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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  November 17, 2018 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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of discretion offered to the department of the environment, as well as the auditors. we feel that despite that, there could still be some good actors that are caught up in the regulation as well. thank you supervisor safai. and hope to work with these issues. >> next speaker. >> good morning, juan, with teamsters local 350. a business agent representing some -- the majority of recology employees, some work at pier 96 and collections here in the city. i'm here to reiterate a strong support for the legislation since we will leave that in order to be able to reach the 0 waste goals. it requires the help of everyone. we believe that making amendments to the legislation is
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actually going to help, hold accountable some of the owners of these buildings and not necessarily the tenants. in addition, this would also create a new job opportunity for our members from teamsters local 350 and local 87. thank you, sciu local 87. >> good afternoon, teamsters joint council seven. back up the affiliate local 350, the workers that do all of this work. this is a piece of legislation that i was made aware of that has got a history of going on almost ten years, my predecessor was very supportive of it. we continue to be. i would hope whoever my successor is would not have to continue the legislation but look for improvements upon it. say that in a bit of a selfish
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way. but i think it's legislation that is very important, not just for the workers that we represent, but also for our partners in the other parts of the service industries that are cleaning the buildings and cleaning the various facilities that we are talking about here today. and if we are sincere about 0 waste, i think we should really put one foot in front, as supervisor safai has presented it, and accept this, and find improvements in the coming years where they need to be, but i think everybody in san francisco needs to get on board the policy of 0 waste. and i think this legislation as it's presented is going to go very far and getting that accomplished and we really hope you can see to it to move this to the full board.
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>> i would argue the process started more than ten years ago. i'm looking at the budget and legislative analyst report and what it said basically, in 2002, your predecessors on the board wanted to drive the city towards 0 waste. and so they start the a commission on the environment. and in 2002, what the commission on the environment found was that they should direct for policies and programs to achieve 0 waste, including increasing producer and consumer responsibility. it seems that supervisor safai and supervisor, or director rafael agree because the department of the environment has said we needed to get people on the ground to comply. and supervisor safai has said we will try to change the culture around recycling. however, the ordinance before you doesn't acknowledge the consumer at all. it doesn't deal with the
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consumer at all. the ordinance only deals with, and deals with them in a series of six, not carrots and sticks, but sticks and sticks, the rate payer, the bill holder, and i -- i gave you guys some feedback in an email yesterday, don't want to rehash those points. what we are advocating for is a pass threw, and it's a pass through for the consumer, user, the person who is not separating the waste, to change their behavior. this is what was found in 2002, it was said today, everybody agrees you can serve more and you waste less when you pay for it. and this is not about money, it's about conservation, and i understand the politics of a pass through for tenants, but we are talking about conservation policy. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hello, good afternoon supervisors.
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representing high rise building owners, mostly office and retail. i want to thank supervisor safai again for meeting with the business community over many months. the issue that we have with this legislation is that, and again i want to see some of the amendments you have introduced, supervisor, so i will look at this again and we have not taken a formal position on the measure at this time, we are hopeful some of our suggested amendments might get in. in a high rise building, we have entire refuse cycle, and when that, when all three streams go into a compactor or two, that doesn't take into consideration what tenants do, and the way we look at tenants, the reallyship we have with them, is that they are all, their employee, 0 waste facilitator. why not start at the beginning and consider every aspect of it. we want to work with you, supervisor, we appreciate again that you met with us, but we are very concerned about the
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legislation and we are hopeful that we can meet in the middle at some point. so, thank you very much for your time. >> happy holidays coming up, hospital counsel of northern and central, the san francisco office. articulated concerns in a letter to each one of you, and echo the same concerns that many of you have already heard, we seek a graduated process in which there are multiple points to come into compliance. we don't think it's there yet. and hope that it can get to that place. thank you for your time. >> welcome, next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. thank you president cohen, mandelman, stefani and safai for
