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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  June 5, 2018 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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>> supervisor breeood afternoon. welcome to the board of supervisors meeting for tuesday, june 5, 2018. madam clerk, please call the roll. [roll call]
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[roll call] >> clerk: madam president, yo have a quorum. >> supervisor breed: supervisor tang is now present. ladies and gentlemen, please join us in the pledge of allegiance. dgelef allegiance] >> supervisor breed: thank you. madam clerk, are there any communications? >> clerk: there is. the mayor under 4.13 of transfer of funcons between departments within the executive branch. reorganization shall be
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effective 30 days after issuance unless disapproved by the board of supervisors. >> supervisor breed: thank you, madam clerk. colleagues, today we're approving meeting minutes from april 24 and may 1asell as special budget and finance committee meeting minutes of may 3. is there a motion to approve those minutes? moved by supervisor peskin. is there a second? supervisor safai. can we take that without objection? will be approved after public comment. madam clerk, let's go to the consent agenda. >> clerk: items 1-5 are routine matters. if it is objected to, it can be removed and considered separately. >> supervisor breed: roll call vote. [roll call] call
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>> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> supervisor breed: adopted man news -- unanimously. number 6. >> clerk: refunding lease revenue bonds open space fund to not exceed $41 million and to finance various park projects, approving a second lease to the site and second amendment to the master lease and second supplemental and notice of sale and intention to sale and a
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purchase contract and disclosure certificate and ratifying previous actions. item 7, finance refunding lease revenue bonds not to exceed $26,53 toinance revenue bonds to refinance various projects under the branch library improvement program. >> supervisor breed: colleagues, out jection, th itemse ordinances finally pass unanimously. next item, please. >> clerk: item number 8 is a resolution responding to the recent proposal to expand the private marina in clipper cove in treasure island reaffirming the commitment topub c educatio protectio preservation of open space and social equity. >> supervisor breed: supervisor
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kim. >> supervisor kim: first of all, colleagues, i appreciate your patience we'veedor several continuances to get to where we are today. i want to say that the developer and several of our stake holders from clipper cove have finally come to an agreement, which i'm very excited about. this is something that we've been in discusses with o years. so i's really great to see this finally come to a closure. i will summarize the changes, but i first want to thank the sierra club, friends of the ft upcommunity, existing tenants of the marina, san francisco baykeeper, coalition of san francisco neighborhoods, fourth and fifth grade teachers and families that reached out to us as part of the sailing center, and the developer represented by jaywalk's, bob beck, director treasure island, and clipper cove, who i know that colleagues n many
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emails about this issue over the last two years. i want to summarize the major changes, of which we've handed out copies to each member of the board. page 2, line 19, it's a new to-scale drawing of the marina, which is a smaller footprint than the developer had originally proposed. the developer estimates that the project will go from 400 to 225 slips. rationale is to make sure that interim uses for the cove that have come to define the cove continues including treasure island sailing center, in which many of our schools, families and students have grown to love and have become a part of our educational curriculum. this footprint allows for beginning sailors to be at the heart of the cove, along with high school racing teams. the additional space will allow for a more robust use of the cove for fourth grade sfu sfusd s.t.e.m. classes to study the bay while sailing.
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i made a couple of our amendments. do i have to list all of these? okay. great. colleagues, if i may, i would ke to ask forr support to motion to amend this item and fullupport fhe fal lutiso. so i will make a motion to amend as stated on the resolution. >> supervisor breed: supervisor kim has made a motion toamend. second by supeorpeskin. can we take the amendments without objection? it has passed. is that it? upervisor breed: onhe >>. amendment, same house, same call? without objection, adopted unanimously. madam clerk, call 9-14 together. >> clerk: revenue bond and appropriation ordinances. taxable revenue bondsinn aggregate exceed $155
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million to benefit power enterprise. it requires nine votes to approve. profeeds from revuer $1.2ion bonds or loan and gant funds wastewater, revenue and capity fees for puc and capital and state improvement programs for fiscal year 2018/'19 at $707 million. and placing approximately $987 million on controller's reserve. 11 and 12, authorizing the issuance and sale of taxable water revenue bonds by puc. it11, $478 million to finance capital water projects, benefiting the water enterprise. and item 12, not to exceed $987
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million, to finance the cost of various capital wastewater projects, benefiting the wastewater enterprise. these ordinances require eight votes to approve. items 13 and 14, appropriation ordinances, with tument 13 a l of $340 million of cap and trade revenue for the pu puc hetch hetchy at ap41 ll and 2019/'20, $200 million. and placing $102 million on reserve. and item 14, state loan and grant funds, water capacity fees for the puc water enterprise capital improvement program at approximately $276 million.
