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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  May 21, 2018 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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ask the board to pass the legislation without any amendments. i'm here today because my building caught fire in the basement with with the dryer that was not up to code. my unit has flooded with inadequate piping systems out of my kitchen sink. bedbugs, numerous other issues. so really i would appreciate it if they could get their operating and maintenance up to par before they pass that along to me. thank you and please pass this. >> clerk: thank you, next speaker, please. >> i live at 240 cumberland street, 30-unit building, speaking on my behalf, and the other tenants, i'm in support of supervisor fewer's legislation for the reasons she stated. it strikes me this is not a radical alteration that is being proposed, but a reasonable adjustment of the benefits and burdens of life in san francisco. in the direction that any reasonable supervisor ought to support. thank you.
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>> good morning. my name is kathy. i'm a tenant attorney, a resident of district 4. and i also serve on the rent board commission. i would like to strongly support this legislation especially without amendment. san francisco is the only rent-controlled jurisdiction in the state that allows this type of pass-through. it leads to speculative behavior and eviction of long-term tenants but economics, rather than allowing them to benefit from rent-control and stay in their apartments. thank you. >> hello, i'm a vary toss tenant.
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all landlords can write off utilities, mortgage interest, fees along with other costs, taxes, repairs, insurance, maintenance, fees which are costs that are being passed down to tenants, however, we're not being shown how many of these costs are written off by the previous and the current landlord. so i would ask you to support this legislation. i would say that landlords can also use a general bond for property tax increases. thank you very much. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm with housing rights committee, i urge you to support repealing the o & m pass-through as the least to do to curb speculation. we've asked the city time and again to tax speculation and unfortunately what is happening, these pass-throughs are taxing tenants for speculators' unsavory practices, buying up rent controlled building and using loopholes like this to kick out tenants.
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so, please, please, please, support this legislation. thank you very much. >> good morning. my name is hahn. i'm opposed to this proposal, the reason is it's one side. more landlords already no benefit at all. no profit. so you -- [inaudible] -- it's nothing, nothing there. ok? so it doesn't make sense. and i think city hall shouldn't treat small landlord as atm. we don't have too much benefit already. now getting even harder for landlords. so how could we have money to repair and then how could we
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afford to pay interest? it doesn't make sense. so, please, don't treat small landlords as a.t.m. we don't have -- [bell ringing] >> clerk: thank you, next speaker. >> hello, i live at 520 buchanan street owned by veritas investments, the largest landlord in san francisco. i strongly urge you to pass this legislation without any amendments. and i'm extremely disappointed to hear that this legislation would only take effect this year as well, especially since in 2016, veritas investments received $815 million in capital from goldman sachs and they're partnered with a huge multinational real estate company and bought up so many properties. so these pass-throughs are already affecting the large
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portion of people because they've bought up so many buildings and i'm affected by these pass-throughs and we can't afford them. so please, without amendments, thank you. >> clerk: next speaker. >> good morning, supervisors, my name is jason henderson, i'm on the board of the hayes valley association planning committee and representing the president, we strongly urge you to move this legislation forward swiftly. it's too bad it doesn't have a grandfather clause because many people in hayes valley have been hit hard by the pass-through. it's worse than you think. a lot of times what is going on, a small portion of the company is still really the owner and then there is all this kind of shell game moving around. and then they flip the property, one property at 300 buchanan went from 16 to $34 million and
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all of that debt finance is being passed through to the tenant. this is a bad business practice. people don't know what their rent is, they're getting piled on o & m, pass throughs, and it's stressful to maintain neighborhood stability. it's your duty to -- [bell ringing] >> clerk: thank you, next speaker. >> my name is kathy and i'm in your district. i'm part of the benefit that the property tax pays for, the cost of property has gone up significantly. garbage rate alone have gone up 20-30% and the water rate scheduled to go up another 30% over the next four years. so calls to the contractor, plumber, electrician has also gone up significantly. city voter prove new tax on -- approve new tax on property. that cannot be passed on.
