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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  August 13, 2018 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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>> chairman brinkman: thank you for your patience. will go ahead and call this meeting to order. the tuesday, july 17, 2018, meeting of the san francisco municipal transportation agency, board of directors and parking a authority commission. please call roll. [roll call] >> clerk: dr. heinicke will not
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be joining you today. do you have a quorum. be advised that the ringing and use of cell phones, pagers and other sound-producing electronic devices are prohibited. any person responsible for one going off in the room may be asked to leave the room. cell phones set on vibrate cause microphone interference, so we respectfully ask they be placed in the off division. new public comment on the minutes? >> chairman brinkman: do i have a motion to approve the june 9 minutes? all in favor? any opposed? approved. we have a lot of public comment today, as you can see, looking around and those in the overflow room. a lot of people are here to comment on a number of items, two of the big items appear to be townsend street and the
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embarcadero. i ask that you give your comment after director's report and i will move general public comment to after consent calendar and after item 11. so we'll split public comment and move it down further so the members of the public here for the agenda items will be able to give public comment. so note that. if you are here for embarcadero and townsend, the best time to give your public comment will be after the director's report. that doesn't mean you can't stay and give comment again under general public comment, but you will need to wait until after agenda item 11 to give that comment. >> clerk: introduction of new or unfinished bisbee members? >> chairman brinkman: anything? seeing none, item 7. >> good afternoon, madam chair, members of the board and public and staff.
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i would like to ask our director of transit, john haley, to come forward to recognize outstanding muni employees. >> good afternoon, board members, ed. are you ready to meet a couple of heroes? marie, please join me. and heroines. so this is marie rico, who is an operator out of our woods division and has been for the last several years. on an afternoon on june 25, she was driving her normal route, the 54. and then i will turn it over to them to describe the events that transpired. this is todd els. todd is a former air traffic controller. and he finds he's now
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functioning as a controller much less stressful, particularly during takeoffs and landings of the vehicles. so i will turn it over to them, but i will say to describe the events of june 25 -- i will tip my hand saying this is a story that has a very happy ending. it has a happy ending because of the work of the two individuals. marie, if you don't mind, if you would describe for the board -- >> um, i'm so nervous. excuse me. that day, i got a call on the coach and told me there was a child missing. gave me the description. at first i did not notice the child with that description. they called me a second time and
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told me to take another look. so i felt it was in the best interests to stop the bus. i went back. another passenger alerted me that there was a child there that fit that description. i got the child. i placed him in the front of the bus with myself and my other -- i have a daughter that was riding with me that day. so i placed the child in the front seat. and i was instructed to drive or take the coach down to 3rd, where i was to wait for my follower, which is another bus behind me. i believe, you know, was the mother or whoever was on that coach. and so that's exactly what i did. >> chairman brinkman: thank you. thank you so much. mr. els, would you like to give us your point of view? >> just to add on that, i received the call from 311, which had the mother on the coach, which was on the follower. and she was very adamant that it was on her coach, and so i was very determined to help her.
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the first description was not successful, so i gave a detailed one that the mother had given and that was successful and i ordered her to wait at the terminal for her follower. >> chairman brinkman: thank you, both. it's a testament not just to your communication skills, but also the communication center and the fact that you have made every single child that rides muni inside or outside of san francisco feel so much better knowing that we can react so quickly. on behalf of the board of directors, the agency, and everybody in the city who has loved ones, thank you for the work that you did and continue to do. [cheers and applause]
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>> chairman brinkman: i believe that you brought some co-workers with you. can the co-workers please stand? and i think your daughter came with you, but -- she's shy. >> sorry. that's her daughter, reyna. >> chairman brinkman: thank you, again, so much. much appreciated. >> it's my pleasure to introduce you to -- let's say the voices behind the curtain. as you know, we run a 24/7 operation. for the last 12 to 18 months, at a time, the late hours from midnight on until we open the system at 4:00 a.m. have become a busier period than we ever anticipated. part of that is unprecedented
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construction and projects going on, regular, routine maintenance. and then hours upon hours for the last 15 to 16 months, detailed testing every night of lrv4 cars required to get them ready for service. by the way, we now have 30 lrv cars and 20 are service-ready. part of that is made possible by what i refer to as the voices behind the curtain or the voices on the phone. to my left is steve clark, who is the most senior controller and is both a wealth of knowledge on our complicated train system, but also a very good teacher. and that he is able to give guidance to people who are looking for track time, how do i test the castro crossover? how do i get a train across it?
