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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  May 26, 2018 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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lacking at the past so we proceed forward and maybe don't commit the same mistakes. >> supervisor breed: good evening afternoon, welcome to the board of supervisors meeting for may 22, 2018. please call the roll. [roll call]
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>> clerk: madam president, you have a quorum. ladies and gentlemen, please join us for the pledge of of allegiance. [pledge of allegiance] >> supervisor breed: madam clerk, are there any communicati communication? >> clerk: none to report. >> supervisor breed: okay. we're approving the april 17 minutes and april 19 special meeting of the budget finance. there is a motion.
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and seconds. without objection? without objection, meeting minutes will pass after public comment. all right. madam clerk, the consent agenda. >> clerk: items 1-8 are on consent. items are said to be routine. if someone objects, they can be removed. >> supervisor breed: roll call vote. [roll call vote] >> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> supervisor breed: items adopted unanimously. next item, please. >> clerk: item 9 is a resolution
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to approve report of assessment costs submitted by public works director for sidewalk and curb repairs through the sidewalk repair program. this item was continued from may 8, where the public comment requirement was held -- sorry, may 1, where the public comment requirement was held and closed and the report was continued to today's meeting. >> supervisor breed: supervisor safai. >> supervisor safai: i requested that the item be continued. i will say that i reluctantly am supportive of this going forward. i do still have a significant problem with a 12% admin fee. the vast, vast majority of people that end up in this program and are before us are ultimately people that are on fixed income. they're elderly and/or very, very indigent and don't have the resources to pay this. we definitely need to prioritize sidewalk repair and safety.
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at the end of the day, we need to consider that the people that are benefiting from this also are being asked to pay for this are people on very limited income. so i will support moving this forward today, but do want to see some significant reform in the admin fee. so we'll dive in on this issue and come back at a later date. >> supervisor breed: thank you, supervisor safai. seeing no other names -- >> i apologize. public works has made additional amendments since this item was heard on may 1. i see there are 22 additional properties that were removed from the list as of 5/22/2018. >> supervisor breed: is there a motion to move the amendment and can we take that without objection? amendment has passed.
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items, can we take item as presented, same house, same call? adopted unanimously. madam clerk, next item. >> clerk: item 10, ordinance to amend transportation court to establish procedure of board of supervisor review for transportation decisions. >> supervisor breed: same house, same call? without objection, the ordinance is finally passed unanimously. >> clerk: item 11, resolution to respond to the recent proposal to expand the marina at clipper cove and treasure island and reaffirm san francisco's commitment to public recreation and preservation of public open space and social equity. >> supervisor breed: supervisor kim? >> supervisor kim: i would like to request a two-week delay. >> supervisor breed: to june 5, 2018, is there a second?
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seconded by supervisor ronen. can we take that without objection? without objection, this item will be continued for two weeks. >> clerk: item 12 is an ordinance to amend the administrative code to create a process for the establishment of cultural districts in the city and act none and preserve neighborhoods with unique cultural heritage and affirm the ciqa determination. >> supervisor breed: with he can take this same house, same call? without objection, the ordinance finally passes unanimously. >> clerk: item 13 is an ordinance to amend the campaign and governmental conduct campaign finance and conflict of interest. it requires eight votes. >> supervisor breed: same house, same call? without objection, the ordinance finally passes unanimously. >> clerk: resolution to confer with the contract certification,
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specified contracted outer is russ ises, for a lower cost than similar work performed by city workers for similar services. >> supervisor breed: same house same call? without objection, resolution is adopted unanimously. next item. >> clerk: ordinance to amend the administrative code to abolish fees with penalties, and automated county warrant system. sheriff's home detention program and abolish court-ordered penalties with misdemeanor and felony offenses. >> supervisor breed: same house, same call. without objection, ordinance passes unanimously on the first reading. thank you. madam clerk, please read items 16 and 17 together. >> clerk: two ordinances that approve the issuance and sale of refunding lease revenue bonds by the city finance corporation. item 16 is an amount not to
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exceed $41.3 million payable from park recreation and open space fund to finance lease revenue bonds issued to finance park projects and item 17 an amount not to exceed $26.5 million to refinance lead revenue bonds previously issued to finance various projects under the branch library improvement program. both have the notice of sale, intention to sell the refunding lease revenue bonds with notice of intention to sell. and to approve the form of an official statement in preliminary and final form. >> supervisor breed: same house, same call? without objection, the ordinances pass unanimously on first reading. next item. >> clerk: resolution to establish the appropriations limited for fiscal years 2017-2018. >> supervisor breed: same house, same call. without objection, the
