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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  May 29, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> thank you, madam assistant clerk, president breed, ladies and gentlemen of the board. my name is winship hillier. i am an involuntary psychiatric outpatient here in san francisco and have been now for over a decade. let me just go through the logic with you. if there be no property without -- if there be no injury without property, and there be no property without labor, and you, through your funding of citywide case management have taken away from me the ability to labor, because that is what citywide case management community focus does, it dablz peopisables peo permanently, how is that not theft of the property that i would have earned if i was still able to work?
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and how is that not injury? and if that can be done -- and i'm still waiting for my day in court. if that can be done without any accountability, without any citations or any authority, then, how is anybody's property safe in this city? and if nobody's property is safe, why are we paying you to run it? madam. >> clerk: clerk thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> ready to go? here we go. ladies and gentlemen, board of supervisors, and distinguished guests that's looking through the views there, my name is ace and apparently you all know i'm on the case. so i don't have much time to speak, so i'm going to speak in
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general. most important election in our history -- in my near history is coming up in june. yours truly, ace washington, will be down here before noon. let me just say one thing. i'm getting everything prepared legally so i can insert myself back over there where i belong here in the city by the bay, if that's okay with you all. excuse me if i seem to be a little harsh in my voice. it's -- the weather's kind of bad outside. but i have a special announcement, you all here at city hall, you all, i'm getting ready to start my new tv show, and that's the somehow. and you all are wondering, what's the name of it, ace? back in the day, i was going to call it silly haul, but that's
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not right because i want it to go viral all over the world. the name is -- [inaudible] >> --, .org,.com. my views are going to be factual. it's not no alternative news or the facts. it's going to be like i used to be involved with the facts. only the facts. anything that come out of my mouth could be effectuated with the video. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. madam president, no other members of the public in line, so i'll hand it over to you?
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>> president breed: thank you. are there any members of the public who would like to provide public comment at this time, seeing none, public comment is closed. madam clerk, we're going to go back to roll call for introduction. supervisor ronen? >> supervisor ronen: thank you so much, colleagues. i have received a lot of requests and would like to make a motion to close today's board meeting in the honor of harvey milk, given that today is his 88th birthday. >> president breed: sure, and we can do that on behalf of the entire board of supervisors without objection. madam clerk, let's go to the items for adoption by committee. [agenda item read] >> president breed: supervisor fewer? >> supervisor fewer: yes, i'd
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like to sever item number 41. >> president breed: supervisor cohen? >> supervisor cohen: yes, i'd like to sever item 44. >> president breed: okay. can we take the remaining items without severing? madam clerk, please read item 41. [agenda item read] >> president breed: supervisor fewer? >> supervisor fewer: yes. i would like to make a motion to table that item, please? >> president breed: moved by supervisor fewer, seconded by supervisor peskin. colleagues, can we take that without objection? without objection, that item has been tabled. please call item 44. [agenda item read]
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>> president breed: supervisor cohen? >> supervisor cohen: thank you very much, madam clerk and madam president. i'd like to amend the date from june 19, 2018 to june 26. i also would like to amend the proposed meeting time to be 3:00 p.m. >> president breed: supervisor cohen, is this for the full board? >> supervisor cohen: yes, this is for the full board. this is for the committee of the whole. it incorrectly states june 19. i'd like to change the date to june 26, 3:00 p.m. >> president breed: so supervisor cohen has made a motion to amend. is there a second? seconded by supervisor yee. colleagues, can we take the amendment without objection? without objection, the amendment passes. and on the item as amended, can we take that same house, same call? without objection, the motion as amended is approved
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unanimously. madam clerk, please read the in memoriams. >> yes. today's meeting will be adjourned on behalf of the following beloved individuals: on behalf of supervisor tang for the late mr. cory calcanye and mr. brook ann hantz and mr. dale robert jankowski. on behalf of supervisor safai for the late sister patricia ann claherty. on behalf of president breed for the late miss eileen o'sullivan, and on behalf of president breed and supervisor ronen for the late miss barbara brown lopez. and at the suggestion of supervisor ronen on behalf of the entire board of supervisors for the late supervisor harvey
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milk. >> president breed: thank you, madam clerk. is there any further business before us today? >> clerk: that concludes our business for today. >> president breed: okay. we are adjourned. thank you, everyone.
