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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  June 25, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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good morning. thank you for joining us. >> [roll call]
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>> you are a quorum. call your next item? >> please. >> item 3 is communication. >> the acting regional director will be taking my place. >> i don't think your mic is on. >> sorry. i wanted to quickly introduce myself. i presented a couple of month ts ago in front of the board. that should be the new standard, making new board members present first for letting them on. i'll continue as the alternate and will be taking over next month for the high speed rail. >> thank you. >> thank you. we look forward to having you join us. >> item 3. new business and old business. none that i'm aware of. being none your next item is item 5, the executive director's report. >> good morning, directors.
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as you all know, last week the area voters voted for passing [inaudible] this is a great way for improvement in the bay area. it's expected to generate $4.5 for infrastructure improvement funding including $325 million for the downtown extension. this amount of funding is made available in time would allow us to take the downtown extension project to status in three to four years. we are updating our project delivery plan for phase 2 and we present to the board next month. there will be three milestones we wish to achieve. the first milestone is a full design completion and complete required studies to enter the new program. the new starts program is the first step for us to be able to secure the $1 billion in funding for -- federal funding we have in the planned area. we are working with the san
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francisco transportation authority to secure funding for a portion of the design. we hope to receive our allocation in july. we are also working with mtc to secure is remaining funding for the design from region 3. second was to achieve status. that includes securing the build project and completing the construction and building documents. we have started the dialogue on the amount of funding we need to achieve this milestone. if we get the money ready in time we could be red in three to four years. the next milestone is funding the project and completing construction. in regards to the status of the environmental document, the office of the federal transit administration is still reviewing the final supplemental environmental impact statement. we should be receiving that
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sometime this week. we may be able to bring the documents for the board's consideration next month. later on today's agenda, the city and county of san francisco planning director, john ram, will present the results of the study and input from the public meeting held last month. as you will hear, the results of the rap study supports the environmental clear alignment for the gtx. with the transit center nearing completion, the completion of the lab study, our focus is shifting to operating the transit center and bringing the cal and high speed rail to the transit center in the shortest time possible. we will submit proposals to help us accomplish our mission of operating the transit center in the most efficient manner and bringing the trains in the shortest time possible. we have an organizational
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assessment to best organize staff for operating the transit center and delivering the trains. this was something that was suggested. the purpose of the organization you -- assessment is to inform us if we have few staff members and relying on consultant help is most efficient given the amount of workload coming up. we will present the findings for you in the next few months. we are also releasing a request for proposal for project management and project control services. our current contract ends this november, the focus of our current contract is one work. we would like to have a new contract for phase 2. we will need, however, to extend our current contract to allow us to continue at 30% development and to help us transition into a new contract. we would bring that extension to the board next month. we are releasing a request for
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proposal for planning and acquisition services to help us mana manage the activities required for phase 2. we hope to bring you all these results for proposals for consideration in the next few months. at this time i would like to ask ann from collier to present the collier update. for the leasing. >> good morning, everyone. thank you for having me. i'm here to give a brief summary of our activity for the past month. we will be talking about it more later on in the closed session. i'm happy to report that it's been another very busy and productive month for us at colliers as we continue to move and stay on track with our leasing goals for the project. as of right now, we have more than 20 loi's in negotiation and we are negotiating more
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leases with more expected to come online at the end of the month. we have been staying true to our merchandising plan and are also happy to report that our tenant mix is predominantly local tenants, several of whom this will be their first retail operation. we look forward to sharing more of those details as we mauve -- we move through this session and also through the summer. also it continues to be strong. we are averaging anywhere between four to six tours a week. a combination of tenants flying in to see us and architects and contractors getting ready to optimize once we get a delivery of the building and are able too start going on our landlords work and tenants work later this year. with that i'm happy to answer questions or we can talk more later in the session. >> thank you.
