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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  September 24, 2018 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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and residents throughout california. one of the previous speakers said that many people that our house -- homeless ones had homes , but because of the affordability crisis, it is priced out and we see dire consequences that have happened to people on the streets. people have died and ended up with no shelter. it is a complete disgrace. the repeal of costa hawkins will allow cities and allow local municipalities to enact rent control appropriate to their area. san francisco has to send a message. there has been so much fallout and so many people have suffered because of the costa hawkins law that was a deliberate law we need to send a message enough is enough.
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thank you, very much. >> good afternoon. i'm a resident of the sunnydale community. we are in the remodelling revitalization. i fall under prop ten and pop sea because i need to make sure my ranch will be affordable and i don't get kicked out at the same time but i am trying to keep housing for my kids in san francisco. proposition c. is for the protection and homeless of the -- protection for homeless to get out of the streets. this is patricia. she requires housing and she got placed out of the city. now her kids are still here but she does not live in san francisco. >> my name is patricia -- spee m.u.n. are you done with your two minutes -- >> supervisor tang: are you done with your two minutes? because i would have to start the two minutes for you. if you are done, i could reset the clock for the next person.
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>> ok, -- >> supervisor tang: you have one minute and ten seconds left. >> i think they want to restart the clock for the next speaker. >> my name is patricia alonso. i work with the coalition. i got placed out of san francisco and my children go to school each year. i work here and i don't think it is right that they had to displace me somewhere else because they had no housing for me. i had a voucher for subsidy and i still got replaced somewhere else. i mean, i vote for proposition c. >> hello, my name is sophia. i work with the coalition and i also work at a dolores street shelter. i have a voucher in the city and i can't find any affordable housing. i don't want to be displaced by patricia in oakland because i
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work down here and my kids go to school out here. and i think we should say yes on proposition c. they are giving me only 30 days. and my 30 days will be ending on the first. >> supervisor tang: if you don't mind, speaking directly into the mic. >> my 30 days will be ending on the first so i need to find some type of housing or i will be homeless again. like i have been. it is hard. thank you. >> hi. good afternoon. i work in the coalition on homelessness. i come today to support proposition ten. it really is one of the great opportunities that the board of supervisors can support in. to stopping the displacement.
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to stopping the evictions. so we have 700 -- 7,000 homeless people in the streets without housing. we have 13 hundred beds -- 1300 beds in the city of san francisco. we imagine how many we are putting in one bed in the shelter. it is ridiculous. you guys need to support proposition ten. i want you to no kak we are working on proposition c. and i want you to support proposition c. too. proposition c., they want to generate almost $300 million for housing, to place 4,000 people and preventing homelessness. please support proposition c. it is the only way we can stop
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the evictions. thank you, very much. have a great day. [applause] >> good afternoon, everybody. i am a tenant. i have been a resident in the city for 48 years. i started my action with the hotel back in the days. we need to pass this proposition ten because the industry bribed our politicians in sacramento while i was sleeping and pass this legislation. we need to overturn this and give power back to the people. we are 18 million renters in california. we should never be defeated. we need your support. >> good afternoon. i am with senior and disability action and north beach tenants
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committee. many of my neighbours in north beach, who happened to be homeowners, who happened to be landlords, are telling me that they are suffering because our community is being destroyed. people are being evicted. people are being forced out because the rents have been much too high for much too long. for our communities, for homeowners, for also, though small property owners who really want their communities back, just as we as mentors want our communities back, you have a choice to support this proposition. to support it because you care about the many san franciscans that are currently suffering. under this very speculative, economic. i urge you, each of you who has not been quite certain, as to whether this would hurt or help your constituents, if you are homeowners, this isn't going to touch you. if you are homeowners, this could help you remain with a
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community that is there to support you through raising your children, through aging in place , and dying in your city. so please support proposition ten today. thank you. >> hi. my name is becky. i am with just cause, as you all should no kak we have a tenant rights clinic and we are seeing multiple tenants that are being harassed and not having repairs done. all these different issues. and because their landlords know they can raise the rents if they kick people out. we have plenty of people with costa hawkins rent increases and we have one multimember family who is living in one place to gather and they live in single family homes but they are not covered by rent control.
