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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  June 2, 2018 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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americans, including our community. cece went on to persevere and become -- attend law school and attend an attorney. he was accepted into the very first law school class at the university of san francisco, where supervisor katy tang is also alumni. and he graduated in 1918 as one of the top three students in his class. he passed the bar with the highest recorded score of all time -- 96%. and he began working as a lawyer in san francisco. he was told repeatedly that he would never succeed as a lawyer. judges in sacramento and san francisco refused to acknowledge him as an attorney when he appeared before them. and there was one judge that ruled against him every single time before cece was even
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allowed to approach the bench. witnessing and experiencing this racial discrimination, cece chose to participate in immigration law, working with chinese immigrants seeking to make a new life here in this country. he represented residents that tried to defend themselves, against the false accusations of criminal activity leveled against them. this has not changed much in this country. ceci brought 30 successful lawsuits against the san francisco police department for their harassment of chinese and chinese-american residents. and beyond the law, also established one of the first life insurance agencies in chinatown that sought to ensure individuals in the chinese community so that family members can be taken care of if the primary wage earner passed away. many life insurance companies refused to seek them out, but
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ceci made sure that chinese families could benefit from having policies that were marketed to them. ceci passed away and left our community in 1983, but not before he was able to witness one of his five children, linda, who is here today, graduate from the same law school that he had graduated from in 1918, 66 years before her. because of his singular accomplishments and determinations to follow his dreams and improve the quality of life for his community, family and our nation in fighting for our civil rights, it's my honor to proclaim on behalf of the entire san francisco board of supervisors june 1 as ceci wing day in san francisco. [applause]
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i want to thank you for bringing his story and role in american history to light and to honor his work here this month on a.p.i. heritage month. and wanted to give you a mo moment to speak before i presented our proclamation. >> thank you so much. my father would be so proud and happy that this recognition has come 100 years after he led the way for other chinese to become lawyers. i've been so proud to represent my father has an attorney and a general agent. there was an old rumor back in the day that chinese could not
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get life insurance because they ate fish heads and rice. and my father always said that there's nothing like a good meal of fish heads and rice. and to this day i believe that the caucasian society has adopted this diet. thank you very much. [applause]
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>> supervisor breed: congratulations and thank you for being here today. [applause] next up will be supervisor ronen. >> supervisor ronen: thank you so much. colleagues, today i'm honoring one of the team members in my office whose dedication goes beyond the duties. i'm delighted to present anne gallagher. [applause] you can see the fan club she has. i want to tell you about anne's history and why she's so beloved and special to us. anne is an east coast native that has lived in san francisco since 1973. she and her husband dan, who i like to call dr. dan, who is famous in our city, raised their
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three daughters, suzy, molly and claire here. anne is the proud grandmother of two with another one on the way in august. in fact, we have her daughters molly and suzy present here today. there they are. they will come up at the end. [applause] as well as her granddaughter, katie. thank you so much for being here to support your fierce mom and grandmother and she's screaming in support. [laughter] and i'm sorry that henry, her grandson, couldn't make it, due to a scheduling conflict of his afternoon nap. anne is incredibly devoted to her growing family and ever-wideni ever-widening circle of our friends and the district 9 community. she's done so much throughout her career as a special education teacher. she's done so much and went far
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beyond the classroom, where she advocated for struggling families every, single day. she retired from teaching special ed after 45 years, but i want to clarify that she didn't like the word "retire" because it has "tire" in it. and she's anything but tired. she's been a volunteer mentor to foster children and facilitates the siblings' reunions every month. she's consistently in their lives and providing them with continuity as they've moved through countless schools, institutions and foster homes. anne brings her passion to our district 9 office. she began to volunteer over a year ago on valentine's day. as co-manager of our office, she coordinates and helps to mentor
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inter interns and serves her district 9 neighborhoods by providing constituent service. anne is passionate, a hard worker. i think dan is a little mad at how much time she gives our office, but forbids fridays. we'll see. and i just have to speak for a moment about an example of her committ commitment to people she meets. anne met a homeless person named alice. they became very close friends. she brought her clothing, hot tea, shrimp fried rice and was, in my opinion, the deciding factor that convinced her to move inside and off the streets.
