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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  October 24, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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part of the practice. also, for homeland security chief cochran today went to dublin to meet with the police and working k-9 foundation with some of our guys from our k-9 unit, and they offered an emergency medicine course then gave us some kits for the dogs that include trauma bandages, activate you had charcoal in case they happen to eat anythi anything. narcan for opioids. dogs can come across that and we want to be able to react and take care of them. they gave the dogs sleeping bags. all sorts of veterrinnary and
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other things. swords work on the fire department operations center which chief cochran and chief rivera have been involved in should be starting hopefully by december. they are working on basic mockups now. the center is on the second floor of headquarters. they are putting up video disclays and upgrading our infrastructure. grants. we submitted several more grants. we will be submitting some afg assistance and firefighter grants. after approval we will recommend our needs and will submit that
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upon her approval. you get your flu shot. close when you dose. don't over lows your power strips or extension cords, my commissioners. that is all i have got for tonight. >> thank you, deputy chief nicholson. any public comment on this report? seeing none public comment is closed. >> commissioner verenese. >> where is the moose boat. >> st. francis yacht club. >> that sacurrently where -- is currently where station 16 operates? >> yes. >> finally, if i could state the obvious since we are hiring a senior administrative analyst grand writer, i am sure it will be on that person's radar to look for grants associate you had with training facilities. i am sure there are some
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homeland security grants to help us perhaps fund that facility. i want to put that out there. that is it. thanks for your report. >> thank you. >> thank you. commissioner hardeman. >> thank you for the very thorough report, chief nicholson. you mentioned station 5. you are probably as familiar with this. chief rivera might be more familiar. he was in the video on station 5. do you think that video is accurate, chief rivera, and it is worth showing to this body? >> tony rivera. i would ask what portion are you questions is accurate? i know we had different members from different departments, city
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agencies. >> one you were interviewrd, particularly the part you were involved with. i found it fascinating. >> it was actually all true, yes. >> my point was i think it would be great to you show it at a commission meeting if it was 10 minutes. not anybody is going to want to go online to find it. if it was shown in this room, it would be good for the younger folks that aspire to be firefighters, i don't know. i wanted your opinion. the chief thought it might be worthwhile showing it here at the next meeting or the meeting after. >> commissioner hardeman is talking about a small video clip of six minutes including public
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works and fire department to discuss station five in the western addition to the new station, and we all kind of gave a lot of information what the state was, what it means to the department. it is interesting it is on sfgovtv and youtube. i think it was great. >> i was going to brick it up commissioner's request for the next meeting. i didn't want to do it without your nod. >> if the chief thinks good idea, fine. that is it for that. thank you, chief rivera. >> his hair must have looked good in that video. that is all i have to say. >> he looks like he is in high school with elvis presley days there. >> when you got it, you got it,
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right? >> anyway, also, chief nicholson, you showed the landing craft. i toured the world war ii museum in new or leans. that was amazing. i won't belabor the other things. they had the landing craft that according to president eisenhower commented that hig gibbs landing craftcho looked similar to that one that he doesn't know if we would have won the war. richard higgins invented that landing craft and they were used on d-day. thank you. >> thank you accident commissioner. one quick question. did you city vehicles have been redeployed someplace do you know where they have been moved.
