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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  September 29, 2018 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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because we all have our personalities and we all have our ways about us. but you serving as vice president kept us in line. kept us from going over the deep end on a lot of tough issues that we had to deal with and work through. so i appreciate that and your thoughtfulness in every decision and the fact that you are willing to go against the grain and not just roll with what i may be think should happen or how i think it should happen. that goes of course, for the rest of our colleagues as well. your independent voice that thinks through everything, but i our mention on this board, which is to educate our 56,000 students, and make sure they get the best possible opportunity, you were right there with us and i appreciate you for that. i appreciate you for believing in me and also giving me the opportunities that you have. i really do appreciate. one of the things that was big for me for coming onto this
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board and you have worked tirelessly to make happen, was the connection between the board of education and the city and county of san francisco. and that peace is very important because school districts and cities sometimes don't work as closely as we have these past couple of years and we definitely did not do that in san francisco. so that is a big contribution. as we will continue to see as we do the work within the district and within the city. you are going to be messed. new york is definitely -- new york's gain. this is not goodbye and we will see you again soon. thank you for all of your service and dedication. >> commissioner norton? >> thank you. so i have said some words before the board meeting. i try not to repeat myself. i just want to really appreciate the relationship that you have created across the school
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district and with funders. we have not always agreed to. we have had our battles, but i really do respect the work that you did to create that very strong relationship between the city and the school district. we are better for it and you are leaving us better for it. thank you for that. >> i just want to recount a few things where you have made a huge impact. i remember back when mayor newsom invited all of his department heads to mission high school. so many of them had never stepped inside any of our public schools. it was really eye-opening for them to understand why it was so important for your work, as we have said, to bridge the city and the school district. you also helped as yet, not one, but to golden bell awards.
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given the kind of partnerships that you have forged with the private sector, circled the schools, 100 million salesforce over ten years, those things would not have happened without you. and without your leadership. and i think that the final thing about your legacy is just being so warm and kind to people who you have interacted with. i think that will certainly carry over into your exciting new job and we wish you all the best. >> commissioner sanchez klee. >> i've just -- i know. i was going to say something negative. no. the only thing i will say is that back when you were first getting the job, you have the
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job as the liaison. you are working for the mayor and you got the job as liaison and people were saying that would be a conflict. i knew at the time, that it may, and some people's minds be a conflict, but if anyone can navigate the conflict it would be you. your legacy will live long in this district and when the city because you've been able to navigate that so well and people have said already, the amount of money that this district has garnered because of the work that you have done at the wall that has been broken down between the city and the district is because of the work you have done with others but you have lead that charge. that wall will not go back up. it is a work that you have done that has made us a stronger district and a sock -- stronger city. when i heard that your place in brooklyn was only 600 square feet, i had already invited myself to stay at your place but now i don't know. it is pretty small. [laughter]
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>> it has been a really difficult year in many ways with the loss of your mother and obviously mayor lee, and it is difficult for the board as well to see you leave. i think there is nobody who can replace you. i think that is all i will say and i will give you a big hug. >> dr matthews? >> i wanted to tell you how much i appreciate you. i have the opportunity to watch when dennis was superintendent of oakland and jerry brown was mayor. it doesn't benefit the city or the school district when there is conflict and when there is a wall between the two. and the fact that you, you know, with the team, were able to
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break down the wall and make sure there is good communications and the ability to work together, is really a testament to who you are and what you believe in and the importance of partnerships and doing work in a collaborative manner. i want to thank you. my first introductions were introduction to mayor lee. and a big mickey mouse. i have a thousand mickey mouse is upstairs. there was that partnership right away. even before starting as superintendent. the opportunity to come in and establish partnerships that will banish it -- benefit the district. finally, i think the biggest way that you have assisted in keeping my household together and not having me throw a brick through the television, is half time of warriors games and i have said, what is wrong with them? and you would say don't worry. the third quarter is coming.
