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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  July 24, 2018 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> president m. cohen: good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. i want to welcome you to the july 24th, 2018 meeting of the board of supervisors. thank you for being here. madam clerk, please call the roll. >> clerk: supervisor brown. president cohen present supervisor fewer present. supervisor kim present. supervisor peskin present supervisor ronen present
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supervisor safai present. supervisor stefani present supervisor tang not present. supervisor yee present. supervisor mandelman present. madam president, you have a quorum. >> president m. cohen: all right, ladies and gentlemen, please rise and place your right hand over your heart. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands one nation under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. >> president m. cohen: at this point i want to recognize our friends at sfgovtv for assisting us with today's broadcast. madam clerk, any communications? >> clerk: we have one. from supervisor katy tang dated july 16th indicating she would
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be away from today's meeting and would request to be excused from the meeting. >> president m. cohen: all right, thank you very much, madam clerk. is there a motion to excuse supervisor tang. take that without objection? all right, without objection. >> clerk: madam president, did we catch a second on that one? >> president m. cohen: motion by peskin and seconded by supervisor fewer. >> clerk: thank you. >> president m. cohen: we will take that without objection. thank you. madam clerk, i wanted to just recognize, we've got some folks, dignitaries in town. we've got the secretary of public affairs for the governor of puerto rico, mr. ramone rosario. we want to welcome you on behalf of the city and county of san francisco. we want to thank you for being here. [ applause ] and then traveling with mr. rosario is the deputy secretary of public policy mr. philippe mesa, also joining us today. [ applause ]
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all right, thank you very much. so colleagues, we are approving the minutes from june 19th, 2018 for the full board and the special meeting minutes of the budget and finance committee for june 18th 2018, is there a motion to approve the minutes? motioned by supervisor kim. seconded by supervisor brown. thank you very much. colleagues, we can take that without objection. without objection the meeting minutes will be approved after public comment. madam clerk, call the consent agenda. >> clerk: items 1-14 on consent considered to be routine. if a member objects an item could be removed and considered separately. >> president m. cohen: all right, thank you very much. madam clerk, on the consent agenda, could you please call the roll? >> clerk: on items 1-14. supervisor kim aye. supervisor mandelman aye. supervisor peskin aye
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supervisor ronen aye. supervisor safai aye. supervisor stefani aye. supervisor yee aye. supervisor brown aye. supervisor cohen aye. supervisor fewer aye. there are 10 aye's. >> president m. cohen: thank you. these items pass unanimously. madam clerk, let's go to the regular agenda starting with unfinished business. please call items 15-29. they comprise the budget and appropriation budget for all estimated receipts and ex pent tures -- expenditures of the city. item 16 is the annual salary ordinance to enumerate positions in the annual budget and appropriation ordinance for fiscal years ending june 30th,
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2019 and june 30th, 2020. item 17 is neighborhood beautification and graffiti clean up fund. item 18 administrative code for all planning code enforcement activities. item 19 ordinance to amend the administrative code to increase the balance of the district attorney's revolving fund to approximately $2,200. item 20 ordinance to amend the health code to set patient rates provided by the department of public health, july 1, 2018, through june 30th, 2021. item 21 administrative code to reclassify mayor's fund for home ps and navigation partnership fund. authorize same fund to receive grants, gifts and bee quests of
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money and to transfer administrative of the navigation partnerships fund from the mayor's oofs to the department of homeless ps and supportive housing. item 22 treasure island development authority budget. item 23, office of community investment and infrastructure, operating as successor agency to the san francisco redevelopment agency and approving issuance by o.c.i.i. bonds aggregate principle amount not to exceed $143 million. item 24 is a resolution to concur with the controller's establishment of the consumer price index for 2018. and adjusting access line tax rate by the same rate. item 25, proposition j contract certification. for specified services.
