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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  June 20, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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will be maintained and we have worked with the city attorney office to have the strongest language for that in this training. in any cases where any entity tries to breach confidentiality, the city attorney will fight to keep that as they always do and the survivor will have an option whether or not to bring a complaint if she wants to bring it for her or himself. with that i am happy to answer questions from my colleagues and whenever my colleagues deem appropriate wanting to bring up dr. m oranges rassi. >> supervisor safai: why don't we bring up dr. morassi. i want to thank i thank you for
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being today and there are a number of affected departments and i am disappointed they are not here today because this is a very important conversation that we all can learn from. is there another department represented? if you are here representing the department of public health, it would be helpful to sit over there so we can directly ask you questions. >> department of public resoces, department of public health and district attorney's office. >> supervisor safai: good because there is definitely some questions that can be asked. dr. morassi. i want to thank supervisor ronen
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for the important work of radically improving san francisco's repons to sexual assault and harassment. at the hearing and today we heard devastating testimony from survivors who shared their stories publicly and we stand with the survivor leaders in recognize that the city must do a better job of responding to rape victims. 49% o.overtwo years we pointed e need to strengthen the work of the existing sexual assault response team and made this recommendation part of the family violence counselor's five year action plan. unfortunately this recommendation was not funded
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and we will not be ignored any longer and i want to thank supervisor ronen for including our suggestions about the sexual assault response team and our work as well. in addition to creating a mechanism for victims to. [reading] is the best way to make the systems changes we need to create a model response to assault in fran an san francisce share the goals of sharp alliance. the homicide that occurred in 2000 we spent 12 years trying to
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improve response by working with departments, community folks, stakeholders and in 2014 between 2010-2014 we were able to eliminate all domestic violence homicides for a period of almost four years and i am hoping we eliminate drug facilitated rape and other forms of sexual assault. [reading] important no note tha to note tk is not limited to women -- a sex worker policy that establishes the right of sex workers to report rate without being
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arrested or prosecuted, a policy fully supported by police department. the local policy inspires state legislation which was signed by the governor just last week. supervisor ronen mentioned prevention -- [reading] we really appreciate the amendment of including the department in this work. we want to partner with the board of supervisors on advances this work. i do think the funding and staffing piece is very key. we want to distribute our part in a comprehensive response to
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sexual assault and thank you all for your leadership. >> supervisor safai: thank you. supervisor ronen do you have any questions? >> no. thank you so much thank you for your comments and working with us to create this legislation. >> supervisor yee: i really want to thing supervisor ronen for bringing this legislation forward and i'm really good i am a co-sponsor of this, and so i also want to thank the public for coming out and telling your stories and i once we have sharp up and running that we don't have to hear anymore of these stories.
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sharp is what we need to change the culture of our responders to take these issues seriously, and i will keep it real short. i think supervisor ronen really articulated the need for this and the passion that she has shown for this, particularly this legislation. i can't do much more than that, but basically what i feel is that sharp needs to be done now and it needed to be done decades ago and we need to move this legislation forward as quickly as possible. >> supervisor safai: thank you supervisor yee. i just want to add on and i'll be very brief but i just want to say that it's shocking, it really is shocking to hear these stories and i just want to honor the women in this room, particularly the ones that have been victims of violence to have the courage to come and share
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that publicly. we all speak here as elected officials publicly all of the time it's part of our job, but i cannot imagine standing in a room full of people and having a share a violent experience. i am humbled by this experience and thank you for sharing and thank you supervisor ronan for leading and the time for this is now. thank you everyone for coming today. i have general questions but i want to hand it over to supervisor stefanny first. >> supervisor stefani: i did sit through the first hearing on this and was very saddened at
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what i heard, and i just want to again thank everyone who came out. i know this is extremely difficult and i agree with supervisor ronen it is her her c and you empower other women to come out and feel they are not alone. as other people were sharing their stories with us, i started my career as a prosecutor because i wanted justice for victims and protect people from crime and it does break my heart how the criminal justice has failed all of you who testified and this blaming the victim in 2018 is just unacceptable. it is never your fault. if you are drinking and someone says you are drunk and that is what just happens it's never your fault. there is no excuse for being
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assaulted. i was thinking you really helped shine light on this issue and now we know it's out there. there is that one quote by my anglo, when you know better, do better. i have to tell you it is my intention to make sure that we dual better, so i am happy to co-sponsor and work on this issue and see that it moves forward. >> supervisor safai: thank you supervisor stefani. some of your most recent versions that you read into if report wthereport we will make . my question is you are strongly referenced in now the most recent version, so i think there