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>> i want to welcome you to this rededication ceremony today. my name is gail gillman and i am the ceo of community housing partnership. i want to acknowledge some people here with us today. supervisor kim from district s six. her district is joining us this morning along with senator mark leno who is right here and i don't see him yet, but supervisr safae and mayor ferrell is
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unfortunately not able to join us today. i really want to thank all of the elected officials and dignitaries joining us today. i will be thanking other people in a minute. i think we should pause and think back to 2014 when mayor lee had a vision, a vision that housing authority properties, units, what was known as public housing could be transformed, and the mayor had this idea that nonprofit developers throughout san francisco should step up, lean in, and take responsibility to help these assets before more and transform the lives of residents who live there and he brought us all together and we sad around a table with my
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partners and other organizations and we thought about how we could look at these assets, the over 3400 units they encompassed and found out how we could transform them. the mayor had a vision that the financial institutions could do their part too. i want to pause here because i think ices something to note. of all the institutions here, bank of america stepped up and looked at this from a portfolio perspective and looked at all 29 assets how they could under write them and affect the lives of san franciscan. we need to acknowledge that a bank in the united states stepped up with a $2.2 billion investment in a single city and in a single county.
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we are so proud to have bank of america as a partner. our mission is that we help homeless people secure housing and become self-sufficient. here at 666 ellis street we are helping the over 100 residents transform their lives and have greater levels of self-sufficiency. we are so profoundly happy to be part to have project and this building. the property next door is a esses hotel that we own and the property down the street, we are happy to call ellis street our home. i want to thank the staff and residents of 666 ellis street who have gone through occupied rehabilitation, construction on-site for over a year. i want to thank them and the mayor's office for commune
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develop, federal home loan bank, pollard tag guard architect. d & h construction and jeff, i know you arecome where here in the audience, i want to thank you and your team for everything you did on the housing side. , and other. it take as village to do these projects and bring all of this together. with that, it is my honor to introduce supervisor jane kim. [applause] >> i first just want to thank gail gillman and the amazing family and team at community housing partnership for taking on yet another rehabilitation of affordable housing here in san francisco and in the
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neighborhood that i represent, the tenderloin. it was maybe only a year na year-and-a-half ago we were at the opening of the cambridge down the street as just as exciting as it is to build new construction and new housing, to rehabilitate housing in san francisco to we can ensure the life of these units for the senors that depend on it. we know that millions of seniors across the country live in poverty and 21 million seniors live 200% below the poverty line here in this country. many of us hope to age in place in the city that we love. there was a time when our government actually built and invested in the production of
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middle income housing and we have largely gone out of that business for the last 40 years and during the same time we saw homelessness emerge as a crisis in our street. these types of investments prevent homelessness and housing is the only solution and community housing partnership was born out of that understanding as the only nonprofit organization that builds and produces for those who are formerly homeless. we must also provide services that keep people in housing. i want to congratulations commune partnership and all of your partners and bank of america. we need our financial partners to invest in us. it is an investment in our city. this work is not altruistic. it is quite selfish because we are better off and we are safer and healthier when our neighbors
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have access to affordable, permanent, stable housing. congratulations to everybody involved today and to the 100 seniors that will be able to stay in place at 666 ellis. >> thank you supervisor kim. [applause] on behalf of the honorable mayor mark ferrell who again apologizes for not being here it is my pleasure to introduce kate hartley. >> thank you gail. i am so happy to be here and be here with all the amazing people in this area who made this happen. mayor ferrell sends his regret. he really wanted to be here today. he's been so thrilled with the opportunity to come to buildings like this and see the amazing
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work and the transformation of these project. we are so lucky to be able to do this work and our city is so much better for the opportunity to have housing like this and allow all the seniors and help all the seniors and residents of buildings like 666 ellis stay here and be part of our great city. this work took so many people in 2014 when we started it was overwhelming and scary and so many times where we thought this is not going to work and here we are a great success and it's only because of the contributions of everyone here today. i want to say thank you to bank of america, ari and tom newman here today. we could not have done it without you. bank of america stepped up in a way that was unprecedented.
