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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  July 8, 2018 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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bring us life and honour are under siege. with all of this, it can be difficult to remember what we are here to celebrate. although, when we look back at our history, we are reminded of the movement and the changemakers that never gave up. we have stood up and fought ba back. we have fought back with our communities through our resiliency, our community power, working together across communities to develop comprehensive programs, policies and actions that make us stronger and celebrate our differences. i'm so proud to work for a city where i can be out. and where i can be part of advancing the rights for trans and lgbtq people across our great city. whether it is spanning travel are contracting with states that past policies that allow discrimination, or assuring that we have benefits for everyone in our city, or making sure that we
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have all gender facilities, or developing districts that honour our san francisco culture. or that celebrate the legacy of our lgbtq leaders like renaming terminal one after harvey milk. we still have so much more work to do and i look forward to being part of this change. i am grateful for the late mayor lee for appointing me and seeing the value in transgender leadership in our city. [applause] thank you to mayor farrell, city administrators, my team and everyone on the mayor's staff in the community for supporting me over my first six months. from constant to s.f. pride, san francisco is a beacon of hope and will continue for generations to come. today, we celebrated the raising of the pride flag over san francisco city hall, and it is a reminder of the generations of
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strengths that came before us. harvey milk, julius truman, marcia p. johnson, and many more. and honouring the leaders of today, kate kendall, missed major, teddy witherington, cecelia chong, and many more. [applause] today i have the honour to recognize the changemaker of our future. with ten years of service for our community, he is a writer, a cultural icon, a policy strategist, she is currently the lgbtq policy advisor for the san francisco human rights commission. she was instrumental in the name and dignity act for incarcerated transgendered people. she is a policy of fellow alums for the women's foundation policy institute and lead advocate on prioritizing safety for sex workers.
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she cofounded the constant cultural district, -- district the first transgender cultural district in the country. please join me in welcoming aria saiid. [applause] >> good afternoon everyone. i don't want to feel alone up here. i don't want to feel alone. [laughter] happy pride. my name is aria and i am so grateful for the acknowledgement today and this month. i've been doing this work for ten years and i'm definitely having a full circle moments. i moved to san francisco in 2010 with $60 in my bag and got off the greyhound bus and i slaps on
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the san francisco bar and i used to walk maiden lane, and dream about being more than i was at that time. so i am so grateful for this acknowledgement. i also want to say that my work and in particular is about the promotion of the resiliency of black trans women. i feel like... [applause] it's because -- it's because of the work of black trans women that i feel like we are free. forty-eight years ago at stonewall, it was a black trans women who was a sex worker and he was homeless. marcia p. johnson who threw the brick at the police officers that started the riot. it is because a black trans women that we are able to celebrate pride, and i am so grateful to be soaking in this moment. thank you so much. [cheers and applause]
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>> aria, the supervisor has a certificate to give you as well. >> mayor farrell: i also have a certificate from the board of supervisors. thank you it so much for your years of work. thank you. [applause] >> we also want to thank tom horn for making this event possible. thank you tom. [applause] we would not be able to celebrate this annual event without your support. next, it is my honour to welcome the leader behind pride and helps make pride happen every year. please join me in welcoming the executive director, jordan -- george ridley to help me kick off pride. [applause] >> thank you.
