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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  June 27, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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i'm nervous. >> supervisor cohen: that's ok. >> however, to ask is incomplete, we have requested 14 million. and the help you have given us is partial, wither here to request a whole ask.
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>> i'm here to advocate for the full 700,000-dollar asked for mental health services for families derek and i believe this could be achieved by putting us o the proposed budget with 100 new police
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officers. during one of my outreaches park i was struck by a conversation i had with a program manager there. it hinges on caseworkers and problem solvers at being properly trained. if we allo the $700, towardsmily mental health services, we will be supporting and training to people who are on the ground level helping lift families who are facing homelessness to better situations. thank you. >> thank you parikh . >> good morning supervisors. i'm with the coalition on homelessness. i am a lifelong district nine resident as well. i want to thank you guys so much for funding much of the act. it is really awesome to see the budget committee actually doing things with the city. at his revolutionary.
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i'm here to urge you to defund the 100 new police officers. like my colleagues said, we need that money for a family mental health services. that is how you help people get ouessnt ofs. it gives them the support you need to through mental health services. thank you, guys. >> good morning. my name is finn. i'm a student intern with the coalition on homelessness. i'm asking the board to please consider cutting the proposed funding for 100 new police officers on the force and use those funds to fulfil the remaining items on the ask. particularly the 300 housing subsidies for homeless youth, families, individuals with disabilities, and elders. thank you. >> next speaker. >> good morning. i'm with the coalition of homelessness. i'm asking the board of supervisors to cut back on the seven% budget increase for the police department, especially the 100 new police officers that they have earmarked right now.
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i would rather see that money used to fund our ask. we are in a state that is already heavily policed and ready to cut it and shift resources to proactive measures and social safety measures that will reduce crime more effectively. thank you. tou. >> high arm with the coalition on homelessness. when we fund police, it does not match up with the funding of the mental health program and it only hurts poor folk add marginalizeandmarginalized folk. if we have problems with tourists acting erratic or have mental health problems, the way to fixtha is not to criminalize them, but to get the mental health services. i just hope that instead of sending marked osha funding more police, we fund mental health services. that will help us more. thank you. >> thank you.
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>> good morning supervisors. i work in the coalition on homelessness. it is a very rare thing that i want to say. thank you miss cohen for the funding. budget we request that you fund the 14.8 million that we are requesting for our budget. it is really important to support the homeless families. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> good morning board of supervisors. we are from district six and we want to thank you for having us here this morning. we want to thank you for the $5.6 million you have funded towards our ask so far. we are also here to request that you please cut the eight% budget to
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increase the police force department. order to fully fd the remaining acts. our city desperately needs the remaining $9.3 million in order to support the san franciscans that have been left out of this budget. the current budget proposal includes 100 new officers to the police force, yet leaves out support for the most vulnerable people in our city. please find the $14.9 million house but ask in full so we can include hotel vouchers for families, critically needed mental health services for all of our communities facing poverty and homelessness. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank yo you. >> hello. i'm here with the coalition on homelessness. first i would like to thank all of you for what you have done so far with the budget.
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however, we would like for you to move forward with the full 14.9 million to help prevent young african-american mothers, like myself, from going through eviction, families being homeless, singles without shelter and no mental health care. instead of giving an eight% increase to police officers, let's use those funds towards housing subsidy and individuals with mental illness which will help people to stay off the streets and will lead to less police calls. i am from district ten pack a low income area where i noticed we don't have any shelter or resources for homeless families. single adults and people with mental disabilities. we are asking that you make this happen to better our city. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. good to see you. next speaker, please, come on down. >> hello i'm from just because. we support the recommendations around cutting police staffing levels. we urge you to consider the
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budget just as coalition ask to expand youth leadership funding by $300,000 for the san francisco department of children and youth and families. your support for san francisco youth leadership would be a true investment for future public safety. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker. >> good morning and thank you. i'm from hospitality house. i want to thank you for this opportunity for public comment again today, and i thank you for your recommendations. i am asking for the 2.84 workforce development for the most vulnerable populations in the city. approximately 250 folks without homes were affected last year. i also ask for 300 continued subsidies for those who are in need to keep people housed and not on the streets. $250,000 for mental health services for single adults. than.thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you.
