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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  September 15, 2018 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> i guess -- like the other commissioners i don't want to vote. this is how we got to how we are. i want to commend and you all the communities who have been engage in this for the last 10 years. it is a very extensive project in a very high development period. the cost of this spark escalating every day. right now. my opinion is we need to deliver something that we can be proud of, not something we started 10 years ago and we're trying to piece together now with the funds that we have. i want to make sure within the funds we have, we are able to produce something that the community wants to be a part of. it would be beneficial. but not just a beach.
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you know. >> before i go, i'd like to call on the executive director. i'd like to hear what you have to say. i think that you should speak. >> sure. >> i think that i would reflect the comments that president brandon has made about the construction climate. we have had 21 months of increases month after month in the construction pricing. it's absolutely true, it's a very expensive time. it may just go up. i do think in the presentation i saw presented, in addition to thinking about all the lessons learned, i also saw a lot of staff effort and incredible tenacity over a long period of time in terms of e getting perms and dealing with changing the scope from a community planning process. the city is not unfamiliar with
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parks that change scope from community planning processes and i thought i saw a lot of effort and tenacity on the part of staff with some changing costs and scope that probably took a lot of effort and forbearance. i want to congratulate staff. i do regret, along with the community, that this park isn't in the ground now because it would have been cheaper. getting the permits, including all this in water construction it's a dirty site. very complicated. so we can only get the permits when we can get the permits and i think staff really tried hard to get it done earlier and would have loved to be celebrating the park's completion. we of course we want to work with the commission on delivering a park we can be proud of. we want to get the park done.
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we do have $36.6 million of budget, geo bonds and grants and park capital for our parking lot. and fort staff has presented a plan of how to spend those funds, 9 million of which has been expended already. and we can follow that plan. we can take a step back and go through more community outreach to see if the plan we're presenting today hits into something we can proud of. david and erika feel that they will be proud of the park that they're presented today. and david had been on the community planning process all these years so i trust his judgment and what is discussed. we can hit the paw pause buttond go out and confirm. some commissioners don't feel we have a cost control plan in place that meets muster we can work harder on that in terms of the phasing we have phasing already planned but we can hit that harder.
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so we're standing forward for commission recommendation. we share your desire to get the park done. and we share the desire to deliver a park that everyone will be very proud of. >> i think our issue is not so much at least there hasn't been the appropriate engagement. i david david does an excellent job of reaching out to the community. we went through and i appreciate going through the this and david explaining how we got to where we are. i'm sure it was not comfortable for him to do that but he did an excellent job. so thank you for that it's more for us to under specifically now what we are going to deliver. not so much whether it is probably going to meet the community and the community sitting here is probably will be very happy with what we deliver because the general concept has
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been discussed over and over again and i think we're not missing that so i think it is going to be delivered. >> i would ask erika, you can ex back up please and walk through this slide that shows what will be delivering and acknowledges these figures have 10% contingencies concluded. >> erik peterson, project manager. >> so there's 19th street and georgia street in orange. that is concluded as well as the parking lot in green there and and number nine an entry plaza with trees and benches and you walk into the slip way area that has ship out lines showing
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different sides of the slip and that number seven is the green area and the grassy area. there's buildings 30 that is in that area that is going to be relocated off site number eight, we have the building 49 plaza with picnic areas and worm water treatment interpretive elements. number two the building 49 rehabilitation that is going to include the public rest rooms and commercial opportunities. and it also will be eyes on the park. people who can watch for security. there's also to number six northern uplands there is walkway with lots of landscaping where hopefully the children's playground will be and that leads into the boat staging area for the northern shoreline which is the beach area.
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which also includes the sediment cap and a bunch of debris removal and that is pretty much it. >> commissio commissioner adams. >> first of all i want to say thank you many of this is a tough discussion. this is what we do at the commission. i really appreciate and i saw the emotion in your eyes. we're going to be ok. and i want to thank the community and staff for being patient. today, i think this commission we heard the movement of the community. they gave us direction. they want to get this thing done it's like right now we're driving in a car. are we spending all our time looking in the rear view mirror or the windshield in front of us. for me, i want to look at the windshield in front of us. we have to move forward. i think that president brandon was right on. we have to pause.
