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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  May 18, 2018 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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yeah. [speaking spanish] >> i'm here to talk about an incident that happened at cleveland elementary school. my son was hit, and the principal didn't do anything. i brought a picture so you can see how his eye looks right now. [speaking spanish]
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>> so he's also doing a lot of things that he shouldn't be doing, like taking out the after school programs, and this is a program that the kids need to bm because they need to be there. he's also taking teachers that he shouldn't be taking out of the school. thank you. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> hi. my name is maria gonzales. i'm a parent at cleveland elementary. i'm also an ex-pta member and also the president of the pta when there was one. i'm also a volunteer at the school, and i had been in the school since 2008. i have seen a lot of changes and a lot of people go through the
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school. lately, the changes have been really, really hard and has been affecting a lot of the students. a lot of the parents have been also part of that, and have noticed all these changes. lately, we've been trying to communicate with the principal, but sometimes we get completely blocked. there's no communication. a lot of the parents feel like they're not getting heard. there's multiple groups in the school separating the parents. there is also incidents regarding a student behavior which the police has been called several times and i know there's a lot of confidentiality of the kid, but safety for the remainder of the kids. everything has been changing, and i know changes come as new people come in, but then also, the school has been put in the morning with chains on the gate. teachers have to jump fences in
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order to get inside the school. >> thank you. thank you. [ applause ] >> next speaker. [speaking spanish] good evening. many thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak. i'm also a mother at cleveland. unfortunately, i don't share the opinions that have been expressed before mine. i have worked with other principals before regarding the education of my children.
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so regarding the after school program, the mother said it had to be taken out. i had to take my kid out of that program because that teacher has 27 children. my child was there only to paint pictures, to color. [speaking spanish] the new program
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would be the ymca and i hope that this new program will support the families and the children. i know change is difficult to accept, and i know a lot of people are not willing to accept it, but i want the parents and teachers to see what this negativity they're imposing on our school, who is this negativity affecting? our children. i need your help. i need you to come to our school and help us raise the grade for our children. our school is at the bottom of the performance. please help us raise the grades of our children. >> thank you. next speaker, please.
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>> [speaking spanish] paragraph paragrap[ speaking sp. the reason that i'm here is because i do not want the parents to get divided. if i work really hard at my school, in some of the parents
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get the information they need to get about the bilingual programs. so kids can get the education they need to get. [speaking spanish] >> so to -- i would just like the board of education to know how united our parents are at our school. we have at least 30 parents who get together every month at the school, and i don't think no other school in san francisco has this level of parent participation. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> all right.
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so the next group is the arab resource and organizing center, the mou. there are a lot of speakers on this as well. i'm going to give this item 30 minutes. so i'm going to call names. i suggest that you come up and you be as concise as possible and if somebody has already said it and you don't want to repeat it, i just encourage you all to pass if you need to. so this is aroc. [ reading names ]
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>> we're going to put 30 minutes on the timer, and if you would please state your name when you come up. >> i'm robert roth, and i'm a proud teacher at mission high school. i'm here to read a statement from our principal who could not be here tonight. he writes, i am sorry that i cannot be in attendance this
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evening as i have prior school commitments, but i do wish to express my unwavering support of aroc and the powerful life changing, critical role they play in the lives of our arab students and truly all of our students at mission high school many as the school deeply committed to anti racist teaching, they play an important role in helping us make this vision a reality. they have been instrumental in supporting the creation of the very first arabic language pathway in sfusd. long before this, for many years, aroc has been here for our students with a wide range of supports including cultural clubs, outreach mentoring, social emotional, and well-being help, academic support, and much more. frankly, not only do we not do enough here in san francisco so support arab students, there are
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virtually no other groups that work at the level that aroc does. i for one urge the board to pass and sign off on an mou. to not do so leaves a large portion of our student body behind without the support, nurture, and care they deserve. as a district that prides itself on equity and social justice, it is hard for me to understand why an mou has not been passed at this point with aroc. that's from the principal and expresses the position of so many of us at mission high school. thank you. [ applause ] >> so i need to speak on both items. should i speak on both? i will speak again? okay. great. so my name is jose. i'm here in support of aroc's mou getting renewed.