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and sure enough, you were right. i just want to thank you for all you have done for the young people and families of the city and for me, personally. you talk about a part of coming into the district was believing in myself, and mostly believing that i can do this. one of the things you said is that you talked about mayor newsom seeing something in you and i just appreciate you seeing something in me. >> very briefly, we don't just know each other here, but in the community. and i remember you coming with your kids, who are at that time, this tall, to the garage sales where i would ask you, when you
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will -- when will you run for the board? but i do sincerely appreciate our friendship over the years. and sincerely, i wish you every success in the big apple. they are in for a treat. thank you. thank you for our friendship. >> there is no way i will outdo the others. a lot of you had long-term relationships with former president mendoza. what an incredible expression of a beautiful relationship. i really appreciate how often you showed up for your wife. i am not married, but -- except the single part, i think you know. you know, i actually did not get a chance to meet commissioner
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mendoza until i started running for the school board. and obviously because she had been a long-term person on the board, i had heard about her work. but i've seen you up close and how diligent you are and how often you show up and how hard you work. it just continues to impress me. being the person with the least amount of service on the board and the youngest person on the board, i've got an opportunity to learn from all of you. in a way that i deeply appreciate. but i think our relationship really went to another level in china when we got some time to really connect on a personal level and talk about our lives and our aspirations. i've been really impressed from a distance, seeing how you have handled the last year. i know how close you were to the
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mayor and how hard that was for you. and to lose a parent, obviously, is a great loss. and, you know, and after, the sun rises and you have an opportunity to do something new and exciting in a place that is fast-paced, where obviously someone is pushing very innovative ideas and pushing against the status quo. so this is as much exciting as it is, you know, bitter for us. thank you for your leadership and i will be calling you. [laughter] >> calling you for advice and suggestions. before i open this up for the vice president, i do want to acknowledge, personally, you know, my family came here in the mid-1940s. my great grandfather came here
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with an eighth grade education to work for the shipyard at hunter's point. because he wanted a better life for his family and his wife brought his six kids here to move to hayes valley. he ended up finishing his education as an adult at mission high school. so i don't think he ever imagined that he would have a descendent that would be president of the board of education. so mr harris and his wife amanda , and my daughter -- and his daughter dorothy, who is my grandmother, thank you for all the sacrifices you have put in place, for a promise i continues to benefit for generations to come. i hope to serve with you in mind to make you proud, and also to help inspire a new generation of leaders. people who are growing up in a
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city like president mendoza did and to take leadership in the city. so, i am excited about serving as president on the board of education. for the rest of the year. and we will see what the future holds. with that, i want to remind the board and the public that this type of -- we have to open it up for the vice president and i will follow the script. i want to remind the boat -- the board in the public that this type of election is by voice and a second is not needed for nominations and it is permissible for a member to vote for him or herself in this election. i will be clear, nominations are now open for vice president of the board of education for the remainder of the year, 2018 and i have a nomination. i will nominate commissioner mark sanchez as vice president. he has a little more experience than me. this is the second time around and it has been a great honor to
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watch him work. i think that his approach is very site centred. that he has been a fierce advocate and he is my nomination for vice president. i will now open it up for other nominations. if there are no further nominations, i declare nominations closed. board members, you will be voting by name. >> and i move that we do this as there are no other nominations? >> yes. [laughter] >> i think that does have to be seconded. perfect. [laughter] >> mark sanchez has been elected vice president of the board of education for the remainder of the 2018 year. [applause]
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[laughter] >> i will be out the door before you know it. you can't slow me down. [laughter] >> thank you. >> ok. section g. special business. mi in the right place? -- am i in the right place? >> consent calendar. items removed at previous meetings that are on tonight. section jay, introduction of proposals on assignment and
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assignment to committee. number 1, public and board comments on proposals. has anyone signed up? ok. [inaudible] >> ok. six and two. ok. board members proposal 189 developing a community-based assignment system for sfusd commissioners. number 3, board members proposal 1892582 in support of languages. number 4, board policy of 30 to 30, federal grant funds and
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board policy 290. number 5, board policy 3320 claims actions against the district. number 6 pack policy 3514, environmental safety and board policy 3514.1. we do have public comment on this item. joshua davidson? >> hello again. josh davidson. we represent the environmental health workers called asbestos worker who are charged with implementing the policies around hazardous materials providing professional development to other stuff that may interact
