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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  June 19, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> president breed: good afternoon and welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting for tuesday june 19th, 2018.
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madam clerk, please call the roll. >> clerk: thank you, madam president. breed present. cohen present. fewer present. kim not present. peskin present ronan present. safai present sheehy not present stefani present tang present yee not present. madam president, you have a quorum. >> president breed: thank you, ladies and gentlemen, please join us in the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. >> president breed: thank you, madam clerk.
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are there any communications? >> clerk: there are none to report madam president. >> president breed: colleagues today we are approving the many meeting minutes of may 15th 2018, is there a motion? moved by ronan, seconded by supervisor yee. colleagues could we take that without objection? without objection, those meeting minutes will be approved after public comment. all right, madam clerk, let's go to our first item. >> clerk: item 1 ordinance to amend the planning code to reauthorize provisions that support the development of new production distribution and repair p.d.r. space in specified p.d.r. districts to affirm the ceqa determination and make the appropriate findings. >> president breed: roll call vote. >> clerk: on item 1. supervisor yee. aye. breed aye.
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cohen aye. fewer aye. kim aye. peskin aye. ronan aye. safai aye. sheehy aye. stefani aye. tang aye. there are 11 ayes. >> president breed: the ordinance has finally passed unanimously. madam clerk please call items 2-5 together. >> clerk: items 2-5 comprise proposed interim budget appropriating all estimated receipts and expenditures.
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item three proposed interim annual salary ordinance. item 4 treasure island development authority interim budget and item 5 office of community investment and infrastructure. >> president breed: can we take these items same house, same call? without objection, those items are approved unanimously. madam clerk, item 6. >> clerk: motion to enact a 3% cost of living adjustment to the base contract for the budget and legislative analyst services for approximate $67,000 increase resulting in a new fiscal year '18-'19 of approximately $2.29 million. >> president breed: same house, same call? without objection the motion is approved unanimously. madam clerk, please call items 7-19 together.
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>> clerk: comprise 13 ordinances that adopt m.o.u.'s between the city and following union locals. items 7 and 8, m.o.u. between the city and firefighters union, both local 798 unit 1 and unit 2 to be effective july 1st 2018 through june 30th, 2021. item 9 arbitration board establishing m.o.u. between city and san francisco police officers association effective july 1st 2018 through june 30th, 2021. items 10 and 11, m.o.u. between the city and municipal executives association, fire and police both effective july 1st 2018 through june 30th, 2021. item 12 ordinance to fix compensation for persons employed by the city whose compensation is subject to 88.409 of the charter and job codes not represented by an employee organization and establishing working schedules
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and other terms and conditions of employment and methods of payment effective july 1st 2018. items 14-18 american physicians and dentists, unit 17 and unit 18 to update certain terms an conditions of employment and extend term of m.o.u.'s through june 30th, 2018. item 18 m.o.u. local 1021 for h.i. fire rescue paramedics updating language and extend the term of the m.o.u. item 16 adopt and implement amendment number 1m.o.u. between city and transport workers union local 250-a multiunit unit 28 to implement
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a union access to new employees' program. item 17, ordinance adopting implementing amendment number 1. local it 50-a automotive service works, 7410 to implement union access to new employees program. item 18, ordinance adopting and implementing amendment number 1. new employees program and for item 19 ordinance to adopt and implement amendment number 3 to the 2014-2019 m.o.u. public safety coordinators effective july 1st, 2018 and include training funds 18-2029 total training fund amount for that fiscal year $900,000. >> president breed: supervisor
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cohen? >> supervisor cohen: thank you, madam president. good afternoon, colleagues, good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. i just wanted to take a moment and you heard the clerk going down a very long list of m.o.u., stands for memorandum of understanding for several different labor negotiations, ongoing discussions. i just wanted to take a moment and just uplift our representatives that lead the negotiation, carol eisen is here, and the team from d.h.r. as well as the city attorney's office. it's a very difficult negotiations. very time-consuming. i also want to just acknowledge that the team did a phenomenal job particularly when we are talking about the negotiation with the sf p.o.a. police officers association. we had many closed sessions and
