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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  September 15, 2018 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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[roll call] two, august 14th, 2018 meeting. >> so moved. second. >> is there any public comment on the minutes? all in favour? >> item three, public comment
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and executive session. >> his or any public comment? seeing none. >> motion to go to executive action. >> second. >> i make a motion we do not disclose anything we talked about in close session. >> second aye-mac. >> pledge of allegiance. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands one nation under god indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> please be advised that the use of cell phones, pagers and similar electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. be advised the chair may order
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the removal of someone in the room of any person responsible for the ringing of our use of a telephone, page or other similar electronic device. please be advised a member of the public has up to three minutes to make pertinent public comment on each agenda item on the support commission on any item. public comment on items not listed on the agenda. >> is there any public comment on items not listed on the agenda? seeing none. >> item eight, nine a is the executive director report. >> good afternoon members of the commission and members of the public and port staff. i'm a port executive director. as most if you are aware, support has issued a request for interest for 13 historic peers in the agricultural building. these facilities need investment and new life. the port is looking for partners with ideas and capability to create inviting public serving
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destinations as part of the embarcadero historic district. the port is hosting interested parties, small businesses and master tenants on this request for information this coming thursday, september 13th at noon at pier one. this presentation will include presentation and question and answer session and it follows an online interactive meeting which took place october 22nd, 40 people attended that, virtually. the port will also host an open house and selected historic peers in early october. the due date to respond to the request is october 31st. if you want more information, please go to historic peers online. coastal cleanup is this saturday please during the port and hundreds of volunteers in the state's largest annual volunteer event, california coastal cleanup day. it is this saturday from 9:00 to
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noon. have been long-standing supporters of this event and we are partnering with the recreation and park department and the department of public works along with our tenant. we will provide supplies, logistics, waste management services and volunteers thank you to our colleagues for all your help. the official kickoff site as warm water cove in the southern waterfront starting at 9:00 am. after putting in a good morning of work there will be at lunch and it is a very, very good events. there are five important port locations where you can volunteer. china basin park, warm water cove, we will be the site captains. kayaks and unlimited will be managing that. peer 94 wetlands. they will be the site captains. we encourage you to come out to be part of coastal cleanup day. in advance i appreciate those who come out and volunteer and
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dedicate their time to keep our parks beautiful and safe for everyone. thank you, so much. please mark your calendars for september 27th at 8:00 am at pier one. will be having our third contractor's open house. we are doing this in partnership with the african-american chamber his. again, 8:00 am to 10:00 am. this is a excellent opportunity for small businesses to get to know larger businesses to compete for work in the city and at the port. the port is looking for talented firms, talented small businesses to do work with us. please come to this event as a mentoring and outreach opportunity. in addition for subcontractors to meet prime contractors, we will have a contract monitoring division there. the economic workforce development and the contractor his assistance centre all to provide valuable information. will also have key partners such as meriwether and william sat
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regarding bonding and insurance services. i use this opportunity to stress our commitment to increasing diversity amongst all of our opportunities for leasing and contracting. i am very excited to announce that there is a new coffee blend it is called -- wait a minute. ritual coffee and a part of san francisco may seem like an unusual outreach partner team, by this partnership really underscores how critical the embarcadero seawall is to everyone for protecting local thriving businesses and supporting local economy. they sell espresso beans at the store and you get a custom cup. inside the label, you will learn much more about the seawall. it is a way to inform the public about this unseen infrastructure these innovative partnerships really help us to educate everyone in san francisco in playful and engaging ways and i
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would like to thank our talented communications professionals, renee and kristin, for this excellent -- excellent research program. we are in the midst of governor brown possessed climate action plan and you may have noticed, as you came to this hearing, a 36-foot tall polar bear in the plaza. this is a piece of art created by don kendall and it is titled "-left-double-quote the longview ." you will know -- you will see this piece of art from a good distance and it is really to remind us of the list and breath to our planet from climate change. it reminds us of the threat of climate change and offers us an opportunity to put down what we are doing as a community and personally. at pier 14 we have sea level walls markers up as part of the climate summit. this allows the public to see
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how high the waters will come in 100 year storm as predicted today. it is a very alarming wake-up call. to encourage everyone to take a look at that. we are dealing with the threats of earthquake and flood to albert seawall program. you can learn more and get involved online. my final announcement is at the october 9th port commission hearing is cancelled and that concludes my report. >> thank you. how long will the polar bear be with us? >> i think at least three months >> ok. is there any public comment on the executive director's report? >> item nine b., port commission or's. >> anything to report? >> next item. >> item of the consent calendar.