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thank you mayor farrell and thank you supervisors. i've asked the board president to join me up here today. [applause] honestly, i couldn't do my job without the support of someone like michelle. this is her third year as our president. it's my fifth year at pride. it is quite a privilege to do this. we are quite the team. again, i need her by my side. i am glad she is here today as well. so, we are pleased to be here at the beginning applied month and honoured to be part of this flag raising ceremony. san francisco is looking very proud. i don't know if you notice, but this past week we installed the rainbow flag along market street and the energy in the city is clearly building to what i expect to be an enormous expression of resistance and hope and solidarity on june 23rd and 24th. i am lucky to work, yes. [applause]
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i am lucky to work with some dedicated and tireless individuals. we are a small team we are a mighty team. not everyone in the office or working on the event could be here today, they've got some work to do, however, there are some people who could join us. i would love it if you would raise your hand if you are on the team, or on the staff, and volunteering. everyone give them a round of applause. [applause] >> i think, at this point i would like to recognize our board of directors who has been incredibly supportive of me and of the organization and the vision that we have. as i mentioned, michelle is our board president. i know a lot of our board members are here today and i'm super grateful for that. our vice president is here. [applause]
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our secretary is here. [applause] i'm not sure if our secretary, when -- secretary was able to make its. all right. we have more members here with us today. [applause] dj grey. william walker. and other board members that were not able to make it, elizabeth, yeah, -- lanyon, manuel perez, justin taylor, please give them a round of applause as well. [cheers and applause] pride is a perfect portrait of all the things that we love about san francisco. this year, we are expecting 270
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contingents in the parade. that is on par it was last year market street is going to be so filled with community groups, activists, elders, children, companies, international and local, performers, celebrities and elected officials marching side-by-side down market street. is a massive organic expression of a million voices simultaneously erupting as we march down market street and gather at civic centre. for all of those voices building to a crescendo that calls out in the name of strengths, solidarity, and unrelenting demand for equality. [cheers and applause] our theme this year is generations of strengths. as a supervisor pointed out earlier. i think you would agree that this years grand marshals and honourees are wonderful examples of the strength that is found throughout our communities.
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this is where i will ask for michelle's help. first, i want to acknowledge that kate kendall has been an incredible inspiration for me. [cheers and applause] i also want to thank you for starting out by crying, because i normally do as well. this is perfect. thank you. [laughter] with that, i will give michelle some airtime. [laughter] >> oh,, i don't know anything about airtime, but i love it. thank you so much. i'm very honoured to be here again and thank you to tom horn. thank you to everybody. the leaders of san francisco for making this happen and to kick off pride month for a world destination city like san francisco. in three weeks we will see a lot of people come to san francisco to celebrate pride and to support the lgbtq community. i want to piggyback off of what the supervisor was talking about as far as a community being under attack. in some ways, we are at war with
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the supreme court voting against us as a community. it is not just one person. it is not just one organization that is going to make the equal rights movement happen. it takes all of us, and visibility as a backbone. i'm very proud to be part of a board that has made it their mission and their commitment to make sure we recognize the work of the leaders of our community who are working at the very grassroots level and changing hearts and minds. to introduce this year's grand marshals and honourees, and those being selected, keep that in mind. there are many of us who, just by attending the local churches, by being educators, by being out, that that is part of our due diligence and social responsibility, and making sure we do fight for equal rights. these are the people who are making and paving the way for us.
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that was from my heart. now i will go on script. [laughter] from the little -- multilayer grassroots advocacy work that is being done in the bay area by the incredibly talented kinfol kinfolks, they are our community selected grand marshal. [cheers and applause] to the generations of? or artists that have been fostered by? or cultural centre and just honoured, steered with a loving hand by pam tennyson, from aria, founder of the queer culture initiative that is promoting cultural equity for trans women of colour, through social empowerment and cultural enrichment, to the work that community grand marshal really criticized on to develop safe spaces for lgbtq students, faculty, employees -- and employees at ucb berkeley, i could go on and on and on about the grand marshals and awardees.
