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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  July 7, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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>> madam president, district 6 community planners, i nominate angela and/or gigi. [ laughter ] i would also nominate supervisor stefani because she has the seat that's closest to the public comment. it has actually been kind of a pleasant, more inclusive board since you've been president. i want to compliment you on that. whoever you pick, i will they will continue that. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> so i'm going to quote from the republican national convention of 2016 when donald trump was nominated. and don king was speaking and introducing him. this is a direct quote.
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from don king. i told michael jackson, quote, i told michael jackson, if you're poor, you are a poor negro. i would have used the "n" word. that's what don king said. if you are rich, you're a rich negro. if you are intelligent, you are an intelligent negro. if you are a slide and dance nigger, i'm sorry, he apologized for saying it, you are a dancing and sliding negro. you're going to be a negro until the day you die. so if this is offensive to you, i agree. it is offensive. so whoever is willing to remove that statute of abraham lincoln who returned two slaves to their
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masters. he late gated on behalf of the slave masters whose jokes were negro jokes and black-faced jokes. and yet he stands out there as a pillar of san francisco and the emancipation of slaves. so remove that statute if you're offended by my comments. because those were his favorite jokes. he said the "n" word constantly. so think about it. elect somebody who actually will represent all of san francisco. thank you. >> i am offended by your comments and i acknowledge that you just made them. >> i offended by your comments and i acknowledge you made them. >> next speaker, please. >> tom gilberti.
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we have a billion opportunity with our next mayor. an authentic voice from part of san francisco that will deal with the police officers association, somebody that knows what it's like to live in the city and be kind of looked upon by the police. we can have a dialogue. i wish the person that's going to be elected to the board can work with this mayor on changing that chat between our police and the people of our city. they need -- we need a new direction. i recommended supervisor kim working with our new mayor for the new jail and the crisis center as president of the
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board. that would help. whoever is going to turn to the board be president, i wish a certain maturity. like i said, an authentic voice. there's another statute that i've been thinking of. mario woods, with five offices pointing their gun at him while he's standing there, for mario woods as he's on the ground with the five guns pointing at him at the ground with the comment they were fearful for their lives. if we put that statue somewhere, that would be a recognition of where we need to go from. a brilliant opportunity and this is your last public comment. so i have appreciated your time, and i'm hopeful that you appreciated mine, too. thank you.
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>> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> kevin ortiz, i'm an officer of the latino democratic club. i want to first off say that i'm really disappointed by those remarks. i find them reprehensible, and they're vile. and they shouldn't have been said here. i'm also more disappointed, the fact that this room is empty right now, and they didn't actually get the chance to hear that. on a lighter note, happy birthday, madam clerk. i want to say right now that i do believe in the ability to move things on the board. even with the right people. all too often, personality pushes our politics. and we end up not having a way to actually get things done. and it slows up our legislative process. and it's disappointing because people at the end are the ones that end up getting hurt because of that. so that being said, i would like to make my nomination for malia cohen because of her work when it comes to police accountability, and we need more of that right now in the city. it's a really big issue that we're going through. and so, yeah.
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i just want to thank you all for your time. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> let me take my nose off and get through this for a second, all right? i would like the best human to be the next president of the board of supervisors. how about that? because i'm tired of this. i'm tired of this i don't think like the rest of other people. and you know, i'm going to make a personal recommendation based on my heart. based on something that happened to me that i feel makes a good quality, and that's jane kim. i recommend jane kim to be the next board president because she stopped when she was really super busy when i was having a crisis right there in the embarcardero center at nighttime about 10:00. she stopped and listened to what i had to say. that's what matters to me.