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item ten a is request approval of the members of the san francisco port commission to travel to chile on october 7th -10, 2018 to attend the annual convention of the american association of port authority. item ten b. request authorization to issue a request for proposal to solicit media professional services for the disposal of hazardous waste and abandoned marine vessels. >> can i have a motion? >> i make a motion to approve. >> second. >> is there any public comment on the consent calendar? all in favour? >> aye. >> they have been approved. >> item 11 a, informational presentation at a california barrel community located on the former powerplant station including the port of san francisco shoreline refers to --
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directly south of peer seven. >> good afternoon commissioners. i ambled planning and development. i'm here to present the power station project on behalf of the port on the project sponsor associated capital. i drink here today by john allow from the office of economic and workforce development who will present some context for the project and how it is being coordinated through the variety of city agencies as well as a team that can from associated -- tina chan from associated capital. the power station project is located in the central waterfront, directly south and adjacent to the pier 70 area. the project is a proposed mixed-use development project and would include a special use of district similar to the pier at 70 special use district. again, tina will describe the
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project in it's entirety. the reason that we are in front of the port commission today, is that within the project boundary cart are such important lands that are identified in purple on the map that the project sponsor proposes to improve for both shoreline open spaces along the bay's edge, and to improve 23 rd street within the port's jurisdiction. again, create open space along the shore's edge and you create a city accepted improvement to 23rd street. as you will see in the program and in detail design of the project, the programming of the shoreline open space is consistent with the port's 2012 blue greenway planning and design guidelines. with that i will introduce john he will present project context, and tina, and then i will wrap up and we will go into questions and answers. thank you.
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>> thanks, david. good afternoon commissioners and director. my job is to briefly touch upon two context study and points before heading off to the team to talk more specifics about the proposal. first, as something that my colleagues would have been before you in the past to talk about. something we refer to as a southern bayfront strategy, which is really an organizing framework for us to talk about -- and courtney is a suite of development projects along the waterfront in the southeast corridor. here you see those projects. some of which you are very familiar with. being port partner to direct develop edge projects. all of which have close proximity to port holdings.
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together they represent a significant amount of housing, jobs and open space. obviously, it will affect the look and feel of the city for years to come. also, it will contribute to a number of other important elements of community fabric, from sea level rise, to transportation systems. our goal is through these public benefits arrangements that are codified in these development agreements, to meet the needs of existing residents of the southeast sectors as well as the future residents. you see our categories and affordable housing is key among those. the other quick point to mention is why we are here. that the city, through illegal settlement agreement agreement, entered into 2010 with a corporation.
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the city is committed to collaborating with the pop -- property owner on the development and review of every use proposal for the site. thanks to the great effort of staff from across the city including your own, over the past year and a half, we are on the doorstep of publication of her draft, environmental review document so that work is well underway. thank you again for the engagement of your staff. i'm here to answer any questions after the presentation if you have any. i will now give it to tina chan of the sponsors. >> thank you, john. i am with the associate capital project sponsor. i'm drink here also with kevin from our architect firm and stem from our shoreline engineer. -- and sam from our shoreline engineer. we have already provided a bit
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of context but we are thrilled to be one of the 11 southern bayfront projects breathing new life into this part of town. our site in particular has been closed off to the public for the better part of the past 150-160 years, servicing a variety of industrial uses from barrel making and gunpowder, to of course, power generation. in 2011, city staff, including members of the staff and the port commission, played a large part in helping to close it down a polluting power plants, allowing and paving the way to create this mixed-use development today. as david mentioned, it shows our property area which is comprised of 29 acres. 4.8 acres which is owned. they have allowed us to study our property. 2.8 of those acres are owned by the port. most of which are along the waterfront and a portion along the 23rd street corridor, as david mentioned.
