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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  June 11, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> silence alnd producing devices for the duration of the meeting. >> approval of the agenda, two changes. presentation by rihanna albert rather than rick appleby, and the second for item cc, should read requesting authorization to enter into a new grant agreement with edgewood center for children and families to provide family caregiver support, kinship program, during a period of july 1, 2018, to june 30, 2021, in the amount of $171,417, plus 10% contingency for total
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amount not to exceed $188,558. dates and the amounts have been modified. so, with those two changes, may i have a motion to approve the agenda? >> so moved. >> second? >> second. >> thank all in favor? >> aye. >> opposed? thank you. item 3, approval of the may 2, 2018 meeting minutes. motion to approve? >> so moved. >> do i have a second? >> second. >> thank you. any comments or questions? any comments or questions from the public? hearing none, call the question all in favor, aye. any opposed? thank you, the motion carries. next item is the director's report. >> good morning, commissioners. so, i'll just start by saying maybe you did not know but had an election yesterday. and so while we, the results are not in for everything, just want to say one of the things we worked on last week as a
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department was doing a continuity work plan for the new mayor. the request from the office was to talk about two things we are doing in the next 30 days, the next six months, and the next year. and so i just wanted to give you just a very general idea of what we, what i sent over to the mayor's office. the first was talking about enhancements to the public conservatorship process, i mentioned before to you, but certainly we are working with other departments to try to streamline the process to make sure that people who are greatly disabled are able to access the services that we have. also, we have been working very closely with senator wiener's office on his bill, senate bill 1045, which would expand the powers of the conservator to serve a broader population.
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the second thing is that we have been working on world elder awareness day, outreach, we want to do, expanded outreach in the city about elder abuse and i'll talk more about that in a minute. but that's what we sent also to them. and the six months, we talked out the reframing aging san francisco, which you know about already. that's a couple of things that we are going to be doing around really broadening outreach to san francisco, the vision i think is to make sure that we can all age well in san francisco and that everybody understands what that means. and the next thing is optimizing aging and dementia care. we are partnering with ucsf aging collaborative for best practices in dementia care. the front line workers, adult protective services workers have or will receive training from
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ucsf and incorporate dementia screenings. both doing this via mobile application and when they find somebody who might need further follow-up they can follow that up. [please stand by]>> lisa, debra
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oliver, tiffany, anne, lauren, mary, jamie, and rick. thank you. [applause] >> why don't all of you come up here so we can see you. [applause] this is a great group. so, while i'm talking, bridgette
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will help me by handing out certificates to each of you. really, i wanted to talk about a couple different things great about the safety committee. intra, it involves different programs throughout daas and i think it's been a really good chance for people to get to know each other across programs and to work together. i also think it really kind of falls in line with our strategic plan. one of the things in our strategic plan is that we really support staff to in turn support clients and one of the things we need to make sure we d is provide staff with a safe working environment. and being such a big agency and in the big old buildings, and right in the heart of san francisco, you know, we are challenged sometimes with making sure things are safe for our staff. and this group has really stepped up to find out what the
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safety issues are with staff across the department, and to make sure that they are tackling the safety issues when they can and also working to make us be better at helping to keep our staff safe. so, i just want to thank all of you for that. and i also want to read who the person who submitted this, submitted you as a group, said, because it's really great, and much better than what i can probably say. but i also want to start by saying mary carbaras, thank you so much for being the chair and really taking leadership and cat, thank you so much for being the chair now and continuing the leadership. it's really been helpful to have you two step up. but right now i'm going to talk about all of you. so, the daas safety committee, employee led group focussed on employees from field safety, workplace violence and disaster issues, to make a few.