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>> what vehicle. >> antique vehicles on treasure island have to be moved, i understand. have we redeployed them in different places? >> none of them have been moved at this time. >> offline topic of discussion no doubt. thanks so much for your report. maybe you can put the video in your next report. >> you got it. >> thanks very much. >> thank you. >> madam secretary would you call the next item. >> item 5. resolution 2018-02 discussion and possible action regarding 2018-02 recommending the san
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francisco fire department expand the duties and remain the stress unit to peer support services? >> any public comment on this resolution? please come forward. good evening. >> good evening, mr. president, chief hayes white. >> i and currently as signed to the airport department. prior to this i worked in the stress unit as one of the two full-time pier stress councilors for five.five years. i want to thank everyone here today for the unwavering support of unit and the members of our department. i stand before you here today because i truly believe that commissioner veronese's you have
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recommendation could help the members. i believe having two full-time stress unit peer counselors is inadequate for the membership of approximately 1700. again, i think bolstering the unit could be of great assistance to the members of the department. i want to thank you all four your support. good evening. thank you. >> thank you. any other public comment? okay. commissioner would you like to begin the discussion on this? perhaps read the resolution. >> sure. thank you. first of all, i want to start off by thanking dan for coming. he and john christy had donnism amazing work. i am confident that this
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resolution will save lives. i am confident of that. i know the work john and dan had done over the years had also saved you lives. this takes the amazing work they have done and support of chief hayes white over the years to allow the unit that is currently existing to come into existence and to operate under somewhat of an unofficial framework that goes to show how dedicated this chief was for actually creating, in my opinion, creating the beginning of this unit. whawhat i envision doing when i first shared this original
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version to the commission was and it is the same to take the work that the chief and the existing unit and all of the people who have been trained in peer support in the department and i see there is another training unit coming online in the next two weeks to take that to the next level. what this resolution does is says to the members of the department that we are going to look at post-traumatic stress in a different way. we are going to remove the stigma of post-traumatic stress and the symptom that come with toast traumatic stress including addictions, suicides, as you know nationally last year we lost almost twice as many
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firefighter to suicide than we lost in the line of duty. this is a very serious issue. it is not always reported, but what this measure will do is take this unit into 21st century, it will encourage the type of training and support and remove the stigma that comes with it and encourage our member to reach out to get help when they need help. it is better to do that from what i have learned over to year and-a-half of studying this to do that at an earlier stage and while john and dab and the others have done an amazing job over the years, i think with my discussions with john, they were dealing withins dents at the later stages when they could have been dealing with the right
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resources assisting members at earlier stages that is the aim to take what is currently there and bring it into this century and to show the rest of the nation to do a study and show the rest of the nation thaw san francisco cares for its people and we intend on building a model that the rest of the makes can look at as a best pracdis. i hope to have your support. in the last meeting i took a lot of the meat out of the resolution because it was causing confusion among the commissioners. the purpose is to ask the chief to come back to the commission after a certain amount of time after she has studie study studs
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issue and what she believes to be the state of art unit and come back to us after that report with a plan of action that would incorporate by way of example the type of resources and a plan of action for implementation of a state-of-the-art unit that could be created and should be created by this department. with that, commissioners, i am a strong believer this will save lives. this is a resolution. while it is the second resolution of the year, according to the number. it is resolution two. it is probably the most important resolution we will pass in a very long time because it will continue on. it will start the process for work that will continue for
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years and years and year requests. it will save lives and marriages and save people from addictions and the ruin that comes with ptsd. i just wanted to touch on it. it is timely in a sense that our department responded to a fire on tuesday morning where a young lady lost her life. as i understand it was a very gruesome scene. it is one that is out of many members of the department have been exposed to over the years. from what i know of ptsd, this is not an ailment that always affects you at that moment but can you affect you for years to come.
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i think the work we will begin here tonight if approved is really probably the most important thing we have done since i have been on the commission. i truly hope i have everybody's support. i would like to read the resolution into the record. if there are any questions from the commissioners, i am happy to answer them following the resolution. is it appropriate to ride the entire resolution? >> yes. >> okay. peer support services unit resolution 2018-02. whereas members of the san francisco fire department frequently respond to traumatic incidents in dangerous circumstances fires, shootings, violence, riots, automobile
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incidents, airplane crashes and earthquakes. they are exposed to harmful substances such as blood, urine and vomit. they witness death and grief they are in harm's way while performing the duties of their job. whereas the traumatic and unpredictable nature of emergency services results in high stress working environments to take an overwhelming toll on personnel. chronic exposure increases the risk post-traumatic stress and other stress. whereas while most emergency service personnel survive the traumas. many experience occupational stressors. psychological stress can have a detrimental impact long after
