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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  November 8, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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article 15 local law. our review process insures all c.b.d.s or b. i.d.s are meeting their management plan. we conduct a annual report of the and oewd provides the supervisors with a summary memo like the ones in the packages in front of you. the c.b.d. currently assesses 309 parcels. it is a property-based district with an initial assessment budget of 486 -- $846,000 and it is set to expire on june 30th, 2029. there's executive director is christian martin, who is also here to present later on the
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achievements. their service areas are cleaning, maintenance and safety programs. marketing street scape improvement and beautification programs as well as management and operations. we reviewed the same four bench marks for lower polk c.b.d. the only variances in benchmark two where the requirement is 5 and 5,500th percent of their actuals. for benchmark one, lower polk c.b.d. met this benchmark requirement. for benchmark 2, lower polk c.b.d. met their general benefit requirement as well. for budget versus actuals, they met the benchmark and have historically met this benchmark. they also indicated the carry forward and spend down in their annual reports. our findings and recommendations for lower polk c.b.d. is, we
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found that the c.b.d. met owl four bench marks and they secured and renovated a long-term office space at 1170 sutter street using their cpmc mitigation funds. the c.b.d. made significant progress in raising new funds beyond their general benefit requirement. they secured grant funding to execute the lower polk tenderloin art walk series hemlock mural projects and rest room services and tenant-landlord clinic to prevent homelessness. they played a very pivotal role in assisting the steering committee in fiscal year of '16-'17. in conclusion, the c.b.d. has performed well in implanting its service plan. they also continue to successfully sponsor and help implement programs and events in the district. and they have an active board and committee members and will successfully carry out its
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mission as a c.b.d. if there are no questions, i'd like to bring up kristen martin to present on the program achievement. >> thank you, i did not know about your storefront office. it is outside of my district. that will be my excuse. >> no problem. thank you, chair kim. supervisor brown for allowing us to come and present the fiscal year 16-17 bor17 lower polk annl report. this was the tail end of our first year and the beginning of our second year of operations. we were still in the process of building the foundation for the c.b.d. establishing our programs and our internal systems and controls. we are happy to say that i think we've made some significant progress and progress that you can see, smell and feel in the
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lower polk. i'll walk you through some of our highlights from the year. so, we rebranded and promoted our art walk. we provided information to merchants, pedestrians and sponsored the lower polk wine walk to bring foot traffic to our merchants. we redesigned and took part in the funding for fern and austin allies which have been a priority for the neighborhood to reinvent our back allies and to pedestrian-friendly clean, safe community spaces where people recreation. we built our c.b.d. website and set the website for caulley park for community members to stay up
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to diet on what is happening there. we initiated a lower polk is open construction mitigation program and with the assistance of ooh wd market nad to our perch ants that are struggling with the construction on the van ness corridor as well as the polk street corridor. we installed planter boxes in austin, hemlock and cedar allies to make them cleaner and greener. we pressure washed blocks and conducted daily outreach to our homeless population and made runs of referrals to other
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community-based organizations like lava may, glide, saint anthony and st. martin. we also provided access to clean and monitored rest rooms. it was on a trailer hitch we dragged through the allies overnight to give people a clean, safe place to relief rele themselves and give our crew a break from some of the deluge of clean up on a daily basis. finally we installed murals in hemlock alley that beautify the neighborhood, provide an opportunity for community building. they also deter graffiti. on the administration front, we secured and renovated a long-term office space at 1170 sutter street.
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it is a storefront and also a base for our cleaning operation. we ensure the day-to-day success of the program and we work with the city officials to address rights of way issues. we applied and received a number of grants for the art walk, the mural project and pit stops. the tenderloin clinic which aims to prevent displacement some things i find compelling are feces calls went down 34% in our first year of operations and contrast with that with feces calls 311 going up 40% city wide. our needles saw a similar
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decrease. 58% down in our district while city wide they went up 44%. and graffiti calls are down 36% while they were up 24% city wide. the next fiscal year got some numbers that also support our impact. or display our impact. 115% increase from 2015 to 2017 of needles reported to 311. in the lower polk that number was flat. over the same period, we saw 58.8% increase in feces calls. only a 9% increase in the lower polk. 28.7 increase city wide from '1.
