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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  July 30, 2018 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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stranded on the ledge no injuries. june 16th, bay rescue of three kayakers. on june 17th, confined space fire. i mention it on our previous report. on june 17th, kayaker in distress. on june 27th, cliff rescue. more like a helping a dog afterwards. the dog fell about 100 feet off the cliff. luckily for the dog it was mostly sand. on june 27th, there's a collision involving pedal cab.
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the driver succumb from his injuries. on june 28th, there was a adult male rescue and evaluated for mental issues. some of the functions that came up during the month on june 12th, actually another notable incident. retired chief helped save a man from burning car in oakland. good job rick. on june 14, held a barbecue through national utility safety month. citing one of the best in the
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country. they doing a good job. we participated in several pride activities. june 25th paramedic matt lane received -- june 28th, car accident survivor, this is an accident that the chief responded to. i'm proud to say that sffd firefighters won the basketball game. great job. more about outreach, during
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every report, if you want to find out realtime announcements, our department twitter account is @stdpio. we continue to hand out education material. i like to remind the public, sign up for emergency notifications by texting alert sf all caps. no space to 88877. i like to mention an app it's calmed citizens app. there's a fire other day on saturday it was at this hotel. before i got to working fire, they came up on this citizens app. somebody was video taping it. it's a unique app to put on your phone.
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other events, crews conducted bridge construction on the golden gate bridge. >> you want to go to the overhead? >> yes please. this is just our crews showing people what we do. there's an oil spill or something spilled on the bay, this will help contain it if it's on the surface. it's one of our bike medics at sfo. they doing a great job. this was the confined space
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where they had the fire and freeway. this was the sheep dog i was telling you about earlier. still kicking. more of the help. these kids, they taught these kids more not just the ems, they taught them what we do with fires. this was the patient right here that they rescued. this was a very serious auto excavation. it took a long time. very we're proud the kid is walking. if you look close, you can see the chief. he's smiling.
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got firefighter rescue at t.i. that's the end of that. this is the co2 unit at work. it's out of t.i. the sound track is dedicated to friend of mine that lost apollo when he was a young kid. back to the overhead. if sound track works. if it doesn't, it's not working. i can talk through the video. this our rescue squad. they are showing up at the
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d.o.t. mercedes donated a car for this. we're very happy that we got these. you'll see the gentleman working on these cars. [video] >> there you go. >> three, two, one. ♪
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♪ co2 unit.
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they display the oxygen. ♪ thank you john baxter and ems training for that video. appreciate it. on to ems, crews respond to reports multiple shooting harris and 24th street. one was pronounced dead at the scene and the other was
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transported. pedal cabs i like to thank cochran for the multipl multipl. done throughout june. commissioner veronese i added the identifiable home address. we updated that report for you. it's on page 15. ems six. we went to tenth. one of the areas -- we put the station's numbers for you. next month we'll have the address of the stations so the public know where they are at. ems6 doing good job. also attached to my report is
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fire prevention investigation as well as the airport. i like to mention congratulations to you. thank you and great job. i like to congratulate rex hale, assistant chief. there's a guy that i respect a guy. he's one of my dad's best friends. he's company officer station six. rex was one of the young firefighters. he told me after the fire, he's the real deal and he was right. good job. that concludes my report. any questions i'm available. >> president cleaveland: any public comment on the chief's report? seeing none. public comment is closed. commissioner covington. >> commissioner covington: thank you mr. president. chief gonzalez, can you talk
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little bit about confined space rescue and tie that in with there being no height restrictions for recruits into the department? >> i have restriction. there are no height restrictions. old days, it used to be how tall they have to be to get in the truck. 5'8". there used to be restrictions in that regard. >> commissioner covington: not everybody -- you can do the job and the chief of the departments downing the job --
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>> what you're getting at. historically someone thought as a firefighter, the idea firefighters are strapping 6'4" male. we've seen time after time. depending on the nation we're responding to, sometimes the smaller statues ups it through a window. we'll serve that purpose much better. >> i understand you have photos. >> yes ma'am. i was just doing little recruitment plug there. if you've 5'5" and healthy, you
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can go for it by all means. >> commissioner covington: i want to thank chief for showing me around on inauguration day and reviewing the action plan with me. the plan she and chief cochran developed. that is something i always like to do for the big events. i find it very helpful and informative since i never been to the fire academy. >> you're always lick, no doubt. >> commissioner covington: i do gain lot of new jersey just going over the process of how the department plans to protect the city during these large events. i want to thank you for that.
