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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  June 21, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> it is my understanding that it's a minimum of two workers that's been reached an agreement by now, which will later get negotiated after we pass this ordinance at the board. so supervisor safai? >> thank you, madam chair. i just want to re-emphasize some of the points that supervisor peskin said here at the end. there's some important conversations that we had in our negotiations that are not reflected in the updated version that you all get. i know that a lot of reaction today was based on an older version of the legislation. that often happens. unfortunately because of drafting, because of timing, because of where we are in the process of negotiations, what's online and what is available to the public is not what we are actually working on. we may be two or three steps ahead, and it's just based on the legislative process. i want to be clear. i think there was a lot of consensus on both sides about
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the data driving the conversation further and trying to achieve goals in this legislation, in this overall agreement, based on data. and supervisor peskin touched on those. we're not going to get into the overall details right now, but i just want to say that will be reflected in the next version when we come back on the 18th in july. there will be agreements around what data we're measuring and how we move the conversation forward based on data. that's a very important point. so i just wanted to overemphasize that a little bit. so thank u, madam chair. >> thank you so much, supervisor safai. are there any other comments from committee members? >> i'm seeing none. we have a motion to amend. i think we passed that objection. i will ask for a motion to continue to the call of the chair. we'll schedule it in july but not at a date certain. we have a motion to do that. we can do that, again, without objection. i want to thank all the members of the public who waited
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patiently through all 21 items and came to speak at number 22. we look forward to seeing you at the future audit and oversight committee meeting. mr. clerk, i would like to call up items number 23. -- 23 through 29. -- if members of the public could exit quietly, we're continuing our committee meeting. thank you very much. >> clerk:ing a items are various ordinances authorizing lawsuits against the city and county of san francisco. >> thank you so much. at this time, we'll open up for public comment on items 23 through 29, if any members of the public would like the speak on any of these items, please come up. seeing none public comment is closed. can we have a motion to continue
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in closed session. we can do that without >> clerk: we are now back in session. >> thank you, mr. clerk. we're reconvening in open session. i'm going to call on your attorney. >> during closed ssion, the committee voted with 2-0 with supervisor breed absent to forward items 23 through 29 to the full board with positive recommendation. >> thank you so much, mr. gibbner. we have that motion.
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>> and i will make a motion not to disclose. >> we have a motion the move forward with recommendation to the full board. we can do that without objection. motion to not disclose first. we have a motion to not disclose, which we'll do without objection. and, finally, we have a motion to move these items to the board. we can do that without objection. >> is there any other items before the committee. >> there are no other items. >> thank you very much. meeting is adjourned.
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>> everyone i'm going to go ahead and call this meeting to order. meeting of the transportation agency board of directors for tuesday june 19th is called to order. ms. boomer call the roll. [roll call] >> secretary boomer: item three. please be advised the ring of use of cell phones and pagers producing electronic devices are
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not allowed at the meeting. any person responsible for one going off maybe asked to leave the room. cell phones set on vibrate do cause microphone interference. board request they be turned o ff. item four minutes from the j une 5 regular meeting. >> any public comments on the minutes? do i have a motion to approve? >> move it. >> all in favor aye. any opposed? minutes are approved. item five communications directors please be advised item 12 on the agenda with respect to supporting an ordinance to add new gross receipts tax category for transportation network and companies transportation of vehicle has been removed from the agenda at the request of staff. i know we do have member of the public who came to comment on that item.
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i would encourage you to stay and share your thoughts with us under public comment which is item nine. which shouldn't be too far a long. we apologize for the late notice on that. we do encourage you to stay and speak on item six. >> clerk: item six. >> i do have something. we have our former board member, hello ramos in the audience today. he's no longer sitting up here with us. i want to take some time to honor and thank him for his service on the sfmta board of directors. . all while working at transform full time to help maximize community engagement especially among under represented stakeholders and build awareness and support throughout the region. as you can tell from listening
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to that, sfmta is one link in the chain of dedication that he has given to public transportation. he helped our board feel w elcoming to all. his ability to connect to the public in spanish made many feel comfortable and welcome here and heard. he was the first chamber to champion buses. helping us become the first big transit agency across the entire bus system. i have chosen saying this. i would be in tears if i didn't know where he was. he will continue to build on that career dedication to public transportation. we appreciate your service. [applause] i'm going to come down to give you a plaque and
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have our former chair to say a few words. i know you'll have wonderful things to say. >> normally we wear a tie for these meetings. >> madam president and members of the board. ladies and gentlemen i'm here to help honor him today. he's been fine board meeting. coming toward end of the m eeting, i look over he was opening his notebook. i go here we go again. it's always thoughtful and considerate. in his passion for the people that we serve is terrific. welcome to the former board status. i spend most of my time p olishing any plaque. it's a good thing to do.
