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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  August 17, 2018 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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specifically for grocery stores, with the cap established -- we don't go over that cap. and that we allow parking for the public park on behalf of the public on top of the ratios established, again, not enabling anything to go over the top for parking for the entire site. this is a comprehensive vision document for the whole project. it includes developmental controls for buildings and vertical development, but a comprehensive set of standards and guidelines for streets, right-of-way and for the open spaces as well. the final action we'll be asking you to take is the shadow impact
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findings under section 295. e.i.r., as you know, because we're building projects next to existing rec and park properties, shadows are cast, e.i.r. and shadow analysis are determined that they're not significantly adverse. the parks and rec adopted a resolution making the findings and we'll be asking you to make findings along the lines as well, for buildings to rely on the findings, including shadow studies for each building permit. for that, i will hand it over to talk through the development agreement. >> good afternoon. anne topia, oewd. due to a ebbing -- technicality,
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will not act on development until late august, but wanted to talk about the other projects in front of you. i would like to take a minute to acknowledge the planning staff that worked tirelessly to get this in front of you for approval today. staff worked collaboratively over the last three years with d.w.t., p.u.c., port, m.t.a., to come up with creative solutions in order to produce cohesive documents in front of you today. we use the framework to guide the negotiations. the southern bayfront strategy seeks to minimize this with
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housing, transit, jobs, open space, sea level, sustainability, equity and community facilities. each contract is negotiated to leverage investments and add value to the neighborhoods. i walked through the basics in june, but as a refresher, it's been designed to facilitate development of 25% of all market rate residential units built in the project site. this includes mbelow-market rates. it would be a combination of the following options. by constructing at least 139 on-site, inclusionary units. by conveying up to three parcels at no cost to a developer for construction of up to 180 units.
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third, paying an in lieu fee, which could yield up to 75 low-income units offsite. the remaining 319 b.m.r. units will be built on 700 innes site. all in lieu fees will go to affordable housing 1 district 10 and could use them in smaller sites, affordable construction and rent stabilization. all the affordable units are subject to the 4% preference, as supervisor cohen mentioned, in order to encourage stability. there are maximum affordability
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levels the rate at which rental units will not be available to households over 110% a.m.i. turning to open space, the developer proposes a mixed use that will include a publicly accessible network, improved park land and open space. at full build-out, open space will have 14 acres of parks, plazas, bike trails and pedestrian pathways. 12 acres will have improvements to the existing 6-acre rec/park open space as well as 5 acres of land identified into the big green, it's identified. this new, 5-acre park will be at no cost to rec/park. it will connect the 1.5 million waterfront park continuing to rec-park's properties and
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terminating the shipyard's park. the private sponsor is committed to creating a community district that will enhance maintenance and support of the spaces. i understand that this commission was briefed last week on projections for how high the ocean could rise. an opponent of the sea level rise strategy requires that these projects agree to form a facilities district that will contribute to future reap sources for sea level-rise mitigation. like pier 70, india basin and all future bay projects will be required to create districts that establish a site-specific tax. it ensures that future dollars are captured for protection of the areas beyond the borders of
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the projects. additional benefits include the project will make $10 million contribution to offsite transportation and sustainability fee. the sponsor will construct neighborhood transit, including a bike lane connecting the sites, with existing bike lanes on hunter point boulevard. build will pail school facilities fee of $4 million. there will be a 3,000-square-foot shell for a childcare provider. there will be a fund to be used for rental improvements or subsidy for neighborhood families for the first eight years of occupancy. there will be an open-air community market grocery store. first source job opportunities
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and 18% local enterprise businesses established by contract monditorinmonitoring. there will be a possible future community facilities use. this concludes my presentation. i will be available if you have any questions. >> vice president melgar: thank you. staff, who is next? >> vice president melgar: thank you. i'm very happy to be here. i'm lou vasquez, managing director of build. first of all, i want to thank president cohen for her help moving forward. i'd like to introduce the project team, courtney passion,
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victoria lehman at build, who have been a big part of getting the project where it is today. and i would like to introduce the design team. s.o.m., our master architect, bionic is the landscape architect, gail doing our public realm. we have sherwood design doing water and b.k.f. the remaining infrastructure. aecon doing our ceqa and environment. we purchased this site in 2013 and started our planning and development in 2014. it's largely vacant with a cul-de-sac.