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certainly welcome to the guy who use to be the new guy on the block. thank you for attending so we can keep praise on your head. i wanted to ask, do you have a break down of the number of marine and rescues? >> you guys asked me that before. i'm going to get the stats every year this year. >> commissioner covington: i can just take them going forward. that will be fine. i saw these wonderful photos
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that you have added to your report over the past half year or so. the you key talk about operation genesis. i see the youth cpr and "stop the bleed." they wanthey wanted to know mort operation genesis? >> here it is. thanks chief. 6:20:06 to - some of these kidse
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challenged growing up. they trying to get in the right direction and both programs are helping. >> very good. could you give you more information about the program -- for teenagers that is part of the black firefighters. >> i can get that information for you. covingtoi spoke with friend of e ehefs and commissioner hardeman who works kids as well. he brought some kid bithe heads
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during the mo month. it was great talking to these kids. you reach them. that's very rewarding. i'll find out that information. >> commissioner covington: how many students did mr. griffin bring by? >> we were going to bring eight or five but it was three to the or four. jii thannian nothing throws up s always inspiring. thank you for your report. >> thank you commissioner covington. commissioner hardeman.
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>> commissioner hardeman: thank you chief gonzalez. you did remarkable job. the you didn't get into trouble. i followed you a couple of times. it's sad with all the video they have of that, they can't identify that vehicle. it's too bad that the guy died, 65-year-old guy just trying to prevent it and just trying to see during that taking people down to the ball game or something. that was just too bad. the jaws of life couple of years ago, we had lot of complaints we didn't have enough of those. >> they've done good job spraying rescue squads in our trucks with the new genesis.
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>> good evening commissioners, chief. assistant deputy chief tony. we did purchase new chordless electric tools for the truck panes. there's engine 59 that responds out of the golden gate bridge. our older style units are gasoline powered. not only can they put into service quickly, they don't emit any gases. they're not allowed. they run on battery packs or we can actually hook them to up a generator, plug-in to like our
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rescue squads. they design for high strength steam cutting. which has been used on vehicles built after 2007. our -- older jaw of life were designed for older vehicles. they are very robust. the electronics are actually made in germany but the factor where all the hydraulics and tools put together, they've been
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preceptive to ou -- preceptive f our need. >> commissioner hardeman: it's good to see that we have up to date latest. thank you chief. >> i wanted to add part of our contract purchasing those tool was on gaining training -- ongoing training by the manufacture. they show us all the different features and knew vehicles that have possible issues that we maybe coming up with. we do have ongoing training. >> thank you.
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>> commissioner hardeman: you had all the written report then you added the photos. you're overwhelming us with happiness with this report. >> whatever you need commissioner. joanne probably doesn't see it. it was a very interesting and -- the public surprised variety different things the firefighters does everyday. chief hale, congratulations. hen i we. -- happy nature voucher . nice to see you getting the promotion. congratulations. i wish i you -- very nice event
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there. chief cochran, you went back to new york and did you see all the new memorial and go to stakes 10 equipment been there before four or fiver years ago.
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>> two things in new york, i responded in ground zero in san francisco. opening ceremony was at the memorial. very moving like i said. brought lot of memories back. the whole week we went over terrorism and working with the fbi. it was very good week. good week of remembrance. >> commissioner hardeman: saw photo of you lined up, a group of you. terrific, and allowed to see you and you guys got to go back in
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this department. folks back there in new york is great. >> thank you. >> thank you commissioner hardeman. chief hayes-white. >> chief hayes-white: i was to comment on the program you were referring to that supervisor cohen put forward, that is well under way. we can provide more information on that endeavor. it's working very well. >> vice president nakajo: thank you very much. cleaveland. good evening chief gonzalez.
