there, so that it does not slip through the wayside and slip through the cracks. i want to also let you know that ocii was prepared to
9:53 am
present, but i asked them not to present. and colleagues, thank you for sticking it out. i know it's been a long hearing, but this has just been incredibly important. i think this has been a breath of fresh air, but we've got a lot of work to do. i want to thank everyone for being at the table and assisting us for going through the this. supervisor kim, you've been a partner of mine since day one, since we've been both dealing with navy shipyard -- navy super fund cleanup sites, and supervisor tang, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to chair this, and to my other colleagues, fewer and safai, thank you for showing an interest. supervisor safai is a member, but supervisor fewer has come out of her own concern, out of her own compassion, and care. i feel comfortable that once i transition off this board, that there are going to be people
9:54 am
paying a watchful eye to this fund and the cleanup. supervisor tang, i move the floor to you. >> supervisor tang: i do want to thank you, the members of the public, especially the two gentlemen who stepped forward on this issue, and i'm also going to thank the press because they had done a lot to try to expose this issue years and years before as well, so i know they played a huge role in this, so thank you. supervisor kim? >> supervisor kim: thank you, and supervisor tang, i just want to thank you, your office for your leadership. it's difficult for someone like me to understand all of the various layers and what our role is in ensuring that we are protecting the safety, well-being of our residents and our workers here in our city. i -- you know, so there's a
9:55 am
federal layer, a state layer, and a local layer, and i just want to speak to our local department of public health. i'm incredibly disappointed. you are our agency, you represent the board of supervisors, and i just thought that the responses that were stated today were unacceptable. department of public health should be fighting on behalf of our residents. we should be demand be accountability. we cannot be colluding and collaborating with them. i just think given what we've heard today, we have to be committed to the position of retesting, and i look forward to working with our current mayor and board of supervisors to ensure that happens. we need to be the community advocate, not the advocate for the federal contractor. i think overall, i'm just going
9:56 am
to express my dismay and utter disgust at what is happening. i cannot believe that tetratech is getting any additional dollars from government or federal agencies. i'm speaking right now as a citizen and as an elected representative, but i strongly believe that any contract should be ended with tetratech. this is just not especially isabl isable -- acceptable. i think it would behoove us, on our own reputation, that we stop contracting with this agency. it makes us look bad, and i -- i'm -- i just have to say i'm utterly confused as to why that has not happened yet. i'm glad that all the agencies are working as quickly as possible. by the way, i've heard many good things about region nine of e.p.a., and i know that, you know, you continue to ensure
9:57 am
that we do regress testing and work, but i think we have to go above and beyond our bureaucratic response and the scientific response and actually respond to the understandable concerns of our residents. (a), there is evidence of falsification of data that impacts the health and safety and well-being of our residents. and two, this neighborhood experiences disproportionate instances of asthma and other health related concerns. we have an additional responsibility to our residents to ensure that we really are doing everything that we can and we're doing it as quickly as possible. i hope we have a hearing before september. we said as quickly as possible, and even before this hearing, i hope that we get a response on what the next steps are in terms of the proper course of action, and that we get to
9:58 am
fixing this problem as soon as possible. thank you so much, supervisor, cohen, again. >> thank you, supervisors, and so i think i heard a potential request to continue this hearing to the call of the chair. [inaudible] >> okay. and so colleague dos, we'll do that without objection. and so madam clerk, is there any other items before us today? >> there's no other items of business. >> thank you. then we're adjourned.
9:59 am
10:00 am