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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  July 21, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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former generous and does not have nearly as many requirements, and of course, you can understand why they want to opt for the state density bonus law. or they are just building projects that don't even meet the inclusionary housing requirements. so i will just give some examples of what that means. [please stand by]>> supervisor
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that's how we arrived at this home-sf second version. we're call it home-sf 2.0, and as we talked about in land use committee, different tiers for project sponsors to meet their affordability levels, which we originally set at 30%. so for today's purposes, i do have a couple of amendments suggested to us. one of the amendments wanted to be included in here has to do with what is being called a use it or lose it amendment, which is the planning commission would expire within 36 months of the date of the planning commission approval if the project sponsor hasn't procured
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a building permit or a site permit for construction, again, within 36 months, and so we do believe this will help us, hopefully, achieve more affordable housing faster, so we have that amendment that we're offering today. the other amendments that we are including in here have to do with the vehic-- [inaudible] >> supervisor tang: -- to study the indexing of home-sf rates. we're also asking them to scuddy a program that would differentiate between home ownership and rental units, and so those are, again, some of the changes that we're making today. but really, i want to thank the planning department staff and my staff for working very hard on this legislation, and again, trying to drive more project
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sponsors to use this voluntary program. so i'd like to make a motion for those amendments. >> president cohen: thank you, supervisor tang. colleagues, supervisor tang has made a motion. can i have a second -- thank you, supervisor safai. can we take that -- >> clerk: president cohen, we have a different house. >> president cohen: oh, you're right. what we'll need to do is take a roll call vote. and madam president, the second was. >> president cohen: supervisor safai. [roll cal
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>> clerk: there are nine ayes and two absences. >> president cohen: thank you. the ordinance is passed on the first reading. all right. >> clerk: madam president, that was supervisor tang's motion. >> president cohen: that was her motion, excuse me, i'm sorry. yes, on the amendment. >> clerk: yeah. co >> president cohen: yes, and now on the item as amended. supervisor safai? >> supervisor safai: i'm sorry. i want to say one thing before we take the final vote. i want to commend supervisor tang. i know she has spent a lot of time on this over the last couple of years. this is a thoughtful amendment, a way to incentivize developers who choose this option over the density bonus program. there's a program in my district, for example, that we've been working on trying to incentivize them to do this program that would essentially create more affordable housing and under the density bonus program as well as respect the character of the neighborhood and the wishes of the surrounding neighbors.
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so the new amendments that are made here are essentially given option for density decontrol or one floor and two floors as she's described, and i think that's a very thoughtful solution as a way to incentivize this over the option of the density bonus program, so i want to thank her for this. >> president cohen: thank you, supervisor safai. the house has changed. i just want to notice those supervisors, they're back. i'd like to do a voice vote. madam clerk. >> clerk: supervisor tang is on the -- >> president cohen: oh, i 'm sorry. >> supervisor tang: i'm curious why the use is or lose it clause is linked to the building permit and the site permit versus just one or the
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other, and if the sponsor could clarify that amendment. >> sure. so -- through the chair. >> president cohen: yes, please. >> we had heard those concerns, and the reason we added this in here is there was a fear the project sponsors would go and sell their entitlements or site permits and so forth, so i learned that at least in terms of the entitlements, there was no amend expiration, and so it was suggested to us that we actually put in here that was now actually the strongest language there is in terms of an ex-piration. after 36 months a building sponsor hasn't obtained their site or building permits. now building permits do expire i believe after three years for the larger projects. i believe those are the ones that are more valuable, and so we are trying to tie all of it together to achieve i think what the original individuals who suggested this amendment to us for. so actually, i -- i understand
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the -- the site permit, and i think that we have linked other clauses similar to this to the site permit. i was wondering why it was a building permit or the site permit. that was my specific question. >> sorry. i just gave my copy to the clerk, but i believe that it's -- is it and or or? >> supervisor peskin: so not all projects get site permits. >> president cohen: supervisor tang? >> supervisor tang: i'm sorry? >> president cohen: i'm recognizing you. >> supervisor tang: oh, i just had to get the copy back from the clerk. so are you saying this through the chair to supervisor kim. >> president cohen: supervisor kim, let me take a moment. would you like to make a motion to amend the last action just so we confirm the discussion? >> supervisor kim: well, i don't want to make a motion to
