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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  June 21, 2018 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> vp commissioner mazzucco call roll. [roll call] you have a quorum present mr. paul henderson and chief of
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police william scott. >> ladies and gentlemen welcome to the wednesday june 20, 2018 san francisco police commission meeting please call line item one. >> reports to commission discussion. a, chief report, report on recent police department activities including major events. >> before we go forward i forgot to say at the beginning, we have lengthy closed session agenda. we're going to limit public comment to two minutes >> line item one, report of discussion, choose report on recent police department activity weekly crime including staffing current staffing levels and overtime and announcements. >> good evening chief scott.
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>> i will start off with crime. starting with violent crime. homicides specifically. last week i reported that we had between homicides year to date. it was actually homicides. there was one that was actually out of the city resulting from an i want that started in the city but ended up with a death outside of the city. that is actually not homicide. should be on our statistics. year to date, we have 19 homicides as compared to 33 this time last year which is 42% reduction homicides. shootin victims we have total of 70 gunshot victims and that is a 17% reduction from last year. we had 84 at this time last year. with firearms we are nine compared to 23 for last year at this time. which is a 61% reduction.
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of homicides with firearms. tose numbers will continue to craft our strategies and going into the middle of the summer. hopefully we can continue with the same type of progress. we're down 1.3%. that number has been driven by aggravated assault. which is the fairly large number. we're 5% up in aggravated assault. which equates to about 65 crimes more than we were this year. rapes we're down by 5% difference nine below. at this time last year 180 compared to 190. robberies we're down to 6.3%. 1396 this year compared to 1491 last year. with aggravated assaulted that number is 1230 this year
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compared to 1165 last year. human trafficking reported incidents are up significantly from this time last year. although it's a small number. significant percentage increase. we have 37 this year compared to 12 last year. we believe that our policy change that we had this past year with our sex workers that we worked on with several of the advocacy groups, we believe that's actually making a difference. we believe more people are coming forward. encourage people to report violent crime if they are victimized. particularly sex workers who often time gets victimized. we're asking officers not focus on the minor crimes and the sex crimes that might be associated with them becoming victim of
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violent crime. we believe that is ing a difference. i know it's anecdotal. these numbers are significant. although we're talking about 25 additional crime is significant in that regard. hopefully it is making that difference we think it is. it's very hard to deal with the problem. in terms of property crime, we are 12.09% below where we were at this time last year. in terms of number about 3500. as of year to date. compared to 28,748 this time last year. our auto burglaries which has been a focus of our department for this year were 20.98% down. that is a difference of almost 3000 crimes exactly.
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burglaries we are .82% down. small number about 20 crimes difference from this time last year. motor vehicle thefts, we are almost 600 car thefts ttom line on our crime numbers we are very pleased we're going in the right direction. we'll continu to craft strategies and make adjustment where is we -- adjustments where we need to. terms of major events this week, this seek pride -- this week is pride week. pride a rai -- pride parade on sunday. we have robust department. we're working with the organizers to ensure that we have coordinated security plan with the organizers.