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they have contributed over 30 years to the lgbtq community. they have litigated and continue to fight for our community through the court system. putting out lgbtq queer and nonconforming images, and visibility, voices out there. john haines, who many of you know at city hall, he works tirelessly and volunteers and advocates for everyone here in the city of san francisco. they paved the way for freedom and liberation. the fair education act implementation coalition with our family coalition, of course, a lesbian gate freedom been, we would not sound so amazing if not for the lesbian gate freedom
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band. we thank each and every one of you for your service to our communities and i know many of you are here today and that was my script. thank you. i look forward to san francisco pride. [cheers and applause] >> thank you michelle. 2018 is a special year in san francisco for a number of reasons. as the supervisors pointed out, he was 40 years ago the rainbow flag was first unfurled and flown at the gate freedom day festivities. today it is an internationally recognized symbol of unity, love and acceptance. for two years ago, in 1978, we saw the first performance of the gay man's chorus, who during a dark and painful moment in this history, brought to the community comfort right here on the steps of city hall. forty years ago, in 1978, harvey milk sat triumphantly atop a car and rode down market street as a
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first openly gay elected official in california. [applause] if you look at the film and look at the photos, it was clearly a victory lap and he wore a huge smile. he wore a lay around his neck and he were a t-shirt that read, i will never go back. we must never go back. while we have been enjoyed great civil rights and victories, there are those who will take those victories away, as was proven today. we must never stop fighting to defend what we have one, and simultaneously ensure that no one is left behind. we will never go back in the name of the community ancestors like sonny wolf who led the pride parade for over 40 years with dykes on bikes. we must keep moving forward. [applause] we will never go back. while we face great challenges, we must also seize on great opportunities. the young people in our
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communities need support and they need mentorship and they need love. they keep us moving forward. we will never go back. the only way we can progress is together as one. take a chance at this june to celebrate alongside the million people we've invited to the city and other human beings, and unite your voices in a call for justice and equality. i want to share some words i saw this morning from a colleague and a friend on social media. sam singer. some of you in the room -- room may know it sam singer. he was reflecting on the assassination of bobby kennedy, 50 years ago, this week. i think it is quite poignant for what we are talking about today. it is our political, social and moral imperative to survive, and honour those who gave their lives to protest. [applause] with that, i will say, once
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again, we will never go back. we are generations of strengths happy lesbian gay, bisexual, transgender pride. thank you for being here today. [cheers and applause] >> mayor farrell: thank you. george, stay here for a second. two quick things. first of all, i would like to recognize our district attorney he was here today as well, with us. was clause second, kate, celebrate, we named it kate kendall day in san francisco. but i'm proud to announce today this is lgbtq pride month in the city of san francisco. [cheers and applause] all right, everyone. and droit the refreshments and happy pride, everybody.
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[cheers and applause] >> good afternoon, everyone. how you feeling? this is a really special day for us. it's our opportunity to acknowledge many of the amazing young people that we have here in san francisco, and we have been doing this now for eight years, and it was something that mayor lee started.
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[applause] >> and he appropriately calls it the "i am the future scholarship award" because he always thought a lot about our students and thought that they were our future and wanted to get you all off to a great start to make sure you get where you're headed. and our incredible mayor, mayor farrell has been helping to lead this work alongside us to ensure that you get to where you're headed. so we're really happy to have you here and your families. families are such a critical piece in making sure our young people get to where they need to go, and it's through our families that many of our young people have had the courage and th the encouragement to go onto college and university. so we're glad you're here, as
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well. my name is hydro-mendoza. i'm the president of the board of education here in san francisco, and so i'm really delighted to be emceeing. for me personally, this is something because of the both sides of the street that i work on, really special, because you are all sfusd graduates or are in college and graduated from sfusd. so this is our eighth year, and in particular, we just want to thank all of our partners who have been involved with us. we draw from schol orships you've already received and through organizations that you work closely with, and so we want to thank our schol orship partners, many of who are here with us, the black college track, filipino graduates of san francisco, first track,
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teachers of san francisco, masonic foundation of san francisco, mission economic development agency, mission promise neighborhood, mission graduates, san francisco achievers, san francisco alliance and black school educators, san francisco foster youth fund, san francisco university state project rebound, the association of chinese teachers, and a26 valencia. these organizations reflect the love san francisco has for our youth, so we want to thank you for being a part of that. i also want to acknowledge gina frommer who is our sponsor from the san francisco education fund. she has always supported the work that we do with our young people and with principles, teachers and paraeducators, and last, i want to thank pg&e for their generous support. andrea, you did this donation on behalf of mayor lee, and so it's really important for us to
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do this in partnership with you, so thank you, and thank pg&e for all you do for our city. these partnerships, as i said,.
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we expect you to be the next doctors and lawyers, the next mayors, the next supervisors, and people that will lead our city going forward, so we're proud of you. you represent the future of san francisco, and congratulations to you all. thanks for coming out.