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>> i know commissioners made reference to your report. our report seems to get thicker by each commission meeting. which is good. >> all delegation. >> vice president nakajo: i understand that. as commissioner enjoyed reports and identification of all the command post that is sitting there as we get the reports from the various units. which is a lot. it shows you how much we're doing in this fire department. i do appreciate the photos. i have two questions. one in terms of -- i appreciate the video in terms of the jaws of identification again. >> jaws of life.
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>> vice president nakajo: which brought me to this question. are we the department into a different training technique when it comes to cars that are electrical versus the traditional -- >> electrical there's concern getting shocked. you have to be cognizant of that. the higher -- some of the main philosophy, whatever kind of car it is, you will security scar first. you would need to block it and don't let the tires out. you try to work away from the patient as much. you have so stabilize the
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patience. they had paramedics right in there with the patient. it was very challenging and it took them a few hours. first time i've heard of field amputation being considered. there was a doctor on his way. they were able to get him out. >> vice president nakajo: are we under special training for electrical cars? >> we have done some training. we can do more training. >> vice president nakajo: i'm curious with the popularity of electric cars. i want top make sure we're ready and able to deal with all the elements. i have a particular session session in terms of this year's pride parade day.
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it was spectacular in terms of events and such. i know there was unofficial number of individuals who came. it seemed bigger, larger more intense. my pager was going off constantly in terms of the medical calls and the response of that. at some point, i thought whether or not we were in capacity or maximum. it seem like that the volume of the pride private day and interactions and all events in the city was pretty large. i know the command center was inactive. i know this report is going to be post-pride. it felt bigger and more things going on. there were lot of medical calms
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during that day. from beginning to end. serious calls as well. i wanted to know if there was some action on the medical side. i was just wanted to see what you were thinking and your take away. >> good evening. i can get numbers for you about what happened on pride sunday and certainly overall pride weekend. we did step up. we stepped up our ambulances and survivors. i have a separate task force for covering the parade on sunday. we were busy. we're busy pretty much every weekend. certainly pride weekend, we will be busy.
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>> that's what i wanted to hear chief. i wanted to reassurance in terms of our capacity. just from -- it was hot that day as well. >> it got warmer and then turned hohot. thank you mr. president. >> president cleaveland: commis. >> commissioner veronese: i wanted to point outs to the public. fire department last month ponded to 12,491 calls. >> what page page are you looking at?
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>> commissioner veronese: it's page two and three. there's a call tab and then there's a total. >> that th >> congratulations on that. i don't think the citizens of this city don't fully understand. they see an ambulance go by. 12,000 calls is a lot of calls. good job. i up with -- a pager a square device a looks like taken peeps
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-- that's what a pager looks like. thank you for your history lesson commissioner veronese. >> president cleaveland: thank you chief gonzalez for your report. i want to thank also lieutenant baxter for the video and for the excellent outreach to the department is doing to the community. education kill the citizens. fir-- thank youfor that. mentioned in your report, dwayne eckert received paramedic of the year.
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ca >> yes, sir. >> finally congratulations chief hale on your appointment. thank you for your report. >> item six, commission report, report on commission activities since last meeting on june 27, 2018. >> president cleaveland: any public comment. seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner hardeman. >> commissioner hardeman: i thought i save special spot for vice president nakajo and his honor from the emperor. that was a big deal. just like commissioner veronese was saying. to be honored like that with a wonderful meal, it was
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fantastic. you spoiled us. i thought we might have to go out to dinner. it was just wonderful. i'm very familiar with the japanese general. i been there so many times, generally to celebrate the emperor's birthday in december.
