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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  October 10, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> okay. thank you. >> all right. i don't have any questions, so thank you very much. you guys may have a seat, and we'll discuss this briefly before public comment. >> you want a motion before public comment? i'd like to move to approve this permit with whatever police conditions do come forth after the fact, but nothing beyond our good neighbor policy. >> second. >> all right. before we vote, is there any member of the public who wants to speak on this topic? seeing none, public comment is closed. police officer comments or questions on this topic? nope? seeing none, that is also closed. [ gavel ] [roll call]
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>> okay. next permit application of the evening. this is for a limited live performance permit at poppy rico. this is at 554 castro street. so here to tell you a little bit more about the permit this evening is owner richard hamer. before you get going, i just want to indicate in your files that we did receive a huge amount of neighborhood support, but we -- i do need to call out, this is not on the consent agenda because we did receive a couple neighbor complaints. i'm not sure if the members of the -- or if the complainants are here this evening, but i just wanted to give you a little
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background. they live very, very close by, and i did speak with them after they submitted the complaints that are in your file specifically with one of the neighbors of the two and inform her that this was an accessory unit permit. they have to end the entertainment by 10:00 p.m., and this would actually add a layer of enforcement for this business so that we could have, you know -- they could have our agency to complain to if there were any issues and that we could go out and make sure that they would be compliance with any sound. so that set her mind at ease. she had been planning to submit another complaint, and when she heard that, she didn't feel the need to do so anymore. so if they're hear to speak, i'll let them say a little bit more. but here to tell you is richard. >> great. thank you very much, everyone, we're applying for a limited
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entertainment license. we want to be able to give back to something -- give back something to the community in the castro. we want to be able to do things like gay shows, pageants and bring bag the liveliness to the castro. in addition to do that , we nee to use the microphone, so when we have weddings, parties on the patio, we want to use that as part of the package that we're selling so you can wish somebody a happy birthday, anniversary, you can do that. 10:00, like clockwork, we close like clockwork. one of the tenants noted here closed on the dot at 10:00 p.m. we have worked with the landlord to mitigate, we are working with a tenant to get back pane glass
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to alleviate some of those fears. we have gone above and beyond what you would expect a business to do. we have 2 inches of tectum in the front and back. we have sound experts who actually replaced the entire speakers at great expense. we track our sound levels every single day, and they're well below the legal limits, and we have actually quarterly meetings with all the tenants in the building. we've had an open dialogue with them, and they have my cell phone, text messages and all of that. we have trained our staff implicitly to make sure that everything's abided by. so i think in that perspective, we've gone above and beyond in that perspective. but we want to do more for the community. we want to do the things on the patio, like birthdays and anniversaries, fashion shows,
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drag shows, just to bring in liveliness back, but we're always working with the tenants to make sure everything we do is good for them, as well. >> i do want to just interject quickly 'cause i make sure that crystal makes me a binder, as well now. and i see in my binder it's missing the p.d. recommendation, but i did receive it. do you have it? so i'm going to pass the copy around. it just says no issues at this time >> we do have the support of the castro merchants association, rafael mandelman, and assembly man chiu. >> hi. >> thanks for coming here today. i'm just curious, why are you not going for a full place of entertainment license rather than just a -- >> at this point, we're satisfied with a limited
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entertainment license. >> okay. so you just want to go until 10:00 -- >> yeah. >> even though your bar is still open until 2:00? >> yeah. >> okay. >> i also don't think they're zoned for the p.o.-2 in that corridor. >> okay. great. it sounds like you're the main person or family -- it sounds like the main person or family that's bothered by the noise are directly up stairs from you, is that right? >> they're two tenants but only the front part of our location affects the tenants. the back part, the tenants do not live over that location. >> so it's the tron tenants that face the -- front tenants that face the street that have been the most annoyed, right? >> yes. >> but you're planning the entertainment on the back patio. >> yes. >> okay. that's helpful to know. okay. that's all i have for now. thanks. >> hi. thanks for coming in. did you already have entertainment at this venue in the past?