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>> thank you, ann. at this time i would like to ask christine to provide us with an update on the preparation for the grand opening. >> good morning, directors. as i've been updating you in partnership with our transit operators and other partners we will be hosting and celebrating the opening of the south transit center and park, events are meant to give transit riders opportunities about the transit center and also the transportation features and also meant to attract visitors year round to the center by highli t highlighting all the amenities from public art to the park to transit. before i start that i'll just let you know that sfmta has started this week with ambassadors on the week educating treducat educating transit riders at the terminal to let them know how to find their new bus stop. people are excited. they are happy to move over early. people can't wait for the transit center to open.
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we've gotten very positive feed back from them. the campaign and the transit ambassadors are doing a great job. we will do a similar campaign in august to transit from greyhound, amtrak and others so they know what is going on later this summer. while we are doing that we are planning for a series of opening events celebrating and commemorate that will include public tours, ceremonial ribbon cutting, neighborhood block parties. since i spoke last with you we gathered many, many more partners. everyone we ask and ask is a resounding yes and people are excited. everyone from market street railway and organizations that immediately surround the park and transit center are coming on board to help us promote the activities. so i think bev been very cost conscious as well. we have the -- for the neighborhood block party all the levels activated with our partners, brv is going to
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activate the park and the ground floor and the grand hall and we are going to have a pop up retail that will start on august 11th to welcome the public. a lot of our out reach is going to be through the neighborhood organizations, merchant organizations and hopefully with some paid advertising that we've raised money to do. i'll be happy to take any questions. >> at our next meet aring -- meeting are you going to present a calendar with all of this stuff so we can start planning? >> yes. absolutely. we've been producing save the dates now for the park and pending construction milestones being met over the next week. in early july we are planning towards mid august and august 10, '11, 12 opening. >> everything over those three days? >> yes. but pending some construction milestones being met. >> okay.
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like i shared with you, the chief financial officer has decided to seek other opportunities. i would like to take this opportunity to thankara for her many years of invaluable service to tgpa. sara has agreed to stay with us until the end of july. she managed to be able to negotiate something good for us with her new employer to help with transition. as you know, the cfo position is a board officer appointed by the board. i will keep the board abreast throughout the recruitment process. i just want to say thank you so much for your many years of invaluable service. this concludes my report. >> i would join i think on behalf of the board to thank sara for all the great work, all the funding, times we tried to figure out how to make ends
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meet. i remember when we got word that we didn't have any funding for the rooftop and, you know, sara was there trying to figure it out, working with the city, rosenfeld. everybody. it's been a great asset to have. i want to thank you for all the great work to bring the station to fruition and hopefully you'll be at the event celebrating with us. thank you for your service. >> i would second that. when the san francisco people came back when that was going on they said we can talk to sara. that was so reassuring to hear that. >> questions? >> just a couple of questions for you. i want to make sure i understand. we are getting a new pm on board in november you said? >> project manager, project control contracts. later this year. we are going to release it and bring it back.
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>> and then i didn't quite catch -- that was about the november time frame i think you said. >> in the fall. >> yeah. >> are you expanding the current cm contract? >> yeah. we need our contract to continue for phase 2. we need to have a seamless transition. >> thank you. >> call your next item, item 6 is the construction update. >> good morning directors. jeff peterson. right now we will present the june construction update. a lot of activity to present. a lot of pictures to show. ron will cover the schedule and budget and rifts as we get to
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the finish line and then jess will talk to the tco for substantial completion update. the picture here that we've been carrying for a long time continues to get groeener and greener. it's greener from this picture because they added a lot of sod from a couple of days ago. all that sod is in place at the western end. so making some great progress. with our graphic here, that we'll probably pretty soon be retiring is. coming -- is coming along nicely. the main part left is building out the amphitheater area. once they finish out the sod they are also doing the paving of the pathway which has been a major operation. half of the park now is closed off because the pathway, almost half of it, had been taped with the resident -- you know, the paving operation with the sod. there's a last bit of grass that will go on the great lawn. it's coming together well. moving down to the bus deck, we
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have a major clean up from the last month,getting ready for transit buses to come through with training. it's very clean. there's some pet island ceilings but for the most part things are coming online. beacons are flashing. it's all been very good to hear in the last couple days that ron and jess will talk to. the second level has been -- for the most part been turned over. i'll have a slide to talk to that. the ground level continues with its -- the site work, the ground level where the bus plaza has been readied for saturday. the signal at fremont is ready. the paving has happened at 1st and fremont. the build out and final, the frontage roads, is happening in a timely manner for the summer
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clean up. then below ground the soc is an important one. that back of house. there's furniture being moved in. there's computers started to come in. we don't have any paint and driveway wall anymore to talk to because the actually furniture has been moved in. making some good progress at the tco. below at the train box there it's essentially complete at this point. we really the clean up is in process right now. there's a lot of -- if you walked through that recently it looks a little like home depot and a lot of boxes and a lot of equipment and materials and stuff that is just getting cleaned up. that's really the mode at these levels at this point. that's my words page here that's essentially what i've just said. it's in that particular page.