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2019/20, $207 million. water appropriations of $16 million in 2018 and '19 and placing $376 million in revenue bonds and grant fundsds p on controller's reserve. >> supervisor breed: can we take them same house, same call? withouje ave nap unanimously. item 15. >> clerk: to extend a grant up to $813,000 of in-kind gifts and services from friend of san francisco public library for public programs and services in 2018/19. >> supervisor breed: same house, same call? without objection, adopted unanimou
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>> clerk: general fund of duplicate payments received by the city for transit violations >> supervisor breed: same house, same call. without objection, adopted unanimo unanimously. >> clerk: a letter of credit offered in an amount not to exceed $100 million to support mta's paper program to provide interim financing for capital improvements, approving the forms of fancing documents making appropriate findings. >> supervisor breed: same house, same call? without objection adopted unanimously. >> clerk: authorizing the lead for 1305 and 1309 evans stret for a five-year cmencing upon board approval with an option to extend five years for a monthly base rent of $38,000 for a total approximately
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$457,000. >> supervisor breed: same house, same call? without objection, adopted unanimously. next item. >> clerk: item 19, ordinance amending the planning code to increase transportation sustainability fee by $5 to $24.04 for noential ts except in soma where the fee will be increased by $2 to $21.04 and making appropriate findings. >> supervisor breed: supervisor peskin. >> supervisor peskin: thank you. i want to thank the land use committee, supervisors tang, kim, and safai for forwarding this and the members of the planning commission that unanimously recommended this legislation. it was not intended and indeed the language in the ordinance specifically refers to agreements approved by the board
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and would exempt those. the language in the agreements thate just approved is such that we need clarifying language. i'm referring to mission bay and pier 70. so i would like to orallyir he city attorney, who is happy to rise to make sure there is an amendment that mission bay and pier 70 would not be subject to the now s.t.f. and i know that deputy city attorney givner is working with another deputy city attorney and if we authorize that verbally they can incorporate that additional clarification. with that, madam president, i would defer to duty cit attorney givner. >> deputy city attorney givner. as supervisor peskin said, although we don't have the language here, it will essentially say that the new fee will not apply to projects that
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have been approved by the board, for a certain day. >> supervisor breed: so it's appra uso approve that verballyt h wavin writtlanguage before us? >> that's right. the language from the board is clear and we can add a sentence to the ordinance. >> supervisor breed: even without a specific date? >> t date is prior to january 30, 2018, which would cover projects. >> supervisor breed: supervisor peskin has moved the amendment. is there a second? seconded by supervisor ronen. colleagues, can we take the amendment without objection? adopted. supervi g? >> supervisor tang: i will repeat some of the comments that i made in land use committee and i understand why supervisor peskin has proposed this increase to the transportation ainastlity fee, however i did want to make some comments in light of the fact that i did vote against the increase shortly after we just passed the
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t.s.f., which was also a $5 increase to the fee by former supervisor avalos. with the $2 fee here and $5 fee elsewhere, will only generate $11 million additional revenue. and i wanted to note that the controller's office w be doing an analysis next year, which they do every fars d e is coming up next year. and feasibility analysis which was done in 2015 and, you know, fundamentally, i don't agree with just trying to change it without all of the analysis done, whether it's feasibility or impact fees analysis, however given that we didn't hear from other developers during or land use hearing, i will agree to this today, but i would hope that moving forward we would really look at analysis, whether from controller's office or other feasibility studies before we go ahead and just change the
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t.s.f. midway. so just wanted to make those comments. >> supervisor breed: thank you, supervisor tang. and i would like to associate myself with her comments as well. seeing no other names on the roster, colleagues, can we take this item same house, same call? without objection, the ordinance as amended passes on the first readi reading unanimously. crealerk: item 20 urging the t remove the name of julius kahn from the playground at west pacific and spruce street and rename in recognition of immigrants and cultural diversity. >> supervisor breed: supervisor y yee. >> supervisor yee: i moved this to remove a racist name from our playground because i believe that san francisco's values are of tolerance, inclusion and