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they are paying $5,000 a month in rent. they are scraping everything together and deciding about what their kids are able to get and what food they can habit based on the exorbitant rent. there is another family who has come to us, multiple times. there was a fire in their units. the landlord tried to not let them return. they have been trying to reach out to the landlord and they only were able to find out that their unit was listed on a renting website. they contact at the landlord and let them know they saw that and were able to move back and. he tried to give them a costa hawkins rent increase and they were able to negotiate it down but now they have one again starting october 1st. if they have to pay, they can't afford it. they will have to -- they will become evicted. there is a six month old baby and one of their -- it is a
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mother and a grandmother and their children. if they get evicted, one of their sons will have to drop out of college in order to help move back and help support the family these are real-life consequences and we want to repeal so we can have local control and decide what needs to happen to vote yes on this. thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i i'm a retired high school teacher and a former member of united educators at san francisco executive board. i am here representing the 6200 teacher and para- educators working in our school. 500 teachers left the district. of the year before, similar numbers. we know there is a crisis we -- san francisco is desperately trying to recruit enough people
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so that we have a credential classroom teacher in every classroom. that is becoming more and more difficult because of exorbitant cost of housing in san francisco we have gone from a city, when i first moved here and 71 as a working-class city, to a city of have and have-nots. trickle down housing will allow teachers and students and families to afford to live here, it was badly mistaken. we need government to step up and provide security, housing security for working-class and middle-class san franciscans. it remains to be said that we have, at least 2500 homeless students in san francisco. most people who are on the streets are living in the city.
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many of them were tenants. please support prop ten. thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is alex. i was here for an unrelated matter. i am a san francisco resident and a small property owner. i own a two unit building where i live with my family and we rent out a ute lower unit studio i wanted to say, -- we rent out a lower unit studio. we support prop ten and we support proposition c. it is important to protect the most vulnerable proposition -- of vulnerable populations. rent control has been absolutely not a problem for us as small landlords, because for the very simple fact that when we enter into a rental agreement with someone, the numbers of work. just because the market happens to go up a few hundred dollars or a few dollars per square foot in the intervening years, does
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not change the underlying economics that led us to reach the place that we did. i have kids in the san francisco public school zone. and what he was saying was right on. my son tells me about his homeless fears at the middle school. we have seen teachers and families leave because of the housing situation. we really need to do something and this is that something that we need to do. thank you. [applause] >> good evening, supervisors and audience. my name is ace. better known as ace on the case. i want to speak on the next item but since you were talking about the homeless, i thought i would be remiss if i did not speak. number 1, 1st of all everyone gets their titles. i am also executive director of
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a new organization coming out called case, community assistance service enterprise. i have been through the whole ringer from the middle class, down to the homeless. and even to your medical facility where had to have surgery on my head. i am a living witness about the homeless. but also, i stand before you as a black man dealing with issues on homeless where our community has been driven out of the city of gentrification, but i want to say this, in closing, i am here on the case. i will be coming back to city hall and the pressroom. i will be covering these issues where our conservative press don't even get a chance to tell you about it. i will be on the grounds and talking about these issues from a to z-letter. i have 48 seconds. when you look at me, i am homeless. whether you believe it or not. i had to go through the shelters , the s.r.o. and then i
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had surgery so i am in a special housing but i am looking for housing myself. my entire family are well-to-do but they live all across the bay all of my family. i'm the only one here of my immediate family. i am 64 years old and i don't look it but i am 64. i am a senior. but i am here to tell the city and county about the bay, which i call city hall. i call it silly hall. but i think they will change it back to city hall. i am from the fillmore. they call it the fill no more because we don't have anything. we can't talk about housing and none of that. >> hello. my name -- my name is sarah. i'm with the housing rights committee. this shouldn't be something that has had proposition ten. it only lets the city pass local law.