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we have to get this park done. this is something that we have to do. this condition has the ability to do that we are the leaders of this commission at this time and this is difficult as it is. managers lead when things are easy. leaders lead when things get tough. we have to figure out a way to get this things done. we have an obligation. it's on our watch. it's at our doorstep. i think we need to get it done. president brandon you are right, i think we are recalculate whatever we need to do. i think we have an obligation and i'm fully on board of getting this thing done and delivering this. this is also a part of mayor lee's something he want today see done. we have an obligation to get this done. we will get this thing done. this is important. thank you, david. hang in there, brother. it will be all right. you got the support of this community. we have to figure it out. women get this thing done. >> i would strongly recommend
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that you take this presentation to the central waterfront advisory committee. just so they're updated on where we are also. this is great. this is really wonderful and thank you very much. sincerely. because this is great information. now we're all on the same page. we all understand what we're dealing with. and hopefully we can just take a pause and come back in 60 days or so and have a business plan moving forward. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> item 13 no business. is there any public comment on new business. seeing none. >> motion to adjourn. >> second. >> all in favor.
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>> aye. >> thank you. >> thank you. . item 1, call to order. >> president tsen: thank you for coming today. this week is world climate change forum in san francisco and it's's good time to remember
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that the master plan for treasure island received an award. so we have an incredible master plan, which we're following and doing our part to be sustainable. thank you, all, for coming. we'll go on with the next order. >> clerk: call to order. [roll call] we have a quorum. >> president tsen: thank you. is there any -- the next item, please. >> clerk: general public comment. this item is to allow members of the public to address the board on matters within the jurisdiction of the board but don't appear on the agenda. public comment will be held during each item on the agenda.
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members of the public may address the board up to 3 minutes. you will hear a single chime when there are 30 seconds remaining. state your name and organization you are representing, if any, for the record. >> president tsen: is there any comment? please come up. and introduce yourself, please. >> good afternoon, madam chair. ladies and gentlemen of the board. my name is jim hancock. i think we've met before. i'm the president of the san francisco sailing science center project. and i just want to let everybody know that we're alive and well. do appreciate the chance to talk to all of you today and i appreciate all that you have been doing for treasure island and the city of san francisco. we hope to be a part of that. and we do hope that in the near future we can have an opportunity to give a formal presentation to this board.
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i am following closely what you do and i would like to let you know more about what we're doing. thank you. >> president tsen: thank you. any other members of the public? if not, next item. >> clerk: item number 3, report by treasure island director. >> good morning, directors. i'd like to begin my report today by introducing a new member of the treasure island community development team. will fleiseg is here today and he is joining ticd and new group that they're founding called treasure island development group to manage the horizontal infrastructure program. so i would like to invite will to come up and introduce himself to the board. >> good afternoon. thank you very much, bob.
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members of the tida board, i'm will fleiseg. it's a pleasure to be here. this project and the work you've been doing and the direction of this land and creating incredible public realm housing, affordable housing, and a signature project in the sustainability that board member tsen mentioned, very, very exciting. i've lived in the bay area since 1980. i've had stints in other places, most recently in toronto, where i was c.e.o. for waterfront toronto, a redevelopment of 2,000 acres of the waterfront there. for me and my family to come back to san francisco and to take on a project like this is just amazing. so i look forward to working with bob and his staff and you and seeing you on a regular basis. again, what is so timely for me to be here and for this organization is the clear
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recognition that implementation is well under way. you've been working on that. now from the vertical, the transformation of the surplus property into the vision and making that happen is under way. so it's a very key time. and i look forward to working with each of you and with bob to make that happen. so i would be glad to answer any questions or any comments that you might have. >> president tsen: thank you. welcome back to the san francisco bay area. we look forward to working with you on this amazing project. >> great. thank you very much. thanks, bob. >> picking back up with the report. we passed a major milestone last month in august. on the night of august 19 into the early morning of august 20, we closed mccalla read.