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i'm thinking about charging selfies with tourists, five dollars for picture thanks for the time. >> thank you so much for coming down, tom. [applause] >> vice chair heinicke. >> i'm glad it's not a good-bye i'm impressed that you managed to get a job with the agency. blames on nolan's job reference. we all know what's going on h ere. let me just say i've enjoyed g etting to know you. i consider you a friend i'll speak about you as a colleague today. the compassion, the passion that you shown for these issues and for the people who come before us is second to none. evime tou smoker you made people feel welcome and maybe more importantly heard that there's somebody an advocate for the everyday san franciscan up here. you conveyed that and followed
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through with it. we don't have time to mention all the things that you've championed. the thing that stands out moe - most to me against that backdrop of compassion and advocacy, you had great resolve. when someone crossed the line or something was wrong, you said i t. i remember once we being likened to the devil, it was a man of the cloth who said it. you had no problem stepping up and saying that was wrong and reminding everybody and your colleagues why we do what we do. that was really special as was everything else you did. i'm glad it's not a good-bye. we'll miss you up here. we'll look forward to grilling you at that podium, congratulations. >> anybody else? director hsu. >> we said it all.
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>> in recognition of appreciation of rams dedication to improving quality of life for sfmta employees and customers and residents of san francisco and san francisco bay area. >> oh, thank you so much. [applause] >> you want to comment on this? do i have any new or unfinished business. >> why we celebrate director are
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ramos. the taxi community lost tara housman. i wanted to point out, condolences to her family and friends. she was such a passionate advocate herself. she conveyed information to us, we listened to it. i had several conversations offline to her. she'll be missed. >> thank you very much for that. nice to recognize her. one more thing i want to add, i had the privilege going to the new operator graduation j une 8th. it's along the theme of d edicated employees. this was a batch of new o perators starting out on their journey here in san francisco. it was heart-warming. it was a great reminder of how difficult the training that they go through is and what they go through to get to the point where they have the honor, privilege and huge responsibility to sit in that seat and pilot our buses through
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the city. i want to say again to all the trainers and the entire class, thank you so much. i realize what a big step they are taking and their families are giving them up for what is sometimes very stressful job as director reiskin pointed out, we trust them with our families everyday out there on the s treets and on the buses and street. thank you to them. any other unfinished business? do i have public comment? >> clerk: yes. >> good afternoon chair brinkman and directors. i couldn't take up this chance to behalf of walk sf thank f ormer director ramos. i'm thinking back when the project came before you all and before director ramos and what a champion he was for the safety of people getting on and off. how much he championed the b oarding island that keep people safe. i remember at the meeting that you said, we adopted vision z
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ero. we did not adopt vision 90% yielding rates. i thank you for all of your work on this si and w lok forward to working with you on this staff side. thank you. >> good afternoon director. we have hundreds of driver died after 30 years in this industry. during my activism for the last 16 years if the taxi industry every inch where i moved, she was up on the drivers. she voted against every activity we have in favor of drivers. so no matter who she is, she was in favor of the people who took the medallion from the family
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and built a green cap. you trying to give recognition on a political basis that she was here and there in meeting. just to give her seat and we objected many times. she's working against us. this is wrong way of politically trying to support somebody. if somebody did the job, i will be the first one to support it. thank you very much. >> remind everyone our politics can transcend events. we can rise up and be human to each other and let our common sense of decency step in when
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necessary. that's what we did here. do i have another public c omment? >> yes. board members. i was going to address this at public comment. it's come up, i'll address it now. aside from the decency the remarks that you just heard, they are totally false. there was no stronger advocate for drivers. i knew tara for probably more than 25 years. no stronger, fiercer advocate for drivers. even when it went against her own self-interest. she took the side of the ordinary driver. i'll just say about her, she was a good friend. she was a warm, witty, extremely generous person. she served various taxi industry
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and mta boards including paratransit. according council including the current taxi advisory council. she had a sense of humor. i can recall getting a phone call from her and saying, did you know that gavin newsom is on the radio talking about taxis? in case you want to call in. she did this several times. she was always alert to these issues and always -- she gave her heart and soul to the industry and to the drivers of the industry. to anybody who says different, i
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say it's a lie. >> thank you very much for the wise and kind words. >> i want to say thank you for explaining what had happened to director ramos. i couldn't quite figure out since his name disappeared from the list. thanks for explaining that. i could not disagree more with my friend tarik mahmoud and agree more with my friend mark. i will miss tara, she's a wonderful and warm person at these meetings and elsewhere. her passing is noted and i appreciate that. >> thank you very much. i'm doing this out of order. mr. ramos, i should have asked you to please come up and few parting words to your colleagues here on the board. i should have done that right after i gave you the plaque.