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on the left-hand side you have that first admission. you're looking south there is come -- completed. the one on the bus deck on the right is still going. we have that box, i like to call it is fridge box, is hiding and protecting one of the pylons on the bus deck that is being hooked up and is going to have data on it very soon. the ceilings and everything look very similar to the rendering. also at biel street, biel street is all set as well. all the different elements that the bus plaza will activate fully in less than a couple of days. some of the grand hall pictures are amazing on their comparisons that is now most of the -- even the -- even that was removed so
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that looks closer to the rendering that kelly made a long time ago. they have really proven to be exactly what it was going to be built out. i think it looks a lot better in person than the rendering themselves. similar here is a couple other shots oh of the grand hall, especially the one on the right, the lake home. it is just getting a final polishing and the big board is coming along really well as you can see a picture of the big board here and it is finalizing. it's all in prep. it will get installed in the upper bus deck level. it's other work that web core had to do to appllow for it wil be installed mid to late july. popping up to the park, it's just sort of a neat element of the park that's coming together as the playground. it's a very spongy fund material
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that the director got to -- a couple days ago got to see. the underlying of it is a lot of recycled materials and it's a very neat area to be up on the park. that will be very enjoyable for children and adult children as well. mau moving back down to the grand hall, we are putting kiosks, clipper, ticketing machines. that's the level that we are at right now of getting things readied for the public here shortly. the sod is in. this is a picture of the progress. this is the big board. it really shows the video graphics that are possible on this device. it's very impressive and very proud to be part of instructing
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that. the tenant slide will be retired shortly. there's some things such as the mail room, the ground amtrak, the tgpa office on the second level. at this point -- and martha's team will continue to report on the build out, the tentative improvement elements but i think this has been a seamless hand over from web core to the turner special projects division group. then moving south, that's another one that's going well. we had some buses that went in and did their initial testing about a week or two ago now. some feedback came from that, moving those buses around. we have this on the list to try to accommodate those items when we run the tests, when we get buses in there. they say you got a model and
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then when you do the actual drive through there other things come out and we are in the process of getting those ready to ensure training starts as soon as possible. the left-hand side is the admin building that's in place. it's getting built out. the team will be walking out there on monday actually, the ac transit team to see their new digs as they come together over there at the bus storage facility. another slide is this one. i should have put the video showing the flashing beacons working. they got activated and much to linda's happiness, this has been an extremely long road that we've been on for this flashing beacon but it does flash and it does work. so it's been incorporated into the ac transit training program at this point. the last bit of good news before
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i turn it over to ron is we did not have any recordables or lost time, accidents as we are about to cross 5.2 craft hours on the project. so with that i will turn it over to ron for budget and schedule. thank you. >> thank you, dennis. good morning, directors. exciting time as you can see things are coming together, things are looking good. still a lot of activity out there. i'll go through my normal data on budget and schedule. the question at the forefront of your mind, will we or will we not have tco on friday. the short answer is a yes and a no. i'll get into that just as soon as i get through the data. >> hear how quiet it is. >> in terms of budget, things are kind of streaming along as expected.