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there were a variety of plans that were putting to in many years that this site had sat vacant. we reviewed the plans. they're listed here, as you can see, and tried to take the best element of each. in particular, we looked at the 2010 india basin neighborhood association vision, which laid out the intent and desire of the immediate neighborhood for development here. over the past four years we have had extensive outreach. if you know build, we're exclusively residential. our office is three blocks away on linden. we're part of the community and have been for a long time. we reached out to the immediate neighborhood and greater
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neighborhood. we've had 150 meetings or workshops. we've included -- went two ahead of me. we've included merchant groups, citizen advisory groups, and two working groups that meet regularly to go through issues and choices on the projects that we've made, including the india basin working group, which is the immediate neighborhoods, and bayview for the large ir neighborhood. the current zoning, the existing zoning, m-2, would accommodate two million feet of development and nominal open space.
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the plan went to about 1.5 million square feet of area. you can see the ratios. 39% parks and plazas and 31% shared ways. our current plan has reduced shared to 14%. increased the parks and open space to 43%. contained about 1.5 million square feet of developed aira, 43%. i will introduce to you leo chow and any further details. thank you very much. >> good afternoon, commissioners, vice president melgar, director. it's a pleasure to be here before you today. i will -- it grows out of a
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process that grows on the inequalities of this place, india basin, which we learned about through our meetings and it's a unique place, where you have the ability to enjoy the bay as well as seeing a part of the city. so it's excited by a set of principles in which creating a humane place to participate in the public realm and to be good stewards for this place going into the future. from the beginning, one of the things that's very important to us when we look at the projects is that we believe we should be looking at the broadest context possible and how a specific project fits into the community
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and how this could help knit the neighborhood together and make it a better place. really, this particular site is the missing link that would tie the things back together. as far as of that, this project has sponsored a series of studies and additional projects, including the waterfront parks and trails analysis. the competition for the india basin and shoreline park. there's an effort and a proposal to put together an entire environmental graphics plan, put together working with the ports, period pg & e, rec and parks as well as lennar. we looked ator er ior i er ioo
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and amenities that was needed. we looked at the ecology of areas below the waters, through the uplands, so we looked at the full spectrum of how it can support an environment that was supportive to the public realm and natural realm. the urban form grew out of a desire to make this as pedestrian-oriented as possible. that means talking the street grade and cutting it to a finer grain with pedestrian-only alleys and extending the stairway system, bringing it down into this neighborhood and out to the water's edge, so that those residents have that connection to the bayfront.
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trying to knock town our famous afternoon winds. and to create a fabric that's varied and promotes discovery and a sense of unique places. there are principles and guidelines and frameworks that protect the corridors and the passageways from the hillside down to the water and also a network of pedestrian ways that move northwest-southeast, connecting the shipyard to the areas to the north, so people have a diverse range of places to choose from in how they move through the neighborhood. something that was very important to us was to create a series of strategies that would encourage diverse scales of buildings. 1 with of our mechanisms is the scale of parcels, so we're able to have buildings that are
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larger, multifamily buildings and smaller buildings as we move out to the waterfront. as you move to the waterfront, the grain is finer and smaller scales. the idea of tapering to the water's edge is reflected in the way we've positioned the urban form. it's a village that's two- three- and six-story buildings and there are two mid-rise at 14 stories. we thought that was important because it gave us the ability to mark the entry and the public places for the project. it allowed us to keep the footprint as compact as possible, so we didn't create an urban wall. i would like to note that the public open space has been
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positioned to really occupy the point of india basin, so it's complete and we have this pairing of open spaces in the shoreline park and big green to complete a public park around the cove. >> vice president melgar: the commission may have further questions. thank you. >> all right. sure. >> if i may wrap it up quickly. i'm sorry. i know it's a long presentation. a few more things that i forgot to mention as part of my presentation, there are some minor changes or corrections we would like to make in the ceqa findings before you. one regarding the project description and that it would be for the 900 innes building. and regarding the zoning that the open space provisions in the substitution ordinance, planning is recommending further changes
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that would be in the draft resolution. they just enable some of the buildings to be eligible for minor modifications up to 50%. and this concludes my presentation. and i would be happy to answer any questions you have >> vice president melgar: we're going to hear public comment first. i have five speaker cards. [please stand by]
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>> so as we've been talking -- as i've been working with a bunch of community -- community folks and neighbors here in the neighborhood, and we've been talking about the development agreement and really the community benefits portion of this project in a three-part
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framework, workforce, equity, and inclusion, and i think a lot of what we've heard here, a lot of what we've heard from oewd achieved these goals in the broad framework. it's written in your summary. but now the question is the details, and how we would write these things. what i would urge you as a commission and ultimately the board of supervisors make sure this doesn't just reference payments that are going to be made or plans that are going to be put forward, but directly integrates the organizations that are actually going to implement these things. so for example, on workforce side, we need to have a project labor agreement to make sure that we move people through the apprenticeship programs, to make sure we find contractors that pay area standard wages and benefits and help people get into sustainable construction careers.