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she did that around november last year and passed away in february shortly thereafter. because of anne's compassion and determination, alice was able to spend the last few weeks of her life indoors, with a roof over her head, with anne, a close friend, by her side. and spend the rest of her life in dignity. i will never forget you for that and the impression that you made on me and on alice was profound. and i will be forever grateful to you. you are just a beloved, active member of our team. i don't know what we would do without you. you are an example to all of us about what life could be after retirement, that you continue to make a difference every single day with your heart and soul and love for people. so congratulations, anne. we love you so much.
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>> thank you. [cheers and applause] >> is now when they get to come up? >> supervisor ronen: thank you. surround your mom. >> i was going to write a better speech, but we were really busy this morning in the district 9 office, so this is my draft, my first draft. thank you, hillary, and carolina, amy, carolyn, and jesus. and everyone in the d-9 office for giving me this great opportunity. as my friends and family know, this experience of volunteering my time and energy at city hall
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has transformed this chapter of my life. i like everything about city hall -- the beauty, the grandeur, the dozens of weddings that i see every week. i think i'm in a lot of wedding pictures before i realized i was gaping at them. the interesting people that come through the door. the local celebrities, such as all of you, that i sometimes stop and say, do you mind if i get a picture with you so i can send it to my friends, who i think never tire of it. and i love talking to the constituents and everybody that comes through the door. they're an amazing variety of reasons and then, you know, when they come in with a situation or a problem, i get guidance from the staff and others in the office to figure out how we can help them. and i've learned so much more about the city that i love and i've called home for almost 45 years. the most profound experience that i've found is meeting and
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getting to know our friend alice. hillary introduced me to her in early november of last year. by then, alice had been living on the sidewalk at 16th and mission for almost two years. up until then, i spent decades teaching and advocating for children with special needs, children who still have their lives in front of them, but here was an adult woman, almost exactly my age, who had already lived much of her life. had many jobs, many homes, many joys, many sorrows, that we'll never know. and then ended up here, outside, in the cold rain, day and night. spending time with her, getting to know her, trying to persuade her to move inside, which she resisted until the final months of her life when she was diagnosed with cancer, very advanced cancer. and then getting the help that, you know, it is certainly and absolutely wasn't just me.
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it was the h.o.t. team. it was the street outreach workers. it was the store owners around the 16th and mission. it was hillary, the staff, who i reported to almost daily about what was going on there. and they, of course, a very good doctor that i happened to have a connection with. and then it all came to a very sad ending on the day that we called 911 and i rode with her in the ambulance to the hospital where she died three days later. it was a privilege to know her and i hope she knew that she made an indelible mark on me and many others. so thank you for this wonderful honor. it means so much to me and thanks to my family and friends for listening to my never-ending tales of city hall, that all of you are featured in. and dan, who has humored me for
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watching the tape of the board of supervisor meetings on tuesday nights. [laughter] thank you. [applause] >> supervisor breed: congratulations, again, anne, and thank you for being here today. [applause]
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we have our final commendation today, which will be given by, surprise, supervisor peskin. [laughter] >> supervisor peskin: thank you for your indulgence. i seem to only be honoring bureaus and divisions that are under the city administrator. back in 2015, some three years ago in these chambers, a battle to reasonably and appropriately regulate the proliferation of illegal, short-term rentals was lost on a very close vote and voters took the matter into their own hands. and went to the ballot and air bnb dumps $9 million into our election to defeat that measure. and then supervisor david campos
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and i pass legislation for on-line hosting companies to verify the legitimacy of the listing and holding the hosts and the platforms accountable. charged with the duty of enforcement, and this was back to when david chu was a member of the board of supervisors, was office of short-term rentals, which i feared, i admit, was going to be window-dressing. but it has not turned out to be the case. in a city, where we're constantly getting complaints about enforcement, i have to say, the office of short term rentals has truly done an incredible job at enforcing what has arguably been one of the first regulatory schemes of its kind and being replicated around the state and around the country. just the other day, an italian television company was in town to interview in my office and i