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or what has been forecasted. i misspoke, we went through 24.4 working place this month and we've committed an additional 9.2 million. that's trending as i mentioned. contingency spending is no surprises as well. about 3.8 million. most of it is catch up on -- as portraying a lot of old issues that have been going back and forth in terms of settling out with the change orders or work. so no real big surprises there. i failed to mention on the last slide our eac is staying constant and that anticipating all the known and a good measure of what we can dream up in terms of unknowns, in terms of issues and contingency draw downs on
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potential claims. we are already in discussions with web core on scheduling, discussions on how to navigate through the unpleasant potential claims and trying to off ward subcontractors. that will get a lot more legs once our focus is shifted away from delivering the project and starting operations. >> do those con -- there's contracts around those things in terms of splits and stuff with web core. does that await full litigation? like everything is done, all the releases are in, everybody has settled everything and then we look at what's left or not? >> i need to revisit the fine print if you will on the cmgc. i think that's just a simple
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split to the remainder. once we come to rest. i don't think that it was contingent on a no claim situation, which was kind of what i had at my previous endeavor. >> yeah. it would be nice to know. i mean we don't have to do it at a board meeting but -- >> the presumption is it can be depleted by way of distribution or working through some of the scope or dealing with some of the issues. >> that was my feeling as well. so the eac has that running presumption built into it. >> okay. >> in terms of schedule, again, no new real refresh here. it's been kind of holding steady. you'll see the substantial completion date shows july 9th rather than july 5th.
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i think we are still striving to beat the july 5th. july 9th is really a byproduct of punching in the data in the scheduling program and taking into account the holiday. no real mover or driver on that. the rough part as you can see has come along quite well. a lot of that schedule or tco has predicated on, you know, bringing up the emergency systems associated with the infamous e2 pylons that we've talked about so much which incidentally have all arrived and are getting in place. there's a few pieces that are playing catch up. doing better on that front. >> i won't dwell on this too much but the strings of activity are pretty much moving along. a little bit of a late start on the bus plaza training but we
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still anticipate to get tco and have full operations by saturday. right after the 15th. the challenging piece or on going piece is the safety and teasing out those pieces. we are actively trying to advance that i'll get into that a little bit more once i get past the schedule slides. again, operations pretty much no real big change from last month in terms of the track. i think martha and her folks will be speaking to that a little bit more later in the presentation. the next go slides, the last slide is usually spoken by web core but this slide really has
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not changed. it's the same players. it's the building systems start up, the commissioning that needs to get teased out, the fire and life safety systems and security. as i mentioned a minute ago, the e2 pylons finally all arrived, they are all getting in place. the back fill activity around where they are put in place is happening. so that's all good news. so to take a slightly deeper dive on what is going on out there as it relates to temporary certificate of occupancy, completion and full operation by august, we are 100% confident for tco for the plaza on friday for full mta operations on the plaza. the sprinkler systems, fire
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alarm systems are all in place. i don't see any risk on that front. what we are wrestling with right now is teasing out and getting the fire department conquering with us to grant tco for the security operations center as well as the bus deck. so we'll continue training with ac transit up on the bus deck. you may recall we had planned to start training starting july 1st, a little had of tco. we got a little bit done there and we had the fire marshall with us in terms of bringing up some buses and teasing out. we needed to have some buses exercise to look at the signals, make sure that they are aimed correctly, that that flow of
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traffic was going to go as planned. so we did perfect that test on june 1st as we had planned. what came out of it is ac transit generated a list of about 14 items, mostly adjustments of signals, a little bit of add or moves. we are in the middle of advancing and implementing those tweaks over the last week or last couple of weeks. we are waiting on some parts and we'll see them arrive and get in place next week. so that was one element that was kind of pushing on us. or pushing us out. we had to accommodate those concerns coming out of the the testing. we are working closely with ac transit. we had planned to get fully
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engaged in training right at this tco. since we are in the middle of testing fire alarms, all the devices have been pretested and they worked. it's hour by hour, day by day adventure. monday we had 44 troubles on our fire alarm panel. there's about 2,000 devices so proportionally it's not too bad. by tuesday they were all cleared. we have fire inspectors coming every night for about four hours. unfortunately at this point in time all the inspectors are pretty booked with annual inspections of high-rises and what have you. so their availability sometimes is challenging. they have been cleaning in and been doing four hour over time every night. last night we got through just
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about everything related to fire protection, to sprinklers. tonight we'll be doing -- finishing off the fire pump and getting an agreement with the fire inspectors on that. last night we were working with some fire smoke dampers even though they were pretested and all worked fine. they can be fineky devices being mechanical. they had a few issues last night and they will be working through those tonight. in total i think the prove out of the fire alarm system is going the bleed out into saturday. as a plan b, working with transit and sal at ac transit, we've already reworked our thinking on the roll out of
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tra training and built in some time and space for us. so they are aligned and ready to engage after the 22nd. so that gives us a little bit of room to recover from this fire alarm challenge. i'm confident that we'll get there in the coming couple of days if not in the coming week. everybody at mta and ac transit included are fully committed for full operations by august. everybody is doing everything they can, whether it be ac transit, mta, fire department, web core. we are all leaning into it. with that i would ask jeff to add anymore that he can do it.