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resolution is adopted unanimously. please read items 19 and 20 together. >> clerk: items 19 and 20 are two resolutions that approve agreements for the san francisco inter national airport. item 19 approves a 2011 lease and use agreement between hong kong airlines limited and the city with approximately $740,000 in estimated rent for exclusive and joint use space rent for the term expiring on june 20, 2021 and item 20 approved modification one to the professional services agreement between hallmark aviation services l.p. for airport information and guest assistance services to efrm tend the term for two years to commence july 1 1, 2020, for a total contract not to exceed $27.3 million. >> supervisor breed: same house, same call. without objection, the resolutions are adopted unanimously. next item.
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>> clerk: item 21, a resolution to extend a five-year lease expansion for 6,000 square feet at malcolm rolled, burlingame, michael c. mitchell. may 1, 2018, through april 30, 2023, at a cost of $126,000 and 3% annual increases with two, one-year options to extend. >> supervisor breed: same house, same call. without objection, the resolution is adopted unanimously. >> clerk: resolution to approve property improvements from lake merced golf club for $66,000 to be used by the city for periodic scheduled maintenance, emergency repairs and regional groundwater storage and recovery project and adopt the ciqa determinations
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and make the same findings. >> supervisor breed: came house, same call? adopted unanimously. >> clerk: issuance and sale of revenue mortgage bonds by the city in an aggregate principle amount not to exceed $95 million for construction of 127 units of affordable residential rental housing to be located at 2050, 2060 and 2070folsom street and shotwell street. >> supervisor breed: same house, same call? without objection, adopted unanimously. >> clerk: item 24, approval of the clubhouse for golden gate tennis center, to accept a $24 million grant to renovate the tennis center in fiscal years 2020-2021 and a approving a grant agreement that will remain in place for 50 years. it's an 8-vote threshold pursuant to charter 4113.
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>> supervisor breed: same house, same call. without objection, the resolution is adopted unanimously. next item. thank you very much. and congratulations. >> clerk: item 25 is a resolution to receive and approve an annual report for noe valley community benefit district 2016-2017. >> supervisor breed: same house, same call. without objection, the resolution is adopted unanimously. next item. >> clerk: contract approval city and allied universal security $14 million for the provision of security services for human services, july 21, 2018, to june 30, 2021. >> supervisor breed: same house, same call. without objection, adopted
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unanimously. >> clerk: resolution to receive and approve the annual report for the top of broadway community benefit district 2016-2017. >> supervisor breed: same house, same call. without objection, the resolution is adopted man newsly. next item. >> clerk: item 28, resolution to authorized the mayor's office of housing and community development to extend soma stabilization fund dollars in the amount of $300,000 to provide capacity building and trauma training at betsy carmichael school. >> supervisor breed: same house, same call. without objection, the resolution is adopted unanimo unanimously. >> clerk: to declare the intention of board of supervisors to discovery polk community benefit plan, engineers report and proposed map to levee multi-year assessment and schedule a public hearing before the board of
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supervisors sitting as a committee of the whole on july 24, 2018, at 3:00 p.m. >> supervisor breed: same house, same call. without objection, the resolution is adopted unanimously. >> clerk: item 30, resolution to impose interim zoning controls for 18 months, to require a conditional use permit, information to be submitted, and retail use to nonretail sales and use in the c3r to inform the planning department's determination under the california environmental quality act. >> supervisor breed: supervisor peskin. >> supervisor peskin: thank you. and thank you for the land use for forwarding this. i have one amendment, win is in the second to last resolve clause on page 5, which i've handed out to you. and zoning on the south side to
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market street or any site that has conditional use from the planning commission for conversion of retail uses to nonretail uses on or prior to may 18, 2018. and i'd like to move that amendment and then reiterate to my colleagues what i said in committee, which is that i don't expect that the interim zoning controls will last for the full 18 months, rather i expect that they will expire at the time that we in collaboration with the planning department and oewd pass permanent controls around these conversions in the union square area to make sure we have appropriate value recapture. so i would like to move that grandfather amendment on page 5. >> supervisor breed: supervisor peskin has made a motion to amend. is there a second? seconded by supervisor ronen. can we take the amendment without objection? without objection, the amendment passes.