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lower polk saw 48.8% decrease. we certainly don't work by ourselves. we couldn't do anything without our great partners at the city. non profits and in the community. those include oewd. helen and chris are exceptional. mayor's office of housing and community development supports our landlord clinic. d.p.w. obviously many of human services agency, where we source some of our labor through the jobs program. the san francisco department association, the bar association of san francisco, u.c. hastings college of law, who all take part in our landlord clinic and
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finally lower polk numbers, middle polk c.b.d., steering committee and the residents and businesses of the lower polk community. so with that, i would be happy to take any questions. >> thank you so much, mr. martin. i know you only have a tiny portion of district 6 but i do really appreciate lower polk c.b.d.'s work with sergeant mccauley playground. thank you for in concluding us. that was a discussion when the c.b.d. was initiated and we had asked to have the playground included. it has made such a tremendous improvement on that block to have someone tabling the pit stop and thank you for having your team present. i'm really excited we'll break ground on the renovation of that playground. we have a lot of work to do. i really hope that we can continue to partner and i will proving that particular
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corridor. >> thank you, i want to thank you for your tremendous support of the park and the programs that are operated and everything else that happens down there. thank you so much. >> we have so few open space in the tenderloin. we have to fight to make sure that families feel safe using them. it's great to have a playground but if our community doesn't foal safe using the playground, it might asel not be there. >> absolutely. >> thank you for your work on that. i see no further questions but i'm sure supervisor peskin would also say some nice remarks about the work the c.b.d. has done in his district so thank you. >> thank you. >> at this time, we are going to open up for public comments on this item. if anyone would like to speak on item 7-10. public comment is now closed.
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do you have some closing remarks? thank you so much. it is really been such a pleasure to work with you and our entire office really enjoys being able to partner with you on all of our community benefit districts. we have the vast majority in our district. i do want to thank our executive directors and your teams many of it is a really tough and difficult job. i think it is only become more challenging over the last two years and so, i do want to just thank your on the ground workers because it's one of the toughest jobs in our city and they really are working to make you're district cleaner and safer and so thank you for all of the work that you are doing to partner with our city agencies. can we take a motion to move these items forward with recommendation to the full board without objection. >> thank you. mr. clerk, can you please call item number 11. >> clerk: number 11 resolution of improving agreement for the non-profit owners association
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for administration of management of the established property-based community benefit district known as the discover polk community benefit district. >> i want like to thank the community for getting the discover polk c.b.d. up to this point and on july 24th, 2018 the board of supervisors approved the resolution establishing the discover polk community benefit district for 11 years and this will allow a levee on the properties in the district and in order to transfer those funds from the city controller to the management association, the city must have a management agreement. this is a document that is a
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templet used for all c.b.d.s however there are changes made for the specifics of each c.b.d. in this case it was changed to reflect the general benefit requirement of discover polk which is three and 3400%. if approved they can transfer funds in late december of 2017, early january 2019 when distributions go out over the period of the district we expect $8.5 million would be collect inside assessment. are there any questions for staff? >> there are no questions. we'll open up for public comment on this item. seeing none. public comment is now closed. i believe we can take this item with recommendation without objection. can we call 12 and 13 together, mr. clerk. >> clerk: number 12 is a resolution declaring the intention of the board of supervisors to establish city and county of san francisco
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special tax district number 2018-1 for central comb so anticipate and other matters in connection. number 13, resolution declaring the intention of the board of exercises to incur bonded indebtness and other city debt for the formation of the san francisco special tax district number 2018-1 for central soma and determining other connected matters. >> thank you, i want to congratulate you. this is the last committee meeting you will sit with in regards to central soma plan. and we will pass this out of committee today and bring this to the full board. i did want to just bring you up, if there are any questions in regards to the bond and the resolution of intention to form the central soma special tax district if if you have any
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awards. >> thank you, the planning department. we don't have any questions at this time. we did just want to highlight for the committee that based on the advice of the clerk of the board, they are recommending we change the date that is listed in both of the resolutions of intention in order to accommodate the first hearing of 2019 which is the inaugural hearing. currently, the r.o.i. file february 180622 specifies the date for the full board hearing to form the c.f.d. at january 8th, 2019. however, because at that hearing, substantive matters wouldn't be heard the recommendation is that be changed to january 15th, the following week. the other r.o.i. file number 180623 is currently flank is we
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numbecurrent blank so justadd j. no further comments or questions at this time. >> great. so i will be making that amendment based on guidance of the clerk just to change the date. i'm going to open up for public comment on these two items. if any member of the public would like to speak. seeing none. public comment is now closed. i'd like to make a motion to adopt the amendment as ms. chen to change the date from january 8th, 2019 to january 15th of 2019. this is on page 9 line 3. so we can adopt that without objection. and can we forward this item to the full board as amended without objection? >> we can. for clar took both the clarity,e whole hearing date of january 15th. it will be included in both the resolutions of intention. both the agenda items.
