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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  July 4, 2018 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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is that also your priority? i'm not sure where that came from also. >> i don't believe so. >> i haven't heard anyone talk about it. >> neighborhood clean and green? >> i was a little surprise it was in their. >> city wide street cleaning priorities including pitstop expansion programs. so that was resolution file number 18. >> is this for just cleaning street's at dbh? is it greening? is it planting plants? >> give me a second. i don't know. i will make a note and come back to you. i don't know the answer to that. i don't know who has asked that,
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either. but i do know it looks like it is still in compliance with the resolutions that we passed for the third priority, right here. the street cleaning priority. we will get more specific to you to that. >> thank you. >> is that it? >> ok. anyone else? ok. that is where we are right now. ben rosenfeld. [laughter] you are standing up. i thought you wanted to say something. ok. ok. [applause] all right. we will find out. at that number 20 could be representative from one of the
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members that are not here on this body. we will see what other supervisors said. we will take a pause on that one. ione. in order to keep this conversation moving, i don't see sophia in here. so i want to ask -- bend you know what the additional asked that the supervisors added, what that figure is, and where we are a? >> i don't, supervisor. but my suggestion would be to take a short recess so we can update the list with those totals and see where you are at the moment, if that's helpful to the committee. >> that's helpful to me so we know. we are in the process of trying to get together on this. >> yeah, i think that would be helpful to further our discussions just to know what this whole total thing looks like. >> so we will break and get the total figure, and it is my
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understanding we should be able to have peace and be able to present this to the mayors. >> i can't read it. >> is that your understanding supervisor stefani? >> i do support supervisor stefani's increase for domestic violence. >> we have added it. >> we are adding the delta between the 1.2 million per year and what is allocated already and that would be what god will add into that. >> that is correct. and people added and came the record and we wanted to increase what that figure is. i wanted to get some understanding when we come into session. when we come back into session we will discuss what the figure is and what i would like to do is be able to take this total
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and comprehensive list to the mayors to ask them to fund this. >> ok. >> ok. we will be on recess. thank you. good morning ladies and gentlemen. i want to welcome you back to the budget and finance committee. we are coming out of recess. i have my full committee with me. the clerk of the board is still -- clerk of the board still elements linda wong. so, we have come to a point where we are in a agreement and we were able to successfully reach agreement with not only committee members, but also both mayors. i think this is the first time in history ever that we've had
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to do this type of a negotiati negotiation. unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and that includes this budget season. i'm very excited. i would like to make a motion. may i have a second to take public comment on items one and two? all right. seconded by catherine stefani. we will take that without objection. come on down. public comment. on items one and two. items one and two. somebody better get down here and say something. thank you. >> thank you. i do want to recognize that this has been a long journey into the night. i appreciate the effort that everyone has put in to this
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process. i do have to say that we do need to rethink our commitment to public input and limiting public testimony to one minute, it is not the way to do that. i again, appreciate the fact that often times members of the public are not polished speake speakers. their nonprofessional advocates. their testimony can often be like a disjointed, connected, scattered, but it is compelling and powerful. and absolutely necessary for public servants to hear from the public and for the perception of welcoming the environment for people and for people to feel that their government really
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wants to hear from them. it is challenging for us in the community to actually convince people that their stories mapped or capped their voices matter. their perspectives matter. their lives matter to people in decision-making positions. and when we limit that, ability, it really cast a pall on how everyone feels about their own government. i hope that we can take that seriously. i also feel that it's an opportunity for this legislative branch of government to think very seriously about leveling the playing field between the legislative branch and the executive branch. particularly on budgeting. at least those two items. to be more receptive and opening talk at welcoming. >> thank you. [laughter] >> between the legislative
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branch, the executive branch. >> thank you. your time is up serve, seriously. any members of the public? public comment is closed. folks, i would like to make a motion to combine items one and two into -- excuse me, items one and two into items three and four. may i have a second query seconded by supervisor sheehy. can we take that without objections? we have object -- without objection, that passes. second motion i will make is to amend the appropriation ordinance and salary ordinance to reflect committee members changes as indicated in the summary entitled board of supervisors budget spending plan. may i have a second query i will take that. >> i know we want to get out of here.
