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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  May 26, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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received 2 25 letters in support of and 10 in opposition to the project. i will turn these in for the record. >> the single dr was submitted by christina subnare and -- their concerns with the project are as follows that it will negatively affect neighbor's rights to privacy, that it will impede other construction projects in the neighborhood, specifically soft story retrofit projects and that the project doesn't recognize and preserve the existing character of the neighborhood. following the submittal of the td request, the design team considered issues raised in the request and found that the
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project does not contain or create exceptional or extraordinary circumstances. the project massing and placement of decks are consistent with the guideline to articulate buildings to maximize light and privacy. with respect to the architectural design, the residential design advisory team found that although the design is contemporary in nature, it does reflect the surrounding neighborhood's character. we advise they do no take dr and approve it as proposed. >> president hillis: dr request. you have five minutes. >> kenneth cohen counsel. diane and christina did not object to the sponsor -- his
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property. they disagree with it's floor to ceiling glass walls and flat effect. earlier this week i submitted our legal arguments in detail. we believe the project violates the residential guidelines which place emphasis. it doesn't attempt to match the look of buildings in the area. we identified six policies in the design element that are crucial to a buil buildings -- d reflect the proportions materials and character of existing building and avoid extreme co contrast. thank you. >> good evening, my sister donna
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santana and i are owners kiddy cornered from the site. this building has been in our family since the 1940s and our concern is the design of the project and it's nonconformity to neighborhood architecture and community character over all. we feel that the city's interpretations of codes and guidelines should be applied equally and fairly to everyone. the main fifth floor roof deck, the second deck and the outlandish using of glazing an concrete. in the statement made to ton tunny my sister and i had an a conversation with the expediter and he responded to us and his e-mail stated that the property
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owner was only will to accommodate the removal of the penthouse otherwise known as the small rooftop bulk head to satisfy our concerned with the design projects, so clearly we are not the ones unwilling to negotiate. there has been a tremendous concern among dozens of neighbors voicing strong opposition and support of the discretionary review. there is a strong community effort who have submitted over 30 letters to you an signed petitions and several are present here today. many have stated they never received the notification and didn't know anything about the proposed project. it is possible to not think that somehow this project applicant did not follow proper protocol with the proper city not notification this time around. i hope you will work with us with the preservation of the
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neighborhood which includes keeping within the conformity and classic architecture design. i ask that the board do what is right and order discretionary review of the project. >> michael, preservation architect here in san francisco. i will show a few photographs of the arena. here are examples of the neighborhood of traditional style homes and apartment buildings. note the traditional style and various bay forms and it has the feel of a historic district. this design genre belongs in the soma area or businessy business district. we see no similar to traditional
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windows in the neighborhood and large glass areas accentuate glare, right trespass at night will be a problem, and privacy for those looking in. concrete wall surface, jagged saw sooth tooth and monolithic. the building is a large box with limited articulation of the mass. neighborhood has examples of bay window. we were offered one bank on the short side. roof decks are rare in this area. of 250 in this image, i have counted less than ten roof deck. this design is radically different and creates exceptional circumstance that requires your attention or dr. >> president hillis: thank you. wi well open it up to public
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comment in support of the dr. i have a number of speaker cards but probably helpful to line up on the side of the room and you can come in any order. >> my name is maria farrell, resident 1459 san francisco street and lived there 20 years owned property since 1951. we are opposed of this project and have sent letters via e-mail. i am here today to read a letter from an neighbor that couldn't be here. her name is constance mccarthy,
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owner of 3201 octavia. she writes in 2013 i was invited by yes, sito discuss the renovaf this building and several neighbors were invited. i did not put my signature on the sign-in sheet upon arrive for a specific purpose. the first comment out of jeff's mouth was pompous and arrogant and it immediately caused a vibe. he said he was going to turn his three unit building into a single family building. i asked jeff how he could take rentals off the market and he said he could do what he wants after all he owned a bank. he then stated he was going to build a guest house in the backyard so his wife's family could stay there when they visited from brazil. he inferred this would happen soon.
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several condo owners at 1500 san francisco street stated their concern of this project that take away their views and reduce their property value. they subsequently told their properties because they felt his actions would impact their investment. every neighbor at this gathering was against the proposed plan for renovation. on a personal note as a native of the city and resident of the neighborhood for 37 years i find it highly disturbing and sad that the owner doesn't care about the character of the street just their own house. yes, it's their investment but some responsibility for the community should be in place. we should assume that every home over time will go through this sense the money exists to do so.