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the shift is over. whereas such trauma related injuries can be overwhelming. manifest in post-traumatic stress and substance abuse and suicide the fire services is four times more likely to experience a suicide than traditional death in the line of duty in any year. whereas similar to military personnel first responders face uniquely dangerous risks to keep the public safe. they rely on each other for survival while placing lives on the line every day to protect the communities they serve, whereas the culture and emergency services is inhibited personnel from asking for assistance in battling psychological stress for fear it will cause rid cool shame or adverse job action. whereas the san francisco fire department has a responsibility to ensure that members are
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equipped can tools for assisting members in mitigating occupational stress as performing job duties. the intent of the fire commission in enacting the resolution is to identify best practices for state of art peer support program for members of the san francisco fire department. resolved by majority vote the san francisco fire commission finds as follows. within 120 day us of the adoption of this resolution the chief shall nelson mandela i have a memos services. the them should demonstrate the chief has considered the following or in the alternative explanation. the required personnel, budget,
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training, certification elements of the program protocols for response debriefing process attendance location of briefings, follow up identification of external and internal men tell health and on scenery sources and pier support and events to the extent possible internal and external mental health elements of the campaign for post-traumatic stress injuries and coni leader. resolve further within 180 days of adoption the chief of department shall deliver for the consideration a them setting forth a plan of action for state of the action unit acidsed here
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in add -- unit on this date. commissioners i welcome competentes. i do want to point out that as you have the document in front of you, the items i wanted to stress one word in here i think is critical. that is that under the as stressing on the second page after the first resolve, it says ththe memorandum shall demonstrate. the purpose is to point out some of the areas that the chief should cur. this is not to say the chief has to consider just these, not to restrain the chief from looking outside of these but because they are issues that have been considered in other peer support unit resolutions adopted by the
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smaller departments, there are few department in the nation this far ahead. the ones that very, very looked at these elements. my point including that was to just ask the chief to make sure she had considered those but that should by no means be a limitation what should be considered. with that, commissioners, i would ask that there be one word it looks like after reading this probably 100 times. one word should be added that is on the second whereas on the second page it says whereas the intent of the san francisco fire commission in enacting this resolution. the word should be is following the resolution. is to identify. commissioners with that i will open up for comment or questions or otherwise. >> thank you, commissioner.
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i would like to recognize commissioner covington first. >> thank you, mr. president. i would really like to thank commissioner vercommissioner foo ittiveness. that is such important work. this resolution shows so much thought and so much heart that i really do appreciate the work that you have done here. i would like to move for the adoption of this resolution. >> second. >> thank you commissioner. a motion on the floor and second. do we have a discussion? i see chief hayes-white would like to say something before we
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vote. chief. >> thank you. yes, i also am very supportive of the effort in the resolution and intent of the resolution. i want to thank all of the commissioners. you have been engaged in a lot of issues. this is probably your number one priority it is appreciated not just by me but by all of membership. you recognize the challenges of our job. you saw the high notes on monday. a tough one yesterday morning. you heard from former member of the stress unit actively involved captain dan griffin. i would like to stand faster of -- father of twins dan mahoney. if you would stands for a minute. i would like to give them both a round of applause for the great
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work that they do. [applause.] so i support the intent of this resolution and in looking at sort of the totality of my time as chief, this is a really, really important unit that can't be under emphasized enough the importance of having this level of support and among once peers is very essential. thank you. >> thank you, chief. commissioner hardeman do you have additional words to add? >> no, i think the commissioner did a good job every vicing the resolution. i support it entirely. >> i was down in new orleans at the world war ii museum. i was at the medical conference
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in new orleans. peer is the new buzzword. everyone is talking about pier. i guess you have seen tha pop-u. that is the new buzzword. i did go to the stress peer meeting on friday, the 12th of october. at the next meeting i will share a bunch of information that i won't bore the audience with, some of the statistics are not pleasant about mental health and stress disorders and suicides. iit is very alarming. suicide is the number one thing increasing percentage wise. very sad. thank you commissioner. >> thank you commissioner hardeman. i would like to chinned you
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commissioner vironese. i know it is near and dear to your heart. you had a lengthy one when you came to the commission with it. this is more flexible and i fully support it and i think we will go ahead now and vote on the measure. we have a first and second. all in favor say aye. >> it passes unanimously. >> thank you. >> item 6. resolution 2018-04. discussion and possible action regarding proposed resolution 2018-04 recommending the board of supervisor us authorize the san francisco department accent and extend assistance to the
