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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  May 26, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> this is easily our most volatile revenue in the city. it's paid at the moment properties change hands and given the -- given the changes the voters have adopted, we have higher rates that becomes a key driver of what the tax looks like. and the rate at which those changed hands is very uneven. you can see here what that performance looked like in recent years. and you can see how jagged and volatile this tax can be. in '08-'09 at the beginning of the last recession, we had a year that we received $50 million for an entire year. and you can see the improvement we've seen since then, largely driven by both rate increases and more transactions of downtown office, hotels, and other large commercial
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properties. there were times in '16-'17 where in a single month we received more transfer month than we did in the entirety of '08-'09. so we've had a remarkable run-up. you can see we hit a peak of $400 million last fiscal year. and now you can see how far we've fallen off from that peak in the current year. now we're estimating $257 million in transfer tax for the current year. that's $150 million loss versus the prior year, which was that extraordinary peak, and it's being driven by the pace that commercial properties trade hands. >> supervisor ye >> supervisor yee: can i ask a follow-up question. i guess transfer taxes are more unpredictable but i'm surprised for the property tax, i would have thought it would be a little more predictable. it's good that we have more
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money, but i'm surprised that we're that off in terms of estimating it. >> so what's been driving property tax, which is definitely more stable than transfer tax, the improvement we've seen is the rate by which the assessor's office has worked through their prior year bills. so we've had a remarkable amount of property changing hands in the city. all of that property needs to be assessed by the assessor's office and it adds it to the roll going forward. so there's been a backlog of property tax bills to be worked. this has been true in the city for many years. and what's driving that passenger, the assessor's office is working through the backlog more quickly than we've expected. so that's adding more money to the roll than what we expected than what we thought to be the case. >> supervisor yee: kudos to the assessor. >> i agree.
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i will note where we'll end the current fiscal year on transfer tax and into the fiscal year is a key tax for us. the good news in revenues drives improvements to our baseline contributions. so some of the improvement you're seeing here in taxes is driving smaller increases or improvements to the transfers that were required to send to the m.t.a., the library, the schools, children, open space, and other funds. and there are more details about the specific values for these in terms of department operations, this is showing you a summary of both revenues and uses for our largest departments. again, there is much more detail in the report itself. the number that sticks out on this page is $80.5 million for the department of public health, which is what is driving the
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bottom line improvement of $84 million. of that $80 million, it represents a $48 million improvement from our projection just three months ago. and almost the entirety of that improvement or $39 million of that change is being driven by a large, one-time payment we've received associated with the aca expansion population that the federal government has modified the timing of how the payments occur. rather than receiving one payment this year, we actually received two payments this year. and that will not occur in the future, but for this year, it's two payments and that single act drives a $39 million variance. there's a lot more information in the point, but i know you've had a long meeting. this is a good news report, again, being driven by the
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department of public health. it substantially reduces the deficit for the fiscal year. now we're 10 months through the fiscal year, so we're more comfortable with -- we're projecting a shorter window to arrive at these numbers there. is so uncertainty with in particular transfer tax and volatility at the general hospital. and other things are creating uncertainty when it comes to public health revenues. and our next update from our office will be what we call the revenue letter, which is our commentary following the mayor's budget in early june regarding the revenue assumptions in the coming two years. with that, i'm happy to answer any questions you might have. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. you answered my question about transfer tax. also answered the question that i had around the volatility
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around zuckerberg general, and that has to do with the cost of service. we have more people accessing department of public health resources than anticipated. is that what it was? >> public health revenues in the current year have outperformed the budget, if we look back to the original budgets today. and it's being driven by a number of things. a census at the general hospital that's higher than budgeted. more patients mean more payers. the coverage ratio of those that have insurance versus those that don't is continuing, which is a multiyear trend. so the hospital is receiving more revenue, and some of that is associated with the aca as well. and in this report, you have a very large, one-time payment, which is from the federal government associated with the medical association. so those are the drivers in the
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variance. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. do you have any questions for the controller? all right. thank you i have much. -- thank you very much. let's take public comment on item 7. any member of the public that would like to comment on item 7, controller's nine-month budget status report. seeing none, public comment is closed. thank you for your presentation. is there an action on this? can i get a motion to -- supervisor yee or stefani. supervisor stefani made a hearing to file this hearing as heard, seconded by yee. we're taking it without action. is there any other business before this body? >> clerk: that completes the agenda for today. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. we are adjourned.