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we need a sustainable workforce plan on the janitorial, on the workforce, on the management. let's think through how this open space mint continuous district is going to be. is it going -- open space -- on the equity side, we need to sementorship and project design professional services. as a neighbor, i'd like to see the community neighborhood facilities district extend beyond the project gates and start touching -- going to hunters point and hastart goin out to hunters view so we can start looking at this in a semantic and comprehensive way, really getting a commitment from the city to making this stuff move forward. and on inclusion, we need to
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make sure -- >> clerk: thank you sir, your time is up. >> vice president melgar: i just want to address the young folks who are standing up. you can't really be there. i'm wondering, do you want to all speak as a group? >> yeah. i was called to speak. they're actually just going to stand with me. i don't think i was, like, second call, but i'll come whenever you guys want me to come up. >> vice president melgar: okay. is it okay if they go, miss richardson? >> sure. we'll go right after. >> okay. >> good afternoon, commissioners. linda richardson, former san francisco planning commissioner, long time bayview-hunters point. you all need to know that this particular site was where the city and the state several decades ago were trying to build a power plant. yes, the vocal minority -- no, really, the entire community came out and the entire san francisco. after we defeated that with the board of supervisors and just about everybody in san
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francisco, you all asked us, planning commission, to go back and plan 18.5 years, 18.5 years has now boiled down to your resolution. we came to india basin. you know what, this here, lots of housing. we are the only one building housing. when you see me hear, i am instrumental in building thousands and thousands of houses in my city. when building came to bayview, call me and the rest of my neighbors, i encouraged him, called the a.p.r. we work with them. but what you're about to do then, that zoning of that area is incompatible. you all need to go to india basin. look at -- lennar is there. they have thousands of compatible housing. i have things to show you, everything that you show about the open space, we're working
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with san francisco transportation authority. we attempt to see all of the -- your staff. i have documents here, as far as the land use, we have that. so i just wanted to tell you, i know that it's not a vocal minority. there are thousands and thousands of people that could not be here today. the notice you send out, not all the neighbors got them. we were knocking on the door. there are petitions going on and all kind of stuff. i hope that you will look very carefully, and we respect you again. this is not a case of the yimbys. we are yimbys, but we come on-site and say you need to have proper planning in san francisco. you need to be careful. at the end of the day, it's affordable housing, and at the end of the day, we can prove we provided affordable housing, and we provided it to everyone. but changing the zoning of that
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building is disingenuous, it's not right. but it's what going on. this matter will not be settled, it should not be settled because then, we need to have the overall, overall discussion about where these -- it's not a commercial corridor. this is not geary, this is not broadway. it's just two blocks. we cannot accomplish a lot of housing, a lot of open space, transportation, a lot of things in india basin and in the bayview in the plan that you have that's just sitting on your shelf. you need to go and revisit that plan. 18.5 years is what i wanted to let you take away. when you ask communities to go ahead, please respect them. >> vice president melgar: thank you, miss richardson so -- >> clerk: if this group could go next, please.