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but i just, if we can jump a little bit more, i want to be able to look at the budget before we make any decisions on this emotion -- this motion. it will maybe take 10-15 minutes to make sure that we all have our eyes adopted nt's are crossed. first of all. let me back up. thank you chair cohen for getting us to this place. and the last discussion we had was the feedback that you brought to the mayors. i know why kate just doing it with one mayor would be tough, but doing it with two mayors is going to be tougher.
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and i really appreciate that. i don't want to minimize that effort that you have made on behalf of the committee. i do feel like, before we approve everything, just give us a few minutes to, everything. and it is not a matter of anything about distrust, it is a matter of making sure nobody made any mistakes. >> no preamble needed. please take the time. >> if we can hold off just ten minutes for us to, everything, i would really appreciate it. >> sure. ten minutes.
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>> supervisor he has given me the green light to. everything looks good? >> i think everything we discussed is in here, and very appreciated. let me, ok. oh, yeah. i may have brought this up before. are we meant to have services on
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line 29. that needed to be added. on 929, mental healt 929, mentas for homeless should be homeless families. >> anything else? >> the numbers look correct to me. i just think that's the only thing i saw. >> ok. i want to look to the controll controller. that looks like, in terms of the titling of the category, the policy area, how do we make this correction? >> is a small correction we can make on behalf of the committee. it is consistent of our read of
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the intent here. we can make that change for you. >> you can make that? >> yes. >> is that satisfactory to you? >> that's all i have. >> ok. all right. we are going to read into the record on line 29. a request to add the word family, making the phrase homeless families. excuse me, families. ok. i will continue making my motion. motion to amend the appropriation ordinance and salary ordinance to reflect the committee members' changes as indicated in the summary of the budget spending plan, as well as the small change read into the record. may i have a second? >> second. >> seconded. this motion passes without objection. thank you. i would like to make a motion to accept the mayor's technical adjustment as proposed by the budget director. that is in a letter before you, ladies and gentlemen.
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thank you. seconded by that. we will take that without objection. and i would like to make a motion to authorize the controller to make adjustments necessary to implement the committee's actions and balance accounts. >> seconded. >> seconded. and we will take that without objection. and i make a final motion to forward items three and four on today's agenda, as cemented to the board of supervisors for the july 17th meeting with, of course, the highest and most positive recommendation possible. seconded. we take that without objection. all right, ladies and gentlemen. i want to say a few final remarks. i want to thank my legislative aide, sophia. [applause] she has just been incredible.
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her first time stopping on the budget, and her first second year of service with me, and on behalf of the city and county of san francisco. we love you and we thank you for your dedication. we bonded on our mutual love for it charts, which is why you only saw one. we had several planned for you but we decided just to share one. thank you. with that, i want to also acknowledge everyone of your legislative aides and their incredible human beings that have been diligent and taking meetings and following every dollar. paying attention to the details, and sophia worked very closely with the legislative aids and i want to thank them. colleagues, thank you for your patience and your second -- at your service. >> second. [laughter] >> there have been their ups and downs and quite an interesting process. thank you for stepping out and doing this journey with me at
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the vision that i had from last year's process. i hope that you have found it to be transparent and fair and op open, and always, most processes should be dynamic and open and subject to change and tweaking so we can continue to better our best. it is not just for ourselves and our own sanity but most importantly for the people who we are electing to serve. and my goodness, kelly kirkpatrick. thank you for being an amazing interim budget director. i want to thank melissa white house for getting pregnant and allowing this opportunity for kelly to manifest before our very eyes. fantastic. although i never doubted a moment. of course, i want to recognize the controller who has been a steady, steady beat. he is like the pacesetter that helps us stay focused and state disciplined and he is even funny. and of course, i want to recognize the b.l.a. office.