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firefighters grand program 2,000,073 -- 2 mill 33,591 for the purchase of defibrillators wand monitors for the department. >> for the next couple items for formal grant approval. this first grant is from fema for 2017 assistance to firefighters grant. we applied in january and were awards it for the purchase of 50 cardiac monitors andy fiblators and the total award is $2.7 million of federal funding. total projected over $3 million there is a portion of city matching funds in the budget. the performance period for the grant extends through september
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of 2019. i am happy to answer any questions. >> madam secretary would you read to resolution into the record and open it up for discussion. >> yoi don't seem to have mine here. do you have it? the board of supervisors authorize the san francisco fire department to accept and expand a grant in the amount of $2,733,591 from the federal emergency management agency to purchase defibrillators and rescue tools. the fire department respond to 150,000 incidents each year
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fires, vehicle accidents, rescues and medical and other emergencies. whereas the department currently uses defibrillator monitors in responding to medical call us and whereas the department's current inventory of defibrillators need replacement and upgrade and given the use and age. whereas the use of hydraulic tools on the vehicle to assist in extrication and rescue. the sfd was awarded the federal grant in the sat of 2 mill $733,591 to replacement tools and the grant requires the city to provide matching funds for 10% or 2 $73,000 and whereas the
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fema grant requires the sffd to complete the project by september 2019 and they wish to accept and expand to support the bureau equipment and front line now therefore be it resolved the fire commission recommends that the board of supervisors authorize the fire department to accept and extend the grant from fema in the amount of 2733.591 for the purchase of defibrillators and rescue tools. >> do we have public comment on this item? seeing none public comment is closed. commissioner. >> the resolution number was 2018-4. we passed 2018-2. should this be three? >> no, because three was the wetland cliff rescue we took
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off. >> okay. >> that was three. >> i would move for adoption and following the questions of any other commissioner. >> zoo i have a second? >> second commissioner hardeman. all in favor say aye. it is unanimous. thank you. >> item 7. resolution 2018-5. discussion and possible action regarding proposed resolution 2018-5 recommending the board of supervisor authorize the san francisco fire department to accept and expend fiscal year 2018 port security grant program funding in the amount of $399,562 from the fema for the purchase of a new rescue boat.
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>> would you like to discuss thaw. >> mark corso. >> is acceptance of port security grant program award from fema for a new rescue bit. the department has one boat over 10 years old there are maintenance and repair issues on it. this would supplement the marine resources. it is 27-foot vessel that this is $532,000. 75% federal contribution and 25% city match in the budget. we applied in june. there is a three year performance period through the end of august 2021. i am happy to answer any questions. >> before we go. do we have public comment? public comment is closed. commissioner covington. >> thank you, mr. president.
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mr. core so will this replace one of the other rescue boats or are we going to keep everything? >> it is anticipated that this will allow us to take the current rescue boat out of service foreign again upgrades -- for the engine upgrades. >> the 25% match you said was included in the current budget? >> correct we have a marine fund allocation in addition to equipment funds to cover that. >> how long do you anticipate it would be before the boat is actually delivered. >> we wouldn't anticipate the full three years for performance period. we started working on the specification we hope to get formal approval and work with the office of contract administration to get it out next year. i don't know the construction
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timeframe. we will keep the commission updated. >> thank you i would like to move this item. >> thank you. do i have a second. >> second. all in favor. approved unanimously. did you wants it read to the record? >> yes, i think it is important each resolution be read to the record. >> recommending the board of supervisors authorize the san francisco fire department to accept and extend port security grant program funding of $399,562 from the federal emergency management to purchase new rescue boat. the fire department responds to over 150,000 incidents each year including fires, vehicles, accidents other emergencies and whereas due to the geographi
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geographicallyout and other factors they are confronted with unique challenges in -- unique challenges. it is the the responsibility for the protection of the port of san francisco and the bay and whereas the sffz applied for was awarded the 2018 port security grant program are if federal emergency grant agency in the amount of $399,562 for the rapid deploymant grant. the use will allow the new vessel supporting the watery response assets. whereas the grants requires the city to supply matching funds of 25% or $133,187. they wish to accepted and extend to support and promote the marine operations and enhance
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the bay and port of san francisco. be it resolved that the fire commission remember the board of supervisors authorize the fire department to accept and expands port security grant funding from fees main the amount of 399,562 dollars to purchase the new rescue boat to support the watery response capabilities and increase port protection. >> thank you, madam secretary. i know it ask long-winded to read these things out. it is pour for the public record. thank you for doing that. thanthank you, mark, for those o items. stay there for the next one. call the next one. item 8. 1823 senior administrative analyst. grand writer. classification job announcement. overview of draft job announcement. >> before you is the job
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description for the department's grant writer position. new in this fiscal year with the support of the commission. it is anticipated so we selected the 1823 classification as we talked last meeting there is no formal specific grant writer classification in the city's classification database. what we did was select what we felt was most appropriate class the 1823 senior administrative analyst given the high qualifications as well as the job duties. 1823 is used for different functions in the city financial, contract, but also grant on the administration side. we see work with the department of emergency management. a lot of those grants are 1823.