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>> good afternoon, commissioners. my name is jackie flynn. i'm the executive director of the a. philip randolph institute here in san francisco. we've provided workforce programs and development resources for bayview-hunters point residents over two decades. we send fliers, went door to door, we ran our van pool shuttle service for meetings, attended other community meetings, and through our service provider network, we reached out to community leaders, various organizations, business owners, and most important, our residents. we heard from hundreds of community members and stakeholders. family with kids and pet owners expressed their desire and provided input on the 11 acre
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park and open space that you guys just saw, we talked about beautiful pathways, native plants, and gravel beaches, and these kids use our city's parks and open spaces as their living classrooms every day. job seekers want career opportunities, not just in construction but also in property management and entrepreneurship. there's a plan for a marketplace with similar potential to be just as successful as pike peak in seattle. this could be a beacon for economic growth that currently does not exist. in january , we hosted a community meeting with build, inc, mohcd, they're here today, to work with residents to create affordable housing before this housing becomes available so they can be identified for that neighborhood preference and prequalify for the housing that is owe on-site. the program poses a huge opportunity for bayview to increase our overall affordable
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housing index, improve transportation all the way to the shipyard, and utilize state of the art climate change adaptation strategies to bufuty this short line. i think it's important that we hear, to listen, and to continue to involve community voices. i want you to take a good look at these leaders. they have the potential to sit in your seat in the near future, and i want you to think about who will benefit the most about a development like this one, it's really them. so i thank you for your time, and we are also in support of the project. thank you very much for your time. [applause] >> vice president melgar: thank you very much miss flynn. folks in the audience, if we could keep the clapping down to zero, please. next speaker, please.
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>> hi. my name is jill fox. i've lived on innes avenue since 1992, and i'm here today as the chair of the india basin neighborhood association or ibna. i'm not real good at tooting my own horn, but i would dare to say that none of us were here to say if it were not for me and ibna. we've been talking about this when no one else could find us on a map. i've been talking about this since 1999. i was a skinny brunette with a toddler. i am here today for ibna in support of the 700 innes project. please understand that india basin is not a blank slate.
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thousands of people live in our neighborhood now, thousands more are moving into the adjacent shipyard, and now you're deciding if thousands more will live at 700 innes and visit the parks of india basin. we are not nimbys. established in 1994, ibna is an all volunteer organization that led the charge to save the cottage landmark at 900 innes, to acquire 900 innes and to expand the existing shoreline park so that more people would discover india basin. ibna has been discussing this land for decades. the 700 innes plan actually used ibna's 2010 vision goals for comprehensive planning, environmental protections,
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transportation improvements, and recreation opportunities. ibna has contributed -- continued its involvement in fashioning this addition to our community by meeting regularly for the last four years to provide input to build and participating in the india basin parks task force. we want to share our beautiful community with visitors and residents, but this growth needs to be done in a responsible way. today, india basin is missing things like sidewalks, stop signs, crosswalks. we have one bus line. our utility poles were installed in 1941 and carry all of the power to the shipyard. they literally are falling down. there's no car share, no bike share, no public rest room. closest supermarket is four miles away with a bus transfer involved. so ibna supports the build, inc
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700 innes with these caveats, and i'm going to keep going. i've been at this for decades. >> clerk: ma'am, i apologize, but each speaker is limited to three minutes, and your time is up. you can certainly -- you've submitted your comments in writing. >> vice president melgar: okay. thank you. next speaker, please. >> aloha. my name is sharon, and i am with green action for health and environmental justice. i am a community action organizer in the community of bayview-hunters point, and india basin is part of that community and i have worked with that community directly. there is opposition to this project, even though i noticed our organization is listed on the presentation. but it's important to be aware of the reasons for this opposition of the india basin mixed use project for two reasons. number one is from the -- what
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michael lee mentioned in the final environmental impact report that there are significant impacts to the environment that cannot be mitigated. this is a community. india basin is part of bayview-hunters point that is already over inundated with pollution burden. not only it is one of the movie pollution burdened cities -- neighborhoods in the bay, but in the state of california. it is a care community, and i also want to make it very clear, it is adjacent to the bayview-hunters point shipyard, which is not simply a bond fill, it is a federal super fund site, and it's wrought with its own issue. number two, the reason why there is opposition to this project is because of the process of this project. i do commend the san francisco recreation and park for acknowledging the community that exists in more than one language, language access and the use of those folks who
