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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  July 7, 2018 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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items before this committee? >> clerk: there are none. >> supervisor kim: seeing none, meeting is adjourned. thank you, everyone. ready. i think we have a full house tonight. i call to order. welcome to the tuesday, june 19, meeting of the san francisco entertainment commission. my name is bryant tan, the commission president. we don't have a lot of people to send this message out to tonight, but if you have -- if you are a member of the public and would like to speak when i call public comment, we have public comment forms.
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you can fill one out and hand that to the staff or just come to the microphone. second, we ask you turn off your cell phones or put them on silent, including commissioners and myself. and then three, thank you to sfgov tv and media services for airing this meeting to the public every time we meet. we can go ahead and start with the roll call. >> commissioner lee. >> here. >> commissioner bleiman. >> here. >> commissioner thomas. >> here. >> a commissioner comino. >> here. >> commissioner perez. >> here. >> and president tan. >> here. we are still waiting on a law enforcement rep. which is all good. okay. first order of business is general public comment. is there any public comment on matters related to the san francisco entertainment item that is not on the agenda? i don't see any. public comment is closed. two is the approval of minutes
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from june 5. commissioners, unless there is a change you would like to make, happy to entertain a motion to approve. >> just correct the spelling of my name. under call to order, it's thomas. thank you. >> all right. any other changes? if not, would someone like to make a motion? >> a i move to approve minutes. >> a second. >> an any public comment on the minutes? seeing none, public comment is closed. let's take a vote. >> a commissioner lee. >> aye. >> a commissioner bleiman. >> an aye. >> a commissioner thomas. >> aye. commissioner perez. >> aye. >> a president tan. >> aye. we will move to item three, report from the acting director. ms. wyland. >> hi, guys. this evening i just wanted to give a couple of minor updates.
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we are in the midst of hiring a second part-time sound inspector to replace the person who could not commit before. we will be conducting more interviews this tuesday, the 26th. we have five candidates we will be interviewing. and we are hopeful that we can find a great choice from that group. so i will keep your guys all posted. i am hoping to on board them by mid july. and it looks like the training process from this time around has taken about two months in total. so i also wanted to say as a part of the update that inspector furintino has been doing really well and this weekend will be his first weekend on his own. taking the training wheels off, and he's going to go three days in a row out to about probably
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25 pride events. we really will be covering the city. i'm excited about that. thank you, inspector. one more update on the retreat and this is basic and you already all know this. we had to change the date of the retreat. that is scheduled for july 28. commissioner bleiman is perhaps unable to join us, but we will have a full house otherwise. again, just some ideas on the retreat that you have passed to me are around sound science and perhaps having someone come and present the good neighbor policy and by then we are hoping to have an almost totally ready draft to look at and hopefully adopt at that meeting. so that we can flush through any ideas.
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the ideas that we have in the working group can also be discussed. and that will go to the city attorney prior to coming to you guys at retreat. one other idea is to come up with any specific questions that you might have surrounding code that are still feeling iffy about. and i will do the work on that and provide the answers at the retreat. if not, by provide the questions to the city attorney prior to retreat so she can help answer those, although she is likely unable to attend it sounds like. any other questions for me? >> i just had a question. maybe you have some insight. what is the timeline on the new
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commissioner? >> a for the law enforcement seat? >> i have been told by mayor farrell's office that they are not technically not going to act on this during the end of his term, so probably something that will happen or i will start working on it again after july 11. >> question. did we find a venue for the retreat? >> not yet. do you have any ideas? >> not yet. >> i'll figure something out. but yeah, if you think of anything, let me know. i want light coming in and so that is a little challenging with a lot of our bar venues. and also having a projector and screen capability, but i'll figure it out. and is there any public comment on the director's report?
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no, all right, public comment is closeed. item four. report from our sound inspectors, but via our main inspector, mr. burke. >> good evening, commissioners. and president tan, i am inspector sean burke. a couple of complaints to tet you know about starting from the top. chug bug, no entertainment, and i believe there was an outside after party at one point, and since then they have had no entertainment, but there is music and inspector purintino has worked with the operator and complainant to be in touch. and bomb's bar, this is the first complaint we have heard about them. unsure as to what the complaint is in regard to. they're stating that the sound is coming from a noise deterrent, so i am not sure what that is.