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there's couple of things i like tortpo on. today there was an incident in the tinder lawn which an officer assaulted solo officers was assaulted by unknown person who threw a bottom th bottle and hie head. he was taken to the hospital and he is doing well. i spoke to him before the meeting today. we don't have a suspect in custody. i know there was a story of interest. l of people wanting to know how the officer is doing. he is doing well. we are still investigating to try to determine who the suspect was who threw the bottle. just one other incident to report. this was from an assault that got quite a bit of media
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attention couple of weeks ago on may 24th. about a month ago. when a 38-year-old homeless man was lying down on the sidewalk by mcallister. the suct approached him and slyouicked him in the face and head area. it was captured on a surveillance video and it was shown on the news. we do have a person in custody on that case. 58-year-old male and our investigation revealed that he also participated in another provoked attack that happened on may 29th. both of those cases have been filed by the district attorney office. our officers who actually recognize the suspect and made the arrest and was actually a really good police work. we're very pleased we have this individual in custody and off the streets. >> president turman: it shows good police work. it's a sign of the frustrations in the community and see
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somebody do something vicious like that, it's type of crime that we deal. it's unprovoked. we need to take care of it. >> thank you. one other thing part of the report was on staffing. just on our staffing in terms of our ftes, we're currently 1816 full duty ftes. that's below our 1971 minimum staffing number. we do have a recruit class to -- that started this week. we have 50 recruits in that class. we have 37 officers and ftos. we'll continue to try to build on those numbers. as far as overtime, we're winding up the year. we are still very much within our overtime bunch. i'm happy to report that. we had ten days to go. we'll encourage overtime
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expenses for our pride department. i know that was of interest to all the commissions in particular to dejesus. we are below. our folks have done good job managing overtime. that concludes this portion. >> any questions for the chief? please call next line item. >> line 1b, dpa director's report. report on recent dpa activities and announcements. >> good evening director henderson. >> thank you. we are at -- i like to start off with the stats. we're at 279 cases open this year. just by contacts, we have surpassed the number of open cases from last year already at this time. which was 267. we have closed 220 cases. there's still in my open cases
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are 290 as opposed to 401 open cases from last year. we are still holding at 23 cases that are past 270 day mark of those 23. we still have a number of positions i won't repeat the same ones from last week that have still in background. we've ben having series of meetings with my chief of staff and with the department on amending trying to streamline our background process. those conversations in that meeting will continue the first part of next week. wile keep the commission updated. there was a big issue for us. one of the solutions is likely to include us independently doing our background with structure and guidance from the department. that will be a budget item for me. which brings me to next issue. we're in the middle budget.
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i testified last week the department did what the board and meeting with the board again tomorrow. i believe the department is as well on the budget. i'll share the final budget once it's finally approved. we have been continuing to expand our connection with community and doing more events and partnership with public agencies. last week, we were at the june celebration, juneteenth celebration. we'll be doing the same thing this week at the pride festival where we'll have a booth both saturday and sunday. i would like to close by saying one of the things that we met -- we did this week was sit down with d.o.j. and they are here. i'm excited to seeing the boots
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on the ground such as it is. to welcoming them into the collaboration and the partnership to address some of the concerns from the report that we are all working on. i'm here today along with one of my senior investigators, sarah, as well as some of the interns from the office. we'll answer any questions as necessary. >> director henderson, number of complaints are up to more than what we had last year. any reason or rationale for that >> lot more people are learning about who the agency is and what we do. one of the things that was real challenge for us was along access. so folks that were coming into the office that spoke any other languages had some severe challenges including death and hard of hearing. those challenges have been for the most part, resolved.
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we have ways of communicating through our networks now. we didn't have the equipment that we should have had at the front desk to answer questions from folks walking in from off the streets. we had closed off the doors inadvertently to folks that wanted to talk to us and ask us questions. >> commissioner hirsch: anything further for director henderson? >> line 1c commission reports, commission president's report, commissioner's report. >> thank you very much. we had a busy week. it started with last week myself and commissioner attended the graduation sunday night. graduated 36 brand new officers
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and suffice to say, it was an incredibly diverse group. it was great to see their families. it was great to see the new members of the sfpd. you just look at the whole dynamic. you look at the award. going from markmanship awardeds to awards crises intervention training. deescalation techniques. force options training. just strength of chasing and running physical fitness. there's combination of ability to do physical fitness and react appropriately. the awards have changed to certain extent to represent the changes that this department has been going through. that was good to see that. thank you both commissioners for joining me at the graduation. if you make noise you have to step outside. you got one warning. next, we had in addition to that, the academy graduation. i attended yesterday as representative from the police