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and on the item as amended, can we take that same house, same call? without objection, the resolution as amended is adopted unanimously. next item. >> clerk: item 31 resolution to approve yerba buena gardens office of community investment and infrastructure to the city and county of san francisco and affirm the ceqa determination and make the appropriate findings. >> supervisor breed: same house, same call? without objection, the resolution is adopted unanimously. >> clerk: ordinance to amend the police code to require applicants for cannabis businesses to enter into a police code agreement or collective bargaining agreement. >> supervisor breed: supervisor safai. >> supervisor safai: it amends what we passed last year. we put in labor peace.
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the industry, cannabis industry, which we hope will flourish in our community, was underground until the passage of prop 64 and the implementation of our measures last fall. we put in the legislation the requirement for a labor peace agreement. but that promise remains unfulfilled unless we set a time point by which these -- these new businesses, which have come out of the underground into the daylight, who will be hiring tons of workers, but have not had the opportunity to organize here to now, unless we set a deadline by which they commit to allowing their employees to be able to organize freely. all this does is say by the time people in the -- businesses in
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the industry get their permit, they need to have signed a labor peace agreement or a collective bargaining agreement. and so i hope you'll support me on this. it's very straightforward. it basically gives a time point so that this becomes a requirement and not something that is not out there that -- an aspiration. it makes it a reality. thank you. i hope you will support it. >> supervisor breed: thank you, supervisor safai. colleagues, can we take this item same house, same call? without objection, the ordinance passes unanimously on the first reading. next item. >> clerk: resolution to determine that the transfer of a type 20 sale beer and wine license to argentum project at 47 6th street will serve the public and recommending that the department of beverage and alcohol control have the
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conditions. >> supervisor breed: same house, same call? without objection, the resolution is adopted unanimously. next item. >> clerk: items 36 and 37 were considered by the budget committee on may 17 and were forwarded as committee reports. and 36, with the same title. to approve a lease for 42,000 square feet consisting of the three floors of 945 bryant street for adult probation office. with bridgeton llc for 30 years. $146,997 with 3% increase. >> supervisor breed: same house, same call. without objection, the resolution is adopted unanimously.
