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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  May 28, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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maing money that we forgot about those that make our city and community unique. when people come to discover, i want them to rediscover the magic of what diversity and empathy can create. when you're positive and committed to using that energy, >> welcome to our 2018 mayor's teacher paraeducator and principal of the year awards. this is our 11th year of honoring our public schoolteacher and ninth year of honoring our principals and first year of honoring our paraeducator. [applause] this honor awards five of our city's most accomplished teachers, principals and a paraeducator. all candidates nominated by
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members of their community throughout the year and the finalists selected by the mayor in april. they received awards on behalf of the their tireless work and i wanted to just highlight a couple of things you all will be getting so it teases you a little bit. [applause] >> we already had the teachers on norred a honored at the giane on monday and you will get a beautiful tiffany apple. you will also get an award from the mayor and from the mason foundation for $1,000. [cheers and applause] we have some really great gifts from our championship basketball team the golden state warriors
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and and we still love them, they are not here with us any more but our san francisco 49ers. you will also get amazing tickets to outside land, beach blanket and elle k elcatraz ande final arts museum. so al we are super excited. gift certificates for dirty water, the mall, and his tor hic john's grill. we also had personal gift bags, messenger bags made by rickshaw which is a local company and mark has been incredibly wonderful donating every year
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and he puts the logo on the bag and it's an incredibly high quality bag and for when you go away on the long weekend we have a great tumi bag donated by alaska airlines one of our newest partner. thank you anna belle for all that. iqan is here and always gives you a bag of goodies, so you will see a quad and octopus and a membership and he is rolling out his k-5 academy for all, so all of your students will be able to come to the academy throughout the year because of a generous endowment, so we are really, really happy about that. [cheers and applause] all of these partnerships and gifts and prizes are aregarded
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and fully reflect the great love that san francisco holds for its educators and we wouldn't have been able to do this without many of our partners and i wanted to call out the ceo, to thank the teacher for teacher appreciation month. recognizing our educators for their work promotes prestige within the profession and dem states appreciation for those dedicating themselves to providing our students with an excellent education. i want to highlight once again the public school paraeducator that we are honoring tonight and for those of you who didn't know, our late mayor was a paraeducator and this award is to honor him and it's in his name. we are really happy to be able to do that.
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[applause] some of this would not happen if we did not have a leader in our city that continues to appreciate all of our educators and i am really happy to stand next to our mayor. please join me in welcomes mayor mark ferrell. [applause] >> thank you. i have to say after all those goodies that have been announced i don't know anyone that won't be striving for these awards. what i understand is it's $35,000 worth of goodies that we are going to be giving out today so that or the giant's game is a pretty cool few days. congratulations everybody. i want to welcome everybody to our award's ceremony as we honor our teachers, paraeducator and principals of the year award. this is an incredible time here in san francisco. you are the glue that makes our
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families work so thank you for all that you do. hydra mentioned mayor lee, i know this is one of his favorite things to do every year and to stand as his successor for now is awesome and reminds me of him quite a bit. this is named after mayor lee, so you are the inaugural honoreehonhohonorees. i have want to thank the school district, dr. matthew is here and hydra, please a round of applause for her. [applause] i say this very sincerely as a
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parent of three young children, teachers and principals you are the glue that makes everything work for families in our city and i mentioned that. you are providing the foundation and you are really leading the path for the next generation of san francisco children. i know many in the room are born and raised san francisco people and to be setting foundation for our city is powerful and you are here and awarded tonight because you have been nominated by so many people for all your hard work, but let's never forget what we are doing and the power behind that is incredible. i would like to recognize supervisor sandy fewer who is here. [applause] i want to thank the blue ribbon panel for helping select these nominees and obviously a difficult decision-making process for doing that.
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you know the four principal winners were selected because of their dedicate and leadership just like the teachers and our paraeducator. congratulations to you all. this is a fun thing to be here and a fun thing to go to the giant's games and beon the field. we don't get to do that every single day, but thank you for all that you do for our children on behalf of san francisco. we can't do it without you. please know how important you do is to all of us. i know it's one of the most challenging jobs in the world, but i want to say thank you on behalf of a grateful city. [applause] >> thank you mr. maryou. maryour.