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and i urge you to consider small property owner, it's very difficult in san francisco here. >> clerk: next speaker. >> hi, my name is a charles steiner, i live at a veritas green tree owned property and i'm urging the committee to support the legislation and subsidy for speculative behavior. i would like the legislation to be passed without any amendments. my experience in the neighborhood is that green tree has offered default evictions, unlawful detainers, three-day notices to vacate without cure. and permits are missing when renovations are being done. so i think that this legislation is important. it's significant.
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very reasonable. and i urge you to vote yes on this legislation without any amendments. thank you. >> good morning. my name is glen, i'm a tenant at 300 buchanan street. the apartment i've lived in is the same for over 24 years now. we are urging the board of supervisors to fully endorse this and move it through. i'm concerned to hear that five members of the board would not speak with tenants and advocates to discuss this specific legislation. it's interesting to see this side of the room is empty. they are not present. i know the schedule is busy, but why supervisors wouldn't meet with tenants? tenants could lose their housing, add to the homeless situation and lives are changing on these decisions here.
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since veritas took over the apartments, our rent went up $500 in four months. that's on a limited income, i'm on disability. $500 in four years and that's not including what is going to be happening in september. [bell ringing] >> clerk: thank you, sir. if you have anything to submit, you can submit it to the clerk. >> good morning. my name is kathy, i'm member of af g2121 and behalf of tenants like me and friends threatened with displacement because we can't afford to buy in the city, i urge you to pass this legislation without amendments and end the speculative aspect of this. when 92% of the o & m petitions are filed by corporations that have statewide investors, it's really doing disservice to our
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city and displacing the people that live and work here. i have a friend whose rent jumped $2,000. she's now left the city. she was invaluable to the work we did at our school and we've lost her. and our last contract campaign, the unaffordablity of being able to live in the city and do something you love was the top issue. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> hi, renee, 25 year resident and tenant of llc. i am urging you to support this legislation without amendments, unless you're going to require that landlords show hardship in order to pass this through. my own building had previously sold for $4 million and more recently sold for $7 million,
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$500,000 above asking price. my introduction to the new owner was a buyout offer with a friendly mention that they would be applying for o & m pass through and then ended with thank you for your tenancy. i didn't feel appreciated. and also i just wanted to note that i'm not sure it came up, but i think these o & m are not a onetime deal that is correct a tenant could in fact face these increases -- [bell ringing] >> clerk: thank you, next speaker. i'll be translating. my name is olivia. and i'm here to ask you supervisors to support this legislation. thank you.
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>> clerk: next speaker. >> hello, my name is john, i'm a tenant at 720 baker street, veritas building, in the last four years, we've seen steep rent increases putting a hardship on many tenants in the building, some of whom may qualify for hardship but aren't organized enough to stand up for their rights. we have seen a lot of construction without proper notices, having utilities turned off without notice. thank you. >> you still have 30 seconds. so many of my neighbors can't be here today because they're trying to make ends meet and don't have time to come out in the middle of the day to
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represent themselves. so i urge you to pass this legislation without any amendments. thank you. >> clerk: thank you very much. >> good morning, senior disability action, again, i support this legislation, ask you all to support it, however without amendments. since 2017, we have seen so many people being priced out, another form of eviction through these pass-throughs and remember, these are speculators that i'm speaking of. regular people who really want to become landlords. and the traditional landlord. they are not the people that are doing this. rather these corporations, so i urge you to get a grasp on what is happening here. there are thousands of people effected by this and we need to pass this legislation without any amendments. thank you very much.
