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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  June 21, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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i needed help with clothing. so please support filipino and other immigrant families like these. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. >> hello supervisors. i am a district 11 resident and part of the market community network. today i would like to reiterate a point that was made by david wu earlier. i would like to urge you to restore the fundingto united families and youth organizing for home and neighbourhood action as part of the larger budget justice coalition and api council. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hello. i am born and raised in the tenderloin and i currently live and work in the south of market. we are here today representing the council in the budget justice coalition. i'm speaking to urge you to
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restore youth organizing home and neighbourhood action. the youth program, as part of the 100,000-dollar ask for youth organizing was formed in 2013. formed by district six youth you wanted to create positive change in their community. since then, they have provided a safe and brave space for youth to build leadership skills from public speaking, to building campaigns, to organizing critical thinking. do not strip the services away. last year, the commission presented a budget priority to prioritize youth organizing. please listen to them on the budget justice coalition and reallocate that $100,000 towards youth organizing. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i am from the south of market community action network and i'm here to reiterate and restore the funding for united families and youth organizing for home and neighbourhood action.
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members of this program are already leaders in the community. they let young people have a stake in the community. they can create an advocate for positive change. supporting funding for youth leadership is very essential part of the neighbourhood in which it is a plant that you can grow and we should continue growing to advocate for social justice for youth. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon supervisors. i am here as a resident and a family case manager. i specifically want to talk about how we have developed a
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youth program that is consistent and is powerfully involved with the community. they are a pro active movement. is one of the greatest things that i have seen since working with the company and working as a family case manager. it is important and vital that we have these spaces for the youth to assure that there is a place for them, especially at the table where you guys are at, making decisions for our community. also, please do not strip away these important services. help build them. help make them -- help them be robust and consistent -- consistent and secure.
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>> good afternoon. i work with the food bank with home delivered groceries. i listen to the participants as they share with me about all their food insecurities. one paicpant ecently started receiving our services let me know, that before us, her refrigerator was empty. and they often worried about their next meal might come from. and i'm proud to help with this program, and i thank you for your support currently and i ask for your continued support of 1.6 million so we can serve our current waitlist and grow the program by 25%. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker. >> hi. i am a program community or -- community -- coordinator. thank you for your continued support of our delivered groceries program. because of yourinvestment,
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we've been able to provide weekly groceries to 2,000 seniors and adults with disabilities and we see a growing need and desire for this program as evidenced by our waitlist. we are asking for 1.6 additional funding to serve the current waitlist and expand our program. i also wanted to share an excerpt from a letter we received from a participant which shows the impact that our program has on participants. it says we are very grateful to the volunteers and everyone connected with the food bank. there has made our lives immensely easier, providing a nutritious variety of food. in old age and with a sick husband, the food delivery helps us so much and saves us money and valuable time. i don't have to leave him alone at home to get food. many blessings to you that make this program possible. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon.
