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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  September 16, 2018 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> good morning, everyone. this meeting will come to order. welcome to the september 12,
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2018 rules committee meeting. my name is >> supervisor safai: to my right is norman yee. senior self-sti /* i'd like to thank sfgovtv for staffing this meeting. madame clerk, any announcements? >> would you like to make a motion to excuse supervisor stefani? >> supervisor safai: sure. so moved. >> the announcement today, make sure to silence all cell phones and electronic devices. speakers cards to be included as part of the file be submitted to the clerk.
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>> supervisor safai: great. ok. thank you, madame clerk. today, items 2, 3 and 4 are out of order. >> item number 2 is motion appointing supervisor rafael mandelman, term ending june 30, 2019 to the association of bay area governments executive board. >> supervisor safai: great. unless there are initial comments from committee members, i don't know if anyone from the staff is here, but if not, i think -- oh, you are? if you'd like to say something... satisfy >> supervisor mandelman regrets he cannot appear in person. he is created to committing regional solutions to our biggest problems and feels that
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his service to the association of bay area governments and the bay area air quality management district will allow him to work with leaders across the bay area to solve these problems. he will work with each of those bodies to make sure that san francisco gets its fair share of regional transit dollars to move forward projects that address our city's needs. he's looking forward to working to serve the folks of this city, to address the issues, including homelessness, transportation, economic development, where the impactful solutions are going to have to be regional. thank you very much. >> supervisor safai: madame clerk, can you call item 2, can we do 2 and 3 together? >> yes, item number 3 motion appointing supervisor rafael mandelman term ending february 1, 2021 to the bay area air
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quality management district. board of directors. >> supervisor safai: seeing none, public comment is closed. i think that was enough presentation for both 2 and 3. can we entertain a motion to appoint supervisor mandelman? >> supervisor yee: i'll make the motion to -- what am i doing? motion appointing supervisor mandelman to the a bank with positive recommendation. >> supervisor safai: and the bay area air quality management. can we do that without objection? great. that item is ordered. >> item number 4 is motion appointing the supervisor vallie brown to the golden gate bridge, highway and transportation. >> supervisor safai: we're joined by supervisor brown --
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wait. oh, actually -- >> deputy city attorney, for this appointment, supervisor, you should recuse yourself or the committee vote to excuse you from the vote. at which point, would you leave, the committee could vote. you will come back in. there is a local law -- >> supervisor safai: she's not sitting in for supervisor stefani. when she's done -- she can't speak at all? >> it's better to allow the committee to make its decision. >> supervisor safai: ok. so she can't say anything on her own behalf? no? got it. ok. so probably better you recuse yourself. great. thank you. so we'll wait for you to leave and then we'll continue. we'll take public comment. any members of the public wish to comment on item number 4? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> supervisor yee: i'd like to
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say that vallie brown would make a great commissioner on the golden gate bridge board. [laughter]. >> supervisor safai: i think you're right. so let's make a motion to appoint her. >> supervisor yee: i will make a motion to appoint her. >> supervisor safai: great, thank you, we'll do that without objection. madame clerk, please call item number 1. >> ordinance amending the administrative code to establish the early care and education for all initiative to be funded by the appropriations from the babies and families first fund, including proceed you'res and concerning a spending plan. >> supervisor safai: actually, can you call item number 5. >> ordinance amending administrative code korir labor peace agreements between employers operating excursion
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vessels under the port lease and labor organizations. >> supervisor safai: unless we have initial comments, we're joined by a representative of supervisor peskin's office. >> thank you for scheduling the item. supervisor peskin would have loved to have been here, but he is serving in his capacity as the coastal commissioner. brief background on the legislation, supervisor peskin represents the northeastern waterfront, which is at the heart of the bay's very robust tourism industry. which is historically an industry built on good, working class and blue collar union jobs. they have a car check ordinance that requires workers engaged in projects with a significant impact to the economy, including on property under the port jurisdiction to enter into agreements providing an expedited car check process. meaning a bargaining
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representative, where they act as alternative to the formal election procedures outlined in the national labor relations act. and if they can't agree, they go to binding arbitration, which of course, has served the city well in terms of staving off economic disruptions. so this ordinance would require that employers agree upon request by their employees labor representative to enter into a peace agreement with a clear path to resolution, including an option to negotiate more terms, when and if the union is recognized. although the legislation is broad enough to give the parties space, it does require that the labor peace agreement at minimum, one stave off disrupting the employer's economic activity, and two, require that second step of mediation and arbitration if they're unable to reach agreement during the first phase