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think other places because it's not only a problem here in san francisco, but across europe, major cities are struggling to hold airbnb accountable. since our legislation passed, thousands have been taken offline the total number of listings after the purge in january was about 4,140, down from 8,700 listings in december, 2016. the application process has revealed that roughly 40% of continued registrants continue to be fraudulent, which is why we need the office of short-term rental. in particular, we want to single out kevin guy, and omar masry, who have done an outstanding job on the data and investigatory
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side and enforcement side. they've literally built out entirely new systems that have been running quite smoothly, allowing law-abiding hosts to enjoy the benefits of f.d.r.s and kevin runs a tiny office of just six people who epitomize teamwork and i want to recognize all of them by name, in addition to kevin and omar. peter burn, ericka jackson and milton martin. so, thank you, all, for your work and we'll hear from kevin in a minute. but a huge part of this effort has really been a function of the city attorney's office. and so i really want to shout out the city attorney, who you will remember, we had to settle the lawsuit that airbnb and homeaway brought on the law that was mentioned that supervisor
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campos and the board unanimously passed. and the city attorney has not shied away from going after particularly egregious cases that kevin and omar refer to them and we've been reading about some of them including the two vernell heights property where there was a raging party and gunshots and landlords that had $700,000 in profits from 11 months of illegal short-term rentals. the city attorney's office meted out swift justice and went after $5.5 million in fines. so i want to recognize the work of michael weiss, lead attorney on the darren and valerie lee
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case. and melissa lou, also worked on the lee matter. city attorney investigators blanch blackman and david jensen, deputy city attorney emory, deputy city attorney eisenberg and deputy city attorney rob capla. so, ladies and gentlemen, i want to salute you. you've done an incredible job and we appreciate your hard work. with that, we can hear some words from kevin. if there is a deputy city attorney, we'd be happy to hear from you and then we'll go outside for a photo and huge stack of certificates of honor. thank you for your work. [applause] >> thank you so much, supervisor peskin, president breed, and members of the board. i'm kevin guy, director of the office of short term rentals i wanted to thank you for this
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honor. i always like to say in my time working in various capacities in the city and county of san francisco, the thing i enjoy the most is working with smart, talented, dedicated people. i can say that working on the subject of short-term rentals and working with the staff behind me, punctuates that. we put our heart and sole to implement regulations that preserves quality of life in our neighborhoods. it's been a partnership. the resulting settlement agreement, all of it has given us the tools we need to tackle this issue. so earlier this year, as was
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highlighted by supervisor peskin, we have thousands of illegal listings removed as a result of the settlement, to apply to the office that had not quite gotten there yet. and then it allows us to engage with the hosting platforms to be sure that everyone is operating in compliance with the law. i want to briefly but importantly recognize several other partners from the city family that are instrumental in our day-to-day work that are not here today, but deserve to be recognized. city administrator naomi kelly, planning department, digital services team, treasurer and tax collector's office, rent board and board of supervisors and mayor's office that we receive so much support and we want you to succeed kind of atmosphere from everyone involved.
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thank you, again, so much for this commendation and honor and it's an honor for us to have the opportunity to be public servants for the residents of san francisco. thank you. [applause] >> thank you, supervisor peskin. i'm victoria weatherford, city enforcement office. i've worked on various cases and so on behalf of the city attorney's office, attorneys, parallels, investigators, i want to say thank you to the board for the recognition of the hard work that all of us do and i, like kevin said, it's teamwork here. working with you in our office together in order to draft the legislation and defending it in court, even on appeal by the big
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companies that want to stop our abilities to enforce our laws. working with short term rentals has been a fabulous partner working to bring us the most egregious cases and it takes a village to preserve our affordable housing stock and we're doing it together. so thank you very much. >> and i want to say that i invited the city attorney and he said, no, it's not about me. it's about my folks getting recognized. so hat's off to you, dennis herrera, for being such a grownup. [laughter] >> supervisor breed: thank you, to you and your team for all the work you're doing. thank you so much and congratulations.