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>> we had two small things for the community, but that was it. >> okay. like a one-time entertainment permit that you received? >> yeah. nothing big at all. >> okay. thank you. >> make a motion? >> i did have one comment. so we're going through this at some of our places right now. there's some new soundproofing windows that actually attach magnetically and can be removed by pulling on them. it's a fairly easy construction and they're significantly less expensive than double paned windows, and they're easier to install and significantly less expensive. i would talk to the landlord. everybody wins. >> yeah. great. thank you. >> i had a comment. so the neighbors in the front that are having issues, have you had discussions with them, and nice discussions with them?
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>> we've had numerous discussions with them and just for you to note on the record, there have been four other places over 14 years here, and these neighbors have actually caused them all to close their business, so we've really bent over backwards to have an open dialogue and a positive one and to listen to all of their feedback. sometimes they come in and music is playing, and they say the music's too loud. and you're like, well, there's no music on. so you're, like, okay, we'll adjust it for you. >> okay. well, i mean, the thing is as long as you're, you know, addressing them and being as ku kou courteous as you can. i believe live entertainment as small bars, it's saving them. i just want to be here if we
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grant the permit, you do have this conversation with this neighbor. i'm sure the castro merchants would want more things. [inaudible] >> any police response? >> it's circulating somewhere. >> okay. well, thank you for sharing that with us. i think we have heard enough from you, so thank you very much. >> thank you. >> i do want to say it is nice to have an injection of something new in the castro. i've heard a lot of people excited about a puerto vallarta themed space in the neighborhood, so just kudos to you for adding that to the neighborhood. do you want to do the motion? >> yes. >> okay. i will go ahead and move this
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for approval. there didn't seem to be additional conditions, so just the standard good neighbor conditions with the policy. >> second. >> okay. all right. before we vote, we're going to have public comment. is there any members of the public who would like to comment on this topic? seeing none, public comment is closed. any members of the police who would like to comment or question on this topic? seeing none, police comments are closed. [roll call] >> your permit has been granted. please follow up with director weiland for additional steps. congratulations. >> okay. the next permit application for this evening is for san francisco proper hotel. and this is a place of entertainment permit
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application, so i may need to help him with his u.s.b. stick here. this is -- i don't know if any of you have actually been to charmaine's yet. it's a rooftop bar that's a part of the proper hotel. it's right down the street. that's going to be part of the place of entertainment, so we're looking at an indoor and outdoor permit application here. so here to tell you a little bit more about that is one of the owners, alex samek? >> commissioner bleiman, president bleiman, chairman
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bleiman, and fellow commissioners, my name is alex samek, the developer of san francisco proper hotel and also the operator. i think there's a lot of information in the packet with respect to our operation. and some of -- you know, dryer matters, i brought a little presentation just to familiarize yourselves with the hotel and with charmaine's, which is the rooftop. i first want to thank staff 'cause they've been great to work with in getting us to this point. and secondly, i'd like to
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apologize. we have been operating for about a year now. in june, i think it was june 6, there was a complaint for -- we had a d.j. on the roof. we had asked him to turn it down a couple of times. he failed to do it, and we never invited him back. that generated a call to 311, and that's the only call we've had in nine months. we haven't had anything since we stopped all live entertainment. we've met with -- we came in on june 9 to figure out what the process was and that led us to this point. so this is a hotel. it's at 7th and market.