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of negotiating the contract. in terms of application, it was important to define eligible port operations as ones that have a significant impact on the city's proprietary interests, so that the ordinance applies to employers or their subcontractors with 40-plus employees that operate excursion vessels under the lease of port property, under leases entered into after the effective date. i know that peter daley is here from the port and can speak to the technical aspects of the port. i'm also here to answer any questions. i thank you for your consideration this morning. >> supervisor safai: wait. so, does the gentleman from the port like to come up and speak? >> good morning, i'm peter daley, director at the port of san francisco. we have reviewed the legislation
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and can answer questions regarding its implementation. the idea is to protect the city and the port from any disruption of our monetary opportunities from these excursions operations. they're an important part of the portfolio. i'm here to answer any questions. >> supervisor safai: great. i don't think we have any. any members of the public wish to comment on the item, please come forward. seeing none, public comment is closed. >> supervisor yee: i want to thank supervisor peskin for introducing this legislation. it's important that our city support our workers and making sure that the operators and contractors and companies actually follow the wishes of the city in terms of having some harmony and peace. i would like it make a motion -- you want to say anything? >> supervisor safai: i would add
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to that, i agree it's important that we solidify our labor agreements with regard to private interests that are benefitting from their agreements with the city. so it's really important that we respect the men and women of labor and write that into these contracts. and it seems as though we're doing a lot of this more recently as it relates to this particular economy that we're in. we have another hearing on monday in land use committee with regard to shuttle drivers and their fight for retirement. this is about ensuring that, again, the men and women that work in these excursions, maritime businesses, are also respected. we have many men and women from labor come up yesterday with regard to their treatment in the security and shuttle business, health care workers, along with those -- some of the lowest paid workers at the airport, nonprofit workers and others.
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this is a recurring theme, so we appreciate labor and supervisor peskin's office for bringing this forward. >> supervisor yee: so, if it's ok, can you ask supervisor peskin that i be added as coauthor of this? i would like to go ahead and make a motion to pass this out with positive recommendation to the board. >> supervisor safai: and we can do that without objection. please add my name as a cosponsor as well. thank you. madame clerk, item number 1. klô >> clerk: item number 1 is ordinance amending the administrative code to establish the early care and education for all initiative to be funded by the appropriations from the babies and families first fund. >> supervisor safai: supervisor yee, i hand this over to you. >> supervisor yee: thank you very much. let me start off by saying that this voter-driven initiative was
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passed in june of 2018 with the san francisco voters. and it is called the early care and education of all initiative. also known as prop c. prop c was a precedent-setting ballot measure. for the public record i want to state that voter initiative means that thousands of voters' signatures were actually submitted and approved. the signatures are then verified by the department of elections to qualify and plan and place as a proposition on the ballot. the passage of the early education for all initiative is the largest local investment nationwide and i think san francisco should be very, very proud of that. the $140 million will grow and further develop the san francisco early care and education system.
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and will impact literally thousands and thousands of san francisco children and families, working parents and early educators. the legislation before you today is cosponsored by my colleagues. supervisor kim, ronen and cohen. what it is, it directs the office of care and education to create the 5-year spending plan in the process of community engagement, and the creation of the plan. however, before i go through the legislation, i need to highlight there are forces, namely the jarvis taxpayer association, and the builders, owners -- building owners management social who have decided to sue the city to overturn what passed in june. this is appalling and unacceptable.
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for literally decades, advocates and people from the community have been sharing their stories. the press wages of the early educators desperately sharing the challenge and having severe shortage of retaining quality early educators. highlighting research about the brain development in the first five years of life, and making millions of dollars in budget request. the community requested last year was more than $300 million to address the needs and gaps in san francisco. the voters of san francisco heard the cries, recognized the benefits of investing in early care and education, and passed this ballot measure and yet boma and others want to silence our residents' vote in the name of profit. it is a gross example of big
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business attempting to use their power to overthrow the vote of the voters. this revenue for -- this measure only generate through a tax to the largest commercial landlords in the city, who are currently paying some of the lowest gross commercial tax rates in the country at .04%. large commercial real estate benefitted from the trump tax breaks and rather than paying their fair share, they're now using the city. instead of seeing this as an opportunity to be a true partner in the community and leveraging the benefits of early education for all for their tenants and their employees, they are suing to take away your votes. i will not stand for this, that will impact thousands of families in this first year of implementation alone.