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with representation from all daas programs, volunteers meet monthly and work on relevant issues to work on communication. employees co-chair the meetings, create their own agenda and action items, regular presence at the daas leadership meetings. staff interest and a variety of safety topics, addressing training and safety issues from their respective programs, and creating documents like the field safety tips and reference guide for building a work-related safety issue. during the april 2018 daas quarterly leadership meeting, they share the current floor plans, striker chairs, fire extinguishers on easily referenced document. the daas safety committee is an example of the exceptional staff at daas who not only care about serving our clients but also care about our work environment
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and are willing to go above and beyond the regular responsibilities to promote safety and awareness. this committee was formed after focussed after efforts by our management and supervisors and our innovations team really working together to address safety concerns and i really just am grateful to you for working on this now for what's been two years, and for sticking with it, and also for the managers here, who really support the staff to take the time to go to the meetings and do the work that it takes. because obviously that means coming out of their regular jobs to do that. so, thank you all, and you are all employees of the month for june. [applause]
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>> thank you, and that was all-star cast indeed. next on the agenda is the advisory counsel report, eleanor. ok. >> commissioner. >> good morning, president, commissioners, executive director, the advisory council met on wednesday, may 16, and at that meeting we had an announcement that long time senior member dr. bruce spear resigned. senior senator for c.s.l. for
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our area and he resigned after many years of service to the city and county of san francisco and to daas. we have three other candidates who we in its place, one of the persons will be taking dr. spear's will be, this is, her name is -- mrs. hammond, warren and allegra will be the person taking dr. spear's place. also at the meeting dr.edelman gave her report, and that's lgbt summit, summit held on, tomorrow, from 8:30 to 2:00 at the milton mark confer
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center, and it's open to eryone mrs. lawrence, diane lawrence a attended the senior rally on may 8, and hopefully she will give that. i was not there at the meeting, i was out, excuse me for kind of stumbling over some of this stuff. >> thank you leon for stepping in. >> president serina: comments or questions, hearing none, move on. joint legislative committee report, diane lawrence. >> good morning, commissioners and director. now that i've been called on to discuss senior rally day, it was -- there were about 600 seniors from statewide, san bernardino county was the largest represented. they had gotten on the busses late the night before and traveled to sacramento. there were speakers from the legislature, from both houses, supervisor wiener, excuse me,
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state senator wiener spoke as did, i believe, assemblyman phil tang. those who spoke, spoke about their commitment to senior legislation and to seniors in california, and because they have realized that so many bills that impact seniors and their programs and funding go through so many varied committees, th put together a work group, if you will, from both houses, and from a number of those committees to see if they can streamline the process. we were actually handed a template of all of the agencies that touched senior issues and it began to look like the periodic table for those of you who took chemistry. and a little more colorful and, but -- and then there were some workshops on some members met with legislators to advocate for
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certain bills. some met with, i went to a workshop on kind of process and that was very, very helpful. so, it was -- it a worth while day. it was beautiful, and of course in may you have lots of school children traipsing the halls and so it was, it was just a nice event, and a lot of energy. then the following week we met in, as usual, with our joint legislative committee. again, we did noteav a quorum, we were waiting approvals. we discussed 23 of the 33 we are following, and going to highlight about seven of those and then you'll have the detail in the minutes. eight new bills were added to the list. because we are winding down the legislative session, it will end at the end of this month, and will be the end of that two-year session, so a whole brand-new bunch of legislation to begin
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looking at early next year. we are at that point where things are moving in and out of committees rapidly, where there's a lot of federal wording changes, you know, striking language and adding language. but there were, as i say, seven i would like to point out. one is ab23, 24 by assemblyman rubio, and on elder or dependent adult abuse, and it requires mandated reports and expands the definition of disorderly conduct to include looking through a hole or opening in the wall, concealed camera or concealed secret recording camera, and the bill would require mandatory reporting, it's a major change there. another one is on ab2877 by mathis, and this is on vehicular air pollution, and this was for rural areas. help them get grantso get
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efficient vehicles with gas efficiency to reduce ponolluti in rural areas. and what they added this time was some, they set some dollar limits, the one in the bill in may is $25,000. senator wiener's conservatorship bill, sb1045, narrowed the focus of the bill to two pilot programs, sunset in january 1st of 2024, the counties of los angeles and the county of san francisco. so we'll continue to watch that one. ab2025 creates, we talked about it before, it's now called lders, and that's -- elders living with dignity, empathy, respect and support. it names a major change and it will create a bond fund so there
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will be a bond on the 2020 ballot to create a $200 million bond found for housing. ab2021 by accosta, anded a pilot program for senior volunteers to encourage senior lunteergramnd non-profit caregiver resource center, and that would create a pilot program, obviously, require reporting to sunset in 2024, before it moves forward. and then in assemblyman irwin's bill, ab2019, greatest social need to include cultural or social isolation caused by sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. and then lastly, senate bill 821 by jackson, it defines what is necessary in an emergency plan.
