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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  June 27, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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writing and type face and that trend has shifted to a more modern look and document archives so we can get all the documents to be more well archived and easily accessible and a tool embedded in the website. lower case productions is a san francisco based small business enter price, micro, local business enter price and they are prior working experience with oci and san francisco redevelopment agency. that means they desig designed e transbay requests for documents dating back almost ten years ago
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so they havago. they have worked with local government and they know what we are about. they have extensive gog of the city's management system and this is crucial bause the new website will be on drupple so that will save some time and is an easier migration. i will move on to a few examples of the lower case's portfolio. this is a piece designed by them in 2014.
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it's very clear and you can see the detailed map on the left and the right and you can see each project with a rendering, just to give you an idea of how their design works and the work they have done in the past. moving forward this is public work's home page. you can cycle through the images and right there it has easily identifiable menu links and this is something that we are trying to emulate emulate and move tows because right now our site looks nothing like this. another example is the office of expect planning. you get to the landing page and
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it's hard to feel lost because all that information is right there as you are going too the site. this is the contract terms. commission approve will authorize a personal services contract with lower case protections in an amount not to exceed $100,000 for web development serviceso revamp the oci website. work will commence meetly and will terminate after completion of face it is i and ii. phase i from fiscal year 2017-2018 funding and that will
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tackle the side scrub so they will go in and determine how to best migrate it to the platform and there will be contract strategy involved. i think we are going to go through and figure out if we can do things better and communicate with the public better. last part of phase 1 is information architecture. phase ii is coming from fiscal year 2018-2019 and there will be a lot of back and forth with our staff and lower case's to make sure that we are getting what we want and they are able to provide that and there will be focus groups helds and things of that nature so members of the staff will be making those eggs decisions not just a small
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number of people. they will train relevant oci staff to make sure we have an idea how to update in an easier manner. the work will commence tomorrow with general on boarding if the submission approves the contract and by august 1 we would like to have a phase i scope of services on the way to being completed and the fall we will have focus groups and provide feedback. that will be the longest part of that process because it's determining what we want on this site. winter, spring, 2019 engineering the site and starting to get fu mock-ups and frames and
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then summer they will train us how to make the updates tohe t overhauled site. fall 2019 we plan on launching a modern day website. looking at a 12 month to 15 month buildou that concludes my presentation. i will be happy to answer any questions and jennifer from lower case is right here and she will be doing the technical questions if you have them. thank you very much. >> chair mondejar: thank you m max. are there any speaker cards? >> >>clerk: no speaker cards madame chair. >> chair mondejar: we ll public comment. mr. singh. commissioner singh.
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>> commissioner singh: i am not very good at the computers but what is that system? >> drupple i a content management system thinking that you see online is hosted by content management system and drupple is one that the city currently employs and it's a template that is very customizable. you don't have to follow ectly what drop tells yowhat drupple . our current site is on drupple. if we were to switch to a word press site, the buildout takes
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longer and that will slow down the process. >> chair mondejar: commissioner bustos. lo overdue.oner bustos: this is i have had trouble navigating through the website. i am excited about it, so with that comes expectations. you have heard me talk about the wow factor. i would love for us to have a wow factor that when people come on to our will be site they are going to be so wowed by not only the visuals but the content and it will make people want to visit frequently. jennifer as you guys are all thinking about this, know that is something i think this commission is going to be looking for is the wow and i think that is something that will be good for you as a showcase when you go to bid for
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other projects to be able to say whicthis is what we did for ocid city and county of san francisco that is a wow that would encourageoome back to a website over and over again for information. i hope we are able to do that. >> we can going to do our best. as time goes by and we are moving to the actually design process; we would love to have you involved in that process as well. weil w send you mock-ups and you can put in your two cents as well so we make sure we are doing what you would like us to do. >> i like the topics o that are easily navigable. i am assuming we are going to do
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links to mayor's office of housing? >> oh, yeah. >> i think a lot of people when they h teare mayor's office of housing they sometimes throw up their hands and oh my god that is too much information and it would be nice if we could be not aarbon copy of what they have or a simple link but maybe a little more showcasing or distinguishing what we offer. >> the mayor's office of housing is on the template all of these agencies have to follow the same constraints on we are remember site. when you g to the site a you see the golden gate bridge and that template. we will be able to go away from that. we will having something cleaner and more of a wowr and you will able to find how to apply for affordable housing.