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discussions around the ideas that we would like to see articulated and i think our negotiating team did a phenomenal job and i wanted to give a chance to give public recognition to those women, i might add that led the negotiation, to where we are today and the functions will be continued for the next couple years, so i just want to say thank you. >> president breed: thank you, supervisor cohen. colleagues could we take those items same house, same call. okay we are missing a supervisor. madam clerk, on those items, please call the roll. >> clerk: item 7-19. yee aye breed aye cohen aye fewer aye kim aye peskin aye
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ronan aye safai aye sheehy absent stefani aye tang aye >> clerk: there are 10 aye's. >> president breed: those ordinances pass unanimously on the first reading. next item, please. >> clerk: item 20 resolution to approve the grant agreement between the human services agency and the non-profit brilliant corners to provide scattered site housing and rental subsidy administration services to seniors and adults with disabilities from july 1st, 2018, through june 30th, 2023 for total not to exceed approximately $17 million. >> president breed: same house, same call? without objection, the resolution is adopted unanimously. next item? >> clerk: item 21 resolution to approve and authorize the acquisition of a below market rate condominium located at 1160 mission street, unit 812
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for up to $300,000 to hold the property for resell r in the city's below market rate inclusionary housing program and adopt the appropriate findings. madam president, i understand the planning department has requested an amendment on this item. >> president breed: and the amendment is to change the date from june 1st to june 5th. >> clerk: i believe the amendment is to change the date from june 4th to june 1st. >> president breed: okay. >> clerk: that amendment would be on pages 3, line 16. >> president breed: colleagues is there a motion to amend? moved by supervisor kim. seconded by supervisor peskin. without objection, the amendment passes unanimously and seeing no names on the roster, madam clerk on the item, please call the roll. >> clerk: item 20, yee aye. breed aye cohen aye fewer aye kim aye peskin aye
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ronan aye safai aye sheehy aye stefani aye tang aye there are 11 ayes. >> president breed: the resolution as amended is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please read items 22-25 together. >> clerk: resolutions to apply for accept and expend various block grants from the united states department of housing and urban development for fiscal year 2018-19. item 22 approves grant approximately $1.5 million for emergency solutions grant program for an unspecified period beginning july 1st, 2018 item 23 approves $9 million for housing opportunities for persons with aids. from july 1st 2018 through june 30th, 2023. item 24 approves approximately $23 million for the community
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development block grant program for the period beginning july 1st 2018 through the date when all funds are expended. and item 25 approves approximately $6 million for the home investment partnership program for the term of july 1st 2018 through june 30th, 2023. . >> president breed: colleagues, could we take those items same house, same call? without objection, the resolutions are adopted unanimously. item 26, please. >> clerk: resolution to authorize the acceptance and expenditure of state transportation development act article 3 pedestrian and bicycle project funding for fiscal year 2018-2019 in an amount of $926,000. >> president breed: same house, same call? without objection, the resolution is adopted unanimously. next item? >> clerk: item 27 is an ordinance to amend the planning code to designate 234-246 1st street, also known as phillips
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building as a landmark under article 10 of the planning code to affirm the ceqa determination and make the appropriate findings. >> president breed: same house, same call? without objection, the ordinance is adopted unanimously on the first reading. next item. >> clerk: item 28 ordinance to amend the planning code to streamline affordable housing project review by eliminating planning commission discretionary review hearing for 100% affordable housing projects upon delegation by the planning commission, to provide planning department review of large projects located in c-3 [reading] to affirm the ceqa determination and make the appropriate findings. >> president breed: supervisor peskin? >> supervisor peskin: thank you, madam president, colleagues, there is plenty in
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this 70-page ordinance i think is commendable. and there seems to be, i think, unanimous support for the 100% affordable housing streamlining provisions, as well as large project authorization provisions in the eastern neighborhoods, which is consistent with many pieces of legislation that this board has passed. but i think there are a number of provisions that are unnecessary that really are taking away things that neighbors and neighborhoods have used to, i think, further the credibility and trust of the system. specifically, i'm referring to the reduction of neighborhood notice from 30 days to 20 days. the elimination of notice for what's commonly referred to as pop-outs. as well as the postcard notice ordinance would reduce the type