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next speaker. >> hello. i was an immigrant and i live my life as a novelist. i'm part of the hospitality house program. i believe that art is healing and it really helped me as an addict. i see many homeless go to the studio and make art. i believe art is healing for everybody and helps us to discover our inner skill. it really helps. also, the sales of the artwork can go 100% -- it really helps everybody, especially in this community. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. again, focus everyone's -- i just want to focus everyone's comments on the budget cuts. >> thank you supervisor cohen and congratulations on being the board president. i'm here with hospitality house and i would encourage you to return the funding to hospitality house on the homeless initiative and also
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some other -- the mental health services. it's critical that we get that funding. we are hit hardest in this area and it would be of great help to us. if you could reconsider that. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker. >> hello. i'm with hospitality house. i want to thank the bla or what they can do. it would be nice to help us to help out more homeless people. what i want to let you know it is, if you see the smiles on the basis of all the homeless people that we help that comes to the hospitality house, it is priceless. we need more money to help them out. i have a man who gets directions wrong. when he started acting sporadic, he can't help himself. once they went to the doctor, and they gave them his medicine,
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he is back to normal. he is not a criminal, he just needs help. thank you for the cuts, but help us help them get back on their feet. we are trying to navigate them out of poverty and back into a normal life. it is hard but we need to help. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. thank you. next speaker. >> hello i'm a representative of larkin street youth services and a current client. i would like to thank the budget analysts for their current cuts. i would like to thank you for your hard work making cuts to find more funding for homeless services. we urge you to find more cuts for our ask. i would like to highlight some things i found about the current budget. public protection is currently for the current expenditures in 2017 or 18 is $1.3 billion or
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about a quarter of the tote -- total budget. i think more cuts could be made for the public protection in the name of our ask and other homeless services and affordable housing. we also need to giv get more moy for leadership opportunities to the 300 -- 300,000 leadership ask. >> i wanted to thank you for all of your work because i know all of these needs are definitely priorities. .i wanted to speak to the homeless youth because youth is always the next stop in generations and building our society, and having the input from living on the streets. san francisco is a very unique mix of all of those cultures in history. i feel like providing a platform for the youth to build up from
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would be really important for stimulating everything like the economy, to the government, to safety in general. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. thank you. great. >> good morning. thank you for the opportunity to speak. i'm a director at my organization and this is my colleague. we are here today to ask you to use the savings to restore the funding to the college program at $250,000. the college program, for the last eight years, has served more than 13,000 homeless and other low income children and youth throughout the city of san francisco. the program was unfortunately cut a few days before it was scheduled to be renewed for three years to find another program that wasn't in the mayor's budget. this program has been a model in
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san francisco antlers sprea and0 agency throughout the state of california because of what you guys created eight years ago. it is something that makes living a little bit easier in a town that can be very hard if you are low income. i ask your careful consideration to consider considering just continuing this program. it has been a model for the rest of the state to follow. thank you so much for your time. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. >> good morning board of supervisors. this is technically not all of you. my name is leah garrick i am with the budget justice coalition. i'm just here to urge you to please consider cutting the police staffing and instead of that, how about addressing the real issue, which is the homelessness. we know that a lot of the calls
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are because of the homeless population. how about housing them we also, use some of the remaining funds to give employment to seniors and people with disabilities that are facing a lot of discrimination. so, please like a consider our communities and what we are asking for. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank yo you. >> good morning. i from hospitality house. i have additional reading material for you. i'm sure you appreciate it. i have a couple of studies here. one from the justice policy institute that looks at the relationship between employment and crime, and jobs and public safety. and the second study is a high school -- preschool study which is a well-known study looking at the investment -- the benefit of investments in early childhood and supporting families. i am urging you to echo the
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remarks of supervisors on monday about a broader definition of what public safety is. investing in jobs for homeless people. $2.8 million investment over 20 years. and increase mental health services for homeless adults and families in high need communities. at also making sure we continue the rental subsidies are folks who are already housed. 's to be stop the bleeding and don't increase homelessness in san francisco. i urge you to recall the fact that we have reached a dangerous threshold in this country where we now have more people in prison then we have people in public housing -- >> supervisor cohen: thank you. thank you. >> thank you. >> supervisor cohen: next speaker. >> hello. i am a resident -- >> supervisor cohen: sorry, hold on. i want to make sure we start the time. all right. hit it. >> hello i'm here to speak and support of the budget cuts that
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has been stated. specifically i would like to speak to the board and employment san francisco for the employment and mental health services. these programs are important and tailored to meet the unique needs of the most vulnerable members of our community. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker. >> hello supervisors. i am with the friends of jerry garcia. first off, i want to say thank you for the transparency and fairness in this process. it seems more than what i've seen in years past. i am here to support the request for larger events at the jerry garcia amphitheater at the pr request for jerry day 2018 coming up here on august 5th. the impact of a larger events in the southeast section will have a huge impact on the local communities in the core doors in
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a very positive way. again, i want to say thank you to supervisor cohen and other supervisors for the support. i also want to plug our youth exchange. they are a viable nonprofit in excelsior and they should be supported as well. i appreciate the support for their quest for at large events at the jerry garcia amphitheater. it will help the community and support for jerry day 2018. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker. >> good morning supervisors. congratulations, supervisor cohen on your election as president. , please restore funding for the kaser purchasing. that voters were led to believe that prop h. was unnecessary. because the commission had implemented a policy, or enacted a policy that is to be implemented by the end of this year. that can't be done without the funding. secondly, on staffing. we urge you to restore the staffing dollars requested by the defunct -- department.