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so, the first resolution of intention for the formation presently has january 8th listed as the committee as the whole hearing date. there's a blank in the resolution of intention for the bonded indebtness item that will get amended to fill in the january 15th date. just for clarity. >> thank you, mr. clerk. we're going to take a motion to move these items to the full board as amendment without objection. with recommendations. thank you. so mr. clerk can we please call the final three items. 14-17 for closed session. >> 14-17 are various ordinances and resolutions offering lawsuits and unlitigated claims against the city and county. >> at this time we will open up for public comment on items 14-17. if any members of the public would like to comment. seeing none public comment is now closed. may we take a motion to convene into closed session and we can
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do that without objection. we're asking members of the public to exit the room so that the g.a.o. committee can >> we are back in session regular november 17th. >> city attorney john gibner. they voted 2-0 to amend item 17 to change the authorization that currently reads up to 76,866.20 to instead say up to $80,000. and the committee also voted 2-0 with supervisor peskin excused to forward items 14-17 to the full board with positive recommendations. >> can i take a motion to not disclose the proceedings from closed session without objection? mr. clerk, are there any other
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items before this committee? >> there is no further business. >> seeing none, meeting is adjourne
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9:27 pm >> neighborhoods and san francisco as exists and fascist as the people that i think inhabitable habit them the bay area continues to change for the better as new start up
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businesses with local restaurants and nonprofit as the collaborative spaces the community appeal is growing too. >> what anchors me to the community i serve is a terminal connection this is the main artery of the southeast neighborhood that goes around visitacion valley and straight down past the ball park and into the south of market this corridor the hub of all activity happening in san francisco. >> i'm barbara garcia of the wines in the bayview before opening the speculation we were part of bayview and doing the
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opera house every thursday i met local people putting their wares out into the community barbara is an work of a symbol how the neighborhood it changing in a a positive way literally homemade wine that is sold in the community and organized businesses both old and new businesses coming together to revitalizes this is a yoga studio i actually think be able a part of community going on in the bayview i wanted to have a business on third street and to be actually doing that with the support of community. >> how everybody reasons together to move each other forward a wonderful run for everybody out here. >> they're hiring locally and selling locally.
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>> it feels like a community effort. >> i was i think the weather is beautiful that is what we can capture the real vibe of san francisco i love it i can go ongoing and on and on about the life in the >> the hon. london breed: all right. good morning everyone and welcome. thank you for being here at hummingbird place. my name is london breed, and i am the mayor of san francisco, and we are excited. we are excited because we know this announcement is bringing us one step closer to our goal to make sure that we provide
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options for people that we know are suffering on our streets. some of you know that i've made an announcement a couple weeks ago to add an additional shelter beds, 1,000 shelter beds here in san francisco by 2020, and we are working hard in san francisco to accomplish that goal. but we know that just building housing, providing shelter is not sufficient for some people who need a little bit more support. it's just not enough. and many on our streets, unfortunately, are suffering from mental illness and substance abuse disorder. today, we are at hummingbird place, which helps the most vulnerable residents break out of the cycle between the streets and jails and hospitalization. here, medical professionals provide personalized care and
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innovative services for mental health and substance abuse help. hummingbird place is tailored for individuals experiencing mental health and addiction. we have an option for people to get off the streets every night, and we can do more. and that's why today, part of the announcement is that we are doubling the number of beds here at hummingbird to 14. we are committed to addressing the root causes of homelessness and providing access to mental health recovery, and we also know that more beds at hummingbird is not enough. initially, the department of public health had a plan to have another 20 beds at by 2021, and