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i am a program director at the san francisco food bank. we wanted to thank you for your continued support and investment of the home delivered grocery program. as my colleagues have mentioned, we are asking for an additional 1.6 million next year to illuminate the waitlist and grow the additional households, primarily homebound seniors and adults with disabilties. in addition to the program as -- at the food bank, i wanted to share our pantry network serves about 26,000 households in san francisco every single week. there are 211 farmers' market distributions in almost every neighbourhood in san francisco. every week, hundreds of staff welcome and support one another while providing foods that are highly nutritious, worth more -% of the food offered in our pantry network is fresh seasonal food -- fruit and vegetables. despite what is considered a healthy economy, we have enrolled 3,000 new households this year and expanded to over
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19 new pantries due to growing demand. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker. >> hello, supervisors. i'm with acute fotion. your policy buckets. no household that winds on affordable housing lottery a gets to the top it up of an affordable housing waitlist or has a certificate of preference should be turned down for affordable housing because ey don't meet the minimum income requirement. ehol other policy buckets, no should be evicted from their long-term rent-controlled housing because their spouse dies or because they lose a job. they will never get that housing back. we have a way of addressing that. thank you for the $1 million for families. we are here to support the $3 million ask primarily for seniors and disabled folks going to the mayor's office of housi housing, but we will also be able to help all cop holders. all people were displaced preferences, people who get to
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the top of the waitlist and also, importantly, the alice griffith and other housing rebuilds. i alsot to point out one in seven with hiv are homeless in the city. imagine if every one in six persons were homeless an uld know what it feels like. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you gentlemen. thank you. [please standby for captioner switch]
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>> -- and i just want to say, without this grassroots organization, i would be on the streets at this moment. i was desperate, and i came to them, and they practically saved my life. i would be on the streets right now without their support. please -- they were formerly known as the aids housing alliance, but he know now that they expanded their services, are not only lgbtq communities but for all of san francisco: seniors, disabled, veterans, families, and youth. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank
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you. next speaker. next speaker. oh . >> thank you. good afternoon, supervisors. jessica layman with senior and disability action. i have a couple things that i want to say. one is i want to urge you to grow the add-back pot. that we know it's just not enough to cover the community needs that you're hearing about today. you're hearing a lot about the cuts to costs for the police department, and we urge you to make that happen. we really need to fund subsidies for seniors, people with disabilities, family, and youth. also we're happy that we now from the dignity fund, but this year, we're only adding $3 million. it is not enough for seniors and people with iblt did disab. we need more so they can work, we need to fund group vans for day centers, we need to fund
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support for seniors and others, and we need to fund activities for seniors and people with disabilities. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speakers. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm david seanz manager for the opera house. college students and high school students learn and gain skills in stage lighting, sound production and stage management. with the skills gained, graduates get to be part of the bayview opera house staff. in addition they get to find work in other production companies and events. we currently have fall and spring program, but we want to open our sessions all year, and it will require 75,000 but yet to keep this program owe -- budget to keep this program
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open in the bayview opera house. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker. >> hello. i am staff at the bayview opera house. first of all i'd like to acknowledge that the task that you all h aheadf you, as far as listening to the voice of the people. along with that, i would invite you to budget the bayview opera house because it will increase the growth of creative expression, job opportunity and political expression that is well needed for the community. due to insufficient institution, there's a lack of expression that results in violence and crime within the s.f. community. i'm a witness on how the bayview opera house creates a normalized plateau for the performance and expression that reaches the community in a passionate and positive and purely artistic light. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker. >> hello, supervisors. my name is kit, and i grew up and currently live in san
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francisco. i'm one of the 107 mental health workers works at r. a.m. h. for 40 years, we've provided d. ph a variety of mental health services. high schools, child care centers, and community mental health services are across the city. 90% of our clients are low-income including the homeless and low-income youth. we receive salaries and benefits well below our counterparts and other nonprofit mental health organizations and well below the salaries of city workers doing the same work. as a result many of us struggle to make ends meet. last year, we voted to unionize with the national union of health care workers, to allow
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us -- >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is jenni worley. i'm the president of the city college faculty union, f.t. 2121. i'm here to speak about the free program at city college. in november 2016, something terrible happened, but also something really good happened, the voters in san francisco passed proposition w by an overwhelming majority. prop w leveed a tax on real estate transfers over $5 million in order to fund a ground breaking new free city college program that promised to make city college free for all sanfranciscans. in its ft year, the free city program has been wildly successful, more successful than any of us imagined, meaning that over 10,000 san francisco residents attended and enrolled in free city in