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and size of neighborhood notice which was really the subject of years of advocacy to get sufficient notice to nearby neighbors. what i would like colleagues to do, and i should say also, this thing has been fasttracked. the planning department admitted they really did not do any outreach to impacted community groups, as i said, by their own admission. and what we need to do is restore trust in the planning process. and like i said, there's plenty in here i think we should all be in agreement on. i've asked the city attorney if they could draft, actually, for today's meeting, the amendments to address the three issues, i believe supervisor ronan has a fourth issue in and around multi-lingual notice. the city attorney wasn't able to do it in time for today's meeting. i would like to propose a
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one-week continuance so we could consider those amendments at our meeting on the 26th. >> president breed: supervisor peskin made a motion to continue this item to the meeting of june 26th. seconded by supervisor cohen. supervisor cohen? >> supervisor cohen: thank you very much for the recognition. i just wanted to add emphasis to what supervisor peskin was saying, i too am concerned about the reduced notification, most people i represent are interested in more notification, not reduced comment period. so i just want to express a few of my concerns, that being the primary one for this particular legislation, and i'm glad to see, or i hope to see other colleagues supporting the request for continuance. i will be. thank you. >> president breed: thank you, supervisor cohen. supervisor ronan? >> supervisor ronen: thank you, madam president, i agree on the notice provisions but i also have been talking to the city
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attorney's office about an additional amendment regarding different languages that the notice is listed currently, the current draft of legislation only provides a telephone listing and i think we should provide additional information for those who don't speak english, the building or permit application number, basic details of the project and how to access plan sets and date time and location of the hearings. so i will be working with the city attorney and also believe i can get that amendment ready within a week. i see deputy city attorney jon givner nodding, so i will be supporting the continuance. i want to mention especially when it comes to the 100%
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affordable i will be supportive of the entire thing once these minor amendments are made and i do feel it works well in conjunction with the legislation i have introduced that will have a hearing shortly talking about the post-entitlement process and speeding up the process for 100% affordable projects. thank you. >> president breed: thank you. supervisor tang? >> supervisor tang: thank you very much. i just want to relay a couple thoughts i shared in land use committee when we saw this item. over arching i think it's very important to really continue this work, i know mayor lee started in 2015 around process improvements. one of the things i had stated about the notification was i do understand as a concern, you know, in land use committee we asked for a 20-day notice. when you look at the spread of all the different types of notification we do as a city for planning projects, the vast
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majority were actually 20 days. there were a couple that were 10-day notices that would have been lifted up and increased by 10 more days to 20-day notice. and then there were a few, about, i think 6 or so that would go from 30 day to 20 day, that was the rationale behind why i supported 20 day notice but i see the concern colleagues are raising. i want to caution when we go to 30 days it means quite a few project that's saw 10 and 20 day notice will now be 30 days. again, i hear the concerns, and that's something i'm willing to give up here, in exchange, i think for the larger context of this legislation, to really put forth process improvements. also i wanted to note despite the fact we asked for 20-day notice, we were still asking for pre-application, and mailed 15-day notice from d.b.i. so it wasn't because just because we went to 20-day notice there wasn't going to be
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some other neighborhood notification. i think the pre-application process is also just as important. so i think overall, i really want to have colleagues support the idea of the so-called pop-outs. i think it's really important because so many already exist and really it's just about adding one or basically one more unit in the backyard, we see all over the city already. so with that said, i will be okay with supporting 30-day notice but i wanted to share thoughts from land use committee. >> president breed: thank you, supervisor tang. supervisor yee? >> supervisor yee: thank you, president breed. i want to thank supervisor peskin for tackling some of these issues i was concerned about also. and to be truthful, there's some good things about this and there's others where i have concerns. including the no notification for the 100% affordable housing.