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>> chair mondejar: first of all, finally, we have bee have been g for this, so appreciate that and a lot of thought that seems has gone into this, but i would like to make suggestions. i have been asking for sample of art work. you know all of the art work within ocii and the redevelopment agency i would love to have a list of where are these beautiful art pieces within the ocii redevelopment properties and then the
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community, the open spaces. i met a young man an for some reason he knows where the open spaces are seriously, he was still in high school and his mom said talk to him he has been to this and he showed me on his phone all the open spaces, so it would be one place to have that because after all it's part this project and i think it's important that we have at least a list and maybe a nice active map where there are dots of where it is because we spent a lot of money on this and our developers have also done that and it's something to be proud of. i hope that we can incorporate that and somehow be interactive. i don't know if we need to add more money.
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>> the 100,000 was a contingency of 14, 980 b in so if we are participating of wanting to add things so trying to prepare as beas possible. to your point about the list of art work, i will have to have aa conversation with jennifer, that would be just adding another doubt. that would be good. >> chair mondejar: a wow factor we can actually find things and find the documents and the information tor link to where we need to be instead of trying to go through so many. you know what it's lining and then you forgot where you started because you have so many pages in your computer you
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forgot where you started. of course the information the good things that we are doing that this comssion s been doing through the years that would be great if we are being proactive and so i know that you are going to be on top of this mr. barns, so we are looking forward to this oversight and working with lower case productions and so thank you. we need a exhaustion to approve this. moved by commissioner singh and seconded by commissioner rosales. please call the role. [roll call] >> >>clerk: the vote is four aye
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is. >> chair mondejar: motion carried now go to work. please call the next item. >> >>clerk: agenda item 5e. establislass cications of positions and compensation schedules for successor agency staff and establishing authority for appointment to and vacation from positions under said classifications and other matters (discussion and action) (resolution no. 31- 2018) >> chair mondejar: thank you. this item is almost cleanup has been part of usual annual review. we came across some classifications that were not tying properly to the cd classification, so we thought as part of the annualcess to make these amendments and then with
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suggestinger changes and addition to classification does not impact the budget that you have approved by cleans up the salary ordinance or the schedules. with that i will turn it over to april ward to present on this item. >> thank you director. good afternoon chair mondejar. today i too man come before youe approve establishing classification of positions and compensation schedules for essor of agency staff for positions under said classifications. to give you a brief overview my presentation will include a background and history of ocii salaries, proposed salary charts and changes and additions, and
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depdepartmental scope. the currently salary has a compensation schedule plan that relates to eachificssion and benchmark salaries to the city. [. [reading] ing] establishes the rate for represented employees that have been negotiated. it also represents the unrepresented staff for salaries to match the salary rules and ordinance as well. negotiations are held between ocii executive management staff, local, and representatives.
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the salary resolution comes with ocii salary chart that provides the salary rates listed in biweekly, hourly as well as extended range in play fo pay. the salary chart is required by calpers to be made publicly available on ocii website. approval to correct five classification salaries benchmarked to city and county of san francisco with current incumbent employees on our salary chart. second, changes of the scope of duty for work of two classifycations, human resources manager and add principle
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analyst. on the chart you can see the salaries between a and b. while we were presenting for the cost of living increases for staff, we came across abnormalities of five classification salaries not comparable with the city and county of san francisco. because of this we sought adistance and he found the same findings that we found. because we have incumbents in these five we wanted to keep them the same. for these five classifications the proposessed salary charts are listed as line a and b.