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i don't know how many of you are familiar with this area but an area that not many people came to before we opened about a year ago. it's about a 100-year-old building. we added a purpose built rooftop onto the roof. just some of the accolades we've gotten in the past. this is conde nast, forbes, travel and leisure, u.s.a. today. number four best new hotels 207, vanity fair -- 2017, vanity fair. i say this really just to try to, you know, give some context because we're really providing what we think is a very, you know, class a operation, and we're in it for the long haul. and i think what makes us
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different is that not -- we don't lease any of the food and beverage outlets to third parties, we operate it ourselves, and so you have the same people that care about all the 131 rooms, balancing that with all of our food and beverage outlets. the guests are paying a lot more for the room than we're going to get from food and beverage, so we need to make sure that they stay happy and we don't have complaints. this is a view of the restaurant on the ground floor, called bilan. in the back, you'll see the lounge. that's the secondary indoor place of entertainment area that we're talking about here. and that's really the lounge there, so this is really the hotel lobby. and again, there's no -- it's
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really to provide some kind of kind of background music, but it's not first and foremost of what we're doing. we don't have a club in the hotel. and then, this is charmaine's which is on the roof. a lot of furniture, a lot of living room-type furniture in setup, so really designed to have people sitting down and engaging in conversation and having the live music be, you know, i say ambient, but that's not the right word. it's not a night club scene up there, as well. this is the other section, and this is the outdoor part of the rooftop. and this is the last view. and so, again, we are asking for
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a place of entertainment permit because we do want to go till 2:00 till closing. the good news is we're not asking for 4:00 a.m. these days, but we are looking to go until 2:00 a.m. on the outdoor. we did measure -- we contacted all the neighbors, no one's -- the whole neighborhood and community has been very supportive of what we're doing. we have charles m. salter here who did a sound study who can answer any questions, and s.i.s. and john windsor's here from a security standpoint if you have any questions. >> so lucky for you because i go there a lot: mondays, tuesdays, and you know, weekends, you have
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a long line, and i really -- i'm really happy to see that you guys control the amount of people that go on the rooftop. and i wasn't there when you had the d.j., and i was -- i was probably thinking when that's going to happen. and i'm curious to know, and maybe commissioner falazon would be happy -- i don't know if he's happy. you don't have a bottle ssts on -- service on your rooftop because i've tried to have my birthday there. my question is if you get this permit, one, where do you plan to put your entertainment? is it going to be in the -- within the compound of the bar area or you plan to have it on the deck? because i know the deck, it's pretty wide open. secondly, are you going to change your policy on bottle
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service at the time? your catering people are very professional. i've eaten in the hotel, which is very amazing to have that quality of food in that neighborhood, so it's really a plus, plus for how your investment has taken that -- development has taken that building and changed it. i'm old. i used to hangout at the st. francis hotel at the oz, and that was our rooftop bar back in the day. and when that closed, everything went underground. now, we see a resurgence of rooftop bars, and it's great. i'm liking it. and i'm glad that you are one of the first ones, but again, if you can answer those questions for me to see what you plan to do if you get this permit. >> sure. so first and foremost, thank you for the kind words. i don't think we will have bottle service where it's coming
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out with a firecracker and sparkler and things like that. we have talked about crafted cocktails and a cart service something that would be unique and in keeping with what we do, and so that's a possibility. in terms of entertainment, typically, the setup has been the same as was done when we tested, which is we have a d.j. booth that we bring up. there's three speakers that are placed out side. they all essentially face away from the -- so it's a flat iron building. there's no one, as you can see from the picture, directly adjacent to us. those speakers are placed to not be directed at the residential -- at any of the residential buildings around us,
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and we have three speakers outside and then two to three speakers inside. and -- and that's been -- that's within the setup when we've had live entertainment outdoors -- or at the venue. >> and the -- there's a -- actually on mcallister, i don't know if it's a senior home or if the there is a set of apartments right next to the bernia bank. is that where the complaint came from? >> it was not. i actually spoke to the manager and she was very grateful. she said we're probably disturbing you more than you're disturbing us, and she was supposed to get us a letter, but we haven't gotten that. we placed, and salter can talk
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about it, but they placed a microphone directly where they would be. the setup here is that those speakers sit on the -- everything's directed towards market street, and so the building -- you can see the building, and then, there's a wall that actually extends from the building. that's mcallister street on the right side there of this image. so i think that also helps shield the noise that would go towards that building, so everything's directed towards market street. and that building is -- it's literally -- basically in the middle, if not far end, of this image, so it's really blocked by the building, and there's no -- there's no -- it's all just mechanical, electrical things on the backside of that building, so there's no public access to
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the other backside of that building. >> okay. thank you. >> it's nice to see how you guys have routed your traffic on the mcallister entrance, and just a beautiful location, world class service, and i am he glad that you guys are coming -- i'm glad that you guys are coming in to get your permit to offer entertainment, so congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> i'll join the choer rus of commissioners.