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the police officer level was said by the organs when dianne feinstein was mayor. was implemented into the charger in 1994 as a minimum. not a maximum. we have only match that number once or twice. san francisco has almost 200,000 more people then we did in 1984. at 150,000 more people working here at a greater geographic area for the police department to servant with the transfer of federal property in the city. 2200 police officers is what this department needs and we urge you to fund its. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you very much. we need to have order here k.? -- o. k.? >> good morning supervisors. i am with senior and disability action on the budget justice coalition. i want to urge you to accept the cuts to the police department recognizing that still increases the police budget by
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$44 million. we know that a huge percentage of police calls are about homelessness. lets house people and make sure they have enough to live on instead. more than 50% of homeless people are seniors and people with disabilities. we need to put $4.5 million in rental subsidies for these communities and supports employment programs recognizing seniors and people with disabilities have to work to survive and ageism and able as a mean that people don't get jobs. we need to support these programs. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank yo you. >> i'm here to ask you that you approve and support the ask for 300,000 towards youth organizing. we need a program that provides a safe space for youth in the area. we need to identify issues that are affecting us in our community and it has made to
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meet the youth leader that i am today. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank yo you. >> good morning talk supervisors. i'm here today representing the budget justice coalition, the api council and a community action network to ask you approve and support the budget of the coalition's ask for $300,000 allocated towards youth organizing. i was 15 years old when i was politicized. i was able to build my leadership skills alongside many other young people my age. we learned how to run campaigns, how to facilitate meetings, how to improve our public speaking skills and to organize other youth to do the same. it has been five years since then and i'm now a full-time staff member and a youth mentor to a new batch of young people. they gave me the tools i needed to represent my communities. last year we came forward to the budget and finance committee and
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asked that you prioritized and resource days organizing's. to prioritize youth organizing is to prioritize it in our young people who will be the future leaders of the city. i ask that you approve and support the budget justice coalition's ask. >> supervisor cohen: thank yo you. >> hello supervisors. my name is david. i'm with the south market community action network. i want to reiterate the ask for funding for our youth program. it is part of the larger budget justice coalition and a.p.i. council asked. it offers tremendous opportunities for youth in areas like city planning and development. they have done work to advocate for better planning for pedestrian safety and of oath -- open space in south of market. including working to address pedestrian safety issues and the need for pedestrian safety designs. after define what makes a good privately owned public open space that truly serves children, youth, and families in the south of markets. they have brought these issues
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to the city youth commission. these issues were subsequently taken up by the youth commission as part of their larger priorities. in the time of surplus, we really need to protect and prioritize programs like these for youth that are highlighted in the coalition. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank yo you. >> good morning, supervisors. my name is bill. and the director of the aids panel. i want to speak in support of the b.l.a. recommendations. i especially want to address the need for housing subsidies for seniors and adults with disabilities. housing is the biggest issue for people living with hiv and aids. it is only when people have safe affordable housing that they are able to manage this disease. when it cost us $750,000 per unit for affordable housing, we need a flexible program like these housing subsidies to get money out on the street and keep
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people housed. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. >> hi supervisors. i'm with the food security task force. thank you for the opportunity to give the public one last time. we want to ask that we add more towards food security, specifically seniors and adults with disabilities. we appreciate the fund there for home delivered groceries and we are asking if you can find another million dollars to add that the home delivery meals. i know it is tough. but we have to ask. if it is less than that, we will take that. we know that we want to stay on the strand of serving people within 30 days. we know that we have people every day being turned away at lunch sights. it is for the most critical need. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank yo you. come on down, peter. >> hello. i am the executive director of library users association. we would like to ask you as we have done previously, to cut all