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amend the motion until i understand the amendment, but maybe it would be more appropriate to rescind the vote. >> president cohen: that a motion to rescind? >> supervisor kim: yes. >> president cohen: there is a motion to rescind. is there a second? supervisor yee has seconded. the motion passes. can we have a discussion? >> so building permits -- or i'm sorry, site permit is what would expire automatically. building permits do not -- sorry. i will turn it over to the representative from the planning department. but essentially, i just want to speak to the goal of the amendment was to be the most broadest possible so that all of the different permits would expire if you hadn't filed for
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these. the planning commission authorization would expire after 36 months if you hadn't obtained any of these. >> great. so i think the site permit is the first thing you get after you get entitlements from the planning commission. and so i think the "or" just means -- would just sort of encompass sort of the broadest definition of building permits that you might get. but i think, really, the site permit is what is intended to be the main trigger for -- that's sort of the biggest thing you have to do after you get an entitlement if you are proceeding towards construction. >> yes. so i understand that, so i was curious why it hasn't procured a site permit, why we added the building permit to that language, instead of just stating, "site permit," which has an ex-piration. the building permit seems overly broad, actually. do all of those permits have
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expirations? >> i believe they do. >> oh, they do. >> yes. so i think -- i believe my understanding of this amendment is it's -- really, we're talking about the expiration of the planning entitlement and what should trigger that. >> right. >> it's sort of the action of pulling the building permit that is that trigger? >> so why isn't it just the site permit? >> president cohen: supervisor tang? >> supervisor tang: through the chair, keeping in mind that there are various things you have to pull before you do the building, we just wanted to be sure that the planning documents would expire after 36 months?
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is it building permit or site permit? because i'm just concerned that you can pull a series of permits, and it expires after 36 months. i think that was my concern. permit extends the 36-month toll. >> so from my understanding, i mean, planning department can speak to this much better, but there are different tiers to projects, you know, depending on the cost of your project, and each will have the time allowed for you to perform your work, and then, you can actually extend it even beyond what is allowed -- the time allowed. so here we are, saying it will expire within 36 months, whereas the existing code or the tables are actually much more generous when it comes to both building and site permits. >> okay. i think i understand. so, i mean, it will be understood that it's just one of these permits has to be pulled within 36 months.
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>> i -- i think i'm reading language in it. >> or maybe the deputy city attorney can answer this, but i don't know -- we were just trying to mirror language in existing code, so i wonder if we should -- >> president cohen: deputy city attorney jon givner. >> essentially, we mean building permit. >> mr. givner: right. i can't speak to all the differences between the timelines of site permits and building permits. the amendment here, you would lose your entitlement if you have not procured one or the other, a site permit or a building permit, within the 36 months. that site permit or building permit language also appears a number of other times in the planning code. i think there is 's a provisio the inclusionary ordinance that the board adopts a couple of
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years. i don't think this discussion has had during that debate. >> no, no, i remember that. and i thought we only did one, but we did both, so that was just clarifying my memory. that's helpful. and i just wanted to clarify again, and i apologize that i could not remember what we had included in our inclusionary ordinance. the building permits expire after 18 months, generally. is that the case? and this is a question for the planning department. >> so i apologize. as the building code is a whole separate code from the planning code, but i believe there's actually a table that has -- i believe it depends on the cost of the building permit that's being reviewed, and so the table -- so smaller projects with costs of less than -- see, i'm just pulling up the table right now -- of less than
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$100,000 -- $1 to $100,000 must complete work in 280 days. and something like projects 2.5 million and above are 480 days. >> and if i may, through the chair, to supervisor kim, as well, so just looking at the inclusionary section of the code, 415.3 again -- sorry, 415. we just, again, mirrored the language. it wasn't like we were trying to do anything today. >> i couldn't remember. >> it's in there. >> president cohen: supervisor ronen? >> supervisor ronen: yes. i actually had a very similar question to supervisor kim and
