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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  August 13, 2018 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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wall, and we can talk about handle bars, we can see the riding position, and we take notes all over the wall. it's a pretty fun shopping experience. paragraph. >> for me as a designer, i love the control. i can see what's going on, talk to my cutter, my pattern maker, looking at the designs. going through the suing room, i'm looking at it, everyone on the team is kind of getting involved, is this what that drape look? is this what she's expecting, maybe if we've made a customization to a dress, which we can do because we're making everything here locally. over the last few years, we've been more technical. it's a great place to be, but you know, you have to concentrate
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and focus on where things are going and what the right decisions are as a small business owner. >> sometimes it's appropriate to bring in an expert to offer suggestions and guidance in coaching and counseling, and other times, we just need to talk to each other. we need to talk to other manufacturers that are facing similar problems, other people that are in the trenches, just like us, so that i can share with them a solution that we came up with to manage our inventory, and they can share with me an idea that they had about how to overcome another problem. >> moving forward, where we see ourselves down the road, maybe five and ten years, is really looking at a business from a little bit more of a ready to wear perspective and making things that are really thoughtful and mindful, mindful of the end user, how they're going to use it, whether it's
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the end piece or a he hwedding gown, are they going to use it again, and incorporating that into the end collection, and so that's the direction i hear at this point. >> the reason we are so enamored with the work we do is we really do see it as a platform for changing and making the city something that it has always been and making sure that we're sharing the opportunities that we've been blessed with economically and socially as possible, broadening that
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>> one more statement. we are the one. that is our first single that we made. that is our opinion. >> i can't argue with you. >> you are responsible please do not know his exact. [♪] [♪]
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[♪] >> i had a break when i was on a major label for my musical career. i took a seven year break. and then i came back. i worked in the library for a long time. when i started working the san francisco history centre, i noticed they had the hippie collection. i thought, if they have a hippie collection, they really need to have a punk collection as well. so i talked to the city archivist who is my boss. she was very interested. one of the things that i wanted to get to the library was the avengers collection. this is definitely a valuable poster. because it is petty bone. it has that weird look because it was framed.
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it had something acid on it and something not acid framing it. we had to bring all of this stuff that had been piling up in my life here and make sure that the important parts of it got archived. it wasn't a big stretch for them to start collecting in the area of punk. we have a lot of great photos and flyers from that area and that. that i could donate myself. from they're, i decided, you know, why not pursue other people and other bands and get them to donate as well? the historic moments in san francisco, punk history, is the sex pistols concert which was at winterland. [♪] it brought all of the punks on the web -- west coast to san francisco to see this show. the sex pistols played the east coast and then they play texas and a few places in the south and then they came directly to san francisco. they skipped l.a. and they skipped most of the media centres. san francisco was really the biggest show for them pick it was their biggest show ever.
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their tour manager was interested in managing the adventures, my band. we were asked to open to support the pistols way to that show. and the nuns were also asked to open the show. it was certainly the biggest crowd that we had ever played to. it was kind of terrifying but it did bring people all the way from vancouver, tee seattle, portland, san diego, all up and down the coast, and l.a., obviously. to san francisco to see this show. there are a lot of people who say that after they saw this show they thought they would start their own band. it was a great jumping off point for a lot of west coast punk. it was also, the pistols' last show. in a way, it was the end of one era of punk and the beginning of a new one. the city of san francisco didn't necessarily support punk rock. [♪] >> last, but certainly not least
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is a jell-o be opera. they are the punk rock candidate of the lead singer called the dead kennedys. >> if we are blaming anybody in san francisco, we will just blame the dead kennedys. >> there you go. >> we had situations where concerts were cancelled due to flyers, obscene flyers that the city was thought -- that he thought was obscene that had been put up. the city of san francisco has come around to embrace it's musicians. when they have the centennial for city hall, they brought in all kinds of local musicians and i got to perform at that. that was, at -- in a way, and appreciation from the city of san francisco for the musical legends. i feel like a lot of people in san francisco don't realize what resources there are at the library. we had a film series, the s.f. punk film series that i put together. it was nearly sold out every
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single night. people were so appreciative that someone was bringing this for them. it is free. everything in the library is free. >> it it is also a film producer who has a film coming out. maybe in 2018 about crime. what is the title of it? >> it is called san francisco first and only rock 'n' roll movie. crime, 1978. [laughter] >> when i first went to the art institute before the adventures were formed in 77, i was going to be a painter. i did not know i would turn into a punk singer. i got back into painting and i mostly do portraiture and figurative painting. one of the things about this job here is i discovered some great resources for images for my painting. i was looking through these mug shot books that we have here that are from the 1920s. i did a whole series of a mug
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shot paintings from those books. they are in the san francisco history centre's s.f. police department records. there are so many different things that the library provides for san franciscans that i feel like a lot of people are like, oh, i don't have a library card. i've never been there. they need to come down and check it out and find out what we have. the people who are hiding stuff in their sellers and wondering what to do with these old photos or old junk, whether it is hippie stuff or punk stuff, or stuffestuff from their grandpar, if they bring it here to us, we can preserve it and archive it and make it available to the public in the future.