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i want to submit a letter of support on behalf of advocates for children and youth. i'll pass that on to ms. casco. aroc is a pillar in the community. it's been doing this for 30 years leading in the movement for social justice. their work speaks volumes. right? you can have teachers, students, parents speak to the impact that it has in opening up our minds and really walking the values that sfusd and you all here at the board of education have on the walls here outside, have on the materials that we give to our families at schools. we talk about social justice. we talk about inclusion. we talk about equity. this organization is walking that every day. right? it is a humongous injustice to deny the opportunity for students to get to benefit from the amazing transformative
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programs that aroc offers. so on behalf of our members, i want to urge you to look within yourself, in your heart. make this a reality. make it happen. it's been three years. it's ridiculous that this amount of time could go by denying them that opportunity. it's something that we haven't seen with any other organization that has such an amazing track record of doing the work with our students. so i want to urge you to please reconsider. put this on the agenda like it's supposed to be and make it happen and renew the mou for the aroc and sfusd. we can't wait to have them back on our schools working with our students tomorrow. [ applause ] >> hi. good evening. i'm the lead youth organizer for
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chinese progressive association. we are an organization that works to educate, empower, and organize low income chinese-american communities to build power with other press communities to fight for better working conditions, better living conditions for all. i'm going to give the rest of my time to our youth leaders here. they're going to introduce themselves, but before i say anything, i want to mention as a strong supporter of making sure we not colocate and making sure we support the students of malcolm x. for the rest of the time, they're going to go. >> i go to galileo academy. >> i'm caitlyn. i'm also a senior at galileo academy. >> my name is nevin. i'm speaking on behalf of cpa to voice our support for the arab resource and organizing center in their efforts to gain a memorandum of understanding with the san francisco unified school
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district. so as you may have heard before. aroc has been important for the arab community, which includes arab youth and students within san francisco unified school district. it's unacceptable that it's taken this long to bring this to a vote. like in this political climate right now, we know there is an environment of islamophobia and our schools are not immune to that. it's he se essential we supporte community. it concerns me that this has taken this long. this process has taken this long. in addition, i want to voice that -- let me gather my thoughts for a second. i want to voice that in this political climate, it's important for elected officials to have bravery and take action. otherwise, we are letting down the communities that need us and that need services like aroc.
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we're here to stand together with them on this and we're here to say that we support their efforts to gain this mou. thank you. [ applause ] >> hello, everyone. my name is mary beth and i'm the chairperson of the league of filipino students and i'm at sf state for the sociology and sexuality studies department. as a newly graduate, i'm familiar with students incurring debt while in school with fees and high tuition, costs -- that's increasing as well as student loans. it's our duty to prioritize the youth in our communities i'll they have access to education. we're combating he -- attacks in
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higher education, we must fight to protect youth programs that the youth has access to right now. arab and muslim youth are targeted with racist against them. islamophobia is heightened from the muslim ban. if san francisco is a sanctuary city, all arab and muslim youth, aroc is one of the only organizations that provide sanctuary for all arab youth. they provide safety and can provide relevant education for youth here in san francisco. it would be a shame that aroc's programming is dismissed again. what message does this send when you take away needed services. if even our schools are not there to support them.