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item 26 is resolution to retroactively authorize the office of the district attorney to accept and expend a grant in the amount of $2.2 million from victim compensation board. item 27 california mental health services authority agreement to cover san francisco's obligation to pay for mental health treatment for san francisco foster children placed out of the county. item 28, resolution to authorize the acceptance and expenditure of state grant funds by the san francisco department of public health and item 29 a resolution to approve fiscal years 2019-2020 for homelessness and supportive housing. >> president m. cohen: thank you very much. i see we have supervisor peskin's name on the roster. >> supervisor a. peskin: thank
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you, madam president. colleagues. with regard to item 15, i own real property within 500 feet of washington square park and in the budget, the appropriation includes at page 232 an appropriation for the washington square water conservation project. so i have to recuse myself from that item and so what i would like to do is divide the question, which anyone supervisor has the right to do and divide that out, ask that you vote on that with me out of the room and then we could vote on the rest of the budget and i will return for the rest of the budget. >> president m. cohen: all right. >> supervisor a. peskin: i see the deputy city attorney may want to add something to that. >> president m. cohen: deputy city attorney? >> deputy city attorney jon givner, i gave supervisor
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peskin the wrong page number earlier. it would be page 230. the line that reads r.p.b.o.s. district projects. >> president m. cohen: thank you. so madam clerk, do we need to take a motion to excuse supervisor peskin? >> clerk: that is correct. >> president m. cohen: may i have a motion to excuse supervisor peskin. made by supervisor fewer, seconded by supervisor yee. supervisor fewer? >> supervisor s. fewer: i make a motion to divide the file. >> president m. cohen: that doesn't need a second, correct madam clerk? >> clerk: that's correct. >> president m. cohen: we have
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excused supervisor peskin, we will take up your motion and do a roll call vote supervisor fewer. can we take without objection item 15? no duplication, madam clerk. >> clerk: correct. >> president m. cohen: thank you. if we could take that same house, same call, noting the house has changed, supervisor peskin is not with us. madam clerk, without objection. supervisor fewer would you like to restate your motion again? >> supervisor s. fewer: i request that we divide for items 15 and 16 from the rest of the budget for a roll call vote, please. >> president m. cohen: all right. thank you supervisor peskin for rejoining us. motion has been made by viepzor fewer, is there a second? second by supervisor yee. this is a motion to divide the file and take a roll call vote. madam clerk.
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i would like to speak to the item before we take the vote. supervisor kim. >> supervisor j. kim: i would like to speak to the vote overall but not the divided question. >> president m. cohen: all right. supervisor, could you come up here and relieve me? thank you, colleagues. i just want to say a few remarks about the budget before we take any vote on it. i'm incredibly proud and excited we will be taking our first vote today. some of you may remember last year's budget process, quite frankly was a bruising process and quite contentious. while i believe each and every supervisor could stand by last year's final product, which we did by a matter of our vote and
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while we as a board funded a great number of programs to care for our city's most vulnerable, the path was arduous and difficult. this year we set out to have a stronger more transparent, more democratic process. we wanted to make sure we are funding the greatest needs, investing in the most effective programs. we started this budget process in february with the budget legislative analyst with each supervisorial office for their top priorities, resoundingly homelessness, clean streets. the budget committee did a deep dive, you may recall we held a hearing on the top three of those issues. homelessness, public safety and clean streets. we had what seemed and felt like a very long
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multi-departmental meetings to understand not only why but what we are funded and why and how we funded them in the past. but also what we are doing in those areas. carefully paying attention to identify the areas for improvement and of course, identifying investment opportunities. we identified the top investment areas in each of these opportunities urging the mayor to fund the best performing most needed programs from pit stop, expansions to clean navigation centers. if you could recall, this budget process started actually last year with mayor lee. the budget was introduced by mayor farrell and ultimately what we pass out of this chamber will be signed by mayor breed so it's been quite a unique budgetary process this year. nonetheless the mayor funded of the vast majority of our state prioritis in the june 1st budget, this is mayor farrell and subsequently mayor breed also signed off on the approval.