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okay, madam clerk, let's go back to our agenda and go to our 3:00 p.m. special order. please call items 34 and 35. >> clerk: items 34 and 35 are scheduled pursuant to a motion of file 180264, approved on april 10, 2018, for a hearing to consider objections to a report of delinquent charges for code enforcement cases with delinquent costs and fees subject to building inspection for services rendered by department, costs pursuant to code violations referenced above and the resolution it approve the report that will come out of this hearing, madam president. >> supervisor breed: today's committee as a whole is being conducted to hear public dem testimony to hear on delinquent
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charges, for code enforcement violations and associated fees pursuant to the building and administrative codes, we will now open this hearing and first we'll hear from the department. >> good afternoon, president breed, and members of the board. this marks the 24th year that the department has come before you. i'm alan davidson, senior housing inspector with the department of building inspection for special emphasis on enforcement cases. delinquent charges dated april 23, 2018. prior to today's hearing, the department has had two in-house hearings. so i wanted to discuss the outstanding fees. the department appreciates your support. around report cost-recovery systems. i would like to thank angela calvillo and support staff for all of their help. >> supervisor breed: thank you. now i will open it up to public
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comment. if you are hearing for these items -- please note. if you have any concerns and you don't want to provide any public comment, after we close public comment, you will have a chance to talk to mr. davidson outside to address your special concerns. with that, i would like to ask members of the public that would like to speak on this particular item to line up to your right. first speaker. >> good afternoon, members of the board. i'm an architect. this -- i was brought in to help a homeowner in the sunset to legalize some construction work. once we found out the situation, we immediately submitted plans for the correction work. we also attended or requested an
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extension at the building department for a hearing, director's hearing, because we were in the process of getting, planning review, and planning review has taken a long time. when we submitted this plan back last year, september, these plans sat in the planning department office for three months without any assignments. i've also received notice from building departments that there will be assessing fees. and i informed them that until the planning comes through, the homeowner cannot proceed with any correction work. we've just completed the public notice to move forward with the correction work. and since the homeowner has demonstrated efforts all the way through, but it's the planning
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department's delay in assigning a person for the work. i do not believe that the homeowner should be assessed this unfair penalty. thank you very much. >> supervisor breed: thank you for your comment. next speaker, please. >> madam president, board, i'm a 68-year-old resident of san francisco. my issue is simple. i'm not challenging the planning department or the building department on the fees they're assessing me. what i'm asking for is your accommodation to put this off of lien because the notice that i received to be at this meeting and at a 9:00 hearing at the department of building inspection this morning arrived yesterday. it's called a 10-day notice. but i'm here. and what i'm asking for is because i'm in bankruptcy, chapter 13 reorganization. any bills that i receive, i have to present to my attorney, who
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gives them to the trustee, who incorporates them into the plan and pays them. so i have to have some time now to take this bill or this statement -- i don't even have the bills they claim it's for -- in order to take it to the trustee and get it paid. so i need it put off of dockets that it doesn't go to lien so i can get it paid. this is 824 waller street, my home. 1240, lot 8. i appreciate your assistance. >> supervisor breed: can you repeat that? >> block 1240, lot 8, 824 waller street. >> supervisor breed: okay. and mr. davidson will be able to assist you after we finish public comment. so please stick around, so we can address your concern. >> i was there and spoke with them this morning and they said i had to come to you guys. >> supervisor breed: okay. it will be a little while once
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we get through public comment. >> thank you, madam president. >> supervisor breed: thank you. the last hearing we had that got the legislation that was passed today, there were numerous tenants that claimed how they received harassment from owners, greenleaf, how their apartments are infested, everything from mice, rats, bed bugs and roaches. they were retaliated against after they complained about the infestation. and some have claimed the rent increases within a four- to five-month period. the demonstration is that there are legislating rules and regulations. it's part of the problem and depriving tenants of their civil rights. 270 3rd street, several tenants are violated and living in conditions of mice and rats.