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>> [speaking spanish] >> good morning, supervisors, my name is, i work in just cause. we get a lot of renters that come there with their problems and questions about increases they've received because they don't know much about them. they realize that these increases are beyond what the annual increase that is allowed for rent control. these have the work pass through
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without explaining what this really means. much of these costs are for maintenance that the property owners have carry on the building. and taxes that the owner has to pay. many of these property owners are large companies, looking to make profit from small renters. i'm here to ask for your support and that you pass this legislation through without any amendments and that you show
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solidarity to the community. thank you. >> next speaker. [speaking spanish] >> translator: good morning, i'm also a person with disability. i also work and i'm here to support this legislation. and i hope that you pass this legislation without any amendments. thank you. >> clerk: thank you, next speaker. >> good morning, my name is becky, i'm with housing land and development team at just cause. they have years of experience supporting tenants fighting for their rights and we know there
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are laws -- i'm here in solidarity with the green tree, veritas tenants and all those affected by o & m pass throughs. i'm saying this board needs to take action, i'm urging you to pass this to the full board without amendment. pass-throughs is one more way that long-term tenants get evicted or kicked out of housing and here in san francisco. this is a real opportunity to address the ongoing affordability crisis and prevent eviction. we need people to stay in their homes. >> clerk: thank you, next speaker. >> i work in just cause. i see the profound impact and insablt caused by the rising rents. the tenants aren't aware of
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their rights as tenants and don't understand whether having their rent threatened. the o & m leaves the door open for the corporations and large companies to take advantage. the housing crisis didn't start in 2018, it's been years and it's on the streets. we need the board of supervisors to take the steps and strengthen the tenant protections in san francisco in order to address the worsening housing crisis by closing the loophole and passing this legislation as is with no amendments. >> hi, my name is greg. on behalf of the 9-unit building going through the process, i urge you to support the legislation and pass it without amendments. in the case of corporate investment companies, it's in their pro forma to optimize returns for their investors at
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the expense of every person, every family who happens to live in a building they decide to purchase. this is a workaround. to encourage us to move on. i encourage you to support the legislation. thank you. >> clerk: thank you, next speaker. >> tony, senior and disability action. pass-throughs do not pass go. we support this legislation, let's plug these loopholes to end the subsidies to these corporate speculators. really the o & m pass-throughs are a corporate pile-onwhere speculators are beating the hell out of tenants, senior tenants, tenants with families, tenants with disabilities and this party, this abuse has to end. thank you. >> clerk: next speaker. >> good morning, anastasia,
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senior tenant living in a rent controlled building on 24th street for 34 years. i urge this committee to support the o & m legislation before you without amendment. the number of o & m petitions filed has increased five-fold according to the rent board and this is a permanent 7% increase. debt service and property tax are the largest expense items by far. 75% of them come from corporate real estate firms, regional and state firms and known bad accertificates. san francisco is -- actors. san francisco is the only they're allows debt service to be passed onto tenants. this has to stop new. tenant displacement is occurring with more frequency. you have the power to end this. please support this legislation by supervisor fewer and protect tenants. thank you. >> clerk: thank you, next speaker.
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>> good morning, everyone, my name is christie, i'm here to oppose the proposal. in 2014, my family put all our life savings to buy a property in san francisco. in recent years, all the increase in the property tax, utilities, are increasing significantly to the point that we can barely able to pay for all the bills. in addition, we have to support our families and our kids. please keep in mind that property tax pay for necessary services that all san franciscans benefit from. those include our schools, roads, munis and majority of our city budget. police and firefighters. when we share the service, we should share the cost. please oppose the -- please vote no to this proposal. thank you.
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>> clerk: next speaker, please. >> good morning, i'm a small property owner. out of all of these people, the most important thing that nobody mentioned is that only san francisco has rent limit of 60%. you can look all over the world, see anywhere you can find that. and that's the main reason why we need all these pass-throughs. without it, there will be no fair return for the owners and which is protected by the constitution. minimum wage has gone up five fold from $3 to $15. and the square footage for the building has gone up from $100 to $500. who is increasing all these costs? why can't the renters share with these costs?
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without it, no one will invest. if you think the tax is not going to benefit the tenants, they do not -- [bell ringing] >> clerk: thank you, next speaker, please. >> good morning. [speaking foreign language] >> translator: hello, my name is linda wong. i want to ask supervisor fewer when you propose this, did you think about a small property owners?