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we envision a project that flows seamlessly into you at the neighbourhoods. and the rest of the southern bayfront -- into the seaview neighbourhood, and the rest of the bayfront. what is shown in the blue line is the pedestrian connection that connects through delaware street. and to back up a little bit to give a little bit of orientation , we are bounded on the west by illinois street and on the east with the blue-green way or the brady trail. generally, to the north and south by 22nd and 23rd street. we are proposing -- sfmta is proposing a new route that will go through our site. we are planning for that. it will generally go across 22 nd, across humboldt street, through our site. we are also planning for a
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munimobile restroom -- layover which includes a restroom on our site. our land use plan was developed with the consideration with our neighbours to the north at pier 70. we are proposing a 60% of our land use would be comprised of residential uses. twenty-eight% office and lab and the remaining 12% comprised of hotels, p.r. and retail which will help activate our ground-floor. this diagram here depicts our urban form. it is the result of months and months of collaboration with city staff at the planning department, sfmta, d.t.w., as well as community members. it is a study, so don't be alarmed by the blank boxes. when it depicts is that generally, we have a mixed urban form with a variety of building types that step down towards the waterfront with the shortest
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buildings along the water. with the exception of the existing unit 3 structure and the 300-foot iconic stock structure, our buildings on the waterfront will be around 65 feet tall and stack up to a 300- foot tower that acts as a counter point. the director mentioned earlier about planning for sea level rising. we intend to do that on our side as well. we plan to raise grades to base flood elevations plus 6 inches. this image here shows our open space network against that appear 70. -- against peer 70. we are planning for a general -- providing about 22% of our site with open space. this amounts to just over 6 acres.
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most of which is provided along the waterfront at 3.7 acres. this constitutes a variety of space which i will describe in a bit more detail in a second. we have an east-west green that spans about two blocks that connects to a two block north south. we are providing a rooftop area. members of the community have pleaded for active recreation, which we attend -- intend to provide through this field. this is a global waterfront open space. what is shown in blue is port property. as we mentioned, to go into a bit more detail about our waterfront spaces, it is comprised of, generally, four or five distinct spaces. that blue green way is the multiuse trail that connects our sight to peer 70 and the rest of the southern base -- bayfront. what is shown and adopted blue line is a connection that we are planning for, should the owners
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to the south change their uses and decide to connect to our bay trail at the point. the plaza and garden will be our signature open space. it is designed around the iconic stock structure and intended to flow seamlessly with the turbine plaza, which will serve as the physical and visual connection to the waterfront through the western portion of the site. humboldt street plaza will be the terminus of our retail street. that space is intended to be a flexible use plaza that will accommodate anywhere from casual feeding, to peer markets. the point, as i mentioned, as a bit more of a natural open space it will be comprised of informal structures, more contemplative
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and with picnic tables and things like this. finally, we have a recreational dock which we are setting the feasibility of, and if it proves feasible, would love to give members of the public access to the water in a recreational way. these are just some three-dimensional a three dimensional -- three dimensional renderings of the things i just described. a little bit more natural and contemplative. that plaza, our signature open space and humboldt plaza which will serve as the terminus to our main retail street. this is a rendering of the blue green way. what you see on the left and right structure is a power structure, or unit three structure that will be -- that we intend to convert into a hotel. just to wrap up very briefly, our entitlement status. last month, we are before the historic preservation commission and the planning commission providing an informational hearing. early october of next -- next month, we popped -- we plan to publish our draft e.i.r. and
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draft infrastructure plan, which will bring us before the historic preservation commission and planning commission again on october 17th and november 8th , respectively. we hope to be before decision-makers in summer and fall of next year for our project approval, at which point , we will come before you again. that concludes our presentation. i'm happy to answer any questions and david will wrap up >> thank you, tina. a couple of points i wanted to bring to the commission's attention. compliance with the port process southern waterfront develop mensa beautification policy. and also, an issue that needs to continue coordination between the project sponsors, the port and the peer 70 and o. e. w. d. first of all, inconsistency and consistency with southern waterfront beautification policy , they propose to lease --
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enter into two leases with the port where they were designed, title, improve, maintain and maintain all liability associated with those open spaces along the shoreline. we would get the improvement -- we would get the benefits of the improvements of the open space and it would open up open space to the public where they've never had access before and it would close a gap in the bay trail connecting pier 17 to the south and eventually to warm water cove in the future. secondly, we have 23rd street where currently it is a not improved, not accepted city street. we would request that the project sponsors lease that land , design it, improve it, and once accepted or completed, the department of public works would accept it. therefore, that would eliminate the liability that we have on the books today for those improvements. each of those projects combined
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would help produce our cost and our ten year capital plan and release those liabilities. lastly, i wanted to mention that along the project boundary between peer 70 and the power station site, is a proposed alley that was not originally anticipated as part of the peer 70 project each of the project sponsors have agreed to collaborate and develop a solution as to how that alleyway gets treated. lastly, i would also like to recognize john francis who is here from the planning department. he has been the one coordinating all the planning efforts, entitlements for the project, and we are here to answer any questions that you have. >> thank you. is there any public comment on this item? no public comment. ok.