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funding for the library's plan to install privacy threatening rfid. they want to put this into all of the books and other materials at the library. as you no caps the aclu at electronic at america and ameril -- civil liberties union have also paused for us for more than ten years and continue to do so. we would also like you to cut or put on reserved pac reserve pacg that supports the library's pets to evening hours, which is what they are doing on reallocating them from a branch's evening closure of eight and then putting it into monday morning. these funds could be used within the library to add evening hours and other hours. they could be used to have a nonmoney find a system. thank you very much. >> supervisor cohen: next speaker. >> hi. i'm from the asian woman --
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women's shelter. i'm here representing one of the agencies that receive or receivg from the department and staff of women and violence against women services. we provide critical shelter and advocate support need for immigrant and marginalized communities from lgbtq communities, from undocumented communities, this funding is really critical to the services that we provide. the extra 1.2 million for all of the violence against women serving agencies would help us to sustain those services that we provide. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. come on down. >> good morning. my name is christine. i with the bay area legal aid. we provide comprehensive legal services to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. we are dependent on the funding that is given to the department and the status of women by the city.
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an investment in our organization and the fund would allow us to increase services to our clients and improve staff retention and expand violence prevention efforts. in the current political climate, a lot of survivors are intimidated to go through formal channels. it is important nonprofits are funded and allowed to help members of the community who might not otherwise seek help. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. >> how is it going? good morning. i wanted to be up here to ask for $14 million for the immigrant protection and voting registration education outreach. i'm a first generation american but my parents are immigrants. this is incredibly important to do outreach to communities that have been -- had historical trauma. we need to continuously and actively help these communities and do the educating. so they can go out and vote
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during school board elections. i would appreciate if everyone wed supported the free app -- full ask of $2 million. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker. >> hello. my name is betty. i'm with senior disability action as well as a community living campaign at the coalition of agency serving in the elderly. we particularly are looking at programs with the hope that you would support the housing subsidy program. or .5 million for people of all ages. the employment program for seniors and people with disabilities, particularly, the reserve program what you are asking about 300,000. also some of the programs that we have recommended including fans to get seniors to their adult day programs, more outreach to seniors so they know the programs. many people seniors do not know what programs are available to them. that is our ask. the cuts can be to police staffing. we do not need the 250 new
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police officers that was in the current mayor's budget. thank you. >> good morning. i am here with the s.r.o. families united collaborative. i am here in full support of the hespa ask for $14.8 million. first i want to thank you for the partial fund to this ask. second to, i'm not saying anything new here, but as we know kak is the most affluent city in the united states click on any given night, we have between 7,000 or 10,000 homeless people sleeping on the streets. on top of that, there are about 700 families living in s.r.o.'s. eight by eight rooms living in substandard commissions -- conditions. the ask is for the 14.8 million ask for hespa. we don't need more budget for police. just feel the pulse of the community. we oppose criminalization of poverty and oppose criminalization of the mentally
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ill. thank you. >> good morning board of supervisors. thank you very much. i wanted to say thank you for the people who participated in the cuts on the tasers. that is the last thing the homeless population need in terms of being tased by police officers. that has been a huge concern. i wanted to ask, i, if you could protect the $800,000 that should be allocated to the transgender community with thoughts on reentry recidivism and women of transition back into our society. @-at-sign provide a resource at a job opportunity that is needed in order to close that gap. thank you. >> good morning supervisors. i'm from episcopal community services and a member of haslett. i would like to encourage
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investment and solutions rather than criminalization of our homeless. the proposal is a comprehensive solution focused package of housing subsidies at getting folks off the streets. increase mental health and increased employment services. additional san francisco police will not provide the solutions to homelessness in san francisco that we all seek. we need a comprehensive housing and service that will decrease and end homelessness. fully fund our hespa package of solutions, rather than increase funding for additional police. thank you. >> thank you for addressing the unnecessary spending on tasers. i urge you to think about ways we can cut any increased budget for the police. the increased need for police has been identified to the did -- displacement of san