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all it is doing is giving you all permission to debate whether you have a better rent control law or a stronger one. it does nothing to mandate anything. in san francisco, this is a clear case of you are either for rent control or you aren't. you can't pretend to be for tenants and against evictions and not vote for this. we know katy tang, you have never been for tenants and always been in the pocket of developers. but for the rest of the supervisors, including supervisor safai, apologies. safai. that this is a clear case. if you believe in rent control, you need to vote for this. because in this city, whether you live in the marina, the
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excelsior, the bay view or the sunset, we have a rent crisis. you aren't for rent control. if you don't value -- vote for our ability as a city of san francisco to have that rent control we need to stop the rents from going up. i want to tell you the story of my friend keith. he has been in his unit for 20 years and he moved in with his girlfriend six months after she moved there. she just died. his landlord doubled his rent. he is moving out of his apartment. every senior has a target on their back because of the costa hawkins. vote yes if you believe in rent control, otherwise, you are making a very clear line that you don't stand for tenants and you do not stand for rent control. at there's only two sides on this. -- there's only two sides on this.
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>> all that was good. my name is leo. i may bay view hunter's point person. rent control. well, it seems like these people that own these places have a hammer over somebody's head and they will let that hammer go anytime they want. that is not right. that's no control. that is a control issue. it is not fair. i remember when i was about 14 years old and my grandmother was living at this place for many years. 30-50 years. all of a sudden, her rent went up and she can't pay rent to know more. her husband had already passed away. she had to move. it was a hurt feeling after a person who had been there 40 or 50 years of their life. i will just say that we need rent control.
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>> the female speaker was right. katy tang, you too, all of you. there is only one of you who is on for support for the most vulnerable people. low income and very low income that people have in housing. the only ones out there who have demonstrated and backing that is -- all of you, you have a press conference and try to price fix and brainwash the community and claim that the new low income is $125,000 a year. and you have the nerve to talk about your board of supervisors. you are bigots. discriminating against low income bracket people. you have a housing opportunity at mission rock where says 15%, build 1,500 apartment complexes for low income bracket people and you deliberately priced
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fixed and made the lowest income at a range higher than the low income bracket and very low income bracket. people can't afford it. that is fraud. that means 225 of those apartments is supposed to be for low income bracket people. used a hispanic female and her child as a pitch person on the commercial four years to make it appear that she could afford to live in that mission rock apartment building complex when you know god damn well her income is not high enough to afford to live in that and her teacher too. you always make housing binds for people in high income brackets. all of you. especially you, tang. it is for people who is making $125,000 a year or more and you are talking about it is affordable housing for low income bracket people. you are a damn liar. i moved to have you incorporate this and it is a matter of time
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before you end up at court. >> i understand. >> you are a god damn big it. -- you are a god damn bigot. >> thank you. i want to give the next speaker a chance to speak. thank you. excuse me, sorry. all right. thank you. next speaker, please. thank you for your patience. >> thank you, supervisors. i'm from the san francisco tenant union. supervisor safai has left but i hope you listens to my comments. at the tenant's union every week , we see people who come in his mother, his father, whose husband or wife has died or is dying. and they ask, will i be able to
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stay equally we have to tell them no. we have to tell them, because of costa hawkins, you're out of luck and you are going to be pushed out of your place because the landlord will raise the rent to any amounts they want without any restriction. passing prop ten and supporting prop ten as supervisors in the city is the single biggest thing that you can do to help with the crisis. it is the single biggest thing you can do for low income people , for homeless people, for middle income people, for teachers, for workers, it is a single biggest thing you can do to help support san francisco in this moment. we have to ask you and you have to ask yourselves, which side are you on? are you on the side of renters? or are you on the side of the low and middle income people? are you on the side of labour? are you on the side of the california democratic party or are you on the side of wall
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street and the one% and the real estate dollars? because that is what this conversation is about. that is what prop ten is about. thank you so much, supervisor viewer for your support as a small landlord, for showing that small landlords can support prop ten. thank you so much to the gentleman who spoke earlier for saying that you are doing fine right now and that we can support renters in this moment rather than just supporting -- rather than only carrying about how much profit you can make. this prophetess profits -- pop processes about how you can support san francisco and the ability to pass the laws we need the ability to update our current conditions. versus the housing rules and regulations being controlled by an industry that only cares about profit and the big players in that industry. small landlords supposed us and homeowners support us and this is a city at 62% renters and for