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>> today is bike to work today. do san francisco's official holiday to celebrate people biking and it's the biggest biggest such event in the country. [laughter] and busy bike lanes we saw this morning on our ride -- ride through town. we expect thousands of people across our city art commuting by
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bikes for fun today. someone who bikes every day, i want to welcome those two the event. let's give all of our first time riders are round of applause. [cheering and applause] [laughter] >> and of course i want to thank all of those of you at that bulk every day. every day is bike to work day for you. so this morning, mayor farrell and i wrote to city hall on a newly constructed protected by clean on church street. the first protected bike lane in the tenderloin. [cheering and applause] >> church street as an example of the kind of infrastructure we can build quickly when city leaders, community members and people who bike come together and focus on solutions. i want to recognize the sfmta, the san francisco fire department, public works on supervisor jane kim for finding a way forward in response to our members who spoke out loudly for the need to protect bike lanes on church. in the last few weeks, was also
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seen protected bike lanes constructed on upper market street and eighth street. and more are on the way. [cheering and applause] >> that's not only good news for good people -- good news for people who bike, it is good news for our city and our planet. we're facing a big challenge, globally and locally. from climate change, to an affordability crisis. and getting more people to bike can be part of the solution to those problems. and many more. san francisco can continue to lead the way showing other cities around our country and the world t count how to provide the best infrastructure for people who bike. and individual standing on the steps with me will be the ones who lead us in that direction. we will need to continue the cooperative spirit that helped deliver church street if we want to see even more transformative projects like better market street break ground next year. [cheering and applause] >> protective bike lanes on market from here to octavia
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promise to invite thousands of more people daily to choose to bike and transform the experience of getting around our city. it's true, san francisco's transportation landscape is changing. it has to. as a city, we will never achieve the ambitious policy goals like a vision zero or a climate change goal without getting more people out of cars. and that won't happen until people of all ages and abilities feel safe doing so. the challenges ahead of us are clear. and so are the solutions. i look forward to working with those who have gathered here today to continue to get more protected bike lanes built across the city in order to reach vision zero and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. we have proven that working together, we can make it happen. i want to thank our over 10,000 members for supporting a vision for a safe, just and sustainable city. bike to work day is a day to get a glimpse of what realizing that a vision looks like.
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and i want to thank our over 250 volunteers today who are out making bike to work they happenn out on our streets. [cheering and applause] thanks to everyone here for your commitments to bold visions and practical solutions. thanks for joining us in this celebration and thank you for biking together today. so without further ado i would like to bring to the microphone mayor mark farrell. [cheering and applause] >> mayor farrell: thank you. thank you brian. everyone have a good bike to work day? [cheering and applause] >> listen i want to thank the entire contingency that was with me starting at the ferry building this morning. we had an awesome time -- awesome time and we listen to it great speech by mohammed numero and we came up with both protective bike lanes. who's written notes before on church street? they are amazing. i want to say thank you to the people who advocated for that and special thanks to the bicycle coalition. they are making a huge
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difference and it is awesome to ride up them. i want to say in the city we have so many leaders behind me that will speak, but as a city, we are moving forward, you know, we had a goal at that mayor lee talked about for years about having 50 % of our streets be sustainable by 2020. we are exceeding that already. fifty-four % this year which is awesome. the proud thing is is that we will move that target to 80 % of our trip will be sustainable. [applause] >> mayor farrell: let's make sure that all of us redouble our commitments to not only be part of days like this but really be part of the advocacy to make sure that the rest of san francisco understands how awesome today is that every day can be just like this here in the city of san francisco. thank you everyone for coming today. have a great rest of your day. [applause] >> thank you mr mayor. we want to hear from the president of the board of trade of supervisors. >> good morning everybody. you know when i first became a
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member of the board of supervisors, i fought to make sure that this bike lane was completed ahead of schedule and i was really proud of that work. but we all know there is more work to do. yesterday i was with the people from protected bike lanes on market and void. do we need protected bike lanes everywhere in the city and county of san francisco. [cheering and applause] what is most important as a city changes in and as a cit the city grows, we need to make sure everything we -- we do everything we can so people travel safely and people who are walking feel safe and people who are backing feel safe in the city and county of san francisco. and i'm committed to continuing the effort to add more protected bike lanes all over the city and county of san francisco so we feel safe on our bikes and we want to use them more in this great city. i look forward to making the changes that i know we need and thank you all for being here today.