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mayor. a wonderful partner of you are ours the president of the leaders of san francisco, lit lita blonk. >> thank you for being chosen for this award. not a single person goes into the field of education for honor or glory, but it is still extremely well appreciated to have one's commitment and hard work acknowledged. thank you mayor ferrell and hydra and thank you to your families without your support they would not have the fortitude to continue what you do and thank you to the community because a good teacher
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or educator can only thrive when supported by their community. you all are receiving educator of the year awards but you deserve much more. i remember my first year as a reading recovery teacher i had a student who was a cute little 6-year-old but he was clinically depressed. he came from a traumatized background and i remember telling my supervisor i don't think i can teach this child to read. she said you are a reading teacher, teach him to read and see what happen. i was able to teach him to read and write and he reached proficiency and somewhere his self-esteem shifted and it was part of him turning the corner. dition to receiving the award that you are receiving, i would like to nominate you all for psychologist of the year, social worker of the year.
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[laughter] life coach of the year. [applause] event planner of the year. at vadvocate of the year and the list goes on because any educator knows you are wearing some of those hats all the time and many of those hats all the time. appreciation comes in many form. today it is expressed in kind words and many generous gift. i want to thank the donor to made that possible. there are gift bags and there is beautiful posters and you will see what's in there, some surprise. we also give, we don't have millions of dollars but we do have thousands of members who stand together for your every day of the year and we are proud of that. appreciation can also come through the gift of making sure that you have time to do your job properly and each of you
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knows what that means in your own job. i have a particular angle i want to share with you. it also means in this world of 2018 making sure that educators are not spending time giving assessment that is are not useful for their teaching and sharing with you the information that the board of education received recommendations from a joint district family union assessment community which includes i limb natio eliminatie assessment, so brought we forward and that means less teaching and more learning. that is a gift to you of time. i know that is really stretching it, but i had to put it in. [laughter] one last form of appreciation which you are all aware, appreciation can and should mean a living wage, so i'm shameless.
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[applause] i'm shameless and determined that educators in the city will have a living wage from here on in and so on june 5 san francisco ha has the opportunito vote yes on prop g. thank you very much and enjoy the rest of the reception. [applause] >> thank you is there anything else you would like to share with us? [laughter] lita is leaving and retiring after 33 amazing years with us, so thank you for your service. as we shared earlier, this next speaker is recognized for the work that she does to represent our peer educator. she is the vice president of our paraeducators with u esf and i
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know carolyn fought hard for this award. carroll, why don't you come on up. [applause] thank you and good afternoon everybody. this is really exciting for me because i have been pushing for about nine years to get a paraeducator of the year. i have talked to the mast mayors and hydra so it's really aye maizing. amazing. i want to give a shout-out to our first paraeducator to receive achievement. [applause] she is an incredible para and i'm so honored she is the first one to get it.
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mary knows i don't like to speak in front of a mic., but i said i will do this just for you. stewart and katie was a paraeducator and jolene, so a lot are now admi administratorse and teacher. it's hard for me what happened last year in mayor lee and we had the paraeducator housing last june and we were talking hydra and -- and me. i said this is great, but are we going to do a paraeducator of the year, and he said carolyn, yes, we are this year. i know you have been pushing for it and then he proceeded to tell
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me i was a bilingual para and i went oh, wow, i never knew that. we talked about paris for ten minutes and how he had been and how important they are. this is very special and so glad it's mary avalade that's getting it. congratulations to everyone and thank you. >> thank you carolyn. i did want to highlight the housing that carolyn was eluding to because of the partnership with the school district and educators we are breaking ground on 100 affordable units for our educators in the next couple years and we have just selected a developer through the mayor's process and we are really excited to do that for our educator. [applause]
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so our last speaker is a representative of our united administrators, so these are the folks that make sure our principals are well supported and getting what it is they need in order to be amazing principal, so join me in compels jolene washington. >> good afternoon everyone. caro line was spoked to be here this afternoon but was able to come so at our last meeting she asked who was interested in speaking and so i did not raise my hand. [laughter] i said who is going to be receiving awards. she said lina, i said i love lina, and then she said sam, and i said i love sam and then she said emmanuel and we have the same principals an and then he .