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another irony is that these homes the end to cause families to stay inside rather than mingle outside so you end up with a lot of house taking up street space instead of life on the street. the owner is going to destroy the very character that presumably attacked him to this neighborhood and she couldn't be here today because she had another engagement. >> president hillis: thank you. next speaker, please. >> pam davis, 1567 francisco street. many of us in the neighborhood did not receive notification about this project. i am one of them and i am a lawyer i can assure you i would have checked my mail and i would have noticed this and i do not care for the look and feel of this project. i am opposed to there being an
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additional floor on this building. my concern is that th the appearance will not match the community i purchased in five years ago. when i went through my remodel efforts those of us who go through the process and are informed that we need to maintain the look and feel of the windows and the amount of surface area of the windows should have been restricted and now a few doors down we are going to have a larger building with a substantially larger surface area of glass. may neighbor who lives below me also an owner on francisco street could not be here, sheila and mark see gal are also opposed to the this building for the same reasons that none of us have concern or at least no one has a concern about the height of the building, we understand
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and respect there should be more floors if that fits the guidelines of the city but we do have concern over the concrete and the glass and the difference in the look and the feel and then my next door neighbor also sent a letter also same problem, none of us received notification, so we are here having to read into the record that we oppose this because none of us were given knowification in advance. my next door neighbor is 1575 and 1573 francisco street. john vendito. he was raised in the city and left the city as an adult and then returned 22 years ago to care for his family. he works for a company that build office interiors in the downtown area of san francisco.
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he understands the construction and specifically semestertial design and his opposition is not towards the remodeling or adding additional level of the residence but towards the commercialization that replicates the buildings he works on or in the downtown. the floor to ceiling glazing shown on the design is standardization of most high-rise buildings in san francisco. he said in our neighborhood we do not have picket fences or oak trees and what we have are buildings that look like home. [bell ringing]
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>> mark herman, 12 year owner of 3253250 octave3250 octavia righe street. exhibit 1 shows design with floor to ceiling windows that creates fishbowl effect with issues of glare, lack of privacy and light trespassing on neighbor. i presented you a full photos of 22 neighboring blocks of homes that clearly show excessive use of glass and concrete to be out of character. to quote commissioner melgar big windows to me are a statement of class and privilege and i think
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this epitomizes the quote. the ribbed sizing reinforces the look of a fortress. this is a corner lot with 130 feet of f facade one block d very visible to fort mason green. it's screaming for attention. i believe this design will never be used as multifamily building and i have four design points to support this. the original permit filing was a dwelling mer ger from 3-2 i believe this shows intent to remove housing stock. point two, there has been three iterations and you will include accessory dwelling unit on the ground floor next to the garage. in each iteration the dwelling unit is called something different. in the current plan it is
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referred to as common space essentially this is an in-law unit that could be defined as dwelling unit if the upper three units are combined for the benefit of the owner. point three, the entry way to the building existing is an exterior entryway, so the three units come off an exterior staircase. every building has the same exterior entrance. i will show an example of that. the current plan for this building shows three interior entrances to each unit. this is well within the envelope of the building. it would make it easy for an owner to use this as physical allnteriorhor compound for my neighbors to the brutal
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cladding that will appear on the first floor level. this proposed building seems to contradict many of the goals of the san francisco general plan and does not protect or preserve the aesthetic value of the neighborhood. it will remove housing some. neither i more my downstairs neighbor who will speak today received in 2013 the notification. recently in the notification for this meeting that went out more recently, the phone number for the building commissioner britney bendix was the phone number for the permit expediter so, when you try to call her you get the permit expediter.
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i would ask you to reconsider this terrible design in that it does not meet the goals of the frasan francisco general plan. >> my name is andy farrier, 3256 octavia street across from the project in question, marina resident since 1994. i will echo a lot of the comments already expressed, don't have issue with reasonable development in our neighborhood but this project is more conducive of what looks like an office complex or some kind of statement building that would be more suited to ai airbnb than being a cohesive part of our community. reasonable design that maintains the marina aesthetic.
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i think me and my neighbors see no issues with progress of that type but it's the unique fabric of the various districts in san francisco that add together and creates the great character of our entire city and we think it would be a shame if you let a project like this advance especially given all the procedural errors and the obvious design departures from what is very much a classic style that is really well-known to both residents and tourists alike that come to san francisco. i want to make my comments brief, but i vehemently oppose the project and i gave you much more detailed comments in an e-mail earlier this week. >> president hillis: thank you.