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this will allow it to be widened and realigned as part of the future development. we also had incident-free treasure island flea markets in july and august. we didn't experience any traffic from the detour. working with southern station and m.t.a. on planning for upcoming fleet week over the columbus day holiday october 4-7. visitors are not encouraged to come to treasure island because so much of the waterfront is impacted by construction and, yet, we're going to plan for
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people showing up nonetheless. on july 4, we did work with southern station and ultimately closed traffic coming on to the island at some point. we're looking at that for fleet week as well, but it would be consiberably more challenging to have a closure of access except to residents during the daytime hours as opposed to the fourth of july, which was the evening hours. that planning is progressing. on august 15, we had a team of 35 employees of east bay regional park district. they biked across the bay bridge to visit the island. they had a presentation from the treasure island museum on the history of the island in the lobby of building 1 and presentation on the development
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plans. the library is based on community interest, extending the services of the tech mobile to the island through the end of the year. it will be at its regular location at 11th street and avenue h every thursday from 1:00 to 5:00 and the book mobile also from the library will continue tuesday visits 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. in july and august, public works and department of public and traffic crews improved striping on hillcrest, filled potholes, and cleaned up graffiti. on the art program, we received positive feedback from the federal aviation administration on the proposed sculpture for hilltop park. so it appears that we'll continue to move forward with that design, but it appears that design at that location will not
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create any problems with f.a.a. on the subject of art, on august 25, a community mural design workshop was hosted at the ship shape. a dozen community members worked on developing themes and ideas for the mural. two main themes that came from the workshop were that it should illustrate the transformation of treasure island from the past, present and future and embody the sense of community on the island. on saturday, the 15th, they will have the muralist present a concept for the mural developed on the feedback from the initial workshop and get additional
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feedba feedback. before any mural is installed, we'll bring it here for presentation at the tida board and review with the arts commission. we'll be taking the marina and sailing center leases through the board of supervisors this fall, working on updated appraisals with the department of real estate prior to review of that with the budget analysts office. on construction, not only did the road closure occur at mccalla, but utility work is proceeding. another significant milestone for the new water reservoirs to be constructed on yerba buena island. work has begun on the walls to retain the area where the new
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reservoirs are constructed. the contractors have installed 2.5 million linear feet of drains. so a significant amount of work is under way. and we'll be modifying 9th street before november 1 to provide a surcharge of materials from the stockpile to the phase one area. ticd took bids for the demolition of structures on the wastewater site and that work should be awarded later this
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fall. the final map for treasure island was approved by the board of supervisors on september 4 and will record tomorrow. and the fourth navy land transfer will record this week. at this point, i anticipate that we will not have a november i.t.c. meeting, which would fall in the week of thanksgiving. that concludes my report. >> president tsen: thank you. any comments from the board? yes. >> commissioner dunlop: i had a quick question. i thought that i read that they weren't going to be doing the vibro compaction, but they are? >> in terms of the sandy
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materials that the island is constructed, during a lot of the earlier conversations, i think prior to 2016, there's a method called deep dynamic compaction. they take a weight like a wrecking ball and drop it on to the soil and compact the soil in that fashion. so it's a -- what would be considered a high-impact, low-frequency means of compacting the soil. the vibro compaction that they are doing is -- they drive an array of four piles down into the soil to a depth of 70, 75 feet. and then those piles vibrate as they are extracted. and so it's -- by comparison, it's a high-frequency vibration,
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but low impact, so it's not as disruptive. and appears to -- in our situation, will be more efficient. >> commissioner dunlop: has anybody made any comments about that? i haven't heard anything, but -- >> we haven't had any comments yet. the work is happening at the southern end of the compaction that's under way. there is some vibration that's noticeable in building 1 when it's happening across the street there. but we'll continue to monitor that. >> up are not allowed to complain. [laughter] >> president tsen: all right. next item, please. >> clerk: is there any public comment on item number 3? item 4, communications from
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tida. there are several news publications and newsletters, among others. >> president tsen: comments -- i would note in that packet that there was an article on the artist from new york and he donated his services. i was out there. i saw it. and i think, you know, treasure island is just going to become this wonderful place with the murals being done there that people have a whole range of art, from local art to the sculptures. all right. >> clerk: item 5, ongoing bisbee board of directors. >> president tsen: any ongoing business? >> yes. good afternoon, everyone. to those in the audience and those that are watching
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remotely. this statement i'm about to make is repeating the fact that we have most of the people from the world coming to san francisco to attend the world global climate. i had the privilege of attending the mayor's conference. what is important here is that it was unfortunate that there are signature contracts, the treasure island and yerba buena island development. this project is platinum, highest in the world. everything we're doing here is for sustainable development. this public-private partnership, this is signature that we have. the city of san francisco led by