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we have spoken before where these, come out of the santa rosa fires and then the hurricanes where we saw some challenges in other jurisdictions over getting sesut of rential ce facilities. and as i say, defines emergency plan just for the purposes of emergency services. so, i'm sure, in the july report, a lot more changes given where we are in the legislative cycle and then in august acking what's past and what's at the governor's desk. >> thank you, diane. one question, the adjtments or amendments that senator wiener made to the conservator bill to limit it to san francisco and los anles county, does that improve the chances for passage? >> i'm not sure if it does or not. since it is narrowed down and help refine someone in the department may have better
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insight. it probably does, yeah. >> thank you. >> two quick questions. if you had more information, my understanding that two additional piece of legislation from senator wiener also recently passed, one being extending drug prices to prevent price gouging for consumers, and two being, providing full dental coverage for low income people with developmental disabilities. i don't have a lot of background information. wondering if you did. >> i will put those as action items in report next month. >> commissioner pappas: thank you, mr. chair and director, i expressed to diane an interest to sit on this committee in addition to my work on the nominating committee, if that has -- if that's ok with you all, i would like to -- >> president serina: yes, that would be great. any comments or questions from the public? thank you very much, diane. as usual, very thorough.
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>> thank you. >> president serina: long-term care coordinating council report. >> good morning, commissioners and guests. my name isjaycee coen, long-term care coordinating council, which i am a member to sh highlights from our may 2018 meeting. when i'm not at council meetings, i am chief of strategic partnerships at the arc san francisco, adults 18 years and older. chair of the nominations committee work group of the long-term care coordinating council. this work group is charged with recruiting into long-term care coordinating members, interviewing candidates, and increasing the diversity of the long-term care coordinating council membership.
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the dignity sun coalition april 26th mayoral town hall was a huge success. with 980 of the 990 seats filled at the theater and 440 individuals watching the live stream. it was the largest mayoral event to date. long-term care coordinating council member mark burns, on april 23rd, led a team at the scan foundation advocacy day at the capitol, collaboration with the 23 regional coalitions, collaborative for long-term supports. general conversation in support of the data study request listed as the top policy ask for the collaboration, followed by pport for the more specific asks around mssp, multi-purpose
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senior services program, the pace program, programs of all-inclusive care for the elderly, and the need to establish ihssmoe,aint mance of effort, balanced and fair to counties thatd them with incentivo continue support quality and choice in the program. members of the long-term care coordinating council steering and finance committees have held three energetic strategic planning and development meetings, with the fourth scheduled tomorrow to refine the long-term care coordinating council strategic framework, and set the tone for our work plan for next year. this is all in preparation for the june 14th long-term care coordinating council retreat. the joint committee drafted a revised long-term care coordinating council, mission, vision statement and core values
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and principles for further discussion and review at the june 14th retreat, as well as agenda focus for the meeting. between january and march, a series of three entatis to the council on employment and work force challenges of older adults and people with disabilities. to help the members discuss and identi polcy recommendations to put forward by the long-term care coordinating council. the council drafted the following work force policy recommendations. on work force, the san francisco long-term care system to be successful and meeting its vision, the long-term care coordinating council support long-term care work force policies, which develop and sustain and appropriately skilled work force of sufficient capacity to meet the needs of the long-term care population. on employment or san francisco older adults and people with
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disabilities, to thrive in their homes and communities, there must be sufficient employment opportunity for all those who wish to participate. therefore, the long-term care coordinating councilupport employment policies which help create and build employment equity for older adults and people with disabilities. on may 9 supervisor yee hosted a hearing about the gaps in employment and related services for older adults and adults with disabilities. the hearing included much public comment, both frustrations and positives. a number of ggestions, including a small group to look at local, state and federal level policies and programs, and identify best practices and look at disabilitynd together. thank you for the opportunity to present today. >> thank you for that very comprehensive report. any comments or questions from the commission? any comments or questions from the public?