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commissioner gelman? >> thank you. this is a really interesting project. i appreciate that reading. i have a couple of questions for the project sponsor around your residential component of your program that you put at 60%. what affordability rates are you looking out for these units? i understand 33% is for the whole region, but what are you looking for as you're on site affordability. do you have any initial thoughts on that? and what kind of units were you looking to build? from a topography perspective. >> my colleagues and john are here to correct me where i am incorrect but we are still exploring exactly the right mix of our on site and off site affordable housing strategy. we do plan to provide affordable housing in the range that is provided by the other projects of our size and stature.
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generally, in that ballpark, i don't know if you want to add anything to you that, john but we are figuring out the exact mix. >> are you looking to build studios, one-bedroom one bedroom , two bedroom? family housing? >> there will be a mix of studios, one bedrooms, two bedrooms and three bedrooms and a parking garage. >> i want to commend you on the open space. you have done a lot of community outreach. i want to urge you, affordable housing in san francisco, we are facing a housing crisis at all affordability levels, up to a hundred 50 a.m.i. i encourage this project to do on site and have an integrated community like peer 70 unlike mission rock has done. i want to articulate that as you're going through the process >> absolutely. we share those goals. >> when is this neighbour good
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going to help -- neighbourhood going to have a name. what will it be called? >> the dogpatch neighbourhood feel strongly this'll be integrated into a greater part of dogpatch. we look forward to seeing how they get named and which part of it comes as a name. in the future, if these projects are successful packed it will be peer 70 and the power station and it will all integrate nicely into dogpatch. >> the power station is gone so it sounds really weird to refer to it as the power station project. >> we go back and one of our slides that we have, we have that hotel in the power station that is there peerk you can see the mould is there. the exhaust within the stock is a 300-foot and you could never escape it.
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if this remains as part of the hotel, it will still be a power station that will be repurposed into a hotel. we think that that would still carry very much to look and feel of that. we are very open to seeing how this neighbourhood gets named. >> ok. my other question related to the improvements for 23rd street, the open space and now this alley, is a part responsible for any of the funding of those improvements? >> no. >> great [indiscernible] -- [laughter] >> we just need to approve the design of the open space because everything else is not exactly within our purview but that is our role here. >> right. >> ok. thank you. >> i would expand a little bit. our purview is much broader than
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that. because our land is part of their entire project. their entire project is relying on our open space for the integrity and beauty of the project you are putting together as i always say, sometimes the one% has as much value as a 20 or 30% participant. we have the waterfront and we have the best piece of land and it it expands the beauty of what they want to develop. for me, i would like to see the entire project before we go forward. i think we need to know what the affordability is.
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>> usually it is from 30, or 20, up to 150. >> i believe we should know all of that in this informational hearing. public hearing, public participation. i would ask the director, since we are part of the project and i perceive it as part of the project, will this follow undergoing to the ballot? >> no. i will do my best at general counsel can come in and correct me, project that needs to go to the ballot on port property are changing height on port property here, our property is being used for shoreline and park improvements with no height change. this would not require a vote of the ballot for san franciscans. >> ok. so it is only limited to height. >> that is correct. >> even if we are contributing to the project, that is irrelevant. >> that is right.
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>> i will take that under advice but i am not sure if i am in agreement with that. for me, i think that this project should look and act like the project next door and to the degree that we are participating and it. we should have those discussions with the project sponsor. from my point if you, i don't think we should look at it in our narrow lens of just our waterfront and they are improving it. it is part of their project. we should engage and make it the best project that we could since we are part of it. i would ask that this item be continued and that we have the project sponsor give us a more detailed explanation of the entire project, affordability of housing, being one of them. >> commissioner adams?