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tida and we have state and city agencies involved with us. but we also have citd development partnership and our job here is to be the glue. we know we have assembled the best public-private team anywhere in the world for our development. one of the things that we're doing here, which is a signature in which the mayors are talking about, is that we're linking work force and job training. we're providing an opportunity for at-risk people. people that need second and third chances in their lives. this commission, everywhere we go, we know we will develop the signature structures, but most importantly is the work force and the opportunities that we are bridging all along. mayor gavin newsom started a linkage to development, but
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mayor ed lee took the baton. the late mayor lee was very aggressive, authorizing city agencies to move on with it. and from what we had seen so far, mayor london breed will outdo everyone. i had the privilege of attending for the third year in a row, treasure island and echo bay job training and graduation. it's very moving. we have all these young people interest that are going to have this opportunity because of tida and after that, the mayor also had core construction. what i'm saying here is that we have a great thing going on here. and we need to increase the opportunities for tida. that's what i've heard from the city's side, from everyone, that we need to keep this training. we need to have the mayor, the supervisor, everybody to increase the resources so we can
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be ongoing. they've told me personally and publicly, now that we know how to get it done, we should be training people that are talking advantage for treasure island but also of opportunities in the mainland and everywhere. so i am excited and that's why i want to make this statement thanking my fellow commissioners and especially mr. bob beck, but the mailer is ready. in the budget and everything, we need to make sure that they know we've spoken on this. to look at that, to allow us to enable us to keep this thing going. i'm going to talk about that and as we go on here. so thank you and congratulations to your leadership, sherry. and i see some of the graduates that are here. one day i think you should bring everybody to city hall, so that
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the mayor and supervisors and everybody can see the work we're doing. it should not just be us that have those privileges. thank you for the opportunities. thank you. >> president tsen: thank you, linda. let's see, next item. >> clerk: item 6, consent agenda. 6a, approving the minutes of the july 11, 2018 meeting. >> so moved. >> second. >> president tsen: all those in favor, say aye. opposed? ayes have it. >> clerk: item 7, one treasure island training program update. >> as director richardson described, on august 30, one treasure island in partnership with 167 and echo bay completed their third class of training program on treasure island. and would like to invite alex from treasure island to come up
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and give you an overview of the work they've been doing. >> i'm going to introduce -- sherry williams with one treasure island. thank you, commissioner richa richards richardson, for giving a nice introduction for our program and the success of our program. and we can't do it -- obviously, can't do it without your leadership and support and i just want it say as someone who has been involved with the project for over 20 years, what we had envisioned. i don't think we could have ever thought we could have come up with a strong collaboration with city entity, private entity like echo bay and our community partners. so this is truly, i think, a program to be proud of. and very grateful for the partnership. i wanted to call out patrick lion, of course, from echo bay and matt sousa. they worked tirelessly with us,
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side by side. rich ravetti has been incredible partner, along with director beck. and then the one treasure island, director of programs is here. and alex francois, in charge of making it all run, is ear to give you a brief update on what's happened in the last three rounds. so alex francois? >> thank you for having us. i'm alex francois. i want to provide a brief overview. the purpose of our program to provide training and support to
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economically disadvantaged treasure island and san francisco residents with the goals of providing opportunities for all san franciscans to benefit from the development of treasure island and move people out of poverty while assisting island contractors and meeting their economically disadvantaged hiring goals. one treasure island's broker us is testimony has been operating since 1997, but with the redevelopment occurring, we added the new facet of the construction training program and our outreach and recruitment process orientation and assessment job training and placement starting in 2015 to get the pipeline ready for the work that's coming up. the partners that we do our outreach through, we work closely with agencies that are on the island, as well as city-wide agencies. you are probably familiar with many of the agencies, at least three of them.
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we do have enhanced m.o.u. with them to pick up our services a little stronger, with them working closely together with them. our program has two sides -- two services, but our motto integrates employment services with financial education for lasting financial security. i say this all the time, of all the years i haven't worked with a program that also brought the financial services component to it, the more used to seeing the employment side involved. as you can see unemployment, we provide 101 case management. introduced them to the trades and apprenticeships, how to gain the sponsorship. employer spotlight is when we invite building trades, employers, union officials, city officials that come to speak to our students and our class, to provide insight into their world, and technical advice. we are heavy with safety, so
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osha 10, we do provide osha 10 certification cards. we want everybody to know and understand that as a new apprentice, new person in the field, statistics show that they're the ones that get hurt on the job. we take that seriously about the safety. 20 hours of construction matt, resume development, interviewing skills. attaching the resume it an on-line application. the financial side of it, same thing. 101 case management. financial literacy is really key to our success. how to create a budget. how to manage money, manage debt, improve your credit score. managing a checkbook and starting a savings account. you will see some of the success that we've had with that. we have a six-week training construction program.