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we did a sound test at ghiradelli square for an outdoor l. l.p. and we followed up after two citations were written for 3910geery. they are unpermitted. and on the third visit, they were found not to be hosting entertainment, so that is good. our work in the field is paying off. >> and i.d. scanners were in use and guards had shirts with security in plain view. there was a small crowd. we waited until they closed, and everything went off without a hitch. those are the new conditions that were placed on the permit last time.
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redford had imagine and we have reached out to them regarding the permitting process to see if there is something they are interested in do you think. just one complaint and i think it was a one-off event. we did a sound inspection on june 16. they were found to be in compliance. and i believe that is all i've got for you. happy to answer any questions. >> is hugh on the weekly inspection schedule? what is the plan around monitoring them? >> the inspectors have gone twice already and by the time
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they got there and were already completely closed. and that is the date that is listed here in which they saw them in compliance with the security plan. the next plan since this weekend is pride is we're probably not going to be focussing on the same venues that we normally might. but next weekend we will send the inspector out on saturday because the previous two times is a friday evening. we'll start mixing it up. i don't need to be going there every single weekend. >> encouraging to hear they are in compliance. that is one thing we will keep hoping they do. >> commissioner perez. >> i am hope nothing news is
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good news. >> their abc license was essentially revoked. so that is no longer an issue. >> thank you. i have one. great america music hall. the last complaint is june 17. is that a door being open? and new neighbor across the street? >> complaints about music and crowd noise outside. we have yet to fine them or go by when there is a show that we can hear outside. we haven't seen crowds outside. it is an anonymous complaint. we are waiting to follow up with them and we have stopped by great american music hall and talked to them about the doors closed and using drapes.
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controlling the cout outside. and they are usually pretty good operator. we will keep it on the route. >> does the manager of the condo across the street -- should they tell -- and maybe they don't have to. and they should tell there is a club across the street. >> they should. we don't get that many complaints, right? from across the street. >> it has been occurring more than i have seen, so we are trying to get to the bottom of it, but it is challenging when you get anonymous complaints to figure out where exactly they are coming from. >> right. i don't know. even my brother lives on that block and he can't hear them at all. i am assuming it is someone
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directly adjacent. >> somebody just moved in or something. >> who knows? i'm not sure, but we will keep it on the route. all right. >> all right. any other comments from commissioners? >> i am curious what pride venues will be monitored? >> i feel bad. inspector furintino didn't bring his notes. i don't know if you remember any off the top of your head. >> all of them. >> great. so we are going to check out both juanita moore events and one a the new space and we are monitoring the events and venues and managing the lines and sounds bleeding on the outside. some are outdoor events, too,
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and in compliance. and a couple of rooftop parties and intersperse one or two venues that we are trying to honor at the same time. going to the center and mezzanine, jones -- >> we got a list in crystal and people who applied for one times with us. mike put together a list based off of websites. and a couple of venues that being b going to each weekend. and dylan has mentioned this and looks like he may go into this in his talk, but taking over the
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master special events calendar for the whole city. and so he is going to send out an aggregated list from our office, m.t.a. street closures, from police department, in anything that mike has researched online, and sending that over to d.e.m., police department, fire department, and so they're going to have this and be able to create hopefully a heat map of where everything is going on so they have situational awareness this weekend. the emergency operations center is activated all weekend. and so mike is actually also going to go for a training on sunday while pride is happening and going to be there with all the first responder agencies so that he can get a better bird's eye view of how the city works for these kind of events. there are essentially using that as a training for an actually emergency event that might occur in the future. hopefully not. >> hopefully not. better safe than sorry.
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all right. thank you. that is exciting to hear. and glad we have the capacity to have another inspector out there. is there any public comment on the sound inspector report? seeing none, public comment is closed. we move on to item number five. report from the senior analyst, mr. rice. >> good evening, commissioners. dylan rice, senior analyst for community and cultural events. i have a few updates, not too many, but some big ones. and i have received final edits and feedback from all the departments on the outdoor events guide and permit fee estimator and it includes nine deputy city attorneys and rec and park, sfpd, we have all
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their feedback and edits. great points were brought up to make the guide. clear and user friendly and drive home the idea of that you can apply for x, y, and z and do x, y, z steps but it doesn't guarantee you are going to get the permit approved. just so these points that are sort of larger legal conversations are being taken into account. and i am working with commissioner perez next week to incorporate the edits and make the design sing, look beautiful. and so we are on schedule for a publication at the beginning of july. and i am really excited about that. there will be the initial roll out of the guide and estimator and so on social media pages we will do a deep blast and get highlighted in the next event industry bulletin. so then i am also -- and maggie referenced the master special
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event calendar and is fully transitioned to us now from d.e.m. the proof concept is done. and d.e.m. is already using it for their daily emails that they send to first responders. andr andrea jorgenson will be sharing wit the stakeholder departments in the coming weeks now that we have ironed out the del days, and we want to get their feedback to make ate living, breathing, useful calendar that they can use in realtime. the last thing i will talk about is i have been pulled into some conversations with the environment department and katie tang's offers about the proposed legislation which you may have heard about which is single-use plastic ban.