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>> translator: most of the small property owners have a very tough time. 9 out of 10 have very difficult time. so please say no to this. >> clerk: thank you, next speaker, please. >> i want to say for the record i'm a small property owner myself. >> i say no on this. >> clerk: next speaker. >> hi, my name is sherman, i'm a small property owner. me and my family have tenants over -- rented to tenants the same over 15 years, so we have limited by the ordinance that we
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don't have rent below market level. so we don't have much reserved to pay for certain property tax increase. so we are also thinking that the property tax is supported -- it used to support city services. so not only it's not fair for property owner to take care of all the responsibilities. so we'll encourage board of supervisors to amend this measure to consider small property owner who has suffer rent control over 10-15 years. >> clerk: thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, good morning, i live at 1075 o'farrell street, i lived in my apartment for ten years. i'm spook speaking on behalf of the tenants who could not make
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it today, seniors and disabled. the selling of the building to veritas, i encourage you to support the bill. rent increase and displacement is a very real thing for us. >> clerk: thank you, next speaker. >> [speaking spanish] >> translator: good morning, everyone, my name is carlos. i live in 270 turk street. he is going to arrive very, very late to his job today, but he's here. it was very important for him to come today. this legislation, here here are
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the examples of my rent increase. we brought his operation maintenance petition that his landlord filed. in unit 709, his rent increase went up 71.46, that's fort last two and a half years he's been paying that. the debt service on his building from green tree veritas was $352,592. property tax was $118,810. we wanted you to have that little snapshot. thank you very much. >> clerk: thank you. next speaker, please. >> [speaking spanish] >> translator: hello, everyone, i come at a representative from the building 270 turk street.
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i am here to support this legislation along with others who support the legislation in my building. we thought it was odd that as soon as green tree bought our building, we saw several rent increases they started charging all of the tenants. it seems weird that we just think we're paying our rent, but we're actually paying the debt of our landlords. that's all i have to say, thank you. he is running also late to work, but he made it along with carlos, they work together. thank you.
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>> clerk: thank you, next speaker. >> good morning. my name is laura. [speaking spanish] >> translator: i'm here to ask you to pass this legislation. for me this is very important. thank you. >> clerk: thank you, next speaker. >> good morning, my name is angela and i'm a tenant organizer with the central city sro collaborative. although sros have not been impacted by debt service and property tax pass-throughs, we are here today in solidarity with the tenants unfairly burdened by these rent increases.
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the current rent board ordinance is being exploited by speculative landlords who shoulder the cost of debt and property tax. please support the legislation without amendment. >> clerk: thank you, next speaker. >> my name is lori, i would like to thank supervisor fewer for authoring this legislation to end this behavior. i'm a 28 year resident and homeownernd i am heart sick and outraged by the displacement of san francisco residents due to evictions and rising housing costs. low-income residents are replaced by newcomers with higher income. the loophole this legislation aims to close has added fuel to the fire of predatory speculation on existing housing stock. this is one small response to our displacement crisis. it is the role of government to protect the people who live
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here. please move this legislation forward without delay, thank you. >> clerk: next speaker, please. supervisors, joseph, housing rights committee. please support this legislation. keep in mind that banks charge primarily interest on new loans and interest payments are deductible even under the new tax code. in addition, banks underwrite loans on real income and expenses. the landlord wouldn't qualify for a loan unless they can show the bank they make enough money to support the monthly payments. the pass-throughs can't be seen -- can only be seen as being speculative. profiting by the landlords shouldn't be tolerated. thank you for authoring the legislation, we urge you to support it today. >> clerk: thank you, next speaker. >> hi, i'm lance, resident of
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720 baker. i'm being evicted by veritas, green tree, rent sf now, along with three other residents in the building who received three-day notices. why? we have not missed rent in over ten years. we have no complaints. why? we've got pass-throughs in the hundreds of letters we've received over the past two years, with proposed pass-throughs. all these -- we missed one. and that gives them a right to evict us in and the way that works, we get the proposals, if we miss one, we lose. your rent goes up different amounts each month. you don't know what it is. if i miss something, you get a 3-day notice. it's always on a friday. if you miss that, you have a five-day unlawful detainer --
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[bell ringing] >> clerk: thank you, next speaker. hello, because of this, san francisco -- [inaudible] thank you. >> clerk: thank you, next speaker. >> [speaking foreign language] >> translator: i'm a resident, my name is jan and i oppose this because the small property owner cannot afford it. without the pass-through.