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as a city, we will fight, not only to invest in early education, working families and our educators, but will work to uphold the will of the san francisco voters. we will not allow the largest commercial landlords to use their money and power to take away our votes. this is why without hesitation we're moving forward with the legislation for implementation. before i call the director of the office of early care and education, i want to share the details. the premise of this legislation is that the office of care and -- early care and education is really pretty straight forward. we just want to move on making sure that we have a strategy when we start, actually implementing the program. so there are two major parts to this. we're asking the office within 30 days, will submit a report on
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their procedures for the development of the spending plan. this is a tremendous investment and we must ensure that there is substantive community engagement process, including input from the office of ece advisor committee, early educators, parents. working parents of young children schedules are impacted. this is why this legislation ensures multiple avenues of engagement including community meetings, surveys online and in person. currently i have in the legislation, and i'll talk about some amendments in a second. but currently within six months, the office will submit a five-year spending plan that includes a ramp-up plan for how to clear the wait list of the
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lowest income families, increase our early educator wages, expand access to our middle income families. the spending plan directs the office to create a reserve for times when there is an economic down turn to ensure that the continuity of the care and programming for children and families. i think before i actually call the director, i want to talk about some amendments that we are proposing today. most of it is over -- has already been written into the revised version that i'm going to hand out. so there is only a few amendments that i'd like to make. on page 2, lines 10-12, in the community bodies to be included in the spending plan discussion, i would like to amend it to
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include the first san francisco, and the childcare planning to actually write in the first childcare planning and advisory council cpac. it's a mandated planning council that plans for the childcare and development services based on needs of the families in the local community. then, i also in this -- within what is handed out, currently the minimum starting point to increase wages is 10%. and again, i want to stress this is a minimum. this is not enough. this is merely a stated minimum and though the spending plan analysis and through the sending plan analysis of the funding, i'm expecting this percentage to grow. this is guidance, but i motion to add the language for the
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ultimate, which is compensation -- i would like to add the wording, compensation go having parity with k-12 educators commensurate with experience. so that would be on page 3, line 6-8. again, this is -- i'd like to say that some of the language we have in there, we want to include to be aspirational. we want to make sure that we know where we're heading and at some point, maybe soon, or it could be later, we actually reach these aspirations. and the other thing that i added on there was to delete page 3. on page 3, line 16-23. subsection c. as proposed, the language in the ordinance is a little bit confusing. so rather than trying to word
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smith it, i think it's easier to take it out. it says that the priorities of the early education for all initiative are laid out in the propositions language. so we don't need this, the language there. the cleanup language makes it more clear the office of ece to retain discretion, to allocate resources. that is the intent. and i think taking it out will not change that intent. i want to say that what is not in there, that after thinking about and listening to, not only the community, but also the people that need to implement it at the office of ece and speaking with the mayor recently, that right now we have the implementation or the plan to be completed within six months. and when thinking about it --
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there is an urgency. that's why we put six months in the first place. but let's be realistic about all this. six months, we may not be ready. not only because maybe the plan isn't ready, but i think when we're talking about many of the issues that we're dealing with in terms of lawsuits and so forth, i don't really see us necessarily being able to spend six months. and one of the things i didn't take into consideration when we were thinking about six months, is that we know at city hall that actually during the months of -- end of november when thanksgiving starts and through the holidays, that it's very difficult to move on things because people are actually not working, off, and so forth.
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and that includes my office. so i think the compromise that i came up with with the office of ece -- and i hope that the community will understand that we need to move a little bit in that direction to give a little more time, i think nine months would be adequate. and that if indeed we run into issues, if the office runs into issues, then the office will let me know whether we need to make adjustments. or maybe they'll come up with a plan faster than nine months. i would like to offer that amendment on the floor later, to change the creating the plan from six months to nine months. so those are the amendments that i'd like to put in there. and these have been driven by the community asking for certain things and so forth. so right now, i'd like to ask the director of the office of
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ece to come up and say a few words about the legislation. >> good morning, supervisors. it's a pleasure to be here. i'm september jarrett and proud to serve as the director of early care and education. i'll be brief. i appreciate the role we have in the office and i also appreciate the amazing leadership that san francisco continues to show on behalf of the children, the families and the professionals that do the vital work of caring, educating, loving and nurturing the next generation of san franciscans. the office is in support of the legislation with a few -- with a reminder that we, together, as a city family, adopted the san francisco city-wide plan for early care and education with a very collaborative process.