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>> this job, it's really not an i job. i wouldn't be able to do this job without other people. i make sure that all the regulatory and nonregulatory samples get to access in a timely manner. we have groundwater samples, you name it, we have to sample it every day. i have ten technicians, very good team. we work together to attain this sampling.
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>> a sample is only as good as when you collect properly. if sample is not collect properly according to not the proper protocol, the sample could be biased, could be false positive or could be false negative. so all this to have good so you can manage the sample collectors, as well as the schedule, and she is pretty good, and she is very thorough. and so far, i think that she is performing a very good job. >> this job is really not an i job. i wouldn't be able to do this job without my team. you can assign them any job, they can handle it, and again, without them, i wouldn't be here. i take pride, you know, for what i do. we are providing a very good water department. my name is roselle, and i have
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been working with the water department >> it's great to see everyone kind of get together and prove, that you know, building our culture is something that can be reckoned with. >> i am desi, chair of economic development for soma filipinos. so that -- [ inaudible ] know that soma filipino exists, and it's also our economic platform, so we can start to build filipino businesses so we
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can start to build the cultural district. >> i studied the bok chase choy her achbl heritage, and i discovered this awesome bok choy. working at i-market is amazing. you've got all these amazing people coming out here to share one culture. >> when i heard that there was a market with, like, a lot of filipino food, it was like oh, wow, that's the closest thing i've got to home, so, like, i'm going to try everything. >> fried rice, and wings, and three different cliefz sliders. i haven't tried the adobe yet,
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but just smelling it yet brings back home and a ton of memories. >> the binca is made out of different ingredients, including cheese. but here, we put a twist on it. why not have nutella, rocky road, we have blue berry. we're not just limiting it to just the classic with salted egg and cheese. >> we try to cook food that you don't normally find from filipino food vendors, like the lichon, for example. it's something that it took years to come up with, to perfect, to get the skin just
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right, the flavor, and it's one of our most popular dishes, and people love it. this, it's kind of me trying to chase a dream that i had for a long time. when i got tired of the corporate world, i decided that i wanted to give it a try and see if people would actually like our food. i think it's a wonderful opportunity for the filipino culture to shine. everybody keeps saying filipino food is the next big thing. i think it's already big, and to have all of us here together, it's just -- it just blows my mind sometimes that there's so many of us bringing -- bringing filipino food to the city finally. >> i'm alex, the owner of the lumpia company. the food that i create is basically the filipino-american
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experience. i wasn't a chef to start with, but i literally love lumpia, but my food is my favorite foods i like to eat, put into my favorite filipino foods, put together. it's not based off of recipes i learned from my mom. maybe i learned the rolling technique from my mom, but the different things that i put in are just the different things that i like, and i like to think that i have good taste. well, the very first lumpia that i came out with that really build the lumpia -- it wasn't the poerk and shrimp shanghai, but my favorite thing after partying is that bakon cheese burger lumpia.
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there was a time in our generation where we didn't have our own place, our own feed to eat. before, i used to promote filipino gatherings to share the love. now, i'm taking the most exciting filipino appetizer and sharing it with other filipinos. >> it can happen in the san francisco mint, it can happen in a park, it can happen in a street park, it can happen in a tech campus. it's basically where we bring the hardware, the culture, the operating system. >> so right now, i'm eating something that brings me back to every filipino party from my
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childhood. it's really cool to be part of the community and reconnect with the neighborhood. >> one of our largest challenges in creating this cultural district when we compare ourselves to chinatown, japantown or little saigon, there's little communities there that act as place makers. when you enter into little philippines, you're like where are the businesses, and that's one of the challenges we're trying to solve.