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two weeks of that. we're heavy in life skills and leadership training, cognitive, decision-making skills. the last four weeks we spend with local 261 and 67 coming in to provide all the certifications needed to go to work. it's classroom certification. we have had three cycles so far. our last cycle just graduated. we go by cp3 1, 2, and 3. these are the buildings we've abated on treasure island. cp1 took care of those two, 92 and 107.
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second cycle, 215, 257. and those are the buildings we're looking at for cycle three. it's about the same square footage, but smaller buildings, so we can handle more buildings. the demographics of our classes, average salary when they start working for echo bay has been $23 an hour. and there is plenty of overtime to be had for a lot of them. cycle 1 graduating november, 2017. 14 total. 13 male, 1 female. and each class for after that, the numbers increase, so looking at 16% of our graduates have been female, which we're really happy about that. we're looking to increase that. the national statistics about 8% female in the industry. we'll work with the female population group on the island that's been great for recruiting females for our program.
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we had three treasure island residents. second one five. third one seven. so really happy to see that number is increasing of treasure island residents. i think the word is starting to get out and we're talking to each other and looking forward to that number increasing as well. we're around 34% of our overall graduates have been treasure island residents. for each cycle, we've had les n lessons learned. our first cycle, we started with 15. graduated 12. 12 were hired. 5 are still working. so what we've learned is to change our assessment process. we've included a test of adult basic education. a physical test component that
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has been utilized. we had them build a mom obstacle course and brought that down to treasure island and make sure that they're fit for the field of work they're getting into. we had tremendous increase in the retention. 15 people came in again. one left because he decided to get married and move. thumb's up for him. if he was -- he was our top candidate. we were sad to see him go. graduated 14. 12 of them are still working, which we're happy to see. and i know what we did and got into the training program and really take the financial
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literacy to heart and participate in that, adding to the long-term longevity in the field. 15 graduated. it was about two weeks ago, eight hired by echo bay. we have five from cycle 1 working, 12 from second cycle. and echo bay is still working. appreciate seeing their mentoring style on site. so we're holding on to the folks that are working and what's great -- working out for us is ticd has a lot of subs coming on-line right now. so we're starting to work with the other new subs to pick up and hire people as laborers in
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those trades. we know that the retention numbers will pick up. 11 have opened bank accounts. 9 people have opened cars. 41 people now understand how to read and understand their credit one of them, eliminated $35,000 off his debt for a student loan for something that was bogus and tracking him down. he worked really closely with us and that was a huge win for him and all of those in the office as well. so in addition to the 35 people that were hired from our c.t.p.
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class, 1-3 were able to assist 24 clients, access gainful employment with the building trades onsite treasure island and offsite in san francisco. some of the success stories we've had, you know, there is a high percentage of ranching people in cycle 2. and this is a story that eddie hoser works for the osha training institute and was one of our featured speakers and really taken aback with the work that we're doing, but did a story that was distributed up and down the state. 29 years ago, an 18-year-old was arrested for possession of marijuana. he spent 28 years in prison. and after his release, he found us on treasure island and didn't really know what he was going to do to make a living and we introduced him to the training program. he brought his friends into the training program.
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you will hear from one of them today. he talked about how he celebrated his first birthday as free man since he was 18 years old for possession of marijuana. up next, we're getting ready for vertical construction. class 4, looking to start around february. and right now, working to establish ourselves as a multicraft core curriculum, which is a comprehensive apprenticeship training, developed and approved by the building trades. mc3 to provide high-quality apprenticeship level people interested to prepare them for careers in the industry. mc3 has been certified in this state and several across the
12:44 pm
country. we're looking at how to establish ourselves as mc3 program for the vertical, but i want to thank you for your support in providing us with an opportunity to help provide employment opportunities for people in the industry. i would like to introduce ismael wesley to say a few words. >> good afternoon. i'm ismail wesley. i was incarcerated for 25 years. i've been home for 7 months and i must say i'm extremely nervous in this courthouse-like setting. the last time i was in this type -- it was a slam of a gavel and i was sentenced to 50 years to life. i'm kind of nervous. i was in the construction training program here on treasure island. before i got there, i was confused -- not confused, but i didn't know how i would make a living in society. i had a lot of doubt going through my mind.
