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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  June 6, 2018 5:00pm-5:56pm PDT

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[chanting] so i want to say first of ou all for being here tod and i would like to start today to take a brief moment of silence in respect of our former police commissioner julius turman who was a great champion of public safety and a true friend to the city. so if you would please first join me in a moment of silence. >> [moment of silence] and condolences are with his friends and family during this time. he's absolutely missed here in the city of san francisco.
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so i want to first do a round of thank yous. there's a number of individuals and organizations who helped lead us to where we are today. all i want to thank our police chief bill scott. i want to thank our police commission, we have police commission president tip pi here. thank you. members of the board of supervisor, jeff seehey and katheri katherine stefani here today. our city departments, our controllers office for tirelessly working to find the right amount of staffing that we need right here in our police department. you know, since taking public at ice i repeatedly stressed elieve we have some of the best men and women in our police depten her inside of san francisco. proud of all of y do who are here today in front of us. i am not afraid as the mayor of the city and county ofiscon thow proud i am of the men
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and women of our police department. every day they are putting their lives on the line for us a san francisco residents, they deserve our respect and our gratitude. when we are so fortunate to have such dedednd women on our police department, we simply don't have enough of them today. san francisco is an ever changing city with ever changing neighborhoods. we cannot be boun by antequated staffing levels that do not reflect today's reality in our streets and in our neighborhoods. that is why today i am very proud to announce that my budget plan this year w include the ati 250 being deployed on the streets of san francisco. -- san francisco from our business department. in the fiscal year alone we will graduate 80 officers in the current academy classes, add 50
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new academy recruits. we will also increase opportunity for promotions and shift highly trained civilians into positions that are currentlyeing staffed by sworn members to allow them to be out patrolling the neighborhoods of our city. se offers will act as a catalyst and be the building blocks of our 250 officer plan. when these officers join the department they will be working on existing initiatives that have been undertaken to strengthen our police department. i have been proud toar with police chief scott on innovative new public safety measures which include increasing our city wide foot investigative sam at district stations and expanding our burglary and serial crime units. as we know last year was a very difficult year for property
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crimes here in san francisco. over 30,000 alone in our city. an absolutely unacceptable number. since undertaking our itiatives we have seen property crimes decrease by over 17%. we will not rest on our morals in san francisco, we will not let that be the new standard. we will continue to move forward and press ahead on reforms that make our streets and our neighborhoods safer for the residents of san francisco. it's also important to note that these increased officers will be more more than just a deterrent to property crimes. they will be reassuring presences in our neighborhoods of san francisco ensuring that people feel safein the communities they live in here in san francisco. they will have the tools and the training to work with our communities and within our
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neighborhoods here in san francisco. these new officers will also be supported by additional intmentsn our equipment and resources. my budget package will also include $7.5 million over the next 2rso purchase over 130 new police cars that are reeded in our . l w include over $3 million to equip our police officers with tasers. in addition my budget will include $1.7 million to help support police reform measures. on going efforts within our police department to make sure all 272 recommendations offered by the obama department of justice are fulfilled. prrities of m the city my and county of san francisco public safety has always come first. today's announcement is a
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reflection of my commitment and let me repeat, am so incredibly proud as mayor of this city of the men and women that serve us in our police department. these words are not empty, they are not a political game, they are the truth. they are what san francisco will follow. it's impacting the public safety commitments reflects the needs of our entire city. we are pushing forward with a bold new vision for public safety in san francisco. i am honored to be here with all of you today to see these efforts through and to make sure that the future of san francisco is a safe and secure one for every single resident in every ighbngrhood in our city. so thank you for having me here today. again, i'm honored to be with all of you. with that i would like to introduce the chief ofur poe depan.