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i know we need to move faster and have nor beds. i've given a directive to health to make sure that those beds are added by next year, but also, that we've added 40 beds. also, next year, we will have 70 to 90 new mental health stablization beds in san francisco, which is just amazing. these mental health stablization beds are just a piece of the puzzle. there's so much more work that needs to be done. and today at the board of supervisors meeting, supervisor rafael mandelman and i will be introducing legislation to introduce state senator scott wiener's bill sb 1045. many of you have heard about sb 1045, and this bill which was championed by senator scott
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wiener and supported by david chiu and signed by governor brown allows us to opt into a conservatorship program to help those with mental health. i want to thank senator wiener for his leadership and supervisor mandelman for his partnership. i also want to thank all the city staff including those in the city attorney's office who have been working months before the bill was ever signed so that we could be ready for this day to move as quickly as possible. and that is why the combination of this legislation and these new beds are going to help us get to a better place for those people that we know need help. conservatorships, we know are a challenge, and we are going to continue to engage all
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stakeholders on finding solutions for the purposes of helping this population, but we know we can do more, and we can't wait for new solutions. we have an opportunity today, right now, to increase our capacity and move this legislation forward so that you see a difference, and those people who we help are going to feel a difference. we aren't going to make it just go away. we haven't been able to so far. it's time to try new, innovative ideas for the purpose of meeting a challenge in san francisco unless we're prepared to make the hard decisions, the right investments to move our city forward. i'm committed and all of the folks who are standing here with me today are committed to addressing this challenge. and with that, i'd like to take this opportunity to introduce someone who understands this
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issue and who is working hard every single day in sacramento to provide the changes to state law that will help san francisco move forward in addressing our homeless crisis, and that is state senator scott wiener. >> thank you, madam mayor breed. i just want to thank you for your extraordinary leadership and coming into office and immediately pressing forward with innovative new approaches to addressing the homeless crisis and the crises of mental health and addiction that we see -- our mental health and addiction that we see playing out on our streets every day. i think the mayor recognizes that the status quo isn't
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working. she recognizes that money is important, but money isn't the only thing that we need. we need policy changes, so in addition to expanding our mental health system and our addiction system, advocating for safe injection sites, for all of the pieces to come together to combat the tragedy that plays out on san francisco streets every day. i just want to say thank you, madam mayor, for your leadership. i want to express my appreciation to the mayor and to my successor on the board of supervisors, supervisor rafael mandelman for taking the bull by the horns and helping us pass sb 1045. the mayor and supervisor
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mandelman came to sacramento to help us advocate for this bill, but moving forward to immediately past and craft legislation a conservatorship bill so that sb 1045 can be the law in san francisco. it's not progressive, it's not humane, it's not compassionate to sit by and watch while people unravel and ultimately die on our streets. we know that conservatorship is a significant thing. it's not to be taken lightly. it's temporarily removing someone's civil will i enter des and their ability to think for themselves. and that is something to be taken seriously. but allowing someone to die on the streets is a lot more extreme than temporarily having the city make housing and health decisions for someone so that they can get healthy and get
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their lives back. we have a situation now where people are unable to make conditions for themselves. there are homeless people, present of homeless people in the city who if you offer them housing, offer them offices, you're going to be able to get them help and get them back on track, but there is a small segment of aurchronic homeless population who are not able to make those decisions, and they are dieing, and we need to save their lives. and as i have said, debating people who are a little more skeptical of skefsh conservator we already have a conservatorships. it's called jails.