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ok, the next item. the case report. >> good morning, commissioners. director. catholic charities, i'm here to present the case report today. we'll keep it short and sweet, we know you have a very busy agenda. just to let you know, our members are extremely busy, continuing the visits to the board of supervisors about the case platform ask where we see the biggest needs in the community for additional funding, and we added one ask to our platform that we had already iven, and that really is to look at adult day health care and they are petitioning and asking the state to increase the fees for medical reimbursement, they have not gotten an increase in over ten years, and we are hoping you will do that as well. on may 14, we did have a meeting and the compassion, about
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compassion and choices with reverend bob drake, and that's to do with the california end of life options act. and right after our meeting, if you might have been watching the news, the act is now been overturned, and so the board and the members of looking at is there any advocacy we want to do around that adding additional options and choices for clients who are really at the end of life stage, and so we'll see what we do with that going forward. we do have a meeting on monday, june 11th, from 3 to 5. our meetings are currently held at stepping stone presentation adult day health care, at 301 ellis street. and this month we are having a presentation on justice and aging, fightiioren poverty through law. and we are having the executive director kevin prindellville do a presentation and offering continuing education units, something we have been able to do recently and are very fortunate to have kaitlyn morgan helping us with that.
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so, that's my presentation. is there any questions? >> thank you very much, patty. one question on the compassionate care act. i think it was just a superior court judge in southern california that has ruled against it, but i don't think there's been any final court decision that completely overturns the act. >> that's something we are looking at. i've heard a couple different news reports about it, and so we are going to follow it as a board and as members and see where it goes and what we want to do, if it does actually get fully overturned. >> thank you, maybe you can let us know next month. >> president serina: comments or questions? anything from the public? thank you, hearing none, item 5, general public comment. opportunity for the public to comment on items not on the agenda. is there any public comment? seeing none, moving on to item 6, old business. any old business? none, moving on, new business.
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item a, requesting authorization to enter into a new contract agreement with rtz associates, inc., for therosion of access, development and support of the san francisco get care system during the period of 20, in the amount of june $2,192,312, plus a 10% contingency, not to exceed $2,411,543. welcome, thank you. >> good morning, commissioners. executive director. i'm presenting on the rtz contract that incorporates scopes of work for daas and department of pubic health. i can speak to general questions and daas specific areas and of the contract, i will defer specific questions to our
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counterparts. since 2003 for contract efficiency and having had the majority of the scope of work with rtz, dph has overseen the contract on daas behalf, as dph is moving to a new system, daas is taking on the oversight of the contract and will continue thereafter. provided by rtz are integral part of our daas benefits and resource, also known as the integrated intake unit. office on aging contracts and the long-term care contracts. centralizing and, information and allowing for data sharing between the partners, in a manner that's consistent with our privacy laws. these databases also allows us to work efficient shenly with our contract torques as well as to track data for reporting
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requirements and for planning. this concludes my report, i can entertain questions. >> president serina: any comments or questions? commissioner loo. >> vice president loo: i'm just looking at the last page, the item three. the information system. the first, the last page of the document. where the budget is. appendix b1. you got it? >> item three? >> vice president loo: yes, item three. >> there are two budget, one for daas b, and then b1 is dph. defer it to kelly. >> vice president loo: my question here is in 2018-19, 34,000 and then 1920 is 48,000, is a jump of 43%.
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i'm just asking the question. >> good morning, commissioner. i'm the director of san francisco health with the department of public health. hope sfastart-up project, so they are doing the program design what's happening in this year and then in next, it's going to be actually implemented, so input and data to be tracked. and that's why there is such a jump that the system will actually be in use. >> vice president loo: thank you. >> president serina: any other comments or questions? >> one brief question. thank you as always, carrie. the contract talks about data analysis and also the ability to inform and support potential new projects. so, i was just curious, is this the type of data analysis that
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could augment any gaps during the community needs assessment? >> talking about item 2c in appendix b? >> in general with the contract. >> well, it has the potential to do that. but it's really more about the databases, all of them, there are different programs involved and some data is to inform the needs assessment and the planning that our department does. >> we do use the data for that. we also use other datasets that we have throughout the agency, so, yes, of course we want to know who we are serving and what the demographics look like and will pull data from there. >> thank you, any other comments or questions? any comments or questions from the public? hearing none, call the question all in favor? any opposed? thank you, the motion carries. item b.