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>> one thing i like about this commission as we all have our own opinion and we really engage i like that. i don't think two projects are ever the same. i like it so far, i would like to know more about it. i appreciate what commissioner gelman said about the housing. that is definitely an issue. i understand the concerns, but this is just a presentation. i really like the way the team effort came in and how everyone laid out. i know there is still a lot of questions, but it looks like it is going to be a good project. we do not -- we don't know what the name will be, but these things have a way of forming. it is just like an emphasis he -- emphasis stage. i like what i think. i think we have heard the commissioners and we want more information. i will clearly be listening. but what i have seen so far, i like this. this is a new san francisco. i think it is out of the box.
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it is good to. it is progressive. i think this is how things will be looking in that area and i'm excited about it. thank you. >> think you, david, john, and tina for the presentation. it was a very good presentation. very informative. it is exciting, all this is happening in the southern waterfront but also very scary. all these projects back and all these people, and all these transportation needs. it's a little daunting. just considering what is there already and what is coming. i think it's really important that we all work together and understand exactly what we are doing out there. the parcel by the water, is that in the trust or out of the trust
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>> up on the screen we have the land status or an -- owned by the port for shoreline plant and 23rd street are in the trust. >> ok. they are both in the trust? that is good. as far as this project goes, once everything is built and up and running, we have no responsibility, no liability for any think we. >> well, not forever. the lease for the shoreline land would be 65 years. the city would accept the street we do have the ability and we would work with the project sponsors on authorizing the types of activities that could occur around port land. said that his special events just like we are talking about with pier pier 70 in mission rock we would work with them. detailed design to make sure the connections work with the park. we are not relinquishing everything. we're just giving them the liability of designing and titling, permitting,
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constructing, maintaining and managing. >> sounds good. ok. it's exciting. it is really exciting what is happening in the southern waterfront. i would ask that when we do our outreach on the southern waterfront and when we have these large projects, that we make sure that the southern waterfront advisory committee, along with central waterfront committee know about these activities and opportunities. i would encourage the project to also speak to the southern waterfront advisory committee. so, as far as what we are going to get from all of this, what does that look like? besides new open space. >> that is what we have discussed today, as the new open space, getting relieved of the responsibility to maintain and manage it in the liability.
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plus, and improved and accepted city street. that is what we have talked about to date. >> there is no funds? the lease is not going to have -- >> not as currently proposed. this doesn't meet major objective policies. we felt that it is the right policy balance to strike because we get what we want in terms of the connectivity and we are not threatened with liability of maintaining programming, et cetera. >> thank you. >> being more bold, it is a rent-free arrangement for all of the -- >> rate. it would be a lease, exclusive lease for the property for 65 years. we don't earn revenue from those spaces today. >> i have a question.
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is there any benefits to the southern waterfront as far as beautification? >> i think the project sponsor and david can speak to this but there is a public benefit package that is being created as part of the project approval. john or david could speak to that. >> i let john speak to that. the one thing to note the benefit we saw off the bat is closing a gap in the blue greenway and providing connectivity between pier 70 and points south. beyond that i will let jeff dozier john discussed other public benefits and community benefits. thank you. >> thank you. and just to clarify from earlier conversation, we are happy to come back again in the future to talk more fully about some of the specifics and program elements. the intention of today was to have -- obtained a broader picture of the project for you in advance of the publication of the draft e.i.r. some of the specific questions on housing, we just haven't landed on those particular deal
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points yet. it is not as if we are choosing to keep that information from you, we look forward to having a more robust conversation on those things. so yes, housing is probably the biggest driver in the public benefits package but there are many other components. open space is one of them. like any negotiation, one has to be careful to keep the project feasible. at the same time as deliver an extremely rich benefits package. to the point specifically on the porch benefit, i would highlight what david and tina touched on, that a key provision of this project, at one of the most exciting ones, is that it is actually opening up shoreline space that has never been accessible before. really, in it's history. for the first time, we have weaved together neighbourhoods of the central waterfront with the bay shoreline, which happens to be port property.
