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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  December 13, 2018 9:00am-10:01am PST

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appreciation to paul henderson and his staff at dpa. thank you for your time. >> vice president mazzucco: tha. good evening. >> good evening visioners and chief scott. -- good evening commissioners. i'm cheryl thornton. i'm part of the committee. we just had public hearings about systematic discrimination going on in all the departments of san francisco. i'm here today because of the article that was in the examiner about the racist texts. i'm hoping these officers will be held accountable. the city and county of san francisco needs to show fancier
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and equality t -- fairness and equality to all citizens. i believe we have no place for this type of behavior these officers should be dismissed. >> vice president mazzucco: tha. >> good evening commissioners and good evening chief scott. thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to express the general comment. i would like to thank all of us working so hard at this time. i would like to bring it to commissioner's attention that lately in november's promotion in our police department, in
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late november, 66 people got promoted. either they go through the testing or they go drawl the appointments. i'm not sure the detail how it got promoted. 66 officers got promoted but yet only two american chinese ro promoted and so far none. we have lieutenant position and they are american chinese in san francisco this is a diverse city. we understand we need pay attention to every individual's demand. however, 30% of the chinese population, we are under representation.
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only three police officers got promoted and got none in the lieutenant ranking position. we understand the police officers has to go through a certain test. if we ar -- top 10 officers in r results, they got pass. they did not get promoted. if this is based on race that will diversify in the position, again, we don't see that either. on this chart, we obviously know that chinese boys are not hurt.
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when supervisor chu was our supervisor. she started the bilingual community in the police station. ewith want -- we want to continue that connection. >> vice president mazzucco: next speaker please. >> i live in sunset and i'm a
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sunset resident. i've been living there over 40 years. when cannabis is legalized, our community is not quite safe. it's not safe. it was not like that. there was almost none home invasion. we noticed that home invasions daytime happening everyday.
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the cannabis is quite expensive. they don't have money to buy. they are screwing up their minds. they are doing some invasions without thinking the consequences, legal consequenc consequences. we hope that the commissioner will hope the file or consider recommend the bilingual captain or officers in our district. she said she wants to put into consideration the public health department talking about the
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marijuana that has effects on human being's brains. the government allow them to buy legally, openly and our kids do know how to stay away interest m drugs. it is very hard for police officer to enforce the law. we want to work together with our police officers to make a better san francisco place. she wants to work with the police officers to make a better san francisco. that is her backing.
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we should have very healthy life and the community should be safe. thank you. >> vice president mazzucco: next speaker. >> i'm a resident for district number 9 for more than 20 years. bayview station, it's my station. i'm a graduate from the community police academy in 2006. i have been participated in a lot of police meetings. i know lot of people that i work together with them. i'm also a public employee for public health and my job is to provide behavioral health to people in san francisco and make sure -- i'm also the director of
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public relations for the california civic grand jury. i'm a jury member for some time. i'm here today -- i want to thank you for your time. it's not easy to sit there for hours and listen. you know how funny when you thought clutch the flag of the united states. san francisco, california and united states. the united states lost -- supersedes above all the laws. that is called constitutional law. many of you are higher people, lawyers and judges. you know that san francisco and california violate our constitution rights. that is called the sanctuary city and the sanctuary state. it's a violation of my right and
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because the constitution guarantees our life for healthy, safety and health. the chinese population is more than 30% in san francisco. yes, our new mayor made promises during the mayor campaign. she's going to have more chinese commission to serve the city and especially in city hall. to my knowledge, you have more african-american in this room than anybody else. the commissions. that has nothing to do with you, it has to do with the empty promises. the chinese has been targeted. you'll see the statistics. i'm here to ask you to work something out when you hire
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bilingual chinese people. we're a target for crime. we don't see the promotion in chinese. we want you to know that we appreciate you but think about what you do. >> vice president mazzucco: next speaker please. >> good evening vice president mizzou. mazzucco. i wanted to welcome the newest member of this prestigious commission. i hope that by now, that you understand enormity and gravity of the charge you've been given.