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order to get vocational training, associate degrees, professional development for career changes or to begin their four-year degrees. that fabulous success however has left city college with a $5 million debt. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. let me just ask you a question. what is the budget ask? >> $5 million increase make the program permanent and cover the summer semster for city college. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is bridget davila, and i'm president of the board of trustees of city college. as you probably know, city college has undergone an unfortunate number of problems in the last ten years, but we are now back on track, we are accredited, we are moving
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forward. this free city program, which the board of supervisors overwhelmingly supported, it's been incredible. we have so many students now that want to take classes, and so what we are asking is for the proper amount to be imburs for those classes, and also for summer, the summer program. i was just registering in a summer program myself, and a lot of students were asking how come it's not available for summer. thank you for your time. >> thank you, trustee davi 4r54r5la. good to see you. [inaudible] >> -- to ensure that education is free, and to maintain the fight for the first tuition free program, remain permanent, including summers, and is ensured funding as a commitment to the needs of the people. the 60,000 students currently enrolled, 800,000 s.f. and those that have been displaced
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out of the city. we also want to envision what the fully funded program signifies. it's people not deciding between getting groceries or textbooks, between rent and tuition. a fully funded program is a step towards provide a sanctuary city and teeth, not just mother of morality, but with safe, socially with economic backing and to serve each other. we might continue to fight for this program to be permanent now. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is allen desouza, a library at city college. we get to see lots of people come through our doors, and one particular story i want to share is about a mother and daughter who i've had the
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opportunity to work with the last few semesters. the daughter has a learning disability that requires near constant supervision, and the free city program has allowed the mother and the daughter to return to school, and over the last few similemesters, i've s the daughter gain a more socially integrated life for herself. this program has been excellent for ourselves, excellent for the city and what could be for the state. we move to make all three, all education and higher ed free in the next few years. thank you for supporting free city college and for being a beacon for the state. >> hello. my name is susan molton, and i was one of the students that was unable to get a college
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education except for free city. i'm a struggling restaurant owner, but i can't go to college because i can't afford it. i know that college is priceless. please continue to fund this free city program. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker. >> hi. i'm an instructor at city college of san francisco. i'm with a.f.c. 2121 and free city coalition. ccsf is an important driver of economic opportunity and empowerment, and as you've been hearing and as i'm sure you know, we have a hugely successful program with the free city program, committed to by our supervisors and our city and funded through prop w, we were really proud when we ran and worked on prop w to be saying that we were leaving money on the table to help with the incredible and important things that the people need in
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san francisco in addition to fr city. however, free city is only getting about 10% of prop w funds at this point, and it's been under funded from its launch. what's become clear in the last couple of months is that in addition to growing and growing the program, we need to be looking at closing the gap because the college has been left holding the bag for about $4.77 million. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. my name is saira ontiveros, and i'm a peer supervisor. today, we ask the board of supervisors to budget $40 million -- [inaudible] >> -- and maintain their
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housing as well. employment services as cost effective investment, and just a reminder, the homeless people need only -- not only need food, housing, but they also need a job, an i am here to advocate for them, and hopefully, we get to get these homed again. thank you and have a nice day. >> hello, supervisors. i'm with meals on wheels san francisco, and i wanted to use my minute just to say one, thank you for trying to change the process, thank you for the budget coalition and trying to see that the services are so interconnected. human services network for really seeing the commitment of the cost of doing business. i think it's making a business, and thank you for the enhancements that you've done so far. we've seen it in home delivered groceries, we've seen it in the mayor's budget, as well, and thank you for knowing that we all have to eat, and we're making a difference year after year after year, and i look
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forward to the next. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is honey mahogany with the compton transgender cultural district. i ask you to find a way to fund the entire budget, but more specifically to ask you to consider the 1.2 million out of an $11 billion that is the trans ask. this is the most obstacles in accessing services, and including youth services, services for undocumented individuals, antiviolence and services for formerly incarcerated women. i've heard that last year, trans services received a historic amount of funding through the budgeting process, and i want to thank for allies for making that happen, and i also want to call out that more than half of our need was unmet last year. i would challenge you to ensure that we help fully fund the work of trans orgs and help serve one of san francisco's most marginalized and under funded communities.