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we are just about at the finish line here. >> thank you, ron. hopefully with all of the retirement of the planning slides gives you an indication that we are imminently close to being done. there's been a lot of tremendous effort, you know, in the last three months when you were looking for commitment and we told you we would be done tomorrow. we are 20 hours away from inspecting so we've got a new nights, the next few nights and saturday so we anticipate being done on saturday. so our apologies for being a day late. i think if we can wrap up the paperwork on monday you can have the facility and look to come back here the following month and turn over for substantial completion. >> thanks for all your support and help in navigating through these challenges. with that i can take any questions.
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>> your next item is the facility readiness update, item 7. >> good morning, directors, martha, facility manager. i will start with the facility update and sydney will follow with the security update as i go through each slide i will highlight one or two points. i don't have a specific ie -- highlight on this side so i'm going to focus on the tenant improvement comments on the following slide. each time a project is bid by lincoln i will present the result in this forum. these are the bid results for the tjp administrative offices.
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the bid amount is higher thatten the budget. the bid amounts are as expected. an isolated mistake was made on the budget amounts for the tjpa and lincoln offices. they were budgeted as tenant but this is turnkey. lincoln is expected to offset these overages. so at the end of the day the bottom line budget shouldn't be effected. roger dean from lincoln is here to answer questions if you have any. i'm going to focus on the last bullet point. last month i fro void -- provided after painted store fronts. this month i'm happy to report that the contract between lincoln and art span has been completed.
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art span was reed to per -- referred by the arts commission we are glad they are involved. now that the contract is completed art span can get through working through the lodge -- logistics with lincoln and the early concept will be perimeters to be followed by a call for entry to its 1,000 plus artist members to other bay area artist communities and to the general public. another early action is that art span will be seeking sponsors to cover the cost of paint and artist supplies estimated to be at 11,000. by july's board meeting i'll be able to report on a fully flushed out program. my focus on this slide are the top two bullet points. the second bullet point will be discussed on the following two slides. this month lincoln awarded the i.t. services contract to net
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experts. their bid amount was $415,000. that's an annual number. the competing bid was $999,000. there were only two biders even though 10 organizations were asked to bid. the favorable pricing from net experts is primarily due to no ramp up costs because they are currently a subcontractor on the site. also they are local. t the other vendor was based in denver. so no travel expenses if site or emergency support is needed. also the other vender was subtracting out the desk stop support that the experts didn't have because their 24/7 support is internal. this is an excellent result for the tjpa. net experts current scope includes data network, equipment procurement and systems integration. in general the experts will be
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available for the technical backbone, the network, servers, routers. in very broad terms their scope includes 24/7i.t. service desk, system administration, operations and management, disaster recovery, executive reporting. so this is the public wireless, the wired network, the building systems, access control and lighting controls. those are examples of what they will be working on. over the last few months i've reported that the tjpa lincoln and lincoln's marketing consultant spritz were working on a branding exercise for the transit center. this exercise included collaboration with the sales force design team and input from pelly clark, pelly architects. what you see is a snapshot of a long process and the result.