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other human beings paying attention to what really matters to other humans. so let's not focus on what our skin looks like. let's focus on what our heart looks like. and my heart says jane kim for the board of supervisors president and jane kim for senate. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> i have to say this to all of you. if you don't know anything about jane kim, you ask her residents. i am one of them. i recommended every one of you. she can be the best example for our city. jane kim, in my deep heart, i believe so. and -- >> thank you for your comments. are there any other members of
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the public who would like to address this item? please come to the podium. >> good afternoon. members of the board of supervisors. president breed, it's been an honor. i want to take a moment to say that publicly. having said that, we will be selecting a new board president. six months now? and it's really interesting, my choices are probably going to surprise people. the first choice of someone i almost always disagree with because i always have conversations with, and that is jane kim. legislatively you put together types of legislation that has changed the face of san francisco, and i think you would serve in a great capacity. the other person is someone i always disagree with, and she
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disagrees with me. but she has also changed the face of things that have happened in district 10. she has moved things forward in ways that -- in terms of police accountability. she's made sure things have moved in the district. and i don't say this enough to you, supervisor cohen, but i'm very proud of what you've done to serve our community. so those are my choices. no slight on anybody else. i have 45 seconds. i would sing but i can't sing. i would talk all day. so thank you for your time. >> thank you for your comments. madam president, seeing no other -- >> happy birthday. >> thank you kindly. thank you. seeing no other members -- gentleman -- sir, would you like to make comments? okay. >> members of the board of supervisors, why are we standing here right now is because somebody resigned.
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somebody resigned. and why did she resign, first of all? she resigned because she wanted mayoral elections. last time i was here, the attention was done on her even though she was running for mayor. so today we can't make a decision without considering the person -- the person she can commu communicate with the most. my recommendation would be the person that she can communicate with the most. i've got a plate in front of me. i have to eat. and then you're talking about some dessert. let me eat first and then we'll go to the dessert. and i'd like to congratulate her. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. madam president. >> president breed: thank you.
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are there any other members of the public who would like to provide public comment at this time on this item? seeing none, public comment is now closed. [ gavel ] and madam clerk, please read the process for the nominations for office of board president. and just so you know, colleagues, we will clear the board before i gavel down for the purposes of allowing members to put their name on the dais at the same time. madam clerk. >> the roster, madam president? >> president breed: yeah, roster, thank you. >> thank you. the process for making nominations will include the following. once the president declare s nominations open, members will be called as their names appear on the roster. to state their nominations, a member may nominate and vote for themselves. a second is welcome but not required. nominations -- nominees should state on the record if they accept the nomination, but it is not required. nominees may withdraw their name
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without a second at any time. nominees may stay in the chamber. members may nominate one person as there is only one seat to fill. however, if nominations are reopened, then members may withdraw and nominate another supervisor. at the completion of nominations, the president will close nominations. and the president will open up discussion on nominations at the appropriate time. >> okay. with that, we will now proceed with the making of nominations for the office of the president of the board to become effective at the end of today's meeting for the term ending january 8th, 20 2019. i will call supervisors' name as i see them, but i will clear the roster and then gavel down, and then you can put your names on the roster. so with that, i'm clearing the roster. and i will gavel down. and call on the first person.
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[ roll call ]
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>> it's around the iroquois nation's separations of government. i voiced these concerns in the newspaper. they are not concerns -- this is not disrespectful, but i think that we all need to take note. the iroquois nation ultimately, our federal state and local system of government, and those separations here between the legislative and executive branch, is what makes the city and this country one of the greatest in the world. i am disappointed. i understand it is legal. i understand it is politics. but i am disappointed. i don't check for the record, think it's necessary that the president to be stepping down today. i don't think it's inclusive. i don't think it's democracy at its best. i want to put that on the
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record. it is legal, it is legitimate. it is politics. it is not the end of the world. but i think it kind of undermines separations between the legislative and executive branch. and i totally understand why, in the instance of the board of supervisors president, why an individual can vote for him or how self. because unlike in the case of the mare which we experienced on january 23rd, there is a pay raise involved, we were advised. there is no conflict in voting for oneself. what i am taking issue with, is it seems a little inappropriate for the outgoing mayor elect to be voting for the chief of thiss legislative branch. and i mean no disrespect, supervisor breed. i wanted to say that. it is important it be said and
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recorded for posterity. having said that, i think all ten of us, and whoever the new incoming supervisor -- we have to watch what incoming, one from district eight and whoever comes from district five, we will, as we have in the past, continue to work together and do so with respect for the betterment of san francisco. >> thank you supervisor peskin for your comments. i too was disappointed in what had occurred in january, and in order to move our city forward, it is important we move past the arguments and the petty politics for the purposes of doing the job necessary to make sure that we move our city forward. i think it's irresponsible to leave a gap in the presidency, especially after what had occurred with our mayor and what we experienced, which none of us anticipated. as you said, it is perfectly legal, despite the decision in
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january that was perfectly legal. we may not agree on how, and the results of the decisions, but ultimately i hope we can agree that the work of sam spence -- san francisco needs to get done and we need to move forward to. it is a very short time. so there will be an opportunity to elect another board president in january of 2019. thank you for your comments. >> thank you. i will make a nomination today, but i will not comment on this issue. but after supervisor peskin made his statement, i think it is extraordinary that we've never had a case in which the mayor elect does get to participate in the voting process for the head of another branch of government. that is what it is in today's vote. i want to take this opportunity to nominate a colleague of mine who i came in in the class of 2010.