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>> thank you all very much. i really want to say more than anything else. but it was a tremendous honor and a privilege to serve with all of you to serve the people of san francisco and the community as a whole. i feel like i loved it so much that i really jumped at the opportunity to do it full time. in the first few days that i been inside my head is spinning. they are such great work. you all would be very proud of the work that they're doing. i know that you're regularly here from the new perspective that i got. i got even more appreciation for everyone that's doing all the fantastic work. the immensity and the caliber with which they're working it's extraordinary. i feel really extraordinarily privileged. i'm going to his you all. i'm looking forward to seeing you when i can. it won't be as often pip do have the pleasure of getting to see
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roberta on a regular basis now. my cube is right down the hall from her. i think probably the most e xciting telling sign of good things to come are things come my very first person that i saw at 8:00 when i was reporting was this man here, running from one office to another saying hello to me. i'm looking forward to the work. i can't thank you all for the important service. for the public, i encourage everyone to appreciate the good work that the directors do. it really was a very meaningful part of my life. i know that you're all vested into it just as much as i was. reason why i could leave, k nowing that all are at the hel. >> thank you so much. [applause]
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>> madam chair moving on. item seven is director's report. director reiskin. >> director reiskin: good afternoon members of the staff and public. in honor of the chair. i have a short director's r eport. just a couple of quick h tshl. with regard to vision zero. i wanted to remind you and public play streets is launching its second season on neighborhood streets in the c ity. this is a program that lets residents temporarily transform their block to safe car street place for friends and neighbors come together and get active. it's like a mini-street. first year neighbors and community organizes created street events.
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we encourage folks to sign up. just search for play streets all the information is there. got really good feedback -- i don't know if the video is p osted. the group who did that play streets last year, made little video. it gives how great -- it gives you great picture what play street is and hopefully encourage other join in. at the last meeting, you asked for update on scooters. here's an update on scooters. the deadline for the permit program and pilot for people to submit applications was couple of days after our last meeting june 7th. as of that deadline, we received 12 applications which we are currently reviewing to see w hich, if any, will qualify for us to be able to issue them a permit. what we're looking at is how te
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company will minimize their impact on san francisco s idewalks while maximizing transparency to the public. offer income plan and submit proposed service area plan. they will need to provide a plan that addresses sidewalk riding and parking. again, we're pleased to get 12 applications. we will be -- we're in the process of reviewing them. we hope to be at a point to issue a permit. we will keep you posted. next, i know we've been talking about this for seems like years now. but we are right on the precipice of closing of the twin peeks for the start of construction. which will be start on next
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monday. it made some changes to the service plan and signage and communicates as a result. we have established temporary bus zones for klm buses in various neighborhoods in the city. ly note that that has not gone without some complaints because of the sudden appearance of red zones. we did not do the level of outreach for that one.