5:40 am
the inspiration was the pen rose rombus pattern leading to an interpretation of one of the shapes. what we selected, shown here without color, representing the convergence of lines of transportation. the green shade is one of a rainbow of colors provided by sales force, the park and the centers environmental features such as the light rail. the font, one of many provided by sales force is modern and crisp. so this slide provides some samples of how the brand will be used. a sample website banner, uniform patch, badge and temporary operations sign. note the use of a pen rose pattern as a background and note that the mark is in three shades of green to provide dimension.
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the primary update today for brv is that setting up the park amenities in june as originally scheduled has been delayed one month due to the resinpor. this does not effect the over all schedule. pearlmia is presenting later so i won't provide an update. with pri, i have three specific updates. the vending license agreements that impact the bus plaza are completed. however, the electrical out lets are not yet in place. web core is still working on the electric panels as such the vending machine will not be in place. i don't have a specific bullet point on my next comment. sal with ac transit and i have exchanged e-mails and talked
5:42 am
with regard to addressing concerns about the beverage vending machines on the bus deck. the next action for the tjpa and lincoln is to provide a detailed map of proposed locations for the ac transit operations team to review and comment on. in our conversations i also noted that making sure that making sure that there were twist caps on the beverages was important and they are. pri on the last bullet point has been asked to provide a proposal for acting blocks three and four of the temporary terminal. this is time sensitive and ideally something should be in place by mid-august. whatever is approved needs to be approved by the ocii commission. the next dates are july 17th and august 7th. the agreements for the transit operators and the tjpa are in essence mostly done.
5:43 am
greyhound for its base on the second floor was finalized last fall. sfmta for the bus plaza is approved and making the signature round. with amtrak for the second floor space, it's on the consent calendar but from the time it was placed on the consent calendar to today further progress has been made and it's nearly complete. at this point the remaining task is for ac transit to complete t the agreements between greyhound and amtrak. it's contingent on these. i'm generally copied on the e-mail correspondence. activity is progressing. sydney. >> good morning, directors. so an update on facility readiness. standard operating procedures are under development and they will be in place prior to the start of revenue service.
5:44 am
bus plaza sop's are complete in preparation for opening. on site training for contractors will begin on the 18th. this monday our security supervisors began their training and they will be trainers for the rest of the staff starting next week. the ecs and mns project will be complete later this month with training for the soc staff to begin soon thereafter. tjpa security contractor took over security at the bus plaza this morning in preparation for full operations on saturday. tjpa's security contract will take over security of the remaining areas of the transit center at substantial completion. in addition, tjpa staff is participating with the quality of life district meetings for the transbay district. as supervisor kim committed to continuing these meetings we are can coordinating with dshs, the
5:45 am
cbd and the neighborhood stake holders on the meeting goals. one of those is the coordination. the ambassadors will receive training from dshs staff prior closely to opening and will shadow them on their rounds in the neighborhoods so they will get a real deep understanding of the neighborhood and the people out there. thank you. >> i don't have any updates on this slide, the schedule remains unchanged. on this slide i earlier mentioned that brv is setting up the amenities in the park in july instead of june. as stated earlier the electrical and the bus plaza is not complete but this shows commencement in mid june. the mid june start date is certificate of occupancy for the center and in addition to the -- instalelati installation of the additional
5:46 am
outlets needed at the bus deck and elsewhere. this really goes back to the previous slide that i showed. sop's are under development, training is on going, you can see on the slide where it changes from the project to end of operation. the security at the bus plaza starts today and then it will start at substantial completion. >> any questions? >> thank you. >> directors on this report i just wanted to point out that as -- for the temporary terminal blocks three and four, we are looking at the activity by the time we have the temporary terminal on august 15th so we can have activity there is as well and we are working with
5:47 am
ocii and cvd on that. we'll bring you something hopefully next month. >> one member of the public wanted to comment on the item. mr. patrick. >> jim patrick, patrick and company. this is a little out of order. i'm confused about the order here. the bicycle deal with the afford go bike, i find that we are going to give them that space for nothing. it says in the proposal here we'll not pay a fee to any -- to the tjpa for the use of lie sense -- use of the license for the area. we spent a lot of time trying to generate revenue. what makes them special? i don't think that anything makes them special. i would like to see us charge them a fee or put them out to bid like everything else. thank you. >> thank you. all right. >> item 8.