12:45 pm
and my friend told me about one treasure island. i didn't have high expectations. going through the program, treasure island has been a treasure to me. they -- i never had a banking account, savings account. they established that. and they have a partnership with self-help credit union, so i was able to open an account with checking and savings account with self-help credit union. before i was able it do that, they were able to give me the proper training that i would need to establish employment, which i was able to find through echo bay. they have a wonderful partnership with one treasure island and it's my hope and prayer that that partnership can continue for those with similar situations as myself coming out of prison, looking for jobs in san francisco. so treasure island has been more than just a treasure. it's been more like a family to me. it's more than just me working with them. the staff there are wonderful. the staff with echo bay is one
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derful. i had the chance to meet the owner, prior to even stepping into the field. to me, that's uncommon. i had not heard about that. it's still expensive out here. some things i can't afford, but it gives you a sense of normalcy, being able to work. i've been full-time employed since the first day i was hired by echo bay, going on 6 months. i work six days a week out there on 3rd street. for me, that is less stress to worry about where i will get money from. how will i pay my bills? i am able to help myself. my granddaughter, my mother. i'm able to be a provider. coming out of prison, these are some of the main issues we have coming out of prison, so we don't relapse into the negative environment. where will we get a job from? treasure island has provided that. one treasure island is a terrific, terrific program. like i said, i pray this program with the partnership with echo
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bay will continue for years to come. i'm just one example -- my son is working with me also. they hired him as well. he was making $12 an hour. he's making $23 an hour. it's not a whole lot, but it's enough to take care of yourself. and i want to be short and brief and want to repeat, i pray, it's my prayer, with godspeed, that this program, this committee here, can continue to see this program flourish, as many more people just like me are waiting for the opportunity. thank you. [applause] >> president tsen: thank you. >> i'm sorry. i have one more person to introduce. without their partnership and leadership and vision, we wouldn't be here. i would like to bring up patrick ryan. would you like to say a few words? >> thank you, alex.
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good afternoon to all the directors. i -- that's a tough act to follow. i don't know if i have anything to add to that, other than i am totally grateful and humbled by the opportunity to be a part of this program. i'm moved by the continued support, especially from director beck and director richardson. it is a really unique program. i've been doing local hiring for a decade. and i can assure you that it's not a competition but i can assure you that this program is outperforming every program that's out there. we haven't scaled it yet. it seems like that's coming down the line, but in terms of the impact we're having on the candidates that come through the program, the retainage rate, which was 69%, 70%, it just doesn't happen. it's something that all of us should be extremely proud of.
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for as long as we can do it, i hope that we continue to do it. our commitment to it is unwavering. it's a sort of tremendous pride. i know our new mayor is extremely proud of it and ismael is an incredible case of it working out or a case study of it working out, but more than that, he's an incredible human being that validates the program for all of us and the efforts that we're doing and the support that you all are giving us. all that to say, thank you very much and we look forward to continuing this great partnership and impacting as many lives as we can. thank you very much. >> president tsen: thank you. and thank you, patrick, for being an employer who is willing to try and have a partnership with a group like one treasure island. not every sub contractor or contractor is willing to do that. and yet it is such an important
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part of what we're doing at treasure island. not only are we building housing and retail and parks, but we're also building lives and, ismael, thank you so much for sharing your story with us, because it's truly moving. it's -- i think that the construction industry right now is saying there is not enough skilled labor, which is one of the reasons why construction costs are spiralling out of line in the bay area. but i think training programs like yours, training people to be skilled labor and hopefully you will be able to integrate them into the labor force here at treasure island. and thank you so much for all that you do. i'll open it up to the directors. and then if there is public comment, i'll take it. >> yes. i've spoken about you a lot of times. thank you so much for your
12:51 pm
integrity and going beyond the call of duty. i for right now one of the best things that has happened to the city, county, the director of work force development. they're going beyond the call of duty. for some of those candidate, graduate, not placed immediately. that's why we need to continue this training. they can be placed in all the other projects around town. that's why we need to keep this going. and the city and county of san francisco have a lot of temporary positions even among the agencies, sfmta, public utility commission. i know that because i used to be president of the civil service and human rights commission, and we can place them. we know where to place them. why then, so to allow us to keep that momentum going, because you don't want to graduate them and
12:52 pm
leave them out, after you build enthusiasm. so that way, we're keeping them and as president tsen said, there's a huge labor shortage in construction. so you will have the state that had implications for the country. so job training is the key now. so mayor breed is on it. and we -- it's great to jump out of the gate and be at that place now where we can be turning up all kinds of people right now. we helped to promote the project because we know we will build it. that's no question. >> president tsen: thank you. mark? >> commissioner dunlop: yes. i just want to thank everyone involved in this incredible project that seems to have a really 69% retention, that's insane. it's so good.