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something that has been part of the plan all along and part of the outreach but now getting some attention is the express service will not operating during this two month period. we don't have enough operators and buses to provide the service for the tunnel as well as continue to run that annex. we will have extra service on the end judah. we've been really stepping outreach to make sure that no annex customers are caught unawares. we will have -- we've been f looding through every channel with people with information with signage all aspects now with the program to make sure that everybody knows what's happening, what to expect on monday and we'll have lots of folks out and about on monday and ongoing to make sure multiple languages that people have all the information they
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need about how to get around and what the impacts are. [captioners transitioning, [captioners transitioning,
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to accelerate the schedule on that and people will see changes out on the streets in the next month or so. with regard to gerry, the final we secured just last friday, the fine app step in terms of the federal approval of the project. the u.s. department of transportation federal transit administration published in the federal register their final record of decision, which is the final thumbs up from the federal in terms of the nipa process for the gerry b.r.t. which really gives us the green light to advance that project. so we will immediately be holding some open houses this week. one thursday at 6:00 in the
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tenderloin community school multi-purpose room and again on saturday 2:00 p.m. at hamilton rec center to solicit feedback from the public on the first phase of the project which is the phase east of the construction for which it would start later this year or early next year based on feedback we get from the public. we expect to be bringing legislation to this board later this summer. so, that was a great milestone and i know it's been maybe quiet but we needed to wait for this approval before we could advance the project. we'll start to see some momentum on phase 1 of the b.r.t. and then, finally this weekend, as i think everybody knows, is pride weekend. which is a big weekend for this city and certainly a big weekend for the agency. the civic center plaza and surrounding streets will start being closed on thursday in
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advance of the weekend events. we'll provide of course any normal service during the weekend meaning we don't have any construction-related closures of the subway. the subway will be in full service through the weekend. we are sponsoring the event. they'll be a rainbow-wrapped bus in the parade with the staff contingent and many other ways we're supporting the event making sure we keep the city going, especially for those not involved in the events to keep san francisco moving over the course of the weekend. and that concludes my report. >> the twin peaks tunnel shut down. this is a big challenge for the agency to keep everything moving efficiently. i read in the outreach and there's been good outreach. i see it every news outlaw and
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any blog i see that we think it will add about 20 minutes to the travel time. is that sort of our best estimate right now? we'll be able to refine that down and make sure all the transit apps take that into account as the estimates go out? >> yeah, so the information -- all the next bus information will be functional for the bus trip. so people doing travel planning should be able to get decent routing information and it's something that we'll watch closely. we did adjust signal timing on upper market and bortola to help minimize the time. there's a reason we have that rail tunnel because it makes it a lot faster to get to and from the west side from downtown. it will certainly be slower. we're doing everything we can through the staging and the management and traffic control and signal adjustments to minimize that time but there will be one and the rau real tie
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information should reflect that. >> so on the scooter application process, one thing i didn'tr in the list is howy'reheoing to address rider safety particularly. >> pedestrian safety is important too but then on the twin peaks tunnel closure, i've agreed it's hard to get on the train. you and i were on there a couple days ago without seeing the signs but one thing we had talked about was announcements on the trains. is that going to be possible with out current radio system or will we not be able to implement
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that time. >> i don't know off hand. i know the idea it was either yours or former director ramos of having things hanging in the vehicles something that w doing if it's at all possible for us to do announcements we will do that. we don't have the new radio. we only have it in a few trains. we can do announcements through the control center. >> yeah, and i think just the mite before, even if it's just to rush hour times, i mean, you can't have it going all the time or maybe you can but i just -- the goal is when we are forced to the station on monday morning, if no one is surprised that will be a great thing. >> we'll do that. thank you for the reminder. >> my apologies for missing the conversation about scooters. i know we have a number of applications that came in for past violations, will they count against the consideration of the applicants and number two, are
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going to look at local companies or smaller companies versus larger? how will that play out in the decision process? >> so with regard to past behavior, this board directed us as staff to incorporate that as a factor for consideration so to answer your first question is yes. in terms of -- i don't think we have a an explicit cry ter yar r small or large. if tt was part of engagement if you community when we gotta tonighted and the sport adopted regulations and local knowledge and ability and proven ability to make those connections will be a factor. >> thank you. >> thank you. any other questions or comments from the board? no. seeing none. do we have public comments? >> yes, madam chair, aledapray.