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every renter in the city, please , please, support prop ten and vote yes on this resolution. [applause] >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm with the council of community housing organizations. myself and a few others came from a press conference for united for housing justice. a new coalition bringing together labor, community, faith , tenants, around a united platform for housing. i want to begin by commending each of you for the work that you have done for producing more housing in san francisco. the work that supervisor peskin and supervisor kim have done around inclusionary housing. the work that supervisor tang has done around a density bonus on the conversations we are having with supervisor safai around educator housing. the meetings that we have had with supervisor fewer around bringing new housing into her district. but part of where we start with
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united for housing justice is that we need to begin by protecting tenants. by preserving the communities that we have right now and moving on to producing more for housing free future generations. that means, for many of us, for all of you, i would hope, supporting proposition ten, supporting the ability of cities to pass their own and not allowing the real estate lobby to handcuff all of us and to keep us from having real rent control. because i know that all of you believe that housing is important. we need to begin by protecting tenants whenever, wherever, at all times so they can remain in their homes. i hope you will support the resolution. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i am here to reiterate something
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you have probably already have heard and already know. but the largest labor organization in california that really guides us through our estate recommendations, the california federation of labor. voted overwhelmingly to support prop ten. they are the ones, the guide, the general labor council and the labor movement in the city. the reason why they did, reason they did it is they believe in local control over this issue. this issue can be contentious, at almost every community. every community has different needs and different asks. this will allow every county to make the decision that works best for them. so the idea is we have whatever we want to do in san francisco, we hash it out and fight it out, and then we can make our own recommendations for our own residence. i just urge you -- residents. i just urge you that we want to take control of our own lives.
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let's let the counties decide, individually, what they can do. that is what the state and federation of labor is recommending and that is what we are recommending. thank you. >> supervisor tang: thank you very much. any other members of the public who wish to comment on this item public comment is closed. we are also joined by supervisor peskin. author of this resolution. >> thank you. i apologize for not being here earlier but did not think this would come up until 3:00. i will keep my remarks brief because i can see that you have engaged in a lot of discussion and we talked about it at the full board where it appeared to times and there has been public comment here today. i do want to highlight a couple of recent developments in the discussion around this topic. and chief among them, being the u.c. berkeley institute report released just last week. i wanted to read the executive summary because i think it's
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professionally summarizes why we are taking this matter up to date and by the voters are taking it up in november. so i will read this into the record. california is at a tipping point both the government and private market are failing to meet the needs of the vast majority of the 17 and a half million renters. skyrocketing -- skyrocketing rents and eviction an ongoing displacement are all part of a broader crisis of widening inequality -- inequality that is testing our values and identity as a state. the consequences are far-reaching. people are being pushed out of their communities, into homelessness and away from jobs and opportunity. as a state, we face health, environmental, economic and societal costs that can last generations. the extent of these long-term harms will determine -- will be determined in part by how we respond today. this moment requires local governments have the ability to
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enact immediate solutions to protect tenants from unfair rent increases, as well as wholesale evictions. the report goes on to detail the several unique and essential benefits that rent control provides and in particular, in our current housing challenges. the report finds that rent control is cost effective policy with immediate effects and refutes the argument the rent control has negative impacts on housing development and is not supported by research and easily mitigated by other policy and investment mechanisms. in contrast, long-term strategy to address the housing crisis, rent control is a critical strategy which allows us to stop the bleeding and the communities so that we can create a space to strategize as we have done in inclusionary housing and other policy matters. so i really hope that we will pass this and send it to the board.