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maybe i'm not fully understanding this, either, so either to supervisor tang or deputy city attorney jon givner. so if a project sponsor pulled a site permit within 36 months, could they then just hold on for that a long time before getting building permits and breaking ground in order to extend the length of the entitlement? >> that's how i was reading it, and it was a concern, but maybe i'm reading it wrong. >> mr. givner: yeah. it may be that planning staff can answer that, but it sounds actually more like a question that d.b.i. staff is best suited to answer about what steps you need to take and when following your building permit. >> supervisor ronen: so the idea is that 36 months after entitlements, if the project isn't breaking ground, then
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they lose the benefit that they've gained under home-sf. and so the -- this language is really confusing, maybe? or maybe it's the standard language and i'm worried about something that i don't need to be worried about? but my worry is because it's an "or," there's a way to kind of game the system and pull the site permits within 36 months without really intending to building or get the -- get that thing that you need to -- to put the shovel in the ground. and so if i'm -- if i'm worried about something that i don't need to, please let me know. but that's the concern that i had. >> president cohen: supervisor tang? >> supervisor tang: thank you. through the chair to supervisor ronen, we were trying to explain this earlier, but essentially, i think the concern and why we even have this amendment was to address this very concern. so building permits itself will expire, and their varying
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different levels of project costs and different amount of times that project sponsors will have to build or use that building permit. >> supervisor ronen: okay. >> supervisor tang: this language that we have literally mirrors section 415 of the code, and so that's why both are in there. under the inclusionary ordinance it said if you can't obtain a building permit or a site permit during a certain period of time, you would get kicked over to the other rates for affordable housing. here, we're saying your permits will expire if you don't pull them withpull -- start building within 36 months. we are here, very specifically, calling out the expiration of the planning commission approval. >> supervisor ronen: okay. got it. thank you. helpful. >> president cohen: all right, colleagues. so we made -- we made a motion to rescind the last vote, so perhaps we can have a -- a new
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motion -- supervisor tang, i'm looking at you -- a new motion to amend your legislation. >> supervisor tang: yes. i will make a new motion to amend the legislation. >> president cohen: all right. so the motion has been made by supervisor tang. it's been seconded by supervisor kim. and colleagues -- madam clerk, do we need a roll call vote on this? a role call vote, please. [roll call] >> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> president cohen: great. thank you very much. the motion has passed. now, we've got an ordinance. madam clerk, do we need to take
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a vote on the ordinance for the first reading as amended? >> clerk: yes, madam president. >> president cohen: okay. so colleagues, can we take this same house, same call? all right. and the ordinance passes on the first reading. thank you. thank you, supervisor tang. madam clerk, let's go to the committee reports. >> clerk: yes. items 27 through 29 were considered by the budget and finance subcommittee at a regular meeting on thursday, july 12, 2018 and were forwarded as committee reports. item 27 was recommended as amended with the same title. it is an ordinance to adopt a question to appear on the november 6, 2018 ballot regarding the proposed ordinance to incur $425 million of bonded debt for the city to finance the construction, reconstruction, acquisition of seismic strengthening and repair of the embarcadero seawall and -- >> president cohen: excuse me, madam clerk. i just noticed it's after 3:00, and i just noticed we have a
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special order. should we call item 23. >> clerk: yes. >> president cohen: sorry. >> clerk: no problem. item 23, compromises of a public hearing of persons interested in the hearing of the certification of a final environmental impact report for the initial soma plan -- final environmental impact report prepared for the proposed central soma plan. item 25 is the motion to conditionally reverse the department certification and item 26 is the motion to direct the preparation of findings. >> president cohen: all right. thank you. so colleagues, we have before us today four appeals of the final environmental impact report for the proposed central soma project in district 6. before considering these appeals, i'd like to allow supervisor kim to say a few words. supervisor kim, the floor is
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yours. >> supervisor kim: thank you, president cohen. i will be making a motion to continue this item to the board meeting of september 4, 2018. as members watched left-hand turn use committee today, after we introduced 48 amendments, we still have a series of amendments to introduce the following monday. it will require rereferral to the planning commission, and the planning commission does meet during our august recess, and that i hope to have the central soma plan back before the board in the fall, and so we're asking all the appellants to continue the appeal to the first board meeting of the s t september. >> president cohen: all right. thank you. all right. soying that these matters will be continued, let's open up the public comment on the continuance. are there any members of the public that wish to speak on the continuance today, please come on up, please come to the microphone. and again, this is public comment on the continuance.