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working on this legislation and giving us the grace of your time and ears to be able to pay attention to something that has affected us for ten years. our members are split here and we are doing food distribution for strikers that have been on strike for the last six weeks. so, please don't consider this as weakness, it's just strength we have had to divide ourselves. i want to be able to just make reference, you were trying to figure out a sport reference, i would say hockey. you can pick hockey as the game that you can make this legislation into. ten years has gone by and a lot of the building owners, a lot of clients and mixed use, what they have done, passed on the bill. there's been a lot of arrogance, a lot of people will say in the month of april we should award each other, pat ourselves on the back. the people that have always been left out of the conversation have been the invisible folks. the folks doing the sorting and the building, day in and day out. the last gentleman spoke,
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complying with all the tenants and every person behind me has gone to every client and tenant and the said you have contaminated the trash. what they have gotten is warning, suspension, how dare the janitor tell me what i did wrong. i am asking every one of you to understand that 1390 market, two blocks up from us, one of the spots that has the facilitator. at twitter you don't have the same results. up the blocks, square and uber, they are not compliant as well. and i just want to be able to say that for bowma to get up here and say we are in support of the legislation but not necessarily in support of your legislation. we want more time. and that type, they have had ten years to do something about it. besides giving themselves nice lunches. i want to tell the board we need --
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>> thank you, your time is up. thank you. [microphone was cut off] >> we need to be fair, your time is up. >> as reminder to be fair to everyone, everyone has two minutes. is there any other member of the public that would like to speak? all right, seeing non, public comment is closed. supervisor safai. >> thank you. clarify one point, i know -- amendments talked about were actually covered and we have already dealt with in the legislation. the director and the department have the discretion to work with city departments. so, that has already been
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covered. city attorney givener, is that the case, with regard to passing on fines, the budgeting process and so on, we have a lot more flexibility as it pertains to city departments. >> yeah, last week the committee amended in a provision that excludes city departments. >> say that again. >> excludes. >> city departments from the administrative fines provision in the ordinance. >> okay. thank you. >> i just wanted to clarify that. the other thing, the waste stream for hospitals that are not normal, you know, composting a recycling, that is a very separate category, dealt with completely differently and outside of the purview of this legislation. so, hospital contaminated, or contaminants is not dealt with in any way, very specific subset. the other thing i wanted to point out is that we have had
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discussions with, as the amendment that was made today, when we are dealing with affordable housing, dealing with the food pantries, we are giving them much more additional time, so really when you really whittle this down, and i heard concerns from the chamber and others about small businesses, very few, if any, small businesses here. and the restaurants here are large restaurants who i have spoken with. lou girrado, and epic, they have someone doing sorting. mcdonald's on the account, large, you know, pier -- and these are entities that need to be, and they have made, mcdonald's has made a stated i guess aspiration to be much more environmentally conscious, so a strong step in the right direction for them.
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i am less concerned. we have done significant work to reduce any and all so-called small businesses on this list. so, i just wanted to overemphasize that. and then the last point that i didn't really get to jump in, and wanted to allow the person from recology, speaking to that clear and concise, you know, your analogy of hockey or football, these audits are already happening. work is already going on. there is nothing that stops any entity that would be on this list to say a couple hundred dollars, they have it as part of their account process, we heard that last time from recology. they can ask for an audit, and they can see where they are. they can see where they are in advance of this legislation, and many of them already know where they are. their diversion rate is put on their bill. so, i just want to overemphasize that, it's not a one strike and you are out. many of the account holders know how well they are performing, they have the ability to work
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with the d.o.e. and recology, and more precise information, and so this is the final step in a process that has been going on, you know, 16 years, ten years, to your point. this is -- this has been a long time in the making, and we feel like it's the appropriate step. so, if i could -- if we could at least, someone on the board could potentially accept the amendments that we have made for the affordable housing and the food pantry, i would -- i would like that to happen. >> sure. happy to, a motion to accept the amendments before us. seem to be adequate and take that without objection, without objection, we accept these amendments, thank you. supervisor mandelman. i think i saw your name -- no, ok. all right, so, a couple things here. as i started the conversation earlier, i said there are some amendments that i would like to see that we reached out to the deputy city, to the city attorney's office and have not had enough time to finish drafting them.