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[applause] >> thank you so much, mr. mayor. so many organizations that we referred you to us we work with closely, and many are funded by our department of children, youth and family, and i just wanted to acknowledge maria fu, who's the director of the c.y.f. and lives, breathes, and ettas everythi eats everything that has to do with young people. we have a supervisor in our districts that does so much with public schools. katey tang graduated from public schools. she invests in every single one of our schools in her district, so i'd like to have katey tang please join us for a little welcome. [applause] >> supervisor tang: thank you very much, hydra, and welcome,
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everyone, and congratulations. as hydra mention, i did grow up going to our public schools here in san francisco and proud graduate of sfusd, and so i definitely know how much it means to be able to support these schools in any way i can. like many of you, i grew up with an immigrant family and was the first in my immediate family to attend college and graduate from college and then go onto receive a graduate degree, as well. when i first went to college, i really worried so much about how it is that we're going to pay for college. my parents had to work overtime so much that i barely saw my dad on the weekends, he was just working and working and working. then i had a brother that was right behind me, and we were supposed to overlap in college for three years, so i definitely freaked out how we were going to pay for college. so i pushed myself to graduate in three years so we -- i could afford to help pay for college.
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some of my favorite experiences were the extracurricular stuff that we got to do and earn some money at it, but i'm excited for all of you and the journey you have ahead, and of course all the support that you have from your parents and family and friends. just enjoy it. it's a wonderful time to do self-exploration and learn how to live on your own. so thankful for this honor today, and thank you to mayor farrell for continuing this tradition. so congratulations. >> thank you, supervisor tang. not often do you get to be in the room with the president of your college, and we are lucky to have a great relationship with san francisco state university and our president of san francisco state is here to welcome -- i know that there are six of you, maybe. how many of you are going to san francisco state. [applause] >> yeah.
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so if you'd please join us in welcoming your new students. >> so the six of you, raise your hands again. all right. we're going to have a photo. okay. again, i want to reiterate the comments the mayor and the supervisor, etcetera, and thank all of your sponsors and all of the families that are here. i'm really excited for you. there there's a special responsibility that comes not only with your scholarship but going to college, and at san francisco state we talk about the responsibility of being an educated person and that your education not only is a great gateway for you, but it's a great gateway for your families going forward. we are actually conducting some research i wanted to share with you. 40% of our students are first in their family to go to college, what we call
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first-gen. we have about 50 -- about half of our students. about 40% of our students are pell students, etcetera. and what's interesting is once you go to college and graduate, it's very likely that another person in your family, including your mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, will go to college. and the ripple, the wave that we're tracking now is really quite significant. i actually had the honor at commencement, not this year, a year ago, to hand a diploma to a grandma -- great grandma who was 84 years old who had put children, grandchildren, great grandchildren through college and who then finally said it's my turn, and she came to san francisco state, got a degree in poetry, and it was absolutely the high point of
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commencement. and her whole thing was getting the first grandchild to go to school. and when i told her about, you know, our commitment to the responsibility of being an educated person, it means being active, being involved. as mayor says, we want you to be a good citizen, we want you to vote. we just want you to be productive in ways that you want to be, and that's when the world opens up to you. so congratulations. i'm really pleased that a bunch of you are coming to san francisco state. i'm on the 5th floor of the admin building. you are welcome. there are free food up there sometimes, but it's really terrific. we think of ourselves as managing talent. so one last bit of advice to hear from a university president, and that is in many
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ways, you not only look like me, and i look like you, when i was in high school -- i'm from east oakland. i was one of the few chinese kids on the baseball team at that time, and a counselor said to me, don't go to college and waste your parents' money, okay? and the only reason i got to college was a, i could play baseball, and two, i actually wrote a paper that was published when i was a junior in high school. and i couldn't understand why the counselor said to me not to waste my parents' money. so you get the opportunity for revenge like me because when i got my -- when i got my ph.d. i sent a copy to the counselor. [applause] >> and -- and then, i felt guilt, right? and so when i became a president, i was going to send him the announcement for that, but unfortunately, he passed
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away, and i did -- i thought, i better not buck the odds, right, that kind of thing. but it's just you have to persist, you know? the world is complicated, it's challenging, but the is opportunity and the support, the scholarships, etcetera, is golden. it's like being drafted one, whether it's baseball or any sport. but it's an investment in your talents, and i believe that each one of you will take advantage of that. and i look forward to having you, wherever you are, whether you're at state or any college or university because you're going to make a difference, and that's what we expect out of you. congratulations. [applause] >> so i hope the grandchildren paid for their grandmother's education. yeah, that would be good. and katey, could you please talk to my son about finishing in three years? that would be awesome. all right.