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>> hi. laura clark, yimby action. i just wanted to bring it to your attention as we did at land use, that this will affect tndc's affordable housing project. and i know that's been brought to your attention, but i hope we keep in mind this kind of financing difficulties when we add delays and unexpectedness, all projects are affected by this unpredictability, especially affordable housing, and tndc is at risk right now. >> cory smith on behalf of the housing action coalition. also, welcome supervisor brown and supervisor mandelman. also, echoing laura's comments, we just want to make sure that these housing units get built. thank you. >> president cohen: thank you. are there any other members of the public, come on down. >> good afternoon, supervisors.
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we also support the continuance. there's still a lot of things in the e.i.r. that we have a lot of comments on that we would like more time to analyze and to work with our supervisor with and the city with, so we support this continuance. thank you. >> president cohen: thank you. all right. seeing that there are no other speakers, public comment is closed. >> clerk: one more, madam president. >> teresa flandrick, housing coalition. we also support the continuance. thank you so much, supervisor kim. >> president cohen: all right. thank you very much. public comment is closed. supervisor kim? >> supervisor kim: i just want to respond to the tndc 100% affordable housing project on fifth and howard. it is true, they do have a couple of housing mechanisms. they do have a drop deadline of december 2019 to begin housing construction, and they hope to
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get their full entitlements by march of 2019. this continuance will still allow them to meet that deadline, and we will certainly make sure that we pass the central soma plan in the fall. >> president cohen: all right. thank you very much. okay. so may i have a motion to continue these appeal items and the related motions to the board of supervisors meeting dated certain of september 4? did you -- all right. supervisor kim has seconded that motion. -- she made the motion, seconded by supervisor peskin, and we'll -- we can take that without objection? without objection. [ gavel ]. >> president cohen: thank you. items 23 through 26 are continued until september 4. madam colle madam clerk, please call the next item. >> clerk: we were calling item 27, this involves a motion to appear, to incur $425 million
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of bonded debt to finance the construction, reconstruction, improvement, demolition and repair of the embarcadero seawall and other critical infrastructure and related costs, and madam president, this vote has an eight-vote threshold as required by the government coat 43607 and 43608 -- code 43607 and 43608. >> president cohen: all right. thank you. is there any discussion on this item 27? all right. well, can we take this same house, same call? same house, same call. ordinance passed on the first reading. [ gavel ]. >> president cohen: madam clerk, call the next item. >> clerk: item 28 is an ordinance to permit the park code, to set all golf course fees and charges and to amend the department's ceqa determination. >> president cohen: all right. can we take this same house, same call? all right. without objection. next item. >> clerk: item 29 is an
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ordinance to improve the health service system plans and contribution rates for calendar year 2019 and madam clerk, this item has a nine-vote threshold pursuant to charter section a-8.422. >> president cohen: all right. colleagues, same house, same call. [ gavel ]. >> president cohen: without objection, item passed on first reading. next item. [agenda item read] >> president cohen: so the census item was not called before the board. let's go to the next item. [agenda item read] >> clerk: it was a charter amendment, second draft to amend the charter of the city and county of san francisco to adopt a privacy first policy at an election to be held on november 6, 2018. i believe you know, madam president, that this item must be continued to july 24. >> president cohen: that is correct. supervisor peskin? >> supervisor peskin: i just want to thank the committee
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members the and cosponsors, supervisors yee, ronen, kim and fewer, as well as the rules committee members for forwarding this with recommendation and would ask for a vote to continue with this as required by charter because it has to sit for one week at the board. >> president cohen: all right. is there a motion? made by supervisor peskin, and and is there a second? seconded by supervisor yee. all right. can we approve this, same house, same call? all right. [ gavel ]. >> president cohen: the motion passes. next up, role call of new members. >> clerk: supervisor kim? >> supervisor kim: thank you. last week, supervisor yee and i introduced an ordinance to validate proposition c and f to ensure the commencement of these two incredibly important revenue programs, and today,