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the mayor's office of budget has left cultural districts in an untenable position. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker. next speaker. >> dear board of supervisors, i am rishe, and i work with the t.g. justice project. a lot of our trans brothers and sisters face high rates of unemployment, poverty, and homelessness due to discrimination. it is really important that we open doors and have equal access to employment, housing, mental health services, access to name changes and overall full support for our trans communities and continued budget will allow us to do that. i'm asking support for your community and budget justice coalition. >> supervisor cohen: okay. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is kyle neal, and i'm
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here on behalf of t.g.i. justice coalition. >> supervisor cohen: i'm sorry, what is that. >> transgender, gender variant, and intersex justice project, and historically, the city ad back process has been a space for some of our most marginally community members, such as transgender youth, homeless, children and joan no, sirs to advocate for the much needed and life saving resources to support each other. this year, the $20 million ad back is being allocated over a two year period and will not cover enough of the community advocacy that our communities need. instead, much of the money in the city budget is being allocated towards the police, such as increasing the number of police by 250 and funding tasers. historically, these forces have criminalized and harmed our community rather than supported
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our well-being. i urge you the city to re-cal indicate resources away from policing and instead further commitment to investing in our community members and support -- >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker. >> hi. my name is hannah and i'm here support today of the but just justice -- budget justice project. it's an important opportunity for the city of san francisco to support its trans community. trans folks in the city and particular currently and formerly trans women of color face numerous barriers. this is why it is necessary that the board of supervisors vote to fund the requested $1.2 million to ensure that the many organizations in san francisco that work to support the trans and gender nonconforming community in the city are able to continue doing this much needed work. i also support the rest of the budget justice coalition's ask for funding and support the
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many justice communities in san francisco. thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. [inaudible] >> -- such as the beacon center and specialized services. many existing services are defunded including $180,000 sunset services for low-income families, and also most importantly $200,000 to serve high risk asian and pacific islander youth within school district to reach out to over 250 of them on school days on a daily basis. [inaudible] >> -- to 180 high risk students which mostly come from district 9, 10, and 11, and we hope to also request funding for the district council from district
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7 and district 11, and we're also part of the a.p.i. council. thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm dr. jorge wong, and for the past 4.5 decades, ramh has been providing mental health services to individuals and their san francisco. [inaudible] >> -- in needed prevention support and treatment services in a linguistically culturally formed way. [inaudible] >> -- as part of the ongoing health care providers services. we are also part of the a.p.i. council. thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. thank you so much for hearing
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me. i'm with a.p.a. family support services, and my name is amor santiago. last year, we received funding, $150,000 to be able to expand our school base and community center mental health work. unfortunately it's expiring, and we are in need of -- well, we do not want to lose that important capacity. we offer a family resource center, we're in domestic violence work, we do workforce, prevent child abuse, and what we're finding is that our families still lack access even though there are many organizations providing mental health services. the other part of what we do is we train interns, and they've become an important part of our infrastructure at ramhs. so i'm hoping that you will be able to support us. we are part of a.p.i. council aligned with budget justice,
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and also the family services network. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: and what is your ask. >> i'm sorry. just $150,000 to maintain our program. thank you. >> hello, supervisors. this is mark izu, and i'm brenda wong oke. since 1976, we have created asian american art, and we thank the board of supervisors for many commendations over the years. in 1977, we incorporated the first voice and we create original cross culture pan asian performance works. we are members of the a.p.i. council, and our funding is expiring. we're asking for 77,000. first force is based in district 1, but we also work in japantown and chinatown. we have a cohort of artists who teach and perform, we have an