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>> i just want to say a few words because they have already been said but me and my husband are objective because of the new look and with so much glass which kind of shine and it give you less privacy and so we reject on that okay because the rest has already been said. we are very disappointed with that, okay? >> president hillis: thank you. next speaker, please. >> loren kuwait 1468 san francisco. i am on behalf of our -- as
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well. i want to express my opposition to the design of 1503 francisco. i am opposed to the design and the fact that it is considered comparable to the surrounding buildings. you can obviously see that this is not what the buildings look like in the maria full of glass and cement and these are the designs that you would see down in soma. i purchased two years ago in the mariena and i had a chance to purchase somebody that represents this design in soma and i chose mari marina especiay for someone getting into my
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first condo i can be proud of where i live and understand the rich history that the mariena offers and while i am not opposed to new buildings, i think this design does not fill well with the marina. >> good afternoon. i raised my children in the neighborhood. 1500 francisco directly across the street from the project, it's a condominium of 11 and i am the only one able to come today. i don't want to repeat what everybody has already said. my main concern is the glare. i worry about the glare and the trespassing of light at night. >> president hillis: thank you.
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>> my name is frank lima and i live within 100 feet of the property and i lived there for -- and i also did receive notification prior to this project and i also won't repeat everything. i feel like the building likes like an office. it's a fortress down below and windows up above like an office has. no other builds in the neighborhood has vertical rise texture or exposed reinforced concrete like this building does. that's really all i have to say since everybody else said everything. >> my name is lauren and i live down the street from the house and i am just building off from what the previous speaker said i just wanted to make you aware that last lov november the projt sponsor purchased 3255 octavia
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for $800,000 over asking. two of the family sellers originally expressed concerns with the project. two weeks ago filed a building permit for roof deck, windows and rear facade for this abiding building. i would like to read a letter for another member she lives at 1453 and 1455 francisco street and owner for over ten year. while all property owners have the right to improve and make enhancements ths, the drawings depart from existing building in the existing marina neighborhood. the proposed changes for floor to ceiling neighborhoods are indicative of commercial high-rise style and this is not currently found on francisco street and i have been informed
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that the plan deion is also unseen in the mariena as a whole. the planning commission has the obligation to make sure that all improvements fit within the neighborhood. in this case the design should be rejected so the owner can propose a design consistent with the designs in this neighborhood. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> marie orada, 3234 octavia. i agree with everyone and the plans call for a near doubling of the owner's unit to 3100 square feet going from a three bedroom down to one bedroom unit. to get more they would combine the unit.
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consider there may have been a procedural error with the notification mailing list. thank you. >> rich mariny and i live just up the block and i just wanted to say a couple things in support of my neighbors and in opposition to this. i think there is has been a lot of good new old architecture in the marina and district, some you may like and some you may not, but there has been that balance, however this i think we would all agree kind of goes over the top as well as in comparison to the van ness project where the owner of the property went out of their way when there was an opportunity to build, i have not met this
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owner, i haven't gotten a notification and haven't been reached out to as well as many of my neighbors on this, so i thought that would be a good courtesy considering the scope of this project to do that with us and that was never done, so i think there is a real divisiveness that's going to continue through the construction and the rest of this permitting process if this is continued so i will ask you to decline this. thank you. >> thank you. any other speakers in support of the dr requester? with that public comment is now closed. public sponsor please come up for rebuttal. >> my name is thomas ryan and i
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am the design architect. thank you for the opportunity to present our project today. this is a culmination of a long process that we have worked with britney our design planner and rdat. we have had a strong dialogue through a series of meetings and have made changes throughout to the project itself. we wanted to make certain that it is consistent with the residential design guidelines as shown in the report that we submitted to you earlier. we worked to make a comp contemy architecture but still informed by the character of the neighborhood. i want to show you some images of the process we went through. the current building although some of the materials are the
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same, it is much more closed off, there is much more asymmetry than the other buildings in the neighborhood, particularly on this block. we started by analyzing the character of the neighborhood and you can see here where our site is, and there was a number of buildings that came to our attention. these are all within a one block radius and these are one block away and so you can start to see that the neighborhood is really a mix of architectural styles and working with rdat we tried to understand how the building
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could contribute. number one was to hold down the intersection and stand up to the prominence that the site deserved. there are three building 40 feet, so we are building ours up to that 30 feet. you can see our building on the left looking down octavia towards the bay and again looking from san francisco putting it in context with the scale of the adjacent buildings around the intersection. now as far as the architectural features and details, in particular you can see the building highlighted in byng it's a series of five houses that we took particular trees in because they seemed to define a similar area allock francisco, so the big problem was how do you have a longstreet front and
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not make it closed off to the neighborhood, so that was one of our main goals, so by looking at these buildings we started to analyze their character and saw there was a grid-like pattern and large windows and a repeating pattern on each floor. which you can see this analysis here as we started to look at this series of vertical divisions that you see on the right-hand side in the existing buildings on the block, on the left-hand side in our proposed building. again, working with rdot a series of studies the project on the left had more horizontal lines and after the process we started to emphasize these vert bays stronger and recessing the rest of the facade into the shadow. you can see here again on the
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right analysis of the vertical bays and in their kay case and d iron grill work to cast shadow. we do the same thing but with the bronze detail and in a more contemporary manner. you can see on the right a full scale mock-up what this can look like. it's not monolithic. it would be enlightened by the light itself and would come to life. you can see here how the building actually is i in syncoe with the buildings on the right. then once again the buildings on the left and our proposed buildings on the right. >> president hillis: public comment in support of the project.