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next item. >> clerk: item 37 is a resolution to authorize a lease for 27,000 square feet consisting of entire three floors of 777 brannan street with lcl global for 10 years with two five-year options for renewal for a total annual initial base rent of $1 million, with annual increases of 3%. >> supervisor breed: same house, same caught. without objection, the resolution is adopted unanimously. next item. >> clerk: item 38 was considered by rules committee and forwarded as a committee report. it's an ordinance to amend the administrative report to prohibit landlords from seeking rent increases due to increase in debt service and property tax that resulted from a change in ownership and to prevent seeking rent increases unless the expenses are reasonable and
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necessary. >> supervisor breed: supervisor fewer? >> supervisor fewer: thank you. we have the opportunity to eliminate a loophole that allows speculators to pass on personal expenses to the tenants of their building. it's a common sense measure that other cities like oakland and san jose have already done. they do as we know now that rental increases only benefit the property owners and companies that own many, many apartment buildings. i would like to thank my co-sponsors supervisors peskin, sheehy, ronen around kim. it would eliminate two categories of items that would not be able to pass on -- debt service and property tax increases as a small property owner myself, i've never filed this petition and i was not available
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that these things were allowed. there's a flaw that allows landlords to pass on the property tax increases that they've occurred in purchasing a rent control building, just acquiring it. tenants should not be burdened with a rent increase because they have a new landlord. allowing a landlord to pass through the cost of rent-controlled buildings causes anxiety and insecurity for the people that call that building their home. furthermore, landlords of rental property can write off their property taxes and none of their rent increases. i know because i own rental property and i write off 100% of my property taxes. we also get the benefit of writing off depreciation and other costs associated with maintaining our buildings. i want to clarify that this legislation will not eliminate the operating and maintenance petition. this will not prevent landlords from passing through water service, garbage service,
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janitorial service and any other operation alex pences. it will not prevent landlords from passing through capital improvement costs or property tax increases that result from a capital improvement. this will only remove debt service and property tax increases that result from a change in ownership. i also want to clarify that landlords that demand straight they purchased their property on or before april 3 of this year can still file a petition for the pass-through. moving forward, property investors will no longer be able to use this rent increase in calculating whether to buy a rent-controlled building. they must pay for it on their own like anyone else that buys a home in san francisco. i'm urging you today to stop the rampant speculation of apartment
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buildings in san francisco. we can give tenants some relief from these pass-through costs. we can follow the lead of oakland and san jose and say, no more. i look forward to your support and i would like to thank my legislative aide, eon fregosi, for his great work on this. colleagues, i hope i can look forward to your support. thank you. >> supervisor breed: thank you, supervisor fewer. supervisor sheehy. >> supervisor sheehy: i would like to applaud supervisor fewer's leadership in bringing this forward we had a public hearing in public safety and the stories were horrific. something has fundamentally changed in the real estate market in san francisco. big, out of town real estate speculators, like veritas, buy buildings based on the premise that they will be able to push out the existing rent-controlled
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tenants. they pay more for them than what the buildings are worth, if you pencil in the costs -- if you were to make your calculations based on the rents that are being paid currently. the assessments are also higher. and they have been engaging in a series of steps in order to push those tenants out. the first is by passing through -- and again, i applaud supervisor fewer, passing through the financing costs and assessment costs on to the tenants. what they will do in some circumstances is that the tenant regularly pays their rent every month, the same amount. they fail to pay the pass-through. they will get a notice that they didn't pay their rent and then get a three-day notice. and the tenant is something, what happened? and then they engage in construction practices. some are necessary, but they
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make projects last so long that tenants are incredibly inconvenienced. in my building, virtually every tenant was forced out during the rent collection practices and the construction. one woman in one building had the ceiling fall on her from the construction that was taking place upstairs. another found vermin in her house that were driven throughout the building by the construction. water was turned off for weeks. electricity off for weeks. access to fire escapes has been eliminated for weeks. we're just at the first stage in dealing with this phenomenon. we're seeing affordable housing taken away by speculators that have everything they can and have a financial necessity to get the tenants out because they
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bought the buildings based on market rents, not on the rents that they're being currently paid. and so i hope everyone supports this legislation. it's a vital first step in addressing watts is becoming a bigger and bigger problem i'm not sure we can build affordable housing fast enough to deal with this problem and, in fact, "the new york times" had an article about this this week, to deal with the problem of landlord speculators pushing out people in existing units. we cannot build enough homeless services, homeless spaces, for people that are losing their houses because of these practices. i urge everyone to support it, and, again, want to applaud supervisor fewer. >> supervisor breed: supervisor kim. >> supervisor kim: i want to thank supervisor fewer and her staff for the work on this legislation. i wasn't aware of this issue, but after reading the stories in the chronicle and seeing the hearing, i think it's an
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incredibly important ordinance that we're passing to protect tenants, particular little vulnerable tenants to allow them to stay in their homes and stay in secure, stable communities. congratulations, supervisor fewer. >> supervisor breed: supervisor yee. >> supervisor yee: thank you. i would like to thank supervisor fewer for bringing this forward, and exposing the practice that's been happening. unfortunately for some people, 1 they've been getting information about what this ordinance does and doesn't do. when you look at it, it's so straightforward. i can't believe how some of these people have been taken advantage of these loopholes. so thank you very much, supervisor fewer.