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and commissioner bleiman is very aware of it. there is a section of the legislation that directly speaks to events that take place on city property. that is a huge part of my stakeholder group. and not just outdoor but indoor and any event on city property midwest ensure that at least 10% of the attendees have reusable cups. this would not just for water, but for beverage sales. and i need to qualify that by saying right now it's 100 attendees or higher is the threshold for when this ban goes into effect. so it can be that the attendees are bringing the cups with them or it can be that the event provides the cups and sell them or have a service provide them,
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but long story short, this has potential impacts on many of these community and curl churl events that are really tight with their budget and are just try ing trying to finish the year in the black. so i just have my main point right now is do we know enough about how to play out in the real world. have we talked to the stakeholders? have we heard from them and what does this look like? and if we imagine this happening. this consideration in terms of labor and sanitation and extra storage required if you are going to be staging these cups in your event footprint. and also speed of lines when you have an event that requires lots of turnover of beverages, that's a consideration. and so i am actually convening a
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group with environment department of event producers next wednesday. that is the tentative date. we are finalizing that any day now. and ask them what does it look like in terms of your business practice and the real world scenario. and i just want to make sure that if this legislation is passed, it's the language is crafted in a way that's practical and smart and mitigates as much financial impact that it could have on in the group, which is essentially, primarily nonprofit organizations and small business owners. i feel like i am wearing the advocacy hat and this cuts to the really core of what i think my role is in this job is rea y really, you know, being a voice and just making sure that we're being responsive and inclusive to this sector.
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so i know that it's going to the safety committee in a few weeks. i'm just working with environment as well as katie tang's aide to go over some considerations and get as much data as possible. >> a question on that. so you're telling me that they want to provide cups, like reusable cups either when they come to the venue -- let's say it's golden gate park. and they're going to provide these plastic cups that you can reuse to fill drinks and things. and then they're also saying it is okay to bring in containers? like their own containers? or is that not allowed? how do you prevent them from bringing alcohol in? >> yeah, so one of the stakeholders brought up that point. i would be curious to know what abc has to say about this as well. >> yes. >> so these are all really good
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questions. the language in the ordinance says that the event must ensure there are at least 10% of attendees -- sorry, at least 10% of the attendees have cups. so it could be that the attendees are bringing them with them or could be that the event is providing them. >> i guess if they are -- >> very broad. >> when they get the security, they just make sure it's empty before they go in. i guess that is what i am saying. >> that is one way to do it, yeah. >> interesting. >> question. >> commissioner perez. >> it is the responsibility of the event organizer to provide the reusable cups? >> that is actually not clear. right now it says the onus falls on -- it could fall on the attendee or on the food provider. i just want to get more clarity on that.
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so the bigger ideas is that we're trying to bsh there's a lot of this compostable plastic that is already being used for the events. and environment is concerned that while it is good that it is compostable, it is tox fick the material gets into the ocean or to the ecosysteecosystem. it takes a special kind of facility to really breakdown that material. i want to make sure we're being as considerate and smart about any kind of major implementation like this. and this would definitely be a big change. >> i want to make one note. we tried this at a festival we did and had about 6,000 people and incentivized people monetarily to purchase the clean canteen style glass and nobody bought it.