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seeing none. dr requester, two minutes rebuttal. t. thank you.there is a few ste materials, in compliance are the rdg the proposal draws upon the best features in the defining building while defining the quality of the neighborhood. >> i think the neighborhood has told you we do not want this to define our neighborhood and the aesthetics here are not what we see. >> complies with the line and height of windows and surrounding buildings by maintaining -- what you have is a cartesian grid that you are supposed to image shadow that the bay window provides to the buildings in the community. a grid.
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sorry that just doesn't ring true. we have several items that we would like to request. we like the contemporary design no problem be this genre is not compatible with the neighborhood. we want to see significant reduction in glazing, eliminate the jagged first floor wall material. it's sharp and it's uninviting. introduce bay form. articulate the box of the building and we need shade and shadow going on as you can tell from the photographs of the neighborhood there is a lot of the articulation of form, eliminate the decks, they are not needed. there is a little bit of additional height shown on the building and mount all
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mechanical equipment on the ground meeting police code to deal with this amount of spaci spacing. >> president hillis: project sponsor, two minute rebuttal. >> my name is jeff, and i am the owner of the property, i am going to stay on a positive note since i will be living in the neighborhood with these folks and in some ways they have made the point. we have been at this since really 2012. i was first the tenant in the building for two years and offered two different occasions by the owner to buy it and i took him up on the second offer and i did back in 2013-2013 have a vision of having it be a single family residence and
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having gone through this process and being educated as to your coconcerns, the city's concerns and the neighborhood's concerns and my interests in life we have moved off from that. i think it is unfair to be criticizing us to moving toward thinking that is compatible with what everyone want. we live in the neighborhood and it's just my wife and i and we have no kids we have a dog. the two one bedroom units have been long-term corporate rentals with 95% o occupancy and that is the plan going forward, the project is evolved. it's a three unit building with the two of us have the top floors and one bedrooms being rental.
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it is contemporary. hopefully you can be in support of this project we have been at this for a number of year. i appreciate your input. >> president hillis: thank you will we close this portion of the hearing and open it up to commissioner questions and comment. >> commissioner moore: i want to refrain from questions about architecture if building in this neighborhood are supposed to address the neighborhood context, the architecture and social context in which we are designing, i want to stay away from that for a moment and focus on replacing three dwelling units which i assume by their size and general location were units which match the surroundings and it was a good building and held the corner and
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something we were used to because none of the buildings today out. i drive through there all the time and walk there all the time so i have a good feeling of what the rhythm of the neighborhood is. staff did not report on who has lived in the building what, happened to the people who lived there. second part of my question is rear reducing the unit size and we are more than doubling the units, so it's pretty much a single family home and i did very carefully look at the diagram where as much do operate a single family home in this particular envelope. together with the ground floor assignment of some undefined space which does not address a
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multi-tenant building and no common washing area i think this would become a single family home and nobody noticing it. i want to bring this just realistically and we have been struggling a lot with housing side on our mcdonald side and vanness and our beale street construction. we are rubbing our fingers and braining raw tbrains raw to addd i do not think this project meets muster on that scale. i wonder can i really participate in looking at this building and say i am disapproving it even if we may have architectural question. these are far deeper reaching questions by allowing money to
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usurp and impact, forget about the architectural discussion for a second where it starts to disrupt the neighborhood. i want to be really, really strong about my concern about this. this is an unfair proposition in light of where we all are. this just does not work for me. >> commissioner melgar: i will start with where you left off in terms of policy issues that i listened to the architects presentation and i see the progression of your thought. when i initially looked at this project, i do think this building should go up one more
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floor to match the other buildings on the corner. i think that you know, that is about where i can take it. the rest of the issues, the issues that commissioner moore raised about equity in terms of programming of the unit in this building and what's going to happen in the future, these are pretty serious issues given what we have been dealing with as a city in terms of trying to make space for all the people who live here. that being said, i think that this is a really to me this building even though asymmetrical in ways that the other buildings around it are not, does look good on that
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corner and i understand the neighbor's concerns about doing a design that is so far removed from the rest of the neighborhood on top of also you know changing the character of that particular building from one that has three units into something that we are not quite sure what it is, and so i will not be supporting this project as it is, although i do think that i could support a project that goes up to four stories on that corner. >> president hillis: i am less concerned about the program. it's odd and we don't see these too often where we see two stories and you have two units to the side an one unit above and you are expanding the unit above and we had a similar project on jackson street where someone expanded to top unit.