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are you ready? we are going to announce our award recipients, and if i can have the mayor and supervisor tang join us, we're going to have each one of you come up and get your certificate, and this is your opportunity, family, to take pictures. our first award recipient is claudia lu from lowell high school, going to chapman university. [applause] >> great. congratulations. erica carilla, mission high school, going to c.s.u. sacramento. [applause]
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>> great. gemma moncana from john o'connell high school, going to san francisco state. [applause] >> yeah, then you can brag. great. very good. congrats. emony katz, leadership state, humboldt university. [applause] >> jennie qwan ku, from mission high school school, heading to
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cal state university. go bears! [applause] >> jose domingues espina, from abraham lincoln high school, going to san francisco state university. [applause] >> stay there. the next one is a san francisco state student, as well. cassandra lowell montez from john lowell high school, going to san francisco state. [applause] >> all right. stay there, less, because i'm going to skip katja, and i'm going to have keenan larue come up, from mission high school,
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heading to san francisco state. >> all right. our next recipient is katja suarez, from mission high school, heading to u.c. berkeley. [applause] >> great. keyona reynolds from george washington high school, heading to the university of washington in seattle. [applause] >> kyle chan from lowell high school, going to the university of california davis.
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[applause] >> congrats. laura gian from lowell high school, heading to the university of california san diego. [applause] >> okay. leisha from galileo high school, heading to san jose state university. [applause] >> nadra mohamed from mission high school heading to holy names university.
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[applause] >> nacina chambers from raul wallenberg high school, heading to u.c. berkeley. oh, you changed your mind? sorry, you're right. you're going again. >> double major. >> double major, yeah. pamela campos adrizan from john o'connell high school, u.c. san diego. [applause] >> randy casares from mission high school, san francisco state university.
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[applause] >> just go stop by his office any time. risen aljas from mission high school, heading to dillard university. [applause] >> robert verey from john o'connell high school, going to c.s.u. east bay. [applause] >> xiang huang from san francisco international high school, heading to u.c. berkeley.
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[applause] >> and last, but not least, ling may liang from mission high school, san francisco state university. [applause] >> let's give our 2018" i am the future award" recipients a great round of applause. [applause] >> so each one of our award recipients will be receiving $1,000 that go towards their tuition, and we did not think about whether or not you were documented, we just wanted to make sure that you got the
12:43 am
funds that go directly to your tuition, so we're going to make sure that that gets taken care of. so that is the first step, is getting all your money together so that you can head off and come back and work in our city and make us more and more proud than we already are. events like these could not be put together or programs like these couldn't be run without the incredible support of two wonderful staff members, so marisa and erica, thank you for all that you do in reaching out to our young people and getting all of the scholarships to us. so we want to congratulate you, we want to thank you. and again, to the families, congratulations. we look forward to hearing some amazing stories about what your graduates are doing going forward, and we want to just thank you again for joining us here with mayor farrell.