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over $2 million for pit stop expansion. if you remember supervisor kim, i think you in particular were vociferously advocating. money for new big belly trash cans to keep trash from spilling on our streets, $6.6 million for corridor managers to assist with the cleanliness of our corridors. purchase of five new steam cleaners and $5.2 million for workforce development. and almost $27 million dollars in proposed investments in homelessness, including a tay navigation center, treatment centers, and staff for the street medicine team. now those are just some of the budget priorities identified by the budget committee and funded through the mayor's budget. what we have done is use these priorities as a framework. a framework to evaluate the
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department's proposed budget asking a handful of specific questions. for example, how do these investments made further these priorities. what investments are missing? where should we be funding more, where should we be cutting and funding less? as we know the judge budget city has been a chaotic time where community benefit organizations quite frankly first responders on the ground doing the work have come directly to the board to request funding. historically we call this the add-back process and it's been behind closed doors with very little understanding of who was advocating for what, or how the final programmatic spending will be determined. this year we made publicly available the list of organizations individual requests. i don't know if you know these
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lists hold approximately $140 million with 41% of that for housing and homelessness, 15% for youth services, 13% for community and neighborhood services. so rather than funding specific organizations, i put forward a policy. a policy-driven spending plan proposal. and we solicited feedback from the public, yourself, members of this body and advocates on this particular proposal and through an a process we grew the spending plan just over $41 million allocated for the issues that were publicly supported in this very chamber. so yesterday as well as today, mayor breed announced additional $1.7 million for those same priorities we identified. and it's through the mayor's office and the mayor's office has shared the details of the
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additional funding yesterday as well as hard copis are available here in our chamber for today. these additional amendments $1 million toward stabilizing housing for people with mental health issues, that's $725,000 for clean streets and the fix-it team. quite frankly they are in line with our publicly stated process. at this moment i want to take a moment and thank everyone who helped us in this budget reform journey. i particularly want to acknowledge my vice chair sandy fewer and her aid chelsey boulliard. supervisor yee being stalwart and taking a leadership lead. supervisor sheehy instrumental to get this budget where we are today. i also want to recognize the
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aides in supervisor sheehy and yee's office and call out sophia kittler my legislative aide in my office. they join us in dozens of hours of hearing and public comment to make sure we are investing in the best, most effective city programs. we have had substantial policy discussions, differences of opinions, but they held with me in the chamber and they shared in this commitment to keep the process accountable and most importantly keep it policy-driven. i also want to take a moment and recognize jon givner, ben rosenfield the controller and kelly kir patrick at the time the acting budget director and now appointed as budget director, congratulations ms. kirkpatrick. this is the team that guided this that started in the fall last year. i also need to recognize harvey
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rose and severin campbell who helped us whittle down the fat that we found in the mayor's budget and helping us find salary savings and additional moneys available. this is an impeccable team, thank you very much for being a part of this process. i hope, colleagues, you will join me in unanimously approving this budget. at this point i would like to make a motion. this is a motion to accept the mayor's proposed budget amendments. this is to amend item 15 and item 16 in the technical amendment letter. this letter was sent to us yesterday. from mayor breed. and also i ask that you approve items 15-29. this is the entirety of the budget. thank you. >> motion made by supervisor fewer, seconded by supervisor yee. >> president m. cohen: motion made by supervisor cohen. >> supervisor a. peskin: i'm
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sorry, my bad. i see supervisor fewer's up on the screen. >> supervisor s. fewer: after the vote of the amendment, the motion you made. i'm not speaking on your motion. >> supervisor a. peskin: okay, any of the other supervisors on the screen want to speak to president cohen's motion? supervisor kim? supervisor yee to president cohen's motion? >> thank you. i want to thank mayor breed for her proposal yesterday which would add $1 million to support seniors and adults residing in what we call residential care facilities. her proposal supports my earlier effort starting last year to raise greater attention on a need to save and expand our city's supply of residential care facilities. otherwise known as board and care assisted living. the residents of these board