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actually use and are part of the india basin shoreline every single day. but the city and the developer build, l.l.c., from the very beginning of this process, from scoping to even now, has not considered language access. therefore, if you are saying yes to this project, you are saying yes to more harm and pollution to this community, and you're also saying yes -- if you decide to say yes to a statement of overriding considerations, then, you are in complete violence of civil rights law, and there will be action taken if this process goes through. and one last thing that i want to say, and it's really a question is what is more important? beautiful views and housing or the poisoning of a people? and to address what -- in respect with board of supervisors malia cohen had addressed in terms of minority view, i just want to say never
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underestimate the power of tiny things coming together, because it's the tiny things, whether we see or not see, that change the world. thank you. >> vice president melgar: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners. jeremy paul. speaking in terms of one of those impacted communities of this proposal, this bond proposal is 748 innes, and this process has overlooked the presence of a vibrant community resource, and the hits toric resource communication, it is dismissed as not being important enough to be acknowledged, but what 748 innes is facing is being
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entirely enveloped by monstrous buildings that are going to surround and envelope it. i would like to ask the people that have come here in support of our community to standup and show their presence and show their concern for the way this project is going -- is proceeding, and the fact that this -- our community is going to face struggle against each individual element of this project unless their concerns are addressed in the project overall. and it would have been a very simple thing for the department or the developer to engage productively with archimedes bana, but it hasn't happened. and it's left this community to speak out to you and address their concerns as the project moves forward to be sure that bana survives. thank you very much. you'll hear from many of these people to tell you what the specifics are that i'm leaving
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out. thank you. >> vice president melgar: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners. my name is chester meadows from green med owes janitorial company. i'm currently helping out with cleaning and landscaping at this site. i'm currently excited for proposed housing and park spaces at this site, and i'm hoping that this project, you know, be approved and passed so that construction can begin soon. i'm very excited about the plans. i've been working at the site for sometime, and i can real see the vision. i've worked on some projects in the past from beginning to the end, and it really helped shape me as a small business in the community, so i thank you. >> vice president melgar: thank you. next speaker, please.
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>> my name is richard laughlin, and i live in morgan heights, which is almost across the street from the new project. but i'm going to continue jill fox's message to you from the india basin neighborhood association the planning commission needs to be clear that these height increases do not set precedence for the entire community. we fare that the two 14 story towers will become all 14-story towers along innes avenue, creating a wall on the waterfront that san francisco has voted against in other neighborhoods. we also want the community benefits to be tangible, and we want the community benefits to start now. we've pledged to continue to work with build, inc on projects important to residents: a community center, a library, and access to food. we asks that the planning department and planning
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commission also support improvements we need starting now, not after thousands more people move in. immediate needs include creating a blue greenway for safe bike access now, transit and traffic improvements now, and putting utilities underground. we also need to establish a space for community gatherings and food sales now. keeping our shared goals in mind, we hope that the 700 innes project, together with various city departments will revitalize the india basin community and make ours a more livable, walkable and safer community where all with enjoy the natural beauty and stunning views and find everything other san francisco neighborhoods enjoy. i just came to say that i really like the fact that there's going to be so much parkland, but this is part of
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my plan, also. thank you. >> vice president melgar: thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi. my name is igor doctorvic, and i am a frequent visitor of archimedes bana. i am representing russian community, and when when we found out that the michael broadski was building in our community, it took him ten years to do it. and as a result, we have a beautiful -- a nice building, and it took him ten years. he built it with love. and now, he has a beautiful place with four suite rooms, pool, jacuzzi.
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after using that, you feel like you're reborn. it's a pure health and enjoyment, and the crown of the bana is the roof where people are resting, their chairs, lounges, tables. they are socializing there, having refreshments, and so, for example, my table there are blacks and whites, mexicans and jews, filipinos, russians, and so on. the crown of the view is the beautiful breath taking view of the san francisco bay area. there is no such a place in bay area, and the whole thing, i think, i will call it a landmark, and if you will build a 14 story building, then it will block the beautiful view,
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and bana will die. i understand the developers don't care, but you, i am saying, from the whole russian community for you, don't let them do it. thank you. >> vice president melgar: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. my name joseph dubrovski. i am real estate broker for 40 years. i was in this room for the fight for more square footage, more profit, but across this project, what they proposed, is mentioned, bana. what is bana? 200 years ago, each village in russia has bana.