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congratulations. so i want to thank everyone for being here today at the civic center bart station. we are all here today because we care. we care about our commuters in san francisco, we care about the residents that visit and work in our city. we care about the people on -- the residents who live in our
12:45 am
city. we care about civic pride here in san francisco. civic center and the bart station is at the heart of san francisco. it is the door way to our city government and city hall, it is -- that's better. it is the doorway to the plaza, to market street and mid market, the growing part of our downtown corridor. this is the heart of san francisco. it has become unfortunately a glimpse into the homeless and behavioral health issues that we have here in san francisco. it is not safe. it is not acceptable anymore. so today i'm proud that we are announcing a partnership between our san francisco police department and part that is going to increase staffing here
12:46 am
at civic center bart station. san francisco police department, we are going to be increasing foot patrols by over 300 hours per week. bart is also going to be increasing their staffing levels as well. we need to make a difference for the commuters that use bart. we need to make a difference for san francisco residents and we need to make a difference for visitors who come to our beloved city of san francisco. let's also make sure to know that this is not a police matter alone. i'm proud to be joined by barbara garcia who runs our department of public health. this is also a public health issue and an issue that we are going to be dealing with through our healthy streets operation center. bart is now going to be a participant in this effort. we are going to coordinate with our homeless department, with our department of public health, with our department of public works. this will be a coordinated effort to make sure that civic
12:47 am
center bart station once again is an area at civic center station that we can be proud of. at the end of the day this is building upon a lot of initiatives that we have focused on over the last six months around homelessness, around behavior health on our streets, around the cleanliness of our streets. this applies to every area of san francisco as well including our bart stations and our city. civic center bart station has been the example of what has gone wrong and now our city government in partnership with bart is stepping up and making sure that we have a plan into the future that will once again make our civic center bart station an example and a symbol of pride for the residents of san francisco as they commute through here. so i want to thank everyone for being here today. i'm going to turn it over to our police chief, bill scott.
12:48 am
>> we are increasing and chief scott can -- actually, why don't i let chief scott talk about it. >> good morning, everyone. first of all let me thank mayor farrell for his leadership. the last month he introduced the idea that we had to collaborate better to get things done in this bart, in this platform to make it safer and make it cleaner and to make it the pride of our great city. at that time he brought all the parties together and asked us to draft a plan that would address the issues and concerns that have been repeatedly voiced by members of our community. although the platforms between our community platform and the bart platforms are shared underground in this corridor we do, between chief rojas and our folks, we knew that we had to work better and more collaboratively to get these problems solved. both riders in both systems go
12:49 am
back and forth to school, work and visit the many great tourist attractions in our city and the idea that each system or each department is responsible for separate law enforcement duties in this platform cannot be a barrier for us working together. the only concern that we have is that people when they come here and take public transportation that they feel safe, that they have a clean environment and that they are able to go to and from where they need to go to without worry and without concern. i agree with mayor farrell wh e wholeheartedly that the only way that will occur is all these people standing here working together. this partnership we believe will do just that. the san francisco police department, as the mayor said, we have a healthy street operation center, better known as hsoc. we use that initiative to
12:50 am
collaborate efforts between our various city departments to address the very issues that we have in this bart station. with that we will be increasing our footly presence almost five fold by nearly adding approximately 500 patrol hours a week to this effort. we believe that will make a tremendous impact and enable us to do what we need to do to keep this platform safe, clean and for our residents and our people that use this transportation hub to enjoy it. i'd like to thank keith carlos rojas from the bart pd who has really been a partner in this and we believe jointly that we will really make a difference in terms of realizing mayor farrell's vision to make this the safest transportation hub in
12:51 am
this region by working together our officers will be able to respond to immediate concerns and more appropriately proactively work to identify on going behavior that we get calls about all the time that contribute to threats to public safety. additionally, we will work in partnership with all of the city agencies and organizations under the healthy street operation center initiative that i mentioned to be able to get the individuals who need help to that help. so with that i'd like to turn this over to chief rojas and thank you this morning for being here. >> good morning. chief carlos rojas with the bart police department. i'll keep my comments brief. we are very excited with this new partnership with the san francisco police department. while historically we worked well with the san francisco police department i think this has really refocused our commitment to the civic center
12:52 am
station that is truly the gateway to san francisco for many people. as both mayor farrell and chief scott stated this is one team and it doesn't matter if it's a san francisco patch or a bart patch we are in it together and we want to make sure that our riders feel safe in our stations as well as throughout the city and county of san francisco. we do cover a very large area and there isn't a better partner than the city and county of san francisco so we are very excited about this. i would be remissed if i didn't also recognize our board of directors for their leadership and then allowing me to do the difficult job. director joe is with us today if you want to say a few words. >> thank you very much. member of the bart board of directors. i think it's clear that anyone who rides bart or anyone who rides muni comes off at civic center station the problems that we are seeing aboveground with homelessness
12:53 am
with drug addiction are really coming down into our stations. bart is not a social service agency, bart is not a public health agency and the only way we can get to grips with these problems is indeed collaboration with the city of san francisco and with the other cities and counties that we serve. that's why this is such an exciting moment because not only are we starting to collaborate much more deeply with the san francisco police department and the bart police department because ultimately our riders are not particularly concerned whose badge it is, they just want to know that they are going to be safe. we are independent -- integrating much more deeply into problems and i think that's something that's going to be critical to making sure that our riders and muni riders have the safe and clean experience that they deserve. so i'm going to hand it over to barbara garcia at the department of public health. thank you.