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and care homes are often some of the city's most vulnerable, who suffer from severe mental illness and medical complexities and are unable to safely live independently in their own homes. these residents depend on board and care housing to stay close to their families and friends, in their communities in san francisco. but too often, the cost of staying in a board and care home is too expensive. costs can run an average of $4500 a month to upwards of $6,000 a month. as of january 1st 2017 social security only covered $1200 a month. that is what we call this so-called patch funding, in which mayor breed has included with the $1 million to fill the gap between what a client can
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afford and what social security can cover. i since learned about this patch funding a year ago when i held a hearing last december on residential care facilities for the elderly, or what we call r.c.f.e.'s the department of aging and adult services, department of public health and the hospital council presented their findings. this issue of rapid r.c.f.e. closures was raised by the community and during the budget process. i was able to work with my colleagues to secure $600,000 towards patch funding in the new fiscal year 2018-2019 through the add-back process. from my personal experience, i think it's a shame we are moving seniors out of the county away from their families and communities. to provide some context, in the last six years, there's been a nearly 20% decrease in the supply of r.c.f.e.'s in san
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francisco. as of june 2017, when compared to neighboring counties, san francisco had the lowest ratio of r.c.f.e. beds for seniors. 29 beds per 1,000 people. the closures are due to a variety of factors, increasingly expensive operations, which causes many of these family-owned businesses to close. the lack of long-term care facilities for seniors is not just a san francisco issue, it's a regional and state wide issue. while mayor breed's funding would go toward seniors suffering from more complex medical issues and require a higher level of care, the funding i secured goes toward seniors who require a lower level of care. it is important that as a city we serve the entire range of seniors who need assisted living and i'm glad that i can work with mayor breed's office
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in improving our city's continuum of long-term care. with this additional funding from the mayor, our combined funding will start the process of finding longer term solutions to the challenge of improving our entire continuum of long-term care. in march this year i created a work group to further study the supply. the work will be housed in the mayor's long-term coordinated care council and meet monthly starting in august. members will include representatives from the mayor's budget office, the mayor's office of budget and economic workforce development, adult aging services department of public health, u.c.s.f. and private hospitals and foundations.
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and also non-profits serving seniors and home care provider organizations. i really look forward to working with my colleagues, mayor breed and the work group in the coming months to develop sustainable solutions to stabilize and expand the supply of this critical housing for our city's seniors so we can prevent our seniors from becoming homeless and make sure our seniors can age with dignity and compassion. in their communities. thank you. >> supervisor a. peskin: thank you, supervisor yee. colleagues, let me first acknowledge our former mayor agnes here in the council chambers. thank you for joining us mayor agnes. i would suggest we take president cohen's amendment and then go to supervisor fewer's
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divided file and then adopt, hopefully items 15-29 with the one sliver that you adopted without me in the chambers. so on supervisor cohen's motion made and seconded, madam clerk, can we have a roll call please. >> clerk: supervisor kim aye. supervisor mandelman aye. supervisor peskin aye. supervisor ronen aye. supervisor safai aye. supervisor stefani aye. supervisor yee aye. supervisor brown aye. supervisor cohen aye. supervisor fewer aye. there are 10 aye's. >> supervisor a. peskin: the amendment is adopted. all right, supervisor fewer, the floor is yours. >> supervisor s. fewer: i just want to say this is the first year i served on the budget committee and it's been an honor to serve the public of san francisco in this capacity.
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i would like to thank supervisor, or president cohen for her leadership and also my colleague on the budget committee, supervisor stefani and also supervisor yee and supervisor sheehy. i think we did really good solid work there. >> supervisor a. peskin: there were a few trying moments. >> supervisor s. fewer: yes all the time with our budget but i think this is a budget that really reflects the needs of san francisco and we pushed hard. i think we couldn't have done it without harvey rose and severin and all the people in the b.l.a. staff, i want to thank our controller, jon givner and also sophia kittler from supervisor cohen's office and my legislative aide chelsey boulliard.
