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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  June 19, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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it is a working coalition that is providing services at a greater rate and less cost than the city itself could provide, and we do a lot more together than we do independently, which is why we hope you value the services we provide to the underserved in our community. thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. thank you for this opportunity to speak in support of the spotlight on the arts internship program. my name is malia jenkins, and i'm 17 years old and will be attending university of san francisco in the fall, majoring in arts and sciences. i've always wanted to pursue graphic design, so art focus internship programs in san francisco are surprisingly small in number. at school, i felt over shadowed by this focus on development in stem careers and trug willed to find a program that educated in the arts like spotlight does. i gained experience in my field by working with clients in the
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organizations. but spotlight wasn't just about the internship, alongside the professional development workshops allows me to network and build further skills. without spotlight, i would have been completely unprepared to pursue college. i have found very few programs that provide arts education for youth, particularly people of color and youth who are lgbt in the city. built changed my life, and i wish -- spotlight changed my life, and i only hope that other students will have the wonderful opportunities it -- >> supervisor cohen: next speaker, please. >> thank you, supervisors. we're here on behalf of la para trans latina. we're here in support for the $1.2 million increase towards the seven agencies that fund specific transgender services. we're asking for the 1.2 million because it's only -- it's only 0.0109% of the city budget, and these
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funds would really help us with the output of services we can give to some of the most marginalized folks, including folks that are looking for political asylum. thank you very much. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is rachel, and i'm the housing program manager at homeless prenatal program. every day in my work, i hear stories of people in shelter that are experiencing homelessness that need affordable housing immediately and affordable rent in san francisco. i'm here today to advocate for the hspa budget proposal and for more subsidy that are similar to the shared subsidy program that strives to keep low-income families housed as well as families of color housed in san francisco. with the allotment of $900208 over the next two years, it will allow us to help 208 families and help them out of homelessness.
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>> hello, supervisors. i'm a resident in district six, and i'm a children and family social worker and speaking in support of the coalition on homelessness. in 2017, they found 7,409 homeless individuals in san francisco. 31% were chronically homeless and 71% lacked shelter, however it costs more not to address this. each chronically homeless person who isn't in supportive housing costs taxpayers $81,000 each year. if these individuals were in supportive housing it would only cost 20,000 perperson peryear. this proves it is more ethically and financially responsible to commit them to housing. there's a strong causal relationship between homelessness, drug use and traumatic childhood experiences. i would also like to advocate for more prechbstive measures,
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such as family and child services, foster and family support services. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker. >> hi. my name is francis colins, and i want to reiterate what the last speaker says. it costs more not to address the homelessness issue. it costs taxpayers 80,000 a year for every chronically homeless person in jail expenses and other band-aid solutions. it's ethically and physically more responsible to go towards supportive housing, which would only cost 20,000 a person. i remember the 80's, when ronald reagan refused to fund the mentally ill and turned them out on the street, and this issue is still with us. thanks. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. >> good afternoon, i'm karen
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fleshman, cofounder san franciscans for police accountability. i want to thank you for the two new police commissioners who are awesome. the board of supervisors convened a hearing on sfpd in 2016 when judge cordell spoke about 80 years of sfpd thwarting every reform attempt, and unfortunately i believe we are reliving that history. i urge all of you to withheld ensuring sfpd's budget and demand accountability. supervisor yee, you passed a resolution calling for a citizen commission to conduct a study of what sfpd needs to be, what size sfpd needs to be. this commission is urgently needed. there's a fundamental miss match between what our community needs and what sfpd does that results in police murder. we have high rates of homeless people, intoxicated people and mentally ill people.
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we all agree sfpd is the wrong interface. we need a team of mental health -- >> supervisor cohen: thank you. thank you, karen. next speaker. >> i'm jackie barshak with san franciscans for police accountability. i want to talk about the taser budget, which is $3 million, and i'm asking the supervisors to revisit that budget based on several factors. the -- there are two open seats now on the police commission. let those seats be filled, and then bring the entire vote to be revoted on for appropriations for tasers. also, the sunshine task force voted last week that -- came to the conclusion that the brown act had been violated in the police commission's vote for tasers, so i would like to
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factor that in to your reconsideration of the taser vote. and lastly, the measure h, the police officer's association measure on the last ballot was voted -- >> good afternoon. first of all, thank you, supervisors for listening to us. my name is alejandra, and i'm with hospitality house, and i'm here to ask you for the support of the hspa budget of $14.8 million to reduce the police budget, and increase money to protect our most vulnerable population, specifically the homeless and immigrants. please restore the 250 k for two years of the mental health service budget and provide the necessary support for our youth, homeless and family
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adults. furthermore i urge you to restore the 280 k for two years for workforce and employment services. this funding is crucial to get homeless folks jobs and back on their feet. work helps people become self-sufficient, and it is more cost efficient to invest in self-sufficiency than tasers, so please stop the hypocrisy and make san francisco a city that is accessible for all, and not just the wealthy. we have a responsibility to help our homeless population. thank you for listening. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is bij reyes. [inaudible] >> -- with social services.