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the league of filipino students stands in solidarity with those impacted by this decision and we urge that the board of education make the correct decision today and stand in support of the program being at all schools in sfusd. thank you. [ applause ] >> hello. my name is jared, and i'm the current finance officer for league of philippine students at san francisco state. i'm here to show my support for aroc and condemn the san francisco board of education and san francisco unified school district's current attacks on arab and muslim youth and students. as a first year in college, studying business management, i understand that we as youth and students of color are continually navigating through the unfamiliar waters of academia. i am just now getting familiarized with my own people's history, culture, and heritage at the age of 19 years old. what i wouldn't have given to know the resilient strength of
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our people at an earlier age, but unfortunately, our people have faced so many attacks in our home country that our people are forced to migrate here to the united states due to words of aggression, labor, export policies, and advanced militarized policies. our brothers and sisters base these attacks in their homelands and were displaced. instead, what they are receiving are attacks in the bay area. [ stand by ]
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>> clerk: if you are speaking and not on the list or your name was not acknowledged, then we are going to ask you not to speak. i did not want to interrupt because you are on a time frame, but we have had several speakers that are speaking that were not on the list. people have been waiting this evening to be able to speak and have submitted their names. please be respectful of that. thank you. >> my name is elliot hellman. i am on the list. i am a member of jerry's voice for peace and you will hear from
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several others of us tonight. we're supposed to be talking about it and i think it is important to focus on the kids and the kids that it serves but i want to stop -- talk for a minute about another organization. the jewish community relations council, which i believe is behind a lot of the problems with proceeding with the memorandum of understanding. a rock is a true grassroots organization. it is obvious by the people who come out to support them. it is obvious from the kids that they work with. the jewish community relations council, by their own definition is a treetops organization. they work in the back door weighings with powerbrokers like you guys and like the people at glide church you initially came out against the memorandum of understanding. but after actually meeting with the people back they had the sense to realize that they had to been had. and they rescinded their
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support. i think you guys should follow suit. when you are talking to these people from the gcr seed you are not here that much they don't have the numbers. sorry. but i would just ask you, the next time that they are here, the next time they come before you can ask them check how many kids do they represent who are in public schools? they don't. the last time i was here and there was somebody from the gcr see speaking, they said, we have 50 families that are part of our organization. they did not say there were 50 families in public education. because they are not. [applause] >> hello i met a freshman at a high school. i am part of the arab youth organization calc a branch of a
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rock. being a part of it has helped me grow as a person and learn about where i come from. you took this opportunity away from other arab youth in my community and i will not sit here and let this happen. this is discrimination against arab youth no matter how you guys put it. that is why i am here today and i demand we get put on the agenda next meeting. it is about time. thank you. [applause] >> hello. i am a history teacher at a high school in west oakland. i have been teaching there all year and we have a small yemeni population there. a handful of students, about 30 students and every day i see the importance of a rock through the students. every day i walked the halls and see how much of a benefit it would be for an institution, a grassroots organization like a
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rock to be at a school working with yemeni students and understanding the complexities that arabs go through. understanding that the tumultuous lives that's the trump administration has created as a result of the muslim ban. the bombs dropping in yemen back that draw joe's drone strikes that force people to come here and when they are here they are not allowed to get services or they are not allowed to come at all. and so every day i see the intentional impact of a rock in a high school. but because the s.f.u. board will not make a decision of the ml you count the students are not getting the services they need every single day. why is it that a rock is not getting its mou past? why is it that the only group that is having its mou stalled? is it because retakin taking pe- position on the state of israel? is a jewish person, i support the mission on israel and the freedom of all palestinians everywhere.
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i urge you to pass the mou with a rock immediately. every day that it does not past as a date that an arab youth and arab student is not get the cultural services that may need to drive here in the bay area. thank you. [applause] >> clerk: it just a reminder you are just past half your time. >> evening. members of the port, it is actually really exciting to see the community to come out," it is in the speech. it is working its way through, thank you. so it is nice to see that people who look like me are the ones who are advocating for power in this space. right? we have done it with the board and now those are the people demanding more. that is important. i'm a teacher at an elementary school. it is getting hard to provide shelter for our families. i'm also an organizer in the
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missing and i am here today supporting the mou with a rock, a great community organization. so i have attended a few trainings in the last couple weeks, and every slide starts off with equity and the definition of equity, according to the district,'s equity is a work of rate of eliminating oppression and biases and ensuring equally high outcomes for all participants. through practices and conditions pick dr matthews, you have shown yourself to be very honest. you have always brought up the issue of equity. you keep making it an emphasis and claiming that san francisco unified can be something different for the country. outside of the private school model. so when you asked the community to take an initiative and implement this equity division
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and sfusd, it discredits the sincerity when we are not allowed to do this in our terms. because it makes those whose voices are already heard, who always had their voice heard, not comfortable. as educators and power in our communities, we cannot tell them fight for this vision, yes the district will support you with this program. if you do not show the courage on your end. i think this vision is something that we must adhere to you. we must lead this leadership of this district. they claim of socia social justd raise important issues as flicking off another item on your resume. well it means something different to us. you told us to take it and we are taking it. it is not going to be given up by those who are not willing to give it up and it is not meant to make them comfortable. approve the aroc because it is the right thing to do. do not send a message that politics from the outside organizations will make excuses as to why our kids cannot be served. let them dictate what and how our needs should be met.