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>> moving to item 8, the citizen's advisory update and bruce is here. >> good morning, chair, directo directors. my name is bruce. i'm the chair of the citizen's advisory committee. my comments are focused in the following areas, first a follow up on the preparation to address potential quality of life issues in the vicinity and neighborhood surrounding the sales force transit center once open to the public. we had our third meeting on may 18th and although progress is being made it's going slower than expected. with many bus operations being implemented on june 16th and full bus operations including opening of the transit center and the rooftop park targeted for august 12th agencies are continuing to document their proposed baseline, city services to be provided outside the
5:49 am
jurisdiction of the center and we are still in discussions on how to integrate 311 and cbd data to establish baselining metrics. these are minimum requirements which must be in place by the time the center opens. in addition, the responsibility for facilitating future meetings has been handed off to the tjpa, supported by the east cut cbd. although the community and cac remain cautiously optimistic we are not sure the shift in responsibilities from the district supervisors office to the staff is an appropriate move at this time based on the necessary coordination and integration of city services provided to the areas outside of the jurisdiction of the tjpa. with that said we await the scheduling of the fourth meeting and we will report back on progress at july's tjpa board
5:50 am
meteorologi meeting and prepare recommendations as appropriate. next moving on to the staff report. many members of the cac, myself included, were able to tour the center prior to our meeting on tuesday. we were extremely excited to see the progress. now we are visualize the bustling of passengers, neighbors, the people isn't the center, the arrival and departure of buses and transitioning this project from phase one to phase two, continuing the momentum. we will see trains arriving and departs within the next 10 years. i have to say after reviewing -- being on the cac for five years and after rei viewing powerpoints, agendas and minutes seeing the center come to life was a real wow experience. i want to share with you what i posted on social media after the
5:51 am
tour. so what's stated is, when you come out to visit and use the center you will be amazed. it's fabulous design, built by excellent union craftsmanship, the rooftop park is breathtaking and the companies brought in to ensure pop up activation, permanent retail, programming of park -- programming of the park and internal signage top quality and impressive. yep of course there will be some bumps in the road here and there but you will be impressed. then i wanted to shift the executive director mentioned that -- shared with us some preliminary discussions regarding the supplemental reports. we look forward to hearing more about the progress to finalize the documents of the
5:52 am
environmentally alignment in july. we then had a presentation on the rab stud, recommending the pennsylvania alignment in its phased approach. first as a member of the rab cwg, i believe that you're away that the cwg is in full support of the recommendation, and as far as our cac and based on presentation there were no questions, however of course there were concerns of how the pennsylvania alignment would be funded, which is of course a question we are all -- we all have. we look forward to hearing more on the timing of when the decision on the recommended alignment will be head by our mayor and board of supervisors, hoping it can be done in july and also hearing potentially a fall back date of september. moving on to the construction update, again, we were very pleased to see the budget
5:53 am
holding, progress being made and milestones met and dates holding for the certificate of occupancy and bus operations. as we heard from ron, there are risk and realtime adjustments being made to ensure all life safety system requirements are met and are a go. director, we commend your team for stepping up, working around as needed to make sure the service can be provided while any last minute work is completed. ron showed that again and again and again through the presentation. we look forward to service at the bus plaza starting this saturday. the facilities and retail update, we were again pleased to see the progress on the letters of intent and negotiations on progress for the center. we look forward to seeing continued progress on the negotiate and sign off phases in the second and third quarter of this year. our last presentation at the cac
5:54 am
was pearl promotional platform. the cac was pleased to see the technology, strategy and robust approach to managing the customer experience while generating review -- revenue through advertising. we look forward to hearing more on how these sections of the screen will be utilized in the interim. just finishing off our meeting, there were two recommendations made by the cac in closining comments. first was how to insure that the cac was included in some portion of the opening and ribbon cutting ceremony program. it was also recommended that the tjpa project team invite all past cac members. second, there was a recommendation to consider how to incorporate some visual of cal train and high speed rail as
5:55 am
part of a visual experience at the transit center. so we know when it opens, it's going to -- you know, bus operations, fabulous rooftop facilities, the park and so on. people are going to be very impressed. one of the recommendations coming from the cac was how do you incorporate, you know, what the vision of trains would look like. the objective of this visual is for passenger -- for visitors and passengers to have a window into the future of the transit center so that they can understand and get a feel and envision of the grand central station of the west. will it's done through some type of physical model or virtually, this would be something for the project team to explore. the project team thought both recommendations had merit and will take under consideration. that wraps up our report and thank you for the opportunity and happy to answer any questions. >> i have a quick one.