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[cheers and applause] >> if i could have supervisor stephanie and form district to. >> thank you it is great to be back on my road bike. i have done many miles in races but i have not been on the streets in san francisco twee match because i've been scared that they haven't been safe enough. today's ride with the district to contingent was so wonderful. to show that, you know, what we are doing in san francisco to make biking safer is actually working. it is so great to be with the chief of the presidio trust and my colleagues in the bike coalition. we have to do so much more to keep our city safe and for bicyclists and i am so excited again to get on my bike this morning and actually bike to work. thank you so much bigger look forward to doing it again. [applause] >> thank you. all the way from the west side of the city supervisor katie
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tang worked. >> yeah, where are the sunset writers? where are you? yes! i think we were the second furthest today. i think we got here first. i want to thank nancy and joe for getting us here safely and on time. you've born wonderful members of the bike coalition. thank you. i looked back to when my brother and i first were growing up in the sunset i always had to ride on the sidewalks because it was so dangerous. but now, and especially with my supervisors on by -- writing bike to work day, there are new improvements on the roads and i'm thankful for that. this is the first year i got to ride over a race across watch. it's really great for all of us in different modes of transportation to bring us together. it's really fun and i want to thank everyone for joining us today. thank you. [cheers and applause] >> mayor farrell: thank you so much. next district six supervisor supervisor jane kim. [cheers and applause] >> thank you brian and thank you
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for that san francisco bike coalition for organizing this world recognized event in north america. every single year. but most importantly, thank you for the advocacy that you and your thousands of members do every year to make our cities safer for all of us and also to make is a more environmentally friendly city. on our bike contingent ride today we got to ride our protected bike lane on the full some, on seventh and finally on church street. [cheers and applause] i am so proud of the work that we have been able to do in coalition with the members of the bike coalition to fight for the most protected bike lanes here in san francisco in one of the downtown area. we are currently working on folk street, second street and we have much more to do. but i know that in order to get more people out of their cars and onto alternate modes of transit, we need to build more protected bike lanes tech support bike share and other modes of share transit, and also
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to support bike parking so you know that your bike will be secure when you get to the location that you want to go to. [cheers and applause] i live very close to work so it's a little bit of cheating, but i do get to bike regularly to city hall and i can tell you it has an incredible way to get to work. and is an incredible way to be connected to your neighbourhood, to help activate the communities that we are a part of and to be one less car on the road. i'm committed to doing this and committed to making sure we become a carbon neutral sitting here in the city and county of san francisco and we can do that with bikes. thank you very much. [cheers and applause] >> thank you supervisor kim. next up let's hear from supervisor hilary ronan. >> good morning everyone. i have a knee condition so i do not ride my bike, but my husband talk with my daughter on the back rides to work every single day. aren't every single day, i say a
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little prayer because the two most important people in my life are riding a bike from our house all the way to seventh and bryant. i want to see the day where i am just as easy going left in them ride their bikes as i am taking the bus or driving in the city. i know that we will get them together. so happy bike to work day everyone. [cheers and applause] >> thank you. next we have melia cone. >> good morning. is today not a beautiful day? look at this. the sun is shining down on san francisco. happy bike to work day! i just want you to know, my crew and i just rolled in. we are putting the bayview on the map. and every year, i love riding my bike to work because it is a humbling experience. you are navigating the traffic