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it's a delegate balancing act and ingenius and creative, but most of all, showed fidelity to the system. there is massive activity with few incidents. thomas mcqueen is a controller that works overnight. this, again, requires a great deal of dependence, initiative, and i can tell you as recipient of the diligence and good work every morning that i never have an empty mailbox at 4:30 a.m. when it's time to rise and shine at get at it when it comes to steady and consistent and safe stewardship of the system. so in my view, it's long pastime
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to recognize some behind the curtain voices or people that we don't normally see. i feel bad interrupting their sleep cycle to show up here, so i am hoping their acceptance speeches may be less because of that. but, again, steve clark and thomas mcqueen, who are keeping the railroad safely running and making sure that the work gets done and that we're ready to place some 800 plus vehicles on the road every morning. we owe them a great deal of gratitude. >> chairman brinkman: thank you so much. would love to have you say a few words and thank you for interrupting your night's sleep for us. >> thank you for having us done. it's a pleasure. theres a few other parties involved that haven't been mentioned, such as our overheadline crew and signal maintenance crew, who we work with hand in hand and they've
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been very accommodating as far as making compromises to some of the things that they need to do, so we can get lrv4s in there for testing. >> i'd like to say thank you, all, for the recognition. >> chairman brinkman: thank you, again, on behalf of the board and on behalf of the city, the work that you do, although a lot of people don't see it, we benefit from it during the day and will benefit from it decades and decades into the future. you are being able to facilitate all this work going on, so thank you, again, on behalf of everyone. [cheers and applause] i think you have some co-workers as well. are there co-workers of these gentlemen that are here as well? do you want to stand? there we are. thank you. [applause] >> thank you, madam chair. moving on. wanted to give you some vision
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zero updates. want to start with a couple of videos that we are going to hopefully play for you. the first one is a statewide department of motor vehicles vision zero public service announcement. as we know, data shows that speeding is a top cause of fatal crashes, both in san francisco and statewide and i believe nationwide. and there's a video on safe speeds that the dmv will be running at their facilities throughout the state. so we wanted to share that with you. i don't believe it has sound, but you will get to see the video. if we can ask sfgov tv to go to the video, please.
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>> we're grateful for our partnership with the dmv on that. the other is a video of social media highlights. i think we've sheen you some of these before. it's our fifth video of the year show indicating the work of various city departments. and so i wanted to show you that one. >> hello, san francisco. here's our monthly roundup of city projects helping san francisco reach our vision zero goal of ending traffic deaths. the district attorney's office is launching a campaign it raise awareness around seniors as a high-risk group for pedestrian fatalities. look out for the drive slow banners and bus ads.
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sf public works purchased streetsweepers to keep the streets clean and safe. new buffered bike lanes were installed. they hope to physically separate bikes and vehicles and keep everyone safe. chinatown's broadway street received several street treatments that will include visibility. paving will also enhance the walking and biking experience. those are this month's highlights. go to >> good opportunity to highlight the work that many people are doing around the city to enhance vision zero. one significant activity that's happening in the city that's a collaboration between the mta,
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public works, and the public utility commission is the masonic streetscape project. it runs from geary to fell and there will be some paving that will good from fell down to haight. and this is a project that is nearly complete and it's addressing one of the city's high-injury corridors. you will recall when we brought this to you for approval that at the time it was seeing a significant number of injuries and fatalities of all modes. people walking, people driving, people biking. so it really was a divider of neighborhoods almost like a mini freeway running through the neighborhoods in san francisco now includes a landscaped median. a public plaza will be one of
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the last pieces to get completed. upgraded utilities like water and sewer. of course, it's been repaved. there are bike lanes to go behind the bus stops, trees, sidewalk planters and pedestrian-scale lighting. by the time we next meet, the construction should be just about complete. this was largely funded by our own revenue bond to the tune of $26 million. really a transformational project and one that took a lot of community work up front and then design and construction work and now are nearing the end. so it will be largely done before we next meet. i wanted to give you that highlight. i also want to talk or ask tom mcgwire, sustainable streets director, to talk about two projects in the future, as we look forward and look back on the near completion of masonic.
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there's been a lot of discussion within the last few weeks. we knew there would be a lot of folks interested in talking to you about them, so we wanted to give you an opportunity to hear from us as well as the opportunity to inform our comments. i would like tom mcgwire to give you an update. >> good afternoon, directors. i want to give you an update on the embarcadero and townsend street. i know you've received a lot of correspondence and there's been press coverage of the potential improvements on townsend street, especially installing a parking protecting bikeway on townsend street. a message that m.t.a. has given that the project would have to wait until after d.t.x.