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franciscans and the underfunding of vital mental health and housing services. i want to urge you to protect the hundred 75,000 that is being put -- provided for a simple coordinator for cultural districts and urge you to consider including the ask from the transgender cultural district, which is currently not included. we need the city to fully fund transit supportive services, which are often the last to get funded and underfunded as compared to the need and the first to be cut. i ask you to please fully support the reduced 800,000 ask from the trans community. it may not be a lot of money as compared to some of the other asks or an 11 billion-dollar budget but would create real change within our community. thank you. >> good morning. on the executive director at parents for public schools of san francisco. i want to thank you, supervisors for the time you've spent carefully considering the cuts and making room for allocations
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left out of the mayor's proposal. i'm here to especially request the funding be allocated to family engagement to support current programs at risk because of the r.f.p. for family engagement that got released. there is still no timeline for its release. specifically i am asking for $112,000 in year one $4,300,000 total. i want to be sure the board of supervisors understands the diversity of work we do across sam's princess -- san francisco. not only in enrolment by family engagement in low income communities. many of the families you've heard from previously. thank you so much for your time. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, everyone. i'm from the san francisco latino inequity coalition. i am here to support the ask that we have made as a coalition and more specifically, to talk about funds for bayview families. we have worked, in the last six months to provide family
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supportive services for this community. it is a growing population in our neighbourhood. supporting them and creating resiliency and helping them navigate through different barriers as well as continue to support their children and their lifelong success. that is our need for $200,000 to continue to support the work as we have seen an influx of participants in our program only within six months of operation. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good morning supervisors. i'm the director of mission promised neighborhood. i'm representing the san francisco latino coalition. we need for parent connectors and four neighbourhoods. the model was originally funded by the obama administration and access at four skills door schools in the mission district to middle to low income students and families. it gives a wraparound services
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by 20 different neighborhood organizations. results include increased graduation rates and greater housing stability. latino families are displaced out of the mission and into other neighbourhoods at the latino parity inequity coalition is requesting the expansion of the parent connector model to provide these families with the supports they need to. thank you for your consideration. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. hello, michael. >> i, dear. make no mistake, the multi- trillions and billions of dollars that you have been a city account is coming from the president of the united states. his tax cuts and tax regulations, and also incorporating companies to come back to the united states, is a reason why you have a positive cash flow now. when farrell took over in august watch what days before ed lee died, we had 88.2 negative dollar cash flow. he said before he died, if you keep spending that way you are
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doing, we will have a $262 million negative cash flow. he wanted every department to cut back on their spending. if you don't, we will have a $262 million negative cash flow. here comes farrell after the tax cuts with trump and he wants to hire 250 police officers. everybody knows about the kitchen plan and other counties of the state of california is going broke because of money put into the police department. if they can hire 255 police officers, he would have hired them his damn self before he died. we don't need more cops. we need more programs for people who are economically disadvantaged and have mental disabilities and housing for low income bracket people. no more cops. >> supervisor cohen: yes, we thank you, michael. next speaker, please. i will let her know.
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thank you, michael. >> good morning. thank you for letting me speak. i am a community organizer in the mission. i'm in support of the budget cut for the police department. i am also in support of allocating funding for senior community development specialists for help on cultural districts and at the moh cd. the district legislation that this board passed unanimously -- i believe cultural districts are important, because this is what -- this is how we create safe spaces that allows for everyone to live a dignified life within the city. i think it is really important for us. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good morning supervisors. i am a community organizer in mission at a residence.