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we formally had a grant administrator position. this is a high level analytical position. we anticipate those skills would be appropriate for what we are looking for the function of this position. we talked about it last meeting with regards to minimum qualifications in the job description. if you look at the description we outline a brief description of the position and what we are looking for to be as well as anticipated duties and functions of the position. there is also listed minimum qualifications. get back to that a little bit as well as desired qualifications of the position. the minimum qualifications are attached. for all 1823s regardless of function those are minimum qualifications. that being said we worked with dhr to find the flexibility with regards to the position. we have abilities to amend the
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desired qualifications and experience portion of this application. we included language with regard to relevant grant experience. we can expand that. we can include the special conditions on the applicants where we can say, for example 18 months grant writing experience to apply. at the end of the day this will be open for all applicants. department when take receipt of resumes to interview did you candidates with the best experience and education to bring those individuals in for interviews. based on the feedback and discussion currently i it would be anticipated we a this job description and post it and open up for applications. happy to answer any questions. >> thank you very much. any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is
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closed. commissioner covington. >> thank you for updating the description of the 1823 senior administrative analyst for the department which will be a grant writer. i just have a couple of questions. i am wondering about the minimum qualifications. master's degree? do you know how many members of the department currently have master's degrees? >> uniformed members? >> all, any and all? >> i don't. i can find that information for you. >> for a grant writer, i am more
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interested in the person's ability to write a persuasive grant application and to get the funds rather than having a master's degree. i think that a lot of people would be able to do that without an ma. i am particularly interested in current members or former members of the department who know firefighting, who know emergency medical services and therefore don't have a steep learning curve to conconvince grantters that the money we are applying for will be well used. i don't want to shut those folks
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out. did you say in your opening remarks that the department previously had a grant writing position and it was this 1823 position? >> it more grant administration through homeland security and administering and monitoring the funds, but, yes, it was 1823. >> did that person have a master's degree? >> no. >> okay. it may act as a deterrent for people to apply. a lot of people with undergraduate degrees in marketing and other areas, public relations would really be suited to this position as well, i would think, rather than a
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master's degree in math or, you know, i don't know. engineering. >> if i may, commissioner covington. i agree the way it is laid out and this is done by the department of human resources into the 1234 and stubbstution may be -- substitution may be off putting. if you read down further it should be modified. it is not a requirement that you possess a master's degree. >> i know. >> you don't need a bachelor's degree to apply. up to two years every choired education. you could have some college and two years experience. i agree the way it is written may be off putting. it is not a requirement to have a masters.
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i just wanted to clarify. >> i see that. it is the positioning that the grant writer is the positioning where in the order of things does my qualification come in? for instance, i guess this would be on page 3, actually on page 2 desired qualifications and experience. it is all about budgeting and finance and all of that, and you have bulleted items 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and then item 7 says three to five years relevant grant
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writing grant administration experience. to me that is item number one. it is buried. i don't want to be labor this. i would like to just sit down with you, mr. core so, because you are well aware of the parameters, you know what has to be here and what can be massaged. rather than doing it, you know, in the commission meeting perhaps you and i can just sit down. >> if i can address the question you started out with with regards to field experience and things of that nature and i talked to the chief nicholson about this. we are looking at moving towards a grants committee work group to take into account this position but also various job functions and members in the field to contribute experience and
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expertise to drafting take needs assessments and for providing the subject matter exper ties. we are trying to move with the additional resources more comprehensive grant process. >> i am grad you mention that. i did make a note on ice tem70 page -- item 67 on was -- item 7 page one on the grant's committee. my questions are who is going to be on the grant's committee? when is the grant's committee going to be formed? does this new hire, does this person report to you and to the grants committee or is the grants committee simply a brain trust? >> i would say this position would report to me, and would be
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tasked with helping the coordination and also researching, following up with individuals who have -- depending on the scope of the grant proposal. doing research and putting together the proposals and research and being able to assist all over the work flow of the committee. >> who do you anticipate the members of the committee would be? >> we would look at bringing in representatives from all operation all divisions and chief of homeland security, deputy chief of administration, training, myself as well as fire prevention, ims and other disciplines. >> how many times an year would this committee meet? >> probably at the minimum quarterly and depending on certain grant timeframes, certain grants we know when applications are due.