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i can tell you without a doubt that i am most proud of my work with the bayview opera house. their a dream with the children's opera house -- [inaudible] >> -- a couple programs that come to mind. in these times of turmoil and negativity it's important to be the cornerstone that connected all the different programs in the city. the city's funding will enable us to be the cultural point of bayview. thank you for your time. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker. >> supervisors, tony robles, senior and disability action. seniors and people with disabilities are really hit hard in this city. there hasn't been an increase in the cost of living or cola in -- in social security in the last three years. our organization is senior and
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disability action. seniors and people with disabilities are in need of housing subsidies, and we'd like you to make this a priority and fund the $3 million for subsidies. we do support the hspa ask. i know seniors who are personally paying their rent. the subsidy can allow them a cushion, which is a security in situations that are precarious with individuals who can barely afford food and other necessities. these subsidies will provide housing stab housing sta housing stablity, and one-third of the housing in san francisco are seniors. and we need to provide for that. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker. >> my name is jessie johnson. we recognize that many of the people who live in the streets ago were just our neighbors, people who have been thrown out of their houses by landlords eager to make a profit off of the housing crisis.
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tonight, people in the tenderloin will sleep on the bare friends of their friend's s.r.o. rooms, they'll sleep in bathtubs, they'll sleep in closets. i've seen people in the tonederloin lend their best shirts for a job interview, i've seen them lend their last cigarette. please give us back the 14.8 in budget cuts. fund something positive. fund employment services for homeless people, fund transgender services. forget tasers. tasers only mean heartache and death. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you very much. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is tess davis. i'm here today to urge you to fully fund the hspa budget ask of $14.8 million, including $280,000 over two years to restore cuts to the employment services and another 240,000 for low threshold adult
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services. as a former case worker working with this population, i find the budget unacceptable. in a city that prides itself on being socially conscious, how can we justify this? san francisco is having its largest housing shortage, a constantly growing number of individuals on the streets, and completely unacceptable and life threatening housing and shelter wait lists. it is a moral obligation. no more death on the streets. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker. >> hello, supervisors. my name is moses thompson with hospitality house. san francisco's budget is $11 million, and less than 3% is spent on solutions to homelessness. we urge the board of supervisors to fully fund the hspa budget ask of 14.8 million. a budget is a moral document. restore and expand funding for
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mental health services for transitional aged youth, families, and low threshold services for homeless people in neighborhoods like the tenderloin. help vulnerable san franciscans get the support they need, mental health services, save money, and save lives. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is alan sampson minello. i'm the development director at hospital ill house, and i stand before you on my 23rd wedding anniversary on behalf of me and my wife with because we feel the issues are very important. i am urging you to please fully fund the hspa budget of 14.8 million. please restore the funding for
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mental health services for transitional families and in high need neighborhoods like the tenderloin that is 250,000 over the course of two years. also, i'm asking if you can please restore the cuts to workforce and employment services for the vulnerable folks of our neighborhoods. that's 280,000 over two years. remember, budgets tell a story, and let -- let the story of our city resonate, that we still believe in our shared humanity. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name's emily davis, and i'm reading this on behalf of an artist at the hospitality house, community program. in our country, we treat our cats and dogs better than we treat our people. you'll see strays getting shelter and medical attention, and other care. i live on market street, and every day i see people bundled
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in blankets with a smattering of their approximapossessions. we can put a few more resources to getting people off the street is and getting people working again. we are people, not the homeless. thank you. >> good afternoon. i'm wendy click. i'm from hospitality house. i want to just ask for funding in restoring the mental health services. this is an assess to the program that i work for at hospitality house. each week when i see an individual come in for individual or group wellness groups, they come out lighter on their feet. those that are in our community receive the same case managers for various support, and with those case managers there's over 100 maintained housing once they're off the street. we have one community members who was homeless for three years, and he had a approach
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the bench staying in, but confidence his wellness and community managers that have supported him, he has may i approa approach -- maintained housing for a year. so i'm asking you to fund the housing and community support services. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speakers. >> hi. my name is becky, and i'm here to support and ask for funding for our youth organizing. purchase our youth are here. one of them spoke. we have currently summer youth programs where our youth get to understand the issues that are affecting them are systemic, and this really empowers them to do their information. they're able to do, you know, inform and then pass this onto, like, their neighbors and such, and really, we know that -- we often talk about youth being the future, but they are now, they are experiencing what we are experiencing.