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commission and medal of valor selection committee. the heroism we saw from many of the officers young and old, men and women of the san francisco police department was beyond belief. i can't wait for commissioners to see and hear the story. proud to be part of this. additionally, during the course of the week, i was interviewed the fei in san francisco, going through their inspection. i think it's important that the interview police commissioner about our thoughts about the fbi and i being former assistant u.s. attorney. it was natural for them to ask. i have to say, question was asked, why are you not in the jttf. i said because the people in san francisco have no confidence in the united states department of justice. when i was first working on that, i had confidence in the u.s. department of justice. it doesn't exist anymore. when you have an attorney
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general quoting from the bible, citing why we should keep children separated from their parents, very hard for me and other commissioners to convince the members of the public to have confidence in the department of justice. hopefully things will change. it's ironic that that supervisor came -- interview came before this happened. i want to share with you, i do think the men and women of the fbi that work here are incredible. i dealt with many of them. lack of confidence and things that happened with director comey, the assistant director and things at the d.o.j. put us in a bad spot point to stay that, because i represent the public. i felt very strongly about that. that's our activity throughout the course he week that i was involved in commissioners. commissioner hirsch. >> commissioner hirsch: and i t was the first meeting of the
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state ag working with the state and the department meeting was overseen by the d.c. conley. we spent little over an hour talking about the roles people would play and the what the organizations will be doing -- thank you. >> i attended the townhall last week regarding the ois, the officer involved shooting that wa about three blocks from my house. i had both professional and personal interest in it. i wanted to stay that i thought -- i'm obviously not going to be commenting on any of the substance of the presentation. as far as the presentation, i wanted to say that i thought that chief scott and the
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department did a really good job in keeping the presentation neutral. coming to this is somebody has been on the commission for only a few weeks. i had concerns about the manner in which other investigations and other departments have prejudged investigations, acted as advocates for their officers over the objectivity of the investigation. didn't see any of that during the townhall that i attended. i want to commend the chief for that. >> vice president mazzucco: com. >> commissioner dejesus: we went to the use of force meeting. we met the people from hilliard,
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diane reagan, i can't remember the other person day. diane and denise were there. deborah, sorry. whatever. they were there. it was really good. first time i've been able to attend. there was a really beneficial question and answer period for all of us and as well as the community. i think that was good start. i'm looking forward to working with them. >> i wanted to follow -- >> commissioner hirsch: the working group that i attended with commissioner dejesus and commission el e-- elias. we got a lot of feedback from community that was present that really appreciated the manner in which the working group was led.
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encouraging questions and providing responses and having an actual working group pip heard concerns that hasn't always been the case. i wanted to acknowledge that this working group was done in a way that really courage -- encourage the community. >> vice president mazzucco: i want to encourage our commissioner. they have jumped in speed ahead. it's not us on wednesday nights. it's us on monday morning, monday afternoon and everyday pretty much. i appreciate it. thank you for jumping in. i was on my way to the use of force. i was quorummed out. that's the first time. there was three commissioners. after spending most morning there, i went back to my other job. so thank you. >> vice president mazzucco: line
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item d. >> commission announcements and schedule of items identified for consideration future commission meetings action. >> vice president mazzucco: any announcements? >> yes the commission to the general public, the commission will be dark on june 27th and the fourth of july, the next meeting will be here room 400, july 11, 2018 at 5:30 p.m., city hall room 400. i like to make an announcement about the crisis intervention team award ceremony open to the public on june 21etween the hours of 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. at the scottish wright auditorium. >> vice president mazzucco: i like to have at least one commissioner present. anybody available to go? i will be out of town tomorrow. >> i will be attending. i don't know if i'll make the whole time. >> vice president mazzucco: agat
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you've seen when you hear the stories of the deescalation techniques and lives saved without using force. it's tribute to those officers too. great. please call next public comment. >> we're still on d. >> commissioner dejesus: one of the things we did discuss at the use of force, we went through lot of the different recommendations that made. it was refreshing some of them we kind of forgot. coming out of that meeting, there was a discussion about clarity and giving information as much information as possible. being as traitor -- transparent as possible especially when it came to our discipline report and our firearm discharge review board. it was brought to our attention.
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los angeles and other areas give much more detailed information. they are guided by the same principles we are under the copely act. they give information about the event, the discussion, the how they reached the decision that they reached. they are very detailed. we should provide a copy to all of us. what we like to do is we would ask that the commission put it on the agenda so that we can change at least two reports to provide more detailed reporting similar to lapd board of police commissioners. which enable the public to understand the complexity of the circumstances, the type of investigation the police department conducted into the i want and the basis for the civilian police commissioner findings. we believe this is critical to fostering public trust. that's something other departments report do. ours are like one photograph.