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we ended up with, i don't know -- i think we brought 3,000 and of the 3,000, we brought back 2,800 and even with the financial incentive, nobody did it. that is another consideration. and conceivably printed the name and the year of the event on it because it is like a souvenir cup, and you can't sell them the next year. that is another added cost we had to do and just eat 2,800 cups because we thought we could convince people to do it. >> how is this going to be enforced? a cup police? walking around? >> so i am not clear on if there will be actual inspectors, but right now environment is with the authority to issue fines and there is an event that has too much plastic in the composting
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stream. and so they get audited because the primary service provider has this report that environment gets ahold of. and they can go to the permit authority and say, well, this event has been a bad actor. we would like you to either cancel the event or threaten to withhold the permit whatever teeth for the enforcement that the authority has. but that's not entirely clear and going to be rolled out in year one in a very proactive way or if they are going to wait and see how it goes. >> i want to get -- what happens if they get a sponsor and the city is going to complain if a sponsor wants to provide 5,000
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cups, and i mean, they going to step in and say, no, you can't use that sponsor? >> you can still have -- you can still use recycleable cups and compostable cups, but you are still supposed to either provide them, the reusable plastic cups -- i should say reusable cups, not plastic cups, or promote to your attendees that they should be bringing their own cups as well. so it's just a way to really promote using these reusable cups. and it is -- they also -- the legislation also says the director of environment can also increase the percentage at their discretion whenever they feel it's appropriate. >> i think it's an interesting idea to see how the math will take it. because speaking from
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experience, at burning man, you are supposed to bring your own cup. everyone kind of knows it, but it is a cultural norm that people understand, and people aren't served if you don't bring a cup. so they're kind of s.o.l. trying to get a drink at a bar kout without a cup. i think it will take a while for it to pick up, but it works out there great. and that is another plan. to some people, that is another planet to some people, but i think there are things that can be implemented here and tried out here, too. but i am curious. i worry a little bit about people taking a cup that is supposed to be reused and treating it like a disposable cup and then having even bigger problem on their hands. understanding that it will probably have some time before the real cultural shift happens. but i think it's possible. i think only because i have seen it happen at burning man. >> i am just saying who pays for it? that's the big thing. >> i think we have the
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opportunity to be really creative with this. i think it's a great idea that you are bringing event producers together to get their input, and maybe together you can create some strategies and do some piloting. and see what works. i think it's a great branding opportunity. and i personally would love to bring my own cup to things because it's never cute when you see somebody else's lipstick stains oen a wine glass. >> right. any cup washing stations probably. >> that is the issue that i am concerned about is burning man you don't have d.p.h. monitoring the bars and we do. and we're required to have a three compartment sink even if we have a glass washer, and the literally every beer you pour at an event, you touch the beer cup to the tap because the foam comes out and otherwise you are dumping foam out and losing beer. i am all for this, not that we have to have a debate on this, but as an environmentalist, i am for it, but in practice and in a highly regulated city
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atmosphere, ite terrifies me. >> just the cost, too. who pays for it? and they bring their own cup, okay, but they have to wash it somewhere, and we have to provide that. >> interesting. >> it sounds like we can get into a very, like, heated conversation about this right now. not heated. but just a healthy conversation. and if commissioners or other folks want to plug into those conversations, how do they do that? not tonight? >> do you want to speak to that? >> sure. >> so you should definitely reach out to both dylan and i directly. and we are going to have a conversation with commissioner bleiman today because he's very concerned about this legislation, rightly so. it will impact not only outdoor events but also brick and mortar businesses as well. we're having a conversation
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tomorrow with supervisor tang's legislative aide. hopefully we'll know a lot more then. and we'll definitely know more after having little focus group next week with outdoor event producers and environmental producers. in the interim, you guys should just reach out to. any of your concerns, questions, things that we can pose to both supervisor tang's offers and department of environment would be super helpful in getting the big picture of concerns here. >> yes. echo that. and i will send you guys tonight before i leave the link to the legislation. so you can see it. >> thank you. >> commissioner perez looks like he has one more comment. >> with regards to the community calendar that you are doing, how can the public submit their events? just like when we submit our own description and event? >> right now we are getting
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information from permit entities for the calendar. and we're also looking on some of the websites that will -- the free event websites to find out if there is an event that is in the public right-of-way or impacts public right-of-way that might not be on the radar of m.t.a. or rec and park. so there is no real publicly facing way to receive the data. it's all through, again, these entities that permit and if we find it on facebook, for example, that in the parking lot which is technically a private property space, there could be an event that maybe police doesn't know about. >> thank you. >> all right. thank you very much for that report. is there any public comment on