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>> good morning. let my start my comments by thanking mayor ferrell and his team. she is invested in the future of the city. recruit t we have ine teamoday represent our future. the budget presented today represents a significant commitment by mayor ferrell towards their future and towards the future of their police department and the future of this city. the budget envisions the sfpd as a more responsive, more productive and better equipped police department to face the challenges of modern policing and enables us to build o successes byating the program tha programs that we know has a powerful and positive impact. the mayor talked about foot patrols and the increasing the foot patrols. we would like to sustain that. increasing theurglary and
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serial crimes opportunity, seven day staffing, support 4 our healthy street centers which remese tous progress and addressing the many issues that face our city regardless homelessness. the expansion of our psychiatric emergencyesponse t to thesexper eencin meal crisis. it also means that we can continue the important work of carrying out our usdoj recommendations for collaborative reform and improving our department to become even better than we've ever been. this plan allows us to bring in an additional 250 police officers and it will provide increased opportunity for promotions including 20 new sergeants and two new lieutenant positions. the budget provided by mayor ferrell allows us to shift highly trained civilians into positions that have been held by sworn members enabling
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us to rewornlo members to the field and also provides as we stated badly needed resources including 130 new police vehicles toour p eing e we've been working really hard in the strategic frame work and it centers around safety with respect for the public and our members. this budget will empower us to increase our collaboration with our city and community partners to address safety challenges, to improve our responsiveness to the public, to find ture at wan for the sfpd and more importantly for the safety of our city. we want to be a modern and inclusive police department that provides safety. i'd like to thank mayor ferrell and the people of san francisco rherupport of our
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officers. with this commitment the hard working men and women of our police department can continue to rise to meet the challenge of the growing needs of our city. thank you very ch, mayor ferrell. nowld like to ice the president of our police commission. >> [applause] >> thank you chief and thank you mayor fell. this is not part of my prepared are -- remarks but if julius was here today he would take look at this crowd and say he is proud of you. in fact, we ask all of you to live up to his expectations. two weeks ago on wednesday night he stood in front of the police commission, barely was able to stand for the pledge of allegi then after when he was being honored he said something ve important for you-all to hear. i'm very proud of the men and .n of the san francisco so behalfjulius i share that
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with you tonight. i would like to thank mayor ferrell, the supervisor efani and sheey for recognizing and addressing the crisis that we are facing with staffing. i've been on the police commission for a long time as both a state and federal prosecutors here in san francisco so i'm aware of the need for policing. given the current state of our health systems, our officers can barely respond to the calls for service. they are busy dealing with repeat offenders and people in by adding these police officers to our police department it will make the street safer for our citizens and those who visit our city. there's days wen walk from the parking garage to my office and i see the things that we all see, unsightly things of people in crisis, people shooting up. it's not acceptable and the only way we can address that is adding to our women power and
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men power of the san francisco police department. this is a great move. we as a commission thank the mayor and the board of supervisors for putting this forward. with this it will give our officers more of an opportunity and, yes, proactive policing. so mayor ferrell, thank you on behalf of the citizens of co. great and this over due. thank you very much. >> [applause] >> thank you. with that i'd like to bring up two supervisors who have been iteraly the they lic safetyce came into office, jeff sheehey and supervisor katherine stefani. >> thank you, mayor ferrell. welco to di8. i'm so proud to have the academy in my diri it's a source of joy for me. fohis ltingrsthisr
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orward so last year as i came into office one of the things that i identified almost immediately was a gap in public safety resources. i raised this with the budget and finance committee and was the voice in the wierness so i am so grateful that mayor ferrell has put this initiative forward. i'm also grateful to chief scott. some o theatio are t to our need for additional officer. the tactics that have reduced police officer involved situations have calmed down but those tactics require more boots on the ground. the second thing is foot trols. t pin my districe now have trols the castr i know those guys, those folks. it's great the see them. people in the community know them. ad an incident at twin peaks foof assigned to -- so
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after the incident a twies before the -- be atinwin peaks, the murder, we had ten car break-ins a day. after officers were assigned there for the following month one. so presence is prevention. in dolores park we had an incident. the chief, other ents, officers have been assigned to dolores park. every single neigh surrounding that park talks about how improved that situation is. this is by having forces there, people the it makes our neighbor safer. every day i talk to people in my district saying when can we get a foot patrol, have officers we can see. this will make that possible, not just in my district but across the city. i want to give a shot out to folks here today. i have been toradtions of
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academy classes and i have so much respect for the work that you're going to be trained. it's amazing. you put in such hard work. i am so proud, i wanted to shake yourd whe y get that badge pinned on you. i'm even prouder when see people who had a badge pinned on them, whose hand i shook and see them walking the beet in my neighborhood. thank you for stepping up and protecting the citizens of san francisco. you are outstanding. the more we graduate the prouder i'll be so thank you. i'd like to introduce my colleague, supervisor stefi. >> [applause] od morning, everyone. held myublic safety forum in district 2 because the bottom line is people don't feel safe. whether it is because of our