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>> undercover love wouldn't be possible without the help of the mayor and all of our community partnerships out there. it costs approximately $60,000 for every event. undiscovered is a great tool for the cultural district to bring awareness by bringing the best parts of our culture which is food, music, the arts and being ativism all under one roof, and by seeing it all in this way, what it allows san franciscans to see is the dynamics of the filipino-american culture.
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i think in san francisco, we've kind of lost track of one of our values that makes san francisco unique with just empathy, love, of being acceptable of different people, the out liers, the crazy ones. we've become so focused onic maing money that we forgot about those that make our city and community unique. when people come to discover, i want them to rediscover the magic of what diversity and empathy can create. when you're positive and committed to using that energy,
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>> supervisor safai: good of the good afternoon. i'm safahsha safai, and to my l, supervisor yee and supervisor stefani. i would like to thank sfgov tv for staffing the meeting. mr. clerk, do we have any announcements before we begin? >> clerk: yes, be sure to silence all cell phones. completed speaker cards should be submitted to the clerk. items acted on today will be on the july 31 board of supervisors
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agenda. item 1 is a motion approving or rejecting malia cohen, nominations for the reappointment of dennis richards to the planning commission, for a four-year term. >> supervisor safai: unless there are additional comments, i would like commissioner richards to come up and address the committee. >> 2 or 3 minutes? >> supervisor safai: there's really no time. brevity is appreciated. >> i will be brief. it's weird being on this side of the railing. i'm nervous. to supervisor stefani, i always tell people, please don't call me or write me the morning of the commission meeting to try to talk to me or send some substantive communications, and i did the same thing with you this morning, so i apologize. i'm happy to meet with you any time day or night between now
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and the board vote if you would like to get to know me better. i would like to get to know you better. i turned in my community resume, which you have in front of you. there was so little space, the type font got so tiny that supervisor safai had a hard time reading it, so i know it didn't show up that well. i have 20 years of community service, volunteering, advocacy around the neighborhoods, especially around land use. the octavia plan in 2005 and serving on that c.a.c. in 2014 when i assumed the commission -- being a commissioner. prior to that, i was in tech for 30 years. on the 30th day of my career, i left and did something fun. the last four years, i've been on the planning commission. i tell people, never before have i worked so hard, made so little
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money, but had so much fun, being a planning commissioner, and i seek your reappointment today. one of the things -- i had some reflection on this. i work with all sides, neighborhood groups, community groups, developers, mayor's office, supervisors, in fact, after this meeting, i will be sitting down with the mayor's office of housing, ken rich to go over the india basin project that we'll hear tomorrow at the commission. i tend to balance out the needs and am collaborative, but when i believe in something, i stay firm to that. a couple of things that happened recently, we have a historic resource in the gay and lesbian community that was going to be demolished and worked to delaying the certification or the e.i.r. and we got word from the sponsor that he will add more units. so that's a win there.
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so it's an example of being collaborative and firm, so a win for everyone. when i got into the planning commission, we would talk on things and we didn't know if anything would happen. but learning from tech, the action item list. i have in my hand, it's four years old, we have a lot of items on it. i've contributed a lot to it. we have some larger policy initiatives that will come out of that. during the hearing, people were talking about housing stabilization. i want to know from a radius of the 5m project, where they're stabilized. they produced a map for me. out of that, came the capacity of -- understanding the capacity of zoning of 141,000 units. subsequent to that, housing affordability study that was a couple of weeks ago at the planning commission. from the things that we talk about, there's a genesis and the department runs with them and
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then the action item list is the thing that did that. we also came up with a commission policy. we saw affordable housing being lost because two identical flats are being changed. one made into a tiny unit. one made into a large unit. and then being sold as a single-family house. we have discussions around that. and commissioner hillis and i pushed for that and i'm happy to say that we're in place. the other big one i have under my hat is the demolition of definition and reform. we have a lot of smaller units that have been lost. we don't have a standard definition between d.b.i. and planning on demolitions resulting in a mismatch. we consider something a demo. d.b.i. doesn't consider it a demo. we tried to come up with a solution to that called the residential expansion threshold. it didn't work, but now
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supervisor peskin is coming up with legislation to harmonize the legislations, and it will go a long way for the development community and neighborhoods in the city on attaining affordable housing. i served on the rule subcommittee, updating the commission rules. i advocated in the budget for a process person and i got the looks from people, what is a process person? planning is a factory with 8,000 ins and outs. at times i would get different answers from different people. and we hired somebody this past fiscal year and working on the process improvement legislation, so i believe your board has passed in the last couple of weeks. lastly, i advocated in the f.y. '19 for a tenant advocate. we've had so many times where projects come before us and the tenant comes that lives in the building that they will be
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displaced because the project will displace them. and i only knew about the project when the sign went up on the building. myself and fellow commissioners asked for a tenant advocate in the f.y. '19 hiring plan and that's going to happen and we can understand and take into account the effect of projects on displacement of existing tenants in buildings that will be refurbished. goals for the next four years. retail is a big issue in most districts. on the action item list, i'm pushing for n.c. 30. we had an n.c. 20 at the department 10 years ago that got a lot of fanfare and publicity, but nothing came out of it. eating and drinking establishments need to be looked at and i'm pushing for, joint hearing with the small business commission to understand our decisions and how they affect retail.