5:56 am
i really appreciate how your committee is concerned about integrating into the surrounding neighborhood. it occurred to me, is there a way for our security people, once we get up and running, to very quickly notify the security people in the surrounding block or two that there may be a neighborhood thing going on that they should be notice of. is that something figured? i thought have thought of it when you were doing. >> happy to answer that question. yes, we will be -- right now we are coordinating very closely with our neighborhos and especially the buildings that have bridges on to the park. moving to -- forward once we have our security systems and and indication -- communication systems out working we will out to the neighborhood. >> good to hear.
5:57 am
>> i have a follow up question on the comment about the baselining. is there a schedule for the remaining meetings, the fourth meeting? >> supervisor kim's office, yes. >> i have not heard of a next meeting being scheduled. i was told that the cbd and supervisor kim's office had talked and supervisor kim's office had committed to continuing to hosting the meetings. >> i see. i can help follow up. >> thank you. >> all right. go ahead and call your next item, public comment. that's an opportunity for the members of the public to address the authority on items not on today's calendar. we have jim patrick who wants to comment on this as well. >> you're seeing a lot of me. i think things are important. i want to talk about the elephant in the room. the elephant in the room is the connection to the east bay.
5:58 am
read an article yesterday that mr. musk and his boring company, the company that drills, is going to make, has made or is about the make a deal with chicago to trial from o'hare airport to downtown chicago. the deal is he will put the -- he will put the tunnel in, he'll collect the revenue also. no public funding. why aren't we having discussions with him about a similar operation across the bay? we need to take some leadership on the broader transportation picture. we've kind of built -- i've watched this over the last three or four years, this transportation network -- this transportation facility going one way and that's out. i want us to rethink that. we need to be two ways, out or in or through. this doesn't need to be a terminating point. it needs to be a junction point connected to other things. we need leadership.
5:59 am
leadership has got to come from the board. let's think about it. i know bart has two people studying the cross bay thing already. what are we doing? i don't think we are doing anything. so my challenge to the board is we know it's happening in chicago, why can't we do the same here? thank you. >> that concludes members of the public that wanted to comment. go ahead and move into your consent calendar >> >> yes, please. >> all matters listed are considered to be routine and would be a single vote. there's no separate discussion inspection a member of the board or public requests and then it would be removed and considered separately. directors, did not receive any indication in anyone would like any items severed. first? second? >> [roll call]
6:00 am
>> go ahead and move into your regular calendar? >> please. >> presentation by the san francisco planning department on the rail alignment and benefits study. >> this will be done by john ram. welcome. >> thank you director. good morning, directors. i'm very pleased to be here today. i'm john ram, director of the san francisco planning department. we are here to present to you the results of a 3-year planning study on the rail alignment and benefit study other wise known as the r.a.b. we are happy to be here. part of the reason for the presentation is to give you the background and results of this planning study but our renting recognize -- our