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incredible. we want -- we put you through a lot. he rose to the occasion and you are fantastic and articulate and thoughtful, all on the fly. we are grateful for that level of scrutiny. it is an important function that you provide here to the board of supervisors, independent of politics, independent of political pressure, and we need more of that reflect our entire budget. and this will help us dissect our entire budget. to the budget staff, thank you for being here. i want to also recognize our ever faithful linda wong, clerk of the board who should get awards for waiting and being patient and staying on time and posting information, answering questions. just completely available. she has tea, she has minsk tech she has posted notes, she has highlights. trust me, i have tested her. and to the faithful folks are with us from the beginning to the end, the diehard budget
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warriors that are with us who start in the fall, this budget process, you know, this is the tip of the iceberg. the real work starts in the fall in september. you are right. i am delighted to see you. thank you for joining us and i want to thank you for your input on helping shape and create this particular process. i don't think i've missed anyone. the mayor's. thank you for making this so memorable. i want to thank both of you for your incredible leadership and also the mayor's staff that is sitting by and watching and listening. we are grateful for your leadership and your steadfastness. ok. supervisor se 12? >> i want to thank my legislative aide. she is eight months pregnant. she has been staying till midnight working on this.
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so i just want to say connect thank you to her. i really depended on her. i think, actually a lot of other supervisors depended on her too. thank you chelsea. >> i would have to say thank you to everybody on this committee. this is my third year of doing this on the budget committee. i have to say this is the best group of committee members to work with to get everything done in a very collegial way. and i also have to say, i wanted to thank my staff for being he here. i think hopefully she has left for her baby. she had her baby here all evening. i should fire her for that.
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but still, i appreciate her effort in doing this. and again, everybody else who has been involved with the budget process, whether it's been from the controller's office, kelly from the budget office, and all of the b.l.a. staff down from our robes, everyone has been splendid to work with. i want to acknowledge, once again the public who stuck it out with us, at all the people who came to testify and give us input and help us moulds the best budget we could have for the people of san francisco. >> thank you. supervisor sc 13? >> i would like to thank participants from the mayor's office, from the controller, from the b.l.a. and the community. and my office. that i really want to give a
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huge shout out to chair cohen. this has been a phenomenal process. being the second run around, it has been beautiful. i really, really want to give you the highest accolade, highest shout out. you have always been transparent and, you know, one night late, instead of like multiple nights late. i think that you have set a new standard for this process. so thank you. >> supervisor stefani? >> thank you. i have to say something of course. after doing this for three years with supervisor farrell, of course, thank you thank you to all of the legislative aids. thank you chair cohen. i wasn't sure how this would go. it is an honour to serve with all of you. it has been an incredible open process and i commend you for it. thank you to everyone. >> thank you. ladies and gentlemen, with that, we are adjourned. she replies -- cheer pause
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[cheering and applause] .
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>> working for the city and county of san francisco will immerse you in a vibrate and dynamic city on sfroert of the art and social change we've been on the edge after all we're at the meeting of land and sea world-class style it is the burn of blew jeans where the rock holds court over the harbor the city's information technology xoflz work on the rulers project for free wifi and developing projects and insuring
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patient state of at san francisco general hospital our it professionals make guilty or innocent available and support the house/senate regional wear-out system your our employees joy excessive salaries but working for the city and county of san francisco give us employees the unities to contribute their ideas and energy and commitment to shape the city's future but for considering a career with the city and county of san francisco >> 5, 4, 3, 2 , 1. cut. >> we are here to celebrate the opening of this community garden. a place that used to
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look a lot darker and today is sun is shining and it's beautiful and it's been completely redone and been a gathering place for this community. >> i have been waiting for this garden for 3 decades. that is not a joke. i live in an apartment building three floors up and i have potted plants and have dreamt the whole time i have lived there to have some ability to build this dirt. >> let me tell you handout you -- how to build a community garden. you start with a really good idea and add community support from echo media and levis and take management and water and sun and this is what we have. this is great. it's about
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environment and stewardship. it's also for the -- we implemented several practices in our successes of the site. that is made up of the pockets like wool but they are made of recycled plastic bottles. i don't know how they do it. >> there is acres and acres of parkland throughout golden gate park, but not necessarily through golden community garden. we have it right in the middle of in this san francisco office, there are about 1400 employees. and they're working in roughly 400,000 square feet.