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it wasn't really lend to the strategy -- not the strategy but the transparency how we reach decisions what we reached and what we were looking at. it's something we like to agendize and change that. [applause] >> vice president mazzucco: ple. commissioner hirsch. >> commissioner hirsch: we had same issue come up at accountability. we're taking similar -- i asked the city attorney's office to look at what los angeles is doing and to give us an opinion, their opinion as to why we couldn't do something like or closer to that. that will come back to accountability. sounds like we're working on the same thing. >> commissioner dejesus: we're all governed by copeley. >> vice president mazzucco: com. >> .
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commissioner elias: i think that one of the things that was evidently clear and the use of force working group was that the fact that the public really wants transparency. i think that we are all in agreement that is something we also want as well while respecting the laws. >> just to brief follow-up. i think everybody said it already. i know that even before i came on the police commission, time and again, people in the community have addressed concerns with the way the disciplinary process, isn't
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transparent as it could be. nobody is suggesting that the commission taking any actions in violation of settled law, copeley etcetera. just to follow the lead of l.a. and other jurisdictions, who have taken actions. i would join in the request for to agendize it for discussion and a vote. >> initially the calendar should be for advice on what basically, what other police departments are doing and what's within copeley and the law.
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>> the san francisco sheriff's department is also doing it. >> i don't know that for sure. the city attorney office did receive the request. we are working on it. >> vice president mazzcco: viou. july 11th may not work. let's go with july 18th. there's clarity for the public and commission so we're in sync what other police departments are doing and in accordance with the law. >> if we're going ask for advici would go little further. we have a sample already what te sheriff's deputy does. >> i sent sheriff and the l.a. county to the city attorney use office last week. i'm hoping in the next week or o we'll get a response. >> vice president mazzucco: putt on for july 11th. if there's an issue with it, wel move it to the other day.
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>> it's marked on the 11th so if there are any issues we'll deal with those and move the action. >> vice president mazzucco: we'l see what we need to do on the 18th. >> i want to make sure that whee get that memo that dpa about gea copy of that advice memo so we n weigh in to facilitate these conversations. >> i do not know that there is a memo. i know the question was asked fr the city attorney's office. there is a group of lawyers worg on it. i will have to check in. i do not know that there's a meo coming. >> this is unrelated as long ase discussion is complete regardin. there was one other issue regarg the agenda and agendizing items that was brought to my attentio. i think that there's also been e
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media coverage what happened in closed session on at least whats agendized last week. i wanted to address the questiof -- i understand mr. hing will be appearing in closed session to address the same issues. is there a particular why his ne was left off the agenda? week, which set off this whole e storm? >> this item is not only the agenda. it's not a legal requirement to have any of the attorney's name. the purpose of the closed sessin item was to give direction to cy negotiators, which is dhr and nt jonathan yank. it was an oversite sight. his name shouldn't have been one agenda. it's not a legal requirement to have his name on the agenda.
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>> it will help to the commissin and the community to raise the question as to any potential conflicts or appearance of conflicts that exist. work with the position to defend the integrity of this commissio, the city attorney us -- attornes office. now his name is disappearing. that's concerns about whether or not we're acting in good faith o try to raise these issues proper form before the community. my question is simple. who took it off and why was it taken off? >> it's not a legal requirementr it to be on there. if you give me five seconds. katy porter was here. i wanted to see if i can find hr to answer your question.