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>> chair brinkman, members, director riskin, thank you. the matter of scooters was brought up and i'm very passion at about the scooter person as i as a person of disabilities feel the scooters are helpful to me. as a last-mile solution. i do not see them detracting from my use of muni. you generally get a $38 monthly pass from me ever month i'm here. so you are getting paid. i don't think you need to worry about that. i personally, in my time of seeing caters scooters have not witnesses irresponsible behavior. i've talked to some people who have ridden scooters. find them to be pretty
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considerate, agree able people. type of people i would be willing to share a lunch. as we plan for these scooters to come, that the permits, approval or denial, should not be based on personal feelings. if a company approaches and they meet the requirements of law, objectively, in the permit must be granted. i know there's a lot of bad feelings out there. we cannot let it stand in the way of innovation. in programs that will help me, as a person with disabilities, to be able to navigate this city day in and day out. thank you. >> thank you mr. prey.
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>> david pillpal followed by mark grewberg. >> on the director's items, the twin peaks tunnel project had a weekend shut down the weekend of the ninth an ninth and tenth of. it was not a planned shut down. it was executed very quickly and there were issues that i experienced with the bus service at night. so i'm just an example of where we can't do something well but we're trying to do it quickly. we should say no, we can't do that shut down now. and i under that there were scheduled constraints but it happened too quickly and wasn't a great service fort public. the upcoming 60-day shut down i hope there's updates placed on the website. the temporary bus zones that director riskin referred to, i would question what approval process they went through. i'm not aware there was a public
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hearing or any kind of approval process for red zones placed at various locations temporarily in support of the project and similarly, there are new islands, one of which has been constructed at taraville and 19th. that was not in the project scope. i've asked for the environmental determination on that and i haven't seen it. these things just happen overnight. the no nx service i pointed out to staff last week and asked that signage be put up and as of last night i had not seen that signage indicating that there's no nx service for 60 days. i understand, although you made a comment about seeing director riskin next monday, i understand the director riskin is taking the sixth as an alternative to the subway since that won't be available and i believe next monday he won't be here he will be in philadelphia at some conference. and finally i note in this
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section, the gerry b.r.t. r.o.d. was issued actually two weeks ago. but it was made available. >> thank you, very much. next speaker, please. >> mark grewberg, terry kamood. thank you, again. i wanted to comment on the scooter permit selection process, and i see that uber and lyft are among the applicants and i note that passed behaviors of these companies is one of the criteria for which they're to be measured. i wanted to remind the board uber and lyft started into business illegally. they had no authority to operate either as taxis or as charter party carriers. they were able, after years and
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months, to convince the cpuc under highly dubious circumstances to approve them. this became their business model. they went across the country and in uber's case across the world doing the same thing in city after city after city. operating illegally until they could get the authorities to give them their approval. and you know, especially in uber's case, i don't want to ex 'em lyft, this is a company, we could spend the rest of the afternoon talking about this company's corporate transgressions. the list is so long. so, i hope you take this into consideration when you decide whether these companies are worthy of any kind of a permit from your authority. thank you. >> thank you mr. gruber. next speaker please. >> tarik mamood. >> good afternoon. i'm a taxi driver.
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about the public scooters, if you make a video of one person driving that, that's for five blocks, you will see the scooter within one block from its position moves maybe 100 times within single block right, left, right, left. and it keeps going on. how are you going to drive a car behind this person? when his speed is five miles, 1p changing, how you drive a car behind this person? i don't know why we are so interested to give them this permit. this should be outright say no we don't give you permit. this is a traffic congestion more. we have a human deaths possibility more. when we see the pedestrian on the sidewalk we know it's a pedestrian sidewalk, we can't go there and hit them. when we see a bike lane, we know it's a bike lane, we cannot go
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and around the speed. but this person, they are in the taxi lanes, bus lanes, the red colored carped taxi bus lane, how are we going to drive? which way you are putting this congestion story. it's not ok. it's a disaster and another in the making. if you be serious and say no this cannot have one single lane used by three different or four different molds and they cannot coordinate with each other. >> next speaker please. >> the last person to turn in a speaker card under the district or's report. >> herbert winier. there's one thing that's missing from the director's report. i have requested previous times statistics about late buses, missing buses, break downs, i
1:43 am
would like to have that. i would also like to have information on bicycle infractions, citations and injuries to pedestrians and also how these statistics compare to previous months. now, director riskin, who stated that this is posted on the website. if this is the case, i would like to see it, this website posted on the notice of meeting and calendars that we can refer to this. the board should also be able toll address these statistics as well. these are very basic statistics about the operation of muni. if approval times have arrived we need to know that. if there's a problem with arrival times we need to know. if there's an increase in ridership we need to know this.