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line a for employees that were hired before june 30, 2018 and line b will indicate for employees hired after july 1, 2018. we net with local 1021 and 1041 and explained how this will not hurt those in this classification. [ reading] the next item we are seeking approval on is scope of work. the human resources manager is based on disillusion and
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position overseeing the hr department and administrative services department.
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[reading] in addition, it's needed because of the realignment duties of the human resources manager that will increase the scope of work and duty performed. disposition will assume some of the duties of the human resources manager. your approval of the salary resolution i effective july 1, 2018 is recommended. thank you. >> chair mondejar: do you have any speaker cards? >> >>clerk: no speaker cards. >> chair mondejar: since we don't have any requests to speak i will close public comment. any comments or questions from
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fellow commissioner. commissioner singh? >> commissioner singh: i just want to know can you tell me the salaries are on this? >> average salary range for the five positions we are talking about range from as long as $150 to at least $1,150. >> commissioner singh: comparab? >> yeses the. each tied to comparable city and we saw these were off so hired
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outside analysis to come in and look at our work and they agreed the same and we didn't want to harm the employee so we created a line b to project the employee for line aey so would no be iluck at this salary and he cg tst of living increase along with the other staff. i hope that answers you question. >> commissioner singh: okay. >> >> commissioner rosales: tha. i just had a question. am i reading this correctly that there is 101 positions? >> correct. they are not all filled. >> >> commissioner rosales: that was my next question. i just want to know what is our current how many employees? >> 151. >> >> commissioner rosales: fulm e?
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>> one or two that are part-time. >> >> commissioner rosales: so we have approximately 50 percent.
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rose less. >> the motion carries. and thank you for your esentation. please call the next item. >> next order of business is item 6, public comment on nonagenda items. we have no speaker cards. the next order of business is item 7, report of the chair. madam chair. >> yes, i do want to commend commissioner singh. >> if you want to see in the computer, you can see -- >> the new website. >> technology center, you can see all what we have there. >> oh, wow. so, there was a new technology
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center named after commissioner singh at the bureau of prisons, and he was there for the inauguration and did not invite us to attend. but he has beautiful pictures, including a picture with mr. zuckerberg, so that's really wonderful. because then -- it provides -- >> we invited him. >> you can see -- in the computer, you have all the, you know, reporter were there, too. >> wonderful, yes. and so it provides services, additional benefits for the prisoners. so, thank you. and wanted to commend you, congratulations. >> you can see in the computer. >> darshun singh technology center at san quentin, prison.
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congratulations. that's the reason we were not invited. we need a pass. >> i didn't know that, actually. >> it was a surprise to me. >> a surprise, ok. >> i was there, all -- approved that, you know, so -- yes, so -- i did not know it all. >> excellent. >> thank you, and congratulations. and so i just want to make a statement that i know i speak for my fellow commissioners, and that we are delighted that the california department of public health has committed to retesting parcel a in the coming weeks and that the navy has released a very detailed work plan for retesting parts of g this past friday. the safety and well-being of the residents and workers of the shipyard is paramount and we will continue, we are committed to collaborate with cdph, the department of public health, and
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the regulatory agencies to address health and safety concerns at the hunter's point shipyard. thank you. please call t next it. >> next order of business, item 8, report of the executive director. madam director. >> i want to echo the remarks and thanks, concur that we are excited this is happening. we'll continue to keep you abreast of when the testing does occur. we expect that california d.p.h. will release a work plan in the short-term, and that they will start retest, we have been told, in july, and so we'll keep you posted on, as that progresses. as you know, we do have residents in parcel a and we want to address their concerns. so, this is a good first step. >> thank you. and this is one item that has to