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packs a bike traffic, the current traffic and all of the construction down there, it is remarkable. i am setting before you as a warrior, a bike worrier, i have conquered that route and i want to give a shout out to everyone, especially my little buddy julia who had a nice ride this morning. she enjoyed herself. bike coalition, amazing work. thank you. it is amazing to see how the pure 17 project in the mission bay area and how it transforms in a couple of years. and i am telling you, we need to have sensitivity training for every driver in the city and county of san francisco. [laughter] when you go to renew that driver's license, you need to spend at least 15-20 minutes on a bike lane. just to create the sensitivity and awareness so that we can share the road. nonetheless, do you like that? [laughter] it occurred to me as -- as i was navigating down there by mission bay. i said we need to share the road, we need to share in the
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left. nonetheless i want to say thank you for all of you bikers that have made a voice in this world and who have advocated for protected bike lanes and advocated for us to clean up the terrible and advocated for bike safe passages all through the city and county of san francisco. i just want to say thank you. i love you. [applause] >> a true bike worrier. thank you. supervisor from district 11. >> that is a tough act to follow. she has a lot of energy. in fact, i think we should have her ride to work every day. [laughter] she is in the best mood i've seen in a long time. all right! riding to work as a special experience, i have to say, i wanted to give a big cha-cha-cha ocean cyclery and the group who rode from the excelsior today. that was a wonderful experience for me. we rode down the protective bike lanes. thank god there is a productive
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bike lane. we hit valencia we made it to city hall. i have to say, along the way well surreal experience for me. a couple of times i felt a little unsafe. a couple of times i saw people riding around one another, being impatient. cyclist can be impatient too right? at the end of the day, the experience for me it was eye-opening because i had never written to work in the city. this is my first time doing that. [cheers and applause] and we've been advocating to expand the opportunities on working with jamie and ed and the team over at sfmta on the transportation authority and advocates for the bicycle coalition. we are going to have improvements on geneva. we will have improvements on mission street and we are going to expand the opportunity and encourage people from the farthest parts of san francisco to precipitate -- participate in biking all over san francisco and feel safe. thank you very much. [cheers and applause] >> thank you.
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i want to take a minute to hear from our former state senator. [cheers and applause] >> thank you bryant and thank you bicycle coalition. this is remarkable. for those of us who are around for the first bike lanes on pope street and valencia, almost 20 years ago, to see the protected bike lanes, to see the expansiveness of our bike network, the green lanes, not only would it have been a dream, it would have been a prophetic vision. thank you bicycle coalition for making that vision come true. [cheers and applause] i also want to thank my copilot this morning. [cheers and applause] we were on a bicycle built for two. and copilot think that with raphael give me a whole new perspective of his backside. he is a real leader. [cheers and applause]
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recognizing the dimension, that with the greatest component of her greatest greenhouse gas emissions coming from mobile sources. everyone of you here today, you are leading us to a brighter day, fighting fund for change and while that idiot in chief in washington is taking us out of the paris accord, thank you at san francisco leadership for putting us in the paris accord and we will meet our greenhouse gas emission reduction thank you to everyone here today. [cheers and applause] >> thank you mark. i would like to bring up carmen chu. >> good morning. i have to say, you guys have the tandem today, that in the past, anticapitalist use to give me a ride on the tandem because i can't ride a bike yet. so i just want to say i'm really excited to be here, you know, i'm a person who just learned to ride a bike in my older age. thank you. i am definitely not as
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comfortable writing on the streets and i think the one strategy, the only strategy that we had to get more people on bikes and to get more people to see the neighbourhoods the way that we see them when we are walking or biking is to make the streets safer. why kate this past year i was able to go to ireland and when i was there, i was able to go on a bike ride with supervisor tang. the only reason i was able to do it was because there was almost nobody around, no cars around, and no one would you worried if i hit them living in the wrong direction. so that being said, i have to say that riding a bike, especially if you didn't go up riding a bike is really hard for me, i know that i would be much more comfortable getting on the streets of san francisco, on a bike if i were street lanes are safer for cyclists and cars and pedestrians. so i want to thank you to the bike coalition for doing this event every year. thank you thank you thank you making sure we remember and we