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construction was out there. and i want to make it clear today that we're mindful of the fact that we'll have to reconstruct townsend, i don't think we have to wait until it takes place with a parking-protected bike lane. there's been some changes with muni overhead wires. i think we found some ways around it. and i think we can move forward quickly with the public process to talk to the businesses, as you always challenge us to do, make sure that the users of the street have a chance to weigh in and be consulted and move in with a solution of protection between 4th and 7th on townsend street. that's the update there.
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on embarcadero, as you know, a petty cab driver was hit and killed. now this is both a criminal and tragic act. the embarcadero is on the high injury network, as one of the city's most prominent seats of a high-injury network. the sfmta has been working with stake holders in a public process to develop the project that is about making multimodal improvements and making it safe for all users. we have gained consensus with key stake holders and tenants at the port. through that process, we've identified a two-way, protected bikeway as the preferred option for the street.
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and we're preparing for a 2018 public open house to announce the details and to kick off the environmental review process, which is the critical next step to get the enhancement. now while we advance the embarcadero enhancement, we've done some short-term things. if you have been out there, you saw the extension of the bike lane, introduction of signal and box at embarcadero and north point, as well as traffic signal to make the street operate safer for everyone. we're also investigating in the next six months upgrading the curb that floats to parking. we're going to, again, work with the stake holders in the area to
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find way to restore that parking 24/7 and create a true, green bike lane. and similarly, working with stake holders to see if we can create a safe recycling facility for the northern part of the embarcadero to the financial district. that's something that we'll do even as we kick off the environmental project for the enhancement project. as we move forward with the enhancement project, we will be sure to look for any opportunities to coordinate or leverage the work with -- opportunities to work with the port which will be emergency seawall rep ardz -- repairs. i want to stress that the projects are not dependent on each other. we can move forward with the
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embarcadero, even as they work on their own safety projects. it's important to acknowledge leadership, it's worked through obstacles to make sure both streets can be rebuilt faster. supervisors in 3 and 6 have played a role. and the bike coalition has raised their concerns. that's the status update. i think we have a clearer path to get safety improvements on townsend and embarcadero. >> we've heard from you and other elected officials as tom mentioned and we're committed to doing what we can to get safety measures on the ground as quickly as we can and engaging all the relevant stake holders in the process. we'll keep you up to date on those and also what the public comment is on these. a few other quick items.
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one with regard to shared, powered scooters. we received 12 applications, more than what we were anticipating. so we've been reviewing the 12 applications along and using as a lens the m.t.a. and c.t.a. emerging mobility service technology principles that you have all adopted last summer. the principles include a safety transit accessibility, labor disabled access and financial impacts. so those are the dimensions upon which we're reviewing the applications. we'll be finalizing our recommendations and should be ready to make an announcement
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within a couple of weeks. we'll then work with selected operators to finalize the permit and we project sometime in august. so a quick update on the scooters. i did want to give you an update on a couple of funding issues. the first is that measure 6 has qualified for the november ballot that would repeal last year's senate bill 1. it increases the tax on diesel and gasoline and vehicle registration fees to the tune of $5 billion a year, that s.b. 1 would generate. measure 6 has qualified for the
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ballot. it would also require a vote of subsequent gas tax increases to be subjected to a vote of the people, taking it out of the hands of the legislature and the governor. san francisco is on tap to receive $60 million of s.b. funds per year as well as other categories that we would be able to compete for. so it would -- should those funds go away, it would be a pretty significant hole in our operating and capital budgets, but department and public works as well. so we will be working to inform. to be clear for you and the public how the revenues are being used to make an informed decision.
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another funding note, taxpayer association has filed a suit against the bay area measure 3, the $3 bridge toll increase. this is a challenge in state court that, i guess if successful, could delay, if not eliminate that measure. the lawsuit essentially says it's a tax and not a fee and, therefore, requires a 2/3 vote needed or 55% support. r.m. 3 has about $140 million for muni and, again, other expediture categories and,
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again, and operating budget impacts are reliant on those revenues from r.m. 3. so we'll make sure that we have clear information, not that it will be a vote, but want to be sure that people understand the situation and will keep you up to date in regard to this litigation. and, finally, the big thing happening right now in san francisco with regard to muni service is the twin peaks project and the closure. the good news is that the project is on track at the moment. i don't know if that pun was intended, but it's on track to finish within the two-month window. crews have been working around
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the clock. they've been doing a great job, contractors, m.t.a. and other city staff. to give you more detail, half of the seismic retrofit work is done. most of the drainage system work is done. we think it's the original from 100 years ago. so it's important to replace that because it was no longer functioning. two of the four crossovers are installed. and the track removal and replacement continues largely on schedule. from the community side, they have twice a week office hours in west portal. and we've been beyond the office hours staff walking up and down the commercial streets and engaging on an ongoing basis with the merchants.
