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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  July 3, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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so i want to thank everyone for being here today at the civic center bart station. we are all here today because we care. we care about our commuters in san francisco, we care about the residents that visit and work in our city. we care about the people on -- the residents who live in our city. we care about civic pride here
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in san francisco. civic center and the bart station is at the heart of san francisco. it is the door way to our city government and city hall, it is -- that's better. it is the doorway to the plaza, to market street and mid market, the growing part of our downtown corridor. this is the heart of san francisco. it has become unfortunately a glimpse into the homeless and behavioral health issues that we have here in san francisco. it is not safe. it is not acceptable anymore. so today i'm proud that we are announcing a partnership between our san francisco police department and part that is going to increase staffing here at civic center bart station. san francisco police department,
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we are going to be increasing foot patrols by over 300 hours per week. bart is also going to be increasing their staffing levels as well. we need to make a difference for the commuters that use bart. we need to make a difference for san francisco residents and we need to make a difference for visitors who come to our beloved city of san francisco. let's also make sure to know that this is not a police matter alone. i'm proud to be joined by barbara garcia who runs our department of public health. this is also a public health issue and an issue that we are going to be dealing with through our healthy streets operation center. bart is now going to be a participant in this effort. we are going to coordinate with our homeless department, with our department of public health, with our department of public works. this will be a coordinated effort to make sure that civic center bart station once again
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is an area at civic center station that we can be proud of. at the end of the day this is building upon a lot of initiatives that we have focused on over the last six months around homelessness, around behavior health on our streets, around the cleanliness of our streets. this applies to every area of san francisco as well including our bart stations and our city. civic center bart station has been the example of what has gone wrong and now our city government in partnership with bart is stepping up and making sure that we have a plan into the future that will once again make our civic center bart station an example and a symbol of pride for the residents of san francisco as they commute through here. so i want to thank everyone for being here today. i'm going to turn it over to our police chief, bill scott. >> we are increasing and chief
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scott can -- actually, why don't i let chief scott talk about it. >> good morning, everyone. first of all let me thank mayor farrell for his leadership. the last month he introduced the idea that we had to collaborate better to get things done in this bart, in this platform to make it safer and make it cleaner and to make it the pride of our great city. at that time he brought all the parties together and asked us to draft a plan that would address the issues and concerns that have been repeatedly voiced by members of our community. although the platforms between our community platform and the bart platforms are shared underground in this corridor we do, between chief rojas and our folks, we knew that we had to work better and more collaboratively to get these problems solved. both riders in both systems go back and forth to school, work and visit the many great tourist
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attractions in our city and the idea that each system or each department is responsible for separate law enforcement duties in this platform cannot be a barrier for us working together. the only concern that we have is that people when they come here and take public transportation that they feel safe, that they have a clean environment and that they are able to go to and from where they need to go to without worry and without concern. i agree with mayor farrell wh e wholeheartedly that the only way that will occur is all these people standing here working together. this partnership we believe will do just that. the san francisco police department, as the mayor said, we have a healthy street operation center, better known as hsoc. we use that initiative to collaborate efforts between our various city departments to
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address the very issues that we have in this bart station. with that we will be increasing our footly presence almost five fold by nearly adding approximately 500 patrol hours a week to this effort. we believe that will make a tremendous impact and enable us to do what we need to do to keep this platform safe, clean and for our residents and our people that use this transportation hub to enjoy it. i'd like to thank keith carlos rojas from the bart pd who has really been a partner in this and we believe jointly that we will really make a difference in terms of realizing mayor farrell's vision to make this the safest transportation hub in this region by working together our officers will be able to
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respond to immediate concerns and more appropriately proactively work to identify on going behavior that we get calls about all the time that contribute to threats to public safety. additionally, we will work in partnership with all of the city agencies and organizations under the healthy street operation center initiative that i mentioned to be able to get the individuals who need help to that help. so with that i'd like to turn this over to chief rojas and thank you this morning for being here. >> good morning. chief carlos rojas with the bart police department. i'll keep my comments brief. we are very excited with this new partnership with the san francisco police department. while historically we worked well with the san francisco police department i think this has really refocused our commitment to the civic center station that is truly the gateway to san francisco for many people.
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as both mayor farrell and chief scott stated this is one team and it doesn't matter if it's a san francisco patch or a bart patch we are in it together and we want to make sure that our riders feel safe in our stations as well as throughout the city and county of san francisco. we do cover a very large area and there isn't a better partner than the city and county of san francisco so we are very excited about this. i would be remissed if i didn't also recognize our board of directors for their leadership and then allowing me to do the difficult job. director joe is with us today if you want to say a few words. >> thank you very much. member of the bart board of directors. i think it's clear that anyone who rides bart or anyone who rides muni comes off at civic center station the problems that we are seeing aboveground with homelessness with drug addiction are really coming down into our stations. bart is not a social service
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agency, bart is not a public health agency and the only way we can get to grips with these problems is indeed collaboration with the city of san francisco and with the other cities and counties that we serve. that's why this is such an exciting moment because not only are we starting to collaborate much more deeply with the san francisco police department and the bart police department because ultimately our riders are not particularly concerned whose badge it is, they just want to know that they are going to be safe. we are independent -- integrating much more deeply into problems and i think that's something that's going to be critical to making sure that our riders and muni riders have the safe and clean experience that they deserve. so i'm going to hand it over to barbara garcia at the department of public health. thank you. >> good afternoon. barbara garcia, director of health. i want to thank mayor farrell
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for all his support in the last many months of expanding services for us. many of those services will help individuals who people are concerned with who are seeing open drug use and mental health issues. i also want to thank the san francisco department of -- the san francisco police department and the bart police. we've been working for many months with both of these agencies to identify individuals who they have been concerned with for many years at times. we have those individuals in our hands in terms of their names and we are identifying them and trying to get to them and trying to provide support. so we really are doing an individualized approach to this and we are also looking at the issue of ensuring that today we have our homeless out reach team from our homeless department as well as our street medicine team and they will work together to make sure that we are working with individuals as they come
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across them in bart, leaving bart or in the surrounding areas. i'm very proud of the work and collaboration that we've done and i can tell you that we have worked and have helped individuals that both of these entities have identified to us and it's complex work. many of these individuals have long term mental health issues. they deserve the kind of support they need. we are going to refocus on this and really provide as much support as we can to individuals. this is the end of this press conference but we are going to be taking questions, not from the podium but from the side. i want to thank all of you for coming today and being interested in this issue. thank you so much.
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the june 20, 2018 meeting of the san francisco board of appeals. board president frank fung will be the presiding officer tonight. he's joined by commissioner ann lazarus, commissioner dale honda, and vice president swig will be absent tonight. brad russy will provide the board with any needed legal advice this evening. at the controls is the board's legal assistant, gary cantara. we will also not joined by representatives from -- be