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it was a his to transaction. gail and your team and dave the facilities manager is here. serena. we thank you so much. the housing authority, our partners, barbara and darr and joaquin and all the team it's been a long journey and so nice to be here with this great success. hud helped us every step of the way. trevor and ed war do we are really grateful to you. supervisor kim thank you so much for your support. again, couldn't have done it without you. the resident services team, such great work the mocd team and georgia and jackie, and helen hail who led the service. thank you.
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lydia was the quarterback of all this. really amazing work. i don't want to forget anybody, but -- i'm sorry? bisonkrepp, the elevator company. having a working elevator sr. one ois oneof the greatest thine world. [applause] i am so happy the elevator works so thank you to them especially. my congratulations and i'm really looking forward to working with you on this development and making sure that it stays permanently affordable, habitable and great condition forever. thank you. >> okay, so before i bring up our next speaker i do want to
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acknowledge that housing authority commissioner joaquin tor res has joined us. thank you for joining us. it take as village and part of that village is our partners in the federal government, so proud to introduce edwardo cabrillo. >> what a great day to be here. i will be brief. we are exciting to hear from all of you and the reason this is possible because of your great work. an unsung hero at hud. , trevor, thank you for your help and your role here at hud. san francisco as many of you
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know and other cities across the country are going through a severe and growing affordability crisis, so so much so in fact that hud's worst case study published numbers that are astounding. 8.3 million households in the country are facing affordability challenges, either increase in rent, sub standard housing or a combination of the two. in way, way hud is looking to address this is through the hud demonstration program called rad and here you are see results of that effort. rad was piloted here in san francisco is setting the gold standard across the country in terms of rad conversions and giving housing authorities a powerful tool and a means to preserve affordable housing by converting public housing
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properties across the country and a $26 million ba backlog. hud has leveraged $5 million in capital to make critical repairs, something that hud could not have done alone, so critical to have public, private partnership. what does it mean for places like san francisco? 1400 units have been preserved including the hundreds of units here and what is exciting to me is that over 2,000 are in the pipeline. if everything goes as planned by september 2019 we should have 2000 additional public housing units preserved through rad.
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we arweare not stopping there. hud is seeking to extend the rat and we have lifted the cap from 455,000 units from 225,000 to 455,000, and it more than doubles the capacity of units that can participate in the program. in the 2019 budget we are seeing $100 million to help housing authorities who need the support in converting. i will close with this. i will give you a sense of what it would be like without rad, it would take public housing authorities over 50 years to do what you all have done with the infusion of private capital in just the five years, so fifty years down to five. the reason this is so important is because public.
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>> president hillis: residents deserve better and they have been waiting long enough for decent, safe, housing and rad is making that a reality for them now. thank you very much. [applause] >> okay another great partner and then we will get to the really exciting stuff hearing from residents who actually live here in this apartment is that san francisco housing authority and i will just say community housing partne partnership prioo entering this process was one of the largest providers of homeless housing and this has deepened our relationship. it's been an honor to work with that team and to work with barbara smith whom i would like to invite up to have some mark.
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>> thank you gail it's been wonderful working with community housing partnership too. we are working hard to keep that you are subsidies flowing on a regular basis. thank you for having me here. before rad i would go to bed at night and pray and none of our senior and disabled residents in the high-rise would end up without elevator service or worse yet be stalled in a stucked elevator. all too oven often i would getn the middle of the light -- get call. the residents here, you know what i'm talking about, and we are thrilled that things have
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changed. this was a stressful situation for our residents but with declining federal dollars the housing authority wasn't able to keep up with the needs at 666 ellis and all the other properties. we are thrilled that ellis and the other propertyities can get these improvemented through rad. this leveraged 2.2 million in financing and 750 million in hard construction improvements did require the brilliance, dedication and support from an incredible team beginning with mayor lee and including the mayor's office of community housing and development, commune housing partners, bank of america, hud, our commissioners,
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we have commissioner wa keep tories. thank you so much for making life better for our public housing resident. a special thank you to the 666 ellis resident who is had faith in the process and were able to endure the relocation they had to go through and living in a construction zone. at last you have decent and safe housing where you can live in your communities and also benefit from community-based management and connection to service. we are really pleased that this has been able to make life better for all of you. thank you. >> so as we said bank of america has been instrumental in all of the rad con versions and also for community housing partnerships so whether it was a