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in 2016. and all of the elements of this legislation and the initiative aligned fully with established plans and goals, particularly the goal of our time to move to pay parity for early care and education professionals, both working in family childcare homes and centers. we share a great urgency about the unmet needs of children of families, of professionals with regard to access to quality and affordable early care and education. and we're committed to make the very most of this incredible opportunity to move our city forward on behalf of the constituency we serve. the comment about the additional time given urgency, our rationale, we really want to meet the legislation charge to have the most collaborative, transparent and involved process, particularly bringing the conversation and the opportunity to parents who are very busy and professionals running family childcare homes
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and centers. and are preplanning in advance of this important day. stakeholder interviews have suggested we go to community meetings or center meetings or places where staff are available to engage in this important matter that impacts our lives and that will take time in addition to going to parent meetings. i appreciate the comment that as we understand the legislative clock, two critical months, november and december when families have a lot of other priorities, besides making the most of this opportunity, it could be difficult. so we appreciate the flexibility and the understanding. we're committed to the urgency. we appreciate a 9-month window. and should the work take flight and be ready earlier, we'd be happy to do that, but we feel the nine months is critical to do our very best. with that, i'll close my comments and i'm available for questions. >> supervisor yee: thank you very much, director jarrett.
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i see there is people here that have been at the forefront of pushing this initiative for the community. i'd like to give them an opportunity to make public comments if they wish to make any. so is that ok? >> supervisor safai: yes, absolutely. >> supervisor yee: ok, we'll open up for public comment. the director of the first five commission is here. >> good morning. i'm the director for first five san francisco who is one of 58 first fives across our golden state. and we are state mandated to invest locally our state tobacco tax for our youngest residents. and our mandate is clear. we need to advocate for abundant opportunities for children to grow up healthy, to be able to thrive and to be ready for
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school. and as our tobacco tax are now on a decline, which is a great thing for public health, it also gives an urgency to make sure that funding is secured as the state tobacco money is starting to leave communities. and so we see prop c as this great opportunity to be able to do that. just because tobacco tax is declining doesn't mean the need goes away automatically. so we're here, first five is ready to partner with the city, with the office of early care and education, to make sure that we live the promise that our voters enacted when they did vote for proposition c. we want to make sure that every child has an opportunity to be able to reach their full potential. and right now we have a very glaring opportunity gap. and that gap is manifested by people who can afford it and people who cannot.
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so we cannot lose another generation of children. so i urge you, that you make this planning process as short as possible. nine months seems realistic. but again, you know, you're only a baby once. and this is the most critical time that we need to have in order to invest in children. thank you. >> hello, supervisors. thank you for the opportunity. i'm the chair of local childcare planning council, cpac and the c.e.o. of children services. i'm here to support the changes that supervisor yee has added to the language, the trailing legislation. i really appreciate the inclusion of cpac as a body involved in that planning. i think that we have a very broad scope of representation at cpac. pretty much everybody from
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consumers, parents, public agencies, providers, educators, so i think we're a great group to be able to support the planning process. we're ready to go. we'll do the best we can to continue to work with the other partners in the planning. and i think that nine months is a reasonable goal. i do believe that thisnessne cos the advocacy that cpac and all of news the community have devoted years to in terms of lifting up our 0-5 population, giving really what we talked about, quality early learning for all san francisco children. and so we're very excited about it. we think we're going to win. we don't have any doubt that we're on the right side of this argument. and we really appreciate supervisor yee and the rest of your colleagues who have supported us in making sure that happens.
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thank you again. >> hello. i'm gretchen aims, i've been working early childhood for over 25 years. and i just want to underscore the urgency of prop c. the program i currently work for has 365 children in the city every day. and we're all struggling very hard to find teachers. we are not doing economic justice for our workforce in early childhood. they're struggling to be self-sufficient. i think the goal of having k-12 parity is a laudable one, but self-sufficient as a baseline is even more important. we're on the verge of not being able to provide services all the time right now because of the economics of our field. until we increase the early learning scholarship wage matrix, we're going to stay in this position.