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diversity. our parks and open spaces are meant to be welcoming and open for all to enjoy regardless of race, religion, gender or other differences. former congressman kahn's anti-immigration policies in the early 00s did not's pause the values that san francisco stands for today, values for respect, diversity, isifhe many contributions of our immigrant communities. instead, julius kahn's bill made permanent the chinese excusion act. he advocated for legislation to include filipinos, japanese and indians from entering into the united states. these anti-asian immigrant policies impacted my family onalrsy, as my father, and as
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frcisco and proud ative san chinese-american, i'm honored to be a sponsor of this legislation and the community effort to rewrite our history and start the recreation and parks commission's efforts to select a new name, a name we can all be proud of. i wanted to thank my colleague, co-sponsor supervisor ronen for sending this out of committee with a positive recommendation. i also want to thank supervisor stefani's support letter, since this playground is in her district. recreation and parks commissioner alan lowendsi colleagues, lindsay and linda, for leading a charge in organizing the community and blinging julius kahn's legacy to my attention. in addition, i want to thank my
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co-sponsors, supervisor fewer, peskin and kim. other community organizations i want to thank as they've stepped up, chinese historical society of american, chinese for affirmative action. asian and american bar association of the bay area. and i also want to thank rec and park phil ginsburg and his staff working together with us on this community effort. colleagues, i hope to get your aginstcism, bigotry and stand remind everyone that san francisco will continue to become a beacon of tolerance, inclusion and respect for diversity. thank you. >> supervisor yee: thank you, supervisor yee. supervisor stefani? >> supervisor stefani: t you. or sponsoring this.ervisor yee julius n is a hidden gem and i fully support supervisor yee's resolution to change the name of the public park to better reflect the values of our ty
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i have spoken with several community associations and leaders that are proud to support this name change. additionally, i've been in conversations withhil ginsburg, san francisco department of recreation, to ensure we have an open and conclusion dialogue inhe renaming process and look forward to those robust community discussions and want to be sure my name is added as a co-sponsor. thank you. >> supervisor breed: thank you. colleagues, seeing no other names on the roster, can we take this itemame house, same call? withoobjectn, the resolution is adopted unanimously. next item. >> clerk: item 21 is a motion confirming cindy elias, and john hamasaski, april 302019 and april 30, 2022 to the police
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commission. >> supervisor breed: supervisor sheehy. >> supervisor sheehy: i have never had a conversation or met with ms. elias. there w a iss raised today in "the chronicle" and i would be very grateful if we could delay this a week so that opportunity would be possible. kno thaw many in the . community had an expectation that someone from the lgbtq community could be put forward. we did have a candidate. that candidate, it was decided they had a conflict of interest. and now we have another issue around the conflict of interest. and, again, this is not to say at ith would not support this candidat i would appreciate the opportunity -- the courtesy of the opportunity to meet with this individual. other members have raised this issue in the past when they haven't had an opportunity to meet with someone. i think it would be -- i would be grateful if we could put this
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off for a week. >> supervisor breed: supervisor sheehy, are you asking we divid forward and hold off on the other name?>>upervisor sheehy: k u. >> supervisor breed: i would be willing to support that, especially since we desperately need a quorum for the police commission. is that a motion to -- llwe you want divid the file and then move to continue the other part of the file? >> supervisor sheehy: yes. thank you. upersor breed: superr sheehy would like to divide the file, which divides the question. and would ask for a oneek continuance on cindy elias and would like to move john hamasaki forward. is that correct? >> supervisor sheehy: thank you. >> supervisor breed: is there a second? will second that. >> clerk: the file has been
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duplicated and need to amend both motions. >> supervisor breed: the file has not been duplicated? >> clerk: it's a duplication of the file. >> supervisor d: i didn't hear that. >> clerk: that's the offici request that supervisor sheehy made. >> supervisor breed: it was to divide the question because it's in one motion. >> if i may, city attorney, john givner. division of the question is an act that the board takes when you want to take two votes on one item, up or down. today indersthat supervisor sheehy is asking for an up-or-down vote only onohn hamasaki's appointment and then a continuance on cindiy aiay ai. so you need two motions. that would be a duplication of visofile and then two motions.