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i like also to take an opportunity to thank chief scott. throughout the year, this year he's given great deal of respect to the latino community. he and assistant chief hector sighniess. this is not an easy job. you have much to do. you will spend time with the community when the community feels there's some issues that you need to be aware of. so thank you and i'm shot sure if the assistant chief is the room. but thank you. i calmed them today. i became aware there's an
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individual in our community who i believe is unfortunately enduring elder abuse and fraud. thank you to the commanding officer who made sure the park is one of the safest neighborhoods that we have. the men and women under his command are diligent making sure folks are behaving themselves when they're in this neighborhood. i see that i have 50 cents. if you don't mind, vice president, i do want to say something about building 606. when we moved that forward, it was on seat couple of times. i was dismaed -- dismayed and shocked that we had officers in jeopardy. i appreciate that all of you are
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really taking this to heart and it's a serious issue for you. this job is dangerous enough. for us to put those men and women in uniform in jeopardy. the reason we chose building 606 at the time we had six helicopters that we kept out there. but never someone that protected 40,000 decent men and women -- >> vice president mazzucco: tha. thank you for being a good soundingboard for the new commissioners. >> good evening commissioners, chief. i'm not here to make speeches. i'm only here to state the
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facts. my name is howard woo. i live in the house that i'm in now for 55 years now. for 55 years, i never moved. i moved from l.a. to san francisco, 55 years ago. i'm currently a member of the dpab an. lot of those retired chiefs and captain and i know quite a few
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of them. they are all good friends. we talked to each other all the time. the heard the news that captain yep central station and captain ford being transferred to the headquarters on third street. they both working hard and long hours at their stations for their pay and not too much. i wonder why in such hurry to transfer those two captains out our district? maybe the chief need them more than we do. i think we need them, two of the
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captains the most. we need them because the crime rate in those two areas in the past -- it was high. i don't know why such a hurry to move them out. lie i can -- i like them to keep the job over there and to do more safety for our people in those two districts. my time is up. i want to thank you. >> good evening. commissioners and chief scott.
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i represent san francisco shanghai location. our location in the bayview station. we are departmented to see captain leave the bayview station. we met him january 21, 2018. he has been listening to our neighbors. our community knows him well. our community is a strong and we request that he stay in bayview staying and continue to serve
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our community. >> in san francisco we don't get enough chinese police officers. it's a state that we have only one captain and two sergeants. then the total police officers, 377 but only one captain not
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enough. there's a time of discrimination about the chinese and asian proposition. i think the police officers. he's very good in the community. >> good evening commissioner.
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good evening vice president mazzucco. i'm the president of the chinese consolidated association. these are members of the chinese consolidated association. we're missing a class dinner we're missing to speak to you guys. we want to retain the captain at the police station. i known paul yep for years. there was a time where a representative from the republic of china came to visit our association. before that, that event, several hundred people came before hand. they lined the streets. they came with loud speakers and
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with signs. it could have been chaos. there are line dancing and dragons. because paul yep knows the chinese community, he knows chinatown. he was born and raised in chinatown. he handled the event without incident. there was no arrests. because of his knowledge for the chinese community. he was born and raised in chinatown. he knows about the issue of chinatown especially the elderly
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and low income people. he is needed in chinatown. we want to retain them at central station in the chinese community. thank you. >> commissioners and chief. i'm a member of the police station for years.
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i hope that we all bent when the assignment. he's certainly need more administrative work and policies and whatever you assign him, he
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will do a good job. we are looking forward for him to be star after star. he was born in chinatown and his family opened the best restaurant in chinatown. that's asian garden. everybody eat there. we has lots of talent in san francisco. most was immigrants get two jobs. we have to work three jobs so they can buy a house.
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what we want is the communication. we want more officers, especially captains and higher up to speak languages. i hope that you commissioner chief give it a lot of consideration. thank you. >> vice president mazzucco: good evening. >> president or vice president thomas mazzucco, members of the police commissioners and chief scott. before i start, i like to give a moment of silence for our past mayor ed lee. i'm here to speak on behalf of paul yip. the move by him is sudden for us in the chinese community and also looks like out there in the
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bayview. as you make your decision, chief, going forward, we like to ask you to also include us and the chinese community as well. there's always 30% of the asian population here in san francisco and their demand is not met. it's a force for us. we will come and knock on your door to make sure that we are served. i grew up here in san francisco. 64 years ago. i grew up in chinese hospital. i seen it all. i seen chief come and go. make sure you include us. there might be some people that give you insight to that. i'm a new member in the chinese association this coming here. we would like to invite the
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chief to our monthly meeting. what happened at the last saturday of january, at that time, it will be a great time to maybe talk about some of your issues and some of your visions for us and also to serve us well here. i'll go back to what the first speaker said, wendy wong. she raised an important point. where is the promotion going to? i hate to see it go to litigation and it comes out the way we don't want it to be. you can address those issues. make us inclusive, be transparent, we'd be happy. most importantly happy holidays. thank you very much.