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i would like to see those, i would like to get those amendments, bring them back into committee, and further our discussion which would require this item stay in committee. i hope i'll have my committee person's spo are on this. i particularly am interested in -- seems to me that i want to talk a little bit about, and push for the baseline audit and giving maybe a six-month period for businesses to come into compliance or, or if this compliance, if this legislation has been around for ten years, maybe what we do, we look at the ten-year span of time and see who the most agregious offenders, looking at a longer horizon, five years, break it up into -- into a halfway point. i will work with you deputy city attorney john givener on the exact language, but i just want to give some indication on where i'm leaning and what i would
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like to see. i also want to make sure that i would like to see bcdc and the port, and the community benefit district trash cans be treated like public trash cans. i don't believe that those amendments were reflected in what you presented today. >> they were not, and we actually have, got the final draft this morning and we will propose those, and those are nonsubstantive. so, we can make those, if this were to get out of committee today, we can make those at the full board, that's not going to slow the process down at all. >> in terms of process, a stickler to process. i believe work needs to be done in the committee and not the chamber. i'm the chair of the committee and around eight years and seen how processes work and don't work, and as president of the board of supervisors i see what happens when we sit as a committee as a hole and bring apartments on the floor and work them on the fly. this legislation is so critical, i think it's deserves our attention, undivided attention,
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continued work here in committee. i'm not in support of sending this item yet. madam clerk, our next meeting? >> november 29th. >> i would like to continue this item to the next meeting of november 28th. and schedule it as a report and come out and stick with the makers timeline. supervisor mandelman. i know, you are a member of this committee. >> i just -- i want to, you know, since as i said, parachuted in for this hearing and i am new to this committee. i want to press a little bit so i understand continuing rather than forwarding to the full board. it sounds to me like there are sort of two issues still outstanding. one is the port cbd set of amendments not minor but there seems to be probably agreement
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around that, and seems like not agreement, but understand the two bites at the apple. so, again, i -- wanting to understand more about what would get done between now and the 29th if it stayed in committee. >> the -- the language, we would have language that we would be able to discuss, it would be coming to the record. and also like i said, fundamental principal of a committee is do the work, that means when legislation comes from this committee, goes to the full board, then if there's other committee persons who are, or people not on the committee that have not opined, and you know, i've seen it happen both ways. it will come to the full board, discuss it, but most likely if we do our work correctly, limited amount of discussion at the full board, and this is just sticking with the integrity of the process. so, that's why i would like to continue to do the work here in committee so we can continue to work on it.
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supervisor stefani. >> thank you. supervisor cohen. i, so -- we were in committee last week, and we continued it this time. i'm, you know, i found director rafael's remarks persuasive and i believe the legislation is well intentioned and we have been doing some work on it. wondering what you would think about taking it, or sending it to the full board without recommendation. so we have two weeks to work on it then and at least get it out of committee, and work on it at that time. >> i don't understand the urgency to move something out of committee. the purpose of committee is work on it. so, why would we move something out of committee to work on it someplace else? >> i'm waiting to be called on. >> talking to the committee person. >> i feel this legislation, we have been working on it for, well, very long time, and i just -- posing that as possibility, so that we can, you know, move the legislation along out of committee, and you know,
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work on it for the next two weeks, on a timeline and if we are not ready at the board, with he can continue it there. >> so often times i want to respectfully push back to my newer colleagues. the purpose of the committee is do the work. purpose of the full board t review the work that the committee has done, not to continue to work on it. if it needs work on it, this is the appropriate venue to work on it. so, i've made a motion to continue this item to november 29th, is there a second? >> can i just say something on that point? part of the reason why i would like the process to go forward, i feel like we are 99% of the way there, i think we are going to continue the conversation around -- there could be some fundamental disagreement.
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we have been working with the mayor's office, different departments. we are coming on a deadline on this board and the holiday and it would be, i know there is a lot of pieces of legislation, i know you are leaving the board, i know there is legislation that you have and others have that are working our way through other committees. facilitating. we want to allow those to go forward. [please stand by]
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. (roll call). >> thank you very much. this item will be continued to november 29th. thank you. any other business? >> no further business. >> all right. thank you.
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>> good morning everyone.
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the meeting will come to order. welcome to the november 14th, 2018 regular meeting of the public safety and neighborhood services committee. i am chair of the committee. to my right is vice chair supervisor ronen. supervisor peskin will not be joining us today and shall be excuse -- would you like to make a motion to excuse him? all right. without objection. he is excused. our clerk is john carroll and i would like to thank my hernandez and jesse larson at san francisco government t.v. for staffing this meeting. do you have any announcements? >> thank you. and insure you silence your cell phones and electronic devices and your completed speaker cards to be included as part of the file should be submitted to me. items acted upon today will appear on the november 27th 2018 board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated by motion.