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breed: i see. okay. all right. supervisor sheehy has made a motion to do just that. and is there a second? if not, i will second it. supervisor cohen. >> supervisor cohen: i'm speaking against the motion. i want to acknowledge the chair thles committee. as a 7 1/2-hour hearing, an opportunity for everyone to have an opportunity toar from both candidates. both candidates were highly vetted and psed the mustard. i cannot speak for our supervisors' inability to do due we have -- myself the rules committee -- committed several hours of our time and our energy and many of your aides that were not on the committee were paying attention and watchi t hearing. thoughtful questions were raised. thoughtful questions were answered. quite frankly, the issuesd in"the chronicle" are a bit
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sexist. you have a woman coming before us to be appointed on the police commsion and yo are asking whater -- if there's a conflict of what her husband is making? give me a -- give me a break. [laughter] excuse me. give m a break. it's ridiculous and it's insulting. and i ask, colleagues, that you please stand with the two names we've fully vetted and support them today. thank you. >> supervisor breed: thank you. supervisor safai? >> supervisor safai: this was a marathon meeting. we literally met for 7 hours and 45nute we had 15 applicants. we had 4 applicants put in applications after the deadline. and i can tell you with 100% certainty that we had the best two applicants moving forward. that's not a knock on any of the other applicants that were there. i want to thank my fellow rules committee members, supervisor yee, stefani, and cohen, who sat
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in the entire meeting, for 7 hours and 45 minute ll, 37, to be exact. let me tell you what we used as a barometer to send these two applicants forward today. we wanted people that had a history of working in the community. we wanted people that had an understanding of how the san francisco police department functions. we wanted people that what it means to do police reform. the department of justice had 272 applications. each applicant went through each application thoroughly. i grilled every person prior to the hearing personally on every single aspect, multiple times. i will tell you on top of that, they've been active in the police commission meetings. they've been active in the conversations more recently and over the last few years.
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and we wanted people that understood how all the different agencies in our city work and interface with the police commission and the police department. so i can tell you, again, with 100% certainty -- as well, understood how organized labor functions in this city. and a lot of you, for better or worse, hav heard me use the arguments about organized labor in the concept of the policies that we make. and they, as the two new commissioners on this body, will be interfacing with an organized labor body in the city. and i feel that they wille an approaching policy, approaching decisions, and approaching disciplinary decisions in a fair and balanced manner. and i will say i agree with supervisor cohen that someone's spouse, someone's partner, someone's significant other
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soeone as conflict in any w circumstance. so i do understand and respect the argument that supervisor sheehy is making. i would have liked to have known in advance that there might have been this conflict and that's an important part of the conversation, but i support sending those two forward. that's all. thank you. >> supervisor breed: thank you, both, for your comments. and we appreciate the hours of time put into going thrhis lengthy process to vet all the candidates, but i do think there is something important that isor sehy has said and the fact that this seat once was occupied by a member of the lgbtq community and that has to be acknowledged and should be addressed in your comments as well. supervisor ronen. >> supervisor ronen: thank you. i'm also speaking against this motion. first, i have to thank our
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supervisors that spent so much time at that really informative hearing. i spent a lot of time watching the hearing after the fact. and i also just want it give a special shout out to supervisor cohen for leading that hearing and asking really, really hard and thorough questions of all 12 candidates. it's her job to be prepared for the board of supervisor meetings. it's our job to meet with candidates, especially that reached out to all of us weeks ago. i talked to ms. elias and she told me that she reached out to each of us asking several mes. if we didn't take that opportunity to meet over several weeks, that's on us. number two, i have to echo supervisor cohen i'm so that a woman candidate with a distinguished career as a public defender, as an attorney in the california