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with hazardous materials and overseeing contracts of vendors that remediate asbestos and lead things of that nature. i am glad you are advising and updating the policies around this important work. i would encourage you to fund the department that oversees the work. right now, there are three people in this department. it used to be 16. those three people are literally unable to visit all of the sites to do things like inventory. it is just physically impossible for them to get all the work done in any given school year. they need more support. during the negotiations, we proposed that we identify a training program. historically, we have trained and promoted custodians to do this work. it is an excellent career path for them and many of them already have expertise with hazardous materials. your negotiators were unwilling to discuss this proposal. i'd encourage you to go back to them and see if there is another
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venue in which we could have that discussion. now i want to take 30 seconds to mate -- say nice things about hydra. i bring thanks from hundreds of our members who have the opportunity for permanent civil service jobs, health insurance, who have stable lives they can properly contribute to the school communities. because of the advocacy you did at city hall to make sure that we got through all of the bureaucratic difficulties and actually addressed the underlying issues and needs of the people who worked here and the work they do for us on the school district. we really could not have done it without you. i also want to say i come from a place, i am out of time. thank you for your professionalism and your detail. >> i will jump back up. i see that i have time on numbe. i have marie shut robinson. rwanda for number 2.
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>> there was a mistake on that card. that should have said hope williams. >> see how they do meekly all right. i am hope -- to see how do me? all right. it is with a heavy heart that we stand here this evening to address resolution on student assignment that will deeply impact our students and families and that we know, as the organization, a group supported by the school district and board of education, are merely an afterthought in crafting this resolution. along with various other parent groups at sfusd, we are left with many questions and a great feeling of discouragement.
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we agreed that the current student assignment process has flaws and has not served our african-american families. we also agree that something has to shift in this process. but before we jump ship and switched switch out to one failed process into a potential other, we need to investigate the systemic issues and practices that have created this mess that we are now trying to work together to save. the conditions of our schools, the misaligned resources, the failure to identify and address the root causes, must be addressed first. we ask that this process be halted until authentic stakeholder engagement and a deeper look at the real problem
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have been conducted. we stand with the request of the packed that all advisory council are brought to the table prior to moving forward. we also ask the board to recognize the implications of this proposal. and what it would mean for our most vulnerable populations. as we see it, this resolution is vague. it lacks concrete steps. and where we appreciate you inviting us to the conversation, we would like for you to pause it until we are at the table. thank you. [applause] >> good evening, commissioners. she has already expressed my feelings and i'll express my feelings as a parent. i came to this district in 2013.
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and even though the lottery system has it's flaws, i could have learned it. i got my son's application in anti- came in mid year eighth grade. i was told that there were no openings but valley middle school. which i quickly learned, that was a process. we got through his eighth grade year and i got his application in early the way i was supposed to and he got his choice. the lottery system has flaws, but if we educate families on how to use it, it will work and it will work to their advantage. my daughter who is only in the fourth grade, when she heard about willie brown she said mom, you have to get that location because if he gets in, i get sibling preference. so if i am a fourth-grader who can get it, why can't we teach the process to adults. it has flaws but it will work. and history has proven that it will work. all we have to do is educate our
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families and get out to where families are. when we hosted the roman tonight , we had more african-americans turn in applications because we went to them and we showed them what it is. we explained to them the importance of the first round. that is all it takes. we don't have to slap it and throw it away. it will work if we work at. and hydra, we want to thank you for all the tireless work that you have put in and for me, you were a tireless advocate at willie brown. i thank you so much. [applause] >> i am here as chair of the community advisory committee to echo the statement and ask as a member of the joint advisory committee, to discuss this resolution before he moves forward. thank you. [applause] >> ok. number 7, board policy 4151 employee compensation board policy 4251, classified
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employees employee compensation and 4351, administrative and supervisory personnel employee compensation. number 8, board policy 0410, nondiscrimination in district programs and activities. board policy 5145.9, motivated -- hate motivated behavior. number 9, board policy 3551, food service operations and cafeteria fund. may i hear a motion to second to 189251? eighteen 9252? and policies 30 to 30, 3290, 3514, 3514.1, 4151, 40 to 51,
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4351, 0410, 5145.9 and 3555? >> so moved. >> ok. at 5145.3. -- and 5145.3. >> so moved. >> it is on the board agenda. >> i am referring. >> i moved it. >> second. >> i am referring to 189-2581, the committee of the hold of december fourth and 189-2582 is being referred to curriculum and budget committees. the board policies are being referred to the rules committee unless i hear otherwise from legal council. ok.