12:54 am
>> good afternoon. barbara garcia, director of health. i want to thank mayor farrell for all his support in the last many months of expanding services for us. many of those services will help individuals who people are concerned with who are seeing open drug use and mental health issues. i also want to thank the san francisco department of -- the san francisco police department and the bart police. we've been working for many months with both of these agencies to identify individuals who they have been concerned with for many years at times. we have those individuals in our hands in terms of their names and we are identifying them and trying to get to them and trying to provide support. so we really are doing an individualized approach to this and we are also looking at the issue of ensuring that today we have our homeless out reach team from our homeless department as well as our street medicine team
12:55 am
and they will work together to make sure that we are working with individuals as they come across them in bart, leaving bart or in the surrounding areas. i'm very proud of the work and collaboration that we've done and i can tell you that we have worked and have helped individuals that both of these entities have identified to us and it's complex work. many of these individuals have long term mental health issues. they deserve the kind of support they need. we are going to refocus on this and really provide as much support as we can to individuals. this is the end of this press conference but we are going to be taking questions, not from the podium but from the side. i want to thank all of you for coming today and being interested in this issue. thank you so much. women's netw
12:56 am
sustainable future . >> san francisco streets and puffs make up 25 percent of cities e city's land area more than all the parks combined they're far two wide and have large flight area the pavement to parks is to test the variants by ininexpensive changing did new open spaces the city made up of streets in you think about the potential of having this space for a purpose it is demands for the best for bikes and families to gather. >> through a collaborative effort with the department we
12:57 am
the public works and the municipal transportation agency pavement to parks is bringing initiative ideas to our streets. >> so the face of the street is the core of our program we have in the public right-of-way meaning streets that can have areas perpetrated for something else. >> i'm here with john francis pavement to parks manager and this parklet on van ness street first of all, what is a parklet and part of pavement to parks program basically an expense of the walk in a public realm for people to hang anti nor a urban acceptable space for people to use. >> parklets sponsors have to apply to be considered for the program but they come to us you know saying we want to do this and create a new space on our street
12:58 am
it is a community driven program. >> the program goes beyond just parklets vacant lots and other spaces are converted we're here at playland on 43 this is place is cool with loots things to do and plenty of space to play so we came up with that idea to revitalizations this underutilized yard by going to the community and what they said want to see here we saw that everybody wants to see everything to we want this to be a space for everyone. >> yeah. >> we partnered with the pavement to parks program and so we had the contract for building 236 blot community garden
12:59 am
it start with a lot of jacuzzi hammers and bulldozer and now the point we're planting trees and flowers we have basketball courts there is so much to do here. >> there's a very full program that they simply joy that and meet the community and friends and about be about the lighter side of city people are more engaged not just the customers. >> with the help of community pavement to parks is reimagining the potential of our student streets if you want more information visit them as the pavement to parks or contact pavement to parks at
1:00 am
the june 20, 2018 meeting of the san francisco board of appeals. board president frank fung will be the presiding officer tonight. he's joined by commissioner ann lazarus, commissioner dale honda, and vice president swig will be absent tonight. brad russy will provide the board with any needed legal advice this evening. at the controls is the board's legal assistant, gary cantara. we will also not joined by representatives from -- be joined by representatives by joseph duffy, patrick