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>> thank you. please call the first item. >> agenda item number 1 is a hearing to consider the premise to premise transfer of the onset public premises liquor licenses doing business is asked tonic. on post street. >> great. >> good morning. i am with the san francisco police department. the alcohol liaison unit. you have before you a report for tonic. they have applied for a type 48 license and if approved, will allow them to sell, be -- fair, wind, and distilled beers. they have one letter of support and are located in plot 542 which is a high crime area. they are in census tract 122.01 which is a high saturation area. central station has no opposition to this license and a ou approves with the following conditions. no noise should be audible at
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any nearby residents. petitioner should actively monitor the area under their control in an effort to prevent the loitering of persons of any property adjacent to the licensed premises as depicted on the a.b.c. 2538 form. number 3, the sale of alcoholic beverages for consumption off the premises is prohibited. and it should also be noted the applicant has signed the above list of conditions on august 14 th of this year. >> great. >> thank you. >> thank you. public comments? or project sponsor? >> thank you for having us here today. i will tell you a bit about the project and some of the work we've done with community outreach and our vision for it. we are asking you to approve this to relocate our flagship
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bar from the corner of union and spoke to the corner of hide and post. it existed at polk and union for 20 years and we owned it for ten of those years. it was our first business where we bartend it for years. six days a week each and we built our largest businesses around it. it is very near and dear to our hearts. our first couple leases expired and the new landlords' rent expectations were way above what we could afford or operate through. so we were forced to make a decision with the old tonic. we were either going to sell it which would hurt our hearts or find a new location. luckily, we found a new location with a flexible landlord who is known for a lot of integrity and he offered us a lease terms that were very amiable to us and give us a solid shot for long-term financial stability and the
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ability to be a fixture in the neighborhood for years to come. best of all, the space was principally zoned for bar, which i didn't know could happen. so though it had not been a bar before the planning authorization authorization was over-the-counter, which was a spectacular turn of events. i also want to note quickly that the previous tenant, which was a laundromat, moved out on their own accord before we got in there and they requested to be let out of their lease and there is a letter that they sent to the landlord requesting that. so the over-the-counter planning authorization was great but the process has been quite a journey for us. we signed the lease in march and we haven't been able to start any construction or work until after the pcm. and just waiting for the bureaucracy to play out. it has, i will admit it has been somewhat frustrating for us but we are not complaining. we will not complain because this time that we had gave us a
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chance to do some real community outreach, which i thank you will see in your packets. there was one letter of support but since his intel came in, we have over 50, which are in the pocket. we really tried to focus on support. we could have gone out and gotten anybody to sign a letter but you will see from the packet we went out to try and find someone who live in the immediate vicinity are people who have a reputation for community engagement. and we were especially proud to get the support of a lot of local community groups immediate to that neighborhood and organizers in that neighborhood. you will see a honey mahogany around the shop, mike nolte and the lines for better district six, peter khill low tech, glide church also sent us a letter attesting to our integrity, having worked with them before. most excitingly, we got final word this morning that the supervisor for that district is
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offering her full support to this. so we've always prioritized our communities and we try to lift up neighboring communities with businesses and engage typically in free time on the entertainment commission and on other boards. duncan has been the president of the polk street merchants for years and currently he is not but he was for five years and served on the same financial and book -- financial boards. we met through the big brother program 12 years ago. i was assigned to be his big brother and he has been my little brother since since then he has worked at literally every position in our establishment and he will be a co-owner of the new establishment and be the general manager. we are really proud of him. he is just starting to volunteer at a high school, as soon as he, in his words, he is working on getting a tb test to make sure he can do that. i'm sure he can pull that off.
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so i'm not mentioning those things to try to impress you but i think it shows our actions are there and we do care about our community. we try to make sure our businesses are very engaged community wise and try to make our businesses better places. i want to address the 26 protests we did get. we have never had to mail and a.b.c. announcement to so many people. there are over 3,000. twenty-six percentagewise isn't that bad. we did multiple community meetings. we had three community meetings. the first was for just members of the immediate building that we are in. there's a number of apartments in there peerk we felt they would have the right to come and talk to us because we are actually in their building. a bunch of people came and nobody who was against it everyone was for its. they did have some current -- concerns and we gave them our cell phone numbers. we did and another community meeting for anybody in the community. i put ten large posters on the wall with mr rogers on them.