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labor commissions office, is supposed to somehow talk about her husband and her husband's career while she's describing her own qualifications for a police commissions seat. i think that is the epitome of sexism i know there are many male police commission candidate who have had other types of conflicts who have never been questioned about their partners' careers and jobs and i just find thisntire attack and the article in "the chronicle" absolutely insulting. as a female supervisor with my own distinguished record, i hope that no one ever asks me about my husband's career when i apply for a seat on any body whatsoever. number three, this issue of i first of all, i'm very happy and proud that commissioner dejesus
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is a member of the queer community. it is important and it gives me calm to know that that perspective from a lived experience is being valued and considered on the police commission. and while, you know, it would be great to have that lived experience in every position, that's not always possible. as a latina andil woman, thin having that perspective on the police commission is also very important. as a person that spent 11 years of her life defending people of color and queer people in our -- as a public defender in our criminal justice system, i think that he perspective is a really important perspective to bring. while i think identity is important, it isn't more important than the underlying qualifications for a job and someone who has the passion, the heart and the desire to serve paidrole, bring her
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lifetime of experience to this role, to bridge gaps between communities that at this point have a lot of distrust with law enforcement. and i think commissioner elias, or hopefully commissioner elias in a few minutes, is the type of person tat will be able to bridge that gap. and,fi i just want to say that in sitting down and meeting with commissioner elias, i was blown away. you now, i's noust your alificn. it's not just what you put down on paper and what you do. it's someone who has the sort of nuanced perspective that can see through the ,utlso is able to bridge different communities and have that sort ofse of humor and sass that's able to deal in this really difficult role. i could not imagine a more qualified, more exceptional
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police commissioner. i'm so excited, ms. elias, that you applied for this position and i will be so proud to support you y. >> supervisor breed: thank you. supervisor peskin. >> supervisor peskin: thank you, madam president. twossu want to lay out. one, severing apart them "s "san fransisco chronicle" article, giving considerations is very important and i reached out to the deputy city attorney that looks at e issues and am very pleased that the -- actually, both nom ms. --nominet attore t don't have inherent conflicts. wedo, where someone might have to recuse themselves, because of income from a spouse and
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ms. elias is cognizant of that fact and has done due diligence with the city attorney. i wanted to rise and put that on the record. i generally in instances like this do want to der t colleague that wants a continuance, but given all of what's been going on around the pondi realize this is special daydctday fact that we actually have at least temporarily turnedwn to mayoral nominees. the fact that this went to a 7-hour heg. the tha f i jst been brought up at the board, i think it's important to send a signal and get the folks on the commission. with all sincere respect to my colleague from district 8, i will be join being supervisor cohen in opposing that motion. >> supervisor breedhank u, supervisorpesk supervisor yee. >> supervisor yee: i want to associate myself with many of the previous comments in regards
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to the candidate. it was a very long meeting. it was the longest meeting i've ever had in rules committee, serving on rules committee, for 3 1/2 years, on one item. and the fact that -- and it was a good, long meeting. the fact that we have so many od candies one o the reasons why i thought it took so long. we really wanted to get the best candidates and it's these candidates that moved forward that floated to the top that we're recommending. and i will stick with it w something important for us to get -- as we know, we're trying to do a lot of reform at the police department. and these two candidates to me would be the strongest in terms of moving things forward, being able to compromise. being able to collaborate.