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our senior analyst report tonight? i don't see any. public comment is closed. we move on to item six. police department comments and questions. i don't see any police and move that -- moved past that item to item seven, hear rg and possible action regarding our application for permits that looks like everything is on the consent agenda tonight, so that is great. >> this should be pretty quick. to give you an overview, two limited live performance applicati applications. one is for visuvio. and victor harlan parlor and note the location on that that this is a totally different business from the one that was previously located here. victory hall and parlor is a restaurant with entertainment as an accessory use. and nate valentine here from
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august hall. in the beginning they did not think they would want to go for a mechanical amusement device, and they changed their mind. they want to have some machines downstairs adjacent to the bowling alley. so all of these were approved by the police department with no standout conditions from what you can see. vesuvio and august hall were signed off without anything added. victory hall has the standard conditions from the southern station police department. everyone has received those. and i didn't receive any negative feedback from neighbors for any of these applications. and i just want to congratulate janet from vesuvio because she did get a lot of public support for her application. and there is a few that came in today from ccdc, and they are not in your files, and one from
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san francisco independent business alliance. so if
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congratulations, everyone. looking forward to the entertainment. u tem eight is commissioner comments and questions for item eight. commissioner, anyone like to bring something up tonight? commissioner perez. >> just a belated happy father's day to our first-time daddio. >> thank you very much. and also to mr. bleiman, i believe, who is also a father. belated happy father's day. >> great. any other comments or questions? happy pride weekend to everyone out there who is proud and celebrating and an ally. and all right. is there any public comment on our comments and questions? no. we'll close that up. and move to item nine. public comment -- hold on one second.
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there is a specific way we have to say this. sorry. thanks for your patience. so item nine is public comment on all matters pertaining to item 11 below. it is a closed session including public comment on vote for whether to hold item 11 in closed session. so item 11 is about the hiring of the executive director. because i am a candidate, i will have to recuse myself. and so i have to take a motion to see if you will vote on my recusal. interesting. >> motion to allow president tan to recuse himself. >> to step away. >> second. >> all right. there is a second. let's do a roll call vote on that. >> commissioner lee. >> aye. >> commissioner bleiman. >> aye. >> a commissioner thomas.
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>> aye. >> commissioner camino. >> aye. >> a commissioner perez. >> aye. >> i think you can't vote on that. >> perfectly fine. thank you, everyone. have a good weekend. i am recusing myself and leaving. and passing the gavel over to commissioner thomas. >> yep. >> so the commission is pleased to report that the search for new executive director of the entertainment commission -- we have to wait until he leaves the room? >> you can take public comment on this first. so you can stay if you want. >> is there any public comment on that? on this matter? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> thank you, president tan. >> thank you for bearing with us
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through this. so the commission is pleased to report that the search for a new executive director of the entertainment commission is underway, and that this evening the commission will discuss and possibly select nominees to submit to the mayor. the san francisco administrative code and the brown act allow for that discussion to be held in closed session. if the commission votes to convene in closed session, all members of the public and entertainment commission staff will be excused from the room. before a vote is taken to convene in closed session, public comment will be taken on all matters pertaining to the closed session. is there any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. and now we move on to item 10, the vote to hold item 11 in closed session. as there is no further public comment, is there a motion to hold a closed session to discuss
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and possibly select nominees? >> i move to hold a closed session. >> motion has been made. is there a second? >> second. >> motion has been made and seconded. could we have a vote please? >> commissioner lee. >> aye. >> commissioner bleiman. >> aye. >> a commissioner thomas. >> aye. >> commissioner camino. >> aye. >> commissioner per resz >> all right.
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we good to go? excellent. thank you, katelyn. the meeting of the entertainment commission is reconvened in open session. thanks, everyone, for your patience during the closed session. the commission generally chooses not to disclose matters discussed in closed session. the privacy of the candidates and commission's ability to freely discuss the nominations are paramount. and may i have a motion not to disclose any of the discussions held in closed session? >> i make that motion. >> is there a second? >> second. >> any public comment? seeing none, let's take a vote. and lets a take a vote. >> and all right. then we're back and now we're
12:43 pm
going to adjourn the meeting. all right. the meeting is adjourned. thank you.