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we were especially pleased that cleanpowersf offers the super green 100% clean energy, not only for commercial entities like ours, but also for residents of the city of san francisco. we were pleased with the package of services they offered and we're now encouraging our employees who have residence in san francisco to sign on as well. we didn't have any interruption of service or any problems with the switch over to cleanpowersf. this clean power opportunity reflects that. i would encourage any large business in san francisco to seriously consider converting and upgrading to the cleanpowersf service. it's good for the environment, it's good for business and it's good for the community.
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>> president buell: recrea craigsation and park commission meeting. please call roll. [roll call taken] >> president buell: with that, let us proceed. >> a couple of announcements. just reminder. so, could we please ask everyone to turn off any sound producing devices that could go off during the meeting. this is our june 21st recreation and park commission meeting. we, each person will have three minutes, commissioner. >> three minutes. >> three minutes per public comment per item. if you would like to comment on
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an item that is not on the agenda, that falls under the jurisdiction of the recreation and park commission you may speak on item number 4. if you don't have time to speak on 4, it will be continued again on item 10. we would ask that you please address your comments to the commission during public comment on items in order to allow equal time for all. neither the commission nor staff will respond to any questions during public comment. the commission may ask questions of staff after public comment is closed. last, if the fire alarms activate you must evacuate the building in an orderly fashion. using any exit. please note that elevators will immediately return to the first floor and they are not available for use. if you are in need of assistance getting out of the building, please make your way to the closest area of refuge which is across the hall in the men's restroom inside the restroom.
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a speaker box, press it and city hall security will answer, let them know where you are and they will assist you. with that, we are now on item 2, the president's report. >> president buell: thank you. let me make a couple of announcements. in july the committee meetings are canceled because they fall on july 4th and july 5th. usually low attendance. so, we will note that. let me make another announcement, which is bittersweet, but there must be something in the water we are drinking. we have lost three senior staff people, bob plosiso, with the department 25 years. don comealanaythan for 12 years, going to the san francisco unified school district. we'll take note of that in our dealings with the school district in the future.
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and connie chan, deputy director of communications public affairs with the department for six years, and she is going to city college of san francisco. clearly congratulations are in order for these two excellent young women. they have given great service to the department and i'm going to ask them if they want to make comments. but first, i want to thank commissioner low for acting in my absence on a brief vacation and if you would like to say anything about our departing staff. >> just want to acknowledge dawn, she helped guide us on probably a difficult construction under the 2012 bond and delivered those projects almost on budget. and was also successful in finding additional dollars to make these projects happen. we are really going to miss you. we hope to have you come back at
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the ground breaking for portsmouth square. also want to say a quick note to connie chan. connie, who put me out in the chinese newspapers, a great resource and i've enjoyed her tenure here and she, too, will be sorely missed and hopefully you will also come back for the ground breaking of portsmouth square. >> president buell: dawn and connie come forward. >> thank you very much, commissioners. i wanted to have an opportunity to come and say farewell after all this time working together. some of us have been working together actually longer than 12 years when i started in the mayor's budget office as the analyst for the recreation and park department and recruited by the deputy director at that
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time, katy, and this job has been an amazing experience. it is the job i never knew i always wanted and that as a policy person who had been reading design magazines since she was 15 to finally have an opportunity to do both things in one job, and has really been amazing, and i really, we worked on hundreds of projects at this point and i wanted to say my favorite project is my team that i built, and please take good care of them, keep, you will not find a harder working, better sense of humor in city government and i also wanted to thank all of you. i've had the opportunity to work with a lot of different commissions in the city and i think you guys are the best. >> president buell: would you repeat that? >> when i think of sharp park
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and beach chalet and some epic conversations and probably portsmouth square, go on for 5 to 10 years, and the commission's ability to really own, to last and to build consensus and to own the positions that they have taken over the years through these very difficult projects has made the difference for staff, and our ability to prevail and do the good work we have been able to do. thank for that, and especially thank to denny and sarah, who both have been important partners in crime in my time here, and really could not have done it without you. >> we wish you the very best. thank you. connie. [applause] >> commissioner, thank you for having me here. speaking to you today and as some of you know i have had the good fortune to work for some great people in this city.