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it's been my experience in observing what has been done over land use issues in this chamber is that when there's more input from community, more input from as many entities as possible it takes a little while that the projects end up being better than they started off. what we don't want to do, i want to caution just because it's affordable doesn't mean we want ugly inefficient buildings. want to make sure we understand the ramifications of just saying no notification and letting it go. >> president breed: thank you. supervisor safai? >> supervisor safai: thank you, madam president. i too also in agreement with a continuance on this item for the process of drafting some amendments to this. i do want to say some of the
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conversation we had in land use committee because i think it was a really important conversation. let's keep in mind for the pop-out, which is part of the conversation, about two full-time staff spend their time reviewing these which are routinely approved consistently. part of the goal of this is to free up staff time, so we can get to the long list of affordable housing projects that supervisor ronen brought forward in the hearing, that we could get to a long list of projects all over the city to deal with the backlog of this housing crisis. so a lot of this process improvement is about freeing up staff time and redirecting it to the appropriate area of concentration. that's not to say that we were saying 100% that we wouldn't have review and one of the things that was talked about in committee that i will be supporting an amendment on would be that for the pop-out projects that there would be a mandatory pre-application that was something that was discussed at the planning commission.
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it wasn't put in, it should be an amendment to this. that means full set of plans to the adjacent neighbors, the ones most impacted by the construction and work. quite frankly, it's that time in the construction process. i agree with supervisor yee, the community involvement is very important and we end up with a better project but it's also about the time the input is given so we have a good outcome and i think everyone agrees having a mandatory pre-application is also very beneficial to the conversation in ensuring we have that outcome. i'm fine with standardizing the notification. i like the additional requirements for giving you details on the project and how to get access to plans in different languages. but let's keep in mind the idea of really trying to redirect some of the staff time with limited resources to really dealing with this backlog and housing crisis and i think that's where the genesis of this was.
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i too, support a continuance and hopefully we will have the right level of amendments and consensus at the next meeting. >> president breed: thank you. supervisor stefani? >> supervisor stefani: thank you, president breed. i, too, am supportive of the continuance and streamlining and making sure the process isn't abused so people aren't in long protracted battles that prevents them from adding onto their homes like we saw in the land use committee. almost every single neighborhood association in my district has questions about the ordinance and would like to weigh in on it. i was saying earlier today there's that saying if you aren't at the table you are on the menu and they feel they have been left out of the conversation. i feel this continuance would help us restore trust in this planning process. meaningful community input, i agree there's obviously merit to these ideas, there's plenty to agree on here but i think
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all stakeholders need to be involved and i will be supporting the continuance. thank you. >> president breed: okay, seeing no other names on the roster, on the motion to continue the item, colleagues could we take that same house, same call? without objection, this item will be continued to the meeting of june 26th, 2018. madam clerk, let's go to the next item. >> clerk: item 29 resolution to rename phelan avenue between flood avenue and ocean avenue to frida kahlo way. >> president breed: supervisor yee. >> supervisor yee: thank you, president breed. colleagues, back april 1, i introduced a resolution in anticipation of the asian pacific heritage month. given the rhetoric from washington d.c. which has lead to increased acts of intolerance and violence against immigrant communities, there's been an increased
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effort locally and nationally to remove names from public statues and places which honor figures who espouse racism. there's also been an increased movement nationally and globally to recognize women's historical contributions and the role in our current professional and public settings. we have successful local examples such as supervisor cohen's legislation to rename columbus day to indigenous people's day. supervisors peskin legislation to remove jessie her man from the plaza and rename campus from phelan hall to tola hall. not only has our country's
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consciousness been heightened to acknowledge, people of color and also the disability community. we must know our history in order not to repeat the mistakes of our past. from an interview with the "boston herald" in 1907 phelan talks about the silent invasion of japanese workers into california. "but california is a white man's country and two racists cannot live side-by-side in peace, inasmuch as we discover the country first and occupied it, we propose to hold it against either a peaceful or a war-like invasion". and the quote again "as soon as japanese cooleys are kept out of the country, there will be danger of irritating these sensitive and aggressive people.