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program atically. i think it's fine. i don't think you are shrinking the second floor units too much. you might be expanding the staircase as it goes up and kind of giving more room to that. it was the architect's discussion and i was sitting in the back with folks from planning and i wanted to ask you what queues you took from the neighborhood to design this. i think your discussion was good, but i don't buy it necessarily. when i looked at it, i saw verticality, and i saw where you were trying to go. i don't find the scale of the building, four stories on there and i don't mind a more contemporary looking building, but i didn't see your strengthening of the horizontal element. i don't think it worked, so i would just want to -- because i
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see very much a vertical building on the longer side of that and unlike the project we had before that block had a ton of architecture and the buildings on lagunena that are probably the 60s and 70's. similar architecture. i think the architecture needs more work in doing what you said you were going to do, i don't think it comes through in the design that you talked about, but i think you get it. it, and that would be my concern. i think sir, you live in this neighborhood and you meant what you said you are going to live here and i think just doing a
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little more on that architecture would help. with the architecture without making it look like it was designed 100 years ago. >> i have a little trouble with an existing building in decent shape and taking a drastic design which i like, but a drastic design pivot. if it were an empty lot, i would say go for it but this is an existing healthy building and i support additional floor for growth and maybe i'm with president hillis in that continue this and go back to the drawing board a little bit and soften up things and a freshen up modernization is okay, but maybe not so cold and so hard for this particular
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neighborhood. the marina does have it's own style and there are a few micked in and i think people enjoy that feeling and there is a neighborhood feeling because of the guard gardens and there are porches and they are certainly family style home and i would like to keep it that way. i propose a continuance. >> second. >> how long? >> six weeks puts us into july, how about july 19? >> that work. seems like neighbors are being reasonable on here too and hopefully you don't have to come back because i think programly and in height it sounded like
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some were more open to a more contemporary building. hopefully we don't all have to come back. >> commissioner moore: would the commission encourage the owner to commit to housing that is available for san franciscans as the corporate rental is disturbing to me, i am interested in somebody having the ability to enlarge the unit and participate in the support of healthy rental housing and that is either adding adu or renting the two additional units rather than admitting to us which i appreciate your honesty to use them as corporate rental.
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>> president hillis: i would certainly encourage that you are doing longer corporate rental. >> commissioner moore: we want the building to be neighborly. >> president hillis: i don't know if there is anything that we can do. >> president hillis: we can ask that and i think it would help soften the below because the owner owns the adjoining as well, concerning to me, that one owner owns a large building in one and sooner or later we see it as one building. we have a housing crisis and i am not prepared. we have plenty of new t hotels everywhere else.
12:49 am
>> commissioner fong: i recall when we restricted a property from corporate rental 30 days or more. i this i we will have them continue it. that direction is probably something if it comes back and we want to try to impose that, that is something to do at that time but i hear you though. >> commissioner moore: i think what you are saying to me is fair, i would like to set that out as sensitizing the project. that is all i'm talking about sensitizing it for the neighbors and ourselves. these are tool. none of us can at this moment make it a conscious. condition. >> we would like to see these not transient. >> not with such larger windows and design the building more on
12:50 am
the neighborhood. [roll call] so moved motion passes unanimously 6-0. >> president hillis: all right meeting is adjourned.