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>> i may chime in. our conversation on this line im is to put future items on calenr before the commission. some of the rules are in terms f agendizing items to have in-deph conversation. we all want to answer this question. this point we're getting to whee we're calling city attorney in o give us legal advice that's not agendized. my suggestion that we put this r july 11th for that issue. the conversation is gone beyond let's add something to the calendar. we can add it to calendar for nt hearing or meeting, we're gettig
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to the point now we're carryingn a full blown conversation with y commissioners chiming in. something we liken to know the answer to. we're violating the rules becaue it has not been agendize. i ask that we put this matter on for july 11th and we can have a more thorough discussion as an agendize item. >> i guess the reason i raise it now is because i really want to lift this kind of perception ths been advanced in the media that there's some sort of nefarious actions taking place behind clod doors during the closed session. to the degree that i can we can assure the public that's not the case, that's why i raise it. when the city attorney's offices potentially taking action to ree items from the agenda, it appeas they trying to hide it from the
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community. i don't think that's a good look for any of us. that's why i raised the question ultimately. refer to mazzucco. >> vice president mazzucco: even come in here. our city attorney is not prepard to answer this question. we should put it on -- anything further before we go to public comment retarding line item, 1a, c and d. please call for public comment. >> line two discussion of aness- >> vice president mazzucco: call
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public comment. now time for public comment regarding line item, 1a, b, c ad d. pect to have the opportunity to -- >> vice president mazzucco: we'e not doing the formalities. talk about public comment. >> the general public is now invited to public comment regarg lines 1a, b, c and d. >> vice president mazzucco: pubc comment is limited to two minut. please come forward. first person. >> may it please the commission. any name is john jones. i like to take exception to the chief scott's report. it is not informative. it consisted largely restoratiof numbers quickly read from a cryt sheet. those numbers could have been easily incorporated in the documents that you published bee the meeting.
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i found this report uninformati. i find this report largely irrelevant. if you listen to it, he's reporg on san francisco, san jose or newark, new jersey. i like to present to the commisn a copy of a san francisco gate newspaper article that appeared access two days ago entitled "am i in bad part of town." tours shocked by what they sighn san francisco street. may i have copy of this incorporated into the minutes of the meeting? the police department has some responsibilities in this area. this is a huge deal in san francisco. to fix our quality of life, peoe are losing money off this.
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this san francisco gate articles referenced in the dredge report. i findhief scott's reporter relevant and unsatisfactory it fails to address major issues in san francisco. he should not be allowed come in here and issue a report that ignores that. may i leave few copies of this article on table? >> vice president mazzucco: next speaker. good evening. >> i hope this is the right parf the meeting. i'm talking about something that commissioner brought about the townhall meeting. i'm am 33 year resident of san francisco. i raised two sons here and retid from ucs foff.
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officers could have left and his three pals after seeing they had thrown away their open containes rather than escalating a harmles situation. he didn't. last year the commission could e done something to prevent the shooting when presented with a report. while the report claims to somef this systematic obstacles theres no reason why the commission couldn't have done something tot cadillo off the streets. when each of the complaints was filed but it didn't. sfpd could have prevented the shooting by refusing to hire
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cadillo. when they should have done they killed someone on the beat. the los angeles police departmet could have prevented the shootig by ruling killing gang and murd. i have 30 seconds more. i ask you to do something that l prevent him from harassing, torturing, beating up, shootingr killing another person as a cop. he must be immediately fired or absent without pay. >> vice president mazzucco: next speaker. good evening. >> good evening members of the police commission. would like to say that i'm very
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pleased to hear that the police department has made some increde advances with the awards and the metals. that is an excellent way to get recognition to those that are performing their duties as we wt them to and that hold them up as examples. that's very good for motivation. i applaud you. thank you. >> vice president mazzucco: next speaker. >> good evening. >> i wanted to address a point t was made around the fact that al had good experience use of force working group. i used to be participating in te