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annual home season, a quarterly artists series, but men ton artists, we do large scale community development projects. we've received money from grants for the arts. we service about 10,000 san franciscans a year. our budget is mal but our impact is strong because we move hearts and minds, by telling our stories, we contribute to the culture -- >> good afternoon. i'm with a.p.i. legal outreach. i'm here specifically to ask for the stop of a cut that's occurring this year with the help of supervisor fewer and the mayor's office, we were able to provide services to survivors of domestic violence and violence against women in the workforce development area and also in a separate area, those facing eviction, seniors and families in the south of market and tenderloin areas. again, those programs are being
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cut this year, and we ask you to restore that money at about 150,000 for both programs. on behalf of the a.p.i. council, and i'm probably the last speaker, please support the programs of this council. it is a working coalition that is providin services at a greater rate and less cost than the city itself could provide, and we do a lot more together than we do independently, which is why we hope you value the services we provide to the underserved in our community. thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. thank you for this opportunity to speak in support of the spotlight on the arts internship program. my name is malia jenkins, and i'm 17 years old a will be attending university of san francisco in the fall, majoring in arts and sciences. i've always wanted to pursue graphic design, so art focus internship programs in san francisco are surprisingly small in number. at school, i felt over shadowed
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by this focus on development in stem careers and trug willed to find a program that educated in the arts like spotlight does. i gained experience in my field by working with clients in the organizations. but spotlight wasn't just about the internship, alongside the professional development workshops allows me to network and build further skills. without spotlight, i would have been completely unprepared to pursue college. i have found very few programs that provide arts education for youth, particularly people of color and youth who are lgbt in the city. built changed my life, and i wish -- spotlight changed my life, and i only hope that other students will have the wonderful opportunities it -- >> supervisor cohen: next speaker, please. >> thank you, supervisors. we're here on behalf of la para trans latina. we're here in support for the
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$1.2 million increase towards the seven agencies that fund specific transgender services. we're asking for the 1.2 million because it's only -- it's only 0.0109% of the city budget, and these funds would really help us with the output of services we can give to some of the most marginalized folks, including folks that are looking for political asylum. thank you very much. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is rachel, and i'm the housing program manager at homeless prenatal program. every day in my work, i hear stories of people in shelter that are experiencing homelessness that need affordable housing immediately and affordable rent in san francisco. i'm here today to advocate for the hspa budgetroposal and for more subsidy that are similar to the shared subsidy program that strives to keep low-income families housed as well as families of color housed in san francisco. with the allotment of $900208
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over the next two years, it will allow us to help 208 families and help them out of homelessness. >> hello, supervisors. i'm a resident in district six, and i'm a children and family social worker and speaking in support of the coalition on homelessness. in 2017, they found 7,409 homeless individuals in san francisco. 31% were chronically homeless and 71% lacked shelter, however it costs more not to address this. each chronically homeless person who isn't in supportive housing costs taxpayers $81,000 each year. if these individuals were in supportive housing it would only cost 20,000 perperson peryear. this proves it is more ethically and financially responsible to commit them to housing. there's a strong causal
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relationship between homelessness, drug use and traumatic childhood experiences. i would also like to advocate for more prechbstive measures, such as family and child services, foster and family support services. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker. >> hi. my name is francis colins, and i want to reiterate what the last speaker says. it costs more not to address the homelessness issue. it costs taxpayers 80,000 a year for every chronically homeless person in jail expenses and other band-aid solutions. it's ethically and physically more responsible to go towards supportive housing, which would only cost 20,000 a person. i remember the 80's, when ronald reagan refused to fund the mentally illand turned
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them out on the street, and this issue is still with us. thanks. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. >> good afternoon, i'm karen fleshman, cofounder san franciscans for police accountability. i want to thank you for the two newpolice commissioners who are awesome. the board of supervisors convened a hearing on sfpd in 2016 when judge cordell spoke about 80 years of sfpd thwarting every reform attempt, and unfortunately i believe we are reliving that history. i urge all of you to withheld ensuring sfpd's budget and demand accountability. supervisor yee, you passed a resolution calling for a citizen commission to conduct a study of what sfpd needs to be, what size sfpd needs to be. this commission is urgently needed. there's a fundamental miss match between what our