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are fighting always always to make sure our streets are safe for everybody to use, hopefully next year one of these days i will be able to ride on my own on bike to work day. [laughter] thank you. [cheers and applause] >> thank you. we will hear from some of the wonderful leaders of our city department to help plan and build the bike lanes we have been talking about but before we hear from them i want to recognize some of the other elected officials we've got up here today. there's a turnup folks, but from the school board walton is here. [cheers and applause] from our community board of trustees. [cheers and applause] and matt haney's here from the school board as well. thank you. all right. now i would like to bring up the head of the sfmta,. [cheers and applause] >> good morning everyone. happy bike to work today -- day. that is a collective hard act to follow but i think you can see
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from the leadership that we have here, from our past merit to our current mayor captain likely future mayors, the board of supervisors, want to acknowledge the chair of the sfmta board. it is that leadership that is going to get alice to 80 % sustainable trips in san francisco by 2030. it will get us to zero fatalities san francisco by 2024. this is a leadership we need while working together with sm -- sfmta and public works in the fire department, we are all working together to make it more attractive and for more people to take more trips on a bike and i would just challenge everybody today, particularly those of you for whom it was a first time riding or the first time since last year or maybe those who haven't gotten there yet, to challenge yourself to do it more often, because it's a great way to get to work especially on a beautiful day like today. it's a nice way to unwind at the end of the day. and we want to invite more
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people to make more trips on bikes if we are going to make our sustainability and safety goal. thanks everybody and thanks to the staff for all the great work we are seeing in the streets to make the city safer and i hope everybody has a great bike to work day. [cheers and applause] >> thank you. accept the public works. >> happy bike to work day everyone. i just would like to join everybody onstage to say how important it is to create more bike lanes, especially protected bike lanes and bike parking and on behalf of public works, we have -- we ask our staff every day to design more lanes it for bikes. it is a fun ride. many streets are being finished or under construction and some will soon come. we have lots of projects and more miles of bicycling that will be coming to our city.
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aside from bicycling, i think all of us know the most important thing is we look after this bike lanes. i want to thank the nta for their partnership. we were just able to buy some new equipment so we can get on a regular team to make sure all those bike lanes are clean and they are potholes free so we can enjoy it more cycling. [applause] and division zero, with all our work together, we will get there. by the year 20240 fatalities on all of our roads. thank you everyone. happy bike to work day. >> thank you. from our county transportation authority i want to bring up the executive director. >> good morning everyone and congratulations bike coalition and everyone for being here. thank you and have a great, we will have a great day all over the city. i want to thank you and represent the transportation authority as well as supervisor e.g. from our corner. we want to thank the bike
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coalition on all of our partners are putting on this event as well as events throughout the year. we just had bike and roll to school week. hundreds of schools or i arounde city participated. we are also trading projects throughout the city using our sales tax and thank you to the voters. i mean it is citywide and we'll keep doing it with your help. thank you very much. >> thank you. my friend from the recreation and parks department, that general manager. >> good morning everybody. what a beautiful day. i wanted to say thank you to the bike coalition. we are so proud of the parks department to partner with all of you. i loved that bike corral and the newly reinvigorated civic centre plaza. we are building more bike trails uplink bike racks and parks. we have safety bike routes in mclaren park and in golden gate park, what do we want?