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i do have a question. is there an ability for outside group or sales force or anyone to rent out your space, and if so, would they be required to use your equipment? could they bring in their own speakers? could you speak to that? >> sure. we've had buyouts in the past actually for sales force. we had three that week, and i did not have any complaints. and so typically, i think up until now, everyone has used our equipment and plug next door it. really easy -- plugged into it. really easy, plug and play. to that, just really measuring the levels to make sure we're not disturbing guests or any of the residents around us. >> great. i think that's a concern that we have often with hotels, is that outside vendors or you know
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party promoters might come in. i think rooftop space is at a prime here in san francisco. i just want to see that -- i think it sounds like you have the right idea that you don't disturb your own guests as well as the neighborhood around you. >> if i could just speak to that last point. in terms -- we've turned down promoters just because the lack of control, right, and so we want to control our own venue, and typically, if you've got promoters coming in, you lose that type of control. we won't do promoters, we'll do birthday parties, things like that, but it's all within our jurisdiction. >> you are a fantastic addition to the neighborhood. i hope that you'll continue to be successful. that you can come in for a permit like this is really exciting. >> thank you very much. >> i'm apparently one of the few commissioners who hasn't been
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there yet. i look forward to it. just a question about, in your description, you talk about the music -- the entertainment ending, but you also want to provide music until 2:00 a.m. where are you with that? >> i think we would like to go until 2:00. we did that prior to getting the salter report, which shows that we're fully conforming, even at 2:00 a.m., at the quietest time of the night, so we would like to go until 2:00, at least to have that flexibility, and that's what we're requesting. i will say the one thing i did not speak to is that -- and hasn't been activated yet, but we do have and are planning for, at some point, as soon as we can cleanup the neighborhood just a little bit more, aso activate
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the spre the street level and provide outdoor seating. >> my question is what is your policy and procedures just in case in the future you get a complaint, so how quickly can you guys address the complaint? >> sure. there's a manager -- i mean, again, there's -- because we are a hotel, we always have someone on the hotel side that's -- that's there from a managerial
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supervisor role, and there's always someone there for management just for charmaine because it's our largest, most intensive venue, so we would act quickly. the likeliest is we would get complaints from hotel guests before we got complaints from anyone else. >> okay. thank you. >> thank you. >> couple questions. first one to staff. didn't see response from police. >> yeah. so there appears to be a copying issue that you'll see in your binders, so there is a response from police, and -- >> you mind -- does someone have it, give any recommendations? i don't have it. >> i'll read it allowed to you and put it on the -- aloud to you and record it on the record. -- read it on the record. this is from officer robert royer, and said this application is permitted for approval.