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community needs and what sfpd does that results in police murder. we have high rates of homeless people, intoxicated people and mentally ill people. we all agree sfpd is the wrong interface. we need a team of mental health -- >> supervisor cohen: thank you. thank you, karen. next speaker. >> i'm jackie barshak with san franciscans for police accountability. i want to talk about the taser budget, which is $3 million, and i'm asking the supervisors to revisit that budget based on several factors. the -- there are two open seats now on the police commission. let those seats be filled, and then bring the entire vote to be revoted on for appropriations for tasers. also, the sunshine task force
6:38 am
voted last week that -- came to the conclusion that the brown act had been violated in the police commission's vote for tasers, so i would like to factor that in to your reconsideration of the taser vote. and lastly, the measure h, the police officer's association measure on the last ballot was voted -- >> good afternoon. first of all, thank you, supervisors for listening to us. my name is alejandra, and i'm with hospitality house, and i'm here to ask you for the support of the hspa budget of $14.8 million to reduce the police budget, and increase money to protect our most vulnerable population, specifically the homeless and
6:39 am
immigrants. please restore the 250 k for two years of the mental health service budget and provide the necessary support for our youth, homeless and family adults. furthermore i urge you to restore the 280 k for two years for workforce and employment services. this funding is crucial to get homeless folks jobs and back on their feet. work helps people become self-sufficient, and it is more cost efficient to invest in self-sufficiency than tasers, so please stop the hypocrisy and make san francisco a city that is accessible for all, and not just the wealthy. we have a responsibility to help our homeless population. thank you for listening. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors.
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my name is bij reyes. [inaudible] >> -- with social services. i can tell you without a doubt that i am most proud of my work with the bayview opera house. their a dream with the children's opera house -- [inaudible] >> -- a couple programs that come to mind. in these times of turmoil and negativity it's important to be the cornerstone that connected all the different programs in the city. the city's funding will enable us to be the cultural point of bayview. thank you for your time. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker. >> supervisors, tony robles, senior and disability action. seniors and people with disabilities are really hit hard in this city.
6:41 am
there hasn't been an increase in the cost of living or cola in -- in social security in the last three years. our organization is senior and disability action. seniors and people with disabilities are in need of housing subsidies, and we'd like you to make this a priority and fund the $3 million for subsidies. we do support the hspa ask. i know seniors who are personally paying their rent. the subsidy can allow them a cushion, which is a security in situations that are precarious with individuals who can barely afford food and other necessities. these subsidies will provide housing stab housing sta housing stablity, and one-third of the housing in san francisco are seniors. and we need to provide for that. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker. >> my name is jessie johnson.
6:42 am
we recognize that many of the people who live in the streets ago were just our neighbors, people who have been thrown out of their houses by landlords eager to make a profit off of the housing crisis. tonight, people in the tenderloin will sleep on the bare friends of their friend's s.r.o. rooms, they'll sleep in bathtubs, they'll sleep in closets. i've seen people in the tonederloin lend their best shirts for a job interview, i'veeen them lend their last cigarette. please give us back the 14.8 in budget cuts. fund something positive. fund employment services for homeless people, fund transgender services. forget tasers. tasers only mean heartache and death. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you ry much. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is tess davis. i'm here today to urge you to fully fund the hspa budget ask
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of $14.8 million, including $280,000 over two years to restore cuts to the employment services and another 240,000 for low threshold adult services. as a former case worker working with this population, i find the budget unacceptable. in a city that prides itself on being socially conscious, how can we justify this? san francisco is having its largest housing shortage, a constantly growing number of individuals on the streets, and completely unacceptable and life threatening housing and shelter wait lists. it is a moral obligation. no more death on the streets. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker. >> hello, supervisors. my name is moses thompson with hospitality house. san francisco's budget is $11 million, and less than 3% is spent on solutions to homelessness.
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we urge the board of supervisors to fully fund the hspa budget ask of 14.8 million. a bget is a moral document. restore and expand funding for mental health services for transitional aged youth, families, and low threshold services for homeless people in neighborhoods like the tenderloin. help vulnerable san franciscans get the support they need, mental health services, save money, and save lives. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is alan sampson minello. i'm the development director at hospital ill house, and i stand before you on my 23rd wedding anniversary on behalf of me and my wife with because we feel the issues are very important.