11:38 am
i'm also here to support allocating funding for the development district and focused on community districts. it is the really the best way we can strategize to create more livable spaces and avoid displacement. we've had a very good experience with creating partnerships that were public capped private and governmental in which we were able to create opportunities for artistic funding and building capacity in general for organizations and small populace is. i think it is important we continue that work. >> supervisor cohen: thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> hello. i work at a san francisco bank and i'm a member of the food security task force in san francisco. i want to thank you for they identified outback investment of $693,000 per year towards home delivered groceries. it will help us serve an additional thousand home down people per year who are currently on a wait list. that will be a critical
11:39 am
investment towards that need. i wanted to call your attention to home delivered meals. we are asking for 774,004202 people on waitlist currently and 226,000 for congregate lunches to serve an additional 100 people per day. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you very much. hello. >> hello i am here with the cute foundation and hespa. speaking in support of the rental subsidy is cracked primarily for seniors and disabled folks. the hespa request was to have those funds at the mayor's office of housing, and to use the word primarily senior and disabled. that will allow us to also serve transgender folks and other communities that are experiencing disparities in homelessness. they may not always fit within the senior disabled category. also, by working with the mayor's office of housing, we can help certificate of preference holders moving into
11:40 am
alice griffith at people who have been displaced. and help other communities. especially when they win lotteries and reach the top of an affordable housing waitlist. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> hello. i'm one of the senior and disabled clients that brian was speaking about. i am able to stay in my long term rent controlled apartment only because of the subsidies from this foundation. if i lost a backpack i would never be able to be rehoused in san francisco. i certainly couldn't afford it. i would end up someplace far away were at 72, i would never be able to build the community and the supports that i will need as i continue to age and a struggle with health issues. thank you very much. >> supervisor cohen: thank you very much. if there are any other public speakers, please line up. this is your opportunity to speak.
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>> good morning, supervisors. i am also a client of the q. foundation which was formerly cofounded -- i'm sorry, it was originally cofounded as the aids housing alliance. since then, since i became a client, they have expanded their services to not only be aids and h.i.v. community, but also to low income seniors kak able to, and so forth. they are a godsend to me. i came in very desperate into their office and the executive director, to me he is an angel on earth. the organization is much needed anmuch-neededand i hope you cone supporting housing subsidies for them. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good morning supervisors. i wanted to urge you to find a
11:42 am
senior community development specialist position in mohcd to ensure that this position will effectively coordinate the critical cultural district legislation that was recently passed by this board of supervisors capped unanimously. thank you. we think it's imperative this position be funded in mohcd in order to help us protect the unique cultural heritage of our communities. we also wanted to ask you to please fully fund the 375,000-dollar request for the prop and implementation related immigrant protection education program. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. >> thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good morning. my name is jaclyn. i'm the executive director of next village san francisco. we appreciate the efforts to look for funding or other
11:43 am
programs from the b.l.a. for the record, we have heard several times that the dignity fund is a source of funding for programs for seniors and people with disabilities that are at risk. i just want to assure the committee that that is not really how the dignity fund works. there isn't enough money in our fund to cover all of the services for seniors that the city currently needs. thank you very much. >> supervisor cohen: thank you very much. next speaker. >> hello. i'm from the coalition on homelessness. i just wanted to thank chair cohen and the rest of the committee for all their hard work on this very beautiful and democratic process that we are in a san francisco. i know, particularly president cohen is working really hard to make it more inclusive.
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that's been really wonderful. and transparent, and all of that. i wanted to quickly talk about one particular need to, that is around homeless families. they have very few options off the streets in our current system. except for short-term subsidies where they move out of town. one of the hespa asks is a deep subsidy to keep the san francisco families that are homeless in san francisco. it is really small. it is just for 12 more families. it is families that have medical situations. one of the family has a kid getting a kidney transplant. kids with special needs, and so forth. thank you so much. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker. >> good morning supervisors. i am with this jaunty project and speaking on behalf of the community providers supporting women with cancer in the city. as we have received information.
11:45 am
we are on the verge of having a safety net ripped apart for a various number of cuts from national funders. add backs from previous years, at because funders of this effort are putting their money towards a cancer research, because there's so much research being offered by the trump administration. these women are often living at twice below the poverty line and often times they are older immigrants who don't speak english. the support services other community-based organizations offer literally could mean the difference between life and death for any of you. for any of you have experienced cancer in your own life personally or among friends and family, having to go through that in isolation exacerbates all of the challenges. we ask you to put the funds back or put them in, i should say to provide the services to continue. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. >> hello. i'm from the san francisco human services network and budget justice coalition. i want to ask you to reject the
11:46 am
additional academy classes and additional officers and do not put those funds on reserve. the b.l.a. says the need has not been justified. we can spend money at a higher dose to higher police and incarcerate more people, or take a broader approach that honours our san francisco values in allocating these funds to community-based programs that address the needs that contribute to crime rates. i also want to note the b.l.a. was unable to go after the fire department and highlighted the fact that we cannot make cost-effective improvements to modernize and improve our fire department because of prop f. it is time for the board of supervisors and the city to take that on. i want to say it is hard to comment on a 185 page b.l.a. document in one minute. we need more specificity in our add back list. thank you.