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seems to be consensus on the strength in that language in terms of ho uh the collaboration woulhow the collaborationwould . i just wanted to speak on that into the record for those in the audience just want to make sure that we have a chartered department that is chartered to do work on behalf of women in the city and we creating a new area in the human rights commission which i fully support and i want to make sure that the language in there about collaboration is strong enough to ensure that collaboration happens. >> we have proposed language specific on page 7 about
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dedicating staffing at my office provided there is budget for sexual assault. we have been very ph stymied and recognized this need two years ago and have been unable to move it because of staffing constraints. i did provide a draft of that language it would be separate item c to complement the work of the office and subject to budgetary and fiscal provikings of the chart ter shall have one full-time employee in the area of sexual assault and harassment. [reading] we want to work together with sharp to make sure there is a comprehensive city response. this is an and conversation and i understand there will be two
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members of staff at human rights commission -- -- >> supervisor safai: did director davis leave? >> i think so. >> can i just respond to that? i appreciate that request and the reason we didn't include it is because we are still fighting to get the third position of sharp in the budget. it's a budgetary issue and not about the creation of the office. to budgetary needs and request in the department of the status of women, i support many of them and i know there is a whole list of requests that you have supported. i that didn't seem an important piece of legislation that setting up a new office that's setting up a new office -- i didn't want to confuse the issue and it's entirely important for
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the board to take up that process during the budget process, but for me my top priorly is getting sharp up and runnening completely and i have been working with the major's office and with our budget and with my main cospoon or who is on the budget committee, supervisor stefani to get that in. >> there were a few areas they referenced often different pages and they wrote down in collaboration with the department of status of women. >> i don't have those amendments before me so i don't know. >> supervisor safai: it's in terms of the creation of the office it talks about sharp and particular lier about the human
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rights commission tuned working collaboration with -- page 2, 16 and 1. you took care of it on page 5, so just kind of calling it out a little bit further would you be opposed to that? >> i am not opposed but i i it's redundant and that this clear is meant to collaborate on the department of status of women. >> supervisor safai: that is why i am trying to blend the develop the two. on page where it says on developing such recommendations the office had seek to build upon -- to protect the status of
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women. maybe it could in developing such recommendations in collaboration with the status of women. >> absolutely. >> would you be open to that dr. >> i like that but i would like to have reverenc reverence of oe full-time equip lent. >> . so deputy and city attorney can we on page 5, lines 11-13, add the language working collaboration not just building. it's referenced up above but would be good in that instance. >> john gibner: i think where
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you place that clause probably matters i think what i heard you say supervisor say phi is in developing recommendations. in the department of the offers of women shall seek to buildpop upon previous recommendations. correct. i think that one seems to make everyone happy. >> i think the over all message is that don't invest in women's needs. we heard from so many about how they were directed and marginalized. we want to do so much in this area and support the work of the sexual response team and sit at the table with bph in moving
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this forward so we are not back here with survivors telling these horrific stories. we need dedicated staff and we have been asking and asking for many years and our staffing level has not changes. it say as person with two budgetary constraints. it will be subject to the budget process but it's my belief that we need to ask for what we need to make this happen. >> supervisor safai: so your one full-time can you describe what they would be doing because it's pretty clearly described iner what the staffing would do for sharp. just for the general public's understanding. >> we convene for example the family violence council, criminal justice agencies, cbos, stakstakeholders on a regular ly
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basis. that is what we did on domestic violence. we had stakeholders at the same and moved policy reform. we are good at doing that and conferrings with supervisor ronen's office ant th about the prevention piece. we have talked about public outreach and protecting your drink and a number of campaigns to encourage establishment owner to be on the lookout for people drugging potential rape victims. there is a whole schools piece and campus piece and we did spend 18 months staffing the campus sexual assault task force with 47 recommendations. we have over 20 stewing it is of higher learning in san francisco and those are not going to move
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forward without dedicated staffing. >> this staff person would be doing a host of issues in con jung with what you said along with collaborating with the commission. supervisor yee. >> commissioner johnson: thank >> supervisor yee: thank you for expressing needs of your office. i am a little uneffortable with this discussion it seems like a budget discussion and i am on a budget committee usually it's brought up. for us to start this off should be the primary focus and it's asking for specific number of staff for the office and i am supportive of that.