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so please, i know you are bringing up the boat, take that into consideration. we are fighting hard in the mission. we're fighting hard to get the shelter plans. we are fighting hard to unite our families and every time we bring this up, an outside organization, not one in here, tells us what to do. i think that is a major problem. your vision shows us otherwise. [applause] >> good evening members of the board and superintendent. my name is charlie. i'm a parent of three sfusd students. i'm also arab-american and eight jewish man. i am here on behalf of of an organization. we are here to stand in support of the centre and urge you to move forward with implementing a memorandum of understanding at your next meeting. i wanted to speak to the value of community-based partners and partnerships. community-based organizations are an invaluable resource to and sfusd education.
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they bring in critical language skills, cultural programming, additional resources, community expertise, in valuable, authentic community relationships like all of this only enhanced on a public education here in san francisco. in addition, now more than ever, it is critical for sfusd to be partnering with organizations such as aroc, immigrant communities are under eat -- attack. muslim and arab americans are unfairly profiled, and we need sfusd to model the racial tolerance and injustice at this being taught in our classrooms with model collaborations with organizations like aroc to bring diverse community perspectives on to challenge the profiling of arab and muslim americans. we're here to support aroc and we urge you to move forward immediately. and q. [applause] >> my name is jeremiah. i'm a first-grade teacher at a
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primary school. i'm also one of the coordinators for the teachers and here in support of aroc. as well as malcolm x and... as a teacher i will do a little education for you. you probably already know this. however,, in case you do not, we want to share with you. these issues are not often related. both of these issues are about white power. it is about white power structures pushing. so the fact that question communities out, in wanting to take them over and wanting to privatize our public spaces, right? you have a private organization, not really serving the people and the use of our schools and telling us we should work for an organization that does nothing but serve the youth of our schools. and has for years. how dare you? it is ridiculous and it is not lost on me, the irony, that we as people of colour are asking
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other beautiful people of colour to do right by us. we fought to allow you there. the only thing that counters white power is people power. that is it. you are the people that we put there. who we wanted to be there. it should not be hard to have courage and stand up. yes, you might lose. it took some courage. but you have to have the courage to say yes to what is right. not just know for the status quo. [applause] >> good evening everyone. i am the executive director of aroc a crack the arab resource in organizing centre. i met palestinian and arab, a muslim when one born and raised by an immigrant family right here in san francisco. i'm a woman of colour who has been attacked by the same organization attacking aroc and pressuring you not to allow us
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to continue our youth programming for the last three years. i have been smeared in the media, vilified and threatened by members of jcrc and the pro- israeli interest group and the adl, organizations that have historically fuelled racism and islamophobia against arabs. the attack on aroc on the attack on arab youth is nothing new. we understand that racists are committed to us not being able to do our work. to those committed to racist governments like our own administration or those of apartheid israel, but they benefit from stifling our work. what we don't understand is why people elected to serve in positions committed to social justice," such as yourself cave into these attacks. and licked really, stop arab youth programming for an entire three years. in order to work with arab youth, are you seriously expecting as, as an arab organization, to support israel? do you require that all organizations do that? imagine in the eighties if san francisco unified required black
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led organizations to support apartheid south africa? [cheering and applause] or today, required indigenous organizations to celebrate columbus? regardless of what your opinion is on settler colonialism or apartheid, up canyons do not get in the way of your power to allow arab youth to access critical services. [cheering and applause] >> as an organization, naturally, we will continue to support human rights of all people and reject policies of racism, ethnic cleansing, apartheid, segregation and violence. that is why we also stand with the malcolm x academy and not getting the charger school taking over them. [cheering and applause] that is why aroc has been at the forefront of social justice movements in the bay area for the last 30 years, we urge you to make the right choice, rooted in your values and to see the attack on aroc it for what it is pick stand with those at the end of racism and renew aroc's mou. [cheering and applause]
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>> hi, i am a student at san francisco international high school. i am an english learner and i have been here for two years. i am one of the students who needed this organization in our schools because we came from different countries and we do not understand your language and also we do not understand how you guys act. [laughter] so we are muslims and also eric. it is too hard for us and other students who are new here to understand you guys, and i think we really need this organization in our schools, because there's a lot of arab students who can't understand the teachers and a lot of teachers who can't understand us because we acting
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different from you guys and we are not the same mark because we came from, most of us came from yemen, which is a place that does not allow girls, not all of the girls who can take education. and i am one of them who came to here to get more education or better education. so yes, thank you. [cheering and applause] >> hello, my name is sarah ventura and i thank you for allowing me to speak here. i do not think you are allowing our arab students in san francisco unified high school district to speak. we have many english learners who would like to voice out like however, they can't. they don't have a space and with aroc we would allow them to have that confidence to have an organization that stands for
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their rights to have a place in their schools. i have grown up in the bay area. i didn't see arab organizations because they weren't allowed in my schools as well. and with aroc and, you know, it knowing it aroc, i note joined in august of 2017. i have become more of a community organizer. i have spoken up against might -- about my concerns and i feel more confident to do so. i feel like with aroc president in their schools, they can do the same thing,'s oche thank you. [applause] >> evening. my name is cody and ima unity partnered with the filipino community centre. by not putting tree not -- aroc mou in, the school district is denying all arab students the right to empowered self-determined cultural education. by donating -- denying arab cultural studies and arabic language, arab students are given the message of their lives in history do not matter.