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we want one bikes and fewer cars. [cheers and applause] >> thank you for your work and our partnership with public works and mta and that transportation authority on ensuring we've got safe routes part which is a big important piece of this and very last but not -- not least, a special shout out to mike fellow members and founders of it san francisco by coalition team! [cheers and applause] >> thank you. i talked about the protected bike lane on church street and the partnership it took to make it happen. i want to bring up the chief of the san francisco fire department and recognize a fire department for the role in making that happen. >> thank you very much. good morning everyone. beautiful day here in san francisco. happy bike to work day. thank you for the coalition for their efforts and their partnership. i know sometimes we seem like the department is not easy to work with. i'll acknowledge there are competing interests but everyone has a shared goal around keeping everyone safe and matter what mode of transportation you are
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using. we are the first responders to any incident and we obviously want to minimize ther those. we want to acknowledge that the nta, we have some wonderful time working collectively and collaboratively on these street projects and he is here today. the captain is doing a great job for us. [applause] >> we also have a standing behind me, the poster child for the fire department, we are hoping to grow that group and that is a firefighter, who has a family and he bikes to work to every firehouse he goes to. he uses his bike. thank you for being a role model for all of west. we also work closely with d.p.w. with a shared goal a vision zero. we are working towards that. we are improving each and every day. the main topic that we always like to say is awareness. situational awareness. whether you're walking, biking or driving. make sure to take care of yourself and your loved ones while you're out on the busy busy streets. thank you very much and stay
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safe. >> thank you. another one of our vision zero partners i want to bring up. [applause] >> all right good morning everyone. on behalf of chief scott in the entire san francisco police department i want to wish everybody a happy bike to work day. yes! [cheers and applause] i got to put my special uniform on and got to ride on a bicycle and is just like being a kid in san francisco. it was just as fun. i also wanted to thank brian and the bicycle coalition for your partnership. brian reached out to us right away and i got to ride to work with brian today. that was a lot of fun. i would like to thank the california highway patrol that are here today. around of applause for that t.h.c. we are all about public safety and making sure our streets are safe and as a police officer we have roles to make sure everyone is safe. i would like to say -- see more officers on bicycles on patrol.
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we saw a lot of officers on bicycles on market street today and we could do much better in that area. with that, have a great bike to work day. thank you very much. >> thank you. thank you i also want to recognize the california highway patrol with here today. thank you for keeping our highways safe. it is now my favourite part of bike to work day. we get to announce our bike friendly business award winners we have three of them this year. name was already called but i also want to recognize jean fraser clicked the ceo of the presidio trust. they are one of the bike friendly businesses this year. [cheers and applause] it is an amazing place to ride a bike and we have jean to thank for keeping it bike friendly. two other companies that are bike friendly award winners this year. california pacific medical centre. gives them a round of applause. [cheers and applause] and our friends at page beyond. thank you for baking -- biking for word -- to work. and finally someone who has been a bit of a hero for me this
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year, learning more about your story and her road to recovery and getting back on the bike, our bike commuter of the year maggie? congratulations. [cheers and applause] okay one final round of things to reserve city hall steps for us on the equipment today and that is its. everybody ride today and how they happy bike to work day. it is a beautiful day to ride a bike in san francisco. thanks so much. [cheers and applause] [♪]
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>> what if you could make a memorial that is more about information and you are never fixed and it can go wherever it wants to go? everyone who has donated to it could use it, host it, share it. >> for quite a great deal of team she was hired in 2005, she struggled with finding the correct and appropriate visual expression. >> it was a bench at one point. it was a darkened room at another point. but the theme always was a theme of how do we call people's attention to the issue of
6:53 pm
speci species extinction. >> many exhibits do make long detailed explanations about species decline and biology of birds and that is very useful for lots of purposes. but i think it is also important to try to pull at the strings inside people. >> missing is not just about specific extinct or endangered species. it is about absence and a more fundamental level of not knowing what we are losing and we need to link species loss to habitat loss and really focuses much on the habitat. >> of course the overall mission of the academy has to do with two really fundamental and important questions. one of which is the nature of life. how did we get here? the second is the challenge of sustainability.