12:51 am
bayview. s adjourned. >> a lot discussion how residents in san francisco are displaced how businesses are displaced and there's not as much discussion how many nonprofits are displaced i think a general concern in the arts community is the testimony loss of performance spaces and venues no renderings for establishes when our lease is up you have to deal with what the market bears in terms of of rent. >> nonprofits can't afford to operate here. >> my name is bill henry the executive director of aids passage l lp provides services for people with hispanics and aids and 9 advertising that fight for the clients in housing insurance and migration in the last two years we negotiated a
12:52 am
lease that saw 0 rent more than doubled. >> my name is ross the executive directors of current pulls for the last 10 years at 9 and mission we were known for the projection of sfwrath with taking art and moving both a experiment art our lease expired our rent went from 5 thousand dollars to $10,000 a most. >> and chad of the arts project pursue. >> the evolution of the orientation the focus on art education between children and patrol officer artist we offer a full range of rhythms and dance and theatre music theatre about in the last few years it is more and more difficult to find space for the program that we run. >> i'm the nonprofit manager
12:53 am
for the mayor's office of economic workforce development one of the reasons why the mayor has invested in nonprofit displacement is because of the challenge and because nonprofits often commute technical assistance to understand the negotiate for a commercial lease. >> snooechlz is rob the executive director and co-founder of at the crossroads we want to reach the disconnected young people not streets of san francisco for young adults are kicked out of the services our building was sold no 2015 they let us know they'll not renew our lease the last year's the city with the nonprofit displacement litigation program held over 75 nonprofits financial sanction and technical assistance. >> fortunate the city hesitate
12:54 am
set aside funds for businesses facing increased rent we believable to get some relief in the form of a grant that helped us to cover the increase in rent our rent had been around $40,000 a year now $87,000 taylor's dollars a year we got a grant that covered 22 thousands of that but and came to the minnesota street project in two people that development in the better streets plan project they saved us space for a nonprofit organization national anthem and turned out the northern california fund they accepted us into the real estate program to see if we could withstand the stress and after the program was in full swinging skinning they brought up the litigation fund
12:55 am
and the grants were made we applied for that we received a one thousand dollars granted and that grant allowed us to move in to the space to finish the space as we needed it to furniture is for classes the building opened on schedule on march 18, 2016 and by july we were teaching classed here. >> which we found out we were going to have to leave it was overwhelm didn't know anything about commercial real estate we suggested to a bunch of people to look at the nonprofits displacement mitigation program you have access to commercial real estate either city owned or city leased and a city lease space become available there is a $946,000 grant that is provided through the mayor's office of economic workforce development and that's going to
12:56 am
go towards boulder the space covers a little bit less than half the cost it is critical. >> the purpose of the organization trust to stabilize the arts in san francisco working with local agency i go like the northern california platoon fund that helped to establish documents of our long track record of stvent and working to find the right partner with the organization of our size and budget the opportunity with the purchase of property we're sitting in the former disposal house theatre that expired 5 to 10 years ago we get to operate under the old lease and not receive a rent increase for the next 5 to 7 years we'll renting $10,000 square feet for the next 5 to seven years we pay off the balance of the purpose of this
12:57 am
and the cost of the renovation. >> the loophole will that is unfortunate fortunate we have buy out a reserve our organization not reduce the services found a way to send some of the reserves to be able to continue the serves we know our clients need them we were able to get relief when was needed the most as we were fortunate to arrive that he location at the time, we did in that regard the city has been - we've had tremendous support from the mayor's office of economic workforce development and apg and helped to roommate the facade of the building and complete the renovation inside of the building without the sport support. >> our lease is for 5 years with a 5 year onyx by the city
12:58 am
has an 86 year lease that made that clear as long as we're doing the work we've been we should be able to stay there for decades and decades. >> the single most important thing we know that is that meaningful. >> it has been here 5 months and even better than that we could image. >> with the economic development have announced an initiative if ours is a nonprofit or know of a nonprofit looking for more resources they can go to the office of economic workforce development slashing nonprofit and found out about the mayors nonprofit mitigation program and the sustainability initiative and find their information through technical assistance as much as
12:59 am
how to get started with more fundraising or the real estate assistance and they can find my contact and reach out to me through the circles of the city through the >> welcome to our land use committee meeting of may 21, 2018. i'm katy tang, to my right, jane kim, to my left supervisor safai
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and we're joined by supervisor peskin. madame clerk, any announcements before us? >> clerk: please make sure to silence all cell pho