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being able to stand firm in the. so i willt be suprting the motion. >> supervisor breed: thank you, supervisor yee.suorfewer. >>ervisor fewer: thank you, president breed. i really want to thank supervisor cohen for actly why the meeting was 7 1/2 hours, because supervisor cohen grilled every single candidate so extensively. and knowing this was s an imt appointment, my staff actually watched the entire hearing, which was something that i would have expected of most supervisors. i was able to meet with cindy elias and i know that's my job as a supervisor to meet with appointees if i have any es questns and especially on this appointment, which is so, so serious. i also wanto t mention that --
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i know it was an lgbtq seat and od jud dit that to ensure representation from the queer community, but the other aptee fm queer committee, does a good representation on the police commission. and i want to say as a woman of color, that the accusations that she may not be eligible because of the employment of her husband is completely sexist. beve married for almost 37 years. i love my husband, but he does not own me and he does not think for me. and i'm a woman who can think for i believe after speaking for cindy elias, that she is also a woman who can think for herself, has thought for herself, and can serve the residents of san francisco really well. i do not agree with this on.ti and, colleagues, i ask you also to confirm t two appointees because i do think they've been vetted thoroughly and that we
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did thoughtful consideration about their qualifications and how they might serve the residents of san francisco. >> supervisor breed: thank you, supervisor fewer. supervisor kim >> supervisor kim: first of all, i want to rognize t res committee and supervisor malia cohen. i watched most of the hearing, hearing.entire, seven-h but it was a great hearing. and i learned a tremendous amount from all o t gre candidates that actually applied. it was a very difficult decision to only select two of the folks that were passionate about the issues. supervisor cohen, you asked a lot of questions. i appreciated it. all the research and home work that you brought in and putti everyone to task. i think it's one of the most important citizen bodies and we really have high expectations for our police commission to
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address some major societal challenges that i'm not sure any city has done a good job addressing, which is how we make our city safer for everybody and ensure that the police is a part of that. but that we also work on reforming our department to make sure that all members of our community feel safe when they see a police ofcer wk down thestreet, which is how i'm privileged enough to feel when i see a police officer walking through the neighborhood. some immen and challenging is through. i doust j wo notes supervisor cohen has said a couple of times, you know, this commission since january 31 has canceled half of their meetings. and this is with a full body of seven members. and i do really look forward to this commission meeting again as soon as possible. it's important that we appoi these two members that have been fully vetted, but also that meetings are getting canceled long before this board did not appoint the two mayoral
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appointees. so iss a -- it's a lot of work. and i know that you both know what you signed up for, but i want to thank you, to mr mr. hamasaki, being your second time applying. i have to appreciate your persistence. it shows how much you want to do this. this is a volunteer gig. we don't pay you to sit in these very long ing i appreciate y persistence in applying again. i will concur with the statements made bysupe isor cohen and ronen on ms. elias. i'm really excited to see you on the commission. very excited to see a strong woman who clearly has a clear platform and concepts and ideas on how we can improve police-community relationships and make this the best police department in our country. so i'm happy to support the two nominations moving forward today. finally, my last plea -- not having been able to attend the
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rules committee -- please keep the meetings where the public can attend. i was disappointed that the meeting was moved so that testimony cannot be taken. i know it's difficult to listen to the many and variety of passionate opinions that people have and sometimes it gets -- it's hard. it gets very difficult, but i really believe it's our duty to be there and to be as as poble a i reallyieve the two commissioners will ensure transn public access. survisor sheehy?eehank y >> supervisor sheehy: i want to thank my colleagues for their comments and for the hard work that they put into the g, but it's really challenging for me because we did have a candidate who seemed qualified from the community and it wasn't until the hearing that there was any discussion of a conflict of interest with that candidate. and so i find it disappointing that we had a strong candidate
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that was eliminated at the 11th hour. again, i'm not saying that it had to beebody from the lgbtq community, but i would have thought that we would have had the opportunity to have candidates that were strong within the mix. we had another candidate that submitted a day late, very strong candidate. that candidate was not allowed to be considered. and we just lost a port commissioner. we can't buy wedding cakes. i'm the last remaining member of the lgbtq community here. and, frankly, we're not necessarily feelingpported. a continuance because i didn't have a chance to meet with this individual does not mean that i will not support this individual. and, you know, i did gethe chance to talk to mr. hamasaki and i appreciated the effort that he put in to make sure that we got into contt. d,ou know, it was a phone