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eli horn. and with that i had to be here. i just want to say that again my james jolin washington and i am here on behalf of united administrators of san francisco and thank you for allowing us to speak at this important event. it gives us the opportunity to brag about our amazing, hardworking administrators like sam, lina, emmanuel, and eli. they are courageous leaders and put student's needs and interests first. we are proud to honor them today and recognize them for
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everything they do every day every month every year to benefit their students, families, staff, and school community. on a personal note, i remember the experience of receiving the honor of principal of the year from mayor lee in 2011 and this honor allows you school community and your families to see that the enduring long days the sleepless nights, the ongoing dedication to teachers, families and students in your school communities is not done in vain, so lina, sam, emmanuel and eli, enjoy this recognize and celebrate with the ones you love. congratulations. [applause] >> thank you so much jolin. before we bring up all of our award winners, let me tell you about how this is going to work. we are going to call out the
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award recipient's name and i will have maker yo ferrell, supervisor matthews and supervisor fewer and we will take a picture and then have leadership take a picture of all the recipients with all of our sponsor. that is how it will work. i want to give a shout-out and recognize our blue ribbon panel because these are the folks that made the difficult decision. if you are part of the blue ribbon panel, if you would please stand up so we can recognize you. camille, owen hit. hoyt, and simone who is working u upstairs and we
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had cara tweed and annie sang from pinterest, so we also had a community that read with us. thank you for being part of the blue ribbon panel. without further adieu our first award recipient is kitty lock, a teacher at comm stockton elemeny school. she joined 31 years ago as a paraeducator and has been at comma dore stockton for the last 31 year. in addition to all of the goodies they are getting, they are getting certificates from mayor ferrell, u.s. representative nancy pelosi,
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state senator wiener -- and there is lots of goodies over there. our next award recipient is jack lively. third grade teacher at star king elementary school. thank you jack. he grew up speaking mandarin an canton knees in china. he wanted to be a high school teacher but when he got to job to teach he fell in love with the school, the staff and the kids, so he decided to stay. thank you jack. [applause] because we have so many elementary schools we honor two
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elementary schoolteachers and our second is jennifer partika, 5th grade teacher at argone elementary school. she is dedicated to growing the number of females in science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematic. she recently led the argon robotics take too a victory at the lego robotics competition. excellent. your middle grades teacher of the year is erin wise, 6th grade teacher at middleton middle school. aaron is spending his 11th year where he teaches sixth
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grade math and science. he runs parent groups, sits on committee, and most importantly he is the dj for middle school dance. [applause] thank you aaron. our high school teacher of the year is christian castillo, a 10th and 11th grade teacher albalboa high school. she has worked within the school district for 11 years now in different capacities. , pulse pathway and a special shout-out to my fellow philippinea.
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all right, give it up for our teachers of the year. [applause] our next award is this very special mayor lee's award for our paraeducator of the year and it goes to mary lavalane. since 1970, 1970, i was five, mary has worked in early childhood development at several different organization. in 1986 mary joined the sfusd as student advisor at fairmont elementary school and been at san francisco community for the last 18 year. thank you mary. [cheers and applause]
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our next award recipients are our principal. please join me in welcoming our principal for early education because that is education by the way. mr. eli horn. [applause] [cheering] and ally's fan club. i have known eli for about 20 year. before eli became an early education administrator he served as director for th thevis valley beacon where he worked to provide partnerships for the school. he joins the school district in 2011 as early education
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administrator. ally, thank you. [cheers and applause] our elementary school principal of the year is one of mayor ferrell's favorites because they have a blooming, wonderful bromance because they did some amazing, amazing work through the shared schoolyards partnership and that take as lot of work to open a school to the city. principal of the year for elementary, emmanuel stewart, george washington carveer. he has worked in public education for 27 year.