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be tweeted and posted on our facebook and in our website. or future website. this is really, this type of information, that the public needs to know. and that, so they will be able to go to our website currently as it is, but at least our twitter feed and our facebook page so that, and thank you, please keep us abreast and we need to let the public know we are doing our best to make sure that the safety of the residents of, and the workers of the shipyard are taken care of. thank you, madam director. >> please call the next item. >> next order of business is item 9, commissioner's questions and matters. madam chair. >> yes, commissioner bustos. >> commissioner bustos: i want to publicly acknowledge we have a mayor-elect who actually sat on this board as a member of the redevelopment commission. and who understands our work
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intimately. it was actually at that time commisoner breed and myself and commissioner king and commissioner singh to allow the certificates of preference passed on so more people could come to san francisco, come back to their roots and i would love for us through the director to send a note of congratulations to the mayor-elect from the body that she once sat on and then maybe we could all sign it. i think that would be a nice little touch for us to be able to let her know we are still here, and that we are still doing the good work. so, i would like to acknowledge that publicly, i hope we can do that. >> commissioner bustos, yes, congratulations to mayor-elect london breed. maybe do it better and meet up with former commissioner, london breed and new mayor-elect london breed. thank you. any other commissioner --
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>> i was there with her in sunset district on last thursday, so it's, you know, we open up our office there. >> you were -- >> yeah. >> which office was this? >> london breed, sunset office. >> oh, yeah. >> what you call the campaign office. >> the campaign office, yes, thank you. >> thank you. any other comments? >> i have a question. unrelated. >> but i see that mr. lee is not here i'll ask it anyway, and perhaps get an answer later. does -- does this commission or the prior redevelopment agency, did it have any policy, small business policy that was applicable to our tenants? the tenants -- not our tenants,
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but the tenants in our developments? like, let's say -- >> i'm sorry, for tenants improvements, no? never? >> it depends on the particular project, but for the most part, the obligations of the builder of the project are for the owners' improvements as distinct from tenant improvements that come in later by a third party or another party that is either leasing or possibly even buying the condo in a building. so, for the most part, it's the owner's obligation to comply with s.b.e. and that's where we have direct enforcement. there is a question, i suppose, where the owner is building what is finishing certain areas, what
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might otherwise be considered tenant improvements, but the owner will occupy it. our position would be in that case the owner was duly obligated to follow the s.b.e. requirements for contracting and work force. but in the true tenant improvement context, we don't, our policies don't extend that far. >> ok. maybe, and we can talk -- i'm not sure i caught that second tier that, i understand the owner part, but i thought -- i might have heard you say something, maybe an exception to the general rule or the general policy or positions that the owner does not dictate to tenants essentially how to, any policy regarding using small businesses or local hire for their build-out? >> right. and we don't require it in our policies. >> but is there a possibility, i thought i might have misunderstood you, might be a
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room under certain circumstances where the owner would -- would be subject? >> owner is building indirectly for their event occupancy. >> for their eventual occupancy, that's the part i missed, ok. >> i mean, we would interpret that situation to be covered by s.b.e. >> i've got it, thank you. >> thank you. should we call the next item, please? >> next order of bids, closed session, no closed session item. and the next is 11, add jourm t jourment- adjournment. >> i now close the meeting, 2:39 p.m. .