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>> so good morning, everyone. i want to welcome everyone and thank you all for coming here today: you know, as mayor of the city, it is one of our core responsibilities as a government to provide public safety to our residents and preparedness for any emergencies that come about. both these issues have and always will be a top priority of mine. anyone in calling 911 in our city needs to make sure there's a live person on the other end of the line when they make that phone call. it is sometimes a matter between life and death. and our 911 dispatch center has seen an increased call volume
12:45 pm
of 44% since 2011. that is a dramatic increase here in the city of san francisco. it equates to dispatchers answering approximately 1,000 more calls perday. that's 1,000 more calls perday since seven years ago. with a growing population in the city of san francisco, we have to anticipate that this call volume will not decrease but will only increase here in the city of san francisco. and last year, our 911 dispatch center, despite many efforts, was falling short on response times. recognizing the importance of this, mayor lee created a task force to look at the issue, along with many of the people standing behind me here today. along with increased hiring strategies, the task force came up with a number of innovative approaches to help our dispatch center, tapping 311 to handle non-emergency calls. welcoming back recently retired
12:46 pm
veteran dispatchers to duty, and hiring, training and retaining more dispatchers than ever before. as mayor it has been a top priority of mine to continue to improve our 911 dispatch times. we have put a number of policies in place over the last year to improve our response times, but we cannot rest on our laurels and we have to do more here in the city of san francisco if we want to continue to emphasize san francisco safety for -- public safety for our san francisco residents. and since these strategies have been implemented, we have seen an increase in our response times by 22 is. which is good but we have nor work to do. we have to continue to bolster our dispatch here here at our department of emergency management. so today, i'm introducing new funding to tackle exactly that issue. we are investing $8.9 million
12:47 pm
over the next two years to train 90 new dispatchers here at the department of emergency management to continue to improve our response time, to make sure that our 911 response times are over the 90% national standard that exists today. we want to make sure our dispatchers have the resources they need to respond to calls quickly. in addition, we are giving them the tools and the technology that they need to do their job appropriately. so the budget also includes technology upgrades that will shorten the time it takes to dispatch fire and medical assistance on our streets. it also includes power loss prevention tech 23408g to ensure utility disruption will not interfere with our center right here. in short, this funding over the next two years will make sure we have a world class dispatch center here in san francisco. our residents deserve nothing less. meeting the national standard of 90% call times within ten
12:48 pm
seconds demands a fully staffed department and dispatch center, and i am thrilled as mayor to be making these investments for the public safety of our residents. in addition, i want to talk about vst investments that we are making for our fire department through this budget. the men and women of our fire department save lives every single day here in the city of san francisco. we have some of the best men and women firefighters here in the city of san francisco. we need to continue to give them the tools they need to continue to do this beers. this package will include $15 million for new firefighter apparatus, fire trucks, engines, ambulances and command vehicles. the new ambulances are
12:49 pm
outfitted with cameras to make sure drivers have better sight lines so they're better able to navigate our very tight and congested streets here in the city of san francisco. our men and women in the fire department are also responding to increased medical calls here in the city of san francisco, so today i'm announcing we're investing $1.5 million for the fire department to add an additional quick response vehicle. this team and the budget to support them will build upon the success of the ms-6 program that responds to high frequency emergency service users. the team will provide 24/7 medical response to call services and ambulances that are needed in our streets where we need an ambulance or a fire engine. this team will also alleviate the appreciate on the larger fire vehicles to come to the
12:50 pm
scene. combined with the additional investments we've made over the past few weeks and that we have announced, i want to make sure that san francisco residents know that we are investing in the future of the city, that we are investing to make sure the streets of san francisco are as safe as can be, and those that are on our streets can get the help that they need and off the streets as quickly as possible. since day one as being mayor, i've always states that public safety has been my top priority. these investments and the funding we're making reflect exactly that. as mayor of the city of san francisco, i want to make sure that i leave our city in a safer place than when i took office, and i believe these investments will do exactly that. so i want to thank everyone for being here today, and with that, i want to turn it over to our director of the department of emergency management, ann
12:51 pm
croneberg. >> thank you, may or farrell. thank you so much for your unwaivering support of public safety here in san francisco, first as a member of the board of supervisors and now as mayor of san francisco. as the mayor stated over the last six months we've implemented strategies here at d.e.m. that have allowed us to maintain our goal of answering 90 is pfrs of our 911 calls within ten seconds or less. the first part of our strategy focused on hiring and training new dispatchers. it takes about nine months to a year to fully train a dispatcher, so it's a long process, it's a huge commitment. the fact that the mayor is giving us the funding in the next two years to hire additional 90 dispatchers will make a huge difference for us here at d.e.m. last year we added almost 40 new dispatchers and we're seeing the results of that