12:53 pm
i did have just a quick question, because it was mentioned that you might be looking to expand. is that any time soon or just kind of -- >> we're looking at the numbers and at what parts of the program we want to beef up. we're getting looked at by accrediting. if we can expand 15 to 30, how do we do it? what is the cost of that? our goal is to have that by the end of the month what we're looking at, just assessing that footprint and how we can double that. >> commissioner dunlop: it's great. i'm sure the staff notices that we are -- the directors are very much excited about this and to
12:54 pm
see it expand would be great. and so we'll definitely be hearing about it. do you have a bank that you work with when you talk about financial services that you are offering? >> a couple of different banks. >> we currently have relationship with federal credit union along with wells fargo. so they come out and present to the class, along with -- self-help will come out to the island and open up accounts. the other banks don't currently have that capacity. >> commissioner dunlop: that is great. it's so important to get that start. i mean, i -- i remember when i first got a bank account, it was
12:55 pm
mysterious. so it's wonderful to be helping people. i didn't catch your name. >> i'm the director of the program of one treasure island. >> commissioner dunlop: thank you. excited about the project and would i love to see it expand if that is possible. so thank you very much, sir. and mr. francois -- >> i want to say one more word of the expansion of the program to mc3. the reason why we're expanding on that, we want it have a pipeline of folks for the other crafts, not just the laborers, but carpentry, electrician, plumbers, pipe fitters, and so forth, as the vertical build-out is getting ready to go. >> commissioner giusti: i also want to congratulate you on a
12:56 pm
fantastic program. as somebody that's been involved for the last 18 years with community hiring and giving opportunities to folks, i cannot agree more the financial literacy that goes along with the job training is crucial. and i would encourage you it look to other things like dispute resolution training, more of the soft skill training that teaches folks what it takes to get along in the workplace. that's also really important. and i would also -- don't forget drivers. commercial drivers. i know muni is looking for drivers. we're always rooking for drivers. dump truck drivers. construction-trade drivers. so it's a fantastic opportunity and a real shortage of that, too. >> president tsen: thank you. sharon? >> commissioner lai: thank you for the presentation. i really appreciate the feedback and letting us know how our funding is being used and how
12:57 pm
well it's being used. congratulations to all the graduates. i made this comment before, but i would encourage the program to look in the future into expanding towards the technology side of the training. as you all probably saw earlier this week, mayor breed just released a press release regarding funding of the prefab. so i think, again, that's just something that should be on the radar. thank you. >> president tsen: thank you. bob beck? >> thanks, directors. i wanted to -- alex was quite humble about one treasure island's role in the program, but i wanted to highlight again the work that everyone at one treasure island, sherry and alex, have done in designing this program and the financial
12:58 pm
literacy component and the screening are great factors in its success. and also to mention patrick ryan's partnership with echo bay. part of the success here is being able to put people directly to work after they complete the class. but also their involvement in the training itself to come to the classes and speak to the students as an owner, as an employer, about the realities of the expectations of the job is a big factor. and also their willingness to participate in the program. when we were first working with one treasure island to design the program, you know, we spoke to a couple of other contractors before connecting with patrick,
12:59 pm
but there were always ind indemnification issues and insurance and hurdles from corporate that seemed to get in the way. and his willingness to engage and support the program is very important to its success. so those are the comments i wanted to have. >> president tsen: thank you so much for the report. we can go on to the next item, please. >> clerk: is there any public comment on item 7? item number 8, timma update, autonomous vehicle shuttle planning. >> as we bring up the presentation, as you know, we -- through m.t.a. and the sfcta, received a grant for planning for an autonomous vehicle
1:00 pm
shuttle. >> good afternoon, directors, rachel hida, principal transportation planner. this is to give you an update on this grant program, but specifically the portion of the grant program that supports this autonomous shuttle pilot. so the acronym is advanced technologies deployment program, a federal program intended to support the testing of advanced transportation technologies. the main reason we went after this grant and were awarded, was the toll system. we had an opportunity to do some other innovative things here. they were looking for pilots of cutting-edge transportation technologies, so we proposed the testing


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