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the second goal, housing affordability study. that was put before us a couple of weeks ago. i think what we need to understand is what will come out of it. short term, medium term and long term. we have to triage what we have before us right now and we need long term solutions to figure out how to keep the middle class we've been losing. it's been about 10 years in the making and it's just sitting there. and there's been a lot of other projects that have floated to the top and given the development pressure, preservation is needed. a look at live-work and a policy around amnesty. we had projects come before us and found that half live-work are not being used and they're considered dwelling units and avoided the impact fees when they were built.
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my estimation is there could be $100 million left on the table for people that want to come out of the shadows and say that they live in a dwelling unit. and the last is parking standards for the city. we had a project coming before us with a parking garage into office space. we don't have any standards that are parking wise. a look at that is warranted in the next four years. thank you. >> supervisor safai: thank you, commissioner richards. i was thinking maybe, supervisor yee, we would open it up for public comment unless you want to ask your question first. >> supervisor yee: doesn't matter when. >> supervisor safai: okay. we'll open it up for public comment and then come back to folks here. anyone like to comment on this item, line up to the right, or i can call your name out. i see there's a bunch of people that have come to speak on this.
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>> good afternoon, supervisor safai, stefani and yee. >> supervisor safai: i'm trying to get an idea of how many people are going to comment on this. we're going to limit public comment to 1 minute. please start over. >> yes, please. i will be short and tell the commissioners to be short in their presentation to support commissioners richards, moore, johnson and fong. i know that the diversity -- they bring diversity to this city. i don't always get what i want when i go there, but they bring a different perspective and that's what it is and that's what your rules committee has tried to uphold. i can tell you that we need them collectively. please pass all of them on. they're good for this city. they work hard.
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thank you. >> supervisor safai: is your comment for all four commissioners? >> yes. >> i'm jerry dratler. to save time, would i like to comment about agenda items 1 and 2. ms. moore is an architect and urban designer and brings 38 years of professional experience to the commission. she was recently awarded an acip, lifetime award by urban land institute. land use policies and environmental impact reports are reviewed, and those can be 700 pages. mr. richards says it takes 20 to 30 hours a week to be an effective commissioner. i've observed ms. moore and mr. richards in planning commission meetings dealing with a variety of agenda items. they're always well prepared, ask insightful questions and lead to fair and logical conclusions. they comment on site bureaus they've had made and that
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demonstrates their personal commitment to understanding all neighborhood impacts of the project. the citizens of san francisco are fortunate to have able and committed individuals willing to serve. >> supervisor safai: thank you, sir. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm ken hogart. i'm here to advocate for commissioners richards and moore being reappointed. i've personally met with mr. richards concerning an eviction that was going to take place. i can assure you, mr. richards is -- has utmost sensitivity for those who are vulnerable among our citizenry. he's got a heart of gold, in my opinion. i've been a real estate agent
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for 43 years in san francisco. and i can see how things have changed. when i started in the 1970s, the affordability index was 23%. today it's less than 7%. we need people like mr. richards and ms. moore to help -- >> supervisor safai: thank you, sir. next speaker. i will interrupt for one second. trying to get a gauge if everyone in line is here to comment on items 1 and 2. it may make more sense to allow public comment and allow commissioner moore to come up and speak and then allow more public comment. is everyone here going to speak on items 1 and 2? okay. let's have commissioner moore come up and speak and then we'll resume public comment. before you do that, we have to call item 2. just sit there and wait for one
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second. >> clerk: motion approving or rejecting president of the board of supervisors malia cohen's reappointment of kathrin moore to the planning commission board for a term ending july 1, 2022. >> hello, supervisors. let me begin by looking back and reflecting on how i engaged with the city. working as an urban designer and architect since the early '70s, i've found myself on the opposite side of the table, explaining to city officials like yourselves, planning directors, commissions, while planning and urban design matters. over the years, people started to recognize my voice. so in 2001, i was asked to sit on the treasure island citizen advisory board, which i continued for 15 years until