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>> neighborhood in san francisco
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are also diverse and fascist as the people that inhabitable them we're in north beach about supervisor peskin will give us a tour and introduce is to what think of i i his favorite district 5 e 3 is in the northwest surrounded by the san francisco bay the distr is the boosting chinatown oar embarcadero financial district fisherman's wharf exhibit no. telegraph hill and part of union square. >> all of san francisco districts are remarkable i'm honored and delighted to represent really whereas with an the most intact district got chinatown, north beach fisherman's wharf russian hill and knob hill and
5:38 am
the northwest waterfront some of the most wealthier and inning e impoverished people in san francisco obgyn siding it is ethically exists a bunch of tight-knit neighborhoods people know he each other by name a wonderful placed physically and socially to be all of the neighborhoods north beach and chinatown the i try to be out in the community as much as and i think, being a the cafe eating at the neighborhood lunch place people come up and talk to you, you never have timelone but really it is fun hi, i'm one the owners and is ceo of cafe trespassing in north beach many people refer to cafe trees as a the living room of north beach most of the clients are local and living up the hill
5:39 am
come and meet with each other just the way the united states been since 1956 opposed by the grandfather a big people person people had people coming since the day we opened. >> it is of is first place on the west that that exposito 6 years ago but anyone was doing at starbuck's exists and it created a really welcoming pot. it is truly a legacy business but more importantly it really at the take care of their community my father from it was formally italy a fisherman and that town very rich in culture and music was a big part of it guitars and sank and combart in the evening that tradition they brought this to the cafe so many characters
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around here everything has incredible stories by famous folks last week the cafe that paul carr tennessee take care from the jefferson starship hung out the cafe are the famous poet lawrence william getty and jack herb man go hung out. >> they work worked at a play with the god fathers and photos head his typewriter i wish i were here back there it there's a lot of moving parts the meeting spot rich in culture and artists and musicians epic people would talk with you and you'd get >> i want to welcome you here to the civic center hotel. my name is gale dill man, the c.e.o. of community housing
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partnership. in 2015, this was the second navigation center to open its doors and welcome over 92 individuals living inen ca encampments in the street. this announcement will ensure that before individuals have the opportunity to enter shelter and naon centers, they can receive vital services and treatments that they so much need and deserve. and on an on going basis. on behalf of all of community housing partnerships, and the 91 navigation center individuals here at this site, we are so excited and honored to introduce our mayor mark farrell. [applause] >> thank you, gale. good morning, everyone. i want to thank you all for joining us here today. as we all know, san francisco and the rest of our country, and cities around our country, are dealing with an opioid crisis hitting our streets. it's unfolding in our
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neighborhoods and in our sidewalks in front of our very eyes. fighting this fight means that we not only have to use existing programs but if we're really going to solve the issue and make a dent, we have to be creative. we have to come forward with new policies and new programs that will make a difference on our streets. and that is why we're here today. to announce a significant investment in a new, addiction treatment program with our street medicine team. the street medicine team has long been a part of how san francisco seeks to deal with the health of individuals on our sidewalks and in thetreetssa o . the street medicine team is on the front lines every single day here in san francisco. bringing service and treatment to those who need it here in san francisco. the small but vital team works every single day to care for those were in a traditional
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clinic or hospital, it's simply not the answer and it's not working. their work is rooted in compassion and acceptance and meeting people where they are. including streets, our shelters and our navigation centers here in san francisco. with this new investment of over $3 million a year, we are adding 10 new staff and increasing resources to focus on the drug addiction on our streets of san francisco. and to address the opioid epidemic, right here on the streets of san francisco, the team will be expanding the work that they started with the pilot that started last year and expanding this program across the entire city. i am proud that san francisco is going to be the first city in the nation to take this approach.
5:44 am
san francisco is a leader in so many areas and once again, we are stepping up with professionals that know how to get job run right. leaders willing to take bold approaches to address the issues confronting san francisco residents and those that need our help on our streets. by providing this medicine out of a traditional clinic setting, we're expanding our outreach capacity and taking every opportunity to help those individuals that are on our streets suffering from drug addiction. the program, which sometimes i have trouble saying, is an important part of our larger strategy here in san francisco and with our department of public-health, to address those struckelling with addiction. which includes detox to residential treatment services. this investment, let me be very clear about this.
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this investment will ultimately he save lives. and it will improve the conditions on the streets of san francisco. i want to thank a number of people who have brought this program to light today. first of all, director barbara garcia from our department of public-health. [applause] >> dr. sven for his leadership and ingenuity. we knew he would get the loudest applause and he deserves it. our department of homelessness and their partnership leadership as well. and all the other providers and healthcare leaders that are behind me here today that are working so hard every single day in san francisco. to get those that are on our streets with the help that they need. whether it's homelessness or drug addiction or the other issues plaguing those on our
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streets, our goal in san francisco is to be compassionate and get people off the streets, on to their own two feet and on to better lives. thank you for being here today and with that i love to turn it over to director garcia for remarks. [applause] >> good morning. thank you mayor for your commitment to the effort of treatment access for those suffering from opioid addiction. i'm barbra garcia. i want to acknowledge all of the d.p.h. staff here that work every day to heal and support san franciscans who are in need of healthcare. i'd like to give them another round of applause. [applause] we know science has proven, for a long time, with many personal stories and the medication assisted treatment works. addiction is a challenge of a lifetime treatment and recovery happen and people do get better.