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they're not aware that they can file a complaint with the health department. as a result, i took charge and filed a complaint with the health department and sent an inspector from the health department to the building myself. once that inspector verifies what is true and correct, the owner is given notice. if it's not taken care of, the owner should be fined, not the tenant. about other demonstrations that took place before you. it's disengenuous and disrespectful for the board of supervisors to only give the community 60 second times to speak about the way they have received. each and every one of them, but the time they get to the main point how they've been treated, they cut off the mike, when you get up here and have endless time. one time i saw cohen let a white
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man speak 6 extra minutes and when i came up here, i get cut off. i'm the best voice that comes up here. i don't appreciate that. >> supervisor breed: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> hello. i'm patrick ferry and i own the building at 618 baker street. and i'm on the roster on item 76 and 77 for assessments for costs that are due. and i just want to alert in a public way -- because i also just got my notice a couple of days ago -- that i have already paid these. and yesterday at 1:40, i dropped off a copy for paid receipts. so i don't want to have any additional assessments and/or liens put on my property as they've been paid and i've
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submitted to the clerk all the information. >> supervisor breed: thank you. if you could stick around to talk to mr. davidson, could we can get your property crossed off the list, we'd appreciate that. thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello. my name is charles donahue. i'm here for property 718 16th a ave. the notice i've been working with, the building department to try to get a final. i have a 3 1/2-year-old notice of violation that was -- that we were told was cleared and we could move forward with the construction of the project. we had an amendment for permit. the old permit that has an nov, it came up in january, where we
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were trying to sell the property. ace neighbor is the one that ally has or should have had the nov because he would not agree to sign for a permit for geo grout, which his engineer requested that we do, even though we had a permit to not do geo grout and have appropriate showing plans. we agreed to accommodate the neighbor, as long as he would sign a geo grout permit, which he subsequently did not do. and he tydus up for almost nine months. and, finally, the inspectors and the head of inspecting, the supervisor, forgot his name, told us to go ahead and they would remove the nov. so we have no problem paying the penalty, but we want a final on our property and we want the
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neighbor to get a permit and we told them we would pay for, but he's made 24 complaints on this building and all 24 complaints other than maybe one or two were unreasonable. >> supervisor bree >> supervisor breed: sir, i'm sorry, your time is up, but can you repeat your address, please? >> 718 16th avenue. >> supervisor breed: okay. so after we're finished with public comment, mr. davidson can have a conversation with you about your particular property. thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello. my name is conception -- >> supervisor breed: pull the microphone down, please.
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>> i'm conception cawlic, 121 gates, 5651, lot 024. i sold this house on december 6 of '17 and i still am receiving notifications of violations. i've gone to the department of building inspectors and notified them that i sold the house and i'm still receiving letters. so i want to be noted i'm no longer the owner of this property. >> supervisor breed: okay. thank you. if you want to hold off and just to confirm with mr. davidson when we're done. [please stand by]
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>> so i
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mr. davidson, you can wait until after public comment, and then, he can speak to you. next speaker, please. >> chairman of the board, supervisors, good afternoon. my name is sophie lau. i'm on behalf of three notice. 1941, 1943, and 1945 ocean is all the same building.
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on one record, it shows as all residential, but on one citation, i get record for vacant, abandoned storefront, so i don't know which is correct. i was there yesterday trying to renew some of the permit, and they said well, we cannot do it because the record shows as a residential. either way, the department is making mistakes. it's not residential, it's commercial. they cited 1941, 1943, it's a vacant abandoned storefront which is totally incorrect. i currently have permits. they're under remodelling due to a fire incident from the 1943, which has also effected the next door of 1941. regarding to the 1945 ocean avenue, we actually had a lease, was executed a year ago.
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and the tenant is not doing so well, so they apparently tried to sell the store, trying to find another tenant to take over their lease. so one way or the other, they're making mistakes. they'll just have to makeup their mind: is it residential or is it commercial, so property owner like me can deal with the problem accordingly. thank you very much. >> president breed: thank you. and i just want to remind members of the public, there will be an opportunity to address each of your individual cases with mr. davison when we finish public comment. >> thank you. >> president breed: thank you. next speaker. >> my name is tamir madar, and i live in san francisco for 25 years. and in the last 21 years, i am being terrorized by a neighbor
7:42 am
leading to all kinds of violations. and most of them are closed. in one of them, he dug under my retaining wall, and it's collapsed. and then he managed to get restraining order despite he is aggressive to the space between us. it is an unaccepted street, which i planted and got the city. he dug it up, and city was aware of it, and nothing was done to him. i actually have a restraining order which actually stopped him from going over there. when i g he dug under my fence a few times. and also, there's a violation, and this is why i believe that i'm here, although i'm not that sure, which is that i need to
7:43 am
lower my front fence from 6 feet to 3 feet, which i never, ever, had a front fence, and they told me i need to now file a permit to remove a fence does not exist. also, the city managed to get a warrant based on hiding information from the judge which said -- which they demolished the fence, and now, they said they need to move this fence to get permit. they sent me a letter to come to a hearing on may 17, but when i went there, i asked to see it, and it's clear it was not circulated to me. >> clerk: thank you for your comment, sir. thank you. >> president breed: you'll have an opportunity to talk with someone after the hearing.