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i think it's not to say that i'm not supportive of what your needs are, but i think the process should be done through the budget process or at least with mayor's office to put that in your budget, so that is where i stand. i wouldn't be supporting adding another position. >> supervisor safai: supervisor ronen did you want to add something? >> yes, a couple of things. when i made the speech about hue harhowsharp is just an an aspeca major, major problem because once you address it and informing our own house in the city everyone wants to add things which are so justified. we need all of those things, prevention and trauma and mental health and housing and we need
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it all there is no doubt about it, but this legislation is not a comprehensive sick. fix. these are focused on the fact that city departments are failing survivors of sexual assault and so it's different and i don't believe this is appropriate. i think through the budget process where the department will have their budget hearing coming shortly before the suggest committee i would also that i am currently through the budget process along with supervisor stefani advocating for an add-back for the domestic violence consortium that in ordein order --my understandingy
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city attorneyny is that if we decide later on to make that amendment which is unclear that there is no problem in term of making that amendment at the department at that time if necessary. can you just speak to that? >> sure in terms of changing the department you can make that amendment i budget and finance or government and finance instead of rules committee is that the question? yes, either way. you can make the amendment in either committee. >> supervisor fewer: so i stand by the legislation as currently
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written and i would love it to move forward if this could move forward tomorrow for a vote, i would ask you to because we need additional hearing at a fiscal committee then what i would ask my colleagues to do is send this out of committee with recommendation and if at some point to be determined we decide to amend the legislation to change the department where the office sits then we can do that in the fiscal committee. >> have you gotten a time commitment i know the government itd and oversight has been backed up for months. curious do you know if you will have a hearing anytime soon? >> supervisor fewer: the first available date we would have in finance is july 19 because they have to finish the budget first.
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>> the next available i know we just had a hearing and the next meeting they ever is july 18. >> supervisor fewer: so for me i know it's not only that you have a preference perhaps of keeping it here but asking the supervisors to come out and tell their stories and over and over and over again is incredibly traumatizing. i would prefer since we had an incredible hearing today if we could mover this out and then we will have another hearing because we have no choice and i know the survivors want to be present at every hearing that this legislation is heard that we move it out of committee today and hear it at a budget committecommittee.
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>> supervisor safai: if there is still discussions that were going to happen i would going to maybe ask the department of public health and safety and if there were going to be continued conversations and i supportive of your path, your and i have had that conversation, we would be having a hearing on this if we continue before we made the amendments that we would have it before this time so this would not slow down the process at all. >> supervisor fewer: i understand it wouldn't slow down the process but failing to understand why we would need it again. right now i am not comp templating any amendments. >> supervisor safai: okay i will go to supervisor yee. >> supervisor yee: i just want to be clear about we actually
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could have a budget committee meeting on july 12. we would have finished our deliberations for presenting to the board at the end of june and then the 4th of july week is out, so actually next budget meeting should be on the 12th. just for information purposes. >> that is fantastic. >> supervisor fewer: there is a meet an confer obligation. i have want this moved as quickly as possible. i don't believe have another meeting will delay it, but my need is to try to understand the need for another meeting because i am not working on this legislation alone, in fact jane doe, rachel and tiffany helped
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create this legislation with my office and we are a team, and the women that have been involved in this are very attached to this legislation and we don't feel comfortable having any hearing out everyone present because it is their legislation. i don't want people to have to miss work and coming for hearing after hearing unless there is a purpose for it. >> supervisor safai: for clarify, the rules committees hears appointment to commissions and board and it is the body in which the administrative code changes happen and this is a major administrative code change. i understanif we are talkerringe
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this department will sick, that is an administrative code conversation and i am 100% fine with the path that you have laid out so i don't imagine this will require that conversation. you have pretty much stated your path and you want the human rights commission. i do want to hear from the department of public health and i do want you to say a few things about the meet and confer and we don't have someone here from hr do we? are you here from h. r.? so that is why we did the same thing when we were talking about removing the fees for those that were in criminal proceedings. we have done the same thing when it pertained to every single administrative code change and that's been my prerogative as