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2015. in 2005, i was appointed to the san francisco waterfront advisory committee. and i continue to serve on that body. earlier this year, elaine forbes asked me to join the pier 70 design review, this is sprinkled in between my three terms on the planning commission. i was first appointed to the planning commission, if you count backwards, in 2006. i'm speaking with the unchanged conviction that as an urban design architect, i'm able to bring a broad perspective and raise the bar in discuecembe did decision making, which is coupled with institutional memory. what other milestones during my time on the commission? there are many, but i will mention a few just for reference. there's a market octavia plan,
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the first time i met now-commissioner richards. there's the eastern neighborhood plan, merced, shipyard two, japantown cultural heritage. the commission 2020 plan, 5m, the hub, central soma and the list goes on. there are many other projects large and small and all that have mattered to me. i remained anchored in my profession, shaped and challenged by circumstances inside and out side the city and by an ever increasing amount of planning in san francisco, including gentrification. today i find myself expand and shaped by my past 12 years on the commission and my professional skills remain one of my strengths, i find i've become more consistent and
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stronger voice for neighborhood concerns including ethnicity, race, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, types of disabilities and other relevant demographic qualities of the city at large. with an urgent awareness of the enormous, increasing imbalance in our affordability for housing, rising income gaps, i believe that a balance has to be balanced somewhere so we can be livable and our way of life sustainable for all that can regain an element sustainable for all. i'm actually rooted in the conviction that a balanced position between social and environmental equity are more important than economic considerations on their own. to that end, my objective for serving on the planning
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commission reflects my commitment to supporting the committee. we will continue to engage in authentic discussions and bring new insights when we look at the environmental and social and city-wide planning. those are challenges that we face every thursday and i reflect on them every week. i believe we need to add a new ingredient into the process, which is a comprehensive, broader view of the city of the future, where we can -- where we need to balance the important qualities of our city with a step-by-step thoughtfulness. it's not about good plans and long visions but how we achieve formulating that.
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in closing, i'm honored to serve again on the planning commission and today i ask for your support. i'm firmly committed to bring what i can to preserve and enhance a strong, traditional planning in the city that for me includes a voice for all neighborhoods. i would like to thank the many supporters that have written and spoken on my behalf and especially those who have come today to voice their support. i do also want to mention that i strongly support my three fellow commissioners in front of you today. as a team, think we're unbeatable. thank you. >> supervisor safai: thank you. we'll reserve our questions until after public comment. please come forward. >> good afternoon. i'm here to support the appointment of dennis richards and kathrin moore.
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i've lived in san francisco for 30 years. i've seen planning commissions and directors come and go along with land use and aesthetics. i believe that in commissioners moore and richards, we have individuals that can bring a measured, balanced perspective that bodes well for the san francisco of the future. no one can deny the credentials that commissioner moore brings to her role. commissioner richards is tireless in his commitment to the community. both of them are willing to speak up to question and to compromise when it's the best option. the presence on the planning commission assures me there will be accountability to the residents of san francisco for the important decisions being made. thank you. >> supervisor safai: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm stephanie peak. i'm here also to support katherin moore and dennis
7:52 pm
richards as their appointment to the planning commission. and i'm not speaking just for myself, but a lot of neighborhoods couldn't come due to work, such as chris and duta hockett. especially these days when we're tempted with short-term housing solutions, we need critical thinkers with years of experience like mr. richards and ms. moore. ms. moore is one of the few who have been around long enough to understand exactly how the building and planning departments function together. we need someone who understands this system in need of rehabilitati rehabilitation. mr. moore spoke out strongly in the last couple of weeks, exposing the machinations of scoff law developers who have been making people's lives miserable for years.