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he now leads the school where he taught for 14 years and committed to the bay view hunter's community and he does that with excitement, passion and dedication. super happy for him. >> go stewie! >> our middle school principal of the year is a dynamic leader, lina va vanherran and her daugh. oh, not anymore. lina is in her 8th year of leading middle school unified
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and her 5th year aspirins pal. she has worked passionately alongside passionate teaches and leaders to turn around everett middle school from one of the lowest performs to a thriving place that now has a wait list of students wanting to go to everett middle school. [applause] congratulations. last but not least samuel bass our high school principal of the year. [applause] he is with burton high school. he received the axa middle school of the year award in 2016. he is driven to provide as many
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opportunities and possibilities to traditionally under served students in san francisco as possible. we will have to give you guys a little basket next time to put all your goodies. congratulations sam. give it up for our principal of the year awards recipient. [cheers and applause] congratulations to our teachers, our paraeducator and our principal. all of this is not possible without the incredible staff that put this together. a big shout-out to rebecca mcdowell. we have snacks in the back and we would love for you to stay and continue and mingle and mayor ferrell thank you for your support and leadership and ensuring that our teachers, principals and paraedge kay kays
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continue to get recognized in san francisco. congratulations!
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>> i want to welcome you to this rededication ceremony today. my name is gail gillman and i am the ceo of community housing partnership. i want to acknowledge some people here with us today. supervisor kim from district s six. her district is joining us this morning along with senator mark leno who is right here and i don't see him yet, but supervisr
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safae and mayor ferrell is unfortunately not able to join us today. i really want to thank all of the elected officials and dignitaries joining us today. i will be thanking other people in a minute. i think we should pause and think back to 2014 when mayor lee had a vision, a vision that housing authority properties, units, what was known as public housing could be transformed, and the mayor had this idea that nonprofit developers throughout san francisco should step up, lean in, and take responsibility to help these assets before more
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and transform the lives of residents who live there and he brought us all together and we sad around a table with my partners and other organizations and we thought about how we could look at these assets, the over 3400 units they encompassed and found out how we could transform them. the mayor had a vision that the financial institutions could do their part too. i want to pause here because i think ices something to note. of all the institutions here, bank of america stepped up and looked at this from a portfolio perspective and looked at all 29 assets how they could under write them and affect the lives of san franciscan.
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we need to acknowledge that a bank in the united states stepped up with a $2.2 billion investment in a single city and in a single county. we are so proud to have bank of america as a partner. our mission is that we help homeless people secure housing and become self-sufficient. here at 666 ellis street we are helping the over 100 residents transform their lives and have greater levels of self-sufficiency. we are so profoundly happy to be part to have project and this building. the property next door is a esses hotel that we own and the property down the street, we are happy to call ellis street our home. i want to thank the staff and residents of 666 ellis street who have gone through occupied
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rehabilitation, construction on-site for over a year. i want to thank them and the mayor's office for commune develop, federal home loan bank, pollard tag guard architect. d & h construction and jeff, i know you arecome where here in the audience, i want to thank you and your team for everything you did on the housing side. , and other. it take as village to do these projects and bring all of this together. with that, it is my honor to introduce supervisor jane kim. [applause] >> i first just want to thank gail gillman and the amazing family and team at community
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housing partnership for taking on yet another rehabilitation of affordable housing here in san francisco and in the neighborhood that i represent, the tenderloin. it was maybe only a year na year-and-a-half ago we were at the opening of the cambridge down the street as just as exciting as it is to build new construction and new housing, to rehabilitate housing in san francisco to we can ensure the life of these units for the senors that depend on it. we know that millions of seniors across the country live in poverty and 21 million seniors live 200% below the poverty line here in this country. many of us hope to age in place
6:41 am
in the city that we love. there was a time when our government actually built and invested in the production of middle income housing and we have largely gone out of that business for the last 40 years and during the same time we saw homelessness emerge as a crisis in our street. these types of investments prevent homelessness and housing is the only solution and community housing partnership was born out of that understanding as the only nonprofit organization that builds and produces for those who are formerly homeless. we must also provide services that keep people in housing. i want to congratulations commune partnership and all of your partners and bank of america. we need our financial partners to invest in us.