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the san francisco transportation agency, unfortunately under charter rules we have no set in the budget except to vote it up or down. i feel very strongly about a question i brought forward to the m.t.a. about our taxi drivers and getting relief from the burden having bought medallions. i feel that question was not answered adequately, so unfortunately i cannot support their budget today but look forward to working closely with them for a remedy for these very hard-working taxi drivers who have been sort of a casualty of our robust tnc industry in san francisco. i have to say this year was different than last year and i want to thank supervisor cohen for revising how it was done last year and also listening to board members about the process and coming up with a process, i think, this year was so much
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smoother and actually i think people really felt their voices were heard. i also urge everyone to approve this budget. i think it really does represent the needs of san francisco and i think all of us really listened hard to the needs. thank you. >> supervisor a. peskin: and supervisor fewer, please forgive me because i was actually out when you divided, did you divide the question or duplicate the file? >> supervisor s. fewer: we divided. what we would do is vote separately on the san francisco m.t.a. budget and then another vote for the rest of the budget. >> supervisor a. peskin: understood. before we do that, supervisor kim followed by supervisor ronen. >> supervisor j. kim: thank you. i also just want to express a couple words on the budget we are about to pass for this upcoming 2018-2019 fiscal year
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and i also want to acknowledge president cohen and her staff for leading us through another budget process and doing it in a way, i think, helped bring us all together. and also a unanimous consensus around how to spend down $10 billion in a way that best reflects what we can do to make this the best city possible. to expand our free summer college program. last year as now supervisor mandelman knows was an incredible success seeing up to 50% enrollment increase in the fall semester and we want to make sure this program is available year round. with the close to $28 million prop w. brought in just in the first year of its implementation we want to make sure we are dedicating its dollars to the promise we made
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to the residents of the city and county of san francisco. i am also excited to see many of the programs we have continued to want to see funded, whether it is increasing services for our immigrant communities with voter registration outreach and protection, ensuring that we are keeping our neighborhoods clean. as we see the increasing rise of complaints on 3-1-1 around cleanliness of our streets, i really want to thank our mayor's office. mayor lee, mayor farrell and mayor breed for assurance they are providing additional 44 street cleaners, big belly receptacles which we launched in yerba buena last month that is a great amenity to our residents along with the pit stop program we first began in the tenderloin neighborhood in 2014 which grew from initial
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three pilot pit stops to 18 and now we will see five more pit stops come into place. i also want to acknowledge the work of several supervisors including supervisor ronen and cohen and breed on support cultural districts. ensuring we are both preserving but also activating the multitudes of communities that make san francisco the great city that it is. i just want to finally note that as we move through the budget process for 2018-2019 that supervisor yee and i will be working on a supplemental appropriation for 2019 to begin the launch of child care for all. affordable child care for all, a measure that was passed via proposition c on june 5th. while there are a number of things pending as we excitedly await its launch, we do want to
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figure out ways to ensure that we are establishing this program as the revenue comes in and figure out how we can finally do that. finally, i will add, i am committed as supervisor fewer on continuing our conversation on our lowest-paid city workers, minimum wage ordinance, i know several supervisors are interested seeing how we could have a discussion how we pay our lowest paid minimum wage workers, minimum wage rose to $15 an hour, many city workers are barely making above minimum wage and we know the city has always tried to do better. we know minimum wage was never about lifting people into the low class it was about lifting families out of destitution, we know we can do better than that and i look forward to see how we can make that reality happen for our lowest-paid workers. congratulations, everyone.