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supervisor yee and i are introducing the business and tax regulation code and administration of the early care and education commercial rental tax. this is the administrative to allow the tax collector to begin collecting this tax in january of 2019. i just want to thank our voters for the passage of proposition 3, which is going to bring in $145 million to early childhood care and early childhood education. this is according to supervisor yee, the nation's single largest investment ever in child care, and i'm so proud that the city and county of san francisco was a part of this. and just to put this into context because i have to repeat this over and over again to many of our supporters, as momentous as free city college was, this program is 20 times larger in scope and size, and so what we are going to be providing to our youngest residents and also to our
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working families here in the city and county of san francisco is really going to set -- it's going to keep san francisco as a leader in pre-k and early childhood education and is really going to revolutionize the lives of our families. we are investing in the workforce productivity of our families and our workers and ensuring that our youngest residents get the best education opportunity before they even begin kindergarten. and for those of us in the education world, we know that the "achievement gap" or education gap begins for a child before he even walks into the first day of kindergarten, and that early childhood care and kindergarten are the answer to make sure that our children are starting out on equal footing. and it's unfortunate in san francisco, and in fact 30 out of 50 states, tuition at the average child care program now costs more than than tuition at their public four-year university. and in fact, the average child care in san francisco is
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anywhere between 18 to 23,000, and that is just the average. we also know that our child care workers are often the most underpaid workers here in our city, and it is no -- it is no coincidence that the vast majority of these workers are women and women of color and immigrant women. so this -- this -- this revenue measure is going to ensure that we increase the number of slots available to our families, both 100% subsidized. for our partners in labor, we did ensure this would come with a card check provision for those that opted into our program. finally, i just want to add that -- and provide my thanks to our partners in labor. 15% of proposition c will be
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going towards our general fund, and we know that our labor partners have been looking forward to raising the wages of our lowest paid city workers. this will net about $22 million on a general fiscal year, and we look forward to dedicating these dollars to our lowest paid city workers. as our minimum wage has risen to $15 an hour. we want to ensure that our city workers are making slightly above this amount. i want to thank the entire office of early childhood education, our controller's office as well as our city attorneys for helping to get this program implemented as soon as possible. of course many thanks to my partner, supervisor norman yee who has really been leading on the expenditure plan and bringing our early childhood and child care community and making sure that we can implement this as soon as possible. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor kim. supervisor yee, did you want to say anything? >> supervisor yee: yes, if it's okay to follow up. okay.
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thank you. >> clerk: certainly. >> president cohen: supervisor yee? >> supervisor yee: just want to make sure. >> president cohen: you're acknowledged. >> supervisor yee: thank you, supervisor kim, for your partnership on this historic passage of early education for all initiative. as you know, san francisco has led the way for many years now with the preschool piece of it, with our preschool for all program, in which we were one -- we were the first in the nation to have such a program for the four year olds, and years later, many other locations, cities, and actually some states followed suit with the same concept. so with this -- with the passage of this initiative, i'm hoping that once again san francisco will be the leaders in this nation in really addressing the issues of how do
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we serve the 0-3 and really give them a head start. as many of you know, this has been my life's work to promote the issue of quality early childhood education for four decades, so it should be no surprise how eager i am moving forward with this ground breaking investment to support our city's youngest residents, their families, and the early care educators who are so dedicated to their work. quite honestly, i think this is long overdue. for far too long, we have overlooked underfunded early childhood education, especially for infants and toddlers age 0 to 3. in the past few years we have made great strides with pushing the envelope of the infant and toddler scholarship fund. now with the support of the san francisco voters, we have what
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will be the largest investment for early childhood care and education in the nation's history. there are 3,000 children under the age of 5 on a wait list that are low-income, and more than half are infants and toddlers. we can start eliminating this weight list and expanding care for moderate income families as supervisor kim had mentioned. the other major factors that we need to highlight is how the early care and education workforce is so undersupported. 94% of this workforce are women, and the vast majority are women of color. they are the lowest paid of any profession requiring degree attainment. yet despite the low wages, most of our providers of education stay in the field because of the commitment. with our initiative, we will finally be able to lift the wages of these incredible educators and ensure that our