6:54 pm
if we are here how are we going to find a way to stay? these questions resonated very strongly with maya. >> on average a species disappears every 20 minutes. this is the only media work that i have done. i might never do another one because i'm not a media artist per se but i have used the medium because it seemed to be the one that could allow me to convey the sounds and images here. memorials to me are different from artworks. they are artistic, but memorials have a function. >> it is a beautiful scupltural objective made with bronze and lined with red wood from water tanks in clear lake. that is the scupltural form that
6:55 pm
gives expression to maya's project. if you think about a cone or a bull horn, they are used to get the attention of the crowd, often to communicate an important message. this project has a very important message and it is about our earth and what we are losing and what we are missing and what we don't even know is gone. >> so, what is missing is starting with an idea of loss, but in a funny way the shape of this cone is, whether you want to call it like the r.c.a. victor dog, it is listen to the earth and what if we could create a portal that could look at the past, the present and the future? >> you can change what is then missing by changing the software, by changing what is projected and missing. so, missing isn't a static installation. it is an installation that is going to grow and change over time. and she has worked to bring all of this information together from laboratory after laboratory including, fortunately, our
6:56 pm
great fwroup of researche e-- g researchers at the california academy. >> this couldn't have been more site specific to this place and we think just visually in terms of its scupltural form it really holds its own against the architectural largest and grandeur of the building. it is an unusual compelling object. we think it will draw people out on the terrace, they will see the big cone and say what is that. then as they approach the cone tell hear these very unusual sounds that were obtained from the cornell orinthology lab. >> we have the largest recording of birds, mammals, frogs and insects and a huge library of videos. so this is an absolutely perfect opportunity for us to team up with a world renown, very creative inspirational artist and put the sounds and sights of the animals that we study into a
6:57 pm
brand-new context, a context that really allows people to appreciate an esthetic way of the idea that we might live in the world without these sounds or sites. >> in the scientific realm it is shifting baselines. we get used to less and less, diminished expectations of what it was. >> when i came along lobsters six feet long and oysters 12 inches within they days all the oyster beds in new york, manhattan, the harbor would clean the water. so, just getting people to wake up to what was just literally there 200 years ago, 150 years ago. you see the object and say what is that. you come out and hear these intriguing sounds, sounds like i have never heard in my life. and then you step closer and you almost have a very intimate experience.
6:58 pm
>> we could link to different institutions around the globe, maybe one per continent, maybe two or three in this country, then once they are all networked, they begin to communicate with one another and share information. in 2010 the website will launch, but it will be what you would call an informational website and then we are going to try to, by 2011, invite people to add a memory. so in a funny way the member rely grows and there is something organic about how this memorial begins to have legs so to speak. so we don't know quite where it will go but i promise to keep on it 10 years. my goal is to raise awareness and then either protect forests from being cut down or reforest in ways that promote biodiversity. >> biodiverse city often argued to be important for the world's human populations because all of
6:59 pm
the medicinal plants and uses that we can put to it and fiber that it gives us and food that it gives us. while these are vital and important and worth literally hundreds of billions of dollars, the part that we also have to be able to communicate is the more spiritual sense of how important it is that we get to live side by side with all of these forms that have three billion years of history behind them and how tragic it would be not commercially and not in a utilitarian way but an emotio l emotional, psychological, spiritual way if we watch them one by one disappear. >> this is sort of a merger between art and science and advocacy in a funny way getting people to wake unand realize what is going on -- wake up and realize what is going on. so it is a memborial trying to get us to interpret history and look to the past. they have always been about
7:00 pm
lacking at the past so we proceed forward and maybe don't commit the same mistakes. >> supervisor breed: good evening afternoon, welcome to the board of supervisors meeting for may 22, 2018. please call the roll. [roll call]