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no conditions. >> it appears that your conditions are missing from the file, unless someone else got those, too. i see all your whereas, and then, it looks like a.b.c. imposed conditions on your liquor license. do you have a recollection of that? >> if you look at, like, the bottom of the a.b.c. 172 form, the last whereas pretty much states that it could be denied except for the following conditions make it allowable, and i was just wondering what those conditions were. >> i'm checking, as well. >> i have it here if you would like to see it. >> how many are there? i don't want to take a lot of the evening. >> sure. >> there are nine, but they're all the standard -- basically
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the standard ones. >> can i just take a quick peek at them? >> my last question is you're sounding like planning a table and chair with d.p.w. >> i believe we have the approvals already, if i'm not mistaken. we just haven't started the actual service. >> okay. and i think that the alcohol permit -- you must have it because i believe the a.b.c. license has an outdoor area as
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part of approval. >> you might want to double-check. you don't have to worry about that tonight. i was just trying to help you out because they're the lag, is getting a.b.c. to process it. and you may have another page. >> yeah. >> if you're showing the exterior, then, you're good to go. thank you. >> thanks for the heads up, though. >> all right, yeah. i just want to echo -- i haven't been there yet, but i've heard great things. personally, i think that our outdoor game in san francisco is very weak, and it's very depressing, when i go to other cities that have worse weather than we do and have a lot more
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outdoor seating than we do. so i'm really excited about the chance at approving this and having the chance to do it outdoors. but fortunately or unfortunately, you're kind of a pioneer here. only a few rooftops that are permitted that are doing the kinds of things that you're doing. so i would just encourage you to not open a terrible can of worms by taking complaints seriously. i'm hoping that you can keep going up there and do it right. >> yeah, thank you. we do take it seriously. the complaint was launched on the 6, and we were here on the 9, and we've stopped it since then. so absolutely, microclimates are real in san francisco, and we have a good one. >> yeah. your block is real. >> one last question. i know you're speaking about
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mainly having ambient music. are you thinking about having any actual live bands and that type of thing? >> yes, but it would be more, again, whether it's a jazz band. as part of that nine-month operating window where we unfortunately operated without a license, we did have bands during that period of time, as well. >> and who's curating all of that and what's scheduling all of that? do you have a schedule or is that -- how does that work? >> yeah, we're doing that internally. >> okay. i think if we -- we generally ask for -- or like to have calendars of events. i know it might not be a big name or a headline or anything like that, but to the degree that we can have notice of any larger thing, that would be helpful. absolutely. >> all right. thank you very much. you can have a seat. we appreciate you sharing that
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with us. before we do motion, i do want to just kind of acknowledge what commissioner tan said, and i personally feel that, you know, a monthly calendar event would be appropriate for an outdoor 2:00 p.m. permit. >> all right. well -- [inaudible] >> i mean, if you want to put that in -- so you want to put that in the calendar? so i motion to approve this permit with the police conditions with commissioner tan's recommendation if you have any big outdoor event that we should know about to submit to the director, and that's it. do you have a -- >> i second. >> can i just, friendly revise that statement to basically include a condition to submit a monthly calendar of events to
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our commission staff -- big event or whatever, that is a little more subjective? is that okay? >> i mean, if you want. i think the place is not that big, but if you want to, sure. it's okay. you know, just an e-mail. all right. so before we vote, we're going to hear from the public. is there any members of the public who want to comment on this? looks like we have -- >> good evening, commissioners. i was one of the guys that ventured out in the old days, renovating the war field, and that was a combination of live discomusic and live music, and that was really challenging. i will tell you this, the big picture on 7th and market, it contains a lot of open drug
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tracks in the old days and still today. for this operation to come in, pour in millions of dollars, show commitment, try to make something really special and nice. the fact that a bunch of the commissioners went over there to check the place out, that wasn't for enforcement, that was because they heard a good buzz that this place was something special, and there's something magical when you get off that elevator 120 feet off the ground and say hey, you know what? this is really a cool place. so i would say this: regarding the calendar, i would think that maybe you can put a timeline on that, six months, a year, whatever. i just want to say this. i looked at this man's background and his investment and his bioand what he's done. san francisco's lucky to have him here opening this kind of special place. we have a lot of bars, we have a lot of restaurants, but this is