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they are part of this community, and we know that it's really important to work together, so we are working with others asking for $300,000 for youth funding, particularly or specifically 100,000 for casa de just cause. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker. >> my name is marie job for the community living campaign. i'm here to talk employment, particularly employment of seniors and people are -- with disabilities. 61% of the people in san francisco lack basic economic security. the unemployment rate for people with disabilities is five times the rate for others, so among the employment asks, there were two of particular interest to us. one is the s.f. reserve program, which was 317,000, and the other was for the senior community employment services program, which was 250,000, both providing subsidized employment for nonprofits. we want to be part of the solution to issues you heard
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today, so please put us to work. when you go back to your office, you'll find a flock of worker ducks have left more about this message in your office. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, board of supervisors. my name is judy young. i'm the executive director at the vietnamese youth support center. we're asking to support a mental health program supporting vulnerable vietnamese youth and families who are experiencing depression and trauma that go untreated, and when they ask to see a therapist, they have to wait two to three months to see a culturally competent therapist. so with the grant, we would be able to serve youth at our community site with an on-site therapist. and the second ask is a
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$160,000 facilities renovation. this will allow us to serve over 500 youth in our community with bathrooms and a.d.a. compliant. we currently only have one bathroom, so we hope you'll consider this request as part of your budget appropriation. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker. >> thank you. how you doing. hi, supervisors? we're all nonprofit. i just need help -- we're going to walk the streets in the bayview, we're working with parents, single parents, mentors, we're going to mess with kids with behavior problems, we're going with y.g.c. i ain't on calendar, i just want walking through it. i wanted to put you on notice, and we are a 501(c)3. we'll be working the bayview district, mission district,
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chinatown. we need to address the kids that don't have food, not having breakfast in the morning. you know, we need to get in their face and kill them with literature. we should be up and running real soon, so we need you all support. you'll see me again. and you all doing a great job, and you all look nice in here. nice staff. take care. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker. >> hi, supervisors. debbie lerman from the human services network. first i want to thank the mayor's office for supporting our nonprofits by doing a cost of doing business increase in each year, and renewing our nonprofit displacement founding. we ask the board to do what you can to grow the pot and to prioritize the budget justice coalition ask and will assist our vulnerable and low-income communities who have been left out of the city's wealth explosion. i want to touch on the process.
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we want to ensure that this body achieves its goals of transparency and community engagement. i w i am concerned about the limit of public comment time to one minute which limits speakers to broad generalized comments without time to discuss policy. we ask that you also do not delay any of the add backs, make your add backs as specific as possible because it takes a lot of time to r.f.p. and contract things, get the money out to the community as quickly as possible. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. thank you. next speaker. >> hello. my name is deanna. i'm here to ask you to please consider parents for public schools and keeping them in the budget. they do an incredible service for the community, particularly for marginalized parents, mostly parents of color and
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immigrant parents in bridging the gap of understanding from maybe the public education systems that they're used to and being able to choose the school appropriate for their child and also in facilitating that intimidating process of make even not knowing the language and parents for public schools does a great job of empowering parents to want to become increasingly engaged in their students' education, and also to bring community with fellow parents of their parents schools and to be able to make a positive impact on the educational futures, and as we all know, the overall out comes of that child. is that telling me -- >> supervisor cohen: yes, it is. next speaker.
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okay. >>. [speaking spanish] [voice of interpreter] >> my name is guadalupe, and i live in bayview. and i want to please -- oh . and i want to please ask you to support p.t.s., which is through parents for public schools in your budget because they really help us develop our engagement as parents and our knowledge of -- so that we can better help our child's educational future. they give us information about everything we don't know, and they help us better support our children, and we need to have parents for public schools.