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the chair of the committee and it's not meant to slow down or inconvenience people but to respect the process of this committee and if we were just simply talking about there is going to be additional conversations about budget i would say i 100 percent agree with you. i just want to state for the record the reason why it's important to me as chair of this committee that the conversation happened in this committee if we are talking about ultimately where this new sharp department will sit. you mentioned meet and confer and i know that is one of the issues, and so do you want to lay out the issue and topic. >> supervisor fewer: we heard rather late in the game a couple days the ago that this legislation will require the department of human resources to offers the unions opportunity to meet and confer given that the
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legislation allows the department to receive and potentially mediate complaints against union members, so i get it, it's a legitimate meet and confer issue. i think there is a representative here and are you suzanne guard? thank you so much for coming. i don't know if you have anything to add to that. >> thank you for having me it's suzanne gard. i want to thing the supervisors and supervisor ronen specifically and the members of the public who shared their stories today. i will say that you have all inspired me to say that there are two women both my sister and myself and both of us have been victims of sexual assault in my
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lifetime. we talk about having purpose in our work when we are looking at legislation like this and creating this kind of office for me personally, that is the kind of purpose i get up and get ready for work and come tock a part of and i thank you for that. the department to have human resourceses looks forward to working with you. it is in section d4 where you talked abou about supervisor ron that provides for you may recommend discipline to other departments about employees to the appointing authority, the department of human resources for uniformed officers of the police department. [reading] , so when we are talking about an employee's money it is a negotiable item. if there was a disciplinary
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issue that affected a person's ability to be at work say they received a suspension or off work for a period of time or if their license was affected, that brings up the meet an confer obligation, so our office what we would do is send the legislation to the folks that would be affected and let them know there is a possibility, check out this legislation and let us know if you want to meet and confer and it is up to them to tell us they want to meet and confer and we typically get everyone together in a group and try to hanle all the questions at one time so we are not talking to individual union and hopefully we would be able to take care of it right aaway and i think everyone is on board with what we are trying to establish here with this legislation and i think with explanation we could get through that rather quickly.
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that would be our hope and our aim and we would work with your office on anything that needs to happen. >> supervisor fewer: which unions would we send it to. >> i would have to do more analysis it would be the pra because the police are called out specifically and one of the organizations we have heard not moving quickly enough or treating people the way they should, the medical examiner's office the public health service. sviu and physician and others and probably about half a dozen in all we would need to reach out to. >> supervisor safai: thank you for being here today and sorry to have thought that you weren't so thank you for being here today because it's an important point. at what point do you do that.
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>> we prefer to do them now so we would like to go forward with sending a letter and we can mover it out of committee today as supervisor ronen has requested and we send a letter to the unions to meet an confer. we would like to do those things concurrently. sometimes we do it right way when it's introduced and sometimes things change bur the process of legislation moving forward as we see here and then we understand that there may be obligation for that. i don't know john if you want to add anything to that. >> dhr attracts legislation and my office tries to flag for dhr legislation that could trigger, meet, and confer and so working together we try to get the notice out as soon as possible in the legislate legislative pd
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the meet an confer process does sometimes slow down the process and should be completed before the board enacts the ordinance but in the meantime you can hold committee meetings here -- >> supervisor safai: we have an e-mail and i think you received that supervisor ronan seems like there is someone in your office us that has reached out to one of the affected bargaining units did you see that? >> i didn't see that but certainly possible. >> supervisor safai: we got that yesterday midday. actually it was sent to you and i just happened to get a copy of it. >> i get hundreds of e-mail a day and i'm always behind.
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>> supervisor safai: supervisor yee i sa, i saw your name on thr was that from before. >> supervisor yee: in regards to meet an confer i have had a little experience with that legislation and it was legislation to trigger the meet an confer at the committee, so i think it happens at different times. i'm notoverly concerned when it happens as long as it happens. you know, chair sefani has a good point in regards to the rules committee and our duty to listen to the issues that we are responsible for which is department that we choose. i personally prefer i think it
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should be not with the department of public health because it's kind of odd that it's in the department in which some of the issues might be there and i think it should be outside but that is my own opinion. what i would like to suggest to the chair is that we move this out and move it forward and if there is a decision to possibly change it and bring it back to this committee. >> supervisor safai: are you okay with that. >> supervisor fewer: yeah. >> supervisor safai: before we do that i wanted to allow the department of public works to say a few words. i just wanted to goat the opinion of the department.