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i think this board, in my experience, and i can say that having served on a number of different boards. , will grapple the costa hawkins no longer exists. with them i nisha of the policy that is before us that supervisor kim -- with them i nisha -- us to new construction, there should be a rolling effective date. i actually went to the san francisco chronicle with a professor who was extolling the virtues of getting rid of costa hawkins that shared the policy point of view with supervisor kim. but we will grapple with that when the voters repeal costa hawkins and passed proposition ten. we show during the inclusionary housing debates that we can find that sweet spot and i think we
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can do that here at the san francisco board of supervisors. did someone just go out that window? is that what i just saw? deputy? >> wind. [please stand by]
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>> supervisor fewer: and we need police officers and
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firefighters, and we need superintendents of schools. and the reason i mention that is because our old past superintendent renting a single-family home for $4,000 a month, in one month, his rent was raised to $7,000 a month. this is what we're talking about. i know that small property owners are different than large corporate apartment owners, examine i and i am sensitive to that. but all this does is allow us to come together and look for solutions around our housing affordability crisis but also balance it between small property owners and large apartment owners or corporations. i think it is time that san francisco actually had the ability to do so. when i see in my own district that i have seniors who are 88
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years old being evicted, they can't keep up with this market of rent, i -- i feel for them. they have lived all their lives in the richmond district. what is your answer to them? so i just urge my colleagues on this board to look at what's happening around you in san francisco. it's to tie our hands, to even have the simple civil conversation and discussion that is so long overdue about how we can make this city once again a viable city for everyone and our moderate wage earners such as our teachers and our police officers and our social workers, and even the people here who are clerks at city hall, the people who work for city departments, they are all also suffering under our inability to actually address
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this issue. i hope this can simply get out of committee so at the full board, we can have a discussion. and when this passes in the state of california, we can come together, all of us come together and have a real discussion about what is equitable and how property owners can get a fair return on their investment while also serving the people of san francisco that are so severely needed in order to run this city. thank you. >> supervisor tang: thank you, supervisor fewer. supervisor kim? >> supervisor kim: i just want to thank all the community members for coming out, but more importantly, all the organization workers that are helping to put proposition 10 on the ballot. this is something that we've been talking about for decades, the repeal of costa hawkins, and to get this on the ballot
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was incredibly blessed and work for such a long time. the work will be, of course, outside of the city and county of san francisco and making sure that we can convince voters that in this housing crisis, that what we are really seeing it an affordability crisis. when my middle-income friends who are attorneys have to live in hercules and commute all the way to san francisco, i just feel we have no hope for so many of our residents that make less. and increasingly as housing prices go out of hand in the bay area, the most critical question in front of us is who gets to live here, and in many cases, who gets to work here? more than a building crisis, i really believe we have an affordable crisis. we can build as much market
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rate and middle-income housing. a home is something that is critical to our safety and our well-being, and there's no way for us to pursue economic gains, to pursue really our life, the safety of our families, if we don't have a safe place to live, and it's an industry that should be regulated, it should be a redifferent type of industry, and those that -- very different type of industry, and those that live here should understand this is a very different limited profit in this world because of how we house people. this is just a repeal of costa hawkins. it does not set new repeal laws, but it would give san francisco the opportunity to debate those issues. for those that fear what the board of supervisors may implement, i think you need to look at our history over the
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last couple of decades to see that this board moves slowly, we really debate issues. there's a lot of negotiating, that we listen to all stakeholders, and we certainly don't want a structure of laws that are untenable for everybody, including our small property owners and landlords who provide this type of housing. i do want to remind this board that we unanimously passed a resolution in support of assembly man david chiu's bill, ab 1506, which effectively real esta estate -- repealed costa hawkins, and i look forward to the same on this as we did exactly a year ago. and i also hope that all members of the public will stay for our next series of items. it's important to support the