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something swanky, in his own words, probably design forward thinking. so that's why people are writing about it. the big picture on 7th, 1095's going to have entertainment. 1089 just signed a lease. there might be some special things happening on midmarket which have been plagued for years with misery. unfortunate. very unfortunate, but hopefully, this kind of commitment, we might have something special on 7th and market where people can talk about saying it used to be this, but look at it now. >> is there anymore public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. [ gavel ]. >> any police department comments? seeing none, police department comments are closed. [ gavel ] [roll call]
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>> your permit has been granted. congratulations, please follow up with director weiland for the next steps. thank you. >> okay. our final permit application for this evening is for redford lounge, and they're going for a place of entertainment, and here to tell you a little bit more about it is mark renne and saki fareed. and also just wanted to call to your attention that copying error made it so you're not seeing p.d. recommendation aloud, although officer matthias is here and i think he did want to speak to it. he did ask for two conditions, all employees that have contact with lounge patrons shall be
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leads trained. and that the outside street speaker shall be removed. so go ahead and take it away, mark. >> mr. president miss weiland, the new executive director, and lieutenant dave falzon, wow, man. you've got some real institutional knowledge, and i think it's really great for the entertainment commission just to have that. i'm here tonight with zashy -- saki fareed. he's the bona fide group, l.l.c., doing business as the redford lounge. it's 673 geary at leavenworth street. it's on lower knob hill. for those -- nob hill. for those with a memory, it was the ambassador's.
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i think the redford has been in there about six years, never been a problem. entertain x we're asking for -- entertainment we're asking for will be sort of chill music. we don't want to be a club, we want people to sit down and talk to each other. they're talking about a buddha bar, public outreach. we've been basically contacting all our neighbors down on this part of geary street, and some of the managers of the smaller -- or they're large hotels with small rooms, so we've been talking to them. and i think this will be a good project, and if you've got any
4:41 pm
questions, hopefully, we can answer them. >> i do have one question. tell me about this outdoor speaker and why it's important to you. >> the outdoor speaker was previously before us -- once -- i'm not sure why someone would have an outdoor speaker, but as far as i've been going around there, it hasn't been on, and once i spoke to officer matthias told us about that, i said we're going to go ahead and remove that because we wouldn't have any use for it in the first place. >> all right. so you wouldn't have any problem with that. >> no, not at all. >> there's -- i don't see -- i know it's changed since the ambassador. i've been there one time. it's the same place, the
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ambassador, 'cause i don't have a floor plan here. but they made it quite a bit smaller than the original ambassador, if i -- no? i don't have a map. >> it's actually the same. the only difference i think they did was they put the windows in the front. there was no windows in the front. where the brick wall was, they've inserted big windows. >> the bar is on this side. >> the bar is still the same. >> same. >> yeah. >> okay. so where do you plan to put the entertainment? is it a live music or d.j.? >> what we're looking at right now is a live jazz band, the concept and the goal to bring in. right now when you walk-through the doors and you go all the way to the back, there's this big wall. that's where we're looking to place the entertainers right there. >> okay. and you'll have your own sound system --
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>> that's correct. >> -- to run it. >> correct, yes. >> okay. well, it seems like there aren't any further questions on this one, so you guys can have a seat for now. i do see officer matthias here, i want to give him a chance to speak. >> hello, commissioners and staff. steve matthias from central station. central station recommends approval of the permit. we are asking for the two conditions that we just spoke about. the first one being the leads training. one of public safety's largest challenges inlife -- working with night life is when people are overserved. anyone that's working with the patrons, to get them the leads training, that's going to give them the confidence and education, to let them know when somebody should start coasting, serve them water. i think it would be helpful to