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it is an investment in our city. this work is not altruistic. it is quite selfish because we are better off and we are safer and healthier when our neighbors have access to affordable, permanent, stable housing. congratulations to everybody involved today and to the 100 seniors that will be able to stay in place at 666 ellis. >> thank you supervisor kim. [applause] on behalf of the honorable mayor mark ferrell who again apologizes for not being here it is my pleasure to introduce kate hartley. >> thank you gail. i am so happy to be here and be here with all the amazing people in this area who made this happen.
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mayor ferrell sends his regret. he really wanted to be here today. he's been so thrilled with the opportunity to come to buildings like this and see the amazing work and the transformation of these project. we are so lucky to be able to do this work and our city is so much better for the opportunity to have housing like this and allow all the seniors and help all the seniors and residents of buildings like 666 ellis stay here and be part of our great city. this work took so many people in 2014 when we started it was overwhelming and scary and so many times where we thought this is not going to work and here we are a great success and it's only because of the contributions of everyone here today. i want to say thank you to bank of america, ari and tom newman
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here today. we could not have done it without you. bank of america stepped up in a way that was unprecedented. it was a his to transaction. gail and your team and dave the facilities manager is here. serena. we thank you so much. the housing authority, our partners, barbara and darr and joaquin and all the team it's been a long journey and so nice to be here with this great success. hud helped us every step of the way. trevor and ed war do we are really grateful to you. supervisor kim thank you so much for your support. again, couldn't have done it without you. the resident services team, such
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great work the mocd team and georgia and jackie, and helen hail who led the service. thank you. lydia was the quarterback of all this. really amazing work. i don't want to forget anybody, but -- i'm sorry? bisonkrepp, the elevator company. having a working elevator sr. one ois oneof the greatest thine world. [applause] i am so happy the elevator works so thank you to them especially. my congratulations and i'm really looking forward to working with you on this development and making sure that it stays permanently affordable, habitable and great condition
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forever. thank you. >> okay, so before i bring up our next speaker i do want to acknowledge that housing authority commissioner joaquin tor res has joined us. thank you for joining us. it take as village and part of that village is our partners in the federal government, so proud to introduce edwardo cabrillo. >> what a great day to be here. i will be brief. we are exciting to hear from all of you and the reason this is possible because of your great work. an unsung hero at hud.
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, trevor, thank you for your help and your role here at hud. san francisco as many of you know and other cities across the country are going through a severe and growing affordability crisis, so so much so in fact that hud's worst case study published numbers that are astounding. 8.3 million households in the country are facing affordability challenges, either increase in rent, sub standard housing or a combination of the two. in way, way hud is looking to address this is through the hud demonstration program called rad and here you are see results of that effort. rad was piloted here in san francisco is setting the gold standard across the country in
6:48 am
terms of rad conversions and giving housing authorities a powerful tool and a means to preserve affordable housing by converting public housing properties across the country and a $26 million ba backlog. hud has leveraged $5 million in capital to make critical repairs, something that hud could not have done alone, so critical to have public, private partnership. what does it mean for places like san francisco? 1400 units have been preserved including the hundreds of units here and what is exciting to me
6:49 am
is that over 2,000 are in the pipeline. if everything goes as planned by september 2019 we should have 2000 additional public housing units preserved through rad. we arweare not stopping there. hud is seeking to extend the rat and we have lifted the cap from 455,000 units from 225,000 to 455,000, and it more than doubles the capacity of units that can participate in the program. in the 2019 budget we are seeing $100 million to help housing authorities who need the support in converting. i will close with this. i will give you a sense of what it would be like without rad, it would take public housing authorities over 50 years to do what you all have done with the
6:50 am
infusion of private capital in just the five years, so fifty years down to five. the reason this is so important is because public. >> president hillis: residents deserve better and they have been waiting long enough for decent, safe, housing and rad is making that a reality for them now. thank you very much. [applause] >> okay another great partner and then we will get to the really exciting stuff hearing from residents who actually live here in this apartment is that san francisco housing authority and i will just say community housing partne partnership prioo entering this process was one of the largest providers of homeless housing and this has deepened our relationship.