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because of the stated reasons i am port sfusd to call a vote to pass aroc's mou and put action to its claim to protect all students from discrimination. i will take the rest of my time to give to another individual. >> hi everyone. i am here to urge you to support the good and positive work that aroc is doing for many years, i have worked with our youth program at the filipino community centre and out balboa high school we were able to work side-by-side and i have been able to witness the positive work that aroc has done with the use there at balboa. and so i just want to urge you to pass this mou. we have our mou at the school and it is pretty simple to get it. i do not understand the type of bureaucracy that aroc is being put under. and so we have a duty, you know,
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as a community, not just us as a service, workers on the nonprofit workers and our community and our families, but we have a duty, even sitting in the seats that you do have on, you have a responsibility to really make sure this program is able to really flourish and be able to let the empowerment to be used on the services that they need to to relate thrive in school. thank you so much. [applause] >> hello my name is linda. i am actually an outcome of what happens after the arab youth organization. i will be graduating with my degree from san francisco state in a few weeks and after that i will be attending a master's program at the university of san francisco. i joined the arab youth organization when i was 14 years old due to my academic, due to not being very good in school regarding, you know, behaviour. but i was really good academically but behaviour was
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bad. they really did help me and helped me become a leader in my community. it helped me strive to do all these things i am doing now. and i cannot imagine not having that for the abuse that we have today, especially, i am not an immigrant. i was born and raised here. i am arab, but all the youth that we are seeing in these schools are immigrant to youth and the need support and they need us to go into the schools and support them, academically and also develop them into leaders pick and make them understand they can be serious and they can achieve whatever it is that they want to. and that, you know, we cannot have this dynamic organization missed out on. i urge you to renew it and stem on the side of justice and supporting arab youth. thank you. [cheering and applause] >> hi. my name is karen and lee, i'm a member of students united in a community partner. aroc has been around for nearly 30 years during on the ground organizing providing services to the local arab communities here. they know their communities and
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they worked tirelessly to rip provide resources and support. it is necessary to honour the determination of these communities and trust him to know what it's best to preserve their language, history, culture, traditions and well-being click with the alarming rise and racist attacks against arab and muslims, it is the board of education pasta's duty to protect these communities where they started in schools by allowing them to lead and teach their use. please support these programs and keep education comprehensive park relevant and in the hands of their own communities. >> thank you. time is up. and i do not have you on the list cavitary. >> clerk: you are still not on the list. but the time is up. so i have the next group that needs to come up to speak on behalf of their issue. i want to thank you. [cheering and applause]
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our next item, thank you everybody for coming out to share on aroc. our next group is malcolm x. and i have another large group with malcolm x. athis item will be provided 15 minutes. so here are the names. i will read off everybody process names, sort yourselves out, and we will start the timer. [roll call]
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hold on, there's a few more. [roll call] okay, come on up. you have 15 minutes of group time.