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past crime epidemic, reports of a 7th grader beingd on his way home from school or the ramped trueiram d draeg use we see on our streets, we must do more to keep the people of san francisco safe. i believe that we have underinvested for years. today's announcement by mayor ferrell is a huge step in the right direction. what i love about mayor ferrell's approach is it is thoughtful and designed to saturdays -- address san francisco's current needs, to help the homless delivering help to the city's operation center and to equip our police force with the resources they need likeorki patrol cars to sa.their job and to help keep us r f should be on recruiting the bnd the brightest by training our officers with all of the reforms
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that we've all been trying to implement. i have been incredibly lucky my 12 yea of public service in this city to work with some of sfpd's finest, captain dylan, commander manox, captain e yep, officer maloray and so many more. these individuals have truly helped shape my view of how incredible our police department is and how much talent we have here. i just want to thank all of you for stepping up and doing your part. i've also been a prosecutors and i've worked with so many police officers that have always shaped my view that police officers are c't thank you enough for your service. i wano thank the mayor, chief scott and the command staff for their hard work and thoughtful
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analysis on the invests that we as a city need to make in the department. i just want to tell one quick story in my direct. so many times we hear the omeone said i e with a police officer. i got a pounding on my door at 7:00 in the morning and i went out there and i saw a police car and i was so nervous. they open it had door and the police officer said -- opened the door and the police officer said, dpd is going to do some care and towed your car. they asked them to move their car and saved them $600. there's so many stories about how important your work is. it's my hope as weincrease our force we also do so in a way that bridges any divides with our communities and that we work together to create an environment where everyone f safe and cared for. th what san francisco is all about and i absolutely thank you for your service to our city. thank you. >> [applause]
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>> thank you, vooup -- supervi supervisor. as mayor ifont your service. war you. we look forward to years of service ahead. so that'soing to conclude our press conference. ants talk to us after adia wards off camera. thank you all for being here today. >> [applause] su
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>> -- and can you please rise for the pledge of allegiance. [pledge of allegiance] >> clerk: commissioner mazzucco, i'd like to call roll. >>ssio cmir mazzucco: please do. [rollall] c >> clerk: commissioner mazzucco, you have a quorum. aliths today is bill scott, the chief of police, along with paul henderson,
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director of the department of lice accountability. k >>u, secretary kilshaw and well come to the june 6, 2018 police commission meeting. i have to say it's great to be back, it's great to see members of thelic o comes to meeting. it's been since may 2 that we had our last meeting, and we have quorum. two things before we start tonight, first, i have to announce tonight before i introduce our commissioners, we are g commissioner julius turman. at our last meeting on may 2, 18, iwas commissioner turman's last meeting as the president, and for those of you that were here, he struggled through that meeting to make it h ug'cause there were things that he needed to do. though of you that were here he wasn't help, and as stood
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for the pledge ofllegiance at thnight, i remember having to help him up that i get into, rty and jus for all.""forli i know i'm going to miss hi personally. he was a great friend to many on this commission. we honored himhis last meeting of the commission, as julius turman day. we honored him on the police miss as an attorney. tonight we're going to adjourn. the best we can do to honor his memory is liberty justice for all, and continue to do our best as police commissioners. we also have tannounce, on a good news front, we have two new commissioners. so i want to welcome commissioner cindy elias, john
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hamasaki, have been sworn in by the city attorney's office, have been handed binders. they'll get some cases assigned to them tonight. but what weo when we have new commissioners, haveth introduce themselves and have bout t ckgrnd.f the public a so with t i' goio introduce cindy elias. >> hello. i am cindy elias. i am currently a labor attorney for the state of california. my goal is to enforce the labor laws in the state of california and make sure people are paid their pawages. prior to that i was a plic defender for a little over 11 years. to that i held several different positions. the last position i held in the public defender's office was
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the leadorney which was the law enforcement civil division prtorney that focused on a ram that waselled seattle which aims aolevel offenders in addressingg iand gettighem the hat wasy role at th an defender's office. i am very excited to be on this commission and working forward with all of you and i look forward to prosperous future. >> thank you. i'll note thatommissr elias isso al a california golden bear. >> thankou. >> commissner hamasaki? >> commissioner hamasaki: thank you, commissioners. it's an incredible opportunity to be sitting here before you on this body. it's especially -- an especially happy moment to join
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with my former colleague, when i started out as an a.b. attorney, way back when with cindy elias, who kept me in et a little t out of line, and i expect she'll do the same on this commission. i'm a criminal defense attorney i've been in private repctice for theen senting individuals and people throughout northern california in state and federal you know, through that work, i got to see a lot of the aspects of police and policingr juste sy; you know, the good, the bad, and the ugly. and you know, it's -- it really is a true honor to be here, and cisc e here, serving the people t's - theha mandate i'm carrying forward.