1:44 am
this is extremely important and the public needs to know and it has to be publicly stated and we should not have to go thrgh the catacombs of the computer to find out this information. thank you. >> do i have anymore public comments? >> yes, please approach the podium. >> these are for topics addressed by mr. riskin. >> my name is donna parker. i have a question that i am hoping someone can answer. with this new center lane on b bayonette where do the golden gate trans buses go and where to the express buses go? they can't go around each other. in thinking about this for the gerry bus line the same thing will happen. we get a lot of golden gate transit buses that turn at gerry
1:45 am
and parkcideo and they ex down the street. i'm just wondering are those buses going to be in the bus-only lane and then how is that going to speed up their trip downtown and if that's been considered in everything? do you know the answer? >> is that the end of your question. i want to make sure. >> that's the end of my question. >> normally we don't like to have a back and fourth. >> there's someone here that can talk to you. the short answer is the golden gate transit buses will be able toous our bus lanes and are eager. >> so they're going to be stuck behind the buses. >> you are done with your question. that was my question will they be stuck behind the buses and he answered yes. >> we want to get the information from the member of staff. do i have anymore public comments? >> you are welcome. >> seeing none public comment is
1:46 am
closed. >> thank you item 8. advisory council report i do not see a member of the cac to address you so there's no report. and item 9, general public comment, this is an opportunity to address the board on matters that withi within the jurisdictt not on today's agenda. >> if we have anybody for item 12 this would be a good time. >> gy dubkoff, alena dueprey. >> good afternoon, board members. i've come to express my disappointment and bitterness of the red curbing that's been done on my block across the street, down the block, all in support of this tunnel project. someone shared with me a document of your agency called public outreach and engagement report and it's like someone
1:47 am
read that report and decided to do exactly the opposite of everything that was said in there. we suddenly wake up to the appearance of these red curbs, i've been doing things in a certain way for the 15 years i've lived in my house and suddenly and i called up your agency and some court yes woman took down all of my information and gave me a tracking number and promised someone would get back to me within seven days and of course i haven't heard anything. the front of my house is now a freeway without the cars having to slow down for the parked cars instead of driving up market at 40 miles per hour they drive at 50 and 60 it's a very dangerous situation. i don't mind making sacrifices for the public good but no one has communicated in anyway, there was no notice and no solace take of msolicitation ant carefully thought out. it's a dangerous situation. i'm sure there were other
1:48 am
options, less radical that could have been pursued and i'm upset about it. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> alena dueprey. >> thank you again. first item is the normally the website is really kept up-to-date. i'm not seeing any information about the new fai new fare sche. i'm hoping we can get that website updated so i can see the information about the new day pass, which i support. and the new differentials on the paper passes versus clipper, which i also support. [ please stand by ]
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>> we have to keep building as much as we can. thank you. >> next speaker please.
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>> good afternoon. first thing, i put down the letter that the ceo of uber has proposed bailing out the holders in new york. why can't you do the same thing? all you got to do is say, yes, the taxi drivers will pay surcharge or rather their passengers will so will uberer and lyft. the reason i advocate this is it might help pay down the debt that actually you guys owe. is a hundred or almost $500 million? that's just the start. forget that. i advocate in. i want to know why after all the
1:51 am
promises that you have made you will not offer medallions at least by leasing them to business people who once enter this markets. the obvious market is the to vehicles because statistically we know this from lyft and uber and everybody else. 80% or more of the rides are within the city if you include the airport. if you sold these medallions, i get the rumors you don't want to sell them anymore. you like to lease them. same thing applies. lease the medallions to autonomous vehicles. this is going to be your biggest problem. you got problems with bicycles and scooters and everything. what the hell is an autonomous
1:52 am
going to do when it hasn't got a passenger in it. is going to drive around the city for hours and hours until it run out of gas? >> next speaker please. >> your time is up. do sit down. next speaker. >> good afternoon, frank. i'm excited about the twin peeks product beginning. we're kind of saddened and i'm concerned and disappointed if you live above ord street we were not included in that communication. we woke up on tuesday to red curbs. first day one side, the second day other side. they were ticketing by day two. we looked on the website for twin peeks project, no mention of those neighborhoods being affected. mr. pearce responded to some of
1:53 am
our concern after we started outreach to the supervisor's office. it was a response that was to almost everybody when we compared notes. it lacked into consideration there are several people who have a disability in that block. there are several other permits already taking out parking so the red curbs from that stretch now is putting people who have mobility issues a at problem. also the lack of the cars in making that a raceway. over the years, we've seen at least seven accidents at the intersection. we requested it be assess for light or stop sign. now now this is leaving it unchecked. i posted videos on twitter over the last few day how fast people are taking it. they're riding the white line. they're going to go around articulated buses. the excuse was there's not enough room. we think this is unfortunate these missteps happens.