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people should be able to get mental health and drug addiction treatment without having to be arrested and interacting with the police and going to jail, and yet that is the system that we have setup right now, where people are just cycling through jail, they're cycling through interactions with the police, and we need to give an altern e alternative in this conservatorship program, and for this targeted, narrow population will help them survive and thrive. now it's my pleasure to turn it over to my partner and supporter, assembly member david chiu, who was a vocal supporter of their legislation. >> thank you, senator. let me thank all the men and women who makeup our public health system in san francisco. whether you work for city government or you work for a
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nonprofit, you are reflecting the very best of who we are as citizens in the city of st. francis in taking care of those who desperately need help. i want to thank my colleagues who are here. this is the team of elected officials who went to sacramento who said we need to change state law to help the fact that people are dieing on our streets. the status quo is not acceptable. i want to salute mayor breed for bringing a light to this issue in her first 100 days as mayor. and also for supporting and moving forward and opening up new beds for a population in desperate need of them. i want to salute senator scott wiener who has been a dogged advocate for change, but particularly with this conservatorship law. there was a lot of questions and frankly some controversy about what that was about, but we were able to answer the questions and help people understand that this
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is not a gigantic step forward, this is an important step forward if you have compassion and care for those who are suffering. supervisor mandelman who will be introducing an ordinance this afternoon, i want to thank you for your leadership. you have a personal experience that helps elucidate this issue. we need all solutions. we need to keep pushing on tested solutions that are innovative. we cannot be afraid of the status quo of making sure that we're moving forward no things in the city of san francisco. that is what we are about. we also need to make sure we're
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breaking down the silos, and that the substance abuse and mental health people are talking to each other. i want to make sure that these are laws that are put into place, so that someday, people with point to our city and our state and say you know, it was in san francisco, that we were able to turnaround this crisis. it's my pleasure to bring forward one of the newest members of the board of supervisors, raff negate mandelman. >> thank you, assembly member chiu. i notice that we've been joined by my junior colleague, vali brown, by about five minutes. we are so lucky in san francisco to have just an amazing team in
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sacramento, and i am reminding of that on almost a daily basis, but assembly man chiu for your dogged advocacy for housing in california, and your recognition of the tremendous need that we have, and senator wiener for everything, like, so many bills, so many bills. but particularly, sb 1045 has been important to me. and to our mayor, for your clear commitment of getting homeless people off the streets and getting them the care that they need, your commitment to increase shelter beds dramatically, and your commitment to coming out to places like hummingbird. i recently had the opportunity to tour hummingbird, and i think we need more places like this. i'm pleased to be joining the mayor to be authors legislation that will implement sb 1045.
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i see that as the start of a conversation for your city, and i look forward to collaborating in the weeks ahead with stakeholders, advocates and key city departments to make this program as effective and successful as possible. by introducing the legislation today, we're taking a necessary first step to get that conversation started. as i walk around my district and just about every neighborhood in san francisco, it is painfully clear that we cannot wait a day longer. we can't continue to allow our neighborhoods to serve as open airmen tall institutions, our jails as addiction services, and the streets to be the wait list between the two. sb 1045 and its local implementation is not a cure all, about you it offers one tool who help people suffering from mental health and addiction
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that are suffering on the streets. that enables us to take a hard look at our challenges, to focus on what's working, and to fix what's broken. much of the conversation over the next several months is going to be the problems circling this population. as we implement sb 1045, we must ensure we don't take resources away from other programs. i know that everyone up here is supportive of the need and recognizes the need to build out our funding for responses to homelessness, and i look forward to working with my colleagues on the board and the mayor to ensure that those resources are effectively deployed. so i want to thank the mayor and senator wiener and everyone up here to addressing these challenges, and i look forward to partnering with you to implement effective solutions. i said had i the opportunity to
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tour hummingbird a while back, and i also had the opportunity to tour this amazing if a ilt is, and i just want us to take the opportunity to recognize how amazing general is and all of the people it serves. one of the people doing good work in emergency psychiatric services is dr. bland from san francisco general hospital, who is up next. [applause] >> thank you. thank you so much for having me. hi. i'm anton bland, and for the benefit of the press, my last name is spelled n-i-g-u-s-s-e, space, b-l-a-n-d. >> the p.u.s. is the only service of its kind in san francisco, place where a person
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with a mental health crisis can be seen by a physician, a consist 24 hours a day, seven -- a psychiatrist, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. our dedicated team of nurses, doctors, and psychiatrists conduct over 7,000 crisis evaluations each year. six out of ten individuals that come to p.e.s. are experiencing homelessness, and if a person is homeless, they have on average three or more visits to t.e.s. each year than someone who is not homeless. successfully addressing challenges like this requires the innovation and collaboration of our medical community, civic leaders, as well as community partners. before hummingbird navigation