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>> i represent coleman advocates for children and youth. but bigger than th that, i represent the san francisco community. i was born here and this issue is real personal to me because i feel like mx a is a generation of peace of the bayview community. i feel like, when you look at that one school, it is a small puzzle piece in the larger piece of the bayview community. and if we don't stand up for our children now, and make sure that y'all understand that smaller classes make sense, well we do not understand that i would hate to come home and my parents paid the mortgage and all of a sudden, we got a new tenant i didn't know about click like that is not fair to those families. [applause] they have a voice. they should be heard. i am here speaking for those
2:45 am
families. my niece went to malcolm x. twenty-two years ago. i don't want to see that kind of history and legacy go away. a lot of the people here, generations, their parents, there on ts, they went to that school. so, if we co- locate and at school disappears, that is a piece of the san francisco community that is gone. we have lost enough in the san francisco community. we have been pushed out, arms black and brown people, and i'm here to speak against that and tell you that we don't want kids in our schools are, we don't need them in our schools pick what we need is community support. that is what we need and we are asking you and urging you today to stand for us and stand with that's. be san franciscan. show us your heart. [cheering and applause]
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>> my name is nicole. >> and my name is dimaggio. malcolm x was an important leader. i think i am a leader like him because i am standing up for my beliefs and my school which is named after him. [cheering] it is not there for a -- fair for kids to move into our community and take over our schools. i'm here to lead the students for malcolm x academy. [cheering] >> my name is nicole morris and i heard a lot about the situation about kit moving into malcolm x and malcolm x has been doing fine in the community and me, as a parent, i've been struggling likely just getting my kids to school. they've been doing good, like in the community. like every day. like we are rising.
2:47 am
they have different programs that they cater to. iep programs. that my daughter needs as well. and if you all move it into the community, there were parents like me who want my kids, where do i go? i am urging you guys not to move it into the community and keep public schools in our community is for the kids to learn. like in low income. like eight housing situations. please keep malcolm x. [cheering and applause] >> good evening. my name is currently not. i'm from the community. i'm 35 years old. i went to malcolm x. i am taking care of my niece he was eight years old. my brother is all went to malcolm x and i feel that moving kip into that school will not be okay. my niece has a behaviour program
2:48 am
at -- problem. these teachers, the staff, they have been working really closely because they have the time and the patient's. i feel like if the charter schools come in malcolm x, it will not work with elementary and like younger and older kids. it's just not going to mix to me. younger kids will be feeding off the older kids and that's not right. the kids that have behavioural problems and other things, other issues, is not going to be noticed because y'all have multiple kids and y'all don't, y'all can't really take the time out to give the special kids, like, you know, behaviour problems the time to make them move forward. like help them succeed. i just feel like y'all should keep our school as is and just keep it there. [applause]
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>> dear members of the board my name is shakeel and thank you for this time. in conjunction with the other individuals that have come forward, i also have to express that this co- location will impact our malcolm x community. essentially, by the fact of competition. you are asking the charter to compete with the same population that the school has been working for for decades and decades was pause for malcolm x academy to have its own afterschool progr program, on its own floor, has been an incredible privilege. co- location strips us of this privilege. if you guys are really committed to equity, right, equity work in this district, taking away this privilege hurts us and hurts the bayview community. i ask that you please reassess this decision if you can.
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[applause] >> hi. it is not fair, because they are older. the younger kids and older kids are not supposed to be in the same school. [applause] aroc anyone else coming to speak on malcolm x? how many more minutes do they have? >> clerk: you have eight more minutes. come on up. >> my name is is a is a. my government name is rhonda.
2:51 am
i'm a product of san francisco unified school district. i grew up in bayview. i raised my son for 20 years. i went to san francisco state university. i went to city college. i got two aas and wha two bas ai have a masters. i am here to tell you, i'm not going to throw out words that we have been talking about equity. or in equity or social justice. because we've been talking about that too much. i want to see it actually happen. i'm not going to mention the fact that malcolm x was supposed to be closed down a few times. it would be nice if we got a clap or we got, oh, y'all doing a good job. [cheering and applause] it would be nice. i'm not going to say that the ladies are doing their thing.
2:52 am
because they give me life. they make me get up every single day. i have a principal park i'm a little mad she leave does but i can talk to about anything. these kids can talk to her about anything. [cheering and applause] our kids, our babies are black and brown babies. we are called a trauma informed school. it's kip academy comes to our school calc will they take over our school? no. that's not the plan. because somebody told me, believe in positive intent. i am not feeling it and i'm not feeling you guys. you made a decision, did you think about our babies? did you think about them at all? this is supposed to be teacher appreciation week to the teachers. you are doing your job. y'all need to do yours. [applause] keep them out of our school. they are not welcome.
