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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  June 11, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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thank you. any comments from committee members. seeing none, can i have a motion? supervisor yee? >> no, i don't have one. do you remember contacting my office? what is she doing. so i would like to make a motion to reappoint supervisor sandy fewer.
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>> and we can do that without objection. great. please call itemumb n two. administrative code to require disclosure of candidate and third-party spending in retirement board, health service board and retiree health care trust fund board elections; set late filing fees and penalties for violations; specify that the department of elections shall conduct these elections; and clarify the confidentiality of eligible voters' names and addresses. >> great. thank you. unless we have any comments from committee members, we're joined by sofia kitler from supervisor cohen's office to present and to answer any questions. >> thank you for hearing this item today. my name is sophia kitler. the item before you today is an update to the administrative
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code governing the process for representatives elected to the retirement board, retiree health care board. these boards, which include elected representatives from the fire department, the police department, and other, quote, miscellaneous representatives, are meant to ensure that the best interests are represented in the fiduciary king the retirement board take up issues such as fossil if you will investment and proxy voting for diver -- diversive pay.
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in constructing these amendments, the goal was to not become so burdensome that grass roots candidates are penalized from running. supervisor cohen respectfully asks that you accept the proposed amendments and continue this item to the call of the chair. members of the ethics staff are available to answer any questions. thank you. >> okay. great. maybe you or kyle can just talk about the different amendments here because there are quite a few. you can walk us through them, so kind of in concept so they can be accepted. that efficient, deputy city attorney. >> yes, that is sufficient. i think a brief overview will trigger a continuance.
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>> do you want a copy? yes, i can briefly provide that summary. as sofia already highlighted, this is to bring in the candidates with more in line with what's expected for candidates for city offices. candidates for these offices will have to file the campaign statements that you would normally see of typical candidates a. lot of their campaign communications would include disclaimers. late fees and penalties and associated sort of consequences for any violations are to take a similar approach as well. not only does this sort of meet the expectations of a lot of people in terms of what candidates normally have to provide in terms of candidacy.
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hopefully it will not only be something we're akin to seeing but that which is readily available to the public. >> i have a question. what is the current practice? i know we're changing it to bring it in line with what we have to do as elected officials, but what is the -- what is allowed under the rules now. so under existing law -- >> are there any filing requirements? >> they have to file sort of initial candidate statements or disclosures, but they don't have to file anything like campaign disclosure. they may need to include on their form 700, but this is a more robust scheme. >> the only people that can vote
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for th it any voter? >> it's different than rular elections. only city employees and retirees can participate, as opposed to any resident of san francisco. >> right. i wanted to get that on the record. supervisor yee? >> whatever is in here as amendments, you know, it's logical. i'm just curious. i've received these ballots or whatever in the past. i've never actually received any literature or any campaign, anybo contacting or trying to get my vote for retirement board. is this a problem or something? i don't really know. i'm just curious. >> yes. so this is actually from before my time on the board, but my understanding is in the last retirement board election, there was a significant campaign by
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specific union. a specific union, there's a seat that has historically been open to anybody running. there's a seat on the retirement board. there's a seat for the fire department, seat specifically for the police department, and then a seat that is open to everyone and has historically been represented by miscellaneous people, kind of -- you know, people like us. >> regular people. >> regular people. my understanding is in the last board election, there was a significant amount of money spent a union to outst the seated member. >> i just wasn't aware of it. the other question i have, currently, does the department of election actually send out these ballots? i thought it came from hr or
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something. >> yeah, it's largely run through the department of elections. although they receive assistance from human resources or the retirement system to provide addresses and such. >> so the hr would share who would be current employee and also retirees. right. so the department of elections currently has to coordinate to find out who the eligible voters are for this kind of election, which are largely city employees or retirees. >> that remains the same. >> yes. there is an option under existing law that remains unchanged. it could conceivably in the future be contracted out. historically, it's been done by the department of elections. >> that's no problem. >> any other questions from committee members? >> seeing none, so can we have a motion to accept the amendments as proposed?
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>> all right. public comment first. any members of the public wish to comment on this item, please come forward. seeing none, public comment is closed. i would like to entertain a motion to accept the amendments as proposed. >> yes, i move the amendment as proposed. >> okay. can we do that without objection? >> withobjection, the amendments are accepted. and then a motion to continue this item to the call of the chair. >> continuance? >> that's what she asked for? >> my understanding is it's required since they were substantive amendments. >> please call the next item.