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we have spent eight years, close to eight years working together. i really have to say it. we have both grown so much on this board. in fact, we really spent our doubt -- adult life serving on the board of supervisors together. we are the same age and we went through many of the challenges that occur when you join an elected office that can be, at many times, unpredictable, challenging, and rambunctious. sometimes a little mean but also incredible. incredibly great. i have really enjoyed watching supervisor melia :-colon develop and grow as a public servant, and as an elected leader over the past eight years. it has my pleasure to serve with you and i'm so glad we came on board together as tw to what the young women of colour, that wanted to serve our communities, and i still remember the day that sharon hewitt introduced
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us. in 2,009 she said that -- she came up to me and she said you both need to support one another. and i remember sharon because of how persistent she was in insisting that communities of other art -- color are together. we cannot win when we are divided. we cannot win when we fight over scraps. we can only win when we are in coalition with each other. i remember the class that she used to coteach with my former boss at chinatown community involvement centre, and the work that they so intentionally dead to bring our community together. i still hold those words dear to my heart today. it was an incredible loss for both of us and many of us were in this room when she passed away in january. she has proved yourself as chair of the budget committee over the last two years, and as many members of the public have
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noted, has been an incredible advocate in taking on one of the most difficult issues in this country today. which is how local police work and how we can ensure everyone feel safer when they see a police officer walking down the street. and what that actually means. i think that that is an ambitious goal, a challenging goal, but when you have truly taken on. many of us have shied away from it because it is a difficult issue. i want to appreciate how much you've studied this issue and what an advocate you have beco become. it has been incredible to watch you at both committees and advocating on this issue, among with many others. i would like to nominate my colleague here today for the president of the board for the remaining six months of this term. >> k. supervisor kim has nominated supervisor cohen. >> thank you. i also wanted to just briefly mentioned that i do think it is a shame that today the duly
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elected incoming supervisor of district eight won't be able to participate in this vote for who will serve as a first president in his first six months of the term. i just want to note that, you know, this was a very close mayoral election. as i've congratulated president-elect breed on her absolutely fair when, i do think that the city is one that is a very divided. i'm just really hoping that we are going to be able to work together in that cooperative spirit that you have definitely, that you want to work in that spirit, and so do i., moving forward. so that we can bring the city together and we can work on these tough issues that we have to solve. that the city expects us to solve. i'm looking forward to that. i also wanted to talk a minute
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about supervisor cohen who i will be supporting as the next board president. supervisor cohen and i have a balk at times, and we've also been great allies at times. you are tough, she's tough, she's passionate, and she is professionally spontaneous. something we don't always get from political figures. and supervisor cohen has taken some righteous -- righteous stands on issues that are important to me. she has been a clear voice on the need to protect immigrants and has fought against the weakening of local sanctuary city laws on several occasions before donald trump made it popular to do so. i want to note that. that is important. she was there with us a long time ago. when many people were not. i will always, always deeply appreciate that. she has been a strong and meaningful advocate for police reform, as we have heard from
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many of the public commenters today. she hasn't been afraid to stand up to the police officers association when they tried to bully her, and she has voted with the so-called progressives on more than one occasion to ensure a strong independent police commissions. that means a lot. supervisor cohen has also been a leader on ensuring equity goals are met in the emerging cannabis industry, and that is something i know means a lot to many of us on this board of supervisors. i believe that in this time of great change in our city, not just great change in the mayor's office, but also on the board of supervisors, where we will have at least five new colleagues in a very short period of time, that as we are transitioning after a tough election season, and another tough one, in just a few months, that supervisor cohen will provide the ability