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all around the bar with my cell phone on it and that was there for weeks before the meeting. and to that meeting, we had 12- 14 people. twelve of them were supportive and two or may be three who were leery of the project. then we received actual protest and you get the names of the people who protested. there were 12 for people who lived within 100 feet of us, which we wanted to take very seriously. we try to reach out to them multiple times. we reach out to them through a handwritten note that we put in their mailslot. they never contacted us. that is their decision which we totally respect. and then the other 24 seemed to be coming from a group of people organized around one person. we did do a meeting where lieutenant gordon attended where he reached out to every single person who protested and asked them to come and we would address them. there is only one who showed up for that meeting. i just wanted to make sure it is
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on record we did our homework in that sense. that is its. and one of them wrote has to tell us she thought we were a liquor store. she thought we would be a liquor store so she retracted her protest. anything else i mystically i think that is enough of your time that i've taken. but i appreciate you hearing us out here and i look forward to speaking about it. >> i don't think we have any questions. >> good. now we will take public comment. speakers will have 21 minutes. we ask that you state your first and last name clearly and speak directly into the microphone. those who have prepared written statements are encouraged to leave a copy with the committee clerk for inclusion in the additional file. no applause or billing is permitted. in the interest of time, speakers are encouraged to avoid repetition of previous statements. we also ask if you can fill out a speaker card to make it easier for us to keep track of who has spoken. i do have three speaker cards here.
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if anyone who wants to speak would line up on your right side of the room, that would be great first speaker. >> commissioners, good morning. my name is dave. for purposes of disclosure, i created the a.b.c. liaison unit for the san francisco police department and did licensing for the last two decades up until a year ago. i got to say, it is a shame that supervisor peskin is in here this morning. in my almost two decades of appearing before this committee, this is the first time i'm not being paid to be here. i think the supervisor would have enjoyed that. seriously, my comments are very brief. i've dealt with the tonic group. i have known duncan and ben since the beginning and all i wanted to say was i found them always to be a responsive group and always very concerned about
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their community and more than anything, i always got a sense that to them, this was more than just a business. i have heard many businesses tell me that over the years. not only did they say it, they did it and it was part of their business model and time and again, i always saw them reach out to their community. really all i wanted to say was share that with you and encourage you to support this application. i do need to mention a couple things on a more technical side. i am a city commissioner and i'm here today on my own. i am off duty. i'm not being page. i'm here is a citizen. i live downtown and i raised my kids downtown. i am very familiar with the dynamics. thank you, very much. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good morning, supervisors. i'm the president of the lower business collaborative edge you have our letter of support in
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your jacket. i'm also here as a neighbor. my wife and my child and i live a block and a half from this address and we are in full support of this application. these people have a long history of being responsible business owners in the give a lot back to the community. we appreciate having them in our community. we hope you support this application. thank you. >> thank you. >> good morning. it's an honour to stand before you guys and wax poetic about duncan and ben and the tonic group. for us a little bit about myself i am a san francisco native and i work for a government funding agency that supports c.b.o. for children, youth, and family in san francisco. i am also the vice chair of the entertainment commission. and i have been active in the a.p.i. community since the nineties. i have been very active in the tenderloin and all the neighboring communities working and fundraising with community
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advocacy. i will stand here and waxed poetic a little bit about the tonic group. during my tenure, the tonic group has been super generous and supporting all of our good work. i really believe in their presence in the community. they have always made it a core value to support their neighbors and community-based organizations. and the fact that they have generated over $1 million in their philanthropy programs has been amazing. one of my first experiences was at tonic. i think i may have over served, not intentionally. but with that said, i also fit on the entertainment commission with the president and i will say both countless hours sitting next to him, i have watched him be very dedicated in holding our operators accountable. and making sure that they are good neighbors and they are good actors in our industry.