5:47 am
mayor lee, a year and a half ago, asked me is there something else that we can do? stets w are clearlyn the suffering and in the grips of addiction. what else can we do? we know that some of our traditional approaches of addiction treatment, that is, waiting for people to be ready to come to us to seek help. it doesn't always work for those suffering from addiction and especially if they are homeless. all of our services are voluntary and we have to develop care relations to engage people into care and it does take time. but i really want to thank dr. barrie sven who took this challenge for mayor lee and myself and add this service to his existing street medicine team. medication assisted treatment. to the streets where he goes daily providing care to the homeless people in need. that is how this program was born.
5:48 am
in the fall of 2016. we have served over 95 people since then bringing medications to fight opioidddictions directly to them on the streets. by expanding the program today, we are first taking a big step towards our ability to combat the opioid addiction in this city. the new funding will allow us to directly serve 250 new individuals but we also know that we can serve more once we get those engagements and those relationships because in all of our clinics, we can access the service and medication. so this program is a big step forward to saving lives, lost to heroine, fentanyl and methamphetamine addictions and overdoses. homeless people who use drugs are especially vulnerable and our health system is adapting going directly to them with compassionate outreach and expertise. we're able to help a group that gets missed in the traditional structure of visits and
5:49 am
appointments. our low barrier medication program is just on piece of a city-wide effort to increase treatment. we are alsovidi emergency rooms at sucker burg general hospital and implementing a new addiction consultant service within our hospital to ensure all physicians at the hospital have access to treatment experts for their patients. the doctors from this service are also here today. so again, i want to thank mayor farrell for supporting all of our efforts to address those with substance abuse disorders and continuing our efforts to save lives. with that i'd like to introduce dr. barrie sven. [applause] >> well, thank you very much, mayor farrell and director garcia and the city of san francisco for the opportunity to do this. i have been working with people experiencing homelessness in san francisco since 1991.
5:50 am
my philosophy in this work is do what works, do what is needed. i didn't come into this work with a preconceived notion of what it is that is going to work. when we see what the problems are, then we develop what are the possible solutions? it doesn't feel like it's a great innovation to say if people are not able to come into a clinic let's go out and see them where they are. i think what feels liken innovaon about that is many people have the pre conception or the stereo type that a person experiencing homelessness doesn't care about their health. a person with a substance use disorder isn't very concerned about their health. what we see, day after day, one person after another, is that people are deeply concerned about their health.
5:51 am
they may have more compelling concerns. where are they going to eat? where are they going to lay their head down and if they pend on drugs, where will they get drugs to prevent themselves from having severe and awful withdrawals. if we're out there with our team and this is absolutely about a team, not about me as a single physician, doing something, if we're out there as a team we're able to meet people where they are. we see and talk to people about the harms related to their substance use. we also see what the damage to the community related to that substance use is. and we're talking to people about treatment. you've heard the term bupinorfine. that is our medication that we are primarily using. we're also often recommending and referring and assisting people when it's appropriate, to
5:52 am
get to methadone treatments and we're using another medication to treat opioid use disorder. having these medications have changed my attitude towards seeing heroine users. earlier in my career, not that i didn't like heroine users, but i never felt like i had something to offer. now they're my favorite patient. i have something that can immediately change your recollection with the drugs you use and change what your circumstances are. many people who we see have heard about it and they haven't had the opportunity to talk to medical providers who have expertise and get prescriptions.