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that this body needs after quite a tumultuous time in the city. so it would be my great pleasure today to be supporting the nomination of supervisor cohen for the next board president s see. >> thank you. >> thank you. it is an honor to support a friend of mine that i have known for almost 15 years. someone that we started our political journey together on a campaign for mayor and here we are. congratulating our new mayor elect. i think that this transition is appropriate. it is timely. we have an opportunity to bring this board together in a unanimous way. in a conciliatory way. i thank -- i think supervisor cohen has the lead on some important issues. i want to highlight two that are near and dear to my heart. the idea of taking on multiple multibillion-dollar industries, one being the beverage industry, one that has chosen to single
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out, consistently, communities of color in their marketing, in their design, in their ability to try and bring in new customers, i think that was a heroic effort. i really, really congratulate you on that and how important that is added to the lasting effects it will have. we are beginning to see that. we are beginning to see water stations put in. i can attest to my own child he was in kindergarten and second grade. seeing the entire culture of the way we view sugary beverages change in front of my eyes. you are a big part of that. that will have a lasting effect on not just san francisco, but our entire state. secondly, another multibillion-dollar industry, the tobacco industry. it is another one that has singled out communities of color, particularly in the african-american community. through marketing, design, menthol cigarettes, flavoured tobacco, with all the things that we learned about.
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i was proud to cosponsor the legislation with you. truly, it was a learning process. we learned that if you don't become a cigarette smoker by the age of 18 or 19 or 20, you will never become a cigarette smoker. that is what this campaign and this fight was all about. and she led that. those are two things that show a lasting -- that will have a lasting impact on san francisco, but also show the ability to lead and lead on important issues where others were not able to lead to, and to challenge multibillion-dollar industries. i'm proud today to support you as my friend, and as my colleague. >> thank you. >> thank you. this with the lot be the last time i get to say president reed. you know, supervisor cohen probably doesn't remember this. but i met her the first time --
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this was in an elementary school. i don't know if you remember that. no, you don't. i was on the school board at the time. you know, when you choose to speak later, you begin to run out of things to say that other people haven't said already. i think all those issues that my colleagues have already pointed out, issues that you can lead on, are very commendable. i certainly have senior leadership, and i've seen you grow, also, from the time of this elementary school until now. i guess, one of the things that nobody has mentioned yet, i think you should get some credit for also, is the joint forces to support the seniors and passing
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the dignity fund. was at last year? or three years ago? in your leadership, i've been a really, really -- happy with your leadership being the budget chair. i've seen you -- what you learned from last year and applied it to lap -- this year. it has made such a difference in how you've grown and so forth. and i think part of why i will support, why i want to support you as i've seen the leadership that you display. not only on the budget committee but also on certain issues, in particular, asking questions about what the police department is doing and not doing and what they should be doing. i think you constantly stand up to a very hard set of issues
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with the police department, and i think because you are at strength in that, hopefully in the next six months, we can continue to move forward. i'm happy to support you for president. >> thank you. >> thank you president to breed. i wasn't going to say anything, but it is so rare of an opportunity that we actually give praise to the people who serve on this board. i think public service is so difficult. it's one of the things i think i've learned of being on this board that it is a very hard job. it is a job that you take home with you every night, and you really don't ever shake it off, even on vacation. i will say that i have really grown to respect the leadership of it supervisor cohen. i think that what i particularly like about her is that she has integrity. she has courage.