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>> i just wanted to say, i know that we have received e-mails and we heard public comment tonight on the student assignment resolution, are there going to be discussions prior to us discussing as a committee as a whole in december? what is a plan for that? will be discussed it as a community as a whole and how will we have that conversation? >> as chair of the student assignment, we are scheduling a date for a meeting. there are a number of student assignment related items. we will be sure that that is a widely publicized issue so we can address this at the upcoming resolutions. >> if i may, we are also, president cook and commissioner haney and i are in the process of scheduling a meeting with the advisory committee.
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we are just looking for a date for that. >> section k., proposals for immediate action. section l, board members reports rules, policy legislations, october 6th. any reports? >> we reported out all the items tonight during the adoption of the resolution. >> ok. and for budget and business services, september 24th meeting. >> our chair is not here today, but we had a meeting last night and we had one action item, which we voted on tonight which is the charter school resolution
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and then we had three informational items. will follow up with an update on those at a further date. >> ok. thank you. are there any board delegate membership or organization updates? seeing none, any other reports by the board? ok. the calendar of the committee meetings, buildings and grounds has a meeting october 22nd, curriculum and program, october 15th. rules, policy, legislation, october first. is there a meeting date on the assignment? >> we are working on it. >> ok. we have an ad hoc committee on personnel matters this thursday, the 27th, at 6:00 pm.
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and the ad hoc district school district city college meeting is to be determined as well. section m., other information items. there are no staff reports tonight. section n., memorial adjournment there is no memorial adjournment tonight. at this time we will take public comment for those who have submitted speaker cards for closed session items. there will be a total of five minutes for public comment. and i have baptiste montenegro. >> i do have a request from a member that i audiorecord what i say. i am asking you for that request is that ok?
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good evening, board members. thank you for your time. i am a rep and i represent 36 elementary schools and i am here to talk about your closed session subject number 1. i am here to make sure that the due process rights of our members and the members in particular about the case is respected. and i will be the representative representing the members from now on. thank you. >> thank you. section oh, closed session. the board will now go into closed session.
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>> we will now resume open session. i have a read out from closed session of september 25th, 2018. the board, by a vote of six yes, approve the resolution of intent to dismiss and suspend without pay one teacher. approved the settlement and the
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teacher determination case. -- termination case. the board gave direction to general counsel in the matter. case number 2018080745 sfusd versus jm, case number 201808 1029, by about -- a vote of six yes, gives authority to the district to pay a can stipulated amount in the matter of jt versus sfusd, case number 201808785, by a vote of six yes, and one absent. gives the authority of the district to pay up to a stipulated amount. case number 201-8064060.
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by a vote of six yes, and one absent. gives the authority of the district to pay up to a stipulated amount in the matter of ccsf versus all parties in matters of proposition g. to me, the board gave legal council. i now have -- i will move approval of a vote of compensation for a represented of management employees. can i have a second? roll call vote, please. [roll call] >> that concludes the board of education meeting. this meeting is adjourned.