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neighborhood builder in 2008 or ongoing investment in us, bank of america has helped community housing partnership grow over the last 17 years from four properties and 47 employees to 17 properties and over 300 employees, so it's my pleasure to invite up tom ewan. he is the retail bank president for bank of america. [applause] >> i would like to on behalf of bank of america to thank everybody who is here particularly the mayor's office, supervisor kim, gail, and the long list of people all the way down. but a particular thank to mayor
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lee whose vision contributed to making this possible and that is his personal commitment from having grown up in public housing and advocating as a young layer. lawyer. the first time i met him the first thing out of his mouth was affordable housing and two things to make it happen. we have been in the bay area starting with the 1906 earthquake we were helping with the golden gate and the bay bridge and the ferry building. our partnership to help the community of san francisco has long standing and that is part of our strategy. we thrive because of our
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communities and our clients thrive because of the communities they live in and it stand to reason that it behooves us to support the community so that our kind thrives and we thrive. it is really an ecosystem and you can be assuredded of our commitment. when mayor lee approached us and says given to how important it is to us and our history, we are in there is not doubt about it. the commitment nationwide is a little bit over $4 billion and san francisco has more than half of it. that is on top of $5 million that we are contributed to a nonprofit in san francisco. i would like to thank all of our
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bank of america associates and their team to do that as well. thank you especially to the 66 ellis residents here and you can be assured that we will continue to support and this is only a start. thank you. [applause] >> so as we said it's our last speaker and i think the most prestigious, the residents of 666 ellis, we could not have done that without being in partnership with you and we will continue to be as we own and operate this building, so paul trudby is going to share his experience with you. >> i am a resident here and when
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i came here everything looked great. it's not quite loud enough. oh, i'm not speaking right. all right. when i came here from the franciscan after the fire, i thought everything looked great in the building and it looked nice at first until i realized that things were wearing out. now, what a difference to have all new bathroom fixtures, kitchen fixtures, new stove, no refrigerator, new windows, beautiful floor coverings, it's made quite a difference. it's like walking through a new door into a new building. [applause] >> thank you everyone. this concludes our program and we would like to have all the speakers and our dignitaries come up with a ribbon-cutting and then we will also be taking
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you on a private tour. please enjoy the rest of your morning. thank you. [cheers and applause] . eers and applause] >> the san francisco carbon fund was started in 2009. it's basically legislation that was passed by the board of supervisors and the mayor's office for the city of san francisco. they passed legislation that said okay, 13% of the cost of
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the city air travel is going to go into a fund and we're going to use the money in that fund to do local projects that are going to mitigate and sequester greenhouse gas emission. the grants that we're giving, they're anywhere from 15,000 to, say, $80,000 for a two year grant. i'm shawn rosenmoss. i'm the development of community partnerships and carbon fund for the san francisco department of environment. we have an advisory committee that meets once or twice a year to talk about, okay, what are we going to fund? because we want to look at things like equity and innovative projects. >> i heard about the carbon fund because i used to work for the department of environment.
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i'm a school education team. my name is marcus major. i'm a founding member of climate action now. we started in 2011. our main goal it to remove carbon in the public right-of-way on sidewalks to build educational gardens that teach people with climate change. >> if it's a greening grant, 75% of the grant has to go for greening. it has to go for planting trees, it has to go for greening up the pavement, because again, this is about permanent carbon savings. >> the dinosaur vegetable gardens was chosen because the garden was covered in is afault since 1932. it was the seed funding for this whole project. the whole garden,ible was about 84,000 square feet, and our
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project, we removed 3,126 square feet of cement. >> we usually issue a greening rft every other year, and that's for projects that are going to dig up pavement, plant trees, community garden, school garden. >> we were awarded $43,000 for this project. the produce that's grown here is consumed all right at large by the school community. in this garden we're growing all kinds of organic vegetables from lettuce, and artichokes. we'll be planting apples and loquats, all kinds of great fruit and veggies. >> the first project was the dipatch biodiesel producing facility. the reason for that is a lot of people in san francisco have diesel cars that they were
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operating on biodiesel, and they were having to go over to berkeley. we kind of the dog batch preferentials in the difference between diesel and biodiesel. one of the gardens i love is the pomeroy rec center. >> pomeroy has its roots back to 1952. my name is david, and i'm the chamber and ceo of the pomeroy rehabilitation and recreation center. we were a center for people with intellectual and development cal disabilities in san francisco san francisco. we also have a program for individuals that have acquired brain injury or traumatic brain injury, and we also have one of the larger after school programs for children with special needs that serves the public school system.