11:47 am
>> supervisor cohen: thank you. is there anyone else? public comment is over? while. bouquet. all right. thank you. this is the last call for public items three at four. are there any other members who want to come down and change their mind greet no. public comment is close. colleagues, we will continue to move forward. public comment is now closed. madam clerk, can you call items one and tw water together? >> clerk: yes. item number 1 is proposed budget and probation ordinances appropriate in all estimated receipts and expenditures for the airport commission. the board of appeals and child support services. and the county education and department of the environment and others. as of may first, 2018. item number 2 is the ordinance enumerating a proposed budget and appropriation ordinance.
11:48 am
>> supervisor cohen: thank you. at this time i would like to take the discussion and i want to take action on the police staffing matter. and then after we complete this action, we will go to miss kelly kirkpatrick for her presentation for technical amendment. i want to recognize the chief and his staff that are here. thank you for being here today. no need to come up kak. i think we have enough information from you over the last several days. this is a conversation between the committee members and the analysts on the budget office, as well as the controller. colleagues, i want to give the budget legislative analyst office a opportunity to kind of walk us through the thoughts. they've listen to the conversation for several hours. as have we all. i want to recognize miss campbell. thank you.
11:49 am
>> good morning. members of the committee. i'm here from the office of analysts. we made our recommendation to -- the twaddle police academies, the new police commissions adding up to about 100 police sworn spots in the next 20 years. our recommendations are based on our audit findings that we considered police finding to be adequate in the police district. that the proposed increases for investigations and foot patrols, the need was not yet known because the department had not yet completed or even started their workload analysis to determine what the actual additional need was and because we considered that there were opportunities within the existing, the existing staffing within the proposed
11:50 am
budget to meet some of whatever increase was identified, that includes the 80 positions coming out of the academy that will increase staffing above the levels that existed at the time of our audit. they would be reaching the 1971 tractor mandate for stopping, and the 25 positions that are being proposed in this budget. we considered there would be 100 additional police officers in the budget that could meet would ever augmented staffing that the police department was proposing. we also considered, i believe we heard the police chief talk there could be an additional 68 positions that could be considered for civilianization. the details on that are not yet known. we considered there was consides opportunities within the budget to increase staffing and also and made to get better with the increased level of staffing. >> supervisor cohen: thank you very much. i'm curious to know, since you've had a little bit of time
11:51 am
to dissect the budget, were you able to find any other savings or dollars anywhere else? >> we believe there could be opportunities. they were not things that we recommended in our budget befo before. because there was some uncertainty in terms of whether those monies and how soon they could be available. some of it as a policy decision. these are not areas where the police department would agree with us on the recommendations. one of them would be the opportunity to delay the purchase of new police vehicles. that would be a one-time funding savings. it would be 4.5 million. again we know that there would be disagreement on the part of the police department on whether the purchase of those vehicles could be delayed. our understanding it is every yr there's about 4 million put in the police department's budget to continue the replacement plan of police vehicles.