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i want to applaud the nine month, but i want to underscore the urgency of the money coming into our coffers. we know it will take $500 million to make it whole and this is a start. thank you. good morning, my name is april and i'm a parent leader of parent voices. i just want to let you guys know we've been through this since the very beginning. once we heard about the initiative, we were on the full front, because that's exactly what we do parent voices, fight for the children, we believe in childcare. i have my daughter here, my son here. we were there at night as much as we could, making phone calls, getting those signatures. and when we spoke to the people, the people of san francisco, and we told them about this beautiful initiative to help the children, to have childcare for
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them, everybody was just happy about this. how could they not vote yes? how could they not want this on there? they want to see the children, our young adults that are going to flourish and make this city wonderful. we just want them to have this education. so just please implement this as soon as you can. and this is all that we're asking for. this is for our children. thank you. >> good morning, supervisors, my name is maria, i'm the organizer of parent voices for almost 23 years now. since that time, we've been asking -- we need childcare. every parent needs help in making sure that they have access to quality, affordable childcare because as a parent, you just cannot do it alone. and prop c is a dream come true. we were there from day one. we started collecting signatures at the women's march. we have collected over 18,000
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signatures. we cannot ignore the will of the voters. it has passed. so our ask is for this to be implemented. shame on howard jarvis, on boma. the voters have already said yes. the voters' will is to be implemented and we support the amendments that was included by supervisor yee. and we hope that our families, from day one, the next day when the voters knew this proposition passed, they called how do we apply? they're already waiting for this. the people have been waiting for this. our children cannot wait. they grow first five years of life 90% of brain development has already happened. we can not wait. thank you so much.
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>> hi, my name is june bug, i'm with parent voices and i advocate for childcare, advocate for parents, advocate for children. and when this initiative passed for early care and education for all, it was like a victory. but we know this isn't a sprint, this is a marathon. and guess what, i'm an athlete, i'm in it for the long run. i gave time and energy and sacrificed so this passed. i am a stakeholder. the plan is here, it's time to build. this is unacceptable. this lawsuit is an attack on our children. childcare is a must. children have a right to learn. and parents have a right to earn. thank you. >> hello, my name is marie, i am part of the district 9 and i was one of the parents who worked on
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early childcare initiative formally known as prop -- formerforme formerly -- c. parents all over the nation have been waiting and waiting and waiting for childcare. we finally pass something in san francisco. let's start the process now. one thing i know about you, supervisor normanee, what a huge champion you are for childcare. one thing i know about you supervisor safai, i know you came up to me and personally shook my hand and congratulated me, because you said you're for childcare, too. so let's remember that the voters voted and what we want, we want childcare. we want it now. i'm one of last born and raised san francisco families hanging
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on by a thread in the city. i'm a solo parent. and this is life or death for a lot of our families. how can we as elected officials look at our constituencies in the face and say you need to wait a little longer because of these corporations. no, let's start the implementation now, let's start collecting the funds. let's move on. people are already waiting. thank you. >> i'm now present a substitute teacher in one of the schools here. i commend you on the part of the clause that talks about parity for teachers. the thought of expanding care is almost ridiculous given that we can't find teachers to teach in the classroom. so i just want to say how critical it is that we have a living wage for the people that
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work in the field. because otherwise, basically they have to leave the city. and i'd like to see the middle class really become involved in this, so we can keep middle class families in san francisco. we're losing them all the time. so i just want to say, the parity part of this issue is critical if we're going to have early childhood in san francisco. thank you. >> good morning, thank you for having me. i've been a resident of san francisco for over 30 years. i have two young adult women who were born and raised in san francisco, went through the early ed system here and they now are in college and one graduated. both wanting to pursue early ed. but they are so worried about being able to survive in the city. so i'm here for them. i'm here for the future educators that want to pursue this as a role in our community, as a role for our society, to
8:40 am
help bridge the gap, the equity is unreal. so please listen, please think about our families, think about the future, because it's at stake. thank you. >> hello, supervisors. i'm a long -- i'm from san francisco, fifth generation san franciscan. and i used to many years ago work for the health department trying to stabilize the households for youth because they were either runaways or they had problems getting emancipated. i think that the reality is, youth services have been a miss in san francisco. you know, we need to keep the young people in our city. we need to have housing for them. we need to have all the different kinds of things we
8:41 am
need when development comes in san francisco. the housing needs to be family-friendly. some of it is not. when you put the single unit housing in, it's not family friendly. a family can't survive in one room units. maybe that's all they can afford. this is just another part of the pie that needs to continue in san francisco. and i'm glad that see supervisor yee here because he has been an advocate for youth in the past. and i hope to see him continue to do that. and i i want to applaud him for all the work he's donement thank you. -- done. thank you. >> supervisor yee: before i turn it back over to the chair, i want to thank the community for coming out and continuing your advocacy and your fight for what should be right for our residents in san francisco and our children.