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3. motion approving/rejecting the mayor's nomination for appointment of christine carr to the treasure island development authority board of directors, for a term ending april 28, 2022. >> please come forward, ms. carr. >> good morning. supervisor yee, supervisor is a -- safai. thank you for hav me come in to discuss my potential qualifications for the title of board of directors. i know you have a copy of my resume. what i wanted to talk to you a little bit more was about me. i started my career at a very young age, in my early 20s with two young children and the need to provide for them. those first years were quite a struggle, both with long hours, long work weeks, shortage of money, and apartments i would soon like to forget.
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i have always had inside of me the need for success, the driver to never quit, and along with that, i endeaed to grasp the core competencies that i would need for home building business, land development, working with government agencies as well as all the entitlement processes. but what my resume doesn't say is that also along the way, i never forgot that struggling family. i worked -- whether it was within my office or within that community to always feel the need to bring people forward. through my work on various boards such as family house with ucsf as well as during my career. i worked with habitat for humanity. very recently, one of the executive directors for the schoolyard program here in san francisco. i feel that the combination of both my core competencies and
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the skill sets i've honed in the business and land development as well as my core values bring a great combination of my best skill sets that i can provide to the board for tida. thank you. i am available for any questions you might have. >> supervisor yee? >> yeah. again, can you -- maybe you stated it, but what is the major reason why you actually want to do this? >> i'm sorry? >> what's the major reason why you would want to be serving on this board? >> sure. what i feel is this is a community within san francisco that we have a rare opportunity of building from the ground. the programs that are in place for the treasure island give us an opportunity to work with our community to build the housing, the transportation, and all of
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the systems from its inception through to watching that community grow and house families for our community. i'm very excited about that. it brings both my skills for building and my love of my community to that role. >> how often are you with treasure island? have you made frequent visits? >> i've been on the island. i'm about to take a tour with robert beck, and i've become familiar in reading all the documents, the maps, and the progress so far. i've spoken with bob becker and getting at least the ground work, establishing ground work for my knowledge. >> currently, there are some
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residents on treasure island. what are some of the issues they're dealing with? >> from what i understand, there are the residents on the island, and there's both market rate housing that's available to them as well as affordable housing. it lks as the board of supervisors has put into place how they would be financially compensated as well as where they would live and the moving expenses as well as future relocation onto the island. it seems that what the building plan calls for, in my research, is they would be staying in their units until the new units would be built for them to occupy. >> okay. one last question. what do you think of the olympic -- what is it called? what do you call those people? that ride the boats? >> sailboats? >> yeah. >> marcus cup? >> i don'know. >> olympic team for sailing or
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something. what is it? i think it's in treasure island, right? >> the yacht club? i don't know. >> this is out of my world. >> are you talking about the people that do the sailing competitions? >> yeah. they can put an olympic team there. >> the clipper cove issue you're addressing? >> yes. >> from my understanding -- and, again, this is research i've done and it was based on the presentations brought to you as the board of supervisors. there's also an environmental issue with the sea grass. so it seems like they're striking a balance with that and the new developers as to a good mix and what the right number
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would be for that. i know that that's in front of you. i know you had a meeting in may about that. the agenda does not indicate what you're findings were or what your decision was, but i know those to be the issues in front of you. i stand behind finding that balance for sure. i support that balance. again, it's an opportunity for us to create that. >> okay. >> supervisor stefani. >> just one question. as you're aware, this seat was filled by the director of mission housing. he had a nonprofit angle to this and brought that experience. i'm just wondering how you would add value to the commission and what experience do you have with building affordable housing, and how you see being able to fill
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that seat. >> of course. yes. i understand that that seat was occupied previously by a nonprofit builder. what i blame from both of my experience and my personal experience, as a builder, i have bull levels of affordable housing during my career. inclusionary housing: i'm very much an advocate of the program they have at treasure island. i know of the 8,000 homes, there are 2,100 affordable homes that will be built. what i find and what i support is in that affordable number, those are all varying degrees of income. those are also built mixed in neighborhoods. this is not a specific site or a building. this is mixed in income neighborhoods, which i think is
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an excellent model and one i support thoroughly. >> and can you just expand on your experience with habitat for humanity and how you think that work might apply in this situation? >> sure. i find always a private public partnership works really well when you bring in partners that are committed to the same goals. i feel i have great success. we contributed -- my company contributed both materials, workers. it was also a collaboration in the community. it gave the people in my company an opportunity to work hands on with people of need in our community. after -- even after some of the programs that we got involved in, they continued that. i believe that's the bigger message, is that you built something that will, on its own, continue.