11:52 am
are there lesser amounts create yes there are -- there is $500,000 on reserve for body worn cameras that has not been released from reserve yet. that is a potential source of additional funding. there is another $500,000 in the budget of simply professional service contracts for which the contractor has not gone out to bid and the contractor does not know. it has not been specified how this contract, even if the purpose has been identified, how the contract to -- >> supervisor cohen: i'm sorry. you said, what has been identified? >> professional services contracts we want right. the money -- >> basically if we were given budget details, these are contracts for which perhaps they've been identified, but the actual contractor has not been identified. he has not bid on these contracts. there's another $125,000, quite frankly, we say there is a need for a workload study -- >> supervisor cohen: a what
11:53 am
study green. >> a workload study to identify what the need is for additional positions. if this budget goes ahead and adds this decision, we are not so sure there is a need for a study to do the workload analysis. if studies are coming after the actual adding of the division supervisor. that's $125,000. and then we think there are other opportunities based on the original budget they gave us for furniture fixtures and equipment for moving in to the new company -- the traffic company building. the budget was 11.4 million. >> supervisor cohen: i'm sorry, how much grief. >> the total budget was 11.4 million. as we look at details that they provided in the original budget that they gave us, we think there's an opportunity to save about $375,000 from that budget. >> supervisor cohen: to save 375,000 of the 11.4 dot -- 11.4 million? >> right. i want to emphasize there is not
11:54 am
agreement on these things. >> supervisor cohen: i understand. >> those numbers together add up to 6 million. i believe all of those are one time. it would be one time. >> supervisor cohen: ok. thank you. i wanted to see if the police department wanted to, particularly ms. miss mcguire, no? chief? ok. the mac good morning supervisors. this is the first that we've heard of these cuts. >> supervisor cohen: yes, i know it's been not just on the surface, we don't agree with any of them. and some of them are tied to our reform efforts. there needs to be some discussion on many of them. but on the surface we don't agree. i know catherine asked for the details on it. >> supervisor cohen: bright.
11:55 am
>> supervisors, we explored some of these options in partnership with the budget and legislative analyst and we decided they were not appropriate cuts for the department as well. i can go into more specifics and provide michael moore justification fomorejustificatic cuts that were just outlined, however i think, you know, we go through a process that is quite protracted and we have a lot of discussion with the b.l.a. and timed to research on our side, aand time to research on their side. i think, given the timeline, it is just something that we can't agree with. >> supervisor cohen: ok. thank you. colleagues, we have some discussion. speak to you thank you very much. i think that we had a long discussion about this the other day and i think i made it very
11:56 am
clear that i actually think that we can reach the 250 police officers within four years. and we need to remind ourselves, this is a from regular plan. it uses some of the recommendations from the b.l.a. report. the civilianization of the police force, i think the b.l.a. report, for those who are not familiar with it, suggest it would be 202 positions that actually could be taken over by civilians. and then also, a rotation schedule change leaving the ten hour day intact but a rotation schedule change could actually be equivalent of 66 more f.t.e. sixty-six more police officers without even touching our general fund budgets. just by using those offices. having said that, i guess, today, after again hearing of the great need in the community, i want to say that i think as
11:57 am
this committee can see, at the police department being here, we are balancing overall public safety in san francisco, and defining it not just around the police force, but actually around other mechanisms that provide public safety also and so safety nets. we see that as part of public safety too. i think that there it -- there was a motion last week to cut from the reserve budget to actually keep the academy class this year. next year's budget, to cut the cost of what it would be 450 new police officers to go through the academy. i don't think there is an appetite on this committee for that. i would be in favour of it but i understand that we are working and weighing everything and weighing, actually, the whole committee's opinion about which should happen. i know that we had a motion on
11:58 am
the table, i think it was somewhat of a compromise. but i just want to emphasize for myself, today, that i hear from the community, loud and clear. i actually hear what the b.l.a. is saying, and i agree with the b.l.a. tack they have done this really, really extensive -- people haven't seen it. oh, my god. extensive analysis that took months and months to do. i think these are very real suggestions that actually make us more fiscally and financially more responsible as a city to the taxpayers of san francisco. having said that pack i think bk today we can probably come to an agreement because we are ending our budget cycle here back and i look forward to hearing what the rest of my colleagues have to say. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. >> supervisor stefani: thank you supervisor :-colon. i wanted to revisit the conversation about
11:59 am
civilianization. i think my colleagues brought up some really good points. anin terms of the b.l.a. reporti just wanted if the chief could come up. i know that in your response to recommendation 5.2, you had outlined or stated that there are 25 positions for immediate civilianization. i wanted to make sure we are talking about the right numbers. the number 68 was thrown out there. i just want to understand and make sure we are all on the same page about what you think you can be civilian honest out of that number that the b.l.a. recommended. and then if you are in disagreement with what they are suggesting to be civilian islands, for us to really understand why. >> yes, supervisor. we took a look at the b.l.a. report. as you stated, there were 202
12:00 pm
deemed noncontrolled positions. some of those positions we just don't agree that there was position should be civilian eyes iced. when we looked at the list, they were actually 68 that we felt where worthy of taking a look at. positions like the sketch artist and things like that, that we feel are worthy of taking a look at civilianization on. [please standby]