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children will have fully staffed qualified -- or quality care. as supervisor kim illustrated, families are struggling to find accessible, affordable quality care and often are forced to make difficult decisions beyond the importance of stable quality care and its impacts on family's ability to stay in the workforce or stay in san francisco, early childhood education is so much more than that. we need to start looking at this issue from a different perspective. early care and education has a way to counter the systemic and generational poverty and the trauma that is often connected to these families' life experiences. we spend so much of our attention and frankly our city's budget on intervention,
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which is not to say is not important work, but let us not overlook the value of prevention. if we want to see positive, healthy outcomes for our youth and our communities regardless of socioeconomic status, the work starts before a child is even born, and the first five years of a child's life are absolutely critical for the negative social and economic development -- i'm sorry, not negative, cognitive and socioeconomic development. it can shape the destiny. this can be valuable as we are preventing the need for many of the interventions just by establishing a strong foundation for children and their ability for the families who will finally be able to access affordable quality education for their child. i want to recognize the army of volunteers from the child care community who came out to support the initiatives despite the cynical attempts to sink
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the measure. i'd also like to thank, as supervisor kim has already, director summer jarrett and her staff. i also want to thank the city attorney's office and the controller, and my staff, eric mayborn who really worked tirelessly to make this happen. next week, i will be introducing, along with supervisor kim, more guidance of how we will work with the office of e.c.e. to implement the program attic aspect of this funding. and i will say right now that the rest i will submit. >> clerk: okay. thank you, supervisor yee. supervisor mandelman? okay. thank you. supervisor peskin? >> supervisor peskin: smith. >> president cohen: supervisor kim, i see your name on the roster. is that by design? >> supervisor kim: yes. i just forgot to add one more. thank you. i just forgot to thank our members of the board,
8:38 pm
supervisors peskin, ronen, fewer and mandelman for supporting proposition c as well as our legislative aides. i don't think we underscore this enough, but over $2 million was spent against proposition c, and we spent a little over 300,000, and we were able to make this happen, and i just want to thank all of our sponsors again. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor kim. supervisor ronen? >> supervisor ronen: thank you. in the last few years, there have been a number of people in low-income buildings that have led to people losing their place to live and in a few tragic cases, people losing their life. one comes to mind in 2015 where 58 men, women and children were displaced. many of these survivors are low-income people who are already struggling to make it in san francisco. one person also tragically
8:39 pm
died. today this building is nothing but a hole in the ground, and people have not been able to return. i am introducing legislation today that provides the city with a strong mechanism to force landlords to keep their tenants safe and that i hope will prevent tragic ones like the one at 22 and mission in the future. negligent landlords need to understand if they do not take the lives of their tenants seriously there will be specific sentences. if there are fire violations and repeatedly allows for the same major fire hazards to continue, then, the city can issue a requirement that they install a brand-new sprinkler system or a brand-new fire alarm system. the landlord would not be permitted to raise the rent on the tenants to pay for the installation and if he or she refuses to comply they can be fined up to $1,000 a day in
8:40 pm
civil penalties. i believe this will act as a deterrent because landlords will not want to incur these significant costs. we need more tools to protect tenants from fire, and i believe this is an important step in the right direction. i would like to thank the many people who worked on this legislation with my office, starting with carolyn gusen who's been working on this issue for many years. also a special thank you to rose mary bosque who retired last week. this was the last piece of legislation that she put her print on. to jamie sanbanmatsu for the department of building inspections to working with us, so the fire department staff and especially fire marshall dan did e-casio for your suppo.
8:41 pm
and rose maria carvalho at the tenderloin housing clinic. and i'm excited to be sponsoring my first piece of legislation sponsorship with rafael mandelman. >> president cohen: colleagues, can we take an inmemoi in memoriam on behalf of the entire board? thank you. supervisor tang? >> supervisor tang: thank you. welcome to supervisor mandelman and supervisor brown, and really excited to work with both of you.