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>> good evening. i'm mina young. i represent hundreds of homeowners, small homeowners, mostly chinese in 4 san francis. 30% of the population is chinese and 60% of them are owners. i've been wondering at all levels of the city, we have clutter everywhere. the poverty rights are violated left and right. we have mentioned the crime rate targeting us. why is that? wendy just gave us a loud and clear answer.
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the police department, our backbone for safety and we rely on you. i do think that you guys work very hard. the reason why we are being so underrepresented in the police department and other levels of city. that makes us weak as a whole and being seen as weak in the community. that's why we are targeted. we need all levels of city to think about it and that will help with our safety and also the community to be more balanced community. we need equitable share of our representation in the police and
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chinese immigrant don't feel comfortable speaking with other people unless they feel that the person understands their background. that will help fight the crime and also help to reduce crimes. police consider that. thank you. >> vice president mazzucco: next speaker. >> i'm visually impaired. i filed my notice of intent to run for mayor of san francisco. it was nice meeting you chief scott at general hospital. i'm highly upset. i no longer have ihss workers at all. does everyone know where ellis hotel is? 465 elder street.
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it's upsetting. you know how many thousands of emails i get everyday? all my information is in the elections department. thank you bay area reporter. i was assaulted twice. i have nowhere to go at this moment. they said i was stealing cup of coffee. do you think they have something better to do? he told me, only reason he did
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it because cafeteria insisted on it. i feel sick ever time i go by the police station. mission police station is better. police officers tell me, only reason they let him do it, every time they arrest him, they let him out. i think he's selling to childr children. i was born in ashland, oregon. i'm upset with the mayor's
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awful. >> it's very upsetting. >> thank you sir. >> vice president mazzucco: okay ms. brown.
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>> thank you. good evening. i want to say, to everyone until we get back next year, have a happy, merry christmas. i'm here it talk about my son. everybody was here asking and complaining about something. i want to make my complaint the last. not the last complaint about my son again who was murdered august 14, 2006. still to this day no justice, no recover of people that people that murdered my son. i have been asking -- i brought up other people that are here. asking for something for all the
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years they've been asking. the police association put this on the bus last time. we as parents will never get any closure. that's how i feel. i was asking that we have a venue at the bus barn back on buses to put these back on the buses. we're talking about homicide and domestic violence. lot of people don't want to say anything, think don't feel they'll get justice. i'm a victim of domestic violence. you don't say anything because you don't want your family torn apart. people are not saying anything about murders because it's
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called snitching. what do we do to solve these homicides. i bring this here. this was the laths graduation picture of my son. i had to walk across the stage and receive his diploma in death. i should be going to graduations like funerals. every time i hear a siren and ambulance, a fire engine, i worry everyday because i have other children left, they are girls. i have grandsons too. every time i hear that, i cringe. these are all the names of the perpetrators that murdered my son. the first man, he's a suspect. he's the main one and paris moffett the ring leader. you have all these names of the
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perpetrators that murdered my son. what do we do about it? >> vice president mazzucco: lady information regarding the murder of him august 14, 2006, please call the police tip line. ms. brown, i know it's difficult for you to have a merry christmas after losing aubrey. you made your son proud. i don't think any mom has been diligent as you have been to keep his memory alive and seek justice for his murderer. i want you with your daughters and grandchildren have a merry christmas. any further public comment? public comment is now closed.
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>> commissioner hirsch: at end of last commission meeting i had a prevent conversation with the chief. i thought it will be very beneficial for all of san francisco if he were to get on the general, brief discussion of the appointments that me made. after tonight's comments i thought it will be valuable to get that on agenda as soon as possible. the commission and the department and the community understands how promotions were made and why and why people are moved from one spot to another. i would ask than agendized as soon as possible >> if response -- >> vice president mazzucco: i think that's a great idea. we as commission, we have always heard the biggest complaint is, when you move our captains. neighborhood stations love their captains. we had compliments when captains have been promoted. central station and bay view station are two of the top
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stations in the city where move out and move up in the ranks which benefits them and their families. i know it's difficult for the chief. i understand the need for that. this is not new. we've been through this before. it's also not new to hear complaints about promotions. it's important for chief to share that. i think we need to explain how many -- who is promote and what their ranks are.