7:44 am
thank you. next speaker, please. . >> my name is jao pin chen. regard to late payment. this rent payment, i have paid already. i have receipt from building department. the of i been late to payoff the payment, that's because i mail out the business card on the first time, and it was reject by building department. so when i receive the -- >> clerk: ma'am, i'm sorry, your pausing your -- we're pausing your time, but yours was already marked off the
7:45 am
list, so we'll amend it before we pass it. >> thank you. >> president breed: we're going to take it off the list. >> okay. thank you. >> president breed: next speaker, please. >> hello, everybody. my name is kitty qwan. my address, 1235 51 avenue, san francisco, california. 94122. i bought the house 1993, so i -- we cannot move in the old house bro house. >> president breed: ma'am, i'm sorry to interrupt you, but yourself house has been crossed off the list, as well. >> how come. >> president breed: based in his presentation, mr. davison have removed a number of items on the list and yours specifically was crossed out. and mr. davison, do you want
7:46 am
to specify why? >> i'm assuming you already came in and made payment or they removed it. >> president breed: so we're going to amend it later in the meeting after he's had a chance to talk with people who still have challenges but yours has been removed from the list. next speaker, please. >> hello. my name is gina biff. i'm here on behalf of 1268 valley street, my house, and i am cited for violation of a property that i do not own. the code violation is for my next-door neighbor who has erected a retaining wall in an effort to hold onto her live-in garden, and i have been working on this for over 2.5 years, and i'm the one who called the inspector actually to make sure the retaining wall and yard was
7:47 am
save because my grandchildren were playing in the gardens. "if it is apparent that uphill owner backfills his land and creates a need for retaining wall then he's personally responsible." i have nothing to do with that bearing wall. this bearing wall is attached to my next-door neighbor's foundation. her house was built before mine, and it hasn't been there since the time they've built it. i've got documentation to show the board, and i have been explaining and going to the director's meeting, which i didn't have a chance to talk because my next-door neighbor said she's going to take care of it and has retained a -- the services of a structural engineer. and unfortunately, nothing has come it have because she wanted to repair it rather than replacing it. the inspector wants it to be
7:48 am
replaced. i don't think i should be cited for this code because i have nothing to do with it. i cannot touch it, i cannot correct it, i cannot repair it, i cannot replace it, so i'd like the citation to be removed if possible, and all of the cost. thank you. >> president breed: thank you. and just a moment, after we're done, you'll have an opportunity to talk to mr. davison about your issue. >> thank you. >> president breed: thank you. please. >> hello, john underwood, 3301 and 3300 mission. i have payment receipts. just wanted to confirm that i'm not on the list. >> president breed: can you repeat that? >> 3300 mission and 3308 mission. >> yes, they have been paid for. >> they've been paid for? >> yes, and they're off the list. >> okay.
7:49 am
thank you. >> president breed: next speaker, please. >> i am here representing 318 columbus avenue, and i also want to know if i'm still on the list. >> the columbus property is also. was there another property? >> 75 fresno. >> president breed: that one is off the list, as well. >> thank you. >> president breed: next speaker, please. >> this is regarding line 58, 1246 40 avenue, block 1711, lot 022-d, and i have receipts, as well. >> president breed: 1246 40
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avenue? >> 40. >> president breed: yes, that's been removed from the list, as well. >> okay. so i don't have to stick aro d around. >> president breed: no. it's going to be amended, but you don't have to wait till later. are there any other members of the public who wish to speak to the board, please speak up now. seeing none, public comment is closed. f mr. davison will bring us back an amended list that we will address at that time, and thank you all for your patience and for being here today. all right. madam clerk, let's go to roll call for introductions. >> clerk: thank you, madam president. up to introduce new business is supervisor sheehy.
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>> supervisor sheehy: thank you. i have a motion to adjourn in memory of conor hurly. he was born and raised in the sunset district and attended sane cecelia's grammar school and graduated from sacred heart cathedral prep. he was a scholar and athlete, a member of the 2011 all city football team and graduated with honors in 2012. he would go onto receive a business degree from u.c. santa barbara and recently landed his dream job in the sunset district. when conor was home from college, he would work and help his uncle managing their tavern in town. conor is survived by his mother and father and many relatives and friends. the rest i submit. >> president breed: supervisor tang? >>. >> supervisor tang: thank you.