12:52 pm
right now with our 90% call answering time. the second part of our strategy was to make sure that the public knew which calls should be going to 911 and which calls should be going to 311. as the mayor stated, 40% of our calls that come into the call center really are not emergencies, so here we are, trying to address that issue and let the residents and the visitors to san francisco know that we have a highly functional 311 center that also operates 24-7 that people can call for non-emergency kind of issues. we also had an ad campaign this last year, which i think really helped us in educating the public who could call. at the department of emergency management, we reach more than 25 million people through our ad campaign last year, through
12:53 pm
social media, bus ads. you probably saw the ads on bus shelters, as well, be it the 311 or # 11. our strategies have increased our hiring, redirected calls, and allowed the public to be better educated. the announcement today of the additional $8 million to hire and train 90 new public safety dispatchers over the next two years is critical to maintain san francisco's ability to meet and exceed our call standards. for our residents, businesses, and visitors, this is an investment in our ability to quickly receive help when you have an emergency when you call 911. for our dedicated and hard working 911 dispatchers, this is also an investment in you. you've worked long hours over the last few years, oftentimes working mandatory over time, being away from your family, being away from your loved
12:54 pm
ones. with the continued investment in 911, we are hoping that we have the appropriate staffing level and that people will be able to have a life outside of work, as well. so thank you, mayor farrell, again for your vision and for your investment in san francisco's 911 system. the collaboration and coordination that we have here in san francisco between our public safety departments is something that we think is quite wonderful. we work very closely with the fire department and the police department. none of us could do it by ourselves. really, it is this investment in the entire public safety system that's going to make a difference. so at this point, i'm going to turn it over to my friend and colleague, chief hayes-white, to say a few remarks. >> good morning, everyone. thanks for coming out. first and foremost, i'd like to acknowledge and applaud mayor
12:55 pm
farrell for his efforts not only as surprise but as our mayor. as he said, he has always prioritized public safety and for that we are grateful. he has always been a champion about keeping our community safe. with all of the challenges that we see in an ever growing city that we want to keep safe. also, like to thank mayor farrell for his investment in the department of emergency management. it's all about partnerships and collaboration, and the funding is much needed at the department of emergency management. that is the first agency that's call when someone is in need of help, and you need to have a high functioning department in department of emergency management to be able to get the appropriate resources out to the streets of san francisco via the san francisco fire department and san francisco police department so thank you for that investment. that's where it all starts. we're very proud to say that it was a privilege working for mayor lee, just as it's a privilege working for mayor
12:56 pm
farrell, and mayor farrell has expanded upon some of the initiatives of the lee administration. as he mentioned, over $13 million for new equipment to keep our members safe and our community safe. it's very important that we have state of the art equipment. it does a few things. not only does it add to the safety of our members, but it achieves goals such as vision zero goals. all of our specifications now for apparatus, talked about the importance of vision zero. making sure we have environmentally responsible vehicles to the highest he mission standards as well as moragile vehicles to navigate through our windy and narrow streets here in san francisco. so making that investment and bringing on a new you are fleet will achieve a whole lot of different things that we really appreciate. just as the department of emergency management has experienced a boost in their call volume. we have, as well. it kind of makes sense, right?
12:57 pm
25% increase in call volume since 2013. we're one of the busiest fire departments in the nation. we run over 150,000 calls a year, and we pride ourselves in getting to the scene within about a five minute time period. if it's a medical call and someone needs transport, our response times are back where they should be in that we get an ambulance to the scene within ten minutes 90% of the time and that's because again, the great investment that we've started making in the lee administration and has continued in the farrell administration. we appreciate the continued support of mayor farrell and look forward to continuing to serve the residents and visitors to our beautiful city. thank you. [applause] >> so thanks, everyone. we're going to conclude the press conference. we'll be available to talk and answer questions on the side here. thanks, everyone.
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
>> good morning ladies and gentlemen. i want to welcome you to the budget and finance committee. i want to welcome you. we will get started. thank you for your patients this morning. i want to recognize our friends at s.f. guv t.v. that are assisting us with a broadcast. for those persons who are unable to be with us today. we have michael ,-guessed balthazar and kalina mendoza .-guessed. also today, our clerk.
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