8:42 pm
today i'm submitting legislation pertaining to our health code as it pertains to our massage businesses. over the course of the years, the department actually found that there were quite a few other things that they wanted to address and so i'm just carrying legislation on behalf of the department to institute more -- both cleanup, as well as giving them other tools that they feel is necessary to help them do their job better in enforcing massage establishments, and the rest, i will submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisors. supervisor yee's already submitted, and supervisor brown. submit? okay. thank you. and madam president cohen? >> president cohen: thank you very much. i'll submit as well. >> clerk: all right. madam clerk, that concludes the introduction of new business. >> president cohen: all right, folks. time for public comment. madam clerk, will you please call public comment. >> clerk: at this time,
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members of the public may address the board of supervisors on subject matter jurisdiction before the board to include the june 18, 2018 -- june 14, 2018 minutes, and items on the agenda. pursuant to the board's rules, please direct your remarks to the board as a whole, not to individual members of the board, not to the audience. speakers using interpretation assistance will be allowed twice the time. if you would like to display your document on the overhead projector, please state such to sfg tv and then remove the document when you'd like the screen to return to life coverage of the meeting, and magic, the floor is yours. >> thank you. theet are critical times, we need to work together to stay grounded in our compassionate heart. when people speak about losing their homes, their jobs, they son being killed, and they look out to see all of your faces
8:44 pm
staring at screens, they don't feel heard. i want to say today was very heartened by the full attention of the board in memory of carlos. we can change this dynamic by spending this one day a week truly being present and accountable to one another. we raise energy to make things happen when we show our understanding and concern for the person speaking. when you are running for office, you can feel the enthusiasm of the public when you announce your determination to serve the people. you were elected to serve the people, and now it is your duty to make us feel heard. i'm not singling you out. we are all caught in this dilemma, and we must rise above it. still, you know, we have -- the interesting thing i find is that we seem to have lost the
8:45 pm
ability to manifest our vision of a healthy, just, and peaceful society to a level we used to. because our experience in the present moment, where all things actually occur, is constantly being interrupted by our endless attention to our screens. we cannot raise energy around crucial issues when you do not give us the basic courtesy of looking at us when we speak. [bell ringing]. >> what has happened to us as a society that we do not give each other this basic respect? thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. mr. wright. >> you've got your documents. >> those aren't mine. >> i've already been up here well over several times, demonstrating that a minimum of $217 billion in payroll taxes have been given to twitter, and used to be five, but now it's
8:46 pm
nine high tech companies. now we've got a situation on our hands where it's documented that other cities are moving to charge for payroll taxes and not given these breaks. twitter is a multiquadrillion billion dollar company, and they don't need a break. mayor london breed went around the city and looked at people with disabilities. these are the people that need tax breaks. as the rate of taxes our regular taxes raise, payroll tax falls, a system meant to keep the city revenue level. the only reason you've got millions in your bank account, your city funds now is because of the tax breaks that's been cut by the president of the united states. also, it also says that in
8:47 pm
general, you would expect payroll tax is not the least thing for job growth. if you can shift from that, then, you can get some increases in jobs and some wages. now, disparities, you've got two different situations where black people are being discriminated against. [bell ringing]. >> it started with only with our slavery, but also in the year 1963 by this white skin colored male by the name of justin hermann. this apartment in the building, i believe it's the same apartment building that london breed lived in when she was a kid, and an income at $900 a month, and those are the people that are in -- that are not feeling housing and need to be taken care of. >> president cohen: thank you. next speaker.
8:48 pm
>> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm peter warfield, executive director of library users association. congratulations to the new supervisors. our city prides itself on being humane, progressive, welcoming, and a sanctuary, but there are city agencies that through their actions are reversing those values, are doing things that are not so humane, not progressive, not safe, and not welcoming. as an example, san francisco public library, by its planned introduction of radio frequently identification tags will be making people -- what they read less private. it will make anyone trackable with access to the technology without the knowledge or consent of those people.
8:49 pm
the american civil liberties union of northern california and the electronic frontier foundation and sent joint letters to the city librarian strongly opposing the installation of this technology. second, the library also plans shortly to cut 15 evening hours from branchs, even though its own surveys of its own users have shown that the thing that they most want is more evening hours. and finally, the library has -- finally, as an example -- [bell ringing]. >> -- the library excludes thousands of people who owe $10.01 to the library and can no longer borrow materials or reserve materials from other library systems. that is just wrong, we are
8:50 pm
concerned about a fee-based, late fines and fees system that hurts poor people the most. i'll be sending more information to you shortly. thank you. [bell ringing]. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> story number three, byron gill works for the city of san francisco as a gardener. he has that job for 23 years. he's the go-to guy at rec and park when they had to do with gardening. he was asked to train a new employee. gill is a black man. the new employee is a white woman. for two years, he trained her. gill came in to work one day to discover she is now his boss.