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>> supervisor breed: thank you. seeing no other names on the roster, colleagues, can we take this item same house, same call? without objection, the item passes unanimously. [applause] madam clerk, it's passed 2:30 and we have a number of special guests here that we plan to recognize. we'll start with -- oh, me, supervisor breed. today, ladies and gentlemen, i'm ri recognizing some of the most important people in san francisco. and these are the people that you encounter unfortunately when you're in an accident. when you are dealing with something that potential ly is
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life threatening. i would like to ask san francisco and ems and chief zanoff to come forward. [applause] these are the brave men and women of our emergency medical service provides for -- we're acknowledging them because this is e.m.s. week. emergency services providers week here in san francisco. and i'd like to recognize folks from the fire and police department, emergency service providers, dispatchers, first
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responders, to hospital providers, helping to save lives every single day. they're constantly ready to provide compassionate care to those in need and oftentimes they put their lives on the line when they do so. and this year when the fires raged through the counties in the north bay, our first responders, stepped up to the plate and provided a lifeline to thousands of people in their hours of need. this is the true definition of public service and they are on the scene and at the fore front of the defense during a major disaster, but they also are dealing with individual crisis that exist in san francisco every day. when there's a car crash, there are emergency responders on the scene within minutes. if you have fallen ill on the street, or having an episode or
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someone who has collapsed in their home. we know that we can rely on our dedicated e.m.s. service providers to get there and get there in a timely manner. and in most cases, they have been amazing in saving lives. anyone who has been on the receiving end of any emergency medical services knows the difference that these folks make in our communities. to all of the e.m.s. providers here today and the workers all over the city, we want to thank you for your heroism, for your passion, for your commitment and dedication to the people of the city and county of san francisco and today is just an opportunity to take a moment and recognize all of the service that you do, not to be recognized, but because you care about the people of the city. you care about the work that you do. and we are so grateful to have every one of you serving our great city. thank you, all, so much for
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being here today. [applause] >> supervisor breed: so i'm going to ask assistant deputy chief zanoff to provide remarks or any one of our commanders or deputy chiefs from the fire or police department. i see commander mannix and deputy chief redmond is here. any one of you. feel free. >> good afternoon, supervisors. andy zanoff, e.m.s. chief of san
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francisco fire department. thank you very much for this recognition. the members of e.m.s., firefighters, police officers, paramedics, e.m.t.s, we stand ready every day to serve the needs and meet the needs of the visitors of san francisco city and county and to receive this recognition from all of you is very humbling. we appreciate it and we will stand ready to serve in the future. thank you very much. >> supervisor breed: thank you. [applause] >> good afternoon. i'm deputy chief mike redmond from the san francisco police department. thank you, all, for being here. thank you to everybody on the board of supervisors for everything in recognizing our public safety partners here and especially the police department. i'm a little biased to the police department. i think they do a great job every day and they're always ready to be there and they always respond as needed.
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there are certain days that are exceptional and i want to thank you, again, for recognizing them and for all you do for the city. so thank you very much and thank you to all of you for everything that you do every day for san francisco. [applause] >> supervisor breed: i think we have some of our rns from general hospital, those first responders. please feel free to come forward. >> hi. i'm rich pamecino, nurse educator. on behalf of the hospital, we want to thank you for recognizing us. we do a lot of work as the safety net hospital for the city and to have the recognition is truth an honor, particularly for stroke patients and developing protocol, from neurology, physicians, respiratory therapists, we thank you for this honor.