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we're all latino parents because we don't necessarily understand everything that the district provides us with, language gaps. and they really help us with that support. thank you. [end of translation] >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. thank you for this opportunity. my name's daisy hernandez, i am latino outreach coordinator. i am working in bayview area and mission and visitacion area, too, and i would like please include p.p.s. in your budget because we really do great support for the family, and if this is not happen, the family is going to be affected. please remember p.p.s. i think we're doing great job. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. are there any other members of the public -- please come up.
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>> jean adams, lifelong san franciscan, long time member from the days of old son mary's housing community, there's a new wave of homelessness coming to san francisco. there are only grandmas raising grand kids, reference mayor london breed raised by grandma, reference mayor willie brown raised by grandma, but for how long can grandma continue raising grand kids? there's been no cola raise in three years, and yet the cola increased imposed on rent stablized apartments year offer year. that means rents going up and
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will soon exceed income for these old people. ten cities will soon become wheelchair cities -- [inaudible] >> supervisor cohen: miss adams, thank you for your document. your time -- you've exceeded your time. is there any other member of the public that would like to speak in public comment? okay. seeing none, public comment is closed. thank you very much. thank you to the men and women that came to public comment. we heard and took copious note oz wh s on what we heard. what i'd like to do is continue items 1 and 2 to the june 21 meeting. do i have a second? seconded by supervisor stefani, and madam clerk, do we have any other business?
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>> clerk: that concludes our business. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. we're adjourned. >> so first, i want to say good afternoon and thank you for joining me as i submit our balance to your budget to the board of supervisors here in city hall. i want to start today by bei
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acknowledging all of the hard work that went into this. i want to thampg the members of the board of supervisors, i want to thank the departments that are here today and their staffs for all their hard work and the months of preparation that are here today. there are a few people that i want to call out. first, ben rosenfield. i also want to thank and acknowledge harvey rose. it has been a pleasure with the board of supervisors to working with him. and lastly, and i want to say most importantly, i want to thank my entire budget team. they're all sitting over here, and to keller kirkpatrick, our acting budget director, can we give her a round of plauz? [applause] >> and i want to acknowledge my chief of staff, jason elliott,
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jason, thank you for everything. [applause] >> so before i dive into the specifics of the budget, i do want to acknowledge where we have been over the past seven months. i think we all remember where we were when we heard about mayor lee's passing and the shock that it felt. no one could have possibly anticipated that our mayor would have been taken from us in december, taken from the city that he loved. we all have endured a lot since that fateful night. many of us have cried, many of us have mourned, but we have come together as a city. we have definitely had our disagreements and debates over the past seven months, but we have stayed together, defending the values of san francisco. and while our local economy continues to thrive, san francisco faces real challenges every single day.
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well, you all understand that a mother should not have to choose between paying her utility bill or paying rent, the potential of facing eviction or homelessness. we know that clean streets free of syringes and needles should be the norm, not the exception. that parking your car in san francisco should not induce a panic attack because you think it will be broken into. we all understand that residents in historically under served communities did he serve the resources and -- deserve the resources in a booming economy. they deserve it from san francisco. and as the trump administration attacks so many of our communities, our immigrant community, our lgbt community, our women in san francisco, and the rights of all san franciscans, we must fight
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back. we are stewards of the greatest city in the world, and we will rise up to the challenges of today. thank you. [applause] >> now, homelessness has plagued our city for decades, but the situation has never been so dire as it is right now. we will not solve this epidemic with one single answer, and this budget takes a multifacet multifaceted approach to making a real dent in the issue, to help stem the tight of homelessness and push back on the challenges that have confronted us for years on our streets. i also understand the roots of this tragedy are complex, they are not simple, and they are also not unique to san francisco, which is why over the past few months, i have partnered with ten of the mayor's of the other largest cities in california and
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advocated in sacramento, advocated with our governor, spent hours in sacramento together as mayors to ask for more than $1.5 billion in our state budget so that cities can address homelessness on our streets because we know the solutions that are working. and i want to say a special thanks to assembly man -- senator weiner, assembly men chiu, and this budget, as large as it is and as large as the investments are within homelessness does not reflect a single dollar of that ask, and we have had great results in sacramento in committees over the past few weeks, and we are hopeful that additional funding will be coming shortly from sacramento. this budget invests in measures that prevent people from falling into the clutches of homelessness to begin with, while also supporting programs