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i am urging you to please fully fund the hspa budget of 14.8 million. please restore the funding for mental health services for transitional families and in high need neighborhoods like the tenderloin that is 250,000 over the course of two years. also, i'm asking if you can please restore the cuts to workforce and employment services for the vulnerable folks of our neighborhoods. that's 280,000 over two years. remember, budgets tell a story, and let -- let the story of our city resonate, that we still believe in our shared humanity. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name's emily davis, and i'm reading this on behalf of an artist at the hospitality house, community program. in our country, we treat our
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cats and dogs better than we treat our people. you'll see strays getting shelter and medical attention, and other care. i live on market street, and every day i see people bundled in blankets with a smattering of their approximapossessions. we can put a few more resources to getting people off the street is and getting people working again. we are people, not the homeless. thank you. >> good afternoon. i'm wendy click. i'm from hospitality house. i want to just ask for funding in restoring the mental health services. this is an assess to the program that i work for at hospitality house. each week when i see an individual come in for individual or group wellness groups, they come out lighter on their feet. those that are in our community receive the same case managers
6:47 am
for various support, and with those case managers there's over 100 maintained housing once they're off the street. we have one community members who was homeless for three years, and he had a approach the bench staying in, but confidence his wellness and community managers that have supported him, he has may i approa approach -- maintained housing for a year. so i'm asking you to fund the housing and community support services. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speakers. >> hi. my name is becky, and i'm here to support and ask for funding for our youth organizing. purchase our youth are here. one of them spoke. we have currently summer youth programs where our youth get to understand the issues that are affecting them are systemic, and this really empowers them to do their information. they're able to do, you know,
6:48 am
inform and then pass this onto, like, their neighbors and such, and really, we know that -- we often talk about youth being the future, but they are now, they are experiencing what we are experiencing. they are part of this community, and we know that it's really important to work together, so we are working with others asking for $300,000 for youth funding, particularly or specifically 100,000 for casa de just cause. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker. >> my name is marie job for the community living campaign. i'm here to talk employment, particularly employment of seniors and people are -- with disabilities. 61% of the people in san francisco lack basic economic security. the unemployment rate for people with disabilities is five times the rate for others, so among the employment asks, there were two of particular interest to us. one ishe s.f. reserve program, which was 317,000, and
6:49 am
the other was for the senior community employment services program, which was 250,000, both providing subsidized employment for nonprofits. we want to be part of the solution to issues you heard today, so please put us to work. wheno b y gck to your office, you'll find a flock of worker ducks have left more about this message in your office. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, board of supervisors. my name is judy young. i'm the executive director at the vietnamese youth support center. we're asking to support a mental health program supporting vulnerable vietnamese youth and families who are experiencing depression and trauma that go untreated, and when they ask to see a therapist, they have to wait two to three months to see a
6:50 am
culturally competent therapist. so with the grant, we would be able to serve youth at our community site with an on-site therapist. and the second ask is a $160,000 facilities renovation. this will allow us to serve over 500 youth in our community with bathrooms and a.d.a. compliant. we currently only have one bathroom, so we hope you'll consider this request as part of your budget appropriation. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker. >> thank you. how you doing. hi, supervisors? we're all nonprofit. i just need help -- we're going to walk the streets in the bayview, we're working with parents, single parents, mentors, we're going to mess with kids with behavior problems, we're going with y.g.c. i ain't on calendar, i just want walking through it. i wanted to put you on notice, and we are a 501(c)3.