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[applause] >> supervisor breed: thank you so much. and thank you, everyone. we're going to take a group photo right outside the chamber. i want to thank you, each and every one of you, for all the work that you continue to do and for being here today to be recognized. i know the countless lives many of you have saved over the years and, again, the city and county of san francisco owes you a debt of gratitude for all you do every single day. thank you, all, so much. [applause] >> so we're going to take it into the hallway. next person up is supervisor peskin. if you can just wait a moment for people to empty the hall.
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>> supervisor peskin: thank you for indulging me, because today i have two special order commendations. i'm proud to honor john updike on the occasion of his retirement after 32 years of public service, including the last six as director, very capable director.
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mr. updike received his b.a. in urban planning from the university of arizona and, thereafter, spent two decades leading downtown revitalization efforts in tucson, which at that time, was among one of the fastest growing cities in the u.s. he partly came and joined the city as assistant director of real estate 12 years ago in 2006. as someone who has been linked to land use policy on the board, i have enjoyed working with john, since i've been back on the board. john oversaw negotiations for the 60-year master lease for the beloved produce market, sale of $30 million in properties for the aquisition of city office
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buildings, including where the m.t.a. is located and also where human services agency is housed. john has led the real estate department with pragmatism, professionalism, and a knack for advancing the city's best interests and adhering to the professionalism. his works touches every one of our city's functions. even the operations of the farmers and flea markets and the u.n. gift gallery in u.n. plaza, to name a few. he was obviously intimately involved in the 25 van ness story and others. when i returned to office in late 2015, one of my projects was it rewrite chapter 23 of the
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administrative code. boring. which sat to make the appraisal processes to the dawn of the 21st century and i appreciated his candor as our office fielded a number of concerns from impacted city departments and john said, stand up to them. you will win. and even though it was my name on the legislation, it was just as much john's work product. and with that, i know my colleagues may want to say a few words as well. thank you for your willingness to collaborate with my office and the board of supervisors in many, many departments over the past many years and for your great work to steer our department of real estate with the utmost of integrity. congratulations on your well-deserved retirement. [cheers and applause]
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>> supervisor cohen: ladies and gentlemen, john updike is an incredible human being. don't let this cool exterior fool you. he has spine filled with titanium and he's taken many beatings at that same microphone. he's been asked and has answered difficult questions all pertaining to the world he operated. i've asked those difficult questions and i will miss him tremendously. he was a dedicated public servant but he was -- he is, not past tense, he is so kind. he is a gentleman and he has class. and when we disagreed, he did it
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with integrity and with class and brought a croissant. how can you get mad at gentleman that brings you a croissant? [laughter] that's how smart this man is and he knows the real estate market. he's been doing this for a long time. he knows every square inch of this city and county and i venture to say the surrounding counties, because oftentimes his adventures would take him outside of san francisco. we would rebuke him for that. but in the end, he brought us back for the most part. not investment opportunities, but great leases. and he's negotiated fantastic deals. this is an incredible man. we'll miss him. he has big shoes to fill. big shoes to fill. but i -- i have enjoyed every year that we've had an opportunity to work together. and i will miss you.