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br >> well, good morning. i am thrilled and excited to welcome you to day one of dream
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force and kick us off with some exciting events. as many of you know, giving back is at the heart of what we do here at salesforce, and nowhere is it more evident than at dream force. and we couldn't be more excited to get this dream force community involved in giving back to important causes. so now, i'd like to turn it over to salesforce co-c.e.o. >> well, thank you, he been keb thank you so much for being here. as a fourth generation san franciscan and someone who grew up in this city and who loves this city so dearly, the reason why today like today is -- why a day like today is so important to me is we can take the power of salesforce, the power of all our customers, our community,
12:36 pm
and all of our trailblazers who are here and give it back to the city in a meaningful way. this dream force is dedicated back to san francisco, and this morning, it started by giving $15 million in donation to our san francisco and oakland public schools. [applause] >> that was exciting to me because now we've given over $50 million to the san francisco and oakland public schools, and we're more than halfway on our way to our goal of giving $100 million to our public schools. the reason why that is so important is because if you want to participate in all of this amazing energy and activities and part -- this incredible economy that is emerging, you need a strong education. you have to have the background, you have to be able to know what
12:37 pm
it means to be able to work with this amazing technology. but you're only going to be able to do that if you have strong public schools, and that is why we're recommitting again back to our local public schools and why i'm so excited that vincent kuyler here representing the san francisco and oakland public school district. [applause] and i'm also very excited because for me, we're making further and further gains against our number one issue in our city, homelessness. we have a phenomenal new mayor, who we're about to hear from, london breed. we all know that homelessness is our number one issue in our city, and we're giving millions more to our homelessness. we've already raised more than $37 million for our homeless families. now we're continuing the fight into homeless individuals, and we know that we need to raise hundreds of millions of dollars
12:38 pm
to directly address the homeless individuals' problems. it's our number one issue in our city. we're working on making san francisco a stronger city, a stronger city with strong public schools. a strong city by working with our homelessness, a strong he city by cleaning up our city, and we're doing all this together. san francisco is the number one employer in san francisco, so salesforce combined with san francisco can do more together, and that's what we're here. and let's not forget, there is no strong san francisco without a strong oakland. the metaphor of the bay bridge, that we are connected, that we are all connected, and we are deeply connected to oakland. we will never forget oakland, which is why we're giving this money to the oakland schools, and why our programs extend to oakland, as well, and why i'm so excited that mayor schaaf is here, our phenomenal mayor of
12:39 pm
oakland. so you look behind me, you look at vince, kayla, you look at mayor breed, mayor schaaf. together we're focused on a stronger bay area. this is why i'm excited today. i'm excited the dream force is happening. i'm honored to be here, and now i'm going to turn it over to mayor breed. mayor. >> the hon. london breed: thank you, mark, and thank you to the salesforce team. i am london breed, and i am honored to be mayor of such an incredible city. welcome to the city and county of san francisco. mark and i both grew up in san francisco, native san franciscans. we know the experiences of the city over the years and how much it's changed. we have a growing economy where we have a 2.4% unemployment rate, but yet, we still see the challenges that exist on our streets. i went to public schools, but so many of my friends who i grew up
12:40 pm
with, sadly, ended up behind bars, sadly, dropped out of high school, and sadly, lost their life to gun violence. we are going to change what is normal in san francisco because we are going to invest in our kids on the front end. we are going to make sure that the doors of opportunity in the technology field are available to them. that's what this contribution is about, leaving no child behind. many of you know that making sure that our kids get a good education and the companies that are part of san francisco contribute to pain internship opportunities and -- paid internship opportunities and invest in our kids. mark bennio has helped up to the plate time and time again before i was even mayor saying we're going to create opportunities, invest in our kids, and make sure the doors of opportunity are open for them. so i am really proud to be here
12:41 pm
today because we are going to change what is normal in san francisco for the future. it starts with the contributions of salesforce, and i challenge other companies here in san francisco to continue to support our school districts both in san francisco and in oakland. thank you also for supporting the challenges that kids face with homelessness. larkin street youth and hamilton have been at the forefront to helping to address this crisis, and we are going to address and end family homelessness by working together. the marin food bank, our playgrounds and open space, all these investments contribute to a vibrant san francisco. today, it's a new day in san francisco, a new investment, but more importantly, new opportunities of hope for the future. i just want to thank you all so much for being here, and i want to thank my partner across the bridge in oakland, mayor libby