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working group and accountability working group and also in the hiring and personal practices. after several attempts and particularly in the policing grp to quest that we be given information about what each spor understand after each session. what recommendations they make o the chief. what the chief actually approve, what is actually implemented and never getting responses. after he was shot, i stepped awy from the meeting. right now, there isn't even a p, not even measurable outcomes for any of the five basic areas of reform that have been establishd under the d.o.j. review. we have no idea what type of
7:43 am
progress has been made in these reforms. i'm asking you again that we stt this process again. i want to point out that the rem process is managed by the pspp t the head which is michael who hs also in his career been involven '9and '95.volved shootings in ', one of the major issues is use f force. thank you. >> we have two people here from- they were with the department of justice. they've been hired to do audit d update. they're asking what you just sa. they right behind us there. they want know exactly where the
7:44 am
problems lie in our process. you would be perfect to speak to them and give them information. >> vice president mazzucco: next speaker please. jeremy. >> good evening. i want to address the point that was brought up about the negotiations for use of force ad the so called meet and conifer process. i was unclear on the decision. it is due to take place in closd session fairly shortly. -- i appreciate concerns you raised. i think that is the icing on the cake. the fundamental concern is that based on a state court ruling as
7:45 am
far as back at the '70s it has been clarified that poa does not haveegal right. it was raised before this body before. it's ludicrous that they keep trying to shove the people and s commission around in such a way. furthermore just last week the sunshine commission in a unanims vote, found multiple sunshine violations with the hearing that was held late last year regardig the issuing of pagers to san francisco police officers. since multiple commissioners tht were present in this vote are no longer present including one deceased. since that can never be redone n an open and fair manner to the public, that should be completey thrown out. i know this is one of the points that the police want to negotiae on. i appreciate it. we should ask why names are
7:46 am
disappearing from public notices about meetings. but the bigger question, why dos the public have to deal with ths at all. this is abuse of practice point-blank. >> vice president mazzucco: next speaker please. >> i want to thank the last pern for his wonderful comment. i like to echo his concerns. my comment pertains to deescalan not a shooting in north beach. the assault happened when triedo call his mother for help.
7:47 am
he is impulsive and dangerous p. i ask that he be fired by the cf with full backing from the commission. this will make san francisco sa. this man is not helping keep civilians safe. thank you. >> thank you. >> vice president mazzucco: 1a,, c and d. all public comments are closed. call the next line item. >> vice president mazzucco: plee line up. next speaker. >> i'm with the democratic socialist of america. regarding the closed session, we you might be negotiating with tp orpoa this is ridiculously, the public overwhelming vote on proa which allow increased use of foe
7:48 am
from police regarding tasers. i wanted to remind folks becausi know that the way to disrupt capital and disrupt power is to showcase the public's power. please remember that poa collaborators went down real had in the next election. i want all of you to keep this n mind as you're talking with poa. thank you. >> vice president mazzucco: next speaker. >> i was at the townhall in norh beach. i don't think it went well at a. it seem like it was tax cut shot -- cut short. i was really dump founded why people people didn't cause trou. next day it was on "good morning america" and people in the natin had seen it. nobody except for are a few her. it's the same as the shooting.
7:49 am
running with his gun and shootig really fast. testify what you eyes see. you can see it in the video. even on "world news tonight" thy slowed it down showed him droppg the gun. you guys have the technology, cf scott, to slow that down. that was not shown on the media here. they showed it the next dayers channel 7. you can see him dropping the gun and throwing it in the gutter. maybe it was not a gun. i don't know that. it was blurry. my point is, it was wrong. it is wrong to shoot anybody ine back! it is wrong! >> vice president mazzucco: any further public comm public comment closed. line item two. >> discussion on possible actioo
7:50 am
approve issuance of department bulletin 18-101 booking biologil evidence. modifying department general or, 6.02, physical evidence and crie scenes action. >> vice president mazzucco, director henderson. i'm the crime scene investigatis unit. i'm here to answer any questionr offer any clarifications on the biological booking evidence department that has been revise. >> vice president mazzucco: tels what is done differently what is the revision and what are the changes we should know and we should consider? you tell us. >> there anthony really changes. it's a clarification on a bullet
7:51 am