2:53 am
and by the way, how can you put somebody in our house who's trashing us and then they will be in there and then you expect us to be civil and professional? we will, but you need to think about that too. equity and social justice, that's what y'all say y'all are about. you were not is that when i was in school. you weren't that when i was in school. you're not that for these babies right here. stop talking about it. be about it. [cheering and applause] >> good evening. my name is darian tillman and i'm from san francisco. i'm here to speak on the situation with consolidating malcolm x. i feel like malcolm x is a part
2:54 am
of our culture in the community. and the consolidating it would be like taking a breath and giving us a punch in the stomach. because you have the principal and a lot of teachers that has a big impact on these kids' futures. and there are these kids role models. and even the parents apostates role models. you know what i mean? they help us to thrive and teach our kids better in the community on not what to do and go down the wrong path. >> thank you! [applause] >> i just want to say that as a part of th san francisco lifest, basically to keep it organized. is community-based and it is a family. [cheering and applause] i want to say thank you. [cheering]
2:55 am
>> i am nine years old and i think malcolm x legs to stand up for people and if kids, some kids keep coming to our school we might have to go to a different school rock and malcolm x would say no because we have to keep our school clean. [laughter] [applause] >> hi my name is brenda. i am a parent at malcolm x. i have been a parent at malcolm x for six years. i also work in malcolm x for six and a half years. if we bring kip in two malcolm
2:56 am
x, where is it going to leave us? for the people that's working there? where will they be? the kids with behavioural issues, everything, we don't want kip in malcolm x, at all. [applause] >> hi, my name is deirdre. i am the teacher librarian and i want to tell you that the school district needs to celebrate and elevate malcolm x academy as a model school that has raised the achievement levels and reduced suspensions of our african-american students, just like the district says they want to do it, we are doing it. [applause] instead of being recognized for our success, we are being asked to shoulder a burden on the district due to prop 39 that would be a hardship for any school. for us at malcolm x, in school
2:57 am
whose resources are already stretched to the brink, i'm afraid it will be devastating. as in we will be closed down, like give us a year. so please, for the sake of civil rights and our best intentions, and for the sake of the bayview community, please reconsider and give them a different sight where there is not already a school operating. [applause] >> good evening my name is charlie. i looked around this room and i see so much strength and so much unity. so much beauty. no one knows better than a community itself what is better for the community. so i urge you, as members of the board of education, to support the malcolm x community to protect their school sight against the encroachment of the kip academy. thank you. [applause] >> my name is gina.
2:58 am
i've been at at malcolm x for 31 years. i wear many hats. i am now the reading intervention specialist at malcolm x. but one of san francisco process core values is students first. we add -- by adding a charter school, you are not putting students first. you are letting charter schools come in and be first. with that being said, i want to give you a few statistics. malcolm x academy's goal for this year was to have 80 % of our students are higher reading at grade level. we match that goal three months ago. [cheering and applause] okay? our fifth-grade students, our fourth grade, last year process students scored higher than kip academy fifth-grade students last year. [cheering and applause] okay? small school, smaller class sizes. they work. with that being said, we have
2:59 am
done the work. they are the highest performing academic school in the bayview, and now you want to add a charter school. [cheering and applause] by the way, giving us 15 minutes is under serving us again. [applause] >> my name is julie roberts... >> clerk: i will let the last two speakers go and then we will finish up. >> i will be brief. i do not think we should have a charter located at malcolm x. i am also questioning the process, i my understanding is a school board should hav board sd on the location process and i have not seen this board vote on an offer to malcolm x academy. i also wonder how are we are communicating with the academies on the principles. i have friends in the new schools list and they got an e-mail from the principal may second saying where they would be located. so how is it the charter school
3:00 am
principals know what the plan is before our public school principals no? as an elementary school where the renovation, we had many meetings with district folk and architects about the impact of our schools. we have not had or seen a single community meeting with malcolm x or with an -- nac who stood up and fought back against the kip school as well. we need to make sure that our families have a voice in these charter locations. we should ask more of our staff to be communicating with families and to make sure this process is aboveboard. thank you. [applause] >> my name is brandy. i'm a parent of a kindergarten boy in the richmond district and i am standing here tonight in solidarity with the families of the bayview who are opposed to the charter school chain and their school. when my son asked me what i would be speaking about today, i told him what is happening and i asked him, how would you feel if the school moved into your