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i'm here for the peopl sanof francisco, andt includes all people: the police, civilians, citizens, the rich, the poor, homeless, people struggling with mental illness, drug addiction, all of the challenges and all of the issues that are faced in san frano of the s, s it a real supervs ha bestowedpon us and i plan to take that honor to do my best with itnd epsentnd v ee traditions of san francisco. thank you. >> commissioner mazzucco: thank you vch, mu common hamasaki. before we move into the agenda, i do need to announce that we do have an extremely large, large closed session involving litigation counsel, disciplinary matters, due to
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we're going to have public speakers led to two minutes each tonight. also with reference to lin item number five,e' going to strike the last presentation regarding physical evidence and crime scene, possible discussion on that. we're going to eliminate that thpare n and for this evening, and there'll bene closed session line item c will be taken off calendar. so without further adieu, please call line item one. >> clerk: item one, adoption of minutes, action, may 2, 2018. >> commissioners, in your packet are the minutes from our last minute on may 2, 2018. are there -- for the commissioners that were there, any changes or corrections that you would like to make? all right. i ha motion >> move to approve. >> i have a second -- >> clerk: public be take the vote, ommissioner anyuc
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public comment before we take the minutes? hearing no commll a in favor. next line next line [agenda item read] [ageem ritd] >> commi nemmis s,hyour packet are the memos related to these gifts -- and for the new commissioners, wepprove everything from $20 give cards to large boats from the coast guard to horses to -- horses to police dogs to air conditioners for the police dogs, so we have to approve all of sose ar in your packet. are there any questions or concer hearing none, do i have a motion? >> i have a question on the ner omzzucco: sure. >> i have astn the
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furniture. maybe i to the chief or maybe it's to -- naudible] >> hi. thank you for being here tonight. i was just surprised to hear that our furniture's worn out and that we use that until it literally falls apart, and that the stations are really in need of furniture for community meetings for officers themselves. i just wonder, do we have a budget line item that takes care of the furniture themselves? >> we do have a budget item specifically addresses furnitureeds. u't t remember, these are 24 hour operations, and some of this furniture really takes a beating. >> okay, well, i'm certainly going to approve it. i was just wondering it's just something we should stay on top of. thank you. thank you so much. >> thank you, officer. >> is there anyxt furniture
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because we do -- >> commissioner mazzucco: so do i have a motion? >> so moved. >> do i have a second? >> cond. >> commissioner mazzucco: any comment regarding furniture for the police department? hearing none, public comment is now closed. all in favor? thank you so much. glad to get you some new furniture. left si let's callnem 8. [agenda item read] >> commissioner mazzucco: good evening, chief. >> good evening, president mazzucco and commissioners. i'm going to present tonight's ds and couple of items of interest for the public. i'll start with crime trends and where we are this year. i'm very pleasedo report to the commission and the public that we are down 43% in homicides year to datae as of
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this week. in real numbers, we are 12 homicides where we were this time last year. we are 16 opposed to 28 this time last year, going into the summer, that's really pleasing. we still have a lot of work to m thst ithe year -- little more than six months, but compared to where we were last year, that's very, very good news for us. our overall homicides with firearms are down 58% from where they were this time last year, basically, 19 this time last year, and we have eight year to date. our total gun violence victims are down by 50%, and this is the number of total victims struck by gun fire. ear tr f homicides, we are as low as we've been since 2014 in terms of homicides year to f ate, so really speaksll e -th not only thathe men
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and women of the san francisco police department but the partnerships and collaboration with other city departments and the community, i think is all contributing factors or all contributing factors to the crime stat. as property crime, the commissioniti commission knows, we have the struggle with crime, particularly car break-ins. more good news, with hards to that we are down 26% on our car break-ins, with you is almost 3,000 fewer car break-ins than ar.ti last ye more great ne. i think that can be attributed to my things. our strategies changed last summer, and we put a lot of things in place to contrib t and we beliehose strategy ad working. our overall property crime are down 12.4%, which is 3, --
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about 3300 crimes less than this time last year. and car deaths, we are wn almost 30%, so that's 600 year.sw thanis tim so our crime assistant sticks are very positive at this point of the year. we'll continue to do the things we're doing and make adjustments when we need to, but really good newo report t crim front. there were two homicides this week, one on the 200 block -- or this past week, 200 block of 14th street and ingleside -- and the ingleside district, and the other was the 1500 block of oakdale avenue in the bayview, first one, female victim, appears there's some work to do before we identify the victim, but she appears to be in her 60's, but there's a suspect in custody and there's been charged filed by the district attorney's office.