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and will be short and there will be no benefit to the renter at all. so it's not a good situation for both sides. >> clerk: next speaker, please. >> my name is gloria. i live in the richmond district. and i'm a small property owner. >> translator: i am not so
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interested in increasing my tenants' rents, but my tenants tell me with so many restrictions in san francisco, although they would like to purchase property themselves in the future, they don't want to buy in san francisco. because there is too much restrictions. and this is not good for both parties. my renter -- my renter who has lived in my unit for 20 years already, his income went from $10,000 to -- from $25,000 to $100,000. and he still gets the benefit of
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the subsidized rent from me. and he's purchased a property in san francisco that he rents out to other people. thank you. >> hi, i'm here on behalf of several of my friends who are property owners in san francisco, who due to work cannot be here. what we'd like to say is that the vast majority of property owners in san francisco are truly small property owners. and this legislation will actually hurt young families and hard working middle class people, like us. and what is not mentioned is that the rent that the tenants have, have been subsidized by us. and this is not fair to both
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sides. if you put yourself in other people's shoes, they know that rents are hugely subsidized because vast majority of the properties in san francisco, any property that is built before june 14, 1979, are under rent control and what we -- [bell ringing] >> clerk: thank you, next speaker. >> good morning. i am representing the lotus street community services, we have the privilege of serving low income, fixed income communities. i want to express support for the operating maintenance pass through without any further amendments. we want to recognize that many people today have taken time out of their day to come through, both tenants and small property landlords. but after the presentation of the rent board, it is clear this legislation, this reform is really challenging the corporate investments, that are going
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after multifamily buildings which is 80% of the pass-through targeted. what we know this is another measure that will support the affordability of the city and take into account preventative measures to address what is displacing folks from rent controlled units. >> clerk: thank you. >> from the chinatown community development center, we're very supportive of the legislation. we want to mention a few things. we're concerned in particular about the speculative market that is converting rental housing throughout the city, but it's affecting chinatown. and these o & m increases are a predicate for the speculators coming in and doubling and tripling the value in just a few years in sro housing in san francisco. we're seeing them coming in, pass making renovations that are not designed for the tenants who
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live there, but for re-renting to an upscale market and passing on those rent charges to the tenants. that's fundamentally unfair. i want to say in response to the small property owners, i don't understand their concern, because it doesn't affect existing property owners. those folks are covered. [bell ringing] >> clerk: thank you, next speaker. >> good morning, everyone. i just want to say to supervisor sandra fewer, please say no to this proposal. and please think about the tenants, and the property owner. not only for the tenants. otherwise, if we do, the property owner, how do you feel? can you answer me?
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supervisor fewer? thank you. >> clerk: before the next speaker begins, i want to mention public commenters should address the entire panel and not individual members of the panel. >> hi, supervisors, today i'm here. more rent control is not solve the housing crisis in san francisco. the owner is afraid to put their property on the rental market. so tenants and property owners -- [inaudible] -- rent control is unfair, unbalanced. it hurts the small property owner. we pay high property taxes.
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we pay more property bonds. what about our rights? think about it. please vote no for this reason. thank you. >> hi, supervisors, the petitions from the pass-through. let the landlord have to sell the building, i'm -- this one. thank you. >> clerk: thank you. >> i'm a legal assistant for a law office. if you upset about the $70 property increase, the pass-through, then take a look, your landlord's property tax bill. and they can appeal for pass
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through. my tenants make double income as me. this legislation is making me, the landlord, very terrible hardship, especially i just paid $100,000 to fixing the property. thank you. >> clerk: next speaker, please. >> hi, i live here 30 years, but i have three kids, i am working for them to buy a house. but if the rental control is reason of this and the housing crisis. the own, 20% owner live in the house, take 20 years to near i remodel. this house remodel every year. say no to this. thank you.