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>> deputy director of the department of health and i want to echo the courage and the amazing ability to come into a public setting and share your story, it was very moving socker than, sothank you for that. in terms of where this should live director garcia is amenable either way and have been working if this does come in how it would work if it goes to hrc we are amenable to that too, so for us it is just about improving our work so that survivors get the correct treatment at the right time at the right place, so we are working towards that and with our rape treatment center and our trauma recovery center as well. >> supervisor safai: if it did sit in the department of public health, where would it sit.
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>> i think operationally we would figure that out. it wouldn't sit in the clinical site obviously because it is overseeing those clinical areas so would be reporting somewhere to the executive staff. >> supervisor safai: from what i have heard today and i'm learning and i know there is people in the room for versed with this because they spent more time but what i heard the human rights, department of human resources, sorry, but what i heard is there are oversight of some of the things that are directly under the responsibility of your department, is that correct? >> in terms of clinical care cae absolutely. >> supervisor safai: but a lot of work that happens when someone is a victim of rape or sexual assault they are in the
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hospital and then some of what i heard her say is that some of the affected bodies are people that are part of your staff the that correct, bargainening units? >> so our staff the rns and the nurse practitioners they are trained to actually do these forensic exams. >> supervisor safai: they are doing the exams but the division of labor in this process is someone comes in, the police department we have heard about today but there are other people in the department of public health, so it also makes sense these would not be in your department so you would have a department to oversee the staff almost makes sense for it not to be in your area to be objective and these are colleagues that
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you would have to discipline and refer to discipline and speed up an critique and it is about improving the process on behalf of those who have been victims of assault. >> absolutely we are amenable either way. in terms of clinical care we always have to do these types of things. if anybody has adverse outcome as a history care we must answer to that. >> supervisor safai: please don't take my questions and comments as a criticism of your department just more for the process of making this a stand alone body trying to make a small dent on behalf of those who have been victims. supervisor ronen. >> i couldn't agree more an thank you for bringing that
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point forward and that is why i placed it in the human rights commission. i have to thank you so much deputy director and deputy barbara garcia because you didn't ask for them and have been incredibly accommodating through this. both the leadership in the department of public health and in the human rights commission are so passionate about seeing this come forward an that is the good news and again i know that you are not asking for this but trying to be accommodating and make it work if it comes to you and i just really want to appreciate you for that. i agree with you supervisor stefani is that it is the right
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place for it and i will continue to have this conversation with the mayor's office an i think supervisor yee offered us a great way forward that if we do end up amending the leglation that we will come back to this committee to hear that. i have am hoping that doesn't happen, but if it does we will come back. >> supervisor safai: that seems fair before i recognize you doctor, i want to ask deputy city attorney or a clerk can we put conditions on that to say if it's amended that it would come back or is that more of a recommendation if we sponsor the legislation. if we have that agreement i am fine either way. you are looking at me like -- >> it's a new one for me. [laughter] the board's rules don't authorize committees to take
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i am bloo glad that through yor work and the work of the task force that we are responding to those needs. >> we definitely are. thank you for your leadership. >> supervisor yee: i will turn it over for public comments. >> supervisor safai: seeing none, public comment is closed. >> i would lover to pass this out of committee can we pass it out as a committee? >> there is no to do that it womewill make it to next week's tuesday meeting. >> supervisor safai: motion on the floor is to send this out i think we can do that without recommendations. any other items today? >> that completes the agenda for today. >> supervisor safai: we are adjourned.
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many food centric districts of san francisco, the 18th street affectionately dubbed the castro. a cross between castro and gastronomic. the bakery, pizza, and dolores park cafe, there is no end in sight for the mouth watering food options here. adding to the culinary delights is the family of business he which includes skylight creamery, skylight and the 18 raisin. >> skylight market has been here since 1940. it's been in the family since 1964. his father and uncle bought the market and ran it through sam taking it over in 1998. at that point sam revamped the market. he installed a kitchen in the center of the market and really made it a place where chefs look forward to come.