6:43 pm
conversation and i just -- it's fine. i understand my colleagues' objections. the conflict of interest is of little relevance to me. what i'meally concerned about iy whose rights are being taken away at a national level. i've been in tve had a hate group get validated by this body. where are we? everybody says they're for our rights, but i don't see it. >> supervisor breed: thank you, supervisor sheehy. colleagues, on the motion to continue cindy elias -- >> clerk: we need to take the motion to amend the motions first. >> supervisor breed: we divided the file and then specifically what i had repeated was that there was a desire to continue cindy elias for one week and to
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move john hamasaki forward. so that wasn sficient for a motion and a second? >> clerk: yes, if you take them all together. you nee t -- the duplication comes first and then you need to have each motion, one withindy elias, and one with john hamasaki first and that needs to be taken before the continuance and the approvals. >> supervisor breed: mr. givner, can you clarify? it was my understanding that that was moved by supervisor sheehy and i seconded that specific motion. so i don't understand why there's a need to separate those. the file is duplicated, motion is moved and seconded. so what's the problem? >> the supervisor sheehy motion duplicated the file. made a motion that would amend
6:45 pm
both versions, so that one will have mr. hamasaki's name and one will have ms. elias's name. you seconded that. that motion needs to be voted on. and then you will have two separate documents, one with mr. hamasaki's name and one with ms. elias's name and you can act on them separately. >> supervisor breed: got it. on the motion, madam clerk, please call the roll. >> clerk: on the motion it amend the motions -- [roll call]
6:46 pm
>> clerk: there are two ayes and nine nos. >> supervisor breed: okay. the motion fails. madam clerk, on item 21, see on call the roll. >> clerk: we still have two duplicated files, so it may be shhy to withdraw the request to duplicate. >> supervisor sheehy: i will withdraw the motion, thank you. cl the underlying motion 21 -- [roll call]
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>> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> supervisor breed: the motion is approved unanimously. madam clerk, it's past 2:30 and we have two 2:30 mmdations. i wouldeo recognize isor yee for the first commendation. >> supervisor yee: colleagues, i want to recognize the department of public works staff christina olaya and jimmer caseel, who have been instrumental in making sure that our youngest residents learn how to navigate our city streets safely and avoid ed tres the three pilrs are engineering and enforcement, but we also know from data that over 20% of all pedestrian deaths curve children 5 to 9 years old.
6:48 pm
which is why this is for elementary school students. 1/3 of pedestrians are children. in this age group, 60% oheinjura child is crossing a roadr heading tool.stat , california has the highest number of traffic-related fatalititfatali by city, san francisco and l.a. have the highest number of pedestrians fatalities and injuries. according to department of public health pedestrian safety project, most child pedestr injed on theray to and from school, partiy irl the mission district, sunset and southern end of 19th aven these injuries andths are completely preventible. no person or family member should ever have to suffer from traffic-related collision. so as part of this education,
6:49 pm
something that l.a. had, is a streetscape. and a few years back when it was brought to my attention that ancisco,d with our an ay t late former mayor lee to secure the funding for this project. and at the end of the day, we actually named it ed's neighborhood. so the -- i wanted to say this interactive, life-size set has been launched this year, as a pilot. and we're excited to roll it out to the rest of the san francisco unified school district elementary schools this fall. as you will see, i will show a real short video of this so you
6:50 pm
know what i'm talking about. can you just show it? >> to look and feel like san francisco. and so our knowlede and our experience of our city streets and our sidewalks, i think, helped develop the design and, as you see, it's a model of san francisco. the ribbon-cutting was the first time that we had churn walk through ed's neighborhood. it was really exciting to see how much fun they had. they really -- they were pointing out things that they recognized. i think they learned a lot we asked kids how they got to school. and it was interesting to hear things that they noticed about san francisco streets. >> i think this will have great impact on the children who go through this tour because they will have knowledge of what they need to look for when they're navigating through the city. it's better to teach these things at a young age and they can take that whenhey te walking around in the real city.
6:51 pm
>> our intent is that ed's neighborhood will last for years and years and we'll continue each year to go to the schools, teaching about safety in san ancisco. erviupr yee: so i want to say, that was a short clip that we did, but this project could have fallen apart so easily. the original designers and builders was in l.a. and d.b.w. and the two individuals were honoring today really stepped up and worked with our local designer and builder.
6:52 pm
once we built it, we had no staff to make it happen. who will bring this set to a particular place. we don't have a truck for it. we don't have any staff to actually give the children a tour. and we -- these two people, they stepped up and said, hey, we'll do it. we'll do it. i can see the benefit of this. and really, really do appreciate. and i think it's just not m that's appreciating this. the two schools that we've had it at. puing up the sets, taking the kids through it with so much enthusiasm and i know you will be real sad when we have the bay area resource team do a lot of this work.