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the sf carbon fund for us has been the launching pad for an entire program here at the pomeroy center. we received about $15,000. the money was really designed to help us improve our garden by buying plants and material and also some infrastructure like a drip system for plants. we have wine barrels that we repurposed to collect rain water. we actually had removed over 1,000 square feet of concrete so that we could expand the garden. this is where our participants, they come to learn about gardening. they learn about our work in the greenhouse. we have plants that we actually harvest, and eggs from our chickens that we take up and use in cooking classes so that our participants learn as much
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as anybody else where food comes from. we have two kitchens here at the pomeroy center. one is more of a commercial kitchen and one is more setup like a home kitchen would be, and in the home kitchen, we do a lot of cooking classes, how to make lasagna, how to comsome eggs, so this grant that we received has tremendous value, not only for our center, for our participants, but the entire community. >> the thing about climate, climate overlaps with everything, and so when we start looking at how we're going to solve climate programs, we solve a lot of other problems, too. this is a radical project, and to be a part of it has been a real honor and a privilege to work with those administrators with the sf carbon fund at the department of environment. >> san francisco carbon grant to -- for us, opened the door to a new -- a new world that we
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didn't really have before; that the result is this beautiful garden. >> when you look at the community gardens we planted in schools and in neighborhoods, how many thousands of people now have a fabulous place to walk around and feel safe going outside and are growing their own food. that's a huge impact, and we're just going to keep rolling that out and keep rolling that [chanting]
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so i want to say first of all thank you all for being here today and i would like to start today to take a brief moment of silence in respect of our former police commissioner julius turman who was a great champion of public safety and a true friend to the city. so if you would please first join me in a moment of silence. >> [moment of silence] >> thank you. our thoughts and condolences are with his friends and family during this time. he's absolutely missed here in the city of san francisco. so i want to first do a round of thank yous. there's a number of individuals and organizations who helped lead us to where we are today. first of all i want to thank our
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police chief bill scott. i want to thank our police commission, we have police commission president tip pi here. thank you. members of the board of supervisor, jeff seehey and katheri katherine stefani here today. our city departments, our controllers office for tirelessly working to find the right amount of staffing that we need right here in our police department. you know, since taking public office i repeatedly stressed that i believe we have some of the best men and women in our police department here inside of san francisco. proud of all of you do who are here today in front of us. i am not afraid as the mayor of the city and county of san francisco to say how proud i am of the men and women of our police department. every day they are putting their lives on the line for us as san francisco residents, they deserve our respect and our gratitude.
9:43 pm
when we are so fortunate to have such dedicated men and women on our police department, we simply don't have enough of them today. san francisco is an ever changing city with ever changing neighborhoods. we cannot be bound by antequated staffing levels that do not reflect today's reality in our streets and in our neighborhoods. that is why today i am very proud to announce that my budget plan this year will include the addition of 250 new officers being deployed on the streets of san francisco. -- san francisco from our business department. in the fiscal year alone we will graduate 80 officers in the current academy classes, add 50 new academy recruits. we will also increase opportunity for promotions and shift highly trained civilians into positions that are
9:44 pm
currently being staffed by sworn members to allow them to be out patrolling the neighborhoods of our city. these new officers will act as a catalyst and be the building blocks of our 250 officer plan. when these officers join the department they will be working on existing initiatives that have been undertaken to strengthen our police department. i have been proud to partner with police chief scott on innovative new public safety measures which include increasing our city wide foot patrols, adding investigative teams at district stations and expanding our burglary and serial crime units. as we know last year was a very difficult year for property crimes here in san francisco. over 30,000 alone in our city. an absolutely unacceptable number. since undertaking our initiatives we have seen property crimes decrease by over 17%.
9:45 pm
we will not rest on our morals in san francisco, we will not let that be the new standard. we will continue to move forward and press ahead on reforms that make our streets and our neighborhoods safer for the residents of san francisco. it's also important to note that these increased officers will be more more than just a deterrent to property crimes. they will be reassuring presences in our neighborhoods of san francisco ensuring that people feel safe and securing the communities they live in here in san francisco. they will have the tools and the training to work with our communities and within our neighborhoods here in san francisco. these new officers will also be supported by additional investments in our equipment and resources.