12:42 pm
schaaf, who is coming to the mic now to talk about the amazing work that she's doing in oakland. mayor schaaf. >> what a good day. it is so exciting to be here on the first day of dream force, and i love the trail blazing theme because we are here with a trail blazing c.e.o. trail blazing to recognize that companies cannot sit on the moral sidelines any longer, that companies have a responsibility and a need to take positions. trail blazing because mark recognizes that this is an interdependent region, that san francisco does not exist in a bubble, and i am so excited about my fellow native girl
12:43 pm
mayor, can i just say that? i'm sorry. that regionalism is the new trail blazing order of the day. we have got to work together to solve the problems that we share. homelessness is not a problem that is unique to oakland. housing affordability is not going to be solved in an isolated bubble in san francisco. these are issues that require regional collaboration, and that includes our private sector leaders, as well. trail blazing. now, i've got to say, i am so grateful that oakland was invited into this fold three years ago, and this third year of investment in the oakland public schools is truly paying off. i also stand before you as an oakland native, an oakland
12:44 pm
public school graduate, and i'm even an oakland public school parent. and because of salesforce, this year, 1300 students took computer science courses in oakland. [applause] >> and mark, that is double from the year before, which was your first year of investing in computer science education in oakland. and i'm excited to tell you that our kids are loving it. they are engaged. 76% of those students got an a or a b grade in their computer science class. it's clicking. and we even have a school in deep east oakland, elmhurst, that setup our first coding cafe. that sounds tasty to me, a
12:45 pm
coding cafe. so it is with so much gratitude, but also a sense of trail blazing hope, that i stand here in partnership with some of my favorite leaders that are committed to a regional approach and that are committed to keeping our promise, investing in better educational outcom mo.
12:46 pm
[applause] >> thank you -- thank you, mayor, for that incredible introduction. good morning. it is an honor to be with you all today with mayor breed and mayor schaaf, whose leadership on this issue is critical to our
12:47 pm
success. mark and ebony, you all are tireless champions. this moment marks an important milestone in our work, and a celebration of a critical partnership. the reality that we have today is that nearly 2,000 kids in san francisco are without homes. they are at risk of an unstable future and a cycle of poverty for their lives. i came to hamilton families because i believe that family homelessness is solvable, and no child experiencing homelessness in our cities or in our region is acceptable. and this partnership with, with mark and lynn, has shown up and helped to address homelessness across our entire region. i grew up with some housing
12:48 pm
insecurity as a child, and it was so powerful to me to have my family and community around us as we rallied through that difficult time. this problem is complex, and it necessitates our vigilance, our commitment to innovation and resources so that we can figure out the best strategies to combat this persistent challenge. has been a partner to hamilton families for more than a decade. this is not new, you all, okay? they have shown up and shown out for this issue. and this manifestation of that partnership is truly a commitment that we get to see not only from mark and lynn personally but the staff at sales force who show up and volunteer at our shelter, who make move in packets and school lunches for our students every single year.
12:49 pm
we couldn't do this partnership without other organizations across this entire region who tirelessly combat homelessness every single day. i stand here in their honor, shoulder to shoulder. larkin street, i know is here. we could not do this together -- apart, we can only do it together, and we have to do it across sectors. you heard from the speakers before me that it takes everyone doing their part to combat this issue, and we've got to do that. it actually isn't a choice anymore if we want a vibrant region and a few tour that we know is possible -- future that i know is possible with our young people. it is my pleasure to introduce and be here today with my colleague, ebony freeland. >> thank you for all the speakers for showing up today. now i want to let you know how
12:50 pm
you can get involved at dream force. you can check out ddfgives. behind us is a kids coding zone where all this week, students from oakland and san francisco unifi unified school districts will be there learning and completing coding classes and challenges, and hamilton families student will be there, as well. and for the first time this year, i'm so excited to announce that we are hosting over 400 young adults from local workforce development programs at something we're calling the future executive summit. and part of the future executive summit, we are encouraging all attendees to participate and help teach and learn -- learn from and impart your skill and wisdom onto these young adults.