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second, 26-year-old victim, no have some good leads that we hope we can resolve this case pretty quickly. thwa majr events this week. we have 41st annual haight street fair. we don't anticipate any issues. peace parks is an engagement programming and some of the parks in our city, at hearst park and playground in ingleside, we have programming on friday from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. basically for the kmu commissioners, it's a community engagement. we have sfpd officered deployed at the park and really the idea is to engage with the public. we're there for safety, but we're also there for
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engagement, and it gives the youth in the area something positive to do. there's a lot of free programming, similwimming, hea fairs, and line dancing and that type of things are ongoing. inue it through the summer, when school gets out -- school gets out today, i think, we hope to up the program a little bit to ge kids more to do in program. it's another way to address crime without necessarily going to enforcement. when you give kids something to edo,he less likelyo out doing bad things, so that's the idea behind this. it's really, really nice have rec and parks and the pd and the mayor's office working together, so we hope this continues and the funding continues to support it. there is one other thing of interest that i wanted to report. a nice article in the paper
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today on our police unit team brain training, and basically, this -- this training was developed by strategies for youth, and we're not the only department in the country that's doing it, but the training ised to improve training actions between police officers and youth to give us a better understanding of how the brain develops and how particularly that transcends to and that expectation, we -- the better we understand that process, the better we can police the situation. we send 25 officers to the training, and very interactive because youth is part of the training. it's something we just started doing this past week, actually. really good reports on it, and the article if you have a chance, take a look at the article. it's a very good article, very positive article, so we do believe this will, again, enhance our ability to police
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our city in a way that the community expects us to, and we're really excited about the training. the article was actually the in the cicle a well gl so you'reing oter -- >> so you're having another 25 officers training, as well, or the same 25. scenario where they will be able to train other officers, but we think it'll be a very good thing for our department. >> okay. >> and that basically is it for my chief's report today. >> commissioner mazzucco: commissioner davis? dav >> so i'm sorry, what was the name of the park that you mentioned with parks and rec? >> peace park. they meet every thursday, friday, saturday. hurts youngblood, -- hearst
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youngblood and potrero are the three parks that they meet at. and we h funding continues. >> it's been in the paper recently that there was a missing person report and there was a woman found dead at san francisco general, and then just like yesterday or today, another body was found at san francisco general. another question i have -- since there was a missing police report, is that something that the police department investigates? i know the sheriff's investigate missing, but do we do any kind of cross investigation? >> in the missing person event, that's our jurisdiction. in one of the ones in the hospital, the one you referred to, it actually happens once the patient was admitted to the
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hospital for the issue she was brought there for, so once that happens, it's the jurisdiction ofhospital. if it's a custodial situation where there's an arrest, where either sfpd o theiff' have a hospital detail, then, it's ruled an in-custodydeath, then, other protocols and policies take place, but this death happened in the hospital. >> okay. so the sheriff's -- that's what i wanted to know, whose jurisdiction -- >> the first one they'll refer it to was the hospital because it wasn't the sheriff's jurisdiction, there was no sheriff custody team assigned to it. >> all right. all right. thanks for clearing that up. appreciate that. >> commissioner mazzucco: i just want to say chief, it's great to have you here tonight. i think it's recognition what a great decision we made for you to be one of the three finalists in your home department in los angeles, and
5:59 pm
i think that shows that we made an excellent choice in having you here because the changes you've made, the reforms you've gone through, we cannot forward to lose you, so i want to thank you. i want to congratulate the chief and his wife, virgene. s son graduated from medical school on friday, as valedictorian. and not only did he get his medical degree, he graduated with an mba. >> is that all? >> yeah, an underachiever. i want to thank you both, for making brandon into the fine young man that he is. he'll be doing his residency in san francisco. it's good to have another young
6:00 pm
man in san francisco. please call the next item. [agenda item read] >> good evening, mr. henderson. >> good evening. >> commissioner mazzucco: how are you? >> great. a couple of things so far in our project list. we have 281 case - i started ing ts recently just as a comparison so we know where we are contextually from last year. right now, we have -- i track he cases ar past 270 days. this year, we have 26 cases past 270 days, meaning the e gonv past