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>> supervisor yee? >> treasure isle- island, as you know, is in supervisor kim's district. >> yes. >> have you reached out to her and spoken to her and her staff? i have not heard from them. >> i did send supervisor kim an email telling her i would be before you today and offering, to the availability of my schedule, to meet with her. i received a generic message back, saying she would respond as soon as she could, and i sent it to her staff person. i have not received a response to that from either one. >> when did you send that email? >> on thursday when i found out about this meeting.
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>> just to go back to the affordable housing component, how many units are going to be planned for treasure island? >> 8,000 total of residential. >> and how many are going to be affordable? >> approximately 2,100. about 25%. >> do you know what income levels they're targeting? >> i don't know the various. i know it is a wide range of income from homeless through varying degrees of percentage of incomes in san francisco. i do not have the specifics on the program. >> and how many of them are affordable? >> approximately 2,100. >> that's a little over 25%? >> correct? >> do you think that's the right number in today's san francisco? >> i do. for a couple of reasons. i believe that 25% is a balanced number. i also know that they're building -- some of the homes
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will be smaller units, much more on the entry level. you're meeting a need therewell. even though not included in that number will be more of what a san francisco price tag would be of an entry level. i believe we're going to, you know, cover a lot of the levels of need in our community >> this is not a criticism of the commission. we have one of our esteemed members in the audience right now, but the hunter's point shipyard in candlestick, that's going to be 33%. mission rock that was just negotiated with the giants and the port, this board approved with 40% inclusionary. that's pushing more moderate and middle income. so there's higher numbers. this probably was negotiated at an earlier date, but one of the things that's happening -- and i know that supervisor kim as well as many other members of this
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board, it's about money. what would be a creative way you could think about or what would be a strategy that you would say would be able to get us to a higher percentage than 25%? >> that is a wonderful question. i know that it is also a very complex one. i'm not sure standing for you right now. i could certainly give that some serious thought. i understand the need for affordable housing being such a critical part of what we develop and those numbers need to align with what we have in the community. what that exact percentage is, i know that people who do a lot more in-depth analysis would have ways to achieve that. i do want to go on the record as stated that i do support the affordable housing, and if there
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were, you know, opportunities that is definitely something i support. the current numbers and anything in the future. >> okay. any other questions from committee members? supervisor yee? >> no. >> okay. so what is the will of this body? >> ms. carr has some qualifications i like. one of the things i'm a little hesitant to move forward with at this -- today is i really haven't heard from supervisor kim's office, and just respecting that it's in her district, i like to check off with supervisors in which it
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impacts most. so i'm a little hesitant to actually want to move this forward. maybe just continue this. we'll listen to the arguments. >> that would be supervisor stefani. >> i had to cancel meets just to put this on my schedule. i understand supervisor kim was not able to meet with ms. carr. she did try. i think if it's important, continuing it and allowing that meeting to take place is fine. i'm very impressed with ms. carr. i think she would make an excellent addition to tida. i want to give her that chance if it's important. i would support a continuance so that meeting can take place. >> i agree with that. again, just for ms. carr as well as the other committee members and those of the public, we're in budget season.
10:51 am
this committee has had to adjust. thank you for being flexible. norm normally, we meet at a different time. because of the aggressive schedule of this budget this year, we had to move it. we're having to move things quickly to make sure we keep the legislative process going. i would move for a continuance for one week -- i think it's 27th >> two week from this wednesday. i believe you have a regular meeting come this wednesday. >> it's too late for that. >> the 27th would be the next one after that. >> yeah. okay. so we will continue it to the 27th. that would be fine. >> great. >> that would give you time to reach out.