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>> supervisor a. peskin: thank you. supervisor ronen? >> supervisor h. ronen: thank you. i want to start with thank you to president cohen, the budget committee and entire committee, fewer, yee, stefani and sheehy. i agree, as well, that the process was so much better this year and i particularly appreciated how we had open hearings about the add-back process and we had those discussions together in public. i thought that not only is that a much more transparent way but it's probably how we should have been doing it all along. i just wanted to appreciate your leadership, supervisor cohen for making that happen. i also want to give a really special thanks to your staff and particularly sophia kittler. it was one of the most organized budget processes that i've ever seen and sophia was
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accessible at all times to my staff and they couldn't stop talking about how impressive she was and i felt the same way. so i just want to shout out sophia and give her a huge thanks. i also want to highlight, in addition to everything everyone has already mentioned something that i am very proud of and excited about in the budget process is that we fully funded three positions for the newly-created office, sexual harassment and assault prevention office. the fact we are passing a budget that includes this office in it, even before we create it is a testament to how badly it's needed and i just want to appreciate all my colleagues for supporting that ask of mine. and finally, or two more things. with the m.c.o.i., i also want
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to mention that's a priority of mine i'm very sad we weren't able to work out during the budget process. i know that supervisor fewer, supervisor cohen and the mayor are talking about the m.c.o. but i just want to say if something cannot be figured out and passed quickly, i think the lowest paid workers in the city have waited long enough and that's incumbent on us to pass a budget supplemental as quickly as possible. so i'm happy to wait a few more weeks to try to make sure that's settled but i certainly, for one, am prepare today go the supplemental route if we must to make sure that raise happens and then finally while i will be supporting the m.t.a. budget today, i just want to echo supervisor fewer in saying, i too, have been very upset how the m.t.a. has been treating the taxi drivers, who spent their entire life savings
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and then some to buy those medallions when they became worthless, basically. i do not feel the response of the m.t.a. has been adequate, even close to adequate. i will just go on record saying i will be prepared next year to vote against the m.t.a. budget if we do not find a solution for these workers in the interim. with that, i just wanted to again thank you and that's all. >> supervisor a. peskin: supervisor yee? > supervisor n. yee: thank you. i want to also thank commissioner, t.a. commissioner cohen, supervisor cohen, chair cohen, president cohen. i have to also join the chorus of having an open process
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during the budget process. i think we had very good debates during the process and sometimes we had to give, sometimes we win some. i thought it was well-run. san francisco police budget, one of these things i lost some arguments there. again, it's all about give and take. and the nice thing about the
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issues i raised with the staffing saying how can we get police officers on the street faster and people didn't buy the argument at the time but the nice thing is we didn't just leave it. we agreed the controller's office should look at the 6-8 officers that could be civilianized which would quickly then have police officers on the street rather than sitting behind a desk. hopefully that study will come soon so we can actually continue having a discussion around that particular issue. i want to thank also ben rosenfield's office, harvey and severin of b.l.a. and jon givner deputy city attorney and
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kelly kirkpatrick, and congratulations kelly kirkpatrick to your new assignment. i want to really thank all of you as a team, you worked really well with the budget committee. a few things i appreciated that we were able to support even further than the budget presented to us are things around food security. we did real well on that. we did real well in trying to get more services for seniors. such lacking. even with the dignity fund that president cohen lead in that proposition, even though we won that, it's just not enough. i want to thank all my colleagues to understand even though we had prop-c education
2:46 pm
initiative passing, this understanding it might not kick in real quickly and that we needed some gap funding to make sure we don't leave existing infants and toddlers in service be left out of the loop. so thank you for your $2 million for early education e.c.e. piece that was added back. i want to thank my colleagues on the budget committee besides chair cohen. vice chair sandy fewer and catherine stefani and supervisor sheehy. thank you very much. >> supervisor a. peskin: president cohen. >> president m. cohen: i will go last, i will let my colleagues go and go after them. >> supervisor a. peskin: supervisor safai? >> supervisor a. safai: thank
2:47 pm
you, chair peskin, president cohen. i just want to acknowledge the work that went into the budget process, a stark contrast between year-1 and year-2. i think there were significant improvements made to the overall progress. i really appreciate the time and be able to have conversations about priorities citywide in the add-back process, both in this chamber and listening to the community and synthesizing that information. i wanted to highlight a few things in particular we are proud about, expanding the ability for young students in the high school age group 14-18 to have access to coding and math and additional pathways into accessing the technological revolution, really happy about the opportunity to fund that. we had a significant amount of conversation around filling gaps that were created in the department of children youth and budget so that was
2:48 pm
reflecting well in the budget process and really appreciated the guidance of chair cohen, now president cohen. i want to also highlight another particular funding allocation we were able to make on a citywide basis, which was providing pregnant teenagers, young women in particular, with the opportunity to learn about child care in the child care industry and pathway for employment and self sufficiency. i thought that was a very important allocation, even though it was a small amount relative to the overall size of the budget. but, i think it was the beginning of a conversation we could have significant impact in an industry both they are experiencing firsthand as new mothers but also one as a pathway for employment in an ever increasingly expensive city to live in. our district add-backs were significant in terms of, as i said, department of children youth and families and the shortfalls there.