6:51 am
we'll be working the bayview district, mission district, chinatown. we need to address the kids that don't have food, not having breakfast in the morning. you know, we need to get in their face and kill them with literature. we should be up and running real soon, so we need you all support. you'll see me again. and you all doing a great job, and you all look nice in here. nice staff. take care. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker. >> hi, supervisors. debbie lerman from the human services network. first i want to thank the mayor's office for supporting our nonprofits by doing a cost of doing business increase in each year, and renewing our nonprofit displacement founding. we ask the board to do what you
6:52 am
can to grow the pot and to prioritize the budget justice coalition ask and will assist our vulnerable and low-income communities who have been left out of the city's wealth explosion. i want to touch on the process. we want to ensre that this body achieves its goals of transparency and community engagement. i w i am concerned about the limit of public comment time to one minute which limits speakers to broad generalized comments without time to discuss policy. we ask that you also do not delay any of the add backs, make your add backs as specific as possible because it takes a lot of time to r.f.p. and contract things, get the money out to the community as quickly as possible. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. thank you. next speaker. >> hello. my name is deanna. i'm here to ask you to please consider parents for public schools and keeping them in the
6:53 am
budget. they do an incredible service for the community, particularly for marginalized parents, mostly parents of color and immigrant parents in bridging the gap of understanding from maybe the public education systems that they're used to and being able to choose the school appropriate for their child and also in facilitating that intimidating process of make even not knowing the language and parents for public schools doe a great job of empowering parents to want to become increasingly engaged in their students' education, and also to bring community with fellow parents of their parents schools and to be able to make a positive impact on the educational futures, and as we all know, the overall out comes of that child. is that telling me -- >> supervisor cohen: yes, it is.
6:54 am
next speaker. okay. >>. [speaking spanish] [voice of interpreter] >> my name is guadalupe, and i live in bayview. and i want to please -- oh . and i want to please ask you to support p.t.s., which is through parents for public schools in your budget because they really help us develop our engagement as parents and our knowledge of -- so that we can better help our child's educational future. they give us information about everything we don't know, and they help us better support our
6:55 am
children, and we need to have parents for public schools. we're all latino parents because we don't necessarily understand everything that the district provides us with, language gaps. and they really help us with that support. thank you. [end of translation] >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. thank you for this opportunity. my name's daisy hernandez, i am latino outreach coordinator. i am working in bayview area and mission and visitacion area, too, and i would like please include p.p.s. in your budget because we really do great support for the family, and if this is not happen, the
6:56 am
family is going to be affected. please remember p.p.s. i think we're doing great job. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. are there any other members of the public -- please come up. >> jean adams, lifelong san franciscan, long time member from the days of old son mary's housing community, there's a new wave of homelessness coming to san francisco. there are only grandmas raising grand kids, reference mayor london breed raised by grandma, reference mayor willie brown raised by grandma, but for how long can grandma continue raising grand kids? there's been no cola raise in
6:57 am
three years, and yet the cola increased imposed on rent stablized apartments year offer year. that means rents going up and will soon exceed income for these old people. ten cities will soon become wheelchair cities -- [inaudible] >> supervisor cohen: miss adams, thank you for your document. your time -- you've exceeded your time. is there any other member of the public that would like to speak in public comment? okay. seeing none, public comment is closed. thank you very much. thank you to the men and women that came to public comment. we heard and took copious note oz wh s on what we heard. what i'd like to do is continue items 1 and 2 to the june 21 meeting. do i have a second?
6:58 am
seconded by supervisor stefani, and madam clerk, do we have any other business? >> clerk: that concludes our business. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. we're adjourned. to be. >> hi, i'm average i'm a personal analyst that the human resources examining and recruitment unit and suffix i
6:59 am
started my career as a san francisco state university and got my bachelors in psyched and orientational psyche if they had we have a great relationship that the san francisco unified school district i exploded for american people interim shopping mall and become eligible for a permeate job. >> okay. perfect. >> i love working for our human resources services because of the agriculture we're laid-back with a professional mindset although human resources is a challenge we're light a hearted started as a intern guided through the process eventually one day a a deputy director or staying with the puc is where i
7:00 am
love it >> vp commissioner mazzucco call roll. [roll call] you have a quorum present mr. paul henderson and chief of