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that's something we talked about as well. >> absolutely. >> also given the election -- and that was also something that's been upon us that caused a bit of a schedule adjustment for everyone, including supervisor kim. i would image it would be difficult to meet with her right w. why don't we continue this item -- do we have a motion to continue this item -- >> i would also like to suggest -- when are you going on your tour? >> on the 22nd. >> perfect. >> what was the question? >> june 22nd. >> she's going on a tour of treasure island. >> just because of the uncertainty of a committee meeting -- i don't want to say a date certain and we don't have a meeting on that date because of the budget. why don't we continue this to the call of the chair. and we'll get it on the next meeting. it will be sometime the following week. i just don't want to say the 27th and we don't get it. we have a number of special
10:53 am
meets as well. we'll just say continue to the call of the chair. is that okay? okay. we'll do that without objection. thank you, ms. carr. >> i assume there's no public comment on that item. >> we didn't call public comment? i thought we did. >> any members of the public wish to comment on this item? please come forward. i think our esteemed commissioner is going to come forward to say a few words. >> surprise, linda. yes, treasure islandcommission, we're working very closely with supervisor kim. even with 25%, we're spending a lot of money to build the infrastructure at treasure island. i do, i agree with you. i'm housing the committee and even at that 25%, we're going to be coming back here to you all to help us find the funds to build what we have right now.
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so i think ms. carr has the credentials. after meeting with ms. jenkins, we'll let her know what we're doing to up the 25%. so it's a daunting task. right now, i think we're very cognizant of that. right now, i just wanted to lend that in. it's on your side, we're going to be needing all of your leadership and support to build affordable housing. we don't have the funds now, even at 25%. i just want you to know that. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> okay. any other members of the public wish to comment on this item. please come forward? >> public comment is closed. i would just say again for the record, ms. carr, given the condensed schedule, i think it was unfair to you as well. i think this gives us more time. as i said before, i think it's very important for you to meet with the district supervisor
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where the majority of the work is going to be happening. so i think this is an appropriate thing. please don't walk away discouraged in any way. i think you do have a significant amount of credentials that are very impressive, but i think it's important to have that conversation. okay? so then we made the motion to continue to the call of the chair. we'll most likely be next week. we have to find the date where we're going to meet. great. please call the next item. >> class: item number four, motion approving/rejecting the mayor's appointment of carolyn ransom-scott to the successor agency commission (commonly known as the commission on community investment and infrastructure), for a term ending november 3, 2020. >> good morning. i want to thank you,upervisor asha, safai. >> i'm not just correcting you. i'm correcting our deputy city
10:56 am
attorney and other folks that have spoken this morning because they know me. i tease them a lot. it's safai. >> thank you. there you go. supervisor stefani. >> it's actually stephanie [phonetic]. [laughter] >> i want to thank you for this time to come forward and answer any questions about me be positioned as a commissioner for ocii. and i want to start with just getting to the point regarding myself. i'm a volunteer liais with the san francisco foundation faith-based initiative council
10:57 am
for the churches. i'm familiar with a lot of churches here in san francisco as a result of that. about myself, related to ocii, i want to share a little bit regarding what i to and what i've done in the city. i'm a long-time native of san i'ancisco. led in bayview hunters point over 35 years. my dad worked the shipyard for years, and the ship the economic engine for bayview hunters point until that ended. i was featured on various community campaign ads for the passinof prosition o. th recently passed initiative to further economic opportunities for hunter's point and candlestick point development. and especially the affordable housing and all that would afford. people of san francisco that
10:58 am
really need this help. for 20 years, i've been in and out of city hall listening and watchi watching. i've been appointed to the hunter's cac committee. commissi commissioner richardson and others, coming afford, i am serving now on the subcommittee for the business and employment and housing. i sit in on the planning and development meetings, finance, environmental, and reuse. with the sitting in and being a part of the business and employment, i go out into the community. i meet with pastors, faith-based
10:59 am
organizations and outreach and keeping them informed and updated on what's going on and what the possibilities are for them. the cac connects with ocii. we listen to developers, city agencies, our community, and our stakeholders. the work of ocii is approved by the hunter's point cac, which has helped me understand how the departments operate. if approved by the supervisors, i will still be communicating with the hunter's point cac due to the fact most of the matters concerning ocii come before the hunter's cac committee. regarding our shipyard, we deal with parks and open space, land
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use, business and employment with cac. housing, affordable housing, environmental planning and reuse, finance, recreation, workforce development, and community benefits. workforce development -- and i know it's a passionate area for spice sore safai. and he has worked hard to get that into his district 11. it would be such a help to this city with workforce development moving and developing our committees, including our as-risk youth. the shipyard will bring in job opportunities with workforce development throughout this whole city. what i would like to do if appointed and put on this commission, i would