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symbolic representation of items, but this is absolutely a development that the community should be engaged in and watching over. >> supervisor tang: thank you. supervisor peskin? >> supervisor peskin: actually, supervisor kim just made my point on 1506 that was pointed on in 2017 by each and every member of the current board, so thank you, supervisor kim. >> supervisor kim: thank you, thank you, supervisor peskin and fewer for bringing this up. i have that difficult job of really trying to provide different perspectives on this issue. i disagree with some of the public comment that i've never been for tenants, as someone who was a renter pretty much my entire adult life, having
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benefitted from controlled rent myself. however, i think that at the ground level, what i hear day-to-day from our residents, especially the single-family homeowners is something that they're very concerned about the repeal of costa hawkins and what that might do to their situation and their homes. and so while i want to support this dialogue regarding proposition 10, i do want to propose potentially some amendments to this resolution. i would like to pass it out to the full board so that we can vote this out at the board of supervisors, but just some affirmation of rent control, and any affirmation of rent control to new construction should be adopted only after an economic analysis from the controller. i know that some jurisdictions, the idea of rolling rent control, i'm interested in
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having our city further analyze, so i wanted to at least include that piece in this resolution. so again, it is something that i believe as a representative of the sunset district where we have many single-family homes, that as supervisor fewer said there are many differences between small property homeowners versus large corporate building owners from multiunit buildings. and so i wanted to at least, again, as a representative of district with many single-family homes, insert that provision in here. so with that, supervisor safai? >> supervisor safai: thank you, chair. i really appreciate all the discussion and all the folks coming out. i really think this benefited from coming to committee. i think we did support something in the fall. it was a slightly different piece of legislation and it was through the legislative process. for me as it was on the ballot, i have had a lot of stories of
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people that have faced eviction. i am not oblivious to the fact that we have a housing crisis. as fernando said, we're working on a conversation about teacher housing and how we can tackle that. three, four members of this committee were on home-sf as well as the inclusionary housing opportunity, so i am in favor of rent control, i do believe this is a healthy conversation. i do also believe that the idea of how it plays out on the ground in terms of single-family homeowners, i know that we have the highest number of owner-occupied homes. a lot of seniors that are actually ageing in place, that rent out some small space do that as a way to continue to live with dignity in their homes, as well as long-term landlords that continue to rent
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out their space. so i worry without ultimately not having that part of the conversation that people would face immediate rent increases or be asked to leave their homes that they've lived in for a long time because they are in a single-family home if this were applied to them. that being said, i am in support of the resolution. i think if we could make some amendments as well as to the conversation about doing an economic analysis on new construction, i appreciated what supervisor kim had to say the other day on the application of rolling rents. i think you certainly would want to continue those that are lending to these projects, affordable and otherwise being able to continue to have confidence to invest in san francisco's market. i think that's an important part of the conversation, so an economic analysis, so i would be supportive of that language or if you have some additional thoughts on that. >> supervisor kim: yes. thank you, supervisor safai. i wanted to propose maybe two different resolve clauses so that colleagues can take action
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on both. so one would be what i said originally, that the city and county of san francisco that single-family homes should be exempted from rent control, but a further resolve clause that any application of rent control, new construction or single-family home should be adopted only after an economic analysis from the controller's office, so we'll separate that into two different clauses. >> supervisor tang: okay. so supervisor fewer? >> supervisor fewer: yes. i'd just like to comment on the amendment. the idea of costa hawkins -- of repealing costa hawkins is so we can actually have an discussion on what should be exempted and what shouldn't be exempted. and should there be caps on it, and should it just -- should it relate to people that have homes that are owner occupied? this -- to put this before even having discussion with a larger group of people, i think, is actually what people are afraid of.