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they must be excluded because they are non-assimilatable. they are for a foreign element, they don't bring up families, they don't support churches, schools or theaters. in the time of trial they will not fight for uncle sam, but betray him to the enemy. phelan also opposed chinese immigration. in 1912 he wrote this is the white man's country, we cannot make homogenius populations that don't -- african americans were non-assimilatable body. a foreign substance. that's what he said. we know that efforts to re-write history kick
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persistence. that's why renaming removing phelan's name and legacy. he served as san francisco mayor from 1897-1902 and senator from 1915-1921. he supported the chinese exclusion act of 1882 and immigration act of 1924 banning chinese and japanese immigration. he ran, well, i could go on and on. named as early as 1906 and though it's supposedly named after his father, james phelan who was a wealthy real estate banker. the anti immigration policy -- the street would not have been named for his father if his son would not have just finished his mayoral term.
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the younger james phelan and his racist views are the most widely associated with the phelan name. most street renaming processes haven't undergone as extensive process as my office has conducted. i reached out to city college last summer letting them know my intent. my office door knocked and sent letters last fall also inviting community members to join the renaming committee. two residents participated and we short listed five names which went out to vote. [naming foreign names] indigenous people who settled in this area prior to the europeans. thelma johnson street. african american dancer and artist who was highly regarded
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by diego rivera and frida kahlo way. it will take m.t.s. about three months to install the new signs and the city updates g.p.s. and assessors office to update titles, deeds and mailing address records. at that point residents can start updating their personal documents. those street signs will be posted for five years. san francisco is a city which prides itself on values and inclusion, tolerance and respect for multicultural diversity. lastly, i really want to thank my co-sponsors, supervisors ronen, fewer, kim and safai. colleagues, i look forward to your support. >> president breed: thank you, supervisor yee. colleagues, could we take this item same house, same call?
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without objection, the resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call the next item. >> clerk: item 30 is an ordinance to amend the health code to allow the director of the department of public health to extend for multiple 90-day periods rather than a single 90-day period, the 120 day operation for cannabis dispensaries to sell adult use cannabis. >> president breed: same house, same call? without objection the ordinance passes unanimously on the first reading. next item. >> clerk: item 31 resolution to urge the sheriff's department and department of public health to conduct a baseline assessment of existing food vendors to evaluate vendor alignment with the good food purchasing standards. >> president breed: same house, same call? without objection, the resolution is adopted unanimously. next item. >> clerk: item 32 motion to reappoint sandra fewer to the reentry council. >> president breed: is there a
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motion to excuse supervisor fewer. moved by kim, seconded by peskin. without objection, supervisor fewer is excused. >> president breed: madam clerk, on the item call the roll. >> clerk: yee aye. breed aye cohen aye kim aye peskin aye ronen aye safai aye sheehy aye stefani aye tang aye there are 10 ayes. >> president breed: the motion is approved unanimously. item number 33. >> clerk: item 33 is a motion to approve the mayor's appointment of carolyn ransom-scott to the successor agency commission for a term ending november 3rd, 2020.