9:46 pm
my budget package will also include $7.5 million over the next 2 years to purchase over 130 new police cars that are needed in our department. it will include over $3 million to equip our police officers with tasers. in addition my budget will include $1.7 million to help support police reform measures. we will continue to support and fund on going efforts within our police department to make sure all 272 recommendations offered by the obama department of justice are fulfilled. when i've talked about my priorities as mayor of the city and county of san francisco public safety has always come first. today's announcement is a reflection of my commitment and let me repeat, i am so incredibly proud as mayor of this city of the men and women that serve us in our police department.
9:47 pm
these words are not empty, they are not a political game, they are the truth. they are what san francisco will follow. it's impacting the public safety commitments reflects the needs of our entire city. we are pushing forward with a bold new vision for public safety in san francisco. i am honored to be here with all of you today to see these efforts through and to make sure that the future of san francisco is a safe and secure one for every single resident in every single neighborhood in our city. so thank you for having me here today. again, i'm honored to be with all of you. with that i would like to introduce the chief of our police department, bill scott. >> good morning. let my start my comments by
9:48 pm
thanking mayor ferrell and his team. she is invested in the future of the city. recruits that we have in the team today represent our future. the budget presented today represents a significant commitment by mayor ferrell towards their future and towards the future of their police department and the future of this city. the budget envisions the sfpd as a more responsive, more productive and better equipped police department to face the challenges of modern policing and enables us to build our successes by creating the program tha programs that we know has a powerful and positive impact. the mayor talked about foot patrols and the increasing the foot patrols. we would like to sustain that. increasing the burglary and serial crimes opportunity, seven day staffing, support 4 our healthy street centers which we see tremendous progress and
9:49 pm
addressing the many issues that face our city regardless homelessness. the expansion of our psychiatric emergency response team to help these experiencing mental crisis. it also means that we can continue the important work of carrying out our usdoj recommendations for collaborative reform and improving our department to become even better than we've ever been. this plan allows us to bring in an additional 250 police officers and it will provide increased opportunity for promotions including 20 new sergeants and two new lieutenant positions. the budget provided by mayor ferrell allows us to shift highly trained civilians into positions that have been held by sworn members enabling us to redeploy those sworn members to the field and also provides as we stated badly needed resources including 130
9:50 pm
new police vehicles to help our ageing fleet. we've been working really hard in the strategic frame work and it centers around safety with respect for the public and our members. this budget will empower us to increase our collaboration with our city and community partners to address safety challenges, to improve our responsiveness to the public, to find the future that we want for the sfpd and more importantly for the safety of our city. we want to be a modern and inclusive police department that provides safety. i'd like to thank mayor ferrell and the people of san francisco for their support of our officers. with this commitment the hard working men and women of our police department can continue to rise to meet the challenge of the growing needs of our city. thank you very much, mayor
9:51 pm
ferrell. now i would like to introduce the president of our police commission. >> [applause] >> thank you chief and thank you mayor ferrell. this is not part of my prepared are -- remarks but if julius was here today he would take a look at this crowd and say he is proud of you. in fact, we ask all of you to live up to his expectations. two weeks ago on wednesday night he stood in front of the police commission, barely was able to stand for the pledge of allegiance. then after when he was being honored he said something very important for you-all to hear. i'm very proud of the men and women of the san francisco police department. so behalf of julius i share that with you tonight. i would like to thank mayor ferrell, the supervisor stefani and sheey for recognizing and addressing the crisis that we are facing with staffing.
9:52 pm
i've been on the police commission for a long time as both a state and federal prosecutors here in san francisco so i'm aware of the need for policing. given the current state of our criminal justice and mental health systems, our officers can barely respond to the calls for service. they are busy dealing with repeat offenders and people in mental health crisis. by adding these police officers to our police department it will make the street safer for our citizens and those who visit our city. there's days when i walk from the parking garage to my office and i see the things that we all see, unsightly things of people in crisis, people shooting up. it's not acceptable and the only way we can address that is adding to our women power and men power of the san francisco police department. this is a great move. we as a commission thank the mayor and the board of supervisors for putting this forward. with this it will give our
9:53 pm
officers more of an opportunity to be involved in community policing and, yes, proactive policing. so mayor ferrell, thank you on behalf of the citizens of san francisco. this is great and this is long over due. thank you very much. >> [applause] >> thank you. with that i'd like to bring up two supervisors who have been talking about public safety since literally the day they came into office, jeff sheehey and supervisor katherine stefani. >> thank you, mayor ferrell. welcome to district 8. i'm so proud to have the academy in my district. it's a source of joy for me. i want to thank mayor ferrell for his leadership in putting this forward. so last year as i came into office one of the things that i identified almost immediately was a gap in public safety resources.