9:49 pm
place center, a patient with a p.e.s. discharge received a recommendation to go to far corner of the city, hoping they would go there to get the service they need to receive. hummingbird place navigation center fills an important need in the continuum of care for individuals that are experiencing homelessness and struggling with mental illness and substance use. in the first year of hummingbird's operation, p.e.s. generated 30% of referrals to the navigation center. the unique peer approach support that take place at hummingbird helps extend the reach of crisis stablization services from
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p.e.s. into a home environment where our patients experience dignity, respect, and additional empowerment on the path to recovery. with the additional 14 beds and the additional 20 treatment beds at san francisco general to be available, our options will increase and we will be better able to ease the transition from the acute emergency care settings back into the community. hummingbird place has been an important partner for p.e.s. enabling us to provide a better level of care for patients when they leave the hospital and breaking the cycle of this crisis. thank you for your patience, and i'll introduce simon tang, from san francisco department's e.m.s. six. >> thank you, mayor breed, for this invitation to speak. my name is simon tang, and i am
9:51 pm
a captain in the san francisco fire department. i work in a department that responds to frequent 911 users, shepherding people towards support, mental health treatment, detax treatment, and supportive housing. on those that are dependant upon 911 for their survival, a small number, in my estimate, less than ten, in my experience, have such substance abuse disorder and mental health disorganization that they cannot perform routine acts of daily living. these individuals don't have the agency to get food at st. anthony's. some lack the strength to dress themselves. some have life threatening infections that will not heal. some are ineligible for shelter, for not only are they
9:52 pm
chronically incontinent, but they refuse to participate in self-hygiene. i want to be clear, these individuals don't own phones or a tent. they aren't calling 911 for themselves. the compassionate citizens of san francisco call 911 for someone unconscious on the streets or for the person that has been sitting in their own excrement for the last eight hours. what does this small group of individuals have in common? severe substance use disorder, mental illness that has been exacerbated by substance use, and homelessness, which in my view is driven by the addiction disorder. these few individuals will use until they are incapacitated, stumble out of an emergency room as soon as they can walk or are rolled out of an e-r in a wheelchair and use some more.
9:53 pm
it is a vicious circle of misery and illness of which they have no agency to stop. one such person activated 911 over 200 time last year. because it was deemed that their psychology and psychosis are rooted in mental health reasons, shelter services don't apply. the city has offered services to these few, shelter, navigation center, and housing with supportive care: food, counseling, drug treatment, but it is continuously refused. my team, e.m.s. six, met with one individual 53 times last year, and offered, 53 times, to
9:54 pm
assist him with every aspect of getting housing, but we never got him through the d.m.v. door to get a copy of his i.d., step one in the application process. that man died this year, found hypothermic by paramedics. sb 1045 is not a magic wand, it is a tool that can provide temporary respite, so that free of substances, their mind can clear, their body heal and give them the possibility to discover the desire for a better life. thank you. >> the hon. london breed: thank you. that concludes our press conference for today, and thank you all so much for being here.
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>> shop & dine in the 49 promotes local businesses and challenges resident to do their showing up and dining within the 49 square miles of san francisco by supporting local services within the neighborhood we help san francisco remain unique successful and vibrant so where will you shop & dine in the 49 san francisco owes must of the charm to the unique characterization of each corridor has a distinction permanent our neighbors are the economic engine of the city. >> if we could a afford the lot
9:56 pm
by these we'll not to have the kind of store in the future the kids will eat from some restaurants chinatown has phobia one of the best the most unique neighborhood shopping areas of san francisco. >> chinatown is one of the oldest chinatown in the state we need to be able allergies the people and that's the reason chinatown is showing more of the people will the traditional thepg. >> north beach is i know one of the last little italian community. >> one of the last neighborhood
9:57 pm
that hadn't changed a whole lot and san francisco community so strong and the sense of partnership with businesses as well and i just love north beach community old school italian comfort and love that is what italians are all about we need people to come here and shop here so we can keep this going not only us but, of course, everything else in the community i think local businesses the small ones and coffee shops are unique in their own way that is the characteristic of the neighborhood i peace officer prefer it is local character you have to support them. >> really notice the port this community we really need to kind
9:58 pm
of really shop locally and support the communityly live in it is more economic for people to survive here. >> i came down to treasure island to look for a we've got a long ways to go. ring i just got married and didn't want something on line i've met artists and local business owners they need money to go out and shop this is important to short them i think you get better things. >> definitely supporting the local community always good is it interesting to find things i never knew existed or see that that way. >> i think that is really great that san francisco seize the vails of small business and creates the shop & dine in the 49 to support businesses make people all the residents and
9:59 pm
visitors realize had cool things are made and produced in san
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>> san francisco health service board will now come to order. please stand for the pledge of allegiance. i pledge of allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. >> okay.


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