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there's been a lot of on-the-fly flexibility to accommodate loading. last time i was there, i saw one of the business owners talking to one of the construction reps to facilitate loading, so the team has been accommodating and ensuring that the loading needs of the merchants can be met. and we've also for the riders had ambassadors, very heavily deployed, particularly at the beginning, and a lot of signage to make sure that everybody understands how to move around in terms of the substitute service. in terms of the service, the transit plan does continue to perform very well. tens of thousands of people that use that tunnel every day, who we have had to help find alternative routes. the travel times are much quicker than expected and we've gotten some positive feedback on 311 and social media. i had a question at the last
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board meeting, might have been from you, madam chair, would it be a 20-minute add to the trip. and i think we're finding some of what we posted which were conservative, outside estimates, people are experiencing less. i've used it at rush hour and not at rush hour and it's been a pretty smooth transition. the service is running well. a lot of different folks are fair inspectors, station agents, inspectors, ambassadors, helping to facilitate answering questions and just helping the customers, particularly in the first few weeks when it was less familiar. and we have been from our customers, from merchants, from operators, getting feedback along the way and made scores of micro adjustments for sign
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author schedule or loading, lots of things that we're doing, realtime adjusting, based on feedback that we're getting to make sure that it continues to go smoothly. so we're about not quite halfway through, but so far, it seems to be going well on all dimensions. that concludes my report and i would be happy to answer questions. >> chairman brinkman: thank you very much. dire does anyone have questions? >> you said you got 12 applications for the scooters. i thought a decision would be made at the end of last month. when is that? >> yeah, so we got more applications than we thought, as i said. and so it's taking us more time to go through them and the varability in the applications, it's taking us time to do the analysis so we can look at them apples to
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apples. when we mentioned end of june, we were not sure what would happen with our bike share permits. sorry to say, it seems like i was right on that. we expect within the next couple of weeks. and it will take a few weeks to get the permits executed. so we're about a month behind. >> i remember one of the things that was overwhelming is that they all seemed to arrive at the same time. >> yeah. and so whatever the timeline will be for when the scooters hit the streets again. >> chairman brinkman: thank you. i would like to move to public comment. i will remind people who want to
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comment on townsend and embarcadero this is a great place to do it. or you can stay and comment under general comment. ms. boomer, let's set a 2 minute time limit. you will hear a soft chime when you have 30 seconds left. and then a louder chime when your 2 minutes is up. when that louder time happens, i will politely, but firmly cut you off. people in the overflow room, as your name is called, go ahead and come to this room. >> muni got me here early. thank you. scooters was brought up in this room. i'm going to talk about that today. it's an issue that is very
3:49 am
important to me. and i feel that the scooters can add something to the mix, to the tool pox -- box. i will not ride without a helm t helmet. i will not lose my credibility. scooters can help people. people with disabilities, especially disabled veterans like myself, people who have served our great country. and we should look at what we can do and muni is one of those. i'm a muni mobile ticket today.
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i'm not arnaz much, so not using monthly. ride-share, bicycles, scooters, things that will help me in my last mile needs to be compleme t complementary to my use of muni, which during my times in san francisco, i will always use. i named my last bike muni. i hope that we will approve the permits expeditiously. it must not be an emotional process, just because a person doesn't like something, doesn't make it wrong. if they meet the requirements, the permits must be granted. thank you. >> chairman brinkman: thank you. next speaker, please. >> david pilpail, maureen persico. >> good afternoon. a number of items. i also wanted to mention louis
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dorsey, who comes in to help out under prop f and does a great job. i used to spend a lot of time at central control late at night. i'm familiar with what they did then and i'm sure there is more working done overnight. hopefully we can hear back how it went at a future meeting. next item, director reiskin did not mention the transbay terminal, which i understand has a big opening on august 12. i hope to hear more about that. and also to hear more about the bus routing. i believe that it would be better to make a right on beal, other than the first routing, which is difficult, an onramp for the bay bridge.
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next item, on the twin peaks construction update. and i am wondering if there can be updates posted so we know what is happening. operator availability at green division, lrv and pcc is an issue and will be more of an issue in august with the return to the regular schedules. i hope john haley and julie hirs hirschbaum and their teams are looking at greater availability. i hope we'll hear in the future about the issues with bart, canopy's project and early morning service and what changes are in store. >> chairman brinkman: thank you. i would like to go out of order and recognize that supervisor kim has just joined us and ask if she would come up. thank you.