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there's nine port sister cities. that's a big deal. i enjoyed it. it was great to be honored there. as usual, the staff of the fire department shows up with their uniforms and looking good and sharp. it's nice for the public to see you in and they love you. i wanted to give you tip of the hat again vice president nakajo, congratulations. >> commissioner covington: thank you mr. president. it was a wonderful event and nakajo family has been so one
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the numerous times. it really is so great to have someone on our commission who is dedicated to the city and dedicated to his community. the man only had one job in his life. a job lasted for 45 years. we have known each other for almost 40 years. it has been a pleasure to continue to be in his orbit. he continues to contribute not just him and his family and the
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murray family, he has inspired so many young people top also come forward and to do what's necessary to keep him. i really appreciate you for that. my dear friend, good work. i wanted to mention that commissioner nakajo and i were part of the mayor's transition team. commissioner nakajo served on public safety and i served on house. those two committees maybe
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reconvened at a later date. i mentioned those two because there was a report out. we had a summit two weeks ago on a saturday. ii would like to put forward the idea of having a retreat. at this time, i will not go into detail on some of the ideas and
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their specifics. i think that's for a later time. this is just a report out what was done. even though i was on the housing committee, the housing transition team, there were quite few things that came up that are germane to the fire department. many of which i'm very happy to share when the time has been selected to do so. i wanted to get that out and i don't know if we want to put it on the agenda for next time. those two particular challenges that we face in the city, public
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safety and housing, the task is daunting. we really need all hands on deck to address these issues. there were numerous teams. there was arts, education, any number of things. all covering and some way, areas of human endeavor. i'll put it that way. i would appreciate the feedback from my fellow commissioners at this meeting as to whether or not you want to go over these items as of a formal body or to do it in a more informal setting which would be a retreat.
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so thank you. mr. president. thank you very much commissioners for your kind comments in terms of the recent acknowledgemenacknowledgement i. it was a medal, a beautiful medal. described as order of the rising sun. there's not just myself, there's quite bit of individuals in united states in are recognized on an annual basis. for japan as a nation to recognize the work that we've done here in san francisco. also to work we do in san francisco with the fire department. i very much appreciate all of your kind remarks and very much,
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it does mean so much to me and my family. shifting gears mr. president, piggy backing off commissioner covington, just for point of information, myself retired officer, tom o'connor with the three individuals that were honored by being named on mayor's transition policy team. as commissioner covington indicated there were many different identifications. what was interesting about that summit on the -- former president andrea evans was part of that transition committee. it was wonderful it see different segments of san francisco that came together. we had 24 members.
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of the members were only three that are fire. how that was conducted by two cultures, over two conference calls. if you can imagine, a concentrate cal--conference cal4 different individuals stating their point of view. the rest were consumers as well as different representatives from the san francisco police department. i applaud the pair for organizing this concept of transitions because in terms of our on ours. many have been part of transition teams. mayor breed was trying to figure those areas. for fire we were able it use the resources in the department and some of the members of the
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command force and members of 798 that had all inclusions in terms of best we can. the time line was challenging. we nhl only had few days to pull this together. we 4th quarter found some of --e committees and identify various priorities and areas of the department. we did. we came out with a very good statement. that talks about categorical. commissioner covington suggested how we can deal with it. some of the points that were dealt with are subtitled "organization in the the administration" operation finance.