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supervisor maxwell, senator harris when she was a d.a. and supervisor peskin. my experience working for this recreation and park department was very different for me. it was, i can talk about a lot of great things that we have accomplished together, but what really is for me is the personal growth i have experienced during my time working for the department here and if you could indulge me i would love to give a shout out for the people that really allow me to do the work i love but also to be able to be a mom, a partner, a sister and a friend to the people that i love. and first start with stacy white, who has been my rock on the bad days. and the good days and alton has been there for me, and alex
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randolph, not at the department anymore but the best partner in politicking. and never tire, always driven general manager. last but not least, and if not for some of my old bosses could be watching this meeting broadcast, i would say the best boss ever, sarah mattlin. thank you. and commissioners and thank you, the last time i was here speaking before you i was asking for additional funding for willie woo woo clubhouse on behalf of supervisor aaron peskin and the chinatown community. you granted the funding. it's amazing how you dedicated your time and energy to serving the city. it's an honor serving the best park system with you. >> president buell: thank you very much. [applause] that concludes my report. >> is there anyone who would like to make public comment on
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this item? if so, come up. >> good morning, commissioners. richard rothman, first vice chair of the park and open space advisory committee, and on behalf of our members we like to wish dawn the best of luck in her future endeavors and thank her for staffing our meetings and for coming and having the patience to listen to us and a to bring her insight into our deliberations and sometimes meetings lasted quite lately, but her broad range of knowledge on the issues and willing to listen and getting back with us and willing to meet individually
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and trying to meet our particular district needs was most helpful. and i'm sure we'll miss her, but we wish her good luck in her new endeavors. >> president buell: thank you very much. >> anyone else like to comment on this item? ok. being none, public comment is closed. commissioners, now item 3, the general manager's report. >> good morning. i will start with a wrap-up on the summer solstice, might seem like a strange thing to do, since today is. but last night thousands of people with flowers in their hair, at least some of them did, gathered at conservatory valley, golden gate park, a groovy light show and concert. we did it last year in 50th anniversary of the summer of
10:41 pm
love and this year we celebrated the 51 anniversary with music from the year 1968. and the light show returned, so it will be going on all summer. feel free to stop by and take a look. we want to thank don holiday for putting together the lovely free concert, over 5,000 people enjoyed. our staff at the conservatory of flower, the san francisco parks alliance, and rec and park staff, and operations and park rangers for making it a safe and fun event for all. this past tuesday we were pleased to join supervisor cohen and bayview neighbors for a very small but mighty ground breaking certainly for the ralph d. house community park. formally known as the cont mini park. this was a community opportunity
10:42 pm
fund project under the 2008 bond. and the renovation includes a new terrace for a public gathering space, a pathway, entry upgrades for improved accessibility. on the scale of projects that our capital team manages, this is a relatively small project. it's a really small parcel. but has an enormous impact on this part of town where there is an active community group that participates in taking pair of the landscape and planting there, and we want to extend a sincere thank you to supervisor cohen for her support of all of her parks, but for really pushing us on this one to make it a lovely place for her constituents. july is right around the corner and it is national recreation and park month. with that comes celebration when cities across the country celebrate and highlight the important role of our parks in their communities. next month we will highlight a
10:43 pm
wide range of events and activities in the parks from volunteer work parties, include a board of supervisors commendation and many family friendly activities. a full calendar of celebration events on our website, flower piano. if you have not seen this, make time. it is pretty cool. this summer music community and nature joined forces in the heart of the city during the 12-day outdoor ex stravaganza. each day from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., july 5th through 16, visitors will find 12 pianos tucked among the many flower filled gardens in the gardens 55 acres. and they are encouraged to play what they like. this is a really lovely and
10:44 pm
definitely worth the visit. also worth a visit is stern grove. the 81st season of stern grove festival kicked off this past weekend with promises of another fantastic season of free sunday afternoon concerts in the park. ziggy marley headlines, with eclectic performers for july, alt rock singer m. ward, mexican institute of sound, and san francisco symphony. play day coming up on july 18th, rec and park will host the annual summer play day at bayview park and m.l.k. pool, a new location for us this year for this event. each summer we host this family event in our parks to encourage kids to get out and play. and this summer's event will include games, sports, a climbing wall, free swimming and canoe lessons.