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that ensure once they are housed, they will have the support and services that they need to avoid slipping back into homelessness on our streets. we will be compassion driven in our approach, but we will also take strategic common sense measures, measures such as our encampment resolution teams, because no one gets better by living on our streets at night. the first fiscal year of my budget will include $30 million in new initiatives for homelessness. that package includes an investment to double our home ward bound budget, a measure that reunites struggling families with their loved ones, and last year alone over 900 people were served by project home ward bound, and less than 10% of people returned to the city of san francisco to access
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services. this is to prevent and divert people from a life on our streets here in san francisco. and when someone leaves the throes of homelessness, they will leave permanently with the resource necessary to make sure they get back on their own 2 feet. in the next fiscal year, this budget will create 200 new supportive housing units in san francisco. with these units, san francisco will have more than 7,900 permanent supportive housing units in the city of san francisco, the most percapita of any city in our entire country. along with our new units, i will be investing $1.5 million additional funds to support additional housing at our permanent housing sites. this includes $15 million to continue our nav fact center pipeline, helping to secure the creation of four new facilities right here in our city,
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including the first one dedicated specifically to women and expectant mothers. these resource heavy centers are critical to breaking the cycle of homelessness, poverty and addiction on our streets. we will fund programs that support families, we will fund program that's support the youth that are homeless on our streets, and i will continue to support funding for operations that clear our streets of unsafe and unhealthy tent encampments. again, no one's life is getting better by sleeping in tents on our streets. we must also address the core roots of the issue of homelessness. we must offer help to those on our streets struggling with addiction, mental illness and other behavioral health challenges. last month, i announced the creation of a new street medicine street which will deliver opioid treatments
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directly to people living on our streets. this dedicated unit under the direction of dr. barry zevin will offer medication to people living on our streets. it is a first in the nation program, and it will produce results here in san francisco. every day we are hearing more and more stories of people who have really inspired the rest of us by treating their addiction and making onto a better life. and for those -- for those that are on our streets that cannot help themselves with buprenorphrine, we have an obligation to step in and offer assistance. we are investing in conserveatorship beds to those suffering from mental illnesses and living on our streets. earlier this year, i announced the opening of san francisco
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conserveatorship beds. and we will continue to invest in them and other programs that represent help for those struggling with addictions living on our streets. we will continue to operate under the premise of laura's law, who help family members who cannot help themselves. too often we have approached homelessness as an attractable issue and the residents experiencing these issues as lost causes. i refuse to accept that narrative. we will not solve this issue overnight, but we have made a dent over the past six months, and with this budget, we will make great strides in addressing homelessness on our streets. not only in the immediate
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future but with an eye toward making a dent, and make a permanent lasting legacy of san francisco. we also are fortunate to live in the most beautiful city in the world. stunning vistas, we have the golden gate bridge, we have the castro district, we have livly commercial corridors. but too often, our picture perfect city is blighted with scenes of trash, litter, human waste, drug paraphernalia. we've seen it all. and that's why i'm adding 44 new street cleaners in this budget to be split up evenly between our city's 11 supervisor asorial districts. we've asked the department of public works to work with our
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supervisors to make sure they are placed exactly in the areas that they are needed in our city. we are also funding a dedicated street pickup team in the soma district. five days a week, manual labor pickup to pick up the trash to make that neighborhood better. in addition, i'll be funding new pit stops, which are safe, monitored public toilets, and a proven model to reduce human waste and litter on our streets. no one should be confronted with feces or the smell of urine walking the streets of san francisco. we'll be adding five new pit stops in high volume corridors and expanding at other pit stops. they are win-win solutions for our communities. they offer struggling residents dignity and safety and keep our sidewalks and streets safe and clean. these additional investments will be paired with ongoing programs, including our dedicated street medicine team,
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specifically, a team that was created for needle pick ups based on resident complaints, and our fix it team that does such great work in our neighborhoods, and with this budget, we will be expanding from 25 to 35 zones throughout the city of san francisco. we all know that a clean and vibrant city is an economically successful and healthy city. and just as our city needs to be clean to thrive, it also needs to be safe. last year, we reported 31,000 car break-ins in san francisco. that's about one break-in every three hours on our street. s that's unacceptable. to the credit to our police department, they're doubled our foot patrols, creating a dedicated unit within the central police department, and increasing the burglary and serial crime units. year to date, car break-ins are down 20% in the city of san
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francisco, but we will not rest on our laurels here in approximate our city. this budget will reflect additional investments in our public safety departments. in particular, our police department to make sure we do not slip back. the center piece of this public safety goal is the addition of over 250 sworn police personnel over the next four years. i have often said that we have some of the best police officers in the country. we just need more of them. let me be even more specific. i believe we have incredible men and women of our police department. they put the lives on the line for us every single day, and they deserve our respect, and i am proud of them. but san francisco is a growing, changing city, and we need a police force that grows and changes with it. in the next fiscal year, 130 new officers will be in the