2:49 pm
we worked to fund after-school programs, we were able to fund educational programs and fund opportunities for children to be out and learn about the environment. and again, we were happy to see the funding from the mayor's office for our ever-increasing tree canopy and our desire to increase trees. in something as simple as planting a tree in front of people's yards we are super excited to tree and green district 11. that was something that was a big desire we heard over and over again as well as safety and pedestrian safety. appreciate cohen, your leadership and this process was something very different from year one. so thank you for all the committee members on the budget, the controller, budget legislative analyst, mayor's office and kelly kirkpatrick and her team and all the other city attorneys that advise us to walk a fine line, deputy city attorney givner being at
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the front of that. thank you very much. >> supervisor a. peskin: thank you, supervisors. supervisor stefani? >> supervisor c. stefani: thank you, supervisor peskin. i want to echo my colleagues gratitude for the process and the budget and finance committee. supervisor fewer, yee and sheehy and to president cohen. it was an amazingly-smooth process. and also, i have to say, it was fun at times. because president cohen is not dry when it comes to budget and finance. one would think numbers could be, but not when chair cohen is leading us through budget and finance. so i want to really thank you for the process. it was truly remarkable how smooth it went. i was a legislative aide for three years so i especially want to call out the legislative aide who helped us through because we can't do it without them and call out the
2:51 pm
public safety investments and through the add-back process, the domestic violence consortium. i think we did a lot for women in this budget and i was very proud to co-sponsor with president ronen the s.h.a.r.p. office and i want to call out the survivors who came out to tell us the stories. we wouldn't have that investment if we had not had their voices here in the chamber. and just to recognize the power in telling your story and the power in encouraging other women to do so and i can't thank them enough for making the s.h.a.r.p. office happen and the investments we were able to make in public safety and women, and basically domestic violence and family council, i think is something we can all be proud of. thank you, again, president cohen for how you lead budget and finance, it was an honor to be on there with you. >> supervisor a. peskin: president cohen? >> president m. cohen: thank you.
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just a few last-minute remarks. i'm touched by all of the kind words but i think the greatest tribute would be to continue to move this process forward. the budget process doesn't begin june 1st when the mayor turns over the budget, it actually begins in september and budget committee members know this. so sophia and i will be leaving information behind. there are still tweaks to the budget process but above all else, we need to make sure we change and depart from the way we did business before in the dark. that also includes changing our nomenclature, right? it's not about add-backs it's a city-wide spending plan that should be hard fought policy-driven. this process we went through this year was, i think, streamlined the process but it
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took out the politics. the politics i have heard people complaining, not only colleagues but our non-profit partners and service providers. we need to make sure we are sharing information and being as clean and transparent as possible, that's the duty and responsibility we have add elected leaders. so i want to encourage not only the members who served on this committee, but there will be new members moving forward, as you become more familiar with this budget process, please embrace it and supervisor yee, you will be the old man on the board. you are going to be one of the most senior members on this body. so i'm grateful to have been able to serve with you. and again, admired your leadership role in this entire conversation. and again, it is without question, we need to continue to up lift transparency and make sure that's what we are always honoring so we have integrity in our work.