tin that was issued two years b. it was sent down for review to e if it should be reissued or not. after consultation with the crie lab and in-house discussion, we informed written directives thae would like to reissue the bullen with some clarification. it does expand little bit into e biological evidence handling ant incorporates a bulletin that was issued last year. specific to the preservation at crime scenes. we felt that the intelligent thg to do was to put all the biologl evidence materials into one bulletin rather than having that repetition and to reissue this bulletin. the amendment to the general orr 6.02, it doesn't add anything beyond the amendments that were done two years ago when we stopd freezing evidence. >> vice president mazzucco: any
7:52 am
questions for the inspector? commissioner dejesus. >> commissioner dejesus: i've de homicide case. i've gone down to the property m and the clothing was in a paperg from the deceased. when the bag was open all these maggots and stuff came falling . i've been stunned by that. i'm reading this and you're sayg this doesn't need to be frozen. when all this bloody clothing it doesn't need to be frozen. i'm worried about the deterioran because these trials was two or three years after the incident. it's in the bag stapled. i don't know if it's preserving. it was a biohazard. >> i understand. the working group that got toger several years back which includd the nij and the fbi. determined best practicetor preserving biological evidence. rather than freezing or air dryt
7:53 am
and to package it. there in lies the difference. if it's properly dried it shoule no infestation issues. there was discussion about grear potential damage to biological evidence in the freezer which ws compromised. there were compressor issue ande forming o. o-- on the inside. the potential for biological evidence to become damage in the extensive freezers, it was high. when we investigated that what e fbi was recommending and the nij and other bodies, it was clearly delineated the best way to prese biological evidence except for liquid samples was to dry and bk monitored room temperature. >> commissioner dejesus: you understand you have new facilit. do you have the ability to dry
7:54 am
clothes, dry the clothe before u package them when they're all bloody and ripped up? >> yes. we do. we do that through the crime sce investigation's unit in the half justice. >> vice president mazzucco: any? thank you very much. any public comment with referene to line item number two. department general 3.01 and genl order 6.02? hearing none, public comments nw closed. do after motion to adopt the amendment top this department bulletin, 18-101. >> so moved. >> vice president mazzucco: alln favor? thank you very much. please call the next line item. >> motion passes 5-0. line number three, general publc comment. public now welcome to address te commission regarding items thato not appear on the gent that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commissi
7:55 am
speaer shall address the commission as a whole or dpa personnel. under rules of order during pubc comment, police or dpa personnel nor commissioner required to respond to questions presented y the public. individual commissioners nd pole and dpa personnel should refrain from entering into any debates r discussion with speakers during public comment. >> vice president mazzucco: thak you. jeremy, welcome back. >> my name is johnny miller prom director. well over a decade now i worked with families victim of police terror and vlence. today i spoke with the family of derek gaines and the family of travis hall and authorized to sk on behalf both their family. they are horrified and disturbed that officer joshua academic has
7:56 am
been allowed to harm people aga. in 2011 he's accused of burglarizing for $1000 in cash. of course june 5, 2012 was whene assassinated 15-year-old derek gaines. april 10, he beat travis hall alongside sergeant at the time anthony montoya who is now headf the president of the poa. both who have been promoted sine this time on january 30, 2016, e assaulted and reported ones to e mario woods case. later he assaulted a peaceful protesters. now june 9, 2018 oliver is shotn the back. this is no the first time this t
7:57 am
this psychopath i can officer hs been brought before this commission. i know we have a fairly new commission now. two current sitting commissiones were here in 2016 the last time this officer was brought to this commission. one has been stalwart defender f the people against brutal cops other has been a -- cop lover. this blood of oliver is on your hands. i demand your immediate resignan from this body. >> vice president mazzucco: nex. >> she will speak in spanish ani will translate.
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> thank you sir. >> i'm the cousin who was murded by sfpd on april 7, 2016. i cannot believe that police commission having the precedencf cadillo that he was able to shot the young man in the back. how is possible, chief that you have these presidents that you e
8:00 am
done nothing to take matters in your hand. i'm asking the police commissios today to take into accounted the history of cadillo. to demand chief of police he stp covering up for his officers. that he give you all the information. it's a shame chief of police tht you have murderers on your staff and the public doesn't know abot it. we need to have all the information. this police commission needs to have all the information on the background of these officers so that corrective actions can take place this sanctuary city of san francisco, these type of lack of consequences continue. should not have murderers in yor organization. he wants to deliver and enter record this report again. >> vice president mazzucco: thak you very much for