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>> supervisor safai: thank you, ma'am. i appreciate it. next speaker. >> good afternoon, members of the committee. i'm john buruso. i'm here to thank president cohen and the board of supervisors for reappointing dennis richards and katherin moore and to thank them both for ongoing service to the city. my brother and i encountered them when we joined the russian hill association responding to a project on my block . commissioners moore and richards demonstrated their job dedication when they agreed to site visits, assessing the block's homes and streetscapes firsthand. over the course of two hearings, commissioners moore and richards showed patience and resolve working through circumstances drawing on backgrounds in
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architecture, land use and reaching a solution. commissioner moore and commissioner richards are committed to ensuring the environment serves the purposes of the community, the neighborhood, and the city of -- >> supervisor safai: thank you, sir. next speaker. >> good afternoon, chair safai, supervisors yee and stefani. here in solidarity to support my sisters and brothers of the commission and urge to you reappoint all two of them, as the items are called today. i value both commissioner richards and commissioner moore. the roles on the commission are very important. dennis with his lgbtq background is valued as well aztec. he's objective, logical and fair. i also highly value commissioner moore, with her european
7:55 pm
background and architectural design, she is experienced, thorough and detailed. thank you. >> supervisor safai: thank you, commissioner. next speaker. >> rick hall, cultural action network. we have a very good balanced, planning commission at this time. knowledge and experience, people with judgment that are reasoned and fair and recognize that planning is not just about buildings, but about people and community. both commissioner richards and moore exceed my expectations in all of those areas. commissioner richards is well-read, always brings new information to commissioner comment that is relevant and stimulating. he asks thoughtful questions and brings the right issues to discussion and judgments. commissioner moore brings her
7:56 pm
rich design perspectives based on her back ground world travels and also is very thoughtful in discussions and judgments and both bring a human quality. thank you. >> supervisor safai: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i want to associate myself with the comments of the people before me and want to thank the -- i appreciate the reappointment of all the commissioners. they all bring their own perspectives. and even though they're closer than some than others, i appreciate the appointment of everyone. thank you. >> supervisor safai: thank you. next speaker. >> i'm jim orshell, i'm representing van ness neighborhood groups and victoria alliance, of which i'm
7:57 pm
president. on behalf of those groups, i'd like to heartily endorse both commissioner richards and katherin moore's reappointment. anyone who attended katherin moore's board of supervisors meeting where she was acknowledged sees what her outstanding qualities are, recognized by her peers. she represents experienced professionalism and commitment. dennis, unbelievable openness, accessibility, preparation and caring. as a d.b.i. commissioner, i look forward to working with them and collaborating with these excellent, excellent people. thank you. >> supervisor safai: thank you, sir. next speaker. >> i'm a neighbor, small business owner and developer and i have the pleasure of working
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with commissioner richards on projects, some big, some small. i will tell you that he listens to all sides. in my experience, he's challenged every project he's worked on. i wholeheartedly support his nomination and am glad he's back up here. >> supervisor safai: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm chris shulman, lower polk neighbors. we enthusiastically support the appointment of commissioner moore and commissioner richards. they're thoughtful, well prepared. and we look forward to working with them for an additional four years on the commission. thank you. >> supervisor safai: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i support the reappointment of commissioner richards and commissioner moore. commissioner richards is fair and unbiased.
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he's not an idealogue or partisan. commissioner moore, we support her because she has an extensive background in planning and she has integrity and she has the commitment to balance new projects. both commissioners have been sensitive to the tenants issues and unlike the partisan issues of not being tenants in a city that's made up of 65% tenants. these two have stood up to tenants that are victims of rent eviction and saved them. thank you very much. >> supervisor safai: thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. coalition for san francisco
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neighborhoods. i congratulate all of you for your nomination and support of katherin moore and dennis richards. they've proven to be excellent, excellent planning commissioners and they've supported the neighborhoods many times, not always the traditional, wealthy contributors that seem to run the city so often. so it's very nice to see justice prevail in this one moment. thank you very much. >> supervisor safai: thank you, sir. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. gary weiss, president corbett heights neighbors and part of the san francisco land use coalition. the feeling from all of us who have worked for better neighborhoods has always felt that commissioners moore and richards have proved to be two membee


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