2:54 pm
and also budget can be fun, supervisor stefani, you learn a lot when you learn where the budgets are. with that, madam clerk, i cannot think of two more people i need to recognize, that is ms. linda wong. linda wong is an incredible clerk. incredible. she is tireless. when she does get tired in those rare instances you have victor young ready to step up and relieve her. these two were absolutely critical in helping us making sure our agenda was publicly noticed and thed motions were in sync with the actions, making sure the file was accurate. all of this compounds the transparency process we try to do. often times it's behind the scenes and under appreciated. and we give a lot of love to our legislative aids and finance team and b.l.a. team but we have to give love to the clerk's office. linda wong and victor young thank you. and colleagues, i hope we are ready to vote.
2:55 pm
>> supervisor a. peskin: thank you. we will start when we have a couple of our colleagues back here in a second. with supervisor fewer's division of the m.t.a. budget which pursuant to the city and charter of county of san francisco can only be rejected in whole, requires seven votes to reject. so we will start with the m.t.a. budget, a roll call on that item, please, madam clerk? >> clerk: supervisor kim aye. supervisor mandelman aye. supervisor peskin aye. supervisor ronen aye. supervisor safai no. supervisor stefani no. supervisor yee -- >> supervisor a. peskin: will one of you make a motion to rescind the vote. >> president m. cohen: i make a motion to rescind the vote. >> supervisor a. peskin: is there a second?
2:56 pm
second by supervisor kim. we are rescinding the vote. the question before this body is whether you want to approve the m.t.a. budget. so if you vote in the affirmative you want to approve it, if you vote in the negative you will disapprove it. with that, a roll call vote please. >> president m. cohen: supervisor peskin, one more time explain, please. >> supervisor a. peskin: the item before us is to approve the divided question. the question is, do you want to adopt the m.t.a. budget which pursuant to the charter we have to adopt or reject in whole. if you vote no., you are voting to reject the entire m.t.a. budget. if you vote yes you are voting to adopt the m.t.a. budget. and with that, madam clerk, a roll call please. >> clerk: supervisor kim --
2:57 pm
>> supervisor a. peskin: i'm sorry? supervisor stefani, do you have a question? >> supervisor c. stefani: i took care of it. >> clerk: supervisor kim, aye. mandelman aye. peskin aye. supervisor ronen aye. supervisor safai aye. supervisor stefani aye. supervisor yee aye. supervisor brown aye. supervisor cohen aye. supervisor fewer no. there are nine aye's and one no with supervisor fewer in the dissent. >> supervisor a. peskin: the m.t.a. budget is adopted. and on the balance of items 15-29, a roll call, please. >> clerk: supervisor kim aye. supervisor mandelman aye. supervisor peskin aye. supervisor ronen aye. supervisor safai aye. supervisor stefani aye. supervisor yee aye.
2:58 pm
supervisor brown aye. supervisor cohen aye. supervisor fewer aye. there are 10 aye's. >> supervisor a. peskin: all right, the annual appropriations ordinance annual salary ordinance and related items are adopted on first reading. congratulations. >> president m. cohen: madam clerk. it is almost 3:00 but i want to go to 2:30 accommodations. i understand supervisor safai has a 2:30 accommodation? >> supervisor a. safai: thank you, everyone. today i rise to honor captain hart in our entire ingleside police station. captain hart has been at the ingleside police station for a
2:59 pm
little over a year or going on a year, in the short amount of time one of the most vexing problems we have had to deal with over a decade plus in the ingleside community excelsior parts of the lakeview, outer mission, cayuga mission terrace, bernal heights, it's the largest police district in the entire city of san francisco, or second largest. it covers a significant amount of ground, portola as well. in particular what i wanted to honor today and call out is the actions that were highlighted most recently the beginning of june. sunday morning around 7:00 in the morning, a phone call came in, guns and a gang fight ensued. and this was the remnants of these illegal gambling shacks and parlors, they have prostitution, they have violent
3:00 pm
activity and drugs and a tremendous amount of impact. i can't under state these operations and it's harder, i think for many of the colleagues i sit with on this board to understand what i'm talking about. their corridors and parts of town don't have these activities any more. [please stand by.]