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give the employees, give them the confidence to be able to cut people off if needed. the second one is the speaker being removed. i looked under the c.a.d.s since july 6. i'm not going to blame the new owner for the four previous noise complaint. they've got nothing to do with that. but two of the four complaints were regarding the outside speaker. i thought if we could take that off the table, that cuts it in half already. i've got photos outside if you want to see it, but the applicant doesn't seem to have an issue, and that they would be okay with removing it. any questions? thank you. >> can we hear a motion on this. >> i move to approve with the police conditions. >> you know, if i can make one comment, the only thing i was
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going to suggest as a friendly adjustment is instead of having a condition of the removal of the speaker because that -- once he removes it, the condition wouldn't be very relevant, maybe if you -- if it's agreeable, that the condition might read that there shall not be any exterior speaker does, and if and when their business plan changes, they could come back to the entertainment commission and possibly remove it. >> i'd give a second with that amendment. >> i'm going to open it up to public comment. does anybody from the public have a comment on the matter? seeing none, public comment is closed. [ gavel ]. >> i will also ask if the police have additional comments. seeing none, police comment is closed. [ gavel ] [roll call]
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>> your permit has been granted. congratulations, please follow up with director weiland for following steps. thank you. all right. moving onto the last agenda item, commissioner comments and questions. >> i just want to take the opportunity to welcome commissioner and lieutenant falzone. had a chance to work with you on that neighborhood summit. looking forward to working with you again, and thank you for being a part of our family. >> thank you, commissioner. very kind. >> well, we worked -- you don't even know how we worked, but any way, i'm glad he's next to me. i don't know why i get the police guy next to me all the time. i'm glad to have him next to me. i have a comment following up on
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the outside sound question about generator noise. i've heard this before, that even steam cleaning, you know, like, they want us to steam clean the sidewalk outside their venue, and neighbors would complain about that. i'm just wondering if you could research, what is the norm -- what is considered acceptable, or is there any, if people complaint or want to block a permit because oh, we don't want them to be taking their bottles out and recycling them, just normal noise when you close down and everybody's gone home. just for our own reference or maybe mine, if there's a -- does everything have to be ambient after closing or can not people not work at night, like construction workers and things like that? >> i think the -- every different sound has a different
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regulation with the city. i know that the city's quiet hours are from 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. i know that ambulances and police cars have different regulations than d.p.w., street cleaners. i can try to give you -- and i know that our -- our sound ordinance for entertainment venues is -- only has to do with, like, p.a. systems. >> right. i know that. >> anything else would be more of a good neighbor polish rather than -- policy issue rather than cleaning, bottles, recycling, separating recycling from regular trash, yeah. i think -- i think anything that could be pinned on a venue would be more of a good neighbor issue rather than a code issue.
4:49 pm
>> i think it's something that we should have in case people inquire because i've heard other owners say hey, why don't you apply for an entertainment permit for this venue. it's really great. they say oh, this neighbor, we have a neighbor across the street that just complains when we are just trying to steam clean the sidewalk, and they don't want to apply. so i'm just curious that if there's -- i mean, anybody's going to clean the street if they go to a certain level, it should be fine, but i hate to have, like, people and prevent them from, you know, having an entertainment permit or want to apply when somebody's just across the street just complaining just about them washing the street or washing the front or steam cleaning their carpet at night. >> i think that's one of the things that we as staff can do
4:50 pm
is to educate operators on what their responsibilities are. >> their rights are. >> yeah. so i would encourage any of you who have similar conversations to point people in our direction and we'll be liaisons for what it means to be establishments that host entertainment. >> i think it's interesting, the generator is doing more noise than normal, maybe something's wrong with that generator, or you're steam cleaning your carpet at night because you can't do it in the day. you know, what's the -- what's the acceptable level? >> well, i think any time -- in this particular case with a generator, any time you get a sound that's out of the ordinary. so let's say 90% of the time, the regency has buses that are plugged into electrical outlets, and then, this one one-off, whoops, there was a mistake, and the neighbor says, well, this was different than normal, i'm