8:42 am
and also, the people that actually do the work in the city for these big companies. i also want to acknowledge my staff, erica, who has been tireless in terms of trying to look at all the trailing legislation we need to pass to make sure that when we start implementing, it will be nice and smooth and as quick as possible. and also i want to also acknowledge the staff of supervisor kim, who also has been working with our office, trying to put the language together for this. i'm going to turn it back over to the chair right now. >> supervisor safai: so, supervisor, did you -- i know you talked about amendments. would you like to make those? >> supervisor yee: for the record i've spoken about the amendments and i'd like to make a motion to include the amendments in the legislation? >> supervisor safai: we can do
8:43 am
that without objection. and what would be the will of -- what would be your will? i know we've had good public testimony. i know the office of early childcare came and spoke and first five issues on the radar, i know they spoke with you and me as well. we have a lot of concerned parents and childcare providers that we all unanimously support, so what are the next steps. >> supervisor yee: the next step is to pass this out. i'll make a motion to pass this out with a positive recommendation as amended to the full board. >> supervisor safai: great, this goes to the full board and we'll support this at the full board. i meant, what are the steps after that [laughter]? that's what i meant more than anything. >> supervisor yee: i think it's real important, even though we could -- this initiative could be slowed down because of legal issues, that we continue to
8:44 am
pursue the goals of this initiative as if nothing is in our way. because at some point, hopefully soon, we'll have clarity and we could start moving on. the funding itself that could be collected doesn't actually start the beginning of 2019. and even if there were no legal barriers at this point, the issue would be that the money wouldn't be collected until, i think, the first quarter, because we need to send notice out in the beginning of the year about collecting. and once you start collecting, it's not like we'll have the full amount for the full year. it comes in slowly. so it works out well, the plan itself should be a ramp-up plan. so we have legislation, other
8:45 am
companion legislation to this, to ask the tax collector to start collecting, or putting a process and collecting the funding. once we, of course, until we get real clarity on this, we -- even if we collected funding, that the funding would be put in reserves until we can actually feel comfortable. and my comfort level might be different from somebody else's and i would like to start it as soon as possible. so that's sort of the steps that we need to take and right now, it's about getting ready. not waiting until there is clarity and then start planning. >> supervisor safai: right. i appreciate that. i wanted you to just reiterate it for the record so they'll have that and for those watching on tv. i think you're absolutely right. i commend you for that and appreciate you taking the leadership on this, because we have to plan for this to be
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implemented. we have to prepare for it as though it will pass and be implemented. that does take a little bit of time. we've asked the office of early childcare to give you nine months to put the plan together. i think that's what you said. and then once the tax is collected and put in an account, we'll be ready for it. i think you're right to say the will of the voters being respected. i also appreciate for the record that we in district 11 have one of the largest number of children on the wait list that fall into the category. i know getting children off the wait list is an extreme and high priority, so that is a big deal to me as well. as well as we've heard from a lot of interested parties and those in the field ensuring that basically the providers are paid a fair wage. and that they're shown dignity and respect. so i appreciate you putting that in as a priority. because how can we retain good
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qualified teachers if they're not compensated? and how can they survive to live in san francisco if they're not compensated? we've heard that over and over again. we appreciate you bringing this forward. >> supervisor yee: i also, for people in the field, people that came here today to make comments. they know this already. but not everybody in the city does recognize that san francisco really is -- has a very robust early education system. it's not where i would like to see it. not where any of us would like to see it in terms of being closer to perfect, but we certainly have one of the best in the nation. and it's due to the continuing advocacy of the community, the continuing work of the professionals, the office of
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ece, first five, cpac, all these organizations have added to the development of what i think -- what i know is the best early education system in the nation. and the fact that we don't have to start from scratch with this. we have a preschool for all program that has already been -- that has been alive, i guess, or existed for over a decade, probably two decades now i think, and we have -- we pilot-tested the last few years with some of the funding that we were able to get for infants and toddlers to make sure that we actually can understand what are some of the issues we have to deal with. so i'm looking forward to working with the community and implementing this. and getting the services to our
8:49 am
youngest in the city. and to the working parents. and also hopefully we could get the wages up high enough so we start attracting, not losing people that want to be in the field. thank you very much. >> supervisor safai: thank you, supervisor yee. i just want to give one small shoutout to the large number of in-home childcare providers that will benefit from this. i know you have quite a few in your district. we can pass this out with positive recommendation to the full board for approval without objection. thank you very much. madame clerk, any other matters? >> there is no further business. >> supervisor safai: great. so we are adjourned.
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[pledge of allegiance] >> clerk: this is a reminder to silence all electronic devices. fire commission regular meeting wednesday, september 12, 2018, and the time is 9:00. item one, roll call. [roll


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