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people are actually afraid that this board will make decisions without them at the table and not having a full discussion backed up by any type of data or even serious input from the community. and so for this board to come forward already saying if it passes, this is what we say, is really opposite of what costa hawkins will allow us to do. costa hawkins, the repeal of costa hawkins, will allow us to have those conversations. and so for this board to decide first, even before meeting with any community members or anything, saying oh, i want to exempt single-family homes, i'm not saying we should or we shouldn't. i'm saying that if costa hawkins is repealed, it allows us to have the full and rich conversation for once and to
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determine the outcome of that conversation before even costa hawkins is repealed is really opposite of really what this -- of what the repeal of costa hawkins will allow us to do. i don't have a vote on this committee, of course, but i just want to caution members of this board, you are doing exactly what the community is afraid -- what will happen, is that things will be decided on without having a full discussion. and i just want to caution the board on this decision if you were to pass this out with this amendment. thank you. >> supervisor tang: thank you. i hear you, supervisor fewer. [applause] >> supervisor tang: and i'll just say this is a policy statement. i highly doubt that we'll be voting at the board on the official language, when and if this is a policy here at the board of supervisors. i think it was stated at the full board the last time this was there, i imagine it might be taken to the ballot
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directly, so this is -- insertion of this language is simply my way of trying to provide actually balance in this conversation. so with that, supervisor kim? >> supervisor kim: thank you, supervisor tang. i'm happy to support the second further be it resolved that this board would engage in an economic analysis. it's what i would want to do if we would talk about a rolling rent control and who's exempt and who's not exempt. i think it makes sense and it's what this board would do, any way. i cannot yet support the first further be it resolved that we would definitively exclude single-family homes from the rent control ordinance. while that may end up being the right policy position and i can understand many of the arguments to exempting single-family homes, i would better want to understand the policy reasons and engage with our community stakeholders and the economic analysis before that. so i won't be voting for the first amendment, but i will be
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voting for the second. >> supervisor tang: thank you. so any other questions, comments, colleagues? oh, yes. wendy paskin-jordan madam chair, i would say as long as you can get it to the full board, we can deal with it there. >> supervisor tang: yes. supervisor safai? >> supervisor safai: were you saying you could potentially get to that point on single-family homes after a discussion on economic analysis and single-family home discussion? >> supervisor kim: yes. >> supervisor safai: okay. >> supervisor tang: okay, so colleagues, i have the first proposal, so the first one has to do with the single-family homes, and the second has to do with the analysis. let's do a roll call. >> clerk: on the first part of the language concerning rent control -- [roll call] >> clerk: there are two ayes
2:48 pm
with one no, with supervisor kim in assent. >> supervisor tang: okay. the first one is adopted. and the second one having to do with the economic analysis of negate construction and/or single-family homes, roll call, please. >> clerk: on the amendment as stated -- [roll call] >> clerk: there are three ayes. >> supervisor tang: so the second amendment, the amendment passes, and then, on the under lying, supervisor peskin? >> supervisor peskin: i was just going to make as a friendly amendment on the second amendment, you send it without recommendation. >> supervisor tang: okay. so can we have a motion on that? i'll make this motion without recommendation to the full board as amended. and can we do that without objection? okay. we'll do that without objection. [ gavel ]. >> supervisor tang: okay. thanks, everyone.
2:49 pm
and now we're going to trade spots and bring supervisor cohen in and go back to items 7 through 11. >> clerk: items 9 through 11. >> supervisor tang: sorry. items 9 through 11.
2:50 pm
okay. supervisor cohen? okay. we have supervisor cohen here now, so you have the floor for india basin. >> president cohen: thank you. thank you very much. good afternoon, everyone. you guys ready? >> ready. let's go. >> president cohen: all right. so items 9 through 11. thank you, good afternoon, chair tang. i appreciate you for hearing this item today. what i'm doing is i'm proposing some amendments that i hope that you will take after public
2:51 pm
comment. they're nonsubstantive amendments. they pertain to clarifying the language that is used to define the off street parking use definition. i'm here today to emphasize my support of the india basin mixed-use project in the district, and specifically in district ten. at this time, we as a city are working to find solutions to the housing crisis, and this development has the potential to provide over 1500 housing units that are desperately needed. i just wanted to give you a brief overview of this project 6789 it is compromised of 28 acres of privately owned land, six acres of rec and park owned india basin open space, and nearly six acres of unimproved and unaccepted right-of-ways. so you may recall, this development is one of the projects that was identified in the southern bay front strategy presented to the board of supervisors last -- last year. just as a quick refresher, the
2:52 pm
southern bay front strategy seeks to maximize the public benefits across the entire neighborhood in several -- excuse me, in seven principles areas: in housing, transit, jobs, open space. it gives much needed attention to sea level rise, sustainability and equity and community facilities. it's true this framework that my office and staff has prioritized the negotiations with community -- with the negotiations for the community benefit for this particular project. i've focused on supporting a robust and affordable housing program for this development. you should know that it ensures 25% affordable housing units are made available, and that is approximately 394 below market rate units available, again, for this particular project. of that number, at least 139 will be inclusionary housing
2:53 pm
units within market rate buildings, and there will also be three parcels within the project site that will be dedicated space for a partnership with a nonprofit community affordable housing developer to develop on. at full buildout, the open space will include a total of 14 acres of publicly accessible parks, plaza, bike trails, as well as pedestrian -- pedestrian pathways. $ $10 million will be contributed to an offsite transportation improvement fund, which -- which -- which this section of the district is in desperate need of. in addition to housing and open space, this project will provide first source job hiring opportunities for both construction and permanent on-site jobs.