12:51 pm
so thank you, everyone for joining us, and have a great and happy dream force. as latinos we are unified in some ways and incredibly diverse in others and this exhibit really is an exploration of nuance in how we present those ideas. ♪ our debts are not for sale. >> a piece about sanctuary and
12:52 pm
how his whole family served in the army and it's a long family tradition and these people that look at us as foreigners, we have been here and we are part of america, you know, and we had to reinforce that. i have been cure rating here for about 18 year. we started with a table top, candle, flower es, and a picture and people reacted to that like it was the monna lisa. >> the most important tradition as it relates to the show is idea of making offering. in traditional mexican alters, you see food, candy, drinks, cigarettes, the things that the person that the offerings where
12:53 pm
being made to can take with them into the next word, the next life. >> keeps u.s us connects to the people who have passed and because family is so important to us, that community dynamic makes it stick and makes it visible and it humanizes it and makes it present again. ♪ >> when i first started doing it back in '71, i wanted to do something with ritual, ceremony and history and you know i talked to my partner ross about the research and we opened and it hit a cord and people loved it. >> i think the line between engaging everyone with our culture and appropriating it. i think it goes back to asking people to bring their visions of what it means to honor the dead,
12:54 pm
and so for us it's not asking us to make mexican altars if they are not mexican, it's really to share and expand our vision of what it means to honor the dead. >> people are very respectful. i can show you this year alone of people who call tol ask is it okay if we come, we are hawaii or asian or we are this. what should we wear? what do you recommend that we do? >> they say oh, you know, we want a four day of the dead and it's all hybrid in this country. what has happened are paper cuts, it's so hybrid. it has spread to mexico from the bay area. we have influence on a lot of people, and i'm proud of it.
12:55 pm
>> a lot of tim times they don't represent we represent a lot of cultures with a lot of different perspectives and beliefs. >> i can see the city changes and it's scary. >> when we first started a lot of people freaked out thinking we were a cult and things like that, but we went out of our way to also make it educational through outreach and that is why we started doing the prosession in 1979. >> as someone who grew up attending the yearly processions and who has seen them change incrementally every year into kind of what they are now, i feel in many ways that the cat is out of the bag and there is no putting the genie back into the bottle in how the wider
12:56 pm
public accesses the day of the dead. >> i have been through three different generations of children who were brought to the procession when they were very young that are now bringing their children or grandchildren. >> in the '80s, the processions were just kind of electric. families with their homemade visuals walking down the street in san francisco. service so much more intimate and personal and so much more rooted in kind of a family practice of a very strong cultural practice. it kind of is what it is now and it has gone off in many different directions but i will always love the early days in the '80s where it was so intimate and son sofa millial. >> our goal is to rescue a part
12:57 pm
of the culture that was a part that we could invite others to join in there there by where we invite the person to come help us rescue rescue it also. that's what makes it unique. >> you have to know how to approach this changing situation, it's exhausting and i have seen how it has affected everybody. >> what's happening in mission and the relationship with the police, well it's relevant and it's relevant that people think about it that day of the dead is not just sugar skulls and paper flowers and candles, but it's become a nondenominational tradition that people celebrate. >> our culture is about color and family and if that is not
12:58 pm
present in your life, there is just no meaning to it you know? >> we have artists as black and brown people that are in direct danger of the direct policies of the trump a administration and i think how each of the artists has responsibilitie responded ss interesting. the common >> my name is kamal lane, and i've lived in san francisco for 30 -- let's say 31 years. i lived there a year february 29, 2017, my grandma's
12:59 pm
birthday. the thing that's cured my home is the mayor's office. when my number was called, i was excited because my number was number three. to rent a home in san francisco means that i'm able to be with my family to support me, me to support them. then, the opportunity for my daughter to get a good paying job. my favorite thing of my new home in hunters view is the view of the bay bridge, oakland, and a piece of the golden gate. it's peaceful and quiet, and they have a lot of activities for families. they have art class, where you can paint, they have trips, where they take the children. we went to a black art museum, we went to a jazz festival, we went ice skating. there's a lot -- they have a lot of activities up here, and that's one thing that i really
1:00 pm
love about it, i love my bedroom. it's peaceful, it's quiet, where i can think, play, and just have my quiet time. i love my bedroom. this is my home because this is where i live. me and my children, we love in here, we -- just being with my grand kids and loving somewhere and having somewhere is home. we love being together, and your heart -- wherever your heart is, that makes it home for you.


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