10:45 pm
for those of you that are early risers, you have maybe been able to catch a few of the world cup games that start at 5:00 in the morning. and we will be showing some of those world cup games on the big screen, both here in civic center plaza and sue berman park. the free viewing parties held on july 10th and 11 and july 15th is the final, which will be here at civic center plaza. and for more information on schedule, and ryan is going to que up the video, celebration at the casting pools. ♪ >> today we are celebrating a double anniversary. built back in 1938, the golden
10:46 pm
gate club founded in 1933. core mission to offer fly casting instruction and fly fishing education to both the members and the public. we are the largest fly fishing club in the world. extremely powerful to be able to celebrate a tradition and activity of sport, a community that's been going on for generations right here. >> i am so proud that we have this here in san francisco. world class casting pool and also lodge that really reflects our commitment to the outdoors and to parks and recreation in san francisco, being accessible to everyone, regardless of age or income level. ♪
10:47 pm
>> thank you, ryan. and finally, richard rothman stepped up. he was going to give a quick report, but -- i guess not. right. we'll invite him back another time. that includes the general manager report. >> he could do it under public comment if he wants. thank you. >> is there anyone who would like to make public comment under this item? ok. seeing none, public comment is closed. we are now on item 4, general public comment up to 15 minutes. this item will be continued to item 10. members of the public may address the commission on items of interest in the subject jurisdiction and do not appear on the agenda. with respect to agenda items you will have that opportunity to address the commission when the item is reached in the meeting. is there anyone who would like
10:48 pm
to make general public comment? ok. seeing none, this item is closed. we are now on item 5, consent calendar and i do have three cards. joe, richard, and anita, please. >> good morning, commissioner. joe lighthighser. a member of the board of friends of camp mather, and i just wanted to take a few moments here to thank the commission and encourage you to accept our donation of $15,000 toward the sports court to be built up at camp mather. beginning this fall, i believe. so, i'm really most important really is i'm the husband of linda, and she's delegated this to me in recognition of my
10:49 pm
obvious eloquence. thank you again, and we look forward to the work this fall, and i promise you will not dunk basketballs but trying to shoot a few hoops by 2019. thank you. >> president buell: thank you. i know commissioner mazolla wants to comment. on the director's report? >> i was going to ask to pull one item before we vote on them. >> president buell: make the request. >> pull item c before we vote on the rest of them. >> thank you. >> richard and anita. and any order. >> good morning, commissioners. thank you for the opportunity to be here. >> i need you to speak into the mic. >> yes, there you go. my name is anita dens, i represent the friends of alta
10:50 pm
plaza park. happy to be here today when we offer a donation to complete several aspects and enhancements of the construction project, the water conservation and irrigation project that's going on and with that is the completion of a donor circle honoring the generous contributors who underwrote the playground and sports courts in 2004 and 5. and it will be a beautiful circle with pavers and surrounding bench overlooking the south side of alta plaza park. it will be quite lovely. we are also putting in some bike racks and some other enhancements, and this winds up the construction project. so, looking ahead, first of all, i would like to thank you dawn and tokes and abigail about their help to us in shepherding
10:51 pm
this project to this point. but looking forward, we need to implement the master plan that was approved by the commissioners in 2016. in respect to that, i have formed a new board of directors drawing upon community activists among our board members are greg scott, president of the pacific height residents association, harry showning, community activist, worked closely with mayor farrell on the america's cup. so, we have very committed energized board. we have had two meetings so far. we have elected officers. developing a mission statement. a logo development, branding, community outreach, with he have a marketing plan and we are just hoping again to bring awareness and we were seeking resources for funding, including the 2019 parks bond, and perhaps another
10:52 pm
community opportunity fund application to see that this plan is implemented which you so graciously approved. it will restore alta plaza park to the jewel and the crown which it is in the park system. and sarah was involve in that from the get-go during her days serving with supervisor peer, so has a history and now we have kathryn stephanie on our side, she also was involved in it. thank you, i want you to know we are making progress onward. >> president buell: thank you very much. >> any one else who wants to speak on the consent calendar at the exception of item c? ok. being none, public comment is closed. >> president buell: entertain a motion -- >> is this your park -- >> it is my park.