7:43 pm
thank you, john updike. [applause] >> supervisor kim: i was wondering where my croissant is. [laughter] mr. updike, john, thank you for your years and years of service to our city and county. you have a tremendously important job, which is how to invest our public dollars back, to see how we can provide effective, city services. you've been grilled many times on this mike. so it's nice to honor you today. my office has had the pleasure of working with you on so many projects and you've had to sit and wait in front of our office so many days and hours on a lot of different moving pieces. it's an immense amount of work, managing the portfolio, leases and ownership and it's not an
7:44 pm
easy job to do. i want to acknowledge the depth of your understanding, of all of our issues, needs, wants, in terms of what we want to see in our portfolio. managing all of that along with the politics and the dollar signs, it takes an extraordinary set of skills and patience. i want to congratulate you on an incredibly well-deserved retirement and acknowledge your team that you lead every single day. [applause] >> thank you, acting president, members of the board. it's a pleasure to be at this microphone without a question. so thank you for that. anything night you've had to say about me is reflective on the hard work of my team were able
7:45 pm
to join us. others better be at the office working hard on my behalf. i have enormous gratitude for a great team. i want to thank ben rosenfeld for having the confidence in hiring me in the first place when he was assistant city administrator. want to thank naomi kelly for continuing my journey here and making me director. thank you for that opportunity. of course to you, thank you. yes, your questions were tough, but they are supposed to be. you are doing your job. i hope we treat you with respect, even though we may be angry about having to answer the questions you might ask. that's okay. [laughter] so keep it up. although, would you give me replacement, mr. endrico, a little honeymoon, a day or two, and then go ahead and grill him. thank you very much for this honor. this is just great for my heart. thank you. [applause] >> thank you, director updike.
7:46 pm
>> after this photo, let's bring him into the well, so we can take a big, group photo.
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>> supervisor kim, you're up next. >> supervisor kim: thank you, colleagues, members of the public and members. i want to bring up chan to the podium. it is really my honor today as an asian-american and as an attorney to honor chan, also known as ceci wang, here at the
7:48 pm
san francisco board of supervisors. for those unfamiliar, he was the very, very first chinese-american lawyer in the state of california. what an extraordinary thing to be able to say. ceci was born in napa in 1990, the year that the second chinese american exclusion act was passed. the son of chinese american immigrants from china and born during an anti-chinese time, epitomized by the chinese exclusion act of 1882. and a decade later, accompanied by the first racial registry that this nation has ever instituted in our country's time. it's important to note that almost 150 years later as our current president talks about an ethnic registry that it's
7:49 pm
mistakes that were made and chinese americans stood up and refused toerster in this nation. ceci was born in this period. what is little known about the asian-american community is it launched thousands of lawsuits by asian-americans fighting for the civil rights of all americans, including our community. cece went on to persevere and become -- attend law school and attend an attorney. he was accepted into the very first law school class at the university of san francisco, where supervisor katy tang is also alumni. and he graduated in 1918 as one of the top three students in his class. he passed the bar with the highest recorded score of all time -- 96%. and he began working as a lawyer in san francisco.
7:50 pm
he was told repeatedly that he would never succeed as a lawyer. judges in sacramento and san francisco refused to acknowledge him as an attorney when he appeared before them. and there was one judge that ruled against him every single time before cece was even allowed to approach the bench. witnessing and experiencing this racial discrimination, cece chose to participate in immigration law, working with chinese immigrants seeking to make a new life here in this country. he represented residents that tried to defend themselves, against the false accusations of criminal activity leveled against them. this has not changed much in this country. ceci brought 30 successful lawsuits against the san francisco police department for their harassment of chinese and
7:51 pm
chinese-american residents. and beyond the law, also established one of the first life insurance agencies in chinatown that sought to ensure individuals in the chinese community so that family members can be taken care of if the primary wage earner passed away. many life insurance companies refused to seek them out, but ceci made sure that chinese families could benefit from having policies that were marketed to them. ceci passed away and left our community in 1983, but not before he was able to witness one of his five children, linda, who is here today, graduate from the same law school that he had graduated from in 1918, 66 years before her. because of his singular accomplishments and determinations to follow his dreams and improve the quality of life for his community, family and our nation in
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fighting for our civil rights, it's my honor to proclaim on behalf of the entire san francisco board of supervisors june 1 as ceci wing day in san francisco. [applause] i want to thank you for bringing his story and role in american history to light and to honor his work here this month on a.p.i. heritage month. and wanted to give you a mo moment to speak before i presented our proclamation. >> thank you so much. my father would be so proud and happy that this recognition has come 100 years after he led the
7:53 pm
way for other chinese to become lawyers. i've been so proud to represent my father has an attorney and a general agent. there was an old rumor back in the day that chinese could not get life insurance because they ate fish heads and rice. and my father always said that there's nothing like a good meal of fish heads and rice. and to this day i believe that the caucasian society has adopted this diet. thank you very much. [applause]
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>> supervisor breed: congratulations and thank you for being here today. [applause] next up will be supervisor ronen. >> supervisor ronen: thank you so much. colleagues, today i'm honoring one of the team members in my office whose dedication goes beyond the duties.