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i support them 100%. i say yes to tonic and they will be great additions to the neighborhood. thank you. >> next speaker. >> good morning, supervisors. my name is honey mahogany. i am wearing two turbines. i am here as a co-owner of the stud bar at ninth and harrison, and also here as a district manager for the transgendered cultural district. as an owner at the stud, we have definitely been -- we know what it's like to have the wool or the rug pulled out from under us as a small business. luckily, we have had positive negotiations with our current co-owner -- current owners of our building but we know many borrowers who have had to close over the last few years and bars can be more where you can go to drink and party, it is a place
10:46 pm
where people build community and get to meet their neighbors. it is often times a safe space for people. i want to congratulate tonic bar for lasting 20 years in san francisco in this ever-changing landscape and for them for finding a new home that is already preapproved to be of use to a bar. that is a tremendous feat. i also want to speak on behalf of the tonic group process -- group post s. -- we have really explored different economic opportunities for the district and for our members. and one of them was the marijuana equity legislation and we were very generous. some of the ins and outs of the challenges of the nightlife industry as well as the marijuana industry. i believe them to be very heavily specifically invested in
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our communities and able to help and very willing to give up their time and energy. i fully support them opening this establishment. >> next speaker. >> my name is michael and i am the executive director of district six and i am here on behalf of our organization. it is very supportive for the convenience and necessity resolution from the board of supervisors for this liquor license for tonic. the alliance for better district six is met with the honours and discuss the proposed business and received our questions which is why we fully support the tonic type 48 liquor license. we also want to point out that in dealing with various
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applications over the years, it is important when there is already some history that a business owner has done, which helps us decide whether they will be good neighbors are not. i think that's one of the things we look at when we look at and review liquor licenses. i say this again for the first -- the last time i was here, i wanted to point out for the benefit of any tenders and new members on the committee that there is importance to community outreach when any licenses are brought before you that community outreach has done and the applicant has done that. and that it's done effectively. a lot of times, businesses just want to come in and do their thing and then the community it later finds that there is something there that they can't take care of because they've already received the license and it will be there until the next owner takes over.
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thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good morning. i own shambala heating centre. i am a very close neighbor of ben and duncan in mission street knowing how they operate, how much they are involved in the community and how much they care about being safe and taking care of the people around them with neighbors, i very much encourage you to support their new addition. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good morning. i am at an extreme advantage because i have supervisors from the mission district here today. as president of the mission market association, i would like to echo what the speaker before said.
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as you know, we have dr chief which is part owned by mr byman and mr lei. these people take care of business in the community. doing business on mission street is not the easiest place in the world to do business and we have high density, lots of people living around them. it is an honour having them there and wonderful members of the merchants association for a long time. whenever we do any community events, including inviting the supervisors into the fray, they are always helping. we are looking forward to having them on post street as well. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good morning. my name is christian. i am a current bartender for tonic. a little bit about myself, i'm
10:51 pm
23 years old. i have worked for tonic for about three years now and my time working with this company, i can say personally, and professionally, i do love working for this company. tonic does provide a variety of opportunities for young adults such as myself, and i feel this new bar opening is just going to provide a lot more opportunity and learning experience for a lot of people in the company. thank you. >> next speaker. >> i am in the mission district. we just spoke about dr chief. i am very close they are because i live right above the place. i want to let you know, i used to have a mom living with me who passed away, and she was feeling very comfortable and very protected every time because she knows downstairs people were very safe in taking care of her.
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every time you succumb to their house, people were helping and asking about her. the guys have been phenomenal with me. i feel like they are always around when i need them. they are really offering things for the community and they are great guys. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good morning. my name is dean smith and i want to talk about my experience as a neighbor to tonic. i live one block away from their old location. may be i wasn't impacted direct -- directly because a block as far as far as noise goes. but on multiple occasions, i use my relationship with ben and duncan to address noise issues i was having with bars on my block one was late on a sunday night when i called and within 15 minutes, it was resolved. incredible neighbors and keeping their industry accountable. the second thing i briefly wanted to touch on is the community that they have been able to create.