9:39 am
we are very excited about that ask -- aspect. >> is it possible for you to bring back the deal points? i am assuming there be development agreement. >> correct. there will be a development just about meant agreement. >> it will be important for us to see the lease when you are getting close to what that draft looks like a community benefit. >> absolutely. >> both for the southeast waterfront affordability, which we have expressed an interest in before that is put to better finalize, i would be interested in seeing the d.a. and how it links to this project. >> i would be happy to do that. >> i would like to add a few comments while i responded that we are looking at this one piece for the open space, which is extremely important, but i do think that, in terms of what are the aspects of the transportation of the impacts,
9:40 am
which will be studied, but because we had pier 70 next door , to understand in the greater context how this project and pier 70 and anything else is going on is going to be impacted because we are really close neighbours. i see jack in the audience therefrom pier 70. i think the other thing is, just understand, and i am sure, as a project sponsor probably has, they compared notes. what will be in pier 70 versus what is here? so i guess there is rationale for how they are both going to bat and they're -- you are from the mayor process office so you be interested in seeing the compatibility and the differentiation. for us, to understand whether it is on the housing component or on any other aspects of the p.d.r. or other uses that are there. we just get a whole sense, in terms -- since that area is really, most of the area -- not this particular piece of land, is within the port process purview and interest.
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it will be good for us to understand how that neighbourhood is going to be developed and what will be in it and even architecturally, hopefully there won't be some total contrast or contradiction which i am not saying we should get into that, because it is not our purview, but at least in no there is a good surge of collaboration that is nonforward and people have looked at it, and particularly from your point of view and the seats that use it. i guess what we are saying is we are probably more interested than we've -- then you thought we were. [laughter] >> you have heard from other commissioners. we are saying that we are not necessarily going to try to approve everything, we are not in that mode, but we are interested in learning more about the project and not just about the open space, but just so we understand how it affects us overall in terms of our own plans for the southern waterfront and all the other things that are handed to it. >> for sure. thank you for your comments and notes. we will plan to do, work with your staff to come back and do a
9:42 am
deeper dive on some of these points that you have raised, including, most importantly, the integration of the project with pier 70. there is a lot to talk about. we worked with a lot of the same planners, consultants, et cetera we believe there is a lot to highlight derek and we'll be sure to get that information to you. >> would like to know more about the community benefit package and local hiring. all that good stuff that we follow here at the port. >> understood. >> with a port to be part of the development agreement? so will it be just the links that we look at? >> no. we will only have a lease at the end as proposed. >> that is my understanding. in my discussion with the attorney's thus far, those lease agreements would be for action. the rest we are happy to continue to talk to you about
9:43 am
and he present and give your input on but i don't think there will be an action item before you on those. >> ok. -- ok. including the other areas that you saw, the potential pg and e. portion and the port land. >> and the port properties, like ten% of that? >> sure. >> how much open space does a 2? >> 6.3, or something? 6.3. >> 6.3. so the port property is about half. >> right. there is a right-of-way which will remain a street access point. >> but it leads from -- my question, i am not looking as street -- at streets as open space. i'm looking at parks and walkways picked sidewalks
9:44 am
wouldn't count and roads would not count for open space. >> again, with -- within the 29 acres, 2.9 acres are port owned property, of which 1.6 acres would be for the shoreline parks and open space. >> how much open space of the 2? >> 6.3 acres. >> now, just for the -- i think your chart said you are up in front of planning before today. so you made your full presentation to planning and you never revealed what affordability component you are dealing with up until today to anybody? >> to date, we have given a version of this information on presentation about the commission and the planning commission. and no. we have not. at the negotiations are ongoing. we have not had more detail to
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present on the housing and programs specifically. >> so i will ask the question. what would your starting position be on offering affordability? >> my apologies if i did not make that clear. our starting point in our negotiations in the program is the 33% target. so we expect that on the other hand if the negotiations, we will emerge in something around that target point of 33%. >> right. thank you. >> may be you and david can answer this question. when we talk about traffic congestion, [indiscernible] san francisco has the third worst congestion in the world behind moscow and new york and l.a. what are you thinking, with pier 70 being so close to, these will be great neighbourhoods to live in. are you looking at more ferries and more water taxis to take a
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lot of traffic off the road? are you encouraging more people in the city to get healthy and stop driving in cars, walk, a riot, rollerskate or something. what are you thinking? >> to the question of transportation, the sponsors are agreeing to a riposte program so that we'll be spending a lot of money doing a lot of things to reduce the generation as large developments projects will. this will be analysed in our e.i.r. which is coming up shortly. in terms of the water specific transportation, there are things we can look at, certainly. there is not a specific piece of the program as of yet on that point. i think it is an area that we need to look at further in line with the comments you have heard from me as well. >> thank you. >> what it be appropriate if we
9:47 am
had some interest in some type of peer for water transportation fleet would this be the time to vocalize that so we get -- to gets included in the e.i.r.? because we don't want to lose the opportunity if this was something we wanted to explore. >> go ahead. >> project sponsor. >> i am with the project sponsor there is -- >> can you speak directly into the mic police, please? >> there is a recreational dock being studied as part of the e.i.r. to expand greater public access we thought that was important. an important component to getting the public closer to the water. the idea is very popular with mumbles -- members of the community. it is being studied and the e.i.r. one other thing i wanted to mention, to questions came up about reaching out to sea wag. we have had tours with them and we have presented to sea wag.