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>> clerk: next speaker, please. >> hi. please support this legislation without amendment. please don't let the landlord. a 3-day notice eviction to a disabled tenant who is protected by rent control. and please protect the vulnerable. always stand by the act, not the system. thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> my name is becky. i oppose 810318, because this is unfair to the small property owner and the supervisor, when they create the policy should be fair to both sides. tenant and landlord.
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thank you. >> good morning, my name is kathy lipscomb, i'm with senior disability action, i'm a tenant. we live in fear that our building will be converted to something else. so, thank you for those supervisors who have stand with us today. i do grieve a bit for the people victimized by veritas and the rest of them who will not benefit from this with the cutoff date. the key point i think is that landlords can write off all their operating expenses such as mortgage interest, property taxes, insurance, travel, office, telephone, computer costs, et cetera. so i think retrofit, they can pass through 100%. we don't have 100% ownership of the building, they do. you have the power to do something about this terrible situation. no crippling amendments. the letters that go to the tenant should be in the language we understand and there should be tenant groups listed on that
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letter that tenants can reach so people are not so frightened that they just leave. thank you very much. >> good morning, my name is carlos. i would like you to support this legislation because it's important. my mother already had several increases and with the retirement, she's not making any more money, and now she's $5 to live on food. so this is important. we need your support. it's vital to the people of san francisco and for us to stay. thank you. >> first, thank you to the supervisors who have put this forward and allowing us to give our voice and thank you for
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hearing us. i'm here today for a woman who can't be here, because she's pushing a cart around the city, struggling to find an overnight shelter bed. she was a veritas tenant who came home and found a 3-day notice on her door, eviction notice, because her language skills are not so great. she is 68. she's homeless. she has disabilities. and thank you for hearing our voices. may this never happen to anyone else again, thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, my name is keith, behalf of tenants at farrell. i urge the committee to support legislation and end subsubsidies
10:47 am
for speculative behavior. thank you. >> clerk: thank you. next speaker, please. >> [speaking spanish] >> translator: good morning. i'm here to represent tenants for 57 taylor. to support this legislation for tenants. because i feel it is not fair to pay the taxes. the taxes of the property owner. thank you. >> good morning, supervisors. i've been a voter for over 50 years in san francisco, i'm in district 5.
10:48 am
i urge you to pass this legislation with no amendments. in my years in san francisco i've been a homeowner, i've owned a house, owned a condo, and now i'm a tenant. and i think i can look at this from both sides. i would describe it as fair. fair to everyone, please pass it. good morning, supervisors, i'm peter warfield, i lived more than 30 years at the same address that was purchased by a group three years ago, ballast. this is the change in tenancy that i received. the proposed operating maintenance petition increase plus two years of bank increases, plus 18 years of bond
10:49 am
pass-throughs resulted in 27% increase at least per year. and the bond pass through started 27 years ago. and they recently went up to 32 and $29. an interesting feature is that my tenancy, the longest and least paying got the greatest increase in o & m, more than double what the biggest payers in the building are paying. >> clerk: thank you, sir. >> my name is mark, i work with a society, i work often with people who are homeless. we've heard from some people today who know the homeless, who have been pushed out of their own apartments. i'm in favor of the legislation and suggest to the board that you take that subsidy previously given to landlords and give it to the city attorney office so we can find the correct plaintiff, whether that is a
10:50 am
homeless person or not, who has had their home stolen from them. the best remedy is to replace the person back in that home. it's been done in new york city and throughout this country. it's a very difficult case to proceed with, you i know it can be done here. we have a passionate city attorney, and i suggest that at some point we ask mr. herrera and the city attorney office to find the previous tenant who has been kicked out illegally and take that case to the court. thank you so much. >> clerk: thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is anton, i'm a small property owner and i'm here to ask the board of supervisors to reject the proposal, because small property owners are not corporate. we work very hard to keep our properties up. we don't evict anybody, at least
10:51 am
not us. and as far as increases, some of the annual increases have been as low as 1/10th of 1%, that is not enough to do very much. also, for the tenants, they have many mechanisms in order to file for grievances or hardships and so on with the board of supervisors. i ask kindly for the board of supervisors to reject this. thank you. >> hello, i'm paul, i'm a small property owner in the city. i'm here to ask supervisors to oppose this measure. because as a small property owner in the city, we have already had most rent control in
10:52 am
the city, and the living cost is very high in the city. we already have hard time to maintain, to catch up with the maintenance costs. so, yeah, i encourage supervisors to oppose this measure. thank you. >> hi, my name is sheila. i'm a manager in lt property, but owner is very difficult time to handle everything which is like garbage increase, water, and all increase. that is going up. so except the material. everything, the labor go up. so running the property it's a very difficult time. they think we have a lot of money, but it is not, it's a very difficult time. thank you.