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>> president breed: supervisor cohen? >> supervisor cohen: colleagues i wanted to get a moment to get on the record and just voice my support for reverend carolyn scott. she has been an incredible woman in the bayview community. a leader. as well as also a spiritual guide for many people in the bayview community. i think she would be a tremendous asset to the o.c.i.i. and i hope you will join me in supporting her. thank you. >> president breed: thank you, supervisor cohen, seeing no other names on the roster, colleagues, could we take this item same house, same call? thank you, madam clerk. roll call vote. >> clerk: on item 33, yee aye breed aye cohen aye fewer aye kim aye peskin aye ronen aye safai aye sheehy aye
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stefani aye tang aye there are 11 ayes. >> president breed: the motion is approved unanimously. all right, it is past 2:30 and it is now time for our special commendations. we have two and the first will be given by supervisor peskin. >> supervisor peskin: thank you, madam president, colleagues. as we all know early childhood education has played quite a central role in our policy discussions lately, thanks in large part to the work of supervisors yee and kim. to bring us closer to universal child care to a living wage for educators and child care providers. today i would like to recognize the critical work of one particular educator serving the families of north beach and
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chinatown for 20 incredible years suzy segal. she has caught since 1998 where she has provided early child to countless kindergarten students. i have heard from parents over many, many years. 2002 then mayor gavin newsom awarded her, appropriately so, teacher of the year. served as a mentor and community access participants at galileo. many have written in with
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stories about her and her trusty companion, mr. bear. she would send home with a child each night to make journal entries and report back. i understand there was a special suit made so he could join us in the chambers appropriately dressed. i want to read a few quotes from some of the devoted parents. i'm a recovering single parent and after my fourth boy life became especially overwhelming. the encouragement and support i got from ms. suzy every single day even after kindergarten all through the third grade got me through the day literally, we will miss her everyday but the tools she has given me will help me get through the days on my own. ms. suzy is a one of a kind profoundly dedicated and devoted kindergarten teacher who works day and night to make sure all those under her charge
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are getting the best in literacy, imaginary play, building confidence and self esteem and cooperation amongst all her students and the best in joy and love, two things we strive in our schools but too often come up short. there are many, many more, but i won't read them all. but she was also lovingly nicknamed the velcro queen because everything in her classroom had a label with velcro attachment. the kids learned to matchup words and before i knew it my daughter was reading. she brought words to life, she is an excellent teacher who truly cares about the children and parents. my daughter is in college now and i will be forever grateful to ms. suzy for helping her from the very beginning. thank you, suzy, we love you. ms. suzy please note you are
2:43 pm
leaving behind a school community at utiqua that loves you and good luck teaching pre-k at dr. william cob elementary school. i cannot stress enough the vital role that educators play keeping our communities healthy and strong and we are forever indebted to the service you provide each and everyday. thank you, ms. suzy, the floor is yours. [ applause ] >> president breed: hold on. we want to embrace you with more lavish words. with that said i want to recognize supervisor kim. >> supervisor kim: suzy it only makes sense all the former board members want to
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acknowledge you as well because we got to see you in action as a public school teacher and we simply don't do enough to acknowledge our great and incredible teachers like you. teaching is an art. there is not just a skill but a talent that goes behind great teaching and it is just incredible what you have done for the lives of hundreds of kindergarten students over the last 20 years. i just can't even really articulate the impact you you have had on young kids in our city because you had them enjoying learning. i can't tell you how many friends i have had who have had kids and lucky to have you as a teacher. i'm proud to have known you over the last two decades and your work in our public schools. i want to thank you. i remember when you won elementary school of the year at sfusd.
2:45 pm
your work is one that influences other teachers as well and i see many of your other colleagues here to celebrate you as well. but of course, i will always know you as the "price is right" suzy segal. i think i get to watch the tv that you won on the show at mark sanchez's home. so thank you for providing entertainment in my personal life, but really thank you for dedicating your career to the lives of our children and family, your work is extraordinary. >> thank you. >> president breed: supervisor yee? >> supervisor yee: thank you. suzy, we can't say enough about you, if every teacher were like you, every child would go to some ivy league. you are a terrific teacher, terrific mentor to a lot of other people.