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it is so lacking in so many politicians and elected officials. she has a moral -- the moral courage to stand out. i think when you see someone be strong and courageous, it allows you also to look within yourself to find your own courage to make the right decisions. and i think she should be recognized for these groundbreaking -- this groundbreaking legislation that she has authored. it is true about the soda facts -- tax. the sugary beverage tax. she just bought the tobacco industry. she will serve us well as a board president and she will serve us well on the board of equalization next year. i really like the fact that if she is not that nice to me, i say to her, you know, that's not nice and she apologizes. but then i really appreciate that sometimes she is not so
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nice to those people that actually are really not nice to people too. i look at her and i say, yeah, you go girl. and then i just want to say, during that hearing on hunter's point shipyard, completely inspired by your courage, but also your ability to really nail them on what they have not done for your community, and i just have to say, that i think this next six months with you as our board president, i hope to learn more from you. i hope to also serve you as a member of this board, and i wish you a lot of luck. i think that you will serve us all a very, very well, with a lot of integrity. a lot of courage. a lot of patience for how good we all can be. >> thank you. thank you. i hope you are not letting this
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get to your head to, now. [laughter] just kidding. all these kind words. i guess it is a preview for all of the great things we will say about you before november. you get a preview of it. i think i first met supervisor cohen when i was an intern and you are in the mayor's office. a lot has happened to the both of us in the last decade or so. you truly know your district really well and it's a really difficult district, with so many different issues and challenges that you have to work on, addressing, responding to, but also being proactive about. i have also, like everyone else, seen you grow in this role. the chairwoman ship of the budget committee. as everyone has said, we love you speak your mind. you make us all laugh. thank you very much for your leadership and i look forward to seeing you in this board presidency. >> thank you. >> i just want to add that when i was pregnant with my daughter,
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i was going through the emergency program and i got a call one night and she said hi, this is supervisor cohen and i'm your mentor. she was assigned to be my mentor she has been my mentor since. you know, to have three women on this board -- three emergency women on this board and seven women on this board, you are a fierce female leader that i look up to. i want to let you know that when i've been on the board, a very short time obviously, and i worked with you as a legislative aide. what i appreciate in you is the fact that we have not always agreed, and when i reached out to you to learn from you, you have been so kind and gracious. i think that is so important. we don't always agree on things. it is really important that when we don't, we reach out to one another and try to learn from one another and do it in a gracious way. i thank you for doing that. i just want to thank you for all
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the work you've done to encourage other women to run for office. you are a leader in that regard, and again, thank you for being my mentor and for canoeing -- continuing to be so today. >> thank you. i just want to say that i am really excited to move to room 200 and have the ability to work with you as a leader of this board. we've been through a number of incredible battles together over the years and i can't believe we've been able to make it this far. the challenges with the industries that you've stood up to, the challenges with issues in a very complicated community that's continuously neglected to kak how you have stood truong -- strong and tall in this chamber to defend the residents of district ten and putting them at the forefront of the decisions that you've been able to make, it has been incredible to watch. we have grown in these positions together, and your heart, i
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know, is not only for your district, it is for this city. i am grateful for your leadership on the budget and your leadership around cannabis, around police reform, fighting the tobacco industry, and the sugary beverage industry and all the other great things that people had talked about on this board. it shows you have lead by example and you will continue to be a leader here in working with your colleagues and working with me and other department heads to help us move a san francisco to a better place. i couldn't think of anyone better and more deserving to serve in this capacity. i am so grateful and honoured for your leadership, your friendship and your support over the years. i'm looking forward to a day when aware -- when we are all doing a lot of great things for this city where we see and feel the difference.