6:42 am
police academy, setting the foundation for 250 more officers on our streets. i want to make it clear that these new officers will not be just focused on our property crime epidemic, they'll also be working within our communities to make sure our residents feel safe in the city we all love. these new officers will have the tools and training we have implemented under our current d.o.j. reforms, such as time and distance strategies, deescalation tactics, and most important, the policy and practice of sanctity of life. my budget contains additional investments that bolster our department of police accountability. we need our residents to trust our public safety officials, to believe that when they need help, they're going to get the services that they need. our department of emergency
6:43 am
management teams are now answering approximately 89% of their 911 calls within ten seconds. 90%'s the nshl standard. we are investing $9 million to bolster that department to make sure we exceed the national standard and make sure the residents know when they pick up the phone and dial 911, they're going to have a life person on the other end of the line. it can mean the difference between life and death, and san francisco can do better. we are also investing in significant new equipment for our firefighters to make sure that they are able to respond quickly and that they are able to do their jobs safely for our residents. we have also been a city that has opened our doors and right la lane -- welcomed the refugees of hate, bigotry an and oppression.
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we make sure that every person understands they are an integral part of our city. regardless of where you were raised, no matter where you come from, no matter what neighborhood you are from, you are a part of san francisco. [applause] >> and i am well aware of the persistent disparities that exist in our city, and without these budget dollars, without accountability to out comes will not be successful in reducing widespread disparities. i'm also well aware that too many communities and populations are systematically stuck outside the prosperity of our city, particularly communities of color. this budget continues to invest in these communities that are marginalized and most vulnerable. our community's most impacted by the delusional policies of the trump administration, and those communities that face
6:45 am
persistent and widespread disparities. we're investing over $7 million over the next two years to provide representation for immigrants facing deportation among other legal and support programs. we will be providing our community-based organizations who are on the front line every single day with resources so they can support our own immigrant communities in san francisco. i'm here emphatically once again to say that we will not cower in fare to president trump and the federal administration, and we will never embrace their ideologies of bigotry and hatred ever. and if our city is to truly succeed, we need to lift up every single community and put the right support between everybody that calls our city home. that is why this budget
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includes over $7 million for additional criminal justice reforms, including initiatives to expand pretrial monitoring and bail alternatives, ending onerous local fees, and supporting our street violence response team. we will continue to fund workforce programs so every san franciscan from every neighborhood can be a part of our growing economy. i want to thank our union partners who are collaborating with us to making sure the residents can call san francisco home can also be a place where they can work. we're ensuring that the next generation of san franciscans, which is who we are fighting for, have good paying jobs and good benefits. and thanks to the passage of the soda tax, we will now dedicate $10 million annually to address health inequities, with a specific focus on
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communities, low-income communities and communities of concern that have disproportionately been affected by our health crisis. and we will provide support and resources for vulnerable communities when our city does not. as evidenced by the $4.2 million that we are investing for hiv and aids programs, backfilling local initiatives that were subject to federal funding cuts brought on by an administration that once again does not even respect our local communities and has no trace of empathy for compassion. in san francisco, we do it different. i am proud to make sustained investments in these communities, and i'm also proud to do it in a fiscally responsible manner. we need to maintain our long-term investments, and this budget includes nearly $450 mil
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i don't kn -- million in reserves. i don't think anyone in here has forgotten the great recession, and it's not a question of if, but when the next town turn happens. in april, i issued an executive directive to expand our economically -- our economic resiliency plan so that our first in the nation policy will now have detailed and specific recession scenarios, allowing us to plan and then respond accordingly when signs of the next economic downturn arise. there is a reason that mooney's have upgraded our bond rating to the highest in approximate our city's history, and to the highest level possible. it's the result of responsible fiscal planning, an approach we mirror when dealing with our long-term investments and our capital projects. and for the second consecutive
6:49 am
year and the second year in our city's history, our capital plan will be fully funded. we are providing historic levels of investments in our parks, on our streets, and our seismic infrastructure. the capital budget will strengthen our seawall and repair, rebuild, and work on our critical infrastructure assets, such as the yslais creek bridge and our 911 call center. we are providing more than $100 million for street resurfacing projects, ensuring our roadways are smoother, safer, and easier to travel on because i don't believe anyone thinks the conditions of our streets today are acceptable. these are not just investments in our bridges, our streets, and our roads, and our waterfronts, these are investments in the very future of the city of san francisco.