8:51 pm
this is not right. gill filed a complaint and the complaint was rejected on a ridiculous claim. gill had to prove he was the best black gardener in the city of san francisco to prevail. i hope that you take my issues of blacks being discriminated against seriously. i'm going to be telling you ten stories, and i'm not doing this just for my health. also, as i'm speaking, the director -- i mean, the chief of juvenile hall is closing log cabin ranch, and the reason why is because the people up there
8:52 pm
don't know how to protect -- [bell ringing]. >> -- and educate our own wayward kids. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon -- excuse me. good afternoon, president cohen and supervisors. my name is david smith, and i am an r.n. graduate of city college, and in a month's time will complete my master of science in nursing and begin my doctor of nursing studies at university of san francisco. i wish to express my robust support for prep for prophylaxis for hiv. i have been an out day man since 1980, and have been witness to the full continuum of this disease. perhaps the proudest moment of my life was being a city participant in the final
8:53 pm
clinical trials of truvada as prep in 2009 and 2010, playing a part in the end of the beginning of the pandemic. it is now possible to imagine a generation free of hiv. i am very pleased to see the education across the city on the benefits of prep. i feel it is imperative that we continue to encourage the use of safer sex practices, including candom usage, especially -- condom uses, especially for casual sexual encounters. i have observed a marked shift in attitudes, particularly with the widespread introduction of prep. prep is being seen by a significant number of people as license to abandon condom usage for all sexual encounters. as an r.n., i know we are
8:54 pm
facing sexually tran mied diseases, including gonorrhea and syphilis. to prevent a pandemic, usage of prep along with condoms for casual sexual encounters, i am happy to meet with you before or after the meeting. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. thank you for allowing me to come before you. my name is cynthia montez. i live at 201 harrison street. there is a project that is underway that we have filed an appeal for in which the board of supervisors will be hearing in the next couple of weeks. i want to make it clear that i'm not here against the
8:55 pm
project being built, i'm against what the design is right now, as well as the environmental impact that it's going to have on the residents at 201 harrison street. this project was brought before you -- this committee in 2009 and was sent back to the planning department -- san francisco planning department by you all. we do not believe that the san francisco planning department has met the obligations that was requested by you. [please stand by]
8:56 pm
>> it consists of an environmental consulting of a report by a man and trinity
8:57 pm
consulting environmental reports. my name is damon. baycrest is a naturally occurring affordable housing. it was originally contemplated as an affordable apartment rental. it was later converted into a condominium. this project has three large open space courtyards that face towards the southeast and fees courtyards were designed, at the time, because the planning commission was aware of the highly sensitive area that these residents were going to be placed in. subsequently, in 2,009, a bunch of us had to come and talk to folks on an appeal and our appeal based on the fact of the planning department did not do their job properly was
8:58 pm
upheld 10-1. i mean, 10-0. now, we are going to be appearing before you again and the reason we will be appearing before you again is that the planning department still has not properly engaged in the activities that they should have been engaging in. i do want to stress that what we are trying to do is to find a win-win solution here where we can have housing that is built that is properly mitigated. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you for your comments. neck speaker, please. >> hello. last week i showed my age in the judeo-christian tradition about adam wanting a recliner and a remote and multi screens. a younger man would probably want the ultimate game station. have a 1-1 relationship playing
8:59 pm
god in the games that they could play. adam would be very happy. the world cup, for all its administrative faults and corruption, much like the olympics, much like wells fargo, pg and e., the game is amazing. u.s. came to the world cup late. they came to the united nations and we are still waiting for them to come. but the game -- my team lost in a fair game. the next game was england and croatia and the referee did not call fouls. so the game was not as good. it wasn't a fair game. and the world, in the final, the same team that caused all of the fouls started right off and i forgot about touching the ball. they went for the foot.
9:00 pm
the referee called the game and the game was much better. that is what we do here. we call the rules, the regulations, and we call the fouls. turner classic movies had casablanca playing during the world cup and at the end of it, traditional for the ceremony, they had singing in the rain. i also want to remember that mario woods is a sculpture with a five police officers pointing their guns at him. i would like to place that sculpture on the right and left side of 850 bryant. the entrance. when we demolish it, that sculpture comes down. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you for your comments. after mission -- mr washington can't just pause for a moment. are there any members of the public who wish to address the board during general public comment? please get into line. >> you are welcome to call me ace