7:55 pm
i'm delighted to present anne gallagher. [applause] you can see the fan club she has. i want to tell you about anne's history and why she's so beloved and special to us. anne is an east coast native that has lived in san francisco since 1973. she and her husband dan, who i like to call dr. dan, who is famous in our city, raised their three daughters, suzy, molly and claire here. anne is the proud grandmother of two with another one on the way in august. in fact, we have her daughters molly and suzy present here today. there they are. they will come up at the end. [applause] as well as her granddaughter, katie. thank you so much for being here to support your fierce mom and grandmother and she's screaming in support. [laughter] and i'm sorry that henry, her grandson, couldn't make it, due to a scheduling conflict of his afternoon nap.
7:56 pm
anne is incredibly devoted to her growing family and ever-wideni ever-widening circle of our friends and the district 9 community. she's done so much throughout her career as a special education teacher. she's done so much and went far beyond the classroom, where she advocated for struggling families every, single day. she retired from teaching special ed after 45 years, but i want to clarify that she didn't like the word "retire" because it has "tire" in it. and she's anything but tired. she's been a volunteer mentor to foster children and facilitates the siblings' reunions every month. she's consistently in their lives and providing them with continuity as they've moved
7:57 pm
through countless schools, institutions and foster homes. anne brings her passion to our district 9 office. she began to volunteer over a year ago on valentine's day. as co-manager of our office, she coordinates and helps to mentor inter interns and serves her district 9 neighborhoods by providing constituent service. anne is passionate, a hard worker. i think dan is a little mad at how much time she gives our office, but forbids fridays. we'll see. and i just have to speak for a moment about an example of her
7:58 pm
committ commitment to people she meets. anne met a homeless person named alice. they became very close friends. she brought her clothing, hot tea, shrimp fried rice and was, in my opinion, the deciding factor that convinced her to move inside and off the streets. she did that around november last year and passed away in february shortly thereafter. because of anne's compassion and determination, alice was able to spend the last few weeks of her life indoors, with a roof over her head, with anne, a close friend, by her side. and spend the rest of her life in dignity. i will never forget you for that and the impression that you made on me and on alice was profound. and i will be forever grateful
7:59 pm
to you. you are just a beloved, active member of our team. i don't know what we would do without you. you are an example to all of us about what life could be after retirement, that you continue to make a difference every single day with your heart and soul and love for people. so congratulations, anne. we love you so much. >> thank you. [cheers and applause] >> is now when they get to come up? >> supervisor ronen: thank you. surround your mom. >> i was going to write a better speech, but we were really busy this morning in the district 9 office, so this is my draft, my first draft.
8:00 pm
thank you, hillary, and carolina, amy, carolyn, and jesus. and everyone in the d-9 office for giving me this great opportunity. as my friends and family know, this experience of volunteering my time and energy at city hall has transformed this chapter of my life. i like everything about city hall -- the beauty, the grandeur, the dozens of weddings that i see every week. i think i'm in a lot of wedding pictures before i realized i was gaping at them. the interesting people that come through the door. the local celebrities, such as all of you, that i sometimes stop and say, do you mind if i get a picture with you so i can send it to my friends, who i think never tire of it. and i love talking to the constituents and everybody that