9:48 am
we have offered them a tour and we are trying to get that coordinated. i invite all of you to come individually or as a group to see the site and understand it. it is much better understood having seen it and walked it and seeing the various portions of its. is a park that has been closed to the public since 1850. you just don't get the opportunity to go around it. >> so we often have a lot of experience with pier 70 and they have done an enormous amounts of community outreach over the years, at special events and not just meetings with the neighbourhood advisory groups -- when this comes back to us, maybe you can tell us the amounts of interactions there have been with the community besides the neighbourhood advisory groups. i think that we have seen with mission rock and pier 70, that has been a tremendous and integral part of what they have been doing. it has helped on both sides of the community, as well as i think for the developer to understand what is needed. you mentioned the recreational
9:49 am
peer. what we are talking about is not recreational. we are talking about for actual transportation. it is probably not something you and your project alone, which is why we directed the comments to john, it is something josie we are aware. we are developing 29 acres and there are 25 acres. we are just putting two brand-new neighbourhoods and the density of people i think it really does raise the issue of what kind of commuter transportation should be thought for the area. it is something for the area that needs to be thought through just like we are doing with the mission bay landing, i think there is another reason why there should be something done on a larger scale basis to consider that. is to be part of what the proposal should be. it is not just the individual project by yourself but combined with pier 70. >> i appreciate your comments.
9:50 am
we look forward to being part of the broader conversation. it has been a core pillar of our project. we have held eight on site community meetings and we have done monthly tours. we do weekly developer office hours for anyone who can come in and meet us and we sit in a caƩe for an hour and chat. and presenting to local communities and groups. we have done more than 100 events. whether it be individual meetings, community meetings, tours, we are hosting a festival at pier 70, as well as the burning man a decompression event. both would be at our site plumbing up this month. we are trying to give us much access to the site. when it is available, we do try, however, we can, to give the public on the site to make them aware. >> thank you.
9:51 am
>> is there any collaboration or partnering with the city or development? are we working together in any way? >> both project sponsors and associated capital are coordinating and working together. there are logical and obvious points of connection between the project. there are ongoing meetings. those -- the collaboration will continue to evolve and go forward until all issues are involved -- are involved. >> thank you. commissioners? >> i will take you up on that offer. i will bring a commissioner with
9:52 am
me and we will come down there. i would like to see it. i want to be hands-on and that is a good suggestion. i hope all the commissioners will go down. i am a visual person and i am a hands-on person. i like to see things. i would like to come see it. >> i accept the invitation. [laughter] >> we can't have more than two at once. [laughter] >> let's have amy coordinate that. thank you. >> are there any other comments? >> i guess i would direct this to our executive director. if we looked at a transportation -- this site for benefiting for transportation? >> we have looked at providing additional water taxi landings throughout the waterfront and have been opportunistic. when we have a development partner, we look at their sights , and here we have not explored the site in particular for a water taxi. i think we can do so and talk
9:53 am
with the developer about what might be possible to hear. i agree wholeheartedly with the comments of the developer that we need more water transportation opportunities as we grow and get more congested. it is and everyone's interest to maximize the water for transportation. >> i just don't want us to lose the opportunity if they are publishing the e.i.r., not to have that included as an option for us. that would benefit us better if the e.i.r. included at some of the lease comes our way, we don't have to backtrack and worry about publishing. >> i would just say, water taxi is the first step. we are talking about more formal water transportation than that. r.b.c. that is a huge step with what we are joined with mission bay landing. i think that that is really the end solution.