9:54 pm
i raised this with the budget and finance committee and was the voice in the wilderness. so i am so grateful that mayor ferrell has put this initiative forward. i'm also grateful to chief scott. some of the innovations are tied to our need for additional officer. the tactics that have reduced police officer involved situations have calmed down but those tactics require more boots on the ground. the second thing is foot patrols. so in my district we now have foot patrols on the castro. i know those guys, those folks. it's great the see them. people in the community know them. we had an incident at twin peaks. four officers assigned to -- so after the incident at twin peaks before the -- before the incident at twin peaks, the murder, we had ten car break-ins a day. after officers were assigned
9:55 pm
there for the following month one. so presence is prevention. in dolores park we had an incident. the chief, other city departments, officers have been assigned to dolores park. every single neighbor surrounding that park talks about how improved that situation is. this is by having forces there, people there. it makes our neighbor safer. every day i talk to people in my district saying when can we get a foot patrol, have officers we can see. this will make that possible, not just in my district but across the city. i want to give a shot out to folks here today. i have been to graduations of academy classes and i have so much respect for the work that you're going to be trained. it's amazing. you put in such hard work. i am so proud, i wanted to shake your hand when you get that
9:56 pm
badge pinned on you. i'm even prouder when i see people who had a badge pinned on them, whose hand i shook and see them walking the beet in my neighborhood. thank you for stepping up and protecting the citizens of san francisco. you are outstanding. the more we graduate the prouder i'll be so thank you. i'd like to introduce my colleague, supervisor stefani. >> [applause] >> good morning, everyone. i held my public safety forum in district 2 because the bottom line is people don't feel safe. whether it is because of our past crime epidemic, reports of a 7th grader being mugged on his way home from school or the ramped trueiram
9:57 pm
ramped drug use we see on our streets, we must do more to keep the people of san francisco safe. i believe that we have underinvested for years. today's announcement by mayor ferrell is a huge step in the right direction. what i love about mayor ferrell's approach is it is thoughtful and designed to saturdays -- address san francisco's current needs, to help the homeless delivering help to the city's operation center and to equip our police force with the resources they need like working patrol cars to do their job and to help keep us safe. our focus should be on recruiting the best and the brightest by training our officers with all of the reforms that we've all been trying to implement. i have been so incredibly lucky in my 12 years of public service in this city to work with some of sfpd's finest, captain dylan,
9:58 pm
commander manox, captain silverman, captain yep, officer matt loray and so many more. these individuals have truly helped shape my view of how incredible our police department is and how much talent we have here. i just want to thank all of you for stepping up and doing your part. i've also been a prosecutors and i've worked with so many police officers that have always shaped my view that police officers are good and we need them and i can't thank you enough for your service. i want to thank the mayor, chief scott and the command staff for their hard work and thoughtful analysis on the invests that we as a city need to make in the department. i just want to tell one quick story in my direct. so many times we hear the
9:59 pm
negatives. the other day someone said i have to tell you what happened to me with a police officer. i got a pounding on my door at 7:00 in the morning and i went out there and i saw a police car and i was so nervous. they open it had door and the police officer said -- opened the door and the police officer said, dpd is going to do some care and towed your car. they asked them to move their car and saved them $600. there's so many stories about how important your work is. it's my hope as we increase our force we also do so in a way that bridges any divides with our communities and that we work together to create an environment where everyone feels safe and cared for. that is what san francisco is all about and i absolutely thank you for your service to our city. thank you. >> [applause] >> thank you, vooup --
10:00 pm
supervi supervisor. as mayor i want to thank you for your service. we are proud of you. we look forward to years of service ahead. so that's going to conclude our press conference. we'll be in the side room if any media wants to talk to us after wards off camera. thank you all for being here today. >> [applause]