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requesting authorization to enter into a new grant agreement with family caregiver alliance for the provision of family caregiver support programming during the period of july 1, 2018, through june 30, 2019, in the amount of $674,696, plus a 10% contingency, amount nod to exceed $742,165, welcome monte cimino. >> good morning. this morning we seek your approval for family caregiver alliance, family caregiver support services. family caregiver alliance provides services to caregivers throughout san francisco incoordination with three subcontractors. together they provide services to a wide range of caregivers in english, japanese, korean, chinese and spanish. services include outreach,
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information and referral, individual counseling, caregiver support groups, training and respite care. thank you, happy to answer any questions you may have. >> president serina: thank you, any comments or questions? from the public? hearing none, call the question. all in favor? any opposed? thank you, the motion carries. item c. the first part, introduction and overview for agenda items c-h, daas office on aging, funded natulization programs. this is an information only item. thank you, paulo. >> good morning, commissioners, my name is paulo salta. the next agenda items are comprises the naturalization program and i would like to take this opportunity to give you a
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brief introduction and i will answer any questions relating to the grants on those items presented. naturalization is a process which which u.s. citizenship is granted to qualified lawful permanent residents. this program is solely for green card holders or r and eligible to become naturalized. becoming a u.s. citizen provides new benefits -- oh. becoming u.s. citizens, becoming a u.s. citizen provides benefits, new benefits, privileges, rights and responsibilities, include an increase in financial security, freedom to travel, access the government, and most importantly, the right to vote. the following grantees will provide services to aid older adults and adults with disabilities on their path to citizenship. classes available for students to learn basic u.s. history and government, and the same time, improving their english proficiency to successfully pass
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a test. grantees will have one-on-one assistance, counseling, representation, as it relates to citizenship or natral issues. grantees will have attorneys on staff. this program also deters exploitation by l.p.r.s, having successful organizations in the community. thank you, and this concludes my introduction. >> president serina: thank you. a motion to approve so we can then discuss, i should have been doing that. >> so moved. >> president serina: thank you. any comments or questions? commissioner pappas. >> commissioner pappas: is this being done in concert with the pathways to citizenship program? >> right. yes. >> commissioner pappas: specific engagement? >> through the office of engagement, exactly. but this program is more hands on, it's targeting the population, adults with disability, we offer classes. the pathway to citizenship is a
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big workshop, 5 to 6 workshops a year, and all through, in -- and the help to fill out the application. >> president serina: thank you. any other comments or questions of a general nature? c, motion to approve, requesting authorization to enter, to renew the grant agreement with centro latino de san francisco, during the period july 1, 2018, through june 30, 2019, $115,503, and not to exceed 127,053. a motion to approve for discussion? >> so moved. >> thank you. centro latino has been providing
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naturalization services for 25 years. program educator and coordinator for 18 years, and instruction and method is down to a science. it will be e.s.l. classes and one-on-one assistance, and preparation and submission, moc u.s., c.i.s. interviews and the united states citizenship immigration services, and if needed, escort services to the u.s.c.i.s. office for spanish speaking l.p.r.s with approved language waiver. i seek your approval on this grant renewal. >> thank you. a motion to discuss? >> so moved. >> a question, for all six contracts, i notice that outreach was not explicitly bucketed as part of the contract. outreach plan for the services, and i'll preface that with the question it's unbelievably important, so very glad to see
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the contracts are before us. are we to assume the organizations in general, because i'm sure they already do robust outreach and coordination with the constituency they serve. >> and also the pathway to citizenship program. a lot of work behind trying to recruit as many people as possible and i have attended, and attended a lot of the classes and one of them is a class at 9:00 in the morning, there's people standing on the side, so, definitely a lot of people that are taking advantage of the resource. thank you. >> president serina: thank you. any comer oquestions? >> i just had one. only because it's something i'm working on in conjunction with all of this. are there concerns about 2020 census involved with these contracts as well, because this is online, a lot of data collection. is there a rush to get into the
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programs as a result of that, or -- >> right. i think there's definitely going to be numbers, for example, about 51,000 individuals in san francisco that are eligible to become naturalized. and i think the work is going to continue, the census might skew that number a bit, but we still will know that there's still green card holders out there that are able, and i think through advocacy and outreach, trying to make sure that the benefit to becoming a citizen is kind of not put out there. help a lot. >> president serina: thank y y other comments or questions from the commission? any comments or questions from the public? call the question on item c, all in favor? any opposed? motion carries. item d. requesting authorization to renew the grant agreement with international institute for the bay area for the provision of naturalization services for
9:45 pm
older adults and adults with disabilities, july 1, 2018, through june 30, 2019, $185,198, plus 10% contingency, grant amount not to exceed $203,717, once again, paulo salta will present. >> so moved. >> president serina: thank you. >> thank you. international institute of the bay area or iiba mission, to provide high quality immigration legal services, education, and civic engagement opportunities to immigrants and refugees to contribute to the property. providing citizenship/esl classes, one-on-one assistance, and legal services. legal services may include representing applicants who submit the application, and providing advice about the strengths of the potential naturalization applicants, the
9:46 pm
medical waiver form, exempts them from the english and civics test. classes are conducted at 201 housing in tenderloin and 1111 market. i seek your approval on this grant removal. >> president serina: thank you, comments or questions? comments or questions from the public? all in favor? opposed? thank you, the motion carries. item e. requesting authorization to renew the grant agreement with jewish family and children's services for the provision of naturalization services for older adults and adults with disabilities, during the period of july 1, 2018, through june 30, 2019, in the amount of $81,225, plus 10% contingency for a total grant amount not to exceed $89,347.