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i am from australia and i have been here ten years. the reason i have been here for the last five years is because of friends, relationships and the contacts i've made at their establishments. because of the last five years, i've started a business in san francisco. i've had a kid and i am now married. i became an american last year. a lot of this has to do with the friendships and relationships made. this liquor transfer has my full support to. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. [laughter] >> good morning. my name is chris. i grew up in louisiana and came to the u.s. for a basketball scholarship. i started working in mental health. with my experience, i met duncan and been playing basketball at the bay club and when i played
10:54 pm
basketball, i can tell somebody 's character. both of those guys are both givers. a few months ago, i was going to louisiana for business and ben asked me how can he help me or give back to the organization. i. i said to contact the high school and give back. i came back three months later and he executed that with his little brother. so it meant so much to me that he came and asked me what i wanted to do and did it. as a property manager, which is a -- at 930 post street, it was going to bring so much support and social awareness to the community. i have been to the bars all over san francisco and i have a great time. he is always open to feedback. the more that it opens up, there will be less crime. i totally support tonic moving. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker.
10:55 pm
>> good morning. i am here as an individual neighbor. i live at the end of the block. i'm here to support the liquor license transfer. in the short time that i've spoken to him, i have heard about what they've done as an organization and the plans of what they want to do and continue to do. i think it's a great opportunity for our small neighborhoods to have a group like this come in and be so supportive of the community. they have my full support. >> next speaker. >> good morning. i am the owner of chief plus. i've known these fellows for a long time. we have worked in a lot of community-oriented events and projects together. and what can i say. you are hearing all this great stuff because these guys know how to pay it forward.
10:56 pm
they reap what they sow. they put good stuff down and good stuff happens around them. i think that this would be a great idea to do this and anecdotally, i don't even know if these guys know this or not, but my wife and i, when we were dating a number of years ago, tonic is where we would meet. i looked over in mill valley and i would come across the bridge and my wife would take the bus and get off at the corner. that is where we would meet for our dates and things like that. i would come across any would be such a nice and inviting atmosphere to come in. some people have images of bars, like it is the wild west and those type of things. it is nothing like that at all. now we are married and happily so. a very successful business. i turned out okay. the bars are good. they are community building spaces. i think that you should approve this 100%. >> next comment. or cap next speaker.
10:57 pm
>> hello. i am an owner of a business called bow wow meow. not in the entertainment industry and not in the bar industry. so i am here speaking solely as a neighbor and part of the community. any area that could get these guys invested are going to be better off for it. i would say that less than one% of merchants are engaged. if you can get people like these guys to be part of the fabric of your community, you will be pretty darn lucky because we definitely need more engagement in people who speak up for the neighborhood. they don't speak just for themselves when they show up for community. they actually take a much broader picture into minds. so they will be there. not just for their own interest but for half -- behalf of the community. >> thank you. are there any other persons interested in testifying before public comment is closed we --
10:58 pm
closed? seeing none, public comment is closed. this is back before us. comments clearly. >> sure. i have to say, you had me at good morning. but in typical fashion, nothing is done without being incredibly thorough and really organizing and getting the community involved. i think this is one of the most compelling hearings i've ever seen for a liquor license. it is a best of san francisco. i even teared up at one point thinking that marco posta his mom felt safe because tonic was below her or dr chief was below her. but as a supervisor of the mission district, i know the reputation and the responsible way in which dr chief is run. i have had nothing but good
10:59 pm
experiences working with the owners of tonic and i am extremely proud and excited and supportive of this transfer. and would make a motion to say that this will meets the public necessity and convenience and recommend that this move forward with recommendations. >> good. >> that meets the clerk process requirements. we will do that without objection. >> great. congratulations. >> mr. clerk, call our next item >> is a hearing to discuss updates and outcomes from year one of the bureau of urban forestry's street tree s.f. program. >> thank you. i'm very excited for this hearing. in 2016, 79% of san franciscans voted to pass proposition e.
11:00 pm
declaring, by an overwhelming majority of the maintenance of our overwhelming forest should be the responsibility of city government and not neighbors. i want to give special recognition first to say centre -- to safe centre supervisor, scott weiner. in this regard, he was carrying a torch handed to him by his predecessor, mark leno who had long been a member of friends of the urban forest and a champion of our street trees. at any right, following passage of proposition e., we inherited almost 100,000 additional trees. with that came a dedicated $19 million a year for the hundred 25,000 street trees lining the sidewalks and public right of way. growing pains are to be expected with any transition of this magnitude and implementation of property now deb street tree s.f. is no difference.
11:01 pm
i called this heng


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