1:54 am
it's just kind of remind you of that this is unfortunate and. of us are concerned because of those who have disability i ssues. >> thank you very much, next speaker please. >> paul, followed nathan and then tarik mahmoud. >> i along with my neighbors live in that block between hattie and denvers. i want to express my d isappointed. couple of questions that i have. one where other alternatives consider such as taking market street down to a single lane and leaving the parking in tact. it has become a free for all. if you start to look at some of the videos posting on facebook and everything, cars are racing up there. we have skateboarders racing down the hill from twin peeks. it's a recipe for disaster. other thing is, our parking was taken away we understand it's
1:55 am
temporary and happy to make the sacrifice for little while. you may not be be aware we are not eligible living on market for s permits. we can't park anywhere else in the neighborhood. off market street is all permit parking. we have nowhere else to. that's a big deal. we have requested over the years for a stop sign or traffic light at market and hattie because it is a very unsafe area. i've had two cars hit over the years. i've been there 15 years. i don't know what the process i s. i like to formally request that you do some kind of traffic impact or assessment investigation in that area and we discuss how to slow down traffic in that area. >> thank you very much for c oming down to share that with us. >> nathan, followed by tarik mahmoud and then tony. >> thank you very much directors
1:56 am
and mr. reiskin. i'm a retired taxi cab e xecutive. i'm here to voice my official objection and protest against having to pay the annual taxi cab fee which for persons of my car is twice as much those who are not pre-k. the reason that i was given because the reason that i have to pay twice as much is because i don't have a driving requirement. no one has driving requirement anymore. nobody checks, nobody is p unished for not doing it. it's rightly so, there's no reason to do it. it's bogus and made up. i want to tell you about my personal circumstance. i started driving cabs in san
1:57 am
francisco 1965. i did it as a summer job when i was in college and i liked it so much, i did it on and off again. i did other things. in 1976, i had the opportunity to actually buy a permit. the reason i wanted to do that because it meant freedom to the for me. freedom from having a boss and a schedule, the freedom to work as hard as i pleased. i was told i made good investment, it was my freedom. now i'm being punished for b uying my freedom by having to pay twice as much as any one else in my category. i think it's wrong. i think you need to correct t his. not just for my sake but for all those who are in my position. some of them are well off. many are not. they are retired.
1:58 am
they depend on this few dollars. >> thank you very much. >> tarik mahmoud. tony, cindy baker. >> tarik mahmoud taxi driver. when cheryl brinkman made comment on item six. i would say can you imagine when you're bleeding from your body can you -- coming on this, it's nothing but a piece of junk, piece of crap. reporters telling airport should be given to one company and they should put caps. he brought in a taxi task force
1:59 am
and a lawyer to present the c ase. they want all 24 cab companies occupant of that 22 companies to be closed on and entire business to be given two cab companies. that's what is shaking of a b ody. that means they are behind the game. they have access to the supervisor. they have been doing lot of things through the supervisor. we are requesting you that this support should be closed down. there's zero in it. this kind of item should be made clear that airport will not be given to one company and there will be no chance of closing 24 cab companies. let them operate as they are operating right now.
2:00 am
thank you. >> next speaker please. >> tony, cindybaker. moving on, cindy baker. followed herbert wiener and then juanita washington. >> i live in the richmond. i'm know you struck item number 12 from the agenda. i want to make a comment because the cpuc had proposed e liminating whatever taxes they were collecting or fees they were collecting from the tnc. from some of the transportation network companies. that in a way th