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this is a testament today of just how well you have worked with your colleagues and how you will be a great board president to move us in the right direction. at this point, seeing no other names on the roster, i will ask, are there any other nominations? i will ask again, as required by angela garrick are there any other denominations? there being no further nominations, nominations are closed. colleagues, is there any discussion? and we will now proceed with the election for board president. madam clerk, please present the principles for this election. >> given that there is just one name in nomination, i think we can dispense with the principles. >> thank you madam clerk. [laughter] angela breaking the rules. [laughter] all right, colleagues, army readare weready to vote? madam clerk, on the item, please call the role [roll call] >> when i call your name, and i will be calling it in a boat that we have taken today, you will mention the name in nomination you would like to see as our next board president. >> all right [roll call]
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[laughter] madam president, there are 11 votes for supervisor cohen to be our next board president. >> congratulations to supervisor cohen, the next president of the board of supervisors. [applause]
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at this time, we would like to give you an opportunity to make remarks. >> ok. i have a couple remarks. i had thoughts organized but when i listen to you all speak, there's a few things i need to correct. [laughter] >> first of all i want to say thank you very much. it is such a tremendous honor for me to be elected unanimously. i know how difficult that it is for this body to make unanimous votes. i'm grateful for the kind words. kt, it did not go to my head, but it went to my heart. i want to say to the members of the public out there that, you know, i've made a heck of a career being everyone's second choice. [laughter] everybody's second choice. [laughter] and this has been an amazing ride. i will say my last remarks for december. but i want to stay a couple things. supervisor kim, i remember sharing -- she was sharing that
11:39 pm
when you we were put together other other times wheand there i would come home crying to shar sharon. and she said, it doesn't matter. she's your sister. that has truly been ingrained. it is true. when you think about it, we do rise above it. the sisterhood is absolutely strong, and you guys touched on it a bit. you are able to uplift people where they are. and help people along. i want you an acknowledge everye who has been with me from the beginning. this has been a tremendous growth opportunity. i was 32 when i was elected and have been growing in a very public forum ever since. i really want to also recognize my staff. my staff and interns from the past and in the present that have helped me get here. and of course, mom and dad.
11:40 pm
at home they are watching. and i will go back to my prepared remarks so i can keep it together. [laughter] ok. in the meantime i'm excited to work with all of you in this new role. i want to start with the clerk of the board. happy birthday. you've been tremendous help to me. not only in the budget but as a young elected trying to find her way in the world of politics in san francisco. and of course, our deputy city attorney who always provides excellent counsel to me even though i sometimes need to take a second opinion. [laughter] it is never personal but it is always fun, i tell you. i want to also let the supervisors know that this is going to be a house that is going to always stand strong and fight for democracy and keep a san francisco first of mind. no matter who sits up there or
11:41 pm
who sits in the mayor's office. that is the charge of the oath we take the day we are sworn in. i am grateful that you have seen enough in me in my character to elect me to serve the last remainder of this year as board president. the past several months, seven to be specific, have been very difficult to get through. each of us have been in the leadership role in navigating our friends, our family, our constituents through the tumultuous choppy waters since the passing of ed lee. thank you. thank you for your unwavering service and i look forward to standing shoulder to shoulder with everyone to do my part to continue to improve on the lives and the citizens of all of san francisco. thank you very much. [applause]
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>> all right. thank you very much. ok. well at the end of this meeting, i will no longer be president, but i am honored to have served in this capacity, and i am so grateful that supervisor cohen has stepped up to the plate and you are all going to be in good hands. i will be at the meeting next week for sure as well because i will still be on the board of supervisors until then. >> week after next. >> the board is on recess, to have a wonderful 4th of july holiday, and we will see you all on july 10th. with a bat, madam clerk, please read the in memoriam. >> given that there are no in memoriam's cemented today, i want to say thank you for your service to the department. we in the clerk's office have grown a lot working with you and we appreciate all of your service and we don't -- don't forget us when you go to the
11:43 pm
mayor's office. congratulations to you. >> i will still send you my time, angela kak with the bat, seeing no other things on the roster, madam clerk, are there any other items before us today? >> that concludes our business for today. >> we are adjourned.