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it's been topic of debate for many decades in this department. i think the process gotten lot better. and we need to talk about that >> can you distinguish that between transfers and how that works? that's different from a promotion. that's a transfer >> i'm happy to report on all that. >> is there room on the calendar on the 9th to get this on? that will be great. i think it's urgent. >> item six closed session
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including public comment on item 7. >> public comment regarding closed session. hearing none, public comment closed. >> second. >> vice president mazzucco: all in favor. >> we're back on the record. you have a quorum. san francisco administrative code action. >> vice president mazzucco: mot. all in favor. >> this is item 10 adjournment. >> pass on the matter of adjournment to commissioner hirsch. >> commissioner hirsch: i was
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asked to adjourn we're adjourning in the name of former mayor lee who died a year ago. he had a heart attack on my birthday and died few hours later on the 12th. i knew him for 35 years or so. just a loss for the city. we miss him. thank you. >> vice president mazzucco: do i have a motion? >> so moved. >> aye. >> vice president mazzucco: tha.
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>> (clapping.) >> in san francisco the medical examiner performs the function of investigating medical and legal that occurs with the city and county of san francisco from a variety of circumstances in san francisco there is approximately 5 thousand deaths annually i'm christopher director for the chief mr. chairman the chief my best testimony a at the hall of justice on 870 drooint street that is dramatically updated and not sufficient for the medical chairman facility i've charles program manager public works should a earthquake of a major are proportion occurs we'll not continue to perform the services or otherwise inhabit the building before the earthquake. >> we're in a facility that was designs for a department that functions and in the mid
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60s and friends scientific has significantly changed we've had significant problems with storage capacity for evidence items of property and also personal protective if you're doing a job on a daily basis current little storage for prirjs are frirnlsz we're in an aging facility the total project cost forever ever commercial is $65 million the funding was brought by a vote of go bond approved by the voters and the locations is in the neighborhood the awarded contract in 2013 and the i'm the executive director we broke ground in november 2015 and that started with the
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demolition of existing facility we moved into the foundation and january so pile foundation and then with second construction of the new facility. >> one of the ways that we keep our project on time on budget and we're having quality to have regular meeting and the variety of meetings with construction process meeting as well as cost of control meeting and i'm a project manager for public works the office of chief commercial we want walk the project site when we sign up and also with a contractor insinuates for a change over we need to verify what or what was instead of. >> the building is 42 feet tall so it is two stories and 46 thousand square feet roughly we're that's a great question to be on time and budget have the
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roof complete a the exterior moving with the site work. >> and as you can see we've got a lot of the interior finishes installed. >> in an effort of an differentiate the facility that designed to work for 72 hours. >> not taking into account there was a lot of structural updates made into this building not seen in other construction throughout san francisco or other barriers we have friday morning examiners from 8 to one public comment monday to friday because of air circulation we literally have to shut the doors and so the autopsy is done without staffing being able to come and go or exit the space and literally lock down the autopsy in the new facility we have bio build one door opens and closed behind you you can
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gown up and go through a second seizures of doors that has its own independent air supply and now in the exterior opt space having that middle space have greater flexibility of staff as they move in and out of the area. >> in the current facility investigative unit has small tiny, tiny place in the area of the new facility is almost doubled in all divisions from the current facility and the new facility. >> the planning we have here gives them the opportunity to have the pool needs to complete theirs jobs in a much more streamlined fashion. >> we're looking forward to have secured parking to minimize the egress of you know visiting
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and the members of the public but really to minimize the investigators remaining remains from our advancing and so the facility. >> we have a new visitors area we're building that is a little bit more friendly to families. >> one thing you may notice in the room no windows there is no natural light not good for most autopsy but in the new facility at new hall we made that an objective they want to insure we were able to look up in the middle of exam and see the sky and see natural lights. >> that's one of the things the architect did to draw in as much light as possible. >> we have staff here onsite we insure the design of the new
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design enables the investigators and other investigators skiefksz to consider to house on site this meant we needed to design and plan for locker room facilities and shower rooms the ability to sleep. >> third of the construction going into the building has been by contributions of small businesses. >> part of the project is also inclusive to the sidewalk have all new sidewalks and new curve cuts and landscaping around the building we'll have a syrup in front of the building and rain guardian. >> the medical examiner's office has been a several if in their contributions of the understanding the exception and needs. >> it's a building that the chief medical examiner has been looking forward to quite a few of the. >> it is extremely valuable
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contribution to the, neighborhood address san francisco as a whole. >> the building will allow is to have greater very much and serve the city and county of san francisco and the neighboring
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