6:50 am
[applause] >> and because i care very deeply in the future of this city, the city where i was lucky enough to be born, lucky enough to be raised, and where i have lived my entire adult life, i am honored that this budget fulfills many of the legacies of our late mayor ed lee. i truly believe this budget would make him proud. i believe in the greatness of our city, in our residents, our leaders, and i want to leave this office a place where the next mayor, whoever that may be, will have every opportunity to succeed. to that end, i do commitment to the next mayor my full support both personally and with my staff to make the transition before -- between our administrations as smooth as
6:51 am
possible because i believe that no matter who holds the office of mayor, as san franciscans, we will all have a vested interest in the next mayor's success, and i pledge my complete and full support to make that happen. the poe el dylan thomas said the following about our amazing city. he wouldn't think such as place as san francisco can exist. the wonderful sun light here, the hills, the great bridges, the pacific at your shoes. beautiful chinatown, every race in the world. the sardine fleets sailing out. the little cable cars whizzing down city hills, and the people are all friendly. that is a san francisco we all love and know. that is a san francisco we all aspire to be, and that is a san francisco we will be.
6:52 am
thank you, everyone, for being here, and thank you for your time. [applause] today. >> (clapping.) >> i've been working in restaurants forever as a blood alcohol small business you have a lot of requests for donations if someone calls you and say we want to documents for our school or nonprofit i've been in a position with my previous employment i had to say no all the time. >> my name is art the owner and chief at straw
6:53 am
combinations of street food and festival food and carnival food i realize that people try to find this you don't want to wait 365 day if you make that brick-and-mortar it is really about making you feel special and feel like a kid again everything we've done to celebrate that. >> so nonprofit monday is a program that straw runs to make sure that no matter is going on with our business giving back is treated just the is that you as paying any other bill in addition to the money we impose
6:54 am
their cause to the greater bayview it is a great way for straw to sort of build communicated and to introduce people who might not normally get to be exposed to one nonprofit or another and i know that they do a different nonprofit every most of the year. >> people are mroent surprised the restaurant it giving back i see some people from the nonprofit why been part of nonprofit monday sort of give back to the program as well answer. >> inform people that be regular aprons at straw they get imposed to 10 or 12 nonprofits. >> i love nonprofits great for a local restaurant to give back to community that's so wonderful
6:55 am
i wish more restrictive places did that that is really cool. >> it is a 6 of nonprofit that is supporting adults with autism and down syndrome we i do not involved one the wonderful members reached out to straw and saw a headline about, about their nonprofit mondays and she applied for a grant back in january of 2016 and we were notified late in the spring we would be the recipient of straw if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer thems in the month of genuine we were able to organize with straw for the monday and at the end of the month we were the recipient of 10 percent of precedes on mondays the contribution from nonprofit monday from stray went into our post group if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer theming fund with our arts coaching for chinese and
6:56 am
classes and we have a really great vibrate arts program. >> we we say thank you to the customers like always but say 0 one more thing just so you know you've made a donation to x nonprofit which does why i think that is a very special thing. >> it is good to know the owner takes responsibility to know your money is going to good cause also. >> it is really nice to have a restaurant that is very community focused they do it all month long for nonprofits not just one day all four mondays. >> we have a wall of thank you letters in the office it seems
6:57 am
like you know we were able to gas up the 10 passenger minivan we were innovate expected to do. >> when those people working at the nonprofits their predictive and thank what straw is giving that in and of itself it making an impact with the nonprofit through the consumers that are coming here is just as important it is important for the grill cheese kitchen the more restrictive i learn about what is going on in the community more restrictive people are doing this stuff with 4 thousand restaurant in san francisco we're doing an average of $6,000 a year in donations and multiply that by one thousand that's a lot to
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
[laughter] >> get in there