5:53 am
the basic idea is bring it to people where they are, get people stabilized, and then they're able to move into those next steps because when you are strung out on heroine, when you need to use or else have awful withdrawals, every four to six hours, it's really hard to do anything. what we need to do is provide something that is at least as compelling to people as what is happening to them on the streets. medication is absolutely necessary. human contact, treatment and caring for people is the other thing necessary. with those things in place, and this program expansion, is allowing us to do that, we have the opportunity not only to reach the 250 additional new patients but that really has an amplifying effect.
5:54 am
when one person is on the street felfeeling hopeless and sees thr buddy getting help, that is a tremendous boost to that person being able to take maybe that one more step to say, maybe things aren't absolutely hopeless, maybe there's something i can do. maybe that other person doesn't even have an opioid use disorder. maybe they don't use heroine. maybe they have a problem with alcohol? maybe they have a problem with mental health disorder. seeing that hope where someone is hopeful. the most positive, most effective thing i've seen in this program is one person telling another, hey, i got this medicine from the street medicine team. i saw dr. evan, i saw one of their nurses. that person saying well, i can't believe it. you were the least likely to succeed guy. you were the worst-off person. you are the person with the worst addiction i know and now
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you are telling me you are not using? that's tremendous in building hope and that's what we need to do as we address the problems that we see. so i'm going to introduce chris, one of our initial low barrier buprenorp hine patients. someone who will tell you about his experience. so thank you. [applause] >> good morning. my name is christopher rafino and to piggy back on what dr. svens said, one rainy morning, as i got out of jail, and i contacted dr. sven, via the mail and telephone and to other people, i did not want to use anymore. i had tried many, many attempts unsuccessfully of shaking my
5:56 am
addiction to heroine of 28 years. nothing worked. i tried everything. residential programs, everything. well, dr. sven met me out in the rain with my bicycle in hand and the clothes on my back and spoke to me for 25, maybe 30 minutes. he said look, i'm going to do this for you. dodo not let me down. i don't believe i have. three and a half years ago, that occurred right over here. three blocks away from here. my life has changed dramatically. i am a substance abuse councilor myself. i work in a facility across the bay. my life has changed. i have everything back i lost. i owe my love to dr. sven and buprenorphine. out that i was loosing hope you but i got it. i'd like to introduce someone from the homeless outreach
5:57 am
program or the homeless program, jeff >> thank you, chris. [applause] >> my name is jeff with the department of homelessness and supportive housing. i want to thank you all for being here today. i want to thank the department of public-health. homelessness is a complex problem and it requires the partnership amongst many city departments and individuals and people experiencing homelessness to resolve this issue and this is just one of many steps that we need to take. we're very excited about expanding this pilot that we started with d.p.h. many, many months ago. i believe it was in late 2016. i want to thank mayor farrell for his leadership in expanding this important program. so thank you again for being here today and we'll take questions over at the side. thank you. [applaus
5:58 am
adjourned. >> shop & dine in the 49 promotes local businesses and challenges residents to do their dine in the 49 with within the 49 square miles of san francisco by supporting local services within the neighborhood we help san francisco remain unique successful and vibrant so where will you shop & dine in the 49 my name is jim woods i'm the founder of woods beer company and the proprietor of woods copy k open 2 henry adams what makes us unique ihat we're reintegrated brooeg the beer and serving that cross the table people are sitt next to the xurpz drinking alongside we're having a lot of ingredient that
5:59 am
get there's a lot to do the district of retail shop having that really close connection with the consumer allows us to do exciting things we decided to come to treasure island because we saw it as an amazing opportunity can't be beat the views and real estate that great county starting to develop on treasure island like minded business owners with last week products and want to get on the ground floor a no-brainer for us when you you, you buying local goods made locally our supporting small business those are not created an, an sprinkle scale with all the machines and one person procreating them people are making them by hand as a result more interesting and can't get that of minor or anywhere else and san francisco a hot bed for local manufacturing in support that is
6:00 am
what keeps your city vibrant we'll make a compelling place to live and visit i think that local business is the lifeblood of san francisco and a vibrant [roll call] >> is there any public comment on this executive session? seeing none, public comment is closed.