9:54 am
it is more than just a water taxi. >> absolutely. we are actively working on a ferry landing off of 16th street. it is in this area. that is an active project for the port. >> are there any other comments or questions? thank you. thank you very much for the presentation. >> item 11 b. is the update of the san francisco recreation and parks department from the office of economic workforce development and database and project. one incentive element agreement between the city and india basin approval of the exchange agreement with the california meeting and india basin l.l.c.
9:55 am
delegation of authority or port executive director to enter into one or more members into understanding with various agencies or the public utilities commission and the public works department and department of building inspection, relating to the roles and responsibilities for the land subject to the public? --. >> good afternoon, commissioners mike martin. i'm here representing a small group of folks, including the planning environment division, as well as the deputy city attorney as we worked through a very similar situation to the item you just heard. this i this hm is the india basin project. it is just the project sponsor -- it is another of the southern bayfront projects he saw on the additional -- initial map that you saw just now. it is an interesting spin on the proposals that we are just talking about and that up again, the port process involvement is
9:56 am
to facilitate shoreline parklands and also to confirm in the trust the shoreline lands and release upland lands from the trust. this project has already proceeded much further. the agreements are being finalized and approvals are being sought in the next few weeks. this is an opportunity to see a project that has been more fully defined. i will have answers to a number of the questions that you asked on the last item. and then, will talk a bit about how the port is stepping into its role as trustee and limiting it's liability for the questions are asked at the last item. today's presentation will be with courtney with a more detailed breakdown.
9:57 am
i want to take responsibility for having counselled them not to do more general slides about the overall development. we look if you those facts verbally. but the slats will focus on the parklands. that will be filed by oe wg. i will get back up to talk about the specific agreements that will be brought back to you with the request for approval should you be so inclined. with that, i will hand over to courtney. >> good afternoon, commissioners i am the senior project manager for india basin project. i work for bill to, francisco developer derek -- i work for build, a san francisco developer we are redeveloping the india basin open space. and we partnered with rp be to design and title so they would be eligible to receive future
9:58 am
funding at buildout. if he is doing out into the ownership of just our piece of the project, you will notice that court has jurisdiction over a few of the streets that are in our open space. about 3 acres. the majority of our site outside of the porch jurisdiction port jurisdiction between the two black lines, were conveyed by the state to private parties under an 1863 legislative act. it is an unsettled legal question that would be resolved to the parties with the trust agreement and settlement agreement. the area uplands of the lower block line at the nonpoint owned property of the park is free of the public trust. our goal with the trust exchange agreement is to rationalize the public trust lands such that the majority of the park is put into
9:59 am
the trust or given to the porch as a development area clear it from uncertain trust status. as you can see, the site in question is mostly vacant land with an existing park at the shoreline. the site is mostly based and placed here in the 1950s and sixties and has since been the subject of numerous regional, local, private and community land lead product planning efforts. the most recent and notable is the india basin at shoreline community vision that we have created by existing residents of the area. we will use the up plan as a starting point for our design. we also posted over 150 outreach meetings over the last four years with community groups and stakeholders in india basin and the bayview, to craft and refine this plan. we have held events, workshops, stakeholder meetings, small working groups, comprised of
10:00 am
community members and task force meetings. we have also met with the tenant associations and h.o.a. all the surrounding public and private housing developments. we looked at the site comprehensively, taking into consideration the surrounding community and proposed new park system. builds are underway along the southeastern shoreline. in fact our first undertaking was to work with r.p.b. an attack force to create the parks and trails plan to ensure these eight parks would be designed and developed comprehensively from the park down to northside park. northernmost area of the shipyard project. the first step in executing that vision is creation of a unique signage pilot for the entire 1.. we are underway with this effort working collaboratively collaboratively with the port, r.p.b., pg entity, planning department and five points. with that's


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