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it's religious place and healthy place. mostly bana was built next to river because priests go after bana, you need to pray and swim in the water. water running by hut and god will appreciate and listen to your pay. i came from ukraine, and we also had bana. it was built long, long time ago, and 70 years ago, my dad took me to this bana. it's nice view on water, and he explained me. 20 years ago, my brother told me, i bought place to build bana, and he mentioned the real
10:45 pm
estate. and i'm a real estate broker, and i told him, this is not the best place to build, but he told, look at this view. it's beautiful. exactly bana, what is necessary. all right. now is discussion to change the high-rise discussion and everything, but it's only for bana. i'm asking you, you was elected by people, and you need to make decision for people. thank you. >> vice president melgar: thank you. next speaker, please. >> dear commissioners. my name is james fahey. i'm a bayview homeowner and a resident for 12 years.
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as such, i represent the bayview. i used archimedes bana regularly. as the proverb says, money is the root of all evil. this project is zoned for four stories. i ask you to consider three points. if you change the zoning to more than four stories, to eight stories, or even higher, now i hear 14, this would be the only eight story building and higher and only building above four stories in the neighborhood. it doesn't fit into the neighborhood. secondly, instability. is eight stories stable? the towers are going to be built on landfill. zoning is only for four stories. will it be dangerous? is there a reason for the four-story limit?
10:47 pm
and third, this project will significantly block views in the neighborhood. i can't emphasize this enough. eight stories is a monstrosty and an eyesore. it will totally surround and dwarf the archimedes bana and completely block the majestic views of the city and the bay. please consider the best use of the property would be a public park. if developed, it should only be four stories, which was original originally agreed on, which fits in the neighborhood, is much safer on the landfill, and preserves the views.
10:48 pm
are all height limits in the city open game? please consider all views in the bayview, and stop the greed before you proceed. thank you. >> vice president melgar: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioner -- commissioners. my name is abi, and i am the general manager of archimedes bana. we have over 60 full-time and part-time employees, we have over 1,000 customers a week. the comments you heard by the previous speaker, it cost over ten years to do the construction. people need a face lift, but double up cannot be done at the cost of what's in the present. it cannot be done at the cost of my -- development cannot be done at the cost of what's in the present, it cannot be done at the cost of my employees. we cannot be ignored.
10:49 pm
we are in the neighborhood. we are running a very successful business. we have had a lot of employees from the surrounding area, and we should not be ignored. we are the closest business that's next to this project, and i would really request you to consider, consider us. thank you so much. by the way, i have a lot of petitions signed from the businesses, and if you have a minute, i would appreciate it if you could just go through this. thank you so much. >> clerk: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commission -- commissioners. i'm philip vitale. i'm with the trust land. we're a nonprofit that protects land and creates park for people to ensure healthy living generations to come. we've been in san francisco more than 40 years. back in 2003, we worked with the india basin community to
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renovate india basin park. the benefit of the space is filling the gap of the blue greenway and the base trail, so we really thought this was a great opportunity to bring more park space to this community. we did that through a task force which i heard about earlier that was appointed by the mayor, included several community groups and neighbors within the india basin neighborhood and bayview and hunters point. we created an ideas competition to have the community realize their vision for this space. we worked with a design -- g.g.n. out of seattle to really take that vision and create the -- the concept design which was presented before you and is part of this e.i.r. it really represents what the community wants for this space. it's creating play areas, basketball courts, trails, open space, picnic areas, and it's
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really been a long community process and are supporting the development of the parks and open space there. i hope you can support the e.i.r., and then, we can work with the community to bring this park space to life. thank you. >> clerk: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners. my name is angelique. our family has lived in bayview-hunters point. over the last few years, it has been my pleasure to participate in bayview working group meetings hosting by build representing the bayview project at 700 innes avenue. you might have guessed over this time i have watched the project support or work with the community closely.