6:53 pm
i want tonowlg their work. [applause] >> president breed, supervisor yee, members of the board, thank you for this recognition. as a resident of san francisco and a parent of young children, i'm proud to be a part of ed's neighborhood. i'd like to thank supervisor yee for prioritizing funding for ed's hborhood and asking public works to bring it to life and our director, mohammed for leadership. we worked with the sf,partmelic the school district as well. our local design firm lmnop did a great job of design and fabrication of ed's neighborhood and we look forward to seeing ed's neighborhood in more schools next year. >> thank you, supervisors.
6:54 pm
thank you, supervisor yee, for bringing this project to san francisco. in doing some of the tours -- and also, the public works team that put it together, it takes about 2 1/2 hours, taking it down is the same, and then the tours in between. taking some of the tours, we've been focusing on k-2 grade. and the excitnt in these young children's eyes and they're learning and at the end they're asking some really great questions, which is teaching me as well, because i'm learning from the questions that they're asking. oh, i should add that into a tour and bring in those comments and help them understand. so thank you very much. we appreciate having this here. and we look forward to having a pretty busy year with it next year. thank you. [applause]
6:55 pm
>> thank you, supervisors. >> supervisor yee: supervisor cohen, would you like to make some remarks? >> supervisor cohen: thank you very much, president breed. i want to recognize the outstanding work that the department of public works is doing. thank you for the leadership, mohammed neru. it's appropriate and fitting that ed's neighborhood is named after our mayor, ed lee, who also comes from public works. but i just want to acknowledge leadership within -- christina olia and jim cassell, thank you for dedicating your life and your talents to the city of san francisco. >> supervisor breed: thank you, supervisor cohen. our next commendation will be by
6:56 pm
supervisor katy tang. >> supervisor tang: thank you. i'm excited to be honoring david allen, educator and para professional with the sfusd look working at independence high school and would i like to ask him to come on up and if you could join me for a round of applause. pplause] i also wanted to acknowledge that he's joined here today by deborah allen, his wife, principal anna claster, and assistant principal, kelly kruger. i'm sure that he stands out every day in the classroom, it's what david did outside the classroom that i really wt to highlight today here at the board of supervisors. as you all know, i'vvee interested in working on issues around human trafficking. it's unfortunately, very prevalent in our society, but what is most alaing and what people don't realize is how often it occurs in our backyards here in san francisco. but thankfully, we're grateful disict takes this issuecho very seriously and they've begun
6:57 pm
to hold special training to educators and para professionals and administrative staff know how to identify when students might be a victim of trafficking and how to respond if they believe this is the case. one of the things that they learn is to speak up if theying ary. is is exactly what david did. shortly after he received his training, he recognized two of his teenage students exiting a building downtown that was known for drug and sex trafficking activities. he noticed some other things in terms in the classroom as well. he wasn't at work and wasn't sure if he should report the incident or not but he listened to his gut and recalls what he learned at the training and made the di to report what he saw. after he reported the incident, the principal worked closely with the wellness staff at the school and brought in other community resources that led to the students getting the help
6:58 pm
that they need. so david is just the kind of educator that we need in our city and he's been working with our school district for 10 years, beginning as a para professional, workingth special needs students. in his current role, working under the guidance of his principal and assistant principal and assisting linda thalimoda in tutoring math. he is interested in the para teachers program offered, which allows him to be on a pat toy become a teacher. after passing his entrance exams, david hopes to ender the program to become a high sol special education teacher. i want to thank david for li listening to instincts and standing up for his students. thank you, david, and proud to have you here to recognize today. [applause]
6:59 pm
>> thank you, supervisor tang. and i would like to thank you and the city of francisco and i believe in what you are trying to do with the sex traffickg and i do care about our kids. and i would like to thank deborah, my wife, for her love and support, my principal, anna clafter, assistant principal, kelly kruger, and linda salimo who i work with very closely, and thank them for their guidance so i can become the best educator can be. thank you. [applause]
7:00 pm
>> supervisor breed: congratulations, again, mr. allen, and thank you, again, to are your service. giveim another round of applause. [applause] that concludes our commendations for today. congratulations to all the honorees. we truly appreciate what you continue to do so make san francisco an amazing place for each and every one of us. with that, we'll return to our agenda. madam clerk, let's go to committee reports. >> clerk: item 22 considered by land use and transportation committee at a regular meeting on june 4, 2018. and forwarded as a committee report. item 22, resolution authorizing the authorization center at