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>> clerk: thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, supervisors, everybody. [speaking foreign language] >> translator: today, i'm here. this is the reason. more rent control. property owner pay high property taxes and bonds. the property owner pay more rent
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control, they don't want to put the property on the rental market. this make housing crisis worse and worse. tenants and property owners, both parties is hurting. so urge you vote no for this reason. >> clerk: thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, supervisors, i do not support this legislation. this is not a fair policy. garbage insurance we pay, property tax, all this is labor cost. they increase the price rapidly. and under the rent control, as i can see, you only allow 2% every year. how about the living cost is way
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higher than that. our working money is not come easy. our working money is not drop from the sky. please say no to this legislation. thank you. >> hi, good morning. all supervisors. please vote no to this proposal. because the small property owner is so hard time. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, everyone. i'm small property owner. so i know other rent controlled cities like l.a., santa monica
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and berkeley, all have pass through for property taxes, but not the service. the cities also have higher rent. also more than san francisco city. so please vote no. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, my name is wendy. i'm here to oppose this legislation because as you can see, we have all the labor costs increase from $11 to $15 each, it's more than 30% increase. but the increase allowance of rent is less than 2%. and by the way, since 1992, the cpi is 60% from a $1-1.40. so you can tell by the numbers
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in long 16 years, the landlord only can allow to increase 40 cents per dollar. so this legislation is not fair. if you want to stop that, stop increasing our property tax. stop increasing the minimum salaries so this is fair situation. housing shortage is not small property owners problem. it's demand and supply. look at the number that you have, all this units, not small mom and pop property owners. be fair to all -- [bell ringing] >> clerk: thank you. next speaker, please. >> [speaking spanish] >> translator: good morning, everyone. my name is daniel, i come representing everyone from 270 turk as well.
10:58 am
so he is saying since certain property owner, green tree has purchased his building, the conditions have decreased in service, but the rent has increased. so most recently, i was served with unlawful detainer, i was attempted to be evicted from my home because of various rent increases. which he didn't understand. he came to our office. and he didn't understand how this made any sense. he was able to pay a remaining balance and stay.
10:59 am
that's all he has to say. he's here to support the legislation, o & m, thank you very much. >> clerk: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good morning, i just come over here again to tell you that the landlords pass all this increases on taxes that we tenants have to pay for. they have all the essentials and what they do is, the repairs they do, they do it for the new units they want to rent it. not for ours. my mother, she tried to apply for hardship. she was denied and that's with represent control. so -- rent control. so i'm begging you to do your job and do what you're supposed
11:00 am
to be doing, save the citizens. i hope that you do your job that time. thank you. >> clerk: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good morning, supervisors, chair safai. i just want to thank you for having this legislation come up and want to urge you to pay with no amendments. my name is cynthia and i've been a renter in san francisco for 17 years. my first landlord in the city was city apartments. you may be familiar with them. city apartments is essentially old school green tree. you know these type of predatory speculative landlords and i urge you to protect tenants from getting these costs passed through, which is basically the cost of doing business in san