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michael zaugg welcome. >> good morning, commissioners, executive director, i'm mike zaugg, director on office of the aging. jewishamilynd children's services for naturalization, provides legal services between 30 and 31 avenue. also provide citizenship, esl classes, at their post street location in the fillmore area. inhouse language includes russian, as well as some languages depending on volunteers, right now they have a spanish-speaking volunteer who is helping with some translation services. things for consideration, i'll be happy to answer any questions. >> president serina: thank you, michael. comments or question from the commission? any comments or questions from the public? hearing none, call the question. all in favor? opposed? thank you, the motion carries.
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item f. requesting authorization to renew the grant agreement with la raza centro legal inc. for the provision of naturalization services for older adults and adults with disabilities during e periodf july 1, 2018, to june 30, 2019, $43,519, and 10% contingency, not to exceed $47,870. once again, michael, thank you. >> hello, again. >> president serina: discussion? >> somoved. >> naturalization program is based out of their office in the mission district on valencia. providing legal services related to the naturalization process. and language, in-house language capacity is spanish. >> president serina: thank you, comments or questions from the commission? any comments or questions from the public? hearing none, call the question.
9:49 pm
all in favor? any opposed? thank you, the motion carries. item g. >> requesting authorization to renew the grant agreement with nihonma k nihonmachi legal outreach, during the period of july 1, 2018, through june 30, 2019, in the amount of $147,672. plus a 10% contingency for total grant amount not to exceed $162,439, michael, again, i have a motion for discussion? >> so moved. >> president serina: thank you. michael. >> a.p.i. legal outreach based in the south market neighborhood, offices at mission, between 7 and 8 there, providing legal services
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naturalization services. and a contract for vietnamese elderly association, that may be changing. of u in the air right now. we are working with them to see how that's going to play out next year, in the event that they are not able to continue as a subcontractor, we are working to find a sufficient replacement to meet that, the southeast asian population in particular. >> thank you. >> language capacity at a.p.i. is extensive. cantonese, korean, japanese, vietnamese, spanish, among others. >> president serina: comments or questions from the commission? commissioner loo. >> vice president loo: one question --e time when you have subcontract with another agency and when the amount is like a little bit high, like
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one-third or half or 1-fifth percent, i'm wondering whether we can have a copy of the service they provide by the subcontractors. >> ok. that's something we can -- is there - >> vice president loo: not talking about this one, but other programs that have subcontracts. >> for the subcontract, what percentage are you thinking, or how long? >> please state your name. >> john sudodola, director of contracts for h.s.a. >> vice president loo: i would say subcontract like one-third of the budget or whatever, then, reasonable to ask for a copy of the service they provide. what do you think? >> i think it's a good idea. we can do that. >> president serina: thank you. ok. any other comments or questions from the commission? comments or questions from the public? thank you. please come to the microphone.