4:51 pm
going to file a complaint. >> i don't want to cut you off here, and i love your enthusiasm on this very specific topic. i think my venture into the commission that -- their office and ask them this question. >> i just have one thing to add, totally separate from generator noise or anything like that. i don't know if any of you have your calendars with you, but if you do, could you look and see if you're free the night of december 10. we are planning our holiday party, and it may be on that night, and this is an easy forum as opposed to sending an e-mail. instead of holding it on a commission hearing night, we would essentially hold a special meeting of the entertainment commission and have a party on a
4:52 pm
different night. >> you do you have a time in mind. >> all night, party time. >> six 6-ish, 7-ish. >> aye. >> we had a meeting last year. >> we have to have a little meeting at the beginning since there's a quorum of you. >> so we can legally party. >> yeah, so we can legally party. >> anymore comments? >> anyone else want to say if they're free? >> just a quick comment. one of the other bills that the governor vetoed is one that i have worked on, assembly bill 186 that would have allowed san francisco to authorize overdose prevention sites, and i think it's relevant to the entertainment commission in terms of what we heard about the market area, the drug use. this is one of the options for moving drug use out of public view, which i know has an impact
4:53 pm
on people who -- you know, tourists as well as people who go out to our many entertainment venues. so i just want to ask the entertainment community as we move forward in san francisco to figure out how we work with the mayor and the police department to figure out better solutions to keep everyone healthy and safe. >> i did have two comments. the first one was the last meeting, on september 19 used a term that is offensive and disturbing. i just want to acknowledge that, and i just want to state for the record that this is a safe space, and we do not condone that language no matter what context the person thinks they're using it in. that's not okay.
4:54 pm
the second thing i wanted to discuss was the first veto, governor brown in vetoing 4:00 a.m. night life, he used some language that i thought was particularly telling. he says, quote, i believe we have enough mischief between midnight and 2:00 a.m. without adding two more hours of mayhem. to me it's a disheartening statement that i wanted to put on the record, as well. i think a number of people that have come before us that have fought hard for the last few decades to make sure that night life is not recognized as a nuisance and is a cultural and connect driver. and i think -- and economic drive. and i think this committee is a testament to the fact and not opinion at this point. i think that the governor's comments, and the veto, it just shows us how much more work we have to do to continue to move entertainment forward as a
4:55 pm
viable cultural and economic plus benefit to our great city and state and nation. so those are my comments. with that, we'll bring this meeting to a close. [ gavel ]
4:56 pm
>> we broke ground in december of last year. we broke ground the day after sandy hook connecticut and had a moment of silence here. it's really great to see the silence that we experienced then and we've experienced over the years in
4:57 pm
this playground is now filled with these voices. >> 321, okay. [ applause ] >> the park was kind of bleak. it was scary and over grown. we started to help maclaren park when we found there wasn't any money in the bond for this park maclaren. we spent time for funding. it was expensive to raise money for this and there were a lot of delays. a lot of it was just the mural, the sprinklers and we didn't have any grass. it was that bad. we worked on sprinkler heads and grass and we fixed everything. we worked hard collecting everything.
4:58 pm
we had about 400 group members. every a little bit helped and now the park is busy all week. there is people with kids using the park and using strollers and now it's safer by utilizing it. >> maclaren park being the largest second park one of the best kept secrets. what's exciting about this activation in particular is that it's the first of many. it's also representation of our city coming together but not only on the bureaucratic side of things. but also our neighbors, neighbors helped this happen. we are thrilled that today we are seeing the fruition of all that work in this city's open space. >> when we got involved with this park there was a broken swing set and half of -- for
4:59 pm
me, one thing i really like to point out to other groups is that when you are competing for funding in a hole on the ground, you need to articulate what you need for your park. i always point as this sight as a model for other communities. >> i hope we continue to work on the other empty pits that are here. there are still a lot of areas that need help at maclaren park. we hope grants and money will be available to continue to improve this park to make it shine. it's a really hidden jewel. a lot of people don't know it's here.
5:00 pm
>> good morning, everybody. thank you so much for everyone being out here today. of course, the jug shop for welcoming us to this
5:01 pm
extraordinary celebration that


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