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build has integrated our community benefit requirement and responded with creative solutions to develop the type of plan deserving of the community inclusive of social, economic and culturally sensitive needs of the community. as a bayview-hunters point resident, it is important to me to remain involved in the highly relevant dialogue surrounding environmental justice and remediation. historically, paramount matters impacting the bayview-hunters point community over decades. environmental concerns they have explicitly changed include climate change adaptation and sea level rise, water quality and various design methods for protecting the proposed community from detrimental, environmental and tockeric implants in partner -- toxic
10:53 pm
implants in partnership with the community. my discussions with the build team have revealed synergies between build and the eco center's public purpose toward the community revitalization. in these synergies, there is a unique opportunity for prospective residents and the surrounding community to learn about environmental justice and literacy, urban sustainability and how to adopt more environmentally conscious lifestyles, appropriating the health of the community and other quality of life matters, while giving consideration to green jobs and workforce development. thus, developing advocates and stewards of the environment and the environmental justice platform for a community
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partnership. for these reasons, i express my support for the project's approval at 700 innes avenue. i anticipate a future for this community with help set forth by build. thank you. >> clerk: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is lauren shawnessy, and i'm here to read a letter on behalf of the c.e.o. habitat for humanity, greater san francisco. habitat for humanity is a nonprofit housing organization that helps people all over the world whebuild their own homes alongside volunteers and pay an affordable mortgage. the commission is to provide local families with a spring board to secure stable futures
10:55 pm
through affordable home ownership and neighborhood revitalization. habitat believes that people should have safe healthy, affordable places to live, play irregular and grow. habitat san francisco has build 248 homes in ten cities across san francisco, marine, and san mateo counties. build intends to convey at no cost to habitat, parcels h-4 and c-6 on the india basin site. they will be graded with infrastructure. we will construct approximately 50 dwelling units on these parcels and offer them to sale for households earning between 40 and 120% area median income. we are eager to work with build to fine-tune the details of the affordable units on the india basin site that will be
10:56 pm
beneficial for habitat for humanity greater san francisco, the developer, and the community. thank you. >> clerk: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is michael broadski. i'm a resident of 7418 homeowners community, and i'm the founder of archimedes bana. a while ago we had a meeting where people requested to include the bana in the environmental report. they didn't include it, and it was requested that they include it. culturally, it's really important business for san francisco. first of all, it's became destination already.
10:57 pm
now it is the only descendant of -- [inaudible] >> -- becoming really, really about sight now, and we have plans 730 built that. but you know, my -- my point today is very different. first of all, the idea to rezone the area is totally disrespectful to people and to previous committee, which was 50 years ago, which designed it as a light industrial of certain height. if you would think how it was built, it was built from hunters point with all the -- i have here, it's called soil sampling and chemical testing report from 1999, which i did. it's the contamination of lead. it's the only thing -- lead and chromium is ten times higher than, you know, level which is
10:58 pm
allowed. now, when we built our building, and we're on the bed rock, just touch a little bit landfill, we already requested to remove all this dirt and to encapsulate it in the area. i don't understand how people can do it in an area where people is already living. how somebody can technically do it if people are living around, and you have to remove this lead, how many death you're going to pay by giving this development because lead is the main source of cancer today. you -- you aren't allowed to even use lead paint -- you know, lead-based paint in san francisco. how you can do it? now, this is number one question. second, sewer system. it's about above the level. this project did not include any sewer plan.
10:59 pm
it's supposed to be sewer plan on the project. you cannot pump it from every building up, you have to have easements for that. i don't know anybody's thinking about that. there's a lot of nice words about the environment, but people not thinking about that. thank you very much. by the way, parked were designed in 1923. >> clerk: thank you, sir. your time is up. >> vice president melgar: thank you. [inaudible] >> clerk: you can just leave it here on the counter. >> i'd like to use the overhead projector. i haven't done this before, so i might need some help.
11:00 pm
good afternoon, planning commissioners, my name is chris, and i'm a long time customer of archimedes bana. so here's -- this is the existing project right here. [please stand by]


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