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i think point we want to make, there was a strong inclusion by members of the department. there was a challenge because our findings as we submitted it, quite didn't line up through the general findings that were submitted to the's mayor's. not the -- we were concerned with a as point of information that day. there were only two speaker per committee. whatever you can deliver in three minutes in a public safe safety, -- i wanted to report that to you commissioners and in terms of more detail content
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what was discussed. i think we might want to have some kind of dialogue >> president cleaveland: did you have a question or comment? >> i wanted to add that there were follow-up questions after the report out. it wasn't three minutes. the mayor had questions, mayor breed had questions. there was a an exchange of idea. i heard commissioner said his
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meeting was held by a telephone. >> we were at headquarters. i couldn't attend. i wasn't physically there, i think there was about five or six members a participated-in a free flowing discussion. >> our decision-making process had people who couldn't be there physically on the phone. our committee was 24 in number. there were many other people who wanted to be on the housing transition. 24 was the limit. i think everyone put forward newspaper rouse important ideas
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going forward. inned to add that. >> thank you commissioner. any other commissioners wish to weigh in on this? >> commissioner veronese: i welcome any discussion any form. it sounds like really good use of our time. on the agenda item, i want to mention one oath thing, commissioner covington set up a visit to the chief's residents. we did visit and thank you chief and owed -- we had close to 35,000 employees who had a resident owned by the city. this chief opted not to use it for whatever relationship. it is there and it is in need of some repair but it did look as
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though, pretty sturdy building, habit am all. i was wondering in the last budget, there was a call for a million dollars to go towards the repair of the chief's resident. we wanted to get an idea of what that was going towards and if that was actually a real number or if there's a real number that's higher or lower or whatever it is.
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>> covingto i was remised not mentioning the tour of chief of department's residence. i been there many times. numerous enjoyable occasions there under previous chief. at one of our meetings, i did say a a vacant house was the sad house. i was glad to see a this house is pretty happy. this shouse pu -- this house loy good. it wasn't updated in the they tf wiring and plumbing. it's there. it's a back up command center which is excellent to have available to us.
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there's been a problem with homeless people basically setting up camp at this two ends of the residents on the street side. so much so that couple of people had hammocks strung along that area. the chief of the department did find some money and fencing has been put up. the neighbors several who came by, while we were talking, right
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outside, thanked them very much for getting those fences up and things were much quieter and cleaner. the interior of the home is quite lovely. i wanted to add that. >> you recommend that as site for a retreat? >> commissioner covington: it could be a site for retreat. for our meetings we have so many people who are interested in joining the department and probably would like to hear what the discussions are about.
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the site lanes not very good. since it is an historic building and it is not ada compliant, i think probably another location -- but that does not rule out other occasions. >> when do you think you'll have final report? >> commissioner covington: the deliberations that took place this year are already compiled. going forward, there will be continued deliberations. we have enough to begin a very fruitful and detailed discussion as it relates to the fire
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department and those two areas. >> can we get a time line? would you recommend we are this retreat within the >> commissioner covington: we have a new mayor. she's vibrant and vigorous and she has a lot of good ideas.
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>> we can do that. >> we need available and plus accessible space. >> well thank you mr. president. >> commissioner covington: that sounds good. thank you for your support mr. president. >> president cleaveland: it's an important opportunity to understand what these group said in terms of priorities for public safety as well as how we see the issue of public safety
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>> commissioner covington: and also what we can in crisis in terms of shortage of housing. thank you. >> president cleaveland: thank you commissioner covington. is there any other comments from the commissioners? seeing none. next item. >> item seven. resolution 2018-02 discussion on possible action regarding proposed resolution, recommending the san francisco fire department expand the duty and rename the stress unit to pier support services. >> president cleaveland: any public comment on this resolution? >> greetings commissioners.
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i began my career at 18 years old seen the worst thing in america working as paramedic in richmond, california. at the age of 23, my hip was crushed using jaws of life which we saw earlier today. at that time, i made a rehab back in the fire service until things caught up. post-traumatic stress was not something firefighters what in 2010. it was just a veteran issue at that time. finding help was finding needle in the haystack. sense then i done lot of advocacy work. i spoke in 2016 at the first conference for california professional firefighters. i urge this commissioner to take this seriously. stress is the number one health
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epidemic, costing employers $800 billion a year. our firefighters see so much. it only impacts firefighters but it impacts their families behind closed doors. it impacts next generation of san franciscans who are born as a second generation firefighter. maikos. -- maikos. my cousin serves in the san francisco fire department. we have to start looking at the root cause which is stress. this job is extremely stressful. my cousin serves on rescue two. we do the job because it