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>> good morning, hi, my name is ali taal. i want to share with you the work happening on our front. we have been around for 43 years, we do naturalization. we are involved with a lot of immigration reform, especially san francisco county in the greater bay area. i want to share with you that many of the naturalization cases that we are confronted with have been much more complex now with the heightened attack on immigration in san francisco as a sanctuary city, specifically many of our l.p.r. seniors are sometimes confused when immigration says we are going to deport you and they don't know the laws, so then there is a rush to try to get naturalized. for a lot of folks who did not do that before, are now doing that. a lot of other services like the san francisco o.c.a., the office of civil engagement, all the collaborative effort is to
9:53 pm
better serve the san francisco community. i want to share with you why it's so complicated, so, government has greater access to petitioners and record electronically, and more scrutiny on the clients, on the background,eime for attorneys to potentially address the issues, because of that, we have to do more freedom information act, research and background. there are a lot more increase in refusing or denying disability waiver for our adults, elder, and requires more detail. the failure to do more complex case, with i is much more needed, simple cases are easy, but complex are really hard when you are having seniors afraid, trying to track the record, means a lot more work and if you do it wrong, it means deportation. so, we can't have that here. so i wanted to share with you the breadth and the front line and we also work with all the members of the other naturalized
9:54 pm
collaborative to better strengthen san francisco's representation to the seniors. thank you. >> president serina: thank you. any other comments or questions from the public? >> i just want to thank you for raising those points because as we approach the census, because the data is being taken online, every concern you mentioned is being lifted up there, and we want to make suree protect those who are going to be coming forward to self-identify, but thank you for raising those points. >> president serina: thank you. any other comments or questions from the public? hearing none, call the question. all in favor? any opposed? thank you, the motion carries. item g. i'm sorry, we just did. item h. requesting authorization to renew the grant agreement self help for the elderly for the provision of naturalization services for older adults and adults with disabilities, during the period of july 1, 2018, to june 30, 2019, in the amount of
9:55 pm
$170,017, plus 10% contingency for total grant amount not to exceed $187,018. welcome back, paulo. may i have a motion? >> so moved. >> president serina: thank you, paulo. >> thank you. self help for the elderly naturalization program, citizenship, esl classes with the islandserprogram. one-on-one assistance is also available, and preparation and submission, mock interviews and assessment on whether the l.p.r. is eligible for the disability or language waiver. services are offered in six san francisco locations, which include the portsmouth square in chinatown, and a lutheran church at 2400 noriga. >> president serina: any comments or questions from the
9:56 pm
commission? the public? hearing that, thank you, the motion carries. item i. requesting authorization to enter into a new grant agreement with felton institute for the provision of the daas benefits and resource hub community lie asons, $176,436, 10% gencin not to exceed $194,080. rihanna. >> good morning, commissioners. and executive director. my name is rihanna albert, analyst with the office on the aging. felton institute will place community liaisons with the goal of providing employment opportunities for seniors and
9:57 pm
younger adults living with a disability. the daas benefits and resource hub is a service center that caters to san francisco residents aged 60 or older or between 18 and 59, living with a disability. at the benefits and resource hub, the individuals can access and connect to daas services, such as county veteran services and in-home supportive services. the community liaisons who are placed at the benefits and urcesohub will be responsible for tingee engaging, and providing direction to new and incoming clients. they may also act as computer lab monitors, assist with daas outreach activities and provide customer service. employing seniors and younger adults living with a disability, the program selects the community it serves. creates a more familiar, comfortable and empathy environment. lastly, i would like to report that the most recent program monitoring done at felton institute was in full
9:58 pm
compliance. may i answer any questions? >> thank you, any questions or ts? hearing none, comments or questions from the public. motion carries. item j. requesting authorization to renew the grant agreement with self-help for the elderly for the provision of the emergency short-term home care for seniors, personal care, chore and homemaker services during the period of july 1, 2018, to june 30, 2019, in the amount of $107,261, plus a 10% contingency for total grant amount not to exceed $117,987. rick appleby will present. motion to discuss? [please stand by] the intent of
9:59 pm
the program is offer quick, response, urgent homere services to those consumers who do not have immediate access to the in-home supportive services or other home care programs. consumers, for example, may be recently discharged from the hospital, and not yet enrolled in ihss. other consumers may need very short-term services after the hospital or while other caregiver is in the hospital or otherwise unavailable. the self-help for the elderly
10:00 pm
staff respond toeferra in two days to conduct the intake process so we can get services started very quickly. self-help for the elderly has staff that speaks english and cantonese and a large pull in the organization to translate other languages wel self-help offers a broad suite of other services so each consumer can get the resources they need and referred to other organizations as necessary. the program i administered from 601 jackson street site, and services are between 8 and 5 monday through friday. met with self-help staff to conduct a contract monitoring visit on may 25. there were no significant findings in the progrms being in compliance with contract and program requirements. thanks for your consideration. >> thank you. any comments or questions?