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[laughter] >> get in there. >> mayor farrell: all right. there we go. [cheers and applause] >> mayor farrell: let us get started here. first of all, i want to welcome everyone to city hall to kick off san francisco's are judy -- lgbtq pride 2018. let's give a round of applause, everyone. [cheers and applause] >> mayor farrell: i want to thank, first of all, the incredible people that made this happen here today. not only outside of city hall, but thank you to the volunteers who are making this month exactly what it is for the city of san francisco. special thanks to our own san francisco pride team and i want to acknowledge teddy witherington who is scheduled to be here. teddy, if you are here, or he
11:45 pm
will be here soon enough. i want to acknowledge him as well for being here. i want to acknowledge, there are a number of people up here as well. acknowledge the elected officials, alice randolph from art city officials board, carmen two, our assessor recorder, the woman of the hour, for sure. [cheers and applause] clair farley from our office of transgender services. [applause] london breed, our president of the board of supervisors. our treasured tax collector and our share of. [applause] so today, in san francisco, and throughout the month, we honour both individuals that have made a significant difference in the past that are doing it now in the present and will in the
11:46 pm
future, for our lgbtq community. we also acknowledge all the organizations that work with our community of san francisco on lgbtq issues that make san francisco who we are as a city. you know, as civil rights are under attack throughout our country, it is so important that san francisco stands tall above every other place in america. that we, as a city, recommit ourselves to reject the ideologies of bigotry and hatred that come out of the trump administration and others throughout our country, throughout the world, at times. san francisco needs to remain a beacon of hope for everybody. i am proud to be the mayor at the city and county of san francisco that stands exactly for those principles. [cheers and applause]
11:47 pm
in san francisco, we stand up for our principles of diversity. we stand up for equality for every single person in our city, and we make sure that our city continues to be an example for the rest of our country to follow. you know, as mayor, and before then as member of the board of supervisors, i've been able to witness the strength of our lgbtq community here in san francisco. we have fought many battles over the years. today, with what was a very narrow ruling out of the u.s. supreme court, but the rhetoric that comes with that, and what our lgbtq community must do to combat that and stand proud and stand tall. it is so important at the rest of us, as a city stand with our lgbtq community. that is who we are as san
11:48 pm
francisco. along those lines, i want to make sure i let everyone know today, and announce officially, san francisco is joining with the rca of california and banning all business practices with the state of oklahoma. [cheers and applause] we will not -- we will not, as a city, continue to tolerate other jurisdictions that discriminate upon our civil rights, and certainly with her lgbtq community. we will continue to stand tall as a city, and stoned -- stand tall for exactly who we are as people and residents in our city. you know, i want to acknowledge the contributions of our late mayor ed lee and the things he did for the lgbtq community as well. he founded the federal mayors against lgbtq discrimination organization.
11:49 pm
but he did so at the national level. he started the player. the first and its client in our entire country. and it has been a great source of pride as mayor to continue this legacy. last week, the supervisors and i announced that the city of san francisco and i will be backfilling the four-point $2 million for hiv and aids funding that a federal government cut. [applause] together with claire farley, we have created a transgender advisory committee here in san francisco. and legislation that our board of supervisors was proud to pass through and i was proud to sign. creating all gender bathrooms in our sros across a city of san francisco. and also signing legislation
11:50 pm
naming terminal one for harvey milk at our san francisco airport. [applause] it is with great pride i stand here as your mayor to kick off this month. and to be part of some amazing celebrations yet to come. i would like to say a few comments about the next person who is going to be speaking. she is going to be the recipient of the teddy witherington award, which recognizes individuals for their long-standing, and lasting contributions to our lgbtq community in san francisco. kate kendall has served the executive director of the national centre for lesbian rights for 22 years. [applause] she has placed the ncl are at the centre of the civil rights movement in our country.
11:51 pm
under her guidance, they want the landmark equality case in 2,008 and was later part of the team that secured national equality in 2015. [applause] they have done problematic work around asylum, immigration, around lgbtq people in prisons and transgender rights, poverty, issues for those that are part of our lgbtq community, and issues that matter for lgbtq people of colour. just last year, and clr -- nclr joined court people to file lawsuit challenging trump's transgender military band. it secured a nationwide injunction. that is what we can do when we stand together for our principles. [applause] i've gone to meet kate a number
11:52 pm
of times to get to know her a little bit, but she is a symbol of standing for social justice in our city, and it is with great pride that i welcome up kate kendall to the microphone and pronounced today, kate kendall day in the city of san francisco. [cheers and applause] the stage is yours. >> thank you. i was not prepared for that. i really thought i was just coming, just like all of you to a flag raising. i didn't realize that i was going to be acknowledged in this way. what i want to say is that when i came to san francisco, 24 years ago, to start as a legal director for the national centre for lesbian rights, i thought i was coming to be the legal director at the national centre