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that can be adjusted. those are the initial thoughts. >> yo anticipate a quarterly meeting. i thought you were going to say monthly. >> depending on work flow and what timelines we are looking at. you. >> is there a budget to procure? there is a mention here of item 50 develop and maintain specialized data bases and systems for tracking perspective grant projects. i have so many notes here i can barely read the print. is there a budget for procurement of the programs that already exist that are used
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uniouniversally by grant writer? >> there is not. we would draw on the person's experience to get feedback and to determine internally if this is something that we could incorporate into our lure existing systems. >> so someone that you think ask an excellent hire if they come on board they will be able to say i have in the past used these programs and this is how much it would cost? >> correct. we could say this is what we are looking for. in your experience have you encountered systems, software that would very much suit our needs and we would also do research on what products are available in general. >> thank you. i still would like to meet with you regarding this position. thank you. >> thank you commissioner covington. commissioner half demand.
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>> very complicated problem going on very long. great job. >> thank you, commissioner hardeman for putting this together. the commission is very interested and has been for some time in having a grant writer focused ongoing out to get grants for the department in the areas we can't get enough money through the regular budget process. thank you for putting that together. i don't know if we need to formally adopt this grant writer job description, but i have one question. once you have candidates vetted by the dhr, do you make the ultimate decision or is it collective with you and the chief or what? >> this is an internal process for the most part. we would vet the candidates and
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whoever we chose to interview we would constitute a panel put together and have everybody score and set up question to bring individuals in for interviews. >> you will be on that panel. >> i would anticipate it. >> who else would be on the panel? >> i will discuss with the chief. probably another two or three from the sad ministration. >> is it you permissible to have the commissioner on the panel. commissioner covington would be perfect if she would accept. >> thank you for noting my suit ability for the position. >> exactly. >> thank you, mark. appreciate it. would you call the next item. >> report on commission activities since last meeting on october 10, 2018. >> any public comment on this
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item? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners do you have anything to report? commissioner covington your name is there. seeing none we will move on to the next item. >> item 10 agenda for next and future fire commission meetings. >> any public comment on this item? public comment is closed. before the commissioners would you read off the items planned for the next several commission meetings. >> next month it is going to be the process for search for a chief. >> that is our priority. that is the commission's priority. >> adf presentation, ambulance deployment facility presentation. child settlement in closed session. amendments to discipline rules
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all scheduled for the next meeting. for the december meeting cancer prevention foundation i chief's appraisal. drone policy i training facility search, then outstanding items we have the retrite action items, coastline resolution, 2019 meeting calendar. that is 1212. strategic plan update. a b31-15 update. mou with guardians of the city and that is all i have. >> thank you very much, madam secretary. commissioner hardeman. >> yes, just so we can get this on the agenda and reminder to the chiefs about that six minute
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video if you still feel that is appropriate. that would be i think just worthwhile for everybody to see. i thoroughly enjoyed it. i was channel surfing and was watching captain and the chief and here comes chief rivera. it was very interesting. i enjoyed it. i hope everybody else does. >> thank you very much. i don't know if we called for public comment. public comment is open. public comment is closed. okay. thanks. you jumped in at the last minute before i was about to adjourn the meeting. >> this is item 9. did we skip item 9? i heard her read 9.
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i am not sure we moved past 9. >> yes, we did. >> you had the report and you didn't report? you missed your opportunity? >> i missed my opportunity. >> you snooze, you lose. >> we got a lot done. i did want to sneak one in on this. i know we received in our packet a letter from local 798. i will follow up offline with questions in regards to that letter. it may be appropriate for a future meeting to get some information in regards to the concerns about the ems response times. >> thank you. >> no problem. >> item 11 adjournment. >> any public comment on this item? i hope everyone is eager to run four the door. public comment is closed.
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motion to adjourn? >> so moved. >> second. >> all in favor, aye. a. . the meeting was adjourned.
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