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today i'm just continuing our monthly recognition of those who have donated or made contributions as organ dope ors. first one is to the family of cory calcagni who was able to save four lives business donating his left and right kidneys, his liver, and his heart. he had many recipients. two from the bay area, one from arizona and someone from northern california. and of course they would not have survived without these life saving transplants. and then secondly i'd like to recognize brook ann hanz, a 27-year-old female who was able to save three people by donating her left and right kidneys and liver. there were several studies going on in the bay area, and brook will help contribute as they look for ways to advance medical knowledge on this. she is also able to help many
7:53 am
through tissue donation including skin, corneas, and musculoskeletal issue. lastly want to recognize daily robert genkowski who made the impact to become and/or began and tissue donor and saved two lives by donating his left and right kidneys. we want to honor the three family who's have been organ do donors. with that, i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor. supervisor yee, submitted. presidency breed? submitted. okay. supervisor cohen? >> supervisor cohen: thank you. submit. >> clerk: thank you. supervisor. supervisor fewer? >> supervisor fewer: yes, colleagues, i have an in
7:54 am
memory. today, i have an in memory for a powerful freedom fighter, kelou asha. i am proud to pay homage to her legacy today. today she would have been 79 years old, and she loved celebrating her birthday alongside malcolm x, yu yuri kochiyama. she was a long time resident of san francisco, living in by view, fillmore and chinatown high school. she was the daughter of larue purcha purchase -- purcell and sibling to seven brothers and sisters. she blue cross oped into a
7:55 am
prolive -- blossomed into a prolific speaker, producing bay area video coalition comments until her death. she demanded rights and dignity for the poor and homeless, was recognized by her neighbors as a tenant leader while living with a disability for years. she fought to make her building disability accessible. she's art and culture together, inspired and express solidarity among others the people of haiti, south after ra, palestine, and the philippines, and supported black august, a
7:56 am
month to embrace the principles of black resistance and to remain steadfast in the struggle to free political prisoners in the united states. her spirit thrived as a mentor to countless young people as she shared her wisdom earned through decades of principle struggle as her contribution to the next generation as -- of freedom fighters. she was an organizers in the successful campaign to free the san francisco eight and could also be found working tirelessly with great love and dignity alongside the most owe pressed members of the society both inside and outside prison walls to fight for dignity, justice and basic human rights. she was a community institution, a humanitarrian. i want to recognize that there are members of her family and
7:57 am
community in the audience with us today, and it is alongside them and with great honor that i humbly ask for us to adjourn today's board of supervisors meeting in her honor. thank you. the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor. supervisor kim? [inaudible] >> clerk: okay. thank you, supervisor. supervisor peskin. >> supervisor peskin: thank you, madam clerk. colleagues, today, i'm really excited to introduce something that i hope will be another precedent setting only in san francisco or san francisco first on an issue of national public importance and national public policy. and i want to thank the cosponsors of this charter amendment, supervisors ronen, fewer, sheehy, and kim, and invite you to review the privacy first charter policy amendment that i hope we put on
7:58 am
the november ballot for consideration by the voters which would establish a set of privacy principles to guide the city's consideration in and around contracting and permitting approvals which if adopted would be the first time that i'm aware of that as city has endeavored to protection its constituents from the misuse of their personal and private information by outside corporations for profit. obviously, last month, the facebook cambridge analytica scandal happened and continues to generate concerns over the harvesting of at least 87 million unconsenting facebook users which ended up being a blip during the two day series of congressional hearings on facebook's business practices. the new york times did an
7:59 am
expose on the type of data collected by corporations, and just this morning that news broke that amazon is engaged in the sale of facial recognition technology to law enforcement agencies which allows city's to cross check people's public identities against deeply personal data sets. in the wake of these new revelations, a spotlight is exposing the ways companies collect our private information and exploit it, not just to target ads for marketing or political campaigns, but also to create expansive user profiles based on sensitive information to target vulnerable communities and at the broadest, highest level to fundamentally distort and damage our system of representative democracy for profit. this is really about setting a standard for this city and hopefully for other cities to follow. this is an opportunity to be ambassadors for san francisco values and draw a stark bright
8:00 am
line on what behavior we choose to accept by corporations we do business with and what behavior we do not. the privacy first policy would direct the city and county of san francisco to enact policies that ensure that any collection or use of personal information is done so transparently, lawfully, securely, narrowly, and with the input of communities that may be disparrately affected by misuse of data. san francisco has long prided itself on being a city of innovation, and with the information technology sector shaping much of our city's identity, many of us were at