11:53 pm
for lesbian rights. i never thought i would be the executive director, and i never imagined that a city could so transform a person and make them feel so embraced and so loved, and so welcome to, so supported that they could, every day, and that is me i am speaking of, have my reach exceed my grasp in what i thought i was capable of. this city, on the support of many people who are here, and many people who came before and who are no longer here launched me in so many ways, and i have often said, but it is so true, i get so much more than i gave and i am so grateful for this. grateful for the work i'm able to do. the fight will continue and someone else will lead nclr and they will be a bigger badass than me. that is what we know we need to. it is time to know when to lead and time to know when to step aside and let someone else lead
11:54 pm
and i'm excited for the next chapter for nclr and for this city, and for where we go as a country and taking our country back as a place where all of us can live fully and freely and feel supported for who we are and and hate and discrimination and white supremacy and racism. thank you so much for this and for your support. [cheers and applause] >> mayor farrell: thank you kate. up next, i have the pleasure of introducing someone who is really a part of living history for lgbtq community in san francisco. someone who has been the forefront of this fight for civil rights, for decades in our city. someone who has had the opportunity to be a leader outside of city hall and inside of city hall. and at this point, it is the only person on the board of
11:55 pm
supervisors that is part of the lgbtq community. please join me in welcoming up the great lady -- leader for our city of san francisco supervisor jeff sheehy. >> thank you kate i have a certificate from the board of supervisors for you as well. [applause] just a note, under her leadership, nclr has led on these national court battles, but one of the most moving things i experienced was i was with my husband in a small town in florida, a lesbian couple, the woman who had been previously married to a man was having trouble getting rights for her child and who was there? nclr. small town, big towns, big issues, little issues, they have
11:56 pm
been there across this country. i salute you, kate. i salute nclr. the greatest. [applause] so, this is an interesting pride to kick off with a supreme court decision against our community. i recognize our acclaim this year and generations of pride and like kate, is passing down to new leadership and new activism in our community. the person who came up with that theme, larry nelson, the bonds that we need to create between those of us who are in the back of squad cars and lying down in streets, starting organizations in our community. those bonds need to be strengthened and renewed. we are at war. we are at war. when children are taken away from immigrant parents at the border and separated, when our community, i would transgender
11:57 pm
rights have been under assault from the beginning of this administration, and now we can't even bake a cake. we can't even get a wedding cake. what is this? 7-2. we have to recognize the threat to our community is immortal, it is not just asked. we have to stand with every other community in unison as we've done over the years to fight back these threats from this administration. [applause] [cheering] >> and we all have to identify the congressional district in california that we are going to be marching and walking and fighting for with democrats this fall. we can take back the house and start to stop this, but we have to do the work. [applause] remember we one the briggs amendment way back in the day with harvey milk. we went to places, small towns across california and showed
11:58 pm
them who we were, who we are, and show them our love. so, just to close out, i could go on and on, because that brought out the activist in me to see the supreme court decision, not that i haven't been fired up since i came into office, i do want to give a special shout out to gilbert baker. i don't know how many of you know, this pride is the 40th anniversary of the creation of the rainbow flag. the first rainbow flag. [applause] the first rainbow flag flew 14 years ago, and now you can find it in every country in the wor world. that kind of creative, passionate activism is what we are here to celebrate and to continue. thank you all, and happy pride. [applause] >> mayor farrell: i would also
11:59 pm
like to introduce claire farley. thank you. the office of transgender initiative, lgbtq initiative, sorry. [applause] >> thank you. thank you. good morning everyone. i'm so happy to be here to celebrate and kick off pride with you all today. [cheers and applause] i'll give it a minute. as we know, 2018 has been a challenging year, as we fight for basic human rights and lgbtq rights across the country. san francisco continues to be a leader in advancing the rights for transgender and lgbtq people. as our federal administration has it under constant attack. furthermore, our diverse communities across san francisco
12:00 am
bring us life and honour are under siege. with all of this, it can be difficult to remember what we are here to celebrate. although, when we look back at our history, we are reminded of the movement and the changemakers that never gave up. we have stood up and fought ba back. we have fought back with our communities through our resiliency, our community power, working together across communities to develop comprehensive programs, policies and actions that make us stronger and celebrate our differences. i'm so proud to work for a city where i can be out. and where i can be part of advancing the rights for trans and lgbtq people across our great city. whether it is spanning travel are contracting with states that past policies that allow discrimination, or assuring that we have benefits for everyone in our city, or