2:54 pm
i'm enthusiastic about the opportunity presented by this project to bring in an array of units that are beautifully restored. i hope that you will join me in supporting the items today. i have -- we've got staff here to make presentations. supervisor tang and supervisor kim, thank you. i have no other remarks at this time. thank you. >> supervisor tang: great. thank you, supervisor cohen, so we'll go back to the presentation, and we had matt schneider here from planning first, and then bill and eowd with speaking next. >> president cohen: thank you. >> thank you, supervisors. i'm matt schneider of planning department staff. we will be making a presentation to you on the india basin mixed-use project. i will begin with a broad overview that puts the actual actions before you into a context and then we'll describe the actual actions that are before you. after that, i'm going to turn
2:55 pm
it over to nicole avril of recreation and park department staff. she will give you an overview of their portion of the program. you will hear from cord knee hash from build, inc's project. i'm sorry. it's just build, a project at 700 innes. after that, eowd will provide you with more specifications of the overall agreement. india basin is located in the bayview-hunters point community. it's skbrust northwest of the hunters point shipyard and north of hunters point hill. the entirety of the the project consists of 38 acres and can be further divided into two components. as you see on the diagram before you, the northwest half or i should say the third of the site is proposed to be developed by rec and park. it consists of the existing india basin shoreline park and also the newly acquired site at
2:56 pm
900 innes. 900 innes is most known as the site for the historic ship wrecks cottage. referred to as 700 innes, it consists of another r.p.d. project that we refer to as india basin open space, and then 700 innes itself, which is approximately 17 acres of privately owned parcels, and then also unimproved public works right-of-way. so if we zoom out a little bit to put this in a little bit of a context, this project is being envisioned as part of a series of open spaces within the india basin neighborhood, including the existing improved and new open space starting
2:57 pm
with heron's head park to the power plant and the site we will describe today, moving to the open spaces at the shipyard. and again, to just blow it up, to zoom out again, to just remind you, we're considering this project in the context of the southern bay front strategy, which supervisor cohen had just described to you. the actions before you are going to focus on the portion of the projects of 700 innes that'll be developed by build. again, this will take an existing vacant site zoned for industrial and create a mixed use project of 1,175 units, 1009 square feet of residential supportive uses, and four acres of new and rehabilitated open space. so you have three actions before you that will enable this project. the first is the general plan
2:58 pm
amendments. general plan amendments are being made to the bayview-hunters point area plan, the commerce and industry element, the urban design element, and the recreation and open space element, and what it simply does is this site, the 700 innes site is identified for light industrial and industrial developments. we're just changing the designations to make them mixed use perthe current proposal to make sure the heights align with the proposal and then to make a few cleanup corrections in the open space element. the second action before you are planning code map and text amendments. the map amendments, we can describe in two sections. we are looking -- when i say map amendments, we're looking negate really zoning redesignations. we're looking at 900 innes, which is currently zoned for industrial use, to rezone that for open space, and then similarly for the 700 innes
2:59 pm
project, also zoned for industrial use, for mixed use development. perhaps most importantly, we're going to create a special use district for the 700 innes site. the special use district will essentially be the one place to go for development
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