2:46 pm
i'm glad you aren't leaving the school district though. that's nice you are still with us. i think you have so much to offer, not only the teachers coming up but even the established teachers that could learn so much from you. keep up the good work. you won teacher of the year but i think you should have won teacher of the century. >> my goodness. thank you. >> president breed: supervisor fewer? >> supervisor fewer: thank you, i just want to say what a gift you have been to our public school children who have been able to go through your classroom. i also want to thank you for extending your talents to dr. william cobb school and i think you will be sorley missed but actually greatly needed also in other communities. it was wonderful seeing you on
2:47 pm
our cuba trip and a special surprise to see you during dinner. just your smiling face. and actually, i think what we haven't mentioned is how many times you have come before the board of education as a teacher during public comment to advocate for your children and for the community that you serve. thank you for your dedication and again this has been a gift beyond measure to the public school children of san francisco. thank you. >> president breed: thank you. suzy, now the floor is yours. >> wowsers. thank you so much. i'm really humbled. and i want to thank you, many of you are my colleagues, my friends. i'm so honored to be here with our, is it called mayor elect, new mayor, congratulations. i also want to acknowledge the woman who made mr. bear, we don't want to leave mr. bear out here, he has been with me
2:48 pm
for 20 years and ms. denye over here made his tux today and often makes his clothes and he is well known through north beach. he has been the same bear for 20 years. i want to tell you two quick stories. one is this bear one day went missing with a little boy who had some domestic violence in his house and he had to abruptly leave and go to another school. so the bear went with him and several days later, the kids were like where is mr. bear, we want mr. bear back. i said this boy needs mr. bear more than we do right now. about a month later i got a brand new bear and his little bag ready and journal and we were all set to take him home and in walks a social worker with mr. bear. i said to the kids, do you want the old bear or the new bear? what do you think they said? they wanted the old mr. bear, and we never lost this guy. he has been through a lot and i think he represents community,
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education and lots of things. and he is going to come on to cobb and meet his tigers over there, so i'm excited about that. and to mr. peskin, i just want to tell you the joke at our school was, my dream was several years ago i thought we could build a bridge from yiquo to michael angulo park so the kids could play, and they said you have a lot of rainbow wishes and unicorn dreams. one day i hope they can play in that beautiful playground. thank you, i am humbled, it's incredible this honor and i feel really touched to transition having this honor. thank you very much. >> supervisor peskin: we at least got mr. ginsberg to resurface the playground. if all the former school board members would join me for a picture as we give ms. segal our certificate of honor. [ applause ]
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>> president breed: thank you, ms. susie siegal. supervisor yee, you are next. >> supervisor yee: thank you, colleagues, last week we had a showing to honor chinese american veterans who fought in world war ii and i thank you
2:51 pm
for supporting and passing to award these heroes with a congressional gold medal. one of the special guests we invited was unable to attend. like many veterans he is now in his age, in his late 90's with limited mobility issues. however his family made an effort to be here today to accept his commendation on his behalf and ensure his story is told. this is the least we can do to remember and share a part of history that has been forgotten. so today we want to honor mr. su wong. a member of the 14th service group who fought during world war ii. mr. wong came to the united states at the age of 17 and because of our country's racist exclusionary laws at the time he he was detained and interrogated for three months in angel island.
2:52 pm
after making it through interrogation process he was finally able to enter the u.s. he soon turned 18 and was drafted to serve in the military a year after he came to the country. he served for four years and eventually went on to volunteer 407 air squadron group. the 14th service group. composed of primarily chinese americans. mr. wong served in all chinese american unit to assist the flying tigers pilots and train chinese airforce ground crews against the japanese invasion. throughout his service, mr. wong was based in africa, bombay, calcutta, india, burma and multiple cities in china serving as an interpreter, w*elt welder, waiter, trainer. we are grateful for mr. wong's sacrifice despite the cruel and unjust discrimination he faced.