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>> supervisor kim: thank you, director brinkman and director reiskin and want it thank the members of the public to allow me to speak before the 2:00 p.m. board of supervisors meeting. 5 want to speak on the townsend project. it's been a project that i've been speaking with director reiskin and staff members about for the last five years. it's long been a priority project for our office simply by the sheer number of users on this corridor, whether they're pedestrians, cyclists, those that are getting off of caltrain and on and also the sheer number of ride-share vehicles, which has gone up significantly since 2013 when we first started talking about this project. also, with the construction on central subway, for those of you that spend time on townsend and
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4th, it's a sheer -- it's a complete mess. and director rubke, who lives close to this intersection, knows how difficult it is for pedestrians and cyclists to maneuver around the 30, the 45, who have been rerouted, along with the ride-share vehicles and our cyclists and pedestrians, who use this intersection very well. i understand that it is a costly project. the changes could cost up to $6 million and there are concerns about how long the improvements will be in place given that we are also planning for the downtown extension of caltrain. however, i will say this. we know regardless of our hopes and our faith, that delays are inevitable. but even if our best assumptions move forward and d.t.f. comes to the ground in the next five years, we should not think of the number of years that revenue and investment should be put in
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place on this particular corridor, but to think about the number of users. i think this particular corridor has a higher number of users and many others that prioritized in district 6. if you multiply the users with this corridor, even a five-year investment is well worth it. even if we save one lives, two lives, three lives, we will have considered the $6 million worth it. just in the last five years, there's been 43 bicycle collisions and this is one of our vision zero high of-injury networks. vision zero is one of my policy priorities that i've engaged in during my time in office. we have more people killed by cars than guns in the city and county of san francisco and the high-injury corridors, many of them, are in the district that i represent. it's important for not just saving lives, but we need users
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to walk and bike and not drive and to take public transportation. and how we're going to get there in the immediate future is by making our roads safer today. i encourage sfmta to continue this project on track i'm personally very committed. i have six months remaining to make sure that we make the district safer for all of us. townsend street, 6th and howard will be our office's priority and we'd like to see them come to specific milestones to make sure that they don't get off track. thank you to the directors and the members of the public here today to support this and thank you, also, for letting me speak in advance. >> commissioner torres: i wish you all the best and thank you for your service to the city and county of san francisco. you provided great leadership during your tenure and we're
3:57 am
grateful for your service. >> supervisor kim: thank you. >> chairman brinkman: we appreciate the support you have given to m.t.a. and vision zero. >> supervisor kim: and i will do whatever i can to move this through. >> chairman brinkman: can we please return to public comment? >> maureen persico, elizabeth kreely, doug betton. >> hello. you know my name. i've been a resident for 26 years and a bicyclists here in san francisco for about 16. what i'm not is a bicyclist on townsend, because despite my experience, townsend is too dangerous. today is my day off and i have 100 other things to do more than i would like to be here. how about a nap? but i am here because sfmta -- sorry.
3:58 am
today is my day off, and i'm here because of the safety of my fellow biking and walking citizens it is important to me. and i'm glad to hear tom mcgwire's report that townsend safety improvements are back on the table. you have backtracked from your shameful decision to do nothing because of the actions of the s.f. bike activists and grassroots efforts of people protecting the bike lane activists. and i will speak up and show up for the protected bike lanes that our citizens must have. >> chairman brinkman: thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> elizabeth kreely, doug betton, skip high. >> i'm elizabeth kreely. i live in the mission district. i've been cycling in san francisco for about 26 years in the san francisco bicycle coalition member and
3:59 am
contributing writer to mission local, where i write about transportation issues. i will limit my comments to say that i'm happy to hear that the improvements on townsend are become on track. i hope they remain there. i had an experience on townsend three weeks ago where an uber driver left the eastbound lane, crossed the double yellow line, into the bike line to execute a clumsy three-point turn to get back into the westbound lane. it's not the first time that this sort of -- this really bad driving has happened on townsend street. it's clear why we need to have improvements there. i will not state the obvious. the one thing that i really look forward to is taking habitat away from t.n.c.s. that have overtaken townsend
4:00 am
street. it's one of the most direct routes from mission to embarcadero. embarcadero is a similar problem. one of the reasons that i need to proceed with the townsend bike lanes, until crtc data can be used to effectively curb congestion and usage, you can at least make sure there is shrinking habitat for ride-hailing riders. >> doug betton, skip high. >> i'm doug betton. i live in glen park. i've been biking in the city for 30 years. i'm disgusted with the delays that occur in all these projects and i want to encourage you to look at the processes inside the
4:01 am
departments, as to why the delays cou


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