10:53 pm
i live within 50 feet of it. i have to abstain from voting. >> if i could, please. we could remove it from calendar and everyone else, or have the vote. >> why don't i abstain. >> commissioner buell requested he be recused. voting on the consent calendar with the exception of item c. all in favor? thank you. now on 5c, willie woo woo playground, award of contract. if we could have staff please come up. >> president buell: a presentation and then we'll ask commissioner if his comments -- >> hello, commissioners.
10:54 pm
commissioner i am reuben schwartz, the newest project manager with the capital division, pleasure to meet you all and project manager on willie woo woo wong. a san francisco resident, parent and resident of bernel heights. two-fold agenda item, discussion and possible action to, one, award a contract for the construction of willie woo woo wong playground to c.l.w., to not go over $800,883,600, and increase it by 64,700,000, not to exceed $1,300,000.
10:55 pm
inspire public space, specifically 1.2, to strengthen the quality of parks and facilities. strategy number two, inspire play, objective 2.2, strengthen and promote healthy, safety and well-being of youth and seniors. and this is a very heavily used park. the site is being completely renovated. scope of work for the project includes the renovation of all existing park features, including athletic courts, children's play areas, and the existing clubhouse and rooftop athletic court. concerning the construction bid. with the assistance of the department of public works, we advertise the project and received two bid proposals, which were opened on april 18th of this year. the bid tabulation sheet is included in the packet. one bid was determined by the contract management division to
10:56 pm
be nonresponsive, it failed to meet the 14% l.b.e. participation requirement. the responsive bid was committed by c.l.w. builder, $8,883,600. it was welcome news for us. the department has confidence working with c.l.w. builders, contracting with them on bodecker and hayes valley projects and wrapping up work on balboa pool. we are eager to proceed, obviously. and if approved today, we anticipate starting construction by early august. concerning the design services contract. the project is fully funded. this is not a request for additional funds. as noted above, the project was originally conceived as a playground renovation, but as you heard in the recognition for connie's service today, the
10:57 pm
project was significantly expanded to include renovation of the clubhouse as a result of her efforts and community input. the expand led to three contract addendum. because it exceeded 10%, all subsequent request must receive your approval. $17,000 in additional work resulting from unexpected plan check comments, to reclassify from type 5b to type 1 or 2. the project team has since come to an agreement with d.b.i., acknowledged the lack of code-based justification for this change. changes to the bid drawings, however, reflecting d.b.i. instructions had to be made to keep the bid on schedule. so, in other words, we had to pay our consultants to comply with the request that was given to us.
10:58 pm
also a reserve of $47,700 with on-site conditions. site is on a slope in one of the most densely developed areas of the city. it is likely that once demolition and excavation begins, unknown conditions or remnants of previous site activity will be discovered and could necessitate project changes. a modest reserve to cover such needs. we are only seeking authority to spend the reserve if needed, but it will not be spent if additional services are not needed or performed. if the reserve is unused, it will be returned to the project budget. we expect to start construction in august and take 14 months. our staff recommendation is to approve the item on the agenda. i can read the agenda item if you want or we can -- >> president buell: that's all right. very good presentation. commissioner mazolla.
10:59 pm
>> commissioner mazzola: a few questions. i have asked this before, are we able to see the subcontractors list? >> yes, it should be in your packet, i believe. >> commissioner mazzola: i didn't see it. maybe i -- ok. wait, i think i found it here. >> attachment d. >> ok. thank you. and secondly, m.l.b.e., is that micro, or is that -- what does the m. stand for? >> we do l.b.e. where are you referring to, commissioner? >> it's on the -- page 70, but i don't know what attachment it is. but -- anyhow.
11:00 pm
that's not as important as the other questions, so, the -- you said deemed nonresponsive. can you reexplain why again? >> the contract management division looked at the bid and determined that they did not meet the l.b.e. requirement for 14% of the construction work. >> so the bid was basically thrown out? >> they were deemed nonresponsive. >> this had nothing to do -- they did not get a 10% reduction, the bid was thrown out so it did not matter. >> no, that was not a factor. >> ok, all right. that's the only question i had then. >> public comment, richard. >> good morning, commissioners. richard fong.