6:51 am
it's been an honor to work with that team and to work with barbara smith whom i would like to invite up to have some mark. >> thank you gail it's been wonderful working with community housing partnership too. we are working hard to keep that you are subsidies flowing on a regular basis. thank you for having me here. before rad i would go to bed at night and pray and none of our senior and disabled residents in the high-rise would end up without elevator service or worse yet be stalled in a stucked elevator. all too oven often i would getn the middle of the light -- get
6:52 am
call. the residents here, you know what i'm talking about, and we are thrilled that things have changed. this was a stressful situation for our residents but with declining federal dollars the housing authority wasn't able to keep up with the needs at 666 ellis and all the other properties. we are thrilled that ellis and the other propertyities can get these improvemented through rad. this leveraged 2.2 million in financing and 750 million in hard construction improvements did require the brilliance, dedication and support from an incredible team beginning with mayor lee and including the
6:53 am
mayor's office of community housing and development, commune housing partners, bank of america, hud, our commissioners, we have commissioner wa keep tories. thank you so much for making life better for our public housing resident. a special thank you to the 666 ellis resident who is had faith in the process and were able to endure the relocation they had to go through and living in a construction zone. at last you have decent and safe housing where you can live in your communities and also benefit from community-based management and connection to service. we are really pleased that this has been able to make life better for all of you. thank you.
6:54 am
>> so as we said bank of america has been instrumental in all of the rad con versions and also for community housing partnerships so whether it was a neighborhood builder in 2008 or ongoing investment in us, bank of america has helped community housing partnership grow over the last 17 years from four properties and 47 employees to 17 properties and over 300 employees, so it's my pleasure to invite up tom ewan. he is the retail bank president for bank of america. [applause] >> i would like to on behalf of bank of america to thank everybody who is here particularly the mayor's office, supervisor kim, gail, and the
6:55 am
long list of people all the way down. but a particular thank to mayor lee whose vision contributed to making this possible and that is his personal commitment from having grown up in public housing and advocating as a young layer. lawyer. the first time i met him the first thing out of his mouth was affordable housing and two things to make it happen. we have been in the bay area starting with the 1906 earthquake we were helping with the golden gate and the bay bridge and the ferry building. our partnership to help the
6:56 am
community of san francisco has long standing and that is part of our strategy. we thrive because of our communities and our clients thrive because of the communities they live in and it stand to reason that it behooves us to support the community so that our kind thrives and we thrive. it is really an ecosystem and you can be assuredded of our commitment. when mayor lee approached us and says given to how important it is to us and our history, we are in there is not doubt about it. the commitment nationwide is a little bit over $4 billion and
6:57 am
san francisco has more than half of it. that is on top of $5 million that we are contributed to a nonprofit in san francisco. i would like to thank all of our bank of america associates and their team to do that as well. thank you especially to the 66 ellis residents here and you can be assured that we will continue to support and this is only a start. thank you. [applause] >> so as we said it's our last speaker and i think the most prestigious, the residents of 666 ellis, we could not have done that without being in partnership with you and we will continue to be as we own and operate this building, so paul trudby is going to share his
6:58 am
experience with you. >> i am a resident here and when i came here everything looked great. it's not quite loud enough. oh, i'm not speaking right. all right. when i came here from the franciscan after the fire, i thought everything looked great in the building and it looked nice at first until i realized that things were wearing out. now, what a difference to have all new bathroom fixtures, kitchen fixtures, new stove, no refrigerator, new windows, beautiful floor coverings, it's made quite a difference. it's like walking through a new door into a new building. [applause]
6:59 am
>> thank you everyone. this concludes our program and we would like to have all the speakers and our dignitaries come up with a ribbon-cutting and then we will also be taking you on a private tour. please enjoy the rest of your morning. thank you. [cheers and applause]ernoon, ev.
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welcome to the mayor's noon, ev. disability council this friday, may 18, 2018. >> could you speak into the mic? >> co-chair blacksten: this one, ok. ok, is this good? all right. good afternoon, and welcome to the mayor's disability council this friday, may 18, 2018 in room 400 of san francisco city hall. city hall is accessible to persons using wheelchairs and other assistive mobility devices. wheelchair accesss