2:53 pm
it pains me to think our nation still has a long way to go in the way we treat immigrants who want nothing more than to lead a better life for themselves and contribute to the country's success. i now want to invite mr. wong's daughter, doris, to come up to share a few words on his behalf. doris? >> president breed: thank you. [ applause ] >> thank you so much, supervisors. i really appreciate that you are recognizing my dad with this award. he cannot join us. he is 98 years old so he is having a really hard time moving around now. actually, it's really interesting, he didn't know
2:54 pm
there was an award until it was in the newspaper. in the world journal. i had actually phoned up the journal to find out what was going on and porsche lee who was a reporter came out and talked to my dad. so my dad got really excited after meeting porsche and now was really important for him to make sure not only he, but all the world war ii chinese american veterans be acknowledged for all their sacrifices that they made and also what the families sacrificed as well. anyways, there were about 20,000 chinese americans served in world war ii and many were
2:55 pm
between 18-19 some were younger or older than the legal age. these chinese american service men served while the chinese exclusion act of 1882 was still in place and they fought for the country in the face of discrimination and injustice. these chinese american veterans made an important contribution to the world war ii effort. they demonstrate a skill, competency, loyalty, patriotism and courage. their sacrifice must be honored in order we do not forget. the passage of this congressional gold medal is crucial not only for the veterans but for the families of these veterans. so i thank you, board of supervisors supporting this bill, and my family thanks you very much. >> president breed: thank you very much. congratulations. [ applause ]
2:56 pm
>> president breed: thank you. madam clerk, i think we are now going to our special 3:00 special order. item 34, please. >> clerk: item 34 is a motion to approve the mayor's reappointment of john rahalm to the oversight board of the successor agency to the redevelopment agency of the city and county of san francisco for a term ending january 24th, 2022.
2:57 pm
>> president breed: any discussion? motion made by supervisor yee. let's do a roll call vote. >> clerk: on item 34, supervisor yee? yee aye. breed absent. cohen aye. fewer aye. kim aye. peskin aye ronen aye safai absent sheehy aye stefani aye tang aye >> clerk: there are 9 ayes, and 2 absences. >> president breed: thank you, madam clerk, could you call item 35.
2:58 pm
ladies and gentlemen since it's not quite 3:00 we will go to roll call for introduction. >> clerk: yee, you are first up to introduce new business. >> supervisor yee: re-refer. >> clerk: okay. supervisor cohen. >> supervisor cohen: submit. >> clerk: supervisor fewer. >> [off mic] >> clerk: submit? okay. >> supervisor fewer: so sorry, not paying attention. colleagues, it is with heartbreak and anger that i introduce a resolution today condemning the actions of the trump administration to separate children from their families at the border. as a mother of 3, the tragedy and trauma of what is occurring at the border is overwhelming but you don't need to be a mother to be outraged by what is happening. i have watched the news with
2:59 pm
horror every morning and while this resolution is just one step we can take, because it is an important one, to put san francisco on record. in april attorney general jeff sessions released a zero tolerance policy for immigrants crossing the border into the united states, which has resulted in now thousands of children being separated from their families, some as young as 8 months old. between april and may, 1,995 children were separated from their families, meaning an average of 45 children have been taken away from their families each day. officials at the department of health and human services told reporters they anticipate to be caring for up to 30,000 children by the end of august should the current zero tolerance policy continue. what has happened to the intent
3:00 pm
stated in the poem inscribed on the statue of liberty. give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. what are our values as a country? what is our commitment to basic human rights. president trump and his administration through their actions are causing massive trauma for thousands of children and their families and as san franciscans we should join the ever louder chorus of families calling to the end of this practice, including senator feinstein who introduced keeping families together act that will prevent the department of homeland security from taking children from their families at the border. thank